Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition: (wii)FAQ/Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition: FAQ/Walkthrough

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|1. | INFORMATION | The most basic information anyone |re4001|
| | | would wanna know before playing. | |
| | | | |
|2. | INTRODUCTION | An introduction to Resident evil 4 |re4002|
| | | for those not aware with its history| |
| | | | |
|3. | STORY | A small look at the events leading |re4003|
| | | up to Resident Evil 4. | |
| | | | |
|4. | CONTROLS | The controls of the game, Ashley |re4004|
| | | and the advanced control features. | |
| | | | |
|5. | CHARACTERS | A look at the main stars of the |re4005|
| | | show, indepth and spoiling. | |
| | | | |
|6. | BEGINNER TIPS | The most basic tips everyone |re4006|
| | | should know to survive. | |
| | | | |
|7 .| WALKTHROUGH | The heart of the mass, complete |re4007|
| | | start to finish walkthrough. | |
| | | - Chapter 1 | 1-1 |
| | | - Chapter 2 | 2-1 |
| | | - Chapter 3 | 3-1 |
| | | - Chapter 4 | 4-1 |
| | | - Chapter 5 | 5-1 |
| | | - Chapter 6 | 6-1 |
| | | | |
|8. | NON SPOILER | For the non-spoiler type, a new |re4008|(NOTE)
| | MINI GUIDE | thing i've added here. | |
| | | | |
|9. | THE MINI GAMES | All the low down about the mini |re4009|
| | | games in resident evil 4. | |
| | | - Assignment Ada |adare4|
| | | - Mercenaries |mercre4|
| | | - Shooting Range |shtrgre4|
| | | | |
|10.| ITEM LIST | All the items in the game listed. |re4010|
| | | | |
| | | | |
|11.| ENEMIES | A look at the enemies you'll see |re4011|
| | | in the game, no bosses here. | |
| | | | |
|12.| WEAPONS | A look at the weapons you'll be |re4012|
| | | using through out the game. | |
| | | | |
|13.| MEMO LIST | All the memo's, notes and files |re4013|
| | | you can find in the game. | |
| | | | |
|14.| CHEATS | For the cheating type. Contains |re4014|
| | | secrets, tips and codes for RE4. | |
| | | | |
|15.| MISC RAMBLINGS | Contains FAQ's, other references, |re4015|
| | | PS2 port, few other stuff, check it.| |
| | | | |
|16.| READER CONTRIBs.| All the stuff that you lovely people|re4016|
| | | tell me over the emails is in here | |
| | | | |
|17.| BACK STORY | History of Resident Evil, also |re4017|
| | | contains Wesker's reports 1 & 2. | |
| | | | |
|18.| BOSS STRATEGY | Separate boss strategies for those |re4018|
| | | not willing to spoil themselves. | |
| | | | |
|19.| REVIEW | Read what I thought of Re4. |re4019|
| | | | |
| | | | |
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Game : Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4.

Platform : Nintendo GameCube

Release dates : (NA) 01/11/05
(EU) 03/18/05
(JP) 01/27/05

Game Genre : Survival Horror genre.

ESRB Rating : Mature, 18+

Playable characters : many

Scenario's : 1 (1 main and other mini-games)

Number of Endings : 1

Boss Fights : 8 or so.


Personal Information

Author name : Adnan Javed

Alias : A-J , ChandooG

Author age : 18

Contact : Returnofthemaniac(AT)hotmail.com
Or Adnanj(AT)gmail.com

Comments : The best survival horror game, thats what
people are calling this gem of a game, with
some of the most stunning graphics ever seen
on a console game, its worth getting a cube
just for this game alone.


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(_)_ _| |_ _ _ ___ __| |_ _ __| |_(_)___ _ _
| | ' \ _| '_/ _ \/ _` | || / _| _| / _ \ ' \
|_|_||_\__|_| \___/\__,_|\_,_\__|\__|_\___/_||_|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

What do you get when you mix a little bit of Metal Gear solid style
action, some silent hill style psychological scares, and a little
bit of old school resident evil charm and scare into a pot and mix,
you get Resident Evil 4, thats right, Resident Evil 4, the game
thats gone through even more stages then Jacko himself. Resident
Evil as we know it has been changed completely and by god its been
done all for the very best. For those who dont have any idea about
the history of just this one game, let me take you down memory lane.

Rumors about Resident Evil 4 began surfacing as far back as when Code
Veronica X was first released for the PlayStation 2 console, back
then the earliest RE4 rumors were that you get to play the game from
the perspective of an Umbrella agent, possibly Hunk, and there were
even fake box arts which people believed true thrown on the internet,
im pretty sure most of you have seen some of them as well, the most
famous one i still have on my PC. Now those rumors about Resident
evil 4 were shot down after Capcom signed the exclusive deal with
Nintendo and their GameCube console.

After that it was quiet for a little while but after Resident Evil 0
was finished more rumors about Resident Evil 4's development started
to surface, and there was eventually confirmation that it would
eventually come out on the Nintendo GameCube console and the main star
of the show would be none other then Leon S Kennedy, rookie cop turned
hardened veteran, there was even a trailer launched for the game some
time ago, the trailer featured Leon roaming through a castle like
enviroment with lush backgrounds and eerie monsters. But eventually
all that was shut down and it was announced that the series's creator
Shinji Mikami wanted to take the series to a new level and that he was
now working on Resident Evil 4 from scratch. After that it remained
quiet for some time and we would hear tids and bits about the game and
its setting, seemingly more like an action game compared to a horror
game, but the fans just dont realize that you cant judge something
unless you get your hands on it. Exactly the same case here.

As time passed we started getting footage and video's from the un
finished game core, and the first thing everyone agreed on was that
the game looked abso-fricking-lutely amazing, nothing like this had
ever been seen before, the graphics were shocking and breath taking.
So it continued, the next big shock in Resident Evil 4's history came
when Capcom made a public announcement on their website that they
will eventually make a PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 by the end of
2005. Not much is known about that port at this time but people (most
people I know) wonder whether such high quality can be ported over to
a less end console compared to the GameCube. I personally wish that
it does.

Thats about the end of Resident Evil 4's history, the game was
released first in the US area's before any place in the world, same
as resident evil zero which came to US before Japan. Now most people
are rushing to get their copies of the game, and thats just what led
you to this walkthrough, so here we have. Resident Evil 4, in all its
prime and glory, and by god people should get this game as soon as
they have some time, or if you dont own a gamecube I would ask you to
buy one just for this game since this is probably the next big thing
in video gaming.

But dont just think that Resi 4 is eye candy, the plot behind the game
though mostly un-related to the previous titles is highly engaging and
involving, you'll see characters from Leon's past and some new people
Leon will get to know during the course of the game, first thing, I
just want to clear that Wesker is NOT in the main story game, so dont
get in confusion about that at this early stage of the walkthrough.
Now, carry on reading the walkthrough.


Resident Evil(r) 4 marks a terrifying new chapter in the world renowned
Resident Evil(r) series- exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube(tm). Players
rejoin Leon S. Kennedy, six years after his first mission as a rookie
cop from Resident Evil(r) 2. Now as a U.S. agent, Leon is on a top-secret
mission to investigate the disappearance of the President's daughter
and has made his way to a mysterious location in Europe. As Leon
encounters unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind

Key Features:

- Unsurpassed visuals with breathtaking 3D graphics and effects
- Behind the camera view follows Leon's every move and allows for
intuitive movement
- Never before seen enemies with advanced AI
- Enhanced aim and shoot features
- Innovative "A" action button allows players to perform various

(c)Capcom Co., Ltd. 2005 (c)Capcom U.S.A., Inc. 2005 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
RESIDENT EVIL, CAPCOM and the CAPCOM LOGO are registered trademarks of
Capcom Co., Ltd. Nintendo, Nintendo GameCube the official seal are
trademarks of Nintendo. Theratings iconis a registered trademark of the
Entertainment Software Association. All other trademarks are owned by
their respective owners.


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__| |_ ___ _ _ _ _
(_-< _/ _ \ '_| || |
/__/\__\___/_| \_, |

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Six years have passed since the destruction of Raccoon City. US agent Leon
S Kennedy has been assigned to locate the president's kidnapped daughter.
His investigation has led him to a rural port of Europe. Hoping to find
information, he makes a stop at a village. But what he found was more
then out of the ordinary. Upon entering the village, Leon is suddenly
attacked. He has no choice but to return fire in self defense. But that
wasn't enough to stop "Them". It reminded Leon of the horrors that had
occurred in Raccoon City.

" I thought the nightmares were over.."

Flesh that knows no pain, strength beyond any human, it all seemed very
familiar, too-familiar. But something was different, something about
their eyes... inspite of all the madness there was something human still
in them.

