Saints Row: (XBOX 360)FAQ/Walkthrough

Saints Row: FAQ/Walkthrough by

Table of Contents

I) Controls (Cont123)

II) How to use the guide (Howto123)

III) The Story

A) Introduction to the Saints (Intro123)

IV) The Main Story Missions
A) 3rd Street Saints (saint123)
1a) Cannonized (cannon123)
2a) Back to Basics (basic123)
3a) Reclamation (reclamate134)
4a) Stuffing the Ballot (stuffballot123)
5a) Hail to the Chief (hailchief123)
6a) Salting the Earth (earthsalt123)
B) Vice Kings (VK123)
1b) Aisha's Favor (aishafavor123)
2b) To Kingdom come (kingcome123)
3b) Always use protection (alwaysprotect123)
4b) Reinforcements (reinforce123)
5b) Best Laid plans (planslaid123)
6b) Green with envy (greenenvy123)
7b) 3rd Street vice kings (3svicek123)
8b) Round peg, Square hole (rpegshole123)
9b) For king and Country (Kingandcount123)
10b) The king and I (kingandi123)
11b) All the king's Men (vicekingsboss)
C) Los Carnales (LC123)
1c) Crack Down (crackdown123)
2c) the Missing Shipment (missship123)
3c) Homeland Security (homesec123)
4c) Trojan Horse (trojanh123)
5c) McManus Says hello (mcmanushi123)
6c) Meeting Orejuela (meetore123)
7c) Strength in numbers (strengthin#123)
8c) Possession with Intent (posswintent123)
9c) House Call (housecall123)
10c) What Goes up (carnalesboss)
D) West Side Rollerz (Rollerz123)
1d) Stacking the deck (deckstack123)
2d) Samson's Surprise (samsurprise123)
3d) Guardian Angel (guardangel123)
4d) Escort Service (escortserv123)
5d) One Step Ahead (1stepup123)
6d) Liberation (liberation123)
7d) Burying Evidence (buryevi123)
8d) No time to Mourn (nomourntime123)
9d) Semi-Charmed Life (rollerzboss)

V) Strongholds
A) Vice Kings (VKStrongholds)
1a) Rebadeux (Rebaduex123)
2a) Shivington (Shivington123)
3a) Sunnyvale Gardens (sunnyvale123)
4a) Filmore (Filmore123)
5a) Huntersfield (Huntersfield123)
B) Los Carnales (LCStrongholds)
1b) Fox Drive (Foxdrive123)
2b) Black Bottom (blackbottom123)
3b) Cecil Park (Cecilpark123)
4b) Charlestown (charlestown123)
5b) Stoughton (Stoughton123)
6b) Athos Bay (athosbay123)
C) West Side Rollerz (RolrzStrongholds)
1c) Copperton (Copperton123)
2c) Pleasant View (PleasantView123)
3c) Tidal Spring (Tidalspring123)
4c) Misty Lane (Mistylane123)

VI) Activities

A) Racing (racingact123)
B) Snatch (snatchact123)
C) Escort (escortact123)
D) Drug Trafficking (drugact123)
E) Hitman (hitmanact123)
F) Insurance Fraud (fraudact123)
G) Demo Derby (demoact123)
H) Chop Shop (chopact123)
I) Mayhem (mayhemact123)
J) Hijacking (hijackact123)

VII) Shops (shop123)
A) Image as Designed (imageshop123)
B) Do it Up Hair Salon (hairshop123)
C) Max Visions (maxvisshop123)
D) Peep This Theatre (peepshop123)
E) Brown Bagger's Liquor (liquorshop123)
F) Friendly Fire (gunshop123)
G) Forgive and Forget (forgiveshop123)
H) Freckle Bitches (freckleshop123)
I) Scratch That (scratchshop123)
J) On Thin Ice (thiniceshop123)
K) On the Rag Clothing (ragclothshop123)
L) Branded (brandedshop123)
M) Impressions Clothing (impshop123)
N) Rim Jobs (rimshop123)
O) Foreign Power (carshop123)

VIII) Extras (Extra123)
A) CD Locations 1-60 (CDloc123)
B) Achievements (goals123)
C) Hints/Tips/Money-Making Strategies (moneyguide123)
D) Saints Row Two? (saints2?123)
E) References (refer123)
F) F.A.Q. (FAQ123)

IX) X-box Live (Xlive123)
A) Game-Types (livetypes123)
B) Gangs (livegangs123)

These are the default controls for Saints Row but they are customizable.

Thanks 100% to Levrar for the control list. mine looked terrible and he
was nice enough to let me use his

* A | Select/Accelerate
* B | Item Selection Menu
* B + Left Joystick | Select Weapon
* B + D-Pad | Select Drug/Food
* X | Jump/Brake/Reverse
* Y | Action/Hijack
* Click of Left Joystick | Crouch
* Left Joystick | Move
* Right Joystick | Look
* Left Bumper | Kick/Look Left
* Right Bumper | Sprint/Look Right
* RB + LB | Look Behind
* Left Trigger | Toss/Melee/Left Fist/Hand Brake
* Right Trigger | Throw/Shoot/Right Fist
* Up on D-Pad | Recruit/Dismiss
* Down on D-Pad | End Activity/Mission
* Left/Right on D-Pad | Select Radio Station
* START | Bring up map/Pause

| A) Introduction to the Saints (Intro123) |

When you finally finish creating your guy, you will watch a short cutscene.
You can either enjoy it, or skip it by pressing Y.

The cutscene goes like this.

Your guy is walking down the street (which seems to not be the nicest street
in town). he is offered to buy some stuff and heads near a nice lady.
A gang in town is angry about how "Some cracka gon' and shit all over this
wall" (or something like that).

Another gang in town comes up from behind and some words are said before
a small gang fight breaks out.

Just when things are settling down, the Los Carnales (in red) drive up
and decide to shoot everyone up, but not before they get shot from up close
which sends the driver cramming down the gas straight into a wall.

A few more people are shot, when a random gang member puts a gun to your
head, saying "Wrong time" and "Wrong Place" (forget which order).

The screen goes black and you hear a gunshot, luckily it was just Troy and
Julius saving your life.

Welcome to the Third Street Saints.

_________ |
/ ______/= = = = = = = = MAIN STORY MISSIONS= = = = = |
| |_/ |

When you first start off, you are across the street from the Third Street
Saints HQ, an old run-down church.
Just run across the street and go into the purple blip. (Another Cutscene)

This is it. It's time for your first actual mission.
_________________/__ \ / \ / \
\__ ______/ \____/\ \ / /\ \ / \
\ \ / /\ \ / \ \ \ \/ / / /\ \
___\ \ / /_/ / / /\ \ \ \ / / / \ /
\__ / / / / / / /\ \_\/_/ / /_/
__ / / / /\ \/ /_/ / \_________/
\ \/ / / / \ \ / (saint123)
\__/ /__/ \__\__/ \/ \/


This is by far the easiest mission you will come across. it's pretty simple.
all you need to do is fight! yes it's your fellow gang members, but hey,
"Everyone had to do it".

Simply kick your teammates asses until they can't even walk anymore.
Depending on whether you win ($1000) or lose ($200), you will get a certain
amount of money.

If you're lucky then you won't get any burly guys to come after you, afterall
they are guys that are nice'n'strong.

When you win (or lose) you get your cash, and are able to reqruit one teammate
to follow you around all day.

==+Back to Basics+==(basic123)

Ok, now that you have some cash, head on over to Friendly Fire, its just
down the street a bit. buy one, MAYBE two, vice nines. you only really need
one, beacuse people later on drop ammo.

Once you have the gun, find a car. its not tough, they are all over the
streets. Just go up to the car and press Y. everyone seems to be scared in
this game, so dont worry about them fighting back.

Follow your map via the blue blips. When you get to the red squares, kill
them. shoot em as much as you can, as fast as you can. Troy will help you

When you kill all of them, you will find yourself next to a bright yellow

Take it, and follow the blue blip on the map to the Forgive and Forget.
This building gets rid of any gang notoriety you may have. More info in the
Shops Section. As you drive there you may have some enemy gang members
attack you, either ignore them or kill them for a little cash, either way
get to the forgive and forget and drive through it to relieve yourself of any
gang members chasing you.

Finally drop Troy off at Freckle Bitches. It's right down the street and no
enemies will be attacking you. Drive into the blue circle to complete the
mission. Julius will call you and say some things. You unlock the Saints Row
Loft as a crib where you can store vehicles and save your game and stuff.

And while your at Freckle bitches i suggest getting some food from the
drive-through just incase.


Well, this will be your first turf war. And let me be the first to tell you
its pretty fun in my opinion!

The first thing that you'll want to do is make sure you have enough ammo.
Stop off at friendly fire after you pick up Troy and Julius. When you pick
them up, follow the map to the warehouse area where a turf war is goin' down.

When you get there, you'll realize that there are all 4 gangs of the town
there, all fighting for the same spot - the Vice Kings, the Carnales, and the
Rollerz. And also the saints.

Don't kill anyone wearing purple - they are on your team! HELPING YOU!
Make sure that you kill everyone in an area before you move on - because if
you dont, they can come up from behind un-expectadly! ahh!

Also if you see some bright red barrels, shoot em', but NOT WHEN YOURE NEAR
THEM! They blow up! KABOOM!

So basically you repeat the process until you kill all the gang's leader's.
(Red squares on the map)

When you finally kill everyone find the nearest car (that has 4 doors) and
DRIVE! you have to escape the cops, whether it be via Forgive and Forget, or
just driving until the notoriety level goes away.

When you finally lose 'em all, drop Troy and Julius off at the church.
You'll get to see a nice little speech via Julius about how the other gangs
won't just leave when asked. He puts some people in charge of certain gangs.

If you have played the demo, than you'll remember that this is the end of
the line on the demo, but in this, its only the beginning!

==+Stuffing the Ballot+==(stuffballot123)

Alright, so this mission doesn't come until you take over the whole map
and get rid of every gang completely, then you will understand whats going
So to get Julius back you'll have to be helping this prick named "Monroe"
and he says he's an honest man, but I personally dont believe him.

Anyways, he is running for some position and he says that if you want
Julius back you'll have to help eliminate some of the other people running.
and to do so, he wants you to pull off one of the toughest stunts to pull
off - hijack Marshall Winslow's bus and park it on the train tracks before
the next train comes. and I can only think - what the hell kind of a plan
is that, but whatever, anything for julius.

So there are many differant ways to pull this off, but ill only list 2.

1) -my approach- I just got a rocket launcher, shot it at the front of the bus
and took the thing straight to the train tracks. The rocket either killed the
driver, or damaged the bus enough to let me take it, but either way i got it.

2) -other approach- use a rocket launcher to take out the 4-car escort, then
attempt a drive-by, killing the driver only, then taking it to the tracks.

Either way you do it, youll have to do it fast, because youve only got a
minute or so (if I remember correctly).

==+Hail to the Chief+==(hailchief123)

In my opinion - one of the most frustrating missions you will ever play!!!

Sure it sounds easy enough but trust me - its pretty dam hard!

Now, Monroe is still being a prick and says that he still is not satisfied
and that he still wants more. And who gets to FINALLY have his way? of all
people? the legendary Johnny himself, which means that this mission is going
to have plenty of kabooms and bangs in it.

Now when you start, make sure you head over to Friendly Fire and load up
on rockets, and maybe even pipe bombs/grenades - NOT molotov cocktails!

Now get a VERY STRONG CAR! I suggest getting a Bulldog out of your garage
-a Los Carnales gang car-. It's good speed and pretty tough.

Now, get to the designated spot and park the car AT THE BOTTOM OF THE
NEAREST STAIRS!!!!! (thats right, FIVE exclamation points!).

Stand in the circle and get your rocket out. stand in the corner as close
as you can to the edge and wait. When you see them round the corner you'll
realise that theres multiple cop cars. wait for them to get to the
intersection that youre at and SHOOT THE FRONT CAR!if youre lucky it will
cause a pile-up and you can chuck grenades or pipe bombs into the mess,
or you can just shoot some more rockets. Either way get all the cars blown up,

You better move fast because if you don't make it there quick, then you're
toast. You have a 5-star wanted level! AHH!

if youre in a bulldog as i suggested, then it should significantly reduce
the amount of time before your car wants to blow. just drive on the path,
and dont hesitate to go through any roadblocks if you have to.

If your car is really about to blow - bail. theres nothing you can do about
it. just make sure you dont leave behind your team-mate, if he dies, you fail.

Just hop into another car and get back on your way.

If youre lucky after a few tries youll manage to make it to the Forgive
and Forget. dont worry if you dont make it the first time - it took me about
5 tries.

And when you finally beat the mission, you recieve $5,000.

***Submitted by Crazy Jeff***
Instead of following the indicated route, set your own guide point on the
western forgive and forget. It is much quicker and makes the mission way


***Submitted by Ian Anderson***
If you grab a semi truck w/o the trailer and park it at the bottom of the
stairs it makes it real easy to get to the forgive and forget. It helped me
a ton.


==+Salting the Earth+==(earthsalt123)


Ok, so this is it - the ending, final "Mission".
It isn't really a mission, as you don't do anything.

You recieve a call from Hughes Alderman - and he thinks that the Saint's
own the town, and therefore they should find an agreement to the whole
matter, instead of making a parking lot over them.

He says he has Julius and is willing to make a trade of some sort.

When you start the mission you are on a yacht of Hughes and a few things
happen showing you how the other gang members lives turned out so far.

More importantly - you see Julius escaping from the docks.

Are you ready, you can still save yourself from ruining the ending.

| |
| As you are standing on the yacht, some henchmen surround you, and |
| Hughes tells you that you wont be leaving alive. he thanks you for |
| giving him the election and says some other things - all in all |
| saying that you are going to die. |
| The only thing you can think is - you bastard- |
| But then suddenly, there is a faint beeping noise and a large |
| explosion engulfs the yacht. yes. you just died - along with Hughes|
| and anyone else on the boat. Hopefully you saved the game beforehand|
| like i suggested.You can watch the credits or not - either way - |
| I hope you enjoyed living in Saint's Row |
| There are many rumors circulating currently. I am here to state the |
| facts, and my opinion.Check the "Saints Row Two?" section for more. |

==+Aisha's Favor+==(aishafavor123)

ALRIGHTY! lets get started with the Vice Kings!

The first mission really rings a bell - which says "Stronghold".

I think this mission should have been considered a stronghold - but
whatever... The first part is pretty easy. Especially if you're in a good
car. they just drive through some side-streets. stay within the outer-red
circle, but dont get into the inner-red circle. Before you start the mission,
get some shotgun ammo, and even some pipe-bombs if you feel like it.

when you get to the buildng, you see that the girl has been kidnapped and
your mission is to get to the girls, without harming them. really, you CAN'T
harm them, because they're behind a wall. When you finally fight your way to
the door, you find out that the key is at Tee'n'Ay Strip Club and you have
to go get it. What a pain, right??

Well when you get to the place, just throw some pipe bombs and kill
everyone, or just shotgun 'em down. no matter how you do it, just kill 'em.

When you get the key go back to the warehouse you were at before and go
back to the door and have all the girls follow you. get in the yellow car
(or any other 4-door car) and go!

Make sure to not leave any of the girls behind and drive back to the
church. FINISHED!

==+...To Kingdom Come+==(kingcome123)

This mission i think is fairly easy. be sure to equip yourself with either
a rocket launcher, pipe bombs, or a rifle of some sort (not the Mcmanus)

Get in her car and drive to the garage. When you get out of the garage,
DONT HIT ANYTHING. The bomb is VERY sensitive and even hitting a stop sign can
reduce the bomb health meter about 1/8 the way! BE CAREFUL!

Now when you leave the garage back up slowly out of the garage. Get out of
the car and quickly pull out your weapon of choice. Kill the stalker. whether
it be via rockets, bombs, or rifle, matters absolutely not. Just kill him.
And make it quick, because you're on a time limit.

When you get to the roadblock, don't panic. Simply get out of the car, hop
in the cruiser, and pull it forward quickly. Then get back in the car and
drive through. You should have plenty of time left when you park it in the

==+Always use Protection+==(alwaysprotect123)

Ok, when you interrupt Aisha and Johnnys fine dining experience, you
will start the mission and you must destroy 4 patrol cars.

Go to the blue marker, and then find the closest red square on the map, and
go for it. Just shoot at the driver if you can, if not just shoot the car.
Your team-mate will help you shoot them.

When you kill all 4 you go to a building. Go to the back alleyway and kill
all of the guards, via rocket, bombs, rifles, SMG, or about any other way
you want to.

Head into the building and slowly take the people out. When you kill
everyone downstairs, head upstairs and open the doors to find, and kill, all
of the Vice Kings which are all in the middle of something, if ya know
what i mean. Kill all of them and continue onto the next room and repeat.

Look at the map to determine the main targets. when all of them are dead,
you beat the mission.


This level is fairly easy and is the exact same as doing a Pushback.

simply drive to the designated area and kill the red squares on the map.
When all of them are dead, you win. Wow. . . that was a short explanation!

==+Best Laid Plans+==(planslaid123)

Get into the car and go to Friendly Fire and get plenty of shotgun ammo.

Make sure you have plenty of gun ammo, including pipe bombs, and MAYBE
even some rockets.

Get back in the car and drive to the blue blip. When you get there, you
see that there are plenty of vice kings around.

Go into the building and get that shotty' ready! It's about to get a nice
excercise! Kill all the people at the front area and make your way through the
building. Go downstairs and help your teammates. When everyone is helped, head
back to the stairs and go all the way up.

When you find her you can watch the cutscene. Basically she gets away
somehow, and you need to get out of there.