" No they're different, they're not zombies"
" Then what are they ? "
" What happened here ? "


That creepy prologue was taken from the official Resident Evil 4 website,
you should know most of the back story about Resident Evil 4 for now, and
most of what the game starts off with, to make it a little simple most of
the game's story does not have that much to do with the past resident evil
games, so thankfully resident evil 4 is equally enjoyable by the people
who haven't played any of the previous resident evil games, although you
will be unfamiliar to some of the characters you meet a little further in
the game, you still wont miss out on that much. Now when the game starts,
Leon has gotten an assignment from his agency which tells him that he needs
to head to Europe and find the president's daughter who was kidnapped some
time ago. Leon heads to Europe and his search leads him to a strange
village and the area surrounding it.

Leon heads with two cops and makes his way into the woody area, he takes
a little route leading him into a little cabin in the lush forest area,
he finds a single villager inside the cabin, Leon asks the villager about
the President's daughter, but the guy doesn't respond, slowly the guy
reaches for his axe and suddenly out of no where tries to kill Leon, he
skillfully dodges the attack and shoots his assailant down, who takes far
more then any normal human could take to die, but this wasn't any
zombified human either, he was mostly humanoid and intelligent, nothing
like the undead Leon had faced before, so what were they ?! While Leon
is pondering over this suddenly he finds more and more villagers coming
his way and attacking him. Now Leon must find the presidents daughter as
well as safe his own neck from these villagers.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
_ _
__ ___ _ _| |_ _ _ ___| |___
/ _/ _ \ ' \ _| '_/ _ \ (_-<
\__\___/_||_\__|_| \___/_/__/

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Here is a basic layout of the control configuration for
Resndent Evil 4.

Move the characters around, navigate characters

Move the characters around, navigate characters

The action button, perform all sorts of actions with this
button and fire weapons when ever ready and aiming.

The cancel button, press this to cancel out of menu's or
cancel a choice, also hold down this to run.

Aim with the knife, simple as that.

Aim with available firearm that your character is holding.

Communicate with your partner character, give orders and
what not.

Open the menu.

Open the navigational map.

Rotate the camera in any direction. Look mode.

Pause the game and take a breather.


Here is a brief list of controls that Leon can command Ashley with
or make Ashley stay and what not.

Before anything, I should tell you Ashley's death cases, Ashley can
die with the methods that Leon can, meaning you can shoot her either
yourself, a single bullet and she's dead. She can also be attacked by
the monsters on screen, or if you leave her in the same place for a
little while and the villagers come and take her away, its game over.
( Similar to ICO) if you want to prevent the villagers from taking
her away, shoot the villager so that he/she drops Ashley.

Ashley has a similar life bar as Leon's and that helps you keep a
quick eye on Ashley's health bar, besides that you will see icon's
displaying what kind of action Ashley is taking at this time.
Since I suck at ASCII.... I will just make text versions of them.

ICON OF TWO PEOPLE : This means simply that Ashley is doing nothing
else but following Leon around.

ICON OF ONE PERSON : This means that Ashley is standing alone and
waiting for Leon.

ICON WITH LINE IN MIDDLE : This means that Ashley is being attacked
and you gotta go help her

EXCLAMATION MARK : This means that Ashley's being taken away by a
villager and you need to quickly free her.

Besides that Leon can also often use Ashley's help to reach previously
un-reachable area's, when you get to one you'll get the respective icon.


Resident Evil 4 has some advanced moves too which are really
simple to perform, I call them advance because they're extra
ordinary moves that cannot be performed by just a single key.

Quick turning first came into view in Resident Evil 3, after
that in the later games the methods of quick turning were
slightly changed but in Resident Evil 2 the turning method
is exactly the same, when you want to quick turn hold down
the down key and press the B button and Leon will turn in a
180* spin and your good to go.

Another new feature to Resident Evil 4 is the inclusion of hand
to hand combat, not really combat but in certain cases Leon will
perform kicks or even suplex moves on enemies, if you want to
execute one make sure that the enemy in front of you is in a
dazed position, meaning that if you are facing a villager then
hit it once in the knee so he's either on his knees or dazed,
then run right up to him and press the action key and Leon
will do a devastating kick. If you do the same thing for the
monks then Leon will perform the suplex move.

Here in simple words is a chart of what your characters can do
when an enemy is either kneeled or dazed from a head shot many
people dont realize this but each character ( im saying each
because im counting the one's in mercenary mode here too) has
two different melee attacks they can perform depending on the
current condition of the enemy, here's the chart.

You can perform one of them on a ganado whom has been stunned
with a shot to the head.

Leon: Kick
Ada: Fan Kick
Krauser: Kick (Two Kicks - Immensely Powerful)
HUNK: Neck Snap or something (Instant Death, to anything)
Wesker: Thrust Punch (ala CVX)

The second, is only do-able if you shoot them in the calf and they
kneel in pain.

Leon: Low Kick
Ada: Back Kick
Krauser: Knee (He thrust his knee into the air. Anything it hits
takes damage.)
HUNK: Kick (Similar to Knee, but with the foot.)
Wesker: Chikyo Chagi. Wesker lifts his foot up high, brings it
down with immense force, shattering the skulls of enemies
under his foot

Reloading the weapons is one of the oddly changed things for
the game, you can not reload the weapon normally, when you
want to reload it you should first press the R button so
that Leon has the weapon ready, then press the B button with
it and Leon will reload the weapon, but you will be vulnerable
during this time.

Since Resident Evil 4 is a game made completely in 3D you can
view the area around you at your free will, at any time use
the C stick and you will be able to view the entire area with
a controlled perspective.

The method for saving the game is thankfully not that different
from the other Resident Evil games, you will find typewriters
scattered through out the game and you can save your game at
them, but unlike other resident evil games you do not need a
ink ribbon to save, meaning you can save as much as you want.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
_ _
__| |_ __ _ _ _ __ _ __| |_ ___ _ _ ___
/ _| ' \/ _` | '_/ _` / _| _/ -_) '_(_-<
\__|_||_\__,_|_| \__,_\__|\__\___|_| /__/

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


Leon S Kennedy is the main protagonist of the game, that means the hero
for those who dont know hard english hehe, anyway, most of the people
would know Leon best as the idealistic rookie cop who was on the first
day of his job heading to Raccoon city police department when all hell
broke loose, the rookie cop didnt loose his wits though and Leon was
one of the few survivors that made it out of the city alive before it
was nuked on October 1st. Well his story doesnt end there, there's a
lot more that happened afterwards.

After the Raccoon city incident, Leon was immediately contacted by the
government and was offered to work for them and become one of their
top agents as shown in his epilogue file from Resident Evil 3, having
no other alternative Leon agreed to their request and started his long
and grueling training process in the government facilities, there the
true gem was carved and Leon gained useful skills which would have
made his life much more easier if it was the Raccoon city incident.

At last Leon was trained well enough to start taking top secret orders
and high class missions, and that is what he did until he was asked to
find the missing daughter of the president of the United States of
America who was kidnapped some while ago, his mission led him to the
internal area's of Europe, to area's unfamiliar to him. Leon must use
his skills and wit to complete his mission objective and escape the
vicinity alive with the presidents daughter, he always keeps in contact
with his HQ via a MGS style codec which comes in handy when he needs
some sort of advice.

Leon still has nightmares about the Raccoon city incident and the death
and slaughtered civilians of the dead city, but the only thing that
helps him breath easy is that he was sure the Umbrella corporations
nightmares were over, little did he know that he would run into something
far far worse then mindless zombies.

## The game's protagonist. This former police officer of the Raccoon
Police Department was responsible for the destruction of the Umbrella
facility that appeared in Resident Evil 2 and has now become an elite
top agent of the United States.

This time he must go solo on a mission in Europe to discover the
where abouts of the kidnapped president's daughter and rescue her. ##


Ashley is the sweet love-able daughter of the President of the United
States of America, little is known about her to the player, but the
mission Leon is at this moment involves her rescue. Ashley was kidnapped
returning home from college by mysterious people and since then has been
missing, even though this is a high level crisis, the general public has
no idea of this incident, and the government wants to resolve this in the
shadows which is why Leon is being sent alone on the mission to find her.

Some time ago there was a tip that Ashley was spotted in a rural village
somewhere in Europe, and thats where Leon is going to search for her.
So far there has been no sort of ransom demand for her disappearance.
Speaking of Ashley, being a sweet college girl she obviously has no idea
how to use weapons and she cant handle herself in a situation like this
very well either so its imperative that Leon rescue her and bring her
back to the States ASAP.

## Daughter of the President of the United States. She was kidnapped by
a mysterious group on the way home from college. Allegedly, she was
spotter in a village in Europe. But there has been no sign of her
ever since. ##.


Not long after Leon first confronts the mad villagers, he finds Luis
all roped up in a hidden room inside one of the houses, unfortunately
their first meeting doesnt go that well as Leon is attacked by the
chief of the village before he gets to know much about Luis. Later he
tells Leon that he is also a cop from a neighboring town and he's
here for business of his own. But whats he doing here really, anyone
with a sane mind would want to be as far from a place like this as

Actually Luis knows far more then he lets Leon think, Luis knows all
the dirty secrets of the village and he seems to know the village
chief quiet that well, not that they're friends or anything. The truth
of the matter is that Luis knows just about everything, right down to
the reason why the villagers are all mad and want to kill every one.
Luis is actually here because he stole something of great value from
these people, but what could it be ?! play and find out.


Think of Ingrid as the Mei Ling of Resident Evil 4. For those who are
not familiar with who Mei Ling is, well all she does is keep in contact
with Leon over the communications line and provides him backup, and
intelligence when needed. Ingrid is Leon's only contact from Europe to
his head quarters, talk to her when ever you need information on what
to do next. Or just want to chat or flirt with her hehehe.

BITORES MENDEZ (Aka Village Chief)

Yes, he is the big guy who looks a little like Barry, but let me clear
it that he has no relation to Barry what so ever. The first time Leon
runs into Mendez is when he first meets Luis, not long after meeting
Luis, Mendez walks into the room, and when Leon tries to fight his way
out, Mendez single handedly over powers Leon and sends him smashing to
the world of unconsciousness.

Mendez is obviously endowed with super human strength and his physical
statue is far bigger then any of the normal villagers, in reality he
is the leader of the village and he is the only one of them who knows
a little english, though he looks menacing like a tyrant he can speak
like normal people and retains most of his human intelligence too, and
he is also the priest of the village, but he preaches some sort of
weird cult like religion to the villagers, overall the villagers all
consider him the highest priority, and his will is the final step.

## Leon's search for Ashley leads him to a small village. This
intimidating one-eyed individual is the chief of the village
and a priest who teaches an obscure religion to his macabre
disciples ##


Jack Krauser is one of the former agents of the same agency where Leon
now works, but Jack apparently died in a helicopter crash during one of
his missions when Leon was just new, they both didnt have much of a
friendship so Leon doesn't know much about his character. After Leon is
in the village, among one of the shocks he gets is the return of Jack.
Apparently he's still alive and kicking, and seems like he's been doing
some double agent work of his own.

In terms of skills Jack is just as skilled as Leon, or maybe we could say
he's an even more skilled and dangerous individual since he's been an
agent for a much longer period of time, capable of killing a person whether
armed or dis-armed, Jack's motives in the village are unknown. Though it
looks like he works for Saddler, he's working for another person too, later
in the game after the "Bitch in the red dress" or so what he calls "her"
arrives, we get the impression that Jack is working for the same people
as SHE is.

Jack explains to Leon that he wanted to gain the trust of Saddler and his
crew, and HE was the one who kidnapped Ashley just to show his loyalty
to him, but unfortunately for Jack, Saddler doesnt like Americans one bit
so his plan didn't work that way either. What else is there for Jack to
do now, play the game to find out.


If you dont want the game spoiled for you then dont read this guy's promo
since I will spoil almost the entire plot here mehehehe (Im an evil mofo).
Saddler is the guy who is responsible for the villagers current condition
He is the guy who released the virus, or plague which turned all the people
of the villagers, who were once calm and collected, into murderous maniacs.
Eventually Saddler wants to take over the entire world using his plague
since he is the only one who has any form of control over this plague.

Saddler hates Americans over all else, which is why he doesn't like Jack
even after Jack kidnaps the president's daughter for him, Saddler doesnt
like Ashley either but she is the perfect candidate for his plans, which
is why Ashley is alive up till this point, otherwise she would have been
killed a long time ago.


Salazar's family have a long and un-happy history when it comes to the
Los Plagos, you see Salazar's ancient ancestors were the people who are
responsible for sealing the Los Plagos creatures and stop them from
infecting anything else, but after Saddler's reign began he used the
current generation Salazer, Ramon, to unlock the mines with the Plagos
creatures trapped in them. Ramon is nothing but a pawn in his game.

Personally Ramon is fairly interested in Ashley and experimenting on
her but he thinks that Leon is nothing but a nuisance and wants to
get rid of him. Will he succeed ?


"The bitch in the red dress" is what Jack calls her, and the title is
just about suited for her. Ada wong and Leon go way back to the times
of the Raccoon City incident, Leon met up with ada in the RPD precient
while she was searching for her missing boyfriend, Leon aided her in
her search until they got to the underground umbrella labs located
below Raccoon City, thats where Leon realized that Ada was just working
for the *Agency* and all her mission was to locate the G-Virus sample.

It was Ada's falling for Leon that made her lay the gun down and not
kill Leon when she had the chance but that ended up causing her life
when Annette Birkin shot her off a chasm, but Wesker apparently still
had use for her and he didnt want Ada to die, he saved Ada and now
Ada is working full time with Wesker. They're best of buds..

As far as this assignment is concerned, Ada is here for reasons of
her own, you will find out more about her agenda when going through
the game, but I'll just tell you here, Ada is here because she wants
to collect samples of the plague thats responsible for the villagers
going mad, whats the reason you ask, well the reason is that Wesker
told her to get it. Why did Wesker ask her to get it, well I really
cant say that since its a really big spoiler in the story.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
_ _ _ _
| |__ ___ __ _(_)_ _ _ _ ___ _ _ ___ | |_(_)_ __ ___
| '_ \/ -_) _` | | ' \| ' \/ -_) '_(_-< | _| | '_ (_-<
|_.__/\___\__, |_|_||_|_||_\___|_| /__/ \__|_| .__/__/
|___/ |_|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


The shotgun isnt just a powerful weapon, you can use it for a
few good uses other then just blind shooting, this is one of
the things every resident evil player should realize, shotguns
are the perfect stopping weapons meaning they will stop an
enemy in its tracks, use this in context with the knife and
you can save yourself plenty of ammo, example, shoot anyone
with a shotgun (works best on villagers) and they'll either
flinch or drop, if you shoot them lower, they'll drop on the
knees. That gives you perfect opportunity to kick them or use
the knife to slash away for a few moments. Saves ammo too.


One thing about RE4 is that there might be items hidden any
where, so when ever you come near barrels or boxes, slash
them open with your knife so you can see what lies inside,
most of the time you'll find handgun ammo which comes in
really handy when your facing the normal villagers.


There's many things you can do here or there to save some
ammunition through out the game, though it sounds useless
but if you follow these tricks then by the later stages of
the game you will have a pretty big stock pile of ammo to
go by. Example, its not always necessary to use your guns
to shoot open pad locks or small locks, the knife works
just as fine on those things, so use that too.


One more thing you guys should know, its more like a good
fighting method in its own thats why I didn't just mix it
with the tips for saving ammo heading above, when your at
the initial stages of the game and have only a few villagers
to go through in certain area's, you should aim at their
heads with the handgun and shoot, they'll occasionally
flinch and get disoriented, at that time run up to them
and the game will prompt you to kick them with the action
button, do that and they'll fall down allowing you time
and safety to slash them safely.


You'll encounter traps laying around in several area's of
the game, now rather then risk getting trapped (or blown)
you can safely disarm the trap from a distance with a shot
from the handgun, just aim at the center of the trap (where
the touch sensitive area is) or the explosive in the middle
of the trap, and fire a single shot, and your all free.


One thing you should know about Resident Evil 4 is that
the merchants will always buy the weapons back at full
price once you sell it to them, no price drops just for
the weapon being slightly used, so if you ever need to
have some urgent money for something, dont hesitate in
selling any weapon, you can buy it later at the same
price as you sold it to him. Another money making method
is to make a herb combo and sell it to the merchant and
they'll buy it a very high price. Good money.


This particular tip is only for the chapter 1-2, after you
start it, a little while into it you will come to a place
where you can see fishes, kill them and you can restore
your lost health with them. Remember this area for later.


The health system in RE4 though seems different from the
rest of the Resident Evil games at first sight is almost
exactly the same, just the way you see Leon's health bar
is now changed and slightly more accurate then before, but
the rest is almost exactly the same. Here is a brief say
of the various health status's and various healing items
that you can use to restore health.

When Leon's health bar is in green it means that Leon is
pretty much alive and kicking, this is his top condition
and you can do just about everything at full capacity.