Get in the car and pull around to the front of the station and get in your
faster car. You have a bit of notoriety so get back to the church ASAP.

==+Green with Envy+==(greenenvy123)

Well the first part of this mission can be a little pointless, but the
second part is a little bit tougher. Go to the studio and when you get
there, pull the limo driver out of the car and pump him full of lead,
and then take his place.

Take tonya out shopping and whatnot. Pretty boring as of now, excluding
the very short time-limits to get there.

Evetually the saint's will come after you, but julius wants you to lose
them without hurting them, so just drive as fast as you can, maybe on the
wrong side of the road as to give them a chance to get hit by another
passing car. Cross those fingers of yours!

when you lose them, get to Tony's.

When you get there you knock her down, but Tony doesnt want it that way.
This is a fight between you and him. Watch out because he has a shotgun.

Get out an SMG if you have one, it's a faster shot and does plenty of

When you kill him you see a short cinematic of you saving Johnny, and he's
definately upset with Tony. I guess his method of showing it can be pretty
helpful. Maybe I should try it? Nah, ill pass.

==+Third Street Vice Kings+==(3svicek123)

This level I don't particularly enjoy, but here goes!

The point of this level is to ruin the Vice Kings/cop connection by causing
as much possible bad media for the Vice Kings as possible.

Start off by going over to Union Square area and holding up the gun store
(after buying guns while you're there of course). Basically you want to do
anything with these guns that you can to get enough police attention.

When the news vans start following you, head to the red square on the map
and start killing all of the shopkeepers in the area.

Next go to the area indicated on the mini-map. go behind the blip and get
a good speed and ramp into the bowling pins. You don't even have to hit them,
just the stand to knock them down. And you dont HAVE to ramp a car into them.
if you have pipe bombs or grenades, those work too.

Next you need to go get the bulldozer. Pretty self explanatory. Johnny hops
in the smaller one next to you.

Drive up the ramp and to the Alderman Hughes statue and topple it to finish
the mission.

==+Round Peg, Square Hole+==(rpegshole123)

This is another one of my least-favorite missions, even though it SHOULD
be a pretty fun one. Once you get in Johnny's car, pull out the infinite
rocket launcher.WOO!

Johnny talks to you about Aicha on the way there, and blah blah blah!

when you get to the first stop try to shoot a rocket directly at the car
to kill them all with one rocket.

When you get to the second stop, try shooting the gas station pumps BEFORE
you get up to it. it'll kill all of them, otherwise you'll have to hit them

The third one is simple. All you have to do is hit one of the cars
(Maybe both) and they all go kaboom.

The fourth one isn't hard, like usual just aim for the cars mainly.

The fifth and final one is very easy. just be ready to shoot the bright
yellow car as soon as you see it! If you miss once your pretty much toast
because a person with a rocket is there ready to take you out. So hope
you got some good shooting skills, tex!

Now on the way to the forgive and forget keep your rocket steady!

Kill any SWAT cars that are up ahead and clear a path for Johnny, beacause
if his car takes too much damage you blow and lose it all!

Also kill the enemy gang cars and cop cars that are on your tail.

==+For King and Country+==(Kingandcount123)

For this mission you will definately need a shotgun and some SMG ammo.

start off driving to the park and MAKE IT FAST! King is dying as you drive.

When you get there get your shotty in hand, and start shootin'! Make your
way all the way up to King, and when you get to him, rush to his car, where
you two will be somewhat safer.

When you start driving you have to take out Vice King gang cars that are
driving all around. Simply get your SMG out and shoot the driver if possible.
King will help you.

When you kill them all youll have to find Warren, and fast! he is in a
sports car so its actually pretty easy to ram him to death in this big truck.
Simply shoot him with the SMG if you get the chance, or just ram him as much
as you can.

when you kill him off you have to get back to the church and you will
encounter some enemy gang members along the way.

Just get back and after the mission is complete - store the truck in your
garage. It's a pretty hard truck to come by - if it's even possible.

==+The King and I+==(kingandi123)

VERY easy mission in my opinion. Doesn't need much explaining...

For every group just shoot a bullet at the car and then head to the site

Pretty easy if ya ask me


========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
==+All the King's Men+==(vicekingsboss)


OKAY! time to finish off a whole third of the main missions!

Ok, now when you get into King's car, you have King and Johnny with you.
Drive over to the blue marker, which is where Johnny will go in and get Stefan
who has the elevator code for the Penthouse/Mansion thing.

Now, when you can drive again, King is holding stefan out the car window by
the ankles. The whole point is to get him to hand over the elevator code.

You have to drive fast, and whip around corners. the cops will eventually
come after you and you dont want to get too shot up, or Stefan will die.

If stefan dies before he tells you the password, you fail, so be carefull!

Now you can either go straight to the penthouse or go to Forgive and Forget
either way you need to get to the penthouse.

Park the truck IN the blue marker and head to the lobby.

When you're in there all the enemies are red squares and you have to kill
all of them before you move on. I suggest using a shotgun - its most
effective when close and is a one-shot-one-kill weapon, so it's just perfect.

When you get into the elevator, you take it way up and have to find Tanya.

Head through all of the offices and make your way with the shotty to the
blue marker. When you get there, a video plays.

You, King, and Johnny walk into Tanya's suite. She says a few words
and stands up with a rifle. She is about to shoot you all to the
ground, when all three of you shoot her up.
she is dangling from the window, and begs for King to help her, but
King simply steps on her fingers, causing her to freefall straight
onto King's car.
King gives you the keys to his penthouse, and you unlock all of the
Vice King's cars in your garage.

========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========

/ \
/ \ /\
\ / / \
|/\|_______/ /\ \
____ /\____/ \____/\ / \ \
\ \ / / \ \/___/ /
\ \\ __/ /\ \__ // /
| \\/ / / \ \ \// __/
| / / \ / \ / /__
| / \ / \ //___ /
| | \ \ / / / /
| | __\ \/ / / /
/ \_/ \\ //\ / /
/___________\\__// \/ /
| | /\ / _____________
/ \ \/_ /\ __ __ ____+ | ____/ /
\ / \ \ / \ | | \ \ /\ | | | | | / __/
/\ / /\ \ \\/ /\ \ | | \ \ / \ | | | |__\ \
/ /\/ / \_/\ \\ \ \ \ | | \ \/ / \ | | | ___/\ \
\ \/ \ (LC123)\\ \/ / | \ / / //\ \| | | | \ \
\ /\ \ /\__ \\ /\ | \ / / //__\ \ | |_ | / /
\/ \ \/ / \ \\ \| | \ / / / _____ \|__/ \|__ / /
\ / \ \\|\ \ |\ \/ / / / \ \ \_// /
\/ \__\| \ \| \__/ /_/ \_\______\/__/

==+Crack Down+==(crackdown123)

Welp, lets hit the Carnales and get it over with.

Start off by following the blue blips on the map to the first Carnales
drug lab. When you get there, my strategy is to ram your car into the open
garage door and hop out with your shotty, and start shooting. There's a more
conservative strategy and that is park a little ways away and use an SMG or
a pistol to pick off the guards.

Before going into the next room get your shotgun out (or pistol/SMG if you
dont have a shotgun).

When you head in shoot the guards and STAND BACK AWAY FROM the stuff with
the big red arrow over it. Shoot it with a pistol or any gun until it blows.

Head back into your car and drive to the next location via the map

At the other one head into the BACK door and shoot the equipment quickly or
waste the guards then shoot it.

or head in the front door and kill some extra people.

Either way when you blow up the second one you complete the mission.

==+the Missing Shipment+==(missship123)

Get in your car and drive to the truck on the map.

Troy will start to hotwire the truck. hop out of your car and get out a
rocket if you have it, if not stay in your car and get an SMG ready.

When cars come, shoot the drivers/blow up the cars themselves.

When troy finally gets done hop in the closest car and drive along-side the
truck and escort it as it drives to the garage

you might have to switch vehicles in mid-mission. just make it quick and
catch back up to the truck and stay with it - defending it as well as you can.

==+Homeland Security+==(homesec123)

An incredibly easy mission. find and kill all of the Carnales in the row.

This is basically a pushback with a few more people to kill. Easy, no prob.

==+Trojan Horse+==(trojanh123)

This mission is a little tougher, but still only about a 5 out of 10 on the
toughness scale.

Start by getting into the nearby truck, which then youll watch the truck
get loaded up with saints. You'll want to make sure that you have plenty of
shotgun ammo, because youll definately need it.

When you get there, you can use a mcmanus to take out almost everyone.
either that or run up close and shot-gun 'em to death.

When you get further along you can easily take out the people on the
scaffolding with a molotov cocktail, or just a pistol/SMG.

When you get to the back door, some people come out which aren't too hard
to kill. Just go inside and take em out.

When you kill all Carnales, you beat the mission.

==+McManus says Hello+==(mcmanushi123)

For this mission you'll recieve a free Mcmanus sniper rifle

When you drive to the right district, climb up the fire escape and make
your way up the building to the top. cross the piece of wood at the top and
climb up the big vent-looking things up to the top and step into the blue

Wait for everyone to be together and then snipe the man in the big fluffy
pimp-like coat. This causes a lot of problems and as you can imagine, they all
just so happen to have rocket launchers!

Just stay back from the edge a few yards or so and peek up and snipe one
of the targets and step back.

It's a pretty repetitive thing to do, but not too hard.

Just remember to not get too close to the edge, or youll get hit with a
rocket. Ouch.

==+Meeting Orejuela+==(meetore123)

Get in any car and start driving on the designated path.

on the way there, get in a semi - the biggest one you can find. youll need
it for sure. When you get to the blip, youll see whats going on, and youll
see why you needed that semi.

Start driving. dont even shoot - just drive. they are FAST and they can do
a LOT of damage in a small amount of time. Dex will shoot as much as he can
while you drive

when you get back to the church, you can get out and focus on killing him.
you can get out a rocket if you want. As long as you kill him and lose all of
the smaller gang cars.

==+Strength in Numbers+==(strengthin#123)


when you start you don't have to go anywhere. Just use the SMG or shotgun
to kill the gang cars that are coming. You'll have to switch between sides on
the church, but as long as you defend it, it doesn't matter at all. Save the
rocket launcher for the end.

When Victor himself decides to join in on the fun, shoot a rocket at his
truck. He'll jump out in flames and get shot to the ground by everybody.
Either that or he'll just die in the car. Oh well, he had it coming.

==+Possession with Intent+==(posswintent123)

GOD! I HATE THIS MISSION! I failed it so many times it is so frustrating!!!

Anyways lets get started! Take the car and drive to the garage.

CAR!!!!!!!! Even hitting a stop sign can noticeably take down its health.

Drive carefully but quickly to the designated spot and get ready to have
a "fun" time.

Get a shotgun out, or even a pistol if you want and start killing the cops
that come at you.

When you spend enough time killing cops you can hop into the truck and
(here's the fun part!) drive all the way across town, in a Mule, with a 5-star
wanted level! Fun, right? Wrong. This is an incredibly hard mission and
you will most likely not beat it on the first try. You can attempt to get to
a forgive and forget if you want. it works, but i just went straight to the
garage. either way its tough. so good luck.

==+House Call+==(housecall123)

This is a slightly funner mission than the last. Drive to the mansion and
get the shotty ready. Fight your way to the back door and push your way
inside. Just basically run through the halls, and kill all the enemies

Head up the stairs and clear the enemies and head towards Angelo. shoot at
him but it doesnt matter, just get close enough to start the second part
of the mission.

Get out your Krukov and shoot the drivers of the cars the best you can.

I'm not sure if you get unlimited rocket ammo, but if you do, use it.

Just survive for a little bit so that you can watch the ending movie bit.

========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========

==+What Goes up...+==(carnalesboss)

When you start you have to drive in Dex's car to the airport. Make it quick
as your on a time-limit. Do as little damage to the car as possible. It
DOES matter.

When you get to the airport you can see the cinematic.

Now. Get out your Rocket launcher ASAP and shoot the incoming car before
you hit it. If you miss, turn around and hit it as it's coming up behind you.

Shoot the next car on the road ahead.

Now get out your Krukov and get ready.

Look ahead and you'll see a person up on the roof next to a white barrel.
SHOOT THE BARREL AS SOON AS YOU CAN. It blows up and kills the person with the
RPG. Also kill the guy on the ground too. I suggest killing the man on the
ground first as you can see him first. Try to kill them both.

next to white barrels. And when you take the first ramp up, he's on the roof
to the right.

when you finally kill most of them and your car is driving up along-side
of the plane thats taking off. SHOOT AT IT WITH THE ROCKET LAUNCHER WHEN YOURE

The rockets do about 1/2 damage to the plane so use them whenever you can!
You kill the plane and you and dex get out of your car next to the
burning wreckage and Angelo's wife pulls up in her car and explains how
she was supposed to leave with Angelo. She complains about how she has
nowhere to go. you're guy manages to pull a cheezy line out of his mouth
and you unlock Dex's Car, the Los Carnales cars, and the mansion you
stormed in the previous mission.
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========

__ __ _______ ___________________________ ______
\ \ \ \ \ ___/ / ____ _____ ____ __ \ | ___/
\ \ \ \ \ \__ / / / / \ \ | | | |\ \| |
\ \ \ \ \ / \ \ / /(Rollerz123)| | | | \ |__
\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \/ /____/ / / | | | | / __/
\ \/ \/ \___/ / / ___/ /___| |__| |/ /| |__
\_ / \_ / \_______/ /____/ |___________/ |___/
____ __ __ __ __________ ______
| \ / \| | | | | ___ \ / ____/
| |) \// \ | | | | | | |) \ \ \
| / \ | | | | _\ | / \ \
| |\ \ / | _ | | _ | | | |\ \ \ \
| | \ \ / |/ \| |/ \| |__ | | \ \__/ /
|_| \____/|___________________| \____/

==+Stacking the Deck+==(deckstack123)

This mission is pretty easy- all you need is an SMG.

Get in a car and drive to the moving target via the blue route and unload
some SMG's into it. Keep unloading ammo into or hit it with your car.

When you can hop into it, do so and drive straight to the designated point.

Good job! easy right?

==+Samson's Surprise+==(samsurprise123)

This mission can be frustrating sometimes. make sure you have an SMG with

Get in a car that is fast (theres one by the starting location).

When you start, focus on staying in the cars radius as much as you can.
Try to take em out one at a time and focus just on one at a time.

if you cant get to one, go to the next. If you can see a car but cant get
into its range, just start shooting it with the SMG whenever you get a chance.
also ram them if you can. do any damage you can and taunt them, because theres
two ways to win. Either they explode from damage, or they explode by getting
their taunt meter filled.

==+Guardian Angel+==(guardangel123)

This mission is also not very tough. Just drive to the spot, but MAKE SURE

When you pull up find the door and before you go in throw in a molotov,
grenade, or pipe bomb over the wall (theres no roof). It'll take most of them
out a lot faster. If not, just run in there and heat up your shotty.

Make your way through the garage until you get to the back room. Get out
your pistol and shoot anybody but the guy with the green arrow over him.

Thats donnie and you don't want to kill him.

When you kill all of his body-guards he runs out into Lin's car.

Hop in your car and stay in the car's radius, but DONT KILL THEM!!!!
eventually after you follow them long enough it will tell you to lose them.

When it says to do that, just stop and stay out of the radius. Even drive
the opposite way if you want.

==+Escort Service+==(escortserv123)

For this mission you'll need a lot of SMG ammo and a little shotgun ammo.

Start out by hopping in the nearest car and drive to the truck fast.

If you look at the map you can see that sometimes the route that they give
you isn't always the fastest (it doesn't recognize side-streets/alleyways, and
sometimes it thinks you cant cross the median on the highways).

when you get to the first truck, try getting inbetween the truck and the
enemy gang cars. Do your best to ram the enemy cars and shoot at mainly the
drivers to stop the cars completely.

For the second truck, youll want to stay relatively close to the truck,
but keep in mind that the enemy cars come from behind at first, so be ready
to peg the drivers by either ramming them or shooting the drivers(again).
When it gets to the other side of the dome, a few more cars come at it
do the same to these as all of the others.

For the third one, when you arrive, the truck will be pinned down for sure
before you reach it. when you get to it, ram into the cars, and get out
You have to do this quickly. Get out and go up right next to the cars and
shoot the passengers and driver of each with a shotgun, or SMG. If you want
you can even try to use a pipe bomb, but youll have to be really careful to
throw it far enough away from the truck.

For the third truck, a shotgun works best to kill all of the people in the
shortest amount of time.

==+One Step Ahead+==(1stepup123)

For this mission you need at least 6 rockets(minimum of 6, but you will
probably miss more than once) and you'll want some SMG ammo.

When you start, get in a FOUR DOOR CAR and pick up as many homies as you
can -- if you have done the Carnales or the VK's before the Rollerz, you
should be able to get 3 at a time, but otherwise you might only be able
to hold 2 or maybe even 1.

Anwyays get as many as you can and drive to the first car

REMEMBER: You dont HAVE to follow the blue route. Take a look at your map
before you even start driving and check if theres a faster route.

when you get to the first one - follow according to the current situation.

If they have the car and are driving, stay in your car and drive and shoot with
your SMG. Your homies will help you.

If the car is sitting, hop out real fast and shoot a rocket at it.

Repeat for all the others - they're all the same pretty much.

There are 6 cars that they need. You only have to kill 4. This means that
up to 2 can get away and you can still succeed in the mission.(that alone
makes this mission relatively easy).


A very easy mission for sure.

Just pick up a few molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, or grenades before-hand.

Also youll want plenty of shotgun ammo (I'm big on the shotgun aren't I?)

Start off and get some homies to help you. When you arrive at the spot, get
your shotty ready and storm in and kill.