When you take damage, your health bar drops slightly
depending on the type of damage you have just taken,
and when its at a certain stage, it will flash a little
and then turn red, that means that Leon isnt in a good
condition and he's getting pretty weak, in this mode
Leon will have a slightly different walking animation.
some action scenes like swimming back to the boat are
slowed down because he's bleeding.

NOTE : Like the previous Resident Evil games, the various
kinds of herbs can be mixed to attain various healing
effects, these are all the same as previous games so I
won't be elaborating on them. You all know it by now.


Here is a list of the healing items and that you can find
and use during the game, their effects are also listed with
their respective names. Read through these so you have a good
idea of what kind of item to use when your in any trouble.

This is your basic healing item from all the Resident Evil
games, doesnt restore that much health, but these are most
useful through out the game, always be sure to carry some
herbs around with you in case of emergencies.

The red herb also makes a return in Resident Evil 4, for
veteran players it wouldn't be a mystery why the herb is
in-effective on its own, for the newcomers let me tell
you that the red herb can not work on its own, mix it in
with the green herb to be able to restore your health bar
to the maximum.

The Yellow herbs were first seen in Resident Evil Gaiden, but
the use was different in that game, here the use is entirely
different from Gaiden, the yellow herbs like the red one's
are ineffective on their own but mix one with a green herb
and use it to have a small increase in your maximum health
bar, the amount of bar increased will be full meaning you
will gain a little health too. (if it isnt full already).

In some parts of the game you will find fishes that you can
slaughter and use to restore Leon's health bar, the bass is
one of them, they come in small or large sizes, the small
one raises only a small amount of the health bar but still
comes in handy at times.

This is the larger counterpart of the Bass fishes, though it
restores your heath bar to the max, it also takes up quiet a
lot of space in your inventory menu.

These are.. err.. Egg's to say the least, and they only are
able to restore a small amount of your health bar. Sweet.

Same as the normal chicken eggs but they raise the health
bar slightly more then the ordinary one's, more use full.

The ultimate healing item, it only takes 1 slot in your
inventory menu, but it restores your health bar to the
max, these are must keepers for the frantic situations
in the game. Mostly like boss battles.

The ultimate herbal combination you can imagine, not only
will it restore your health bar to the max, it will also
raise your max health bar a little bit, perfect.


!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
_ _ _ _ _
__ __ ____ _| | |_| |_| |_ _ _ ___ _ _ __ _| |_
\ V V / _` | | / / _| ' \| '_/ _ \ || / _` | ' \
\_/\_/\__,_|_|_\_\\__|_||_|_| \___/\_,_\__, |_||_|

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)¸.·'´)*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

NOTE : For quick navigation if you want to go to a particular
chapter in the walkthrough just type the following code to go


Replace the two "?" with the numbers of the chapter you seek.



Alright, lets have the nightmare start shall we, once your finally in
control of Leon start heading forward while looking at the gorgeously
lush looking area's around you. (cough MGS-fanboys ) ahem, so carry on.

Head straight for the cottage you see in a little distance, you will
spot some crows along the way, so whaddaya we do, croak them, err, by
that I mean shoot the crows and they die (REALLY !!) but the goodness
of the whole situation is you get some extra $$ thats cash, to spend
so take a minute or two to improve your sniping skills. You'll need it.

When your near the cottage, immediately you should be aware that the
entire area is eerily quiet, just like a typical horror movie, before
making your way inside the cottage however, check the area left of the
dang thing and you'll find a crate with a grenade inside (WOOH) take
the contents and head for the cottage.

Inside the cottage, head forward and you'll see a well-rendered scene
you know the one that we've all seen in the trailers, Leon will walk
up to the villager and attempt to communicate (right) but it goes sour
quickly and pretty soon Leon's defending himself from a maniac.

As soon as you get in control of Leon, shoot the villager in the knee
(you can try to pop one in the head if you feel like it, but I like my
method hehe), so shoot him in the knee and when he's down use the knife
to slash his head off (not literally), this method saves ammo too.

After your done killing this fellow, you'll notice that your suddenly
not alone in the area, there's more villagers like the one we just
killed all around the area, before doing anything harsh try looking
through the cottage and find some ammo for your gun. Done ?

Now, its about time Leon made his get away from this place, so take it
to the second floor and get near the window, see the action icon, well
do just that and Leon will jump out the window (how original) and we'll
be face to face with some more villagers.

Try to pop one in the nearest of the two villagers here, if he dodges
or something, round house his ass to the ground and then shoot his head
off with your ammo, do the same for the second one and they'll be dead
in no time. Now if you try to head back to from where you started the
game, then do it by all means, before you can reach the way your path
will be obstructed and you wont be able to head anywhere there. So its
best if we just keep moving forward for the time being.

Head down the path, passing the cottage from hell we were just in and
in a little while you'll come to another small shack, there's boxes
inside it, smash them and take the items inside and continue along the

While heading forward, you may be attacked by another single villager
if that happens, use the previous routine (the shoot-knee-then-slash)
to take care of this one too, after that keep heading forward until
you hear an animal's moaning in the area, when you see the wolf in a
trap, take some time to free the poor thing. Awww.

But beware that this means there's more traps around the place too, so
keep your eyes open when your walking in the field from now on. You have
been warned.

Important notice now, after the wolf thing you'll start seeing traps
here and there, most of the traps can be easily disarmed by shooting
at them with a single bullet, but there's other things you can do with
them too, like for now when you reach the fork of the road there's a
trap at that too, shoot a bullet in the air and a villager around the
corner who heard the shot will come barging in and get slaughtered by
one of his own traps. Thats always fun to see.

PS. Traps include Bear traps and dynamite rigged traps, keep eyes open !!.

Continue forward until you see another small shack, check inside this
one for some items too. For those who are thinking that this just seems
like an easy game, be warned, for you will be crying near the ending
parts of the game, because it changes that quickly hehe.

Head forward and you'll see a wooden bridge and some villagers blocking
your path, take the villagers out and cross over the bridge (its the one
we've seen in the trailers). After the bridge, continue down the path
and you'll see one last shack. Enter it, there's a villager inside of it
kill the villager and take the ammo from inside of the shack, now exit
it and make your way to the big door at the end of the path, go through
it to proceed forward.

Right then, after passing through that door, we are one step closer to
the village of the, err, villagers, called Pueblo. Head forward and
you will have another scene, Leon will use his nifty binoculars to see
whats going on ahead, seems like the villagers are having a cop-BBQ at
this moment, only an insane man (or a man with action replay codes) is
going to head straight into the village, so we being the sane people
are going to go around it.

Once your back in control of Leon, take the path heading to the left
side, around the village to be more exact. A little forward and you'll
run into a female villager with her back turned to Leon, dont think that
she's a good one, the female villagers are every bit as vicious as the
male counter parts, so take the opportunity and shoot the back of her
head off, but that will cause the villagers to be aware of Leon and head
your direction. Ah well..

One of the near stone structures will have an open window for Leon, so
head inside it, if any villager follows you inside then do take the time
and chop their heads off, inside this building you'll run into some
barrels and boxes, destroy them to find valuable items inside of them.
Once your done shopping head to the main door of the structure and use
the action command to kick the door open, as soon as your back out into
the open, ignore all else and make a dash for the house on your left.
When you reach the entrance of the house, you'll have another scene.

Leon will go in and lock the door behind him in an attempt to keep the
villagers out. Bad idea Leon my man, first thing you'll notice is the
wood covered window and the people banging it from the outside, ASAP
cover the window with a nearby cabinet so you wont be back attacked in
this fight. Next, you'll see some stairs heading up to the second floor
before going up however, check behind the stairs and smash the barrel
there for some more ammo.

Head up and take the shotgun off the rack (no sir, no traps here, and
thankfully no Barry either lol). Take the shotgun, after that take the
shotgun shells from the bed and the grenade on the cabinet, once your
prepared, its time to kick some villagers ass.

Note, this is a must do part of the story, so be prepared to kick some
major villager ass, also, be prepare to die horribly if your not good
at the controls so far.

First off, take out the handgun and start shooting the villagers heads
off, if head shots are hard then do the knee first then slash with the
knife routine to save some ammo too, but its gonna get really hectic so
the knife is really risky. Once you've disposed of some villagers some
more will arrive from the surrounding area's including one of the well
known Chainsaw dudes. He's our primary target now.

Try to find a higher place to shoot from since it'll be easier for you
to do so, now, ignore all other villagers for now and focus on the saw
dude, take out the shotgun and shoot him, headshots are a little hard
on him since he's waving his head around so much so shoot his legs and
when he's down shoot the rest of him. Use the normal handgun for the
other villagers though, higher ground should make this part of the fight
easier for Leon.