Either run around and shotty em all to death or throw some bombs/cocktails
up ahead to make things a little easier.

All you have to do is get to the room where Lin is being held. not that

==+Burning Evidence+==

This mission is directly after Liberation, literally, It's immediately after

Now before you get in a car equip the rocket launcher if you still have it
left over. If not, just get out an SMG i guess.

Before you get into the radius, shoot a rocket at his car. if you can't,
just go into the radius of Sharp, and try to get close enough to where you
actually will have time to get out of the car, equip the rocket, and shoot.

If not just keep drive-by-ing him with the SMG.

When his car is destroyed he'll get out of his car. shoot him up. Easy, eh?

==+No Time to Mourn+==(nomourntime123)

I LOVE this mission!!!!! You don't really need anything at all.

Just drive to the spot and get ready to have some fun (with unlimited
rocker launcher ammo) (woo!).

Get your rocket out and shoot any Rollerz cars you see. Hope you got good
judgement as to where to shoot based on how fast they're going and where
they're at...

When you get close to a car, though, get out a Shotgun, or Krukov so you
don't blow yourself up.

When you kill all of the cars you finish the mission!

LAST MISSION AHEAD! That means another major spoiler warning. . ready?

========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
Spoiler: West-Side Rollerz Ending

==+Semi-Charmed Life+==(rollerzboss)


When you start find as many homies as you can carry and start driving.
the sooner you reach his car the better thats why you want a fast car.

Now, when you get to the truck, drive about touching its back bumper, but
a little to the side so that you're not directly behind it.

Unload round on the back cars. Your homie(s) will help you.

You have to make quick work of the back cars, and remember not to be
directly behind it, or the blown cars will hit you.

Also stay close to his back, because he throws pipe bombs out the window,
and if your close, you'll pass them up before they explode.

When you kill all the cars get waaaayyy to the side of him because the
entire back of the truck falls off and you'll have to unload on the cab.

Shoot the cab a little so that your homie(s) start shooting it

If you have homies then you can focus about %70 on driving and 30 on
on shooting

If you don't, you'll have to do about %20 on driving and %80 on shooting.

And it really hurts you to get in a big accident right now.

Keep shooting the cab until eventually. . . kaboom!

Submitted by: LilThuggie

found it to be very much eaiser this way...before you start the mission
get a FBI truck and 3 homies. drive everyone to mission start location, after
stopin by at rim jobs just to repair the truck, and start the mission. when
the mission starts you should have ur homies and the truck near you so hop in
and roll. i did exactly wat u said on how to destroy the cars and its easier
with the truck because its hard to wreck the FBI truck. i was crashin and
gettin shot at and i won the mission without the truck smoking. its faster
then than most cars so it should the job. i hope it helps.

When you destroy the semi cab you watch a short cinematic in which
Julius calls you. You go up to the semi wreckage and take the guy's
keys from him, but Julius still thinks theres a problem.
You unlock the Rollerz cars, Price's mansion, and Julius's car.

========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========

||/\ |
|/++\= = = = = Strongholds= = = = = |
/____\ |
|+ +| |
| __ | |
| || |o_> o_> <_o <_o |
|_||_|| | | | |
+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
++++VICE KINGS++++++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +


You'll Need: Shotgun

Head in and clear em out.
get to the roof
pick up the rocket launcher
Before stepping into the blue circle, find the Mcmanus on the roof
equip the rocket launcher
Destroy the incoming cars

TIP: you only have so many rockets so try your best not to miss and dont
waste them


You'll Need: Shotgun

get soem homies with you
equip shotgun
go into front door and clear the enemies
head downstairs and save your homies
head upstairs and kill the pimp

TIP: when saving the homie thats getting beat up, make sure not to shoot
your friend, itll kill him.
TIP: youll encounter some more enemies upstairs but focus on taking out the
guy dressed like a pimp.


You'll Need: (preferably) Shotgun

clear the field of enemies
go into the door along the main street on the other side of the building
make your way up to the fire-escape
Pick up the mcmanus
snipe the enemies in the field
head down to the field and kill them

TIP: in the second part, they have rockets and sniper rifles, so its more
dangerous to go down and confront them
TIP: if you get the mcmanus to snipe with, stay back and peek up because
they can get you with those rockets and snipers


You'll Need: Grenades or Pipe bombs (Not molotov cocktails) OR rockets

get out your weapon of choice and start killing the cars
when you kill all the cars, hop in your car or another
Take the ramp at the highest speed you can.
Chase him and drive-by him to death

TIP: drive a fast car into the mission so you have it for the ramp


You'll Need: Pipe Bombs, Grenades, or Molotov Cocktails

start off by getting some homies to help you
throw some of whatever you got into the field
kill em off with any guns you have
head around to the other side of the building
toss some throw-ables in and kill em off with guns
kill all of em to finish

TIP: you can also use a rifle or MCmanus to shoot through the fence and
kill them more safely on the outside part

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
++++Los Carnales++++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +

++=Fox Drive=++(Foxdrive123)

You'll Need: Shotgun, preferrably a Mcmanus

start making your way for the door using the shotgun
use the mcmanus to snipe the guys on the roof and whatnot
head into the building through the garage door
clear em all out with a shotgun
make your way through the building, killing everyone
plant bombs as you pass them, and focus on killing anyone you see
get the RPG out of the office-like room
make your way onto the roof via the door next to the office
kill the people out here, and walk along the edge of the roof until you
find the platform on the side that you can jump down to and climb up the
mill walk-ways
when you get to the top plant the bomb and run down to the platform that
you started climbing up from
jump down to the scaffolds
jump down to the ground

TIP: before you plant the final bomb, face the path down so you dont waste
time turning around

++=Black Bottom=++(blackbottom123)

You'll Need: some homies with you

this stronghold is pretty self-explanatory
you and your homies kill everyone in the way of you getting to the tag
tag all the spots to win

TIP: work from the ground up

++=Cecil Park=++(Cecilpark123)

You'll Need: Mcmanus ammo, Shotgun ammo.

get ur shotty ready and charge in
take cover whenver and kill everyone necesary
head upstairs and do the same
get the mcmanus out and kill all of the snipers
get your shotgun out and kill the storming people

TIP: if you dont have mcmanus, you can actually use the pistol to "snipe"
the snipers


You'll Need: Rockets, Shotgun(preferably Riot), and some Thrown Objects.

use the thrown objects to easily take out anybody hiding behind trailers
use shotgun ammo for the second task
when the main peopel come, shoot em with rockets

TIP: you can also use a mcmanus when taking out people in the first part
of the mission


You'll Need: Nothing

start off by just jacking the bulldozer
just go straight for the crates
when you get to the guy with the rocket, just ignore him and push the crate
into the water to finish it

TIP:when taking the bulldozer, you can just go straight up to it and take
it - you dont have to have a big gunfight for the bulldozer

++=Athos Bay=++

You'll Need: an SMG OR a rocket launcher

this is the stronghold that you do in the first Third Street missions
ram down the fence to the side of the building
park the car on the sidewalk, in a spot that you can get to it quickly
get your rocket launcher out
when you start, run with your rocket over to where you hit the fence down
shoot a rocket at the parked car in the alleyway
if you miss, hop in the car and chase the car down with the smg
shoot at it, but itll eventually stop on the beach, and kill him there

TIP: if you miss with the rocket the first time, you might still have time
to shoot again and make a hit

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
+West-Side Rollerz++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +


You'll Need: a rocket launcher, some homies, shotgun

get your shotgun out and kill any people that come by
continue this and at the end get your rocket launcher out
destroy the cab of the semi by shooting it a few times with the rockets

TIP:you can stay in a gang-members car for safety

++=Pleasant View=++(PleasantView123)

You'll Need: plenty of rocket ammo and plenty of homies, some shotgun ammo

start off by gunning down the ground people with shotguns
turn and destroy any parked cars with the rocket launcher
make sure you kill all of the ground people and parked cars FIRST
when you kill all of them, the cars will be circling inside the walls
stand aroudn the corner and rocket em when they come around

TIP: the circling cars go on the same route so its easy to know where to
stand to get a good shot at them.

++=Tidal Spring=++(Tidalspring123)

You'll Need: Shotgun ammo, food/drink x4

start off by getting the shotgun out and get ready for some fun
once you kill the first few jurors, your wanted level rockets up to 5!!!
run straight into the rooms and kill them and run out and go to the next
you have to kill them all to win, you dont even have to go to forgive
and forget or anything
some rooms have more people in them, just mow em down and continue on
killing the jurors
heal with the food if necessary - just hide in the corner

TIP: it might be easier to start at the top and go down, because the rooms
at the top have to most people in them, so if you started at the top, you
could take out the big rooms first without a wanted level, then only spend
a second or two in the other rooms while you have a wanted level

++=Misty Lane=++(Mistylane123)

You'll Need: shotgun(preferably riot for faster shooting)

storm the mansion - get some homies with you
basically kill everyone you see
make your way up to the top floor and take his keys from the bedroom
go downstairs through the back door to the garage
take out his car and drive through the neighborhood to the forgie and

TIP: you dont have to follow the GPS. in fact, going through the winding
roads will throw some enemies off of you. also look at your map to see if
theres any shortcuts that the GPS doesnt show.

v=Vice Kings
F 10% off at Rim Jobs
S 20% off at Rim Jobs
T 30% off at Rim Jobs
A 50% off at Rim Jobs

Racing is when you get in a car and try to beat the other peopel to the
finish line - you know, if you dont know what race is, then go back to
2nd grade - please, for us all

Before You Start: beat the entire destruction Derby activity

Los Carnales: A gay guy tells you about street races that are going down
Vice Kings: You are taking the place of a missing racer
Rollers: You are in time for a street race thats about to happen

Always use a tricked out Ruckus or Rampage for the races. they can be sort
of touchy, but youll get used to them.
See, with those cars they put you against worse cars and you are faster,
making it easier

Submitted by: xYoast 22x
In the racing missions, I personally used the FBI SUV. It's faster than the
competiton it puts you against, but it's not so fast that you can't control
it. It also has very good damage control. Although I fixed it up between races.

R "Baron" Car
C Pimp clothes
V Pimp Jewelry
A Pimp cane Shotgun

Snatch is where you are instructed to go to the overly-aggressive pimp
and "Save" the ho's. you have to kill the pimp and have the ho's follow you
back to the location given

Before You Start: be sure to have plenty of SMG ammo

Los Carnales: The lady wants you to get her robbed ho's back for her
Vice Kings: The lady wants you to get her robbed ho's back for her
Rollers: Daddy wants you to get his girls back

Always try to stay in your car. DO NOT TRY TO RUN OVER THE PIMPS
ive done it way too many times and pretty much every time i mess up and end up
hitting a ho and killing her. try to stay in your car but dont run them over

use your SMG to kill the pimp and take the hos back
if they are in a car, use the SMG and shoot the car, and ram the car.

R "News Van" car
C Outfit
V "Samantha" Homie
A "The Job" car

Escort is where you are the driver for a sort of pick-up prostitution
service. The clients are very highly respected business-people(usually) and
you being the driver have to let the client enjoy his time with the prositute,
without having his career ruined by the news.

Before You Start: Nothing

Los Carnales: The DJ is also a pimp and needs your help
Vice Kings: You act as a perfect security against the news and he hires you.
Rollers: The lady has a black book full of clients

The Los Carnales is easiest. use the runway for speed challenge.
use the ramps for air time challenges
use the news van blocks for car damage challenges.

During the challenge, you can actually get otu of the car and destroy the
news vans ro kil lthe drivers. this is only practical in early levels when
theres not infinite amounts of news vans.

Submitted by: xYoast 22x
In the escort missions by the airport, take the client to the airport. Go to
the far left gate, blast through it and make a 90 degree turn right. There
will be a ramp. Use it to jump on the roof of the building. Stay there until
the client asks you do something special ie. 2 seconds of air time or go at a
high speed for a certain amount of time. These two requests can be obtained
by jumping off the roof, making a circle back to the ramp. None of the
followers will make it to the roof.

|D|R|U|G| |T|R|A|F|F|I|C|K|I|N|G|(drugact123)
R 5% faster rollerz notoriety drop
C 5% faster carnales notoriety drop
V 5% faster vice kings notoriety drop
A 5% faster police notoriety drop

You have to help protect a drug dealer as he drives around town and stays
away from the police and other gangs.

Before You Start: Be sure to have plenty of Shotgun/SMG ammo

Los Carnales: This hippy wants you to do better than his previous guard
Vice Kings: This dude wants you to protect him as he makes his deals
Rollers: The lady that lives in the suburbs wants you to make her more money

For the early levels, you can get out of the car and use the shotgun to
kill the enemies.
For the later levels, stay in the car if you can and use the SMG or
a strong pistol to kill the drivers and passengers of cars.

R Platinum Riot Shotgun, "Mr. Wong" homie
C Gold .50's
V Platinum T3K Urbans
A Platinum RPG's

Hitman is a special activity. it is similiar to the Chop Shop activity
When you start it, you can complete it at any time during the game.
You are hired to kill certain targets with certain weapons. they only tell
you what weapon to use, and who to kill, and the general area that they are
commonly found

Before You Start: N/A

Los Carnales: A lady just wants her list to be finished off
Vice Kings: He wants you to help his friend by killing the witnesses
Rollers: The chinese man says that some people have double-crossed him

If your deadset on beating the Hitman, keep them HUD'ed. I will list
all of the targets and what weapon you use to take them out

Jackie - Vice 9 (drives ambulance)
Alan - Knife (Big guy - dressed in red and yellow)
Jose - T3K Urban (drives a charter bus. shoot him while hes driving)
Charles - Nightstick (Wears a red shirt and black pants)
Roxanne - NR4 (Blonde, wears a white dress)
Jaun - Tombstone (wears a speedo and runs around)
Bucky - Hand Grenade (wears a hotdog suit)
Bill - K6 Krukov (FBI - get a high wanted level and kill him)

Los Carnales
Julia - Vice 9 (old lady in pink - walks slowly around town)
Thomas - Baseball Bat (is at the docks - in a uniform for working)
Gabriel - Tombstone (construction worker - wears a hardhat)
Chris - SKR-7 Spree (Drives a mailtruck near the airport)
Theresa - Knife (a fat hooker in a 2-piece bikini. .looks gross as hell)
Tina - GDHC .50 (wears pink and skates around)
Bill - Molotov Cocktail (Construction Worker - wears a white hardhat)
John - Mcmanus (in helicopters when you have a high wanted level)

Vice Kings
Dick - Knife (wears an orange shirt in the downtown area)
Marty - Baseball Bat (old,slow, and has a walker)
Richard - .44 Shepherd (wears a business suit in the high-end-retail area)
Henry - T3K Urban (drives a limo - i saw him a lot by the VK chop shop act.)
Billy Bob - 12 Guage (drives a truck and has a cowboy hat on)
Don - .44 Sheperd (dresses very nicely for the RedLight district-easy to spot)
Hank - Molotov Cocktail (drives a mail truck at night)
Louise - RPG (drives a quota - just blow up the car)

you can always go to the Menu>Info>Activites>Hitman and view them there.
Check a Hitman FAQ for more detailed info on it.

|I|N|S|U|R|A|N|C|E| |F|R|A|U|D|(fraudact123)
R Less damage from Explosions
C Less damage from car's
V Less damage from Bullets
A HP refills faster

Insurance Fraud is sort of self explanatory. You have to dive into cars to
rack up health costs. there is a pre-set amount of money to make per level.

Before You Start: Nothing

Los Carnales: This guy has pulled off some big frauds and he wants you in it
Vice Kings: Wants you to get you both rich
Rollers: He thinks that he can get you both rich

The easiest thing to do is hop in a cop car and go full speed straight
into a car coming at you thats speeding.
You get tons of bonus's for both being in a cop car, multiple vehicle
bonus, air time, and distance, you can get more than 100,000 per hit if you
do it right. Otherwise just dive into cars and hope for the best.

Submitted by: Philirican
When you start the insurance fraud, find a train track on the map that
leads into the zone. run on that track until you get right outside of the
zone. when a train is coming at you, run into the zone really fast and dive
in front of it. You can net over 125,000 easily.

Submitted by: xYoast 22x
In the insurance fraud missions, always use a police car. Smash head on into
oncoming traffic to launch yourself through the windshield. This will produce
very high numbers quickly. Don't blow the car up. Take it to rimjobs before
going to the next scoring area or steal a new one. The clock does not run
until you get to the scoring area.

|D|E|M|O|L|I|T|I|O|N| |D|E|R|B|Y|(demoact123)
A "Ruckus" and "Rampage" cars

You are in the arena and your job is to destroy so many cars by just
ramming them.