Just when you think that its hopeless (or after a said period of time)
the church bell in the distance will ring and all the villagers will
forget about Leon for the time being, time to breath a sigh or relief.

Suddenly, the entire village will become abandoned again, when just a
few minutes ago they were all trying to slit Leon's throat, whats all
this about ?! we'll find out in the future. With all the villagers a
little busy you are free to go through each and every single house or
structure in the area to find items, there might be many items here or
there, I dont know all of them.

Once your done item hunting, make your way to the brown wooden doors
to the west of the houses, enter it and you'll come out in some kind
of a farm like place.

Now first of all, dont worry about being back attacked 'cause the people
in this area will probably be working on their farms so you can take
them out easily, ps. They're limited here so its advised you take out
all of the villagers in this area so you can explore much freely. Thank
you, now head forward and you'll see a blue sign hanging on one of the
walls, read it and it will mention to destroy 10 medallions or something
like that, okey im down with that.

Once your done reading the sign and killing all living things in this
area, I would highly advice you to explore the surrounding farmy area
since there's many items here that even I dont know about, in short this
area is full of items for Leon to find so take some time for item hunting.

Once your done with that head to the north end of the area and Leon will
find a heavily fortified door which he cannot open on his own, he needs
someone to help him. Just remember this place for the later parts of the
game when Ashley is with you (Dont act like you dont know who that is).

Head a little east of this area, and there's another door here, Leon can
use this door to exit to the next area so do that. Bye farm.

You'll come out in a hill covered area, this looks like a bad area since
Leon is practically vulnerable to anything, say wild boards or even some
moving boulders !!. Thats right, a little forward into the area and you
will see a scene, some villagers will push a huge piece of Rock from the
top of the hills and it will come crashing after Leon, time for our 1st
button mashing mini-game my friends.

When the game asks you start mashing the X button like hell to make Leon
sprint faster then any man alive, after that when the chase is about to
come to an end, the game will ask you to press a combination of X and B
or L or R (its annoyingly random) to dodge the boulder, do that and the
chase scene will finally be over. There's many more button mashing things
to do in the future so keep your thumbs ready at all times.

After that intense sequence you'll probably want to do a little relaxing
so be free to just walk down the rest of the path until you reach what
appears to be a cavern in the path, its actually a sewering tunnel, head
through it and when you come out to the other side Leon will spot a very
old house in the distance. Next destination ahoy.

Pass through the field and make your way to the house, caution warning as
there are what I like to call Suicidal villagers in these woods, they all
carry burning sticks of dynamite on them and want to shove them up Leon's
err you know what, the best thing to do against them is to keep shooting
at them from a distance on the legs so they keep falling down, eventually
the fuse of the dynamites will run out and the villagers will explode on
their own, make sure you collect the items after wards, thank god that im
here to give you all these small tips hehehe, and make your way to the
house safely.

At the main entrance of the house, you'll notice that the door is locked
and there's a small pad lock blocking your way, take out the knife and
slash the pad lock to hell, open the door and head inside to see what
awaits thee.

Inside the house, you will run into a small save room, save if your in
the mood, also in the house you'll find a couple of scattered handgun
ammo boxes around, take all of the items you can find in the house and
head for the back side of the house, here push the bookcase from the
side using the action key, behind it is a cup board, do the same for it
and you'll run into your first friendly character of the game. Luis.

You will have another scene now, Leon will untie Luis's and they will
have a little conversation but unfortunately for them the church session
is just over and the villagers have arrived, and Leon's seriously not in
the right situation at the time being. You will also see the first shot
of a grumpy faced Barry Burton look alike. Leon tries to Kung Fu his ass
but unfortunately, err, gets HIS ass kicked. Who is he you ask !? You'll
have to wait till the time comes to tell you who he is.

You will see the scoring screen which tells your statistics for the
previous chapter and you can also save your game if you feel like it.
Thats the end of the chapter 1-1.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
_ _ |_|
/ | ___ / |
| | |___| | |
|_| |_|


While Leon is still out you will see a small scene of someone injecting
Leon with a mean looking injection on the back of his neck, after a few
minutes Leon will start coming to his senses, but we (the player) has
no idea where Leon is, but all we know is Luis is tied with Leon. Oh good

While your thinking that your gonna get some rest for the time being,
your dead wrong, in a few seconds a villager walks into the room with
an axe in his hands and he aint here to show it off, before the villager
chops Leon and Luis's heads off with a single slash, quickly press the
action button to see Leon's amazing escape feat. He's gotten good.

Once you both are out of the ropes, Luis will run off ahead leaving Leon
behind pondering the situation, as soon as your in control of Leon, take
any items lying around in this area and escape through the door that the
villager came in from.

Once your outside, another small scene, a hooded figure will approach
and wave Leon to follow him, so do that, once your outside, head around
the cottage and you'll see that man again, actually he's the first of
the few merchants you'll see in the game. Time for some shopping.

Now, you will be able to purchase new weapons, or upgrades for some of
them from this merchant fellow, he won't reveal his face to you so stop
thinking about that. You should have enough cash on Leon at this time
to buy him a brand new Rifle and a scope for it, one more thing, you
can also sell items you do not need to this merchant for some cash too.

With the new rifle (with scope attachment) in hand make your way a few
steps back to the entrance we came after this merchant from, you'll see
what lies ahead. Its not pretty, villagers, and more villagers. So now
we have to go through them one at a time.

This is one of the things that can get really risky if you dont know
a tip to make it easier, in this case you will find a top portion of
a wall ripped, stand right in front of the wall and take out the scope
and start aiming, this is the perfect sniper spot for you. Aim at the
villagers in the distance and start shooting them. NOTE that always
make sure your going for a head-shot kill, since if you dont kill them
instantly they will ring the alarms causing a whole group of villagers
to come after you in frenzy, and BOY we dont want that.

Once you've lightened the place a little bit, take out the handgun
once more and head through the local door, you may still encounter
an odd villager here or there but at this stage in the game they
shouldn't be too hard for you to take out with your trusty handgun.
Head up the path to the east hill, once your at the top of this hill
you will see a barricade of sand bags, go over it.

There will be a single villager here, take him out then search the
box for a piece of a plate we'll need in a little while, now from
this higher point in terrain if you can still spot some villagers
going around on the lower area's, this is the perfect place to take
them out using the rifle, once your done sniping drop down into the
main compound area and climb the roof of the shack near the entrance
and you'll find the second piece of the plate, now we can proceed.

Head to the north end of this area and you will encounter a door we
couldn't have opened before, but now with the two pieces of plate
we can proceed, a word of advice though, you dont need the rifle
that much for a long time now and it takes up tons of space in your
inventory menu, so I would ask you to go back to the merchant and
sell the rifle back to him (Dont worry about money, its completely
refundable, for those who dont know what that means, you will get
all of your money back. )

With the money in hand, proceed through the plate-ed door now.

Out this door, you wont be that far from a door leading into a mine
and thats where we're going, kick open that door and proceed inside
you'll run into some more villagers here, inside head through the
door thats on the right wall, you'll run into 3 more villagers here
take them out with the handgun (or shotgun to make life easier) then
proceed to the opening at the end of the room, use the action button
to jump out of it.

Now you will come out in an area with a few more villagers, who have
dynamite attached to them, the best bid to take them out is to get
behind the rail carriage and shoot the dynamite so they all explode
with the explosions, after they're done continue down the path, this
area is also full of floor traps which will eventually slow you down.
Like before the best method to disarm the traps is to just shoot them
with a single bullet, but if your feeling like saving some ammo you
can also trigger the traps by slashing at them with the knife from a
very close range.

Once all that is done and your thinking about exiting through the
door at the end, check around the area for some useful items, and
be sure to check the oven there too 'cause its got some items inside
it as well. Exit through the door now. On the other side of the door
turn to Leon's left and you'll find a boarded up place, slash the
boards with the knife to remove them, behind the boards you'll find
an Elegant Mask, take it and proceed, kick open the rusty door at
the end and proceed further into the next hallway.

There's just 1 villager here, take him out quickly, and then take
the ladder leading down, once your down the ladder you'll come in
an area with some items scattered around for you to take, also in
the same area you'll find three fish, if you want to refill your
health bar, shoot them and chow down baby. If you wish you can also
save some for later times (yum yum).

Now climb up the ladder and you will come outside through a open
well. Finally, open air.

Head forward in this fairly spooky but straight path, you will come
across some more traps along the way, destroy all of them and head
forward until you come to an old looking house. Proceed further and
head inside the house.

Inside you will come across a single door with a small puzzle on it
Its fairly simple really, take note of the emblem marks on the door
and now you just have to keep rotating the moveable green part of
the door until its shape matches the patterns on the door. Once you
do that, the door opens.

Now for those who haven't figured it out yet, we're inside the house
of the big chief guy who kicked Leon's ass a little while back, in
the house take note of the portrait hanging on the wall, afterwards
search the box lying near the book case and you will find a key in
it, take it and head to the only door available.

Before anything, you will run into the big chiefy again, apparently
he doesn't like Leon going through his bed room, and after seeing
a little scene, you would have finished the second part of the
first chapter. Proceed.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
_ ___ |_|
/ | ___ |_ )
| | |___| / /
|_| /___|


Alright, for those of you who want to see a familiar sighting if
you go back through the same doorway that we just came from now
you will see a special scene in the game where Leon will be saved
by a woman in a red dress. This might be familiar to you guys from
the trailers that we've seen for the game.

Afterwards, the area would be clear for you to start exploring and
find some useful items for Leon. You can find another green herb
on the cabinet just next to the door, and a useful brown egg in the
oven as well. Also take the grenade from the glass case before you
leave, once done save your game and exit this place at will.

Before you can exit out you will be surprised by a group of new
villagers with another chainsaw man with them, the best method to
take on them at this time is to stand in the doorway and pump any
thing that walks through the door with shotgun rounds, easy peasy.
Drop any treasures that the enemies might drop and now its time
for us to make our way back into the town.

Before you can reach into the village you will be attacked by some
more villagers but by now they shouldn't be hard enough for you to
Kill, if you have some rifle rounds left then you can climb up a
higher terrain and snipe their heads off from there, or just use
your standard handgun and slash method, either way the villagers
are not that vicious for the time being and not that hard either.

Once your done killing anyone interfering make your way to the door
with the red markings and use the newfound insignia key to open the
door. Before proceeding forward be sure to check the farm area once
more since there might be new formed chicken eggs there for you to
carry, there's even a chance of you finding a golden chicken egg.

Once your done here, go through the door with the markings and once
through you'll realize that you can actually save your game here, do
that and proceed through the other door in this room. Once in this
new room, take a look around and take aim at the lantern hanging
around. Shoot it so it falls down and you'll find a spinal inside.
But be aware of the small fireball that forms when it initially falls.

Once your done here proceed down the hole, and soon afterwards you
will find another lantern, and there's seem to be items hanging
around for you, at the end of this cave however you will run into
another merchant, we'll be coming back to this place in a little
while so save your valuables for the time being.

Out here, you'll notice that there are some birds near the entrance
of the grave yard, you can shoot them to get some extra cash if you
want, but if they run away after seeing you then you can have them
respawn by going back to the previous area's and coming back here.
Once your done with that proceed further. Whilst in the grave yard
area you can locate the rest of the blue medals as well, meaning
that if you shot more then 10 already go and talk to the nearest
merchant and he will hand you the Punisher. A really cool gun.

Proceeding at the end of the grave yard you'll notice that the doors
leading into the church are locked for now but you have an option to
get a really rare item here if your willing to do a small puzzle.

The puzzle is really simple, all you have to do is go and look for
the twin marked graves in the grave yard area, once you have found
all three twin grave markings you can use the podium here to solve
the puzzle, its really not that hard to explain and mostly random
so you should do it on your own. The prize will be a green catseye.

Well thats all fine and dandy but what about the church doors now,
for that we will have to go to a different area, so from the church
door take the path on the right side and you will come to a bridge
and some villagers on it, kill the villagers by kicking them off
the bridge, and proceed through the gaped bridge. On the other side
of it you will find a small cabin, head inside it and you will find
the file which explains where the key is and also an item or two.

After that keep proceeding forward and you'll notice that you will
enter an area where you'll find plenty of birds, if you aren't able
to kill them all in the first try then go back to the previous area
and come back here since these birds can give you a significant
amount of money, its really useful if you kill all of them here.

There's also another save room and a merchant in the surrounding
area as well, the best way to reach them would be to go through
your map and take the other path from here, once your done with
that, (I would personally like you to go and save right now) then
proceed through the door which is leading into the lake area.

One thing you should know that the path leading towards the lake
isnt an easy one either, you will encounter tons of villager and
another one of the quick boulder dodge thingies here as well, so
once your ready, proceed further.

Once you reach the swampy area's, you'll find a cabin in the left
side, enter the cabin and find any items that you can use here. Exit
and proceed further when your done. After that you will come towards
another quick boulder scene, once you've dodged the boulder properly
turn back and shoot at the sparkling thing and you will get another
spinal. Now comes a hard part.

You will come across an area with dynamite traps and a few villagers
who want nothing but killing you, if you want to be creative and save
some ammo then make the villagers run into the traps by luring them
into it. They'll follow you blindly, not only will this kill them, it
will also clear the path for Leon to proceed. How nice.

Near this area is a house on the right side, head inside it and blow
the crate to find some items or possibly a snake inside, if its the
snake then dont run away, kill it and you'll get something from it
as well, once done proceed out and when your about to end this
swampy area you'll find another small cabin on the right side, take
it and inside find the handgun ammo and any snakes that might be in
crates. After that is done proceed straight to the lake shores area
and its time to head on.

Once your finally at the lake area, head to the left and you will
find a red herb, but you'll also see a scene here of the villagers
dropping one of the two cops that came with us at the start into the
village to feed something apparently, once your done watching that
take the herb here and proceed towards the cabin thats not so far
from you. Inside the cabin save your game at the typewriter since
there is a big boss fight coming pretty soon. Also you might find a
yellow herb inside as well, take it and head out of the cabin, ready
your weapons before proceeding further. Oh wait..

There's a really cool trick here that you can get Leon eaten by the
boss even before the fight begins, if you stand near the water for a
long period of time then the boss will suddenly jump out of the water
and eat Leon, thats funny as hell and can really make the first timers
wet their pants.

Once your done goofing around, proceed into the boat and get into
the water, not long after you've entered the water, you'll see the
huge creature emerge from the water and now its time for our grand
boss fight with it.


For the first time players I would like to apologize in advance that
you will most certainly die a few times before you finally finish
the boss fight but on the plus side it is entirely possible to end
this fight without Leon getting even a single scratch, but that as
they say, is extremely hard to do. One more thing you should know
is that your boat is at the mercy of the boss and you have no control
over it for this entire boss fight so its just better that we concen
trate on the boss ahead of us.

First lets see what kinds of attack Lago can do to damage Leon, first
off he would try to drag the entire boat along with itself into one
of the big floating pieces of wood in the middle of the lake (who the
hell put them there anyway) and if that happens Leon will immediately
lose half of his life, and not only that but you will also fall down
into the water and you will be forced to swim quickly back into the
boat, the bad thing is that if your not pressing the action key fast
enough then Del Lago will eventually come out and eat Leon whole.
Thus ending the fight instantly, and we dont want that. To prevent Lago
from ramming you into the wood, you should quickly steer your boat out
of its path when its near. But be warned as you'll have to drop the
harpoon since Leon cant swim and fight at the same time.

Second most commonly used attack is the dive and hit thing, he will
dive underwater and attempt to ram your boat causing Leon to fall
off again, and making him loose a good chunk of his health bar. Once
you see it trying to go for this attack, quickly drop down the harpoon
and turn the boat as much right or left as you can since thats the only
method of saving your skin. Like before falling down into the water
will lead you to swim back into the boat or be eaten by Del Lago.

The final attack that he does most often is that during the fight he
will suddenly dive deep into water and disappear, now before starting
to think that the fight is over, you should know that he comes ramming
up out of the water to hit you, the game will tell you which side of
the boat he will be coming out of so aim your harpoon in that area
and as soon as it shows its head, let one into its mouth, that will
cause Lago to miss its attack and just jump over you, this gives you
the time to shoot another harpoon in its back as well, easy as pie.

Now lets talk about the fighting technique, Leon can only fight this
battle with a harpoon in his hand, but the good thing is that you get
infinite number of harpoons to fight the boss with. When you want to
attack it, raise the harpoon by pressing the R button, you'll see
Leon aim the harpoon and a small crosshair will appear on screen with
it, now aim the crosshair directly at Lago and fire with the A button
if you made a hit then you will see blood coming out of the contact
point. The bad thing is that the harpoons can take a little time to
"reload" so you dont want to miss that often.

The fight will take no more then fifteen or so harpoons before the
boss finally dies, it is entirely possible to finish this without
taking any damage from the boss at all, in case of taking damages
use small healing items like eggs or green herbs that you have in
your inventory. Soon the boss fight will be over, Lago will be dead
and..uh.. Leon's foot is caught in something as well.. uh oh.

Damn those capcom people for putting this new instant button thing
in this game, okey dont panic and quickly press the button that
comes on screen repeatedly and Leon will eventually cut the rope
tied to his feet and this chapter is done for.