Before You Start: Nothing

Los Carnales:N/A
Vice Kings:N/A

Ram them, flip them, and target the weaker ones. thats your entire

|C|H|O|P| |S|H|O|P|(chopact123)
R "Ricochet" Car
C "Hollywood" Car
V "Stilletto" Car
A car repair costs less

Chop Shop is a special activity. it is similiar to the Hitman activity
When you start it, you can complete it at any time during the game.
You have to find certain cars and depending on what car it is, you may
have to go to Rim Jobs and make certain customizations to it to fit the

Before You Start: N/A

Los Carnales: This guy is in a wheelchair and he wants to continue his job
Vice Kings: He needs your help getting certain cars
Rollers: The guy needs help getting cars in a time limit

Peterliner (Semi cab)
Nightingale (parked at a warehouse)
Halberd (normal car)
Westbury - Muscle Rims (Minivan)
Varsity - Street Grill (Pickup Truck)
Raycaster - Racing Exhaust (buy at FP for $17,000 or find one around town)
Attrazione - Sport Front Bumper, Convertible Roof (find one in town)
Zenith - Racing Exhaust, Racing Convertible Roof (Find one in town)

Los Carnales
Reaper (look at night)
Ambulance (call 911)
Destiny (Saints gang car)
Taxi - Street Hood (find one)
Slingshot - Stylish Hood (saints gang car)
Bootlegger - Hot Rod Hood (near factories)
Compton - Muscle Hood, Stylish Rims (VK gang car)
La Fuerza - Hot Rod Hood, Low Rider Rims (LC Gang car)

Vice Kings
Cavallaro (LC gang car)
Quota (all over the north island usually)
FBI (get a high wanted level and take it)
Keystone - Retro Spoiler (find it in town)
Nordberg - Sport Spoiler (Saints gang car)
Nelson - Street Spoiler (Saints gang car)
Mag - Off Road 1 Bumper, Off road rims (Drive the gang car to make more)
Bulldog - Luxury Body Kit, Stylish 1 Rims (Drive the gang car to make more)

Find a more in-detail FAQ for more information - you can do the same thing
as mentioned in the Hitman to see what you need

R Pipebombs at house
C Molotove Cocktails at house
V Grenades at house
A RPG at house

Similiar to Insurance Fraud. you have to cause so a certain amount of
damage. you get unlimited ammo for certain weapons and have to destroy enough
stuff to cause enough costs in damage

Before You Start: Maybe have some food if you have a tendancy to die

Los Carnales: People didnt pay him back loans. make them pay.
Vice Kings: She wants someone to pay her back what they owe.
Rollers: He wants you to get police attention away from them

Aim for the cop cars - with a high notoriety level, its much easier to find
valuable targets. The FBI trucks give you roughly 30,000 for blowing them up.
shoot them some more and get an extra 50,000 per truck.
If you have an RPG, shoot down the helicopters and try to hit them again
before they hit the ground - extra points.

Submitted by: Sonnyfromda02

the easiest way for me to complete the Mayhem
activites was to get a Bulldozer and start up a mayhem
activity. With the Bulldozer, I was able to get combos
as high as 83. If you destroy a car with passengers,
each passenger counts as a combo.

Submitted by: xYoast 22x
In the mayhem missions, find a long row of fencing. Either chain link or
wooden that you can run over with a vehicle. After you run it over, go around
the block and do it again. The fence should reappear. You can easily beat the
missions this way because every section counts for combo points. The airport
is an excellent place for this. You can get combos easily over 100.

R special "Attrazione" in garage
C "Racing" clothes in wardrobe
V Jewelry pack in wardrobe
A special "Titan" in garage

In this mission you have to find a certain car and bring it back to the

Before You Start: Be sure to have plenty of SMG ammo

Los Carnales: He wants you to make sure that the competition goes under.
Vice Kings: He wants payback for people that didnt hire him.
Rollers: He needs to get some parts

Basically shoot them and drive into them. its much easier with a Trax
Masterm because its a fast van with nice turning -perfect for ramming and you
can catch up to them easily.

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
++Hair and Face+++++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +
Image as Designed
They are the plastic Surgeons. if you dont like your face, head on over to
Image as Designed

Do it up Hair Salon
If you dont like the hair you picked, you can change it all here.

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +

Max Visions
you can replay any mission or watch any cutscene here.

Peep This
you can replay any mission or watch any cutscene here.

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +
Brown Bagger's Liquor
If you want to get some liquor, head here. they sell more than just that,
though. they also sell different types of drugs.

Friendly Fire
Buy guns here. they sell all types here.

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +
Forgive and Forget
If you need to get some enemy gang members, or cops off your tail, you can
go here to drop your notoriety level. . . for a price.

Freckle Bitches
They are the Wendy's Knock-off. they sell food and drink through the drive

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +
Scratch That
Buy music for your custom music list.

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +
On Thin Ice
Sell sunglasses, watches, rings, piercings, necklaces, madallions, and more

On the Rag Clothing
the cheapest clothing store in town. shop here at first for cheap clothes.

Go here for some less professional looking, fancy clothes.

Shop here for fancy, nice, professional looking clothes. very expensive

+ ++++
+++ ++++++ +++
+++ ++++++ +++++
+ ++++ +++
++ +
Rim Jobs
Trick out your cars here. get rims, body kits, window tint, nitrous,
hydraulics, and more.

Foreign Power
Buy rare cars, such as Fer De Lance, and Attrazione. they also sell luxury
cars and more exotic cars.

+ ___ =
= / _(CDloc123) +
+ / / \ \ =
= \ \_/ / +
+ \___/CD Locations =

10- Don't Fuck me like im your wife (Aisha)
20- Man Up (Ghost Face Killa)
30- Get out of my Way (Daz Dillinger)
40- Hurry Hurry (Strong arm Steady)
50- Shut you Down (Rhymefest)
60- Saint's Row (David Banner)

Now i know my hidden CD/Tag locations aren't very descriptive, but i try my
best. It is pretty damn hard to explain where these are.

1) behind a house next to the rollerz mansion
2) South of #1 - on top of a set of stairs on an apartment building
3) Inbetween #1 and #2 and to the east a bit - in the backyard of a house
4) Next to the north-most liquor store - by a backyard pool
5) a little north-east of #4 - on a front doorstep
6) next to #4 and #5 - on the tip of a ramp in the parking garage.
7) In the outside mall - ontop of the stairs
8) Directly east of #6 near the waterline - next to a private pool
9) Follow the road south of #8 - go along the second floor balcony
10) By the monument at the science place
11) North of #11 - off the cliff a little
12) South of #9, take the first right going south, o nthe left side on stairs
13) South of #12 by a staircase in this area
14) South of #13 Go around the strip mall until you spot it
15) inside a dug out area next to a steep incline in the road
16) alongside of the easternmost highway that exits the island
17) Behind a building next to the bridge that has railroad tracks on it.
18) Behind the Loan Office activity building/

19) At the north-wester most tip of the south island - by the aquaducts
20) Along the southern wall of the arena
21) along the north shore - to the west of the railroad/car bridge
22) in a playground a little north-east of the western theatre
23) south of #22, in a destroyed house
24) Behind a bar, jump the fence to see it
25) east of #24, under the train tracks
26) East of #22, inside a ticket window - go from the back parking area
27) On the northern water-line, on a wooden bridge
28) in an under-construction building, east of #27
29) by a dumpster behind the eastern edge of houses in the row
30) South of #28, inbetween the houses and the highway

31) a few blocks west of #30, at the front door of the bus station.
32) Very close to #31, in the parking lot of the brick building.
33) Next to the bottom of the west aquaduct, on the top of the apartments.
34) SouthEast of #33, inbetween the apartment buildings
35) SouthEast of #34, inbetween the apartments, in a pool area.
36) NorthEast of #35, next to friendly fire, behind the fence
37) NorthEast of #36, go along the highway until you find a green fence. behind
38) South of #37, around the otherside of the hitman activity building.
39) SouthEast of #37, in the construction area, by a trailer.
40) East of #39,behind a green warehouse.
41) NorthEast of #40, south of the Highway, inbetween shipping containers.
42) SouthWest of #41, by the railroad tracks. Under the outside chinese thing.
43) In the outside pond thing of the Los Carnales Mansion.
44) At the airport. take a ramp to get onto one of the roofs.
45) At the airport. Next to the big radar dish thing.
46) At the airport. next to the big control tower thing in the souther-western
part of the airport.
47) East of #43 a few blocks. in an alley near the music store.
48) North of #47, in a garden area off of the road.
49) East of #48, under the highway, in front of the strip mall.
50) NorthEast of #49, across the highway. right on the Western tip of that
inlet of water.