Watch the scenes and proceed towards the new chapter.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
_ |_|
/ |
| |


When the scenes are over and your back in the world of thes sane,
get up and check around the cabin that your inside at this time,
there's some items here that you can take, so take all that you
can and proceed out of the cabin. Now you will notice that the
game has gone into night time and thats how its gonna remain for
a long long while.

Outside the cabin you'll notice that your boat isnt that far from
you, if you wish you can take the boat back to the main land area
but at this time its totally pointless since we still haven't done
what we came here to do originally, you can however go back for
trading with a merchant but thats your choice alone.

Now, proceed forward into the new area and soon afterwards you will
run into a new enemy to the game, seemingly they look like your
normal villager enemies but the distinct thing is the Los Plagas
you can see on their heads, and that is this kind of enemies weak
point, just aim at the Plagas with any gun and make sure you take
it out, if you decapitate the villager or some times totally
randomly you will see the Plagas coming out of the villagers head
itself, and then you'll have to deal with it separately. The best
method to take on them is by using a shotgun since the scatter can
hit them as well. But a niftier method is using a flash grenade
which can kill these instantly.

Proceed further down the path and jump over the ledges in front of
you, past them continue further till you reach the rope, take it
downwards. First thing here, you'll notice a single villager with
throwing axes and he's aiming for you, if you happen to have some
rifle ammo then that would be the best thing to take this guy out
with. After that, check the nearby tower to hopefully find some
items inside it. Once that is done we proceed further.

Now you have to shoot down the three craters and create yourself
a bridge which you can use to cross over the stream of water and
go to the other side where the lever is that controls the flow of
water, to start off shoot the crater to make it fall down into
the water and once you reach the middle section of this area, take
the tower to the right up and when your up there shoot one round
into the sparkly thing, you just found the Amber ring.

Okey now fire at the other crates to create a bridge towards the
other side now, once your over there climb up the tower and shut
down the lever causing the flow of water to stop and giving you
a path to proceed further now, you'll see the cave entrance in
the waterfall now and thats our destination.

But before you can go there you will be attacked by some more
villagers and its a little annoying, the best method to thin down
this attack is to jump over the crates back towards the area where
the tower with the lever is, once your on the other side you can
easily take out the villagers when they're crossing over the
craters, but with this method they'll probably fall into the water
with their money, so its best if you let them make the final leap
onto the land where you are, then you can take them out one at a
time just as easily while retaining all the cash that was to be lost.

Once this attack has been thinned out, make your way towards the
cave entrance in the waterfall, and enter it. Inside you will
find the item that we came to this side to seek, the Round Insignia.
Take it, and have a little conversation with Ingrid, after that is
done take the door that pretty near you and you will come out in
the docks area. With the boat and all.

Not that I have to tell you again, take the boat and its time to
head back to the main land, more specifically back to the church.
But be sure to make a pitstop on the way towards the merchant and
more importantly the save room since another big boss fight is
about to take place in a little while. Once your at the merchant's
place, trade in all the valuable items that we found on our trip
and save your game at the typewriter near the area. Be ready now
and proceed towards the direction of the church.

On your way, when you reach the area where we shot all those damn
crows, you'll see a scene, the villagers apparently want to set a
trap for Leon, but unlucky for them it back fires horribly, and
the EL GIGANTE kills all the villagers in a matter of seconds, you
might remember this scene from the trailers of the game as well,
eventually after killing all the other villagers gigante will
notice Leon and now its his time to die. Or is it.


El gigante, is a huge fricking mass of meat to say the least and
it looks remarkably like the big troll from the Lord of the Rings
movies if you have seen any of them, but unfortunately Gandalf
won't be coming here to help you beat him so Leon will have to do
the fight on his own. One thing I would like to ask you before
the fight even begins is to make sure you have the stock for the
TMP if it is available at this point in time and that your TMP
and shotgun are both fully loaded and ready for some mayhem.

One thing I would most certainly like to point out is that the
fight will mostly involve you trying to dodge one of his quick
attacks or mostly running around the area we're in just waiting
for the right time to attack him, so button pressing and quick
turning should be what your thinking about right now. The boss
has many different kind of devastating attacks. Now the common
thing it will do is punch Leon into the ground.

Besides that it can Kick Leon while he's on the ground getting
up from that punch as well which takes a lot of health out
instantly, the best and only method to prevent this is to just
not get close to the boss at all, besides that its not wise to
stand close to it and fire shotguns or rifles since the time it
takes for Leon to change the round will be enough Gigante needs
to stomp a mud hole into Leons ass. But close combat is much
safer with smaller fire arms as its easier to just fire a few
rounds then quick turn and get the hell outta there.

One more thing it does most often when your near it is grab Leon
and try to choke the life out of his body, or squeeze his body
completely, when this happens the only thing you can do is to
quickly press the knife slashing button so Leon can free himself
from the grasp of El Gigante (this is seen in trailers too).
Note that once you drop down its wise to quickly run for cover
since the Giant recovers quickly and you'll be standing right
next to it after falling down.

Many of the other attacks of El Gigante need Leon to be quick
at dodging, like often times he will pick up a piece of rock and
throw it in Leon's direction, this is really easy to dodge as you
only need to be out of the rock's way which can easily be done,
secondly it will often pick up a tree and try to smash that into
Leon, that can be only dodged by pressing the L and R buttons at
the same time when the game asks you to (the dodge meneuver), but
when Gigante has the tree with it, it slows down a whole lot giving
you prime chance to shoot its head with some powerful weaponry, but
be ready to drop the weapon and run for your life when its close.

The final attack involves El Gigante doing a simple charging attack
on Leon, this can also be dodged only by pressing the L and R keys
when the game asks you to press them or risk getting slaughtered.

Now lets get down to the actual killing method for the boss, the
only thing you can do to kill it is keep shooting it with any
weapon that you have until it bends over in pain and reveals the
Los Plagas on its back, before that, the best method of weakening
the boss is the quick weaponry since there will be hell to pay if
your caught while firing with a shotgun or rifle, the TMP works
best here, since you can shoot a few rounds at the giant's head
and run back as quickly as you can. Thats the trick you should use.

One shocking thing that happens during the fight is that the wolf
that we helped WAAYYYY at the start of the game will come to help
Leon out, the wolf doesn't really do much but it distracts the giant
for a little while allowing you to shoot it without the risk of
being hit back. Eventually you would have shot the giant enough and
now the Plagas is revealed on its back, the most efficient method of
taking it out is to climb gigante's back when he's bent over (The
game will tell you the buttons) and slash away with the knife when
you have the chance or use a powerful weapon like the shotgun to
deal damage to the Plagas. You can use stuff like flash grenades to
make your life a little easier during this battle as well.

You'll have to repeat this process a couple of times before the
boss fight is finally over and you will be rewarded with 15,000
in cash. Woo Hooo...


One thing I didnt' mention in the boss fight section is that you
will also be able to take new items from inside the houses which
might be destroyed during the fight by Gigante, the best time to
do that however is when ever it is distracted by the wolf. Gives
you enough time to get in and take the items. Heal occasionally.

Once the boss fight is done I would personally like you to go
back to where the typewriter was and save your game immediately,
also you might want to check in with the merchant if your feeling
like it. Once all that is done its time to go see the church.

Proceed back through the path we took from here originally, go
over the bridge and all, but before you reach the church you
will be attacked by another new enemy, the Comillos. These are
actually just wolves that have been turned mutant by Los Plagas.
Get rid of them with a weapon like the shotgun and procee to the
church, check the cabin on the way again since ammo is available
in it again, also shoot the birds nest near the graveyard area
to find another Spinel. Proceed towards the church entrance now.

Once inside the church, your free to explore the house of god
if you feel, you can find several items, like some money near
the central alter, and a grenade on the barrel on the right.

Once you've taken all this, climb up to the ladder up the 2nd
floor and when ready, jump on the chandelier. Once it starts
to swing, make sure you dont jump before it actually reaches
the top of its swing on the other side, you'll land near a small
puzzle console. This is actually a panel with 3 different colors
on it, you have to use the panel to rotate the colors until the
pattern matches the one in the middle part of the console. An
easier method of solving this puzzle is by doing this.

Rotate the red one twice
Rotate the green one three times
Rotate the blue one once.

That will unlock the second floor doors and give you the access
towards the next chapter. Head towards the door that we just
unlocked with that stupid puzzle, inside you will finally get
to meet the president's hot daughter. Ashley Graham. Ta-Daa.

From here take Ashley back to the first floor and end of this part.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ _ |_|
|_ ) ___ / |
/ / |___| | |
/___| |_|


Before anything, I would just like to tell you some of Ashley's
controls that you'll need to keep in mind.