51) South-East of #50, along the southern water line of the same water inlet.
52) alongside the eastern-most bridge over this water inlet. its on the tip of
a destroyed railroad bridge.
53) Run south along the West side of the working railroad bridge. It's in front
of an old shack.
54) South-East of #49, across the highway. on a tiny island under the highway.
its just above the curly highway exits.
55) North-East of #54 near some small water pipes. south of the bigger water
56) South-East of #55. go to the Forgive and Forget and go north-east along the
highway behind a large group of buildings. a tag spot is also back here.
find a small set of steps in which the CD is in.
57) South of #56. jump over the wall which has huge green water-tanks inside of
it. the CD is inside there, along the bottom of the tanks.
58) A little west of the only road leading to the far south-east peninsula
which has docks on it. Its down below road level, next to an old rusty boat.
59) On the south of the island, there are three big docks sticking out. It's on
the east one. go down near the end, and find a smaller wooden dock. It's on it.
60) Go west from the road leading to the dock that #59 was on. when you come
to the small bridge, look out onto the small island, which holds the final

+ ___ =
= / _(goals123) +
+ / / \ \ =
= \ \_/ / +
+ \___/Achievements =

10 Air Traffic Controller kill 50 helicopters
10 Audiophile Collect all hidden CD's
10 Bullet Proof Complete Co-op Turbulence at highest difficulty
10 Cannonized Join the saints
10 Contract Killer Complete all Hitman activities
10 Coupon Clipper Get 100 wardrobe pieces for Multiplayer
10 Demo Demon Complete Demolition Derby Activity
10 Dominator Win 10 ranked matches in a row on multiplayer
10 Errand Boy Complete Co-op Mob Rule at highest difficulty
10 Fast and Furious Complete all Hijacking Activities
10 Fluffer Complete all Escort activities
10 Getting Up Find all hidden Tag locations
10 Grease Monkey Own 50 cars
10 Grifter Earn $200,000 in insurance fraud activity
10 Jump the Shark Withdraw $200,000 from the Loan office activity
10 Leader of the Pack Unlock seven homies
10 Negotiator Take 50 hostages
10 Penny Pincher Earn $1,000,000
10 Pimp Complete all Snatch Activities
10 Professional Thief Successfully steal 30 boxes
10 Pusher Complete all Drug Trafficking activities
10 Reclamationist Retake Saint's Row
10 Scavenger Complete all Chop Shop activites
10 Shopaholic Get 100 wardrobe pieces for single player
10 Stilwater PD Award Kill 50 people with melee attacks
10 Thug Reach "Thug" rank in any multiplayer mode
10 Tuner Complete all racing activities
10 Vandal Complete all Mayhem activities

20 Addicted to the Row Have 20 hours play time
20 Chain Gang deliver 500 chains in multiplayer mode total
20 Clocktower Camper Kill 100 people with a sniper in multiplayer mode
20 Killa Reach "Killa" rank in any multiplayer mode
20 Marathon Runner walk 26.2 miles
20 Pimps Down Kill the pimp 50 times in multiplayer mode
20 Tourist Drive 500 miles
20 Xzibitionist Get team car to level 4, 50 times on multiplayer mode

40 Columbian Made Take over Los Carnales Territory
40 Gangsta Reach "Gangsta" rank in any multiplayer mode
40 Regicide Take over Vice Kings Territory
40 Road Warrior Take over West Side Rollerz Territory

80 Kingpin Reach "Kingpin" rank in any multiplayer mode

160 Racket Lord Complete all Activities
160 Ruler of Stilwater Own all territories on the map

+ ___ =
= / _(moneyguide123) +
+ / / \ \ =
= \ \_/ / +
+ \___/Hints/Tips/Money-Making Strategies

1) Submitted by Masta G

To get easy money just go to the Vice Kings Chop Shop. get a 5-star wanted
level and take any FBI cars and drop them off for 5,000 each.
You can drop the cars off as many times as you want and you can get rich
quickly with this.

2) My Tip

you can replay easy activites such as Mayhem and other things
if you beat all of the Mayhem activities, you can choose to play level 8
again, and in that level you can get lots of money if you have a rocket

3) Submitted by Heartofadragon

if you get a titan in your garage select it take it out blow it up
to get about 7000 then just repair it for 500 works everytime.

***Brought up by "Jason Nguyen"***
i need help finding a titan can u tell me which area can i find it wat

I SAY: honestly i have no idea. i THINK i found it in the downtown area. i
can't remember for sure, but you'll have to check elsewhere on that one.

4) Submitted by Jay80

In the Demo Derby activity, I found that can make ya car go into a nitro
burst, this gives maximum damage when hitting another car. Do this twice head
on and it's easy as pie!!!!

CONCERNING THE ATTRAZIONE TRICK(FirebringerX51)(Philirican)(The Caribou)
(Team Xtreme)
Tip: when you beat the level 8 destruction derby, an attrazione appears
out front of the Arena.

My FINAL conclusion: it seems to appear not after level 8. it appears daily
and typically during the night/late afternoon.


To submit ideas, please send a message to Twocritics@hotmail.com
make the subject say "saints faq" or something similiar.

+ ___ =
= / _(Saints2?123) +
+ / / \ \ =
= \ \_/ / +
+ \___/Saints Row Two? =

========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========

If you have completed the game, then you should know by now that the ending
is gay. I give credit for the companies for making one of the greatest games
in my opinion, but the ending was crap.

When you see the boat explode, you hear a splashing noise, indicating your
character diving off the boat into the water.

After the credits, you hear a breathing noise, as to indicate your character
coming up from underwater, and taking a breath

In the game manual, there is an interview with a "heavy Smoker", undercover
policeman who has infilitrated the gangs

***Thanks to Eric4287***
On the second Los Carnales mission where you guard troy as he steals a
truck, in the cutscene Dex says "The cops try that shit all the time and it
never works"
On "Divide and Conquer" the cutscene, he refuses to take the VK because
they work with the cops and he would be recognized easily.

That undercover police-man is Troy. In the ending video sequence, it
shows Troy looking at his badge. This proves the fact that Troy
was an undercover police officer.
As for the whole boat blowing up, this will be a little tough to explain.
I believe that Julius double crossed Alderman Hughes, because Hughes
wouldnt put himself on a boat if he knew it was going to blow up.
I think that more people were in on it, because people look at their watches,
as to see if the time has come yet.
I also think that the cops used you to eliminate all of the gangs in the city.
Then with only one gang to go, it is actually controlled by the police, and it
killed its main men, including you.

if that made any sense. . .

sorry in the previous version i put Johnny but i meant Troy.

Kammesennin brought up a good point in an e-mail. He said:

you stated that the splashing after the explosion hints at the character
jumping into the water. I watched this craptastic ending a few times today
and each time I notice it as debris from the explosion falling into the water.
You can see some small pieces fall and on time with them hitting the water
you hear the loud splashes. Considering the distance between the camera and
the boat during the splash sound, that's way too loud to have been the main
character jumping into water, even if he belly flopped in.

I say:

who the hell knows?

Chodefacemcgee69 says:

Your "death" may have been a complete mistake. It is possible that the
Saints were planning to blow up the boat without knowing you were even on it.
I mean, Hughes called ONLY the player to invite him on the boat, and the
player discussed it with nobody else, so who would know that the player is on
the boat?
You don't see any other big piece of debris fall from the boat, nobody
jumping off, so maybe its purposely misleading since it seems the sound came
from nowhere. But the sound is distinctly louder than everything else, as if
it's made purposely for you to hear it.

========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========

+ ___ =
= / _(refer123) +
+ / / \ \ =
= \ \_/ / +
+ \___/References =
some references sent in by the one known only to me as "Stephen"

Thanks Steve!!!

"Nordberg" - Named after OJ Simpson's character from the Naked Gun movies.
The car looks like a Ford Bronco which was the car OJ drove during *that*

"Newman" - The mail van is named after the Seinfeld character Newman who was
a mail man.

"McManus" - The sniper rifle is named after Stephen Baldwin's character in
"The Usual Suspects", who used a sniper rifle during the film.

+ ___ =
= / _(FAQ123) +
+ / / \ \ =
= \ \_/ / +
+ \___/F.A.Q. =
for those of you who dont know what FAQ stands for, its Frequently Asked
Questions. this is that section.

Q: I have beaten all of the missions for a gang, but i can't find the last
mission for them!
A: Make sure you have done ALL of the strongholds for the gang AS WELL as all
of the missions

Q: Will there be a Saints Row 2!?

A: I dont know, im not a creator of the game, i just wrote a FAQ on it.

Q: I Can't beat the ____ mission!!!

A: well im not magic and can't do it for you, so just keep trying and if my
way isn't working for you, try and find your own way of doing things.

Q: Can you pleasssseee do the Hidden Tag Locations??

A: No.

Q: So, is your character still alive?

A: .....


+\\\//\\////Game Types =
=\\\\/\////\ +
+/\\\\////\\ =
+\\///\\\/// =
=\////\\\\// +
+////\/\\\\/ =

Protect Tha Pimp
one team of protectors, one team of hitmen
on protectors, one designated pimp must get to the exit
on hitmen, everyone must stop the pimp from getting to the exit

Big Ass Chains(Team)
Team or single, you have to kill people for chains, and you must turn them
into a point on the map. the more you have, the more points you get.

Gangsta Brawl(Team)
Team or single, a standard deathmatch

Blinged out Ride
two teams, team must collect enough money to upgrade their team car to
level 4. the other team can downgrade it by shooting it enough

a co-op level, the two players must get to the exit through police forces.
there are pre-set amounts of lives and both players must make it to the

Mob Rule
a co-op level, the two players must deliver boxes to the exit through
enemy gang forces. there are pre-set amounts of lives and both boxes must
be delivered to the exit

+\\\//\\//// Gangs =
=\\\\/\////\ +
+/\\\\////\\ =
+\\///\\\/// =
=\////\\\\// +
+////\/\\\\/ =

On X-Box live, gangs are formed to bring players together.

in a gang, there are differant catergories that the gang is ranked on.

every member in the gang has their cash added up, and divided by the number
of members (average)

gang matches are done by making a Gang Lobby and inviting gang members.

Gang members often have team colors, or gang symbols