Here is a brief list of controls that Leon can command Ashley with
or make Ashley stay and what not.

Before anything, I should tell you Ashley's death cases, Ashley can
die with the methods that Leon can, meaning you can shoot her either
yourself, a single bullet and she's dead. She can also be attacked by
the monsters on screen, or if you leave her in the same place for a
little while and the villagers come and take her away, its game over.
( Similar to ICO) if you want to prevent the villagers from taking
her away, shoot the villager so that he/she drops Ashley.

Ashley has a similar life bar as Leon's and that helps you keep a
quick eye on Ashley's health bar, besides that you will see icon's
displaying what kind of action Ashley is taking at this time.
Since I suck at ASCII.... I will just make text versions of them.

ICON OF TWO PEOPLE : This means simply that Ashley is doing nothing
else but following Leon around.

ICON OF ONE PERSON : This means that Ashley is standing alone and
waiting for Leon.

ICON WITH LINE IN MIDDLE : This means that Ashley is being attacked
and you gotta go help her

EXCLAMATION MARK : This means that Ashley's being taken away by a
villager and you need to quickly free her.

Besides that Leon can also often use Ashley's help to reach previously
un-reachable area's, when you get to one you'll get the respective icon.

Like in all video games to date, now that we have our partner or the
person that we were looking for, now our quest will be 10 times more
harder then ever before, ganodo's coming from left and right and they
just dont want anything more then to see Leon's head off of his
shoulder, ps. thats how the chainsaw people kill you hehehee.

Anyway, I should tell you that this next chapter is not a really big
one but a dangerous one to say the least. Now the good thing about
Ashley is that you have almost complete control over her actions as
well, you can make her stop anywhere and go on a little ahead to fight
any oncoming baddies yourself, and she'll stay there like a good girl.
Use the X button to make Ashley stop where ever she is. Remember that.

You will be in combat from the moment you get out of the shed, so a
good tactic is to make Ashley wait by the doors of the church and
you enter the grave yard area where about 7 or so villagers are
waiting for you. But you have a sort of an advantage in this battle,
see that explosive barrel on the cart near the graveyard doors, you
should use that to your advantage and you can easily take out
a couple of the villagers using that barrel. Once the barrel's gone
and so are some of the villagers, take out the weaker weapons and
take care of the rest of the villagers. Once the area is clean, go
and get Ashley to follow you.

Now that we have Ashley with us, Leon's mission is practically complete
so all we have to do is get to the extraction spot, so make your way
back to the cavey area where we got into this part of the game from
originally, so when you head back through the tunnel you'll see that
the merchant who was there is still standing there, its a good idea
to visit him and cash out the punisher for the blue medallions if
you haven't done that already. You'll also be able to purchase a new
gun called the Red 9 (Cough, star wars reference) , its almost like
your normal handgun but a slightly slower rate of fire and lower
reloading time makes it nearly useless, since your normal handgun
is good.

Once your done shopping, go through the tunnely area, save your game
at the typewriter in here and its time to pay another visit to our
good old friendly village. Now this part is a little tricky, since
the village is also filled with more new villagers, including some
of the los plagas villagers as well, before fighting or doing anything
here head immediately to the tower and make sure Ashley stays there,
then drop back down and start taking out the villagers one at a
time, its best that you use something else besides the shotgun since
we're going to need the shotgun shells in a little while, kill the
villagers with super caution and be very aware of the los plagas
villagers, you know how to take them out dont you.

Once the ruckus is done for, before you go and call Ashley, go through
the area since you'll find newly stored ammo and items here for the
taking, once your done with your shopping go and call Ashley down from
the tower and catch her before she falls butt first on the ground (this
is also in one of the trailers). Once your done with this area its time
to head for the farm area. So head over there.

Right near where you enter the farm area from is a dumpster, now if you
want to keep Ashley safe then its best that you ask her to hide in
there, (and even more surprisingly she agree's without any hesitation,
wow ) once Ashley is hiding, its back to the usual mischives, take out
all the villagers that have spawned in this area, it shouldn't be a
problem from now on for you. Keep an eye out for any newly layed traps
in this area as well, since there WILL be traps. Once the area is
cleared, go get Ashley and you both head toward the gate on the north
eastern way, there's a locked gate here. If you remember from the very
start of the game we couldn't open this gate since Leon was unable to
do it on his own, but Ashley here can help Leon in opening the gate and
thats exactly what happens. Go through the gate.

And surprisingly thats the end of this small yet really fun chapter.
Lets see what happens next.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ ___|_|
|_ ) ___ |_ )
/ / |___| / /
/___| /___|


Alright now, once you enter this area you will have another series of
events which will end up with Leon Ashley and Luis (what the hell..)
to be barricaded inside a lone house and you will be attacked by the
mad villagers from all sides, its game time (that was cheap lol).

Anyway, the best thing about having Luis at this time is that he is
immortal for the time being and no matter how much the villagers hurt
him, he's never gonna die (we all know it will happen eventually
though mwahah, the bastard). So the best and probably the smartest
method of going through this big fight is that you should stand in
one corner while Luis does most of the damage and takes most of the
damage as well. But still since your inside a barricaded house and
no way out, you can easily get trapped by villagers as well, and
that means you have to stay on your toes and watch out for anything
that comes towards you. (besides Ashley of course XD ).

Now lets get down to the actual fighting part, for the starting part
the villagers be attacking you while your on the first floor of the
house, you can get yourself some time and room by pushing any available
cabinets in front of any windows so the ganodo's cant come in that
easily, another easy strategy to get through this area is to stand
in the middle of the stairs and equip the shotgun, anything that
comes your way should be plastered with shotgun shells, thats why
I was asking you to save all those shotgun shells, Luis will stay
on the first floor no matter what, the good thing about Luis is
that no matter if he kills the villagers, they'll still drop the
money for you to take. So head down and collect money time to time
but beware not to let any villagers up or not to get killed by any
villager as well.

A little while later you will be called by Luis and will now have to
fight more villagers on the second floor, the thing is that it gets
only harder on the second floor, the villagers will not only come up
the stairs but there's a couple of windows in this area too and the
villagers will use ladders to climb up the windows to surprise you as
well, Luis isnt that helpful in this part but he'll continue to do his
job from where he's fighting at. You can also see the cabinet where
Ashley is hiding in. One thing you should constantly do is kick the
ladders down, which can be done very easily and helps too. The shotgun
is the only weapon I would ask you to use during this whole assault.
The ladders will constantly be re-placed and the villagers will continue
to come up that way so dont think your home free after throwing one
ladder down. If Luis is in trouble make sure you save him too (not like
he needs it anyway).

Just when it looks like all hope is lost, you'll hear the church bells
and as it happened at the start of the game, the villagers will leave
anything they're doing (like killing) and go to the church, wow these
people aren't so bad afterall, they're just uber religious lol. But as
the villagers start go leave, Luis will leave as well. Now its time for
us to proceed as well.

Now that the villagers are all gone, its time for us to do a little
exploring of our own, quickly run up and down the house to catch any
treasures dropped by the villagers before they disappear for good,
includes ammo too. Besides that outside the house you'll find TMP
ammo on a bunch of logs and behind the house you'll find some
handgun ammo, its all a keeper and we'll need all of these in the
time being. Now inside the house there was a type writer if I recall
correctly with a memo next to it, go and read that memo, you will be
told that you need to choose one of the routes now. Left route leads
to a fight with a lot of villagers at the same time, and the right
route leads to a fight with another El Gigante, they're both hard but
Gigante is much harder then the villagers, also gives out more money
too, so thats a risk if your willing to take it. At the end both the
places will ultimately lead you to the same area, so its more like a
"how do you wanna die" situation if you ask me.

This is the infamous Two Routes that you must have heard about from
your friends or anyone on any local game boards.

Once you've done one of the paths, skip forward to AFTERWARDS.


Obviously this is the path that leads towards El Gigante, so if you want
to take this path, if you want to risk a harder fight but higher reward,
take the right path out of the area, after you go a little forward in
this new area the gigante will come out and the fight will begin. Note
that Ashley will point a boulder which is placed on top of the giant's
head, if you manage to shoot the boulder's holders it will come plunging
down onto EL Gigante but it won't kill him, rather it will give you a
chance to escape this area unscratched since he will be stunned for the
time being. This is a quick and efficient method out of this area but
thats not what we came here for, we came here for the money. So lets
get on with the fighting part.

Ashley's the one who's gonna be the damsel in distress during this fight
since Gigante likes to pick her occasionally and smash her with the
ground, if that ever happens then you will quickly have to shoot the giant
in its hand so that it drops Ashley, and heal her whenever you have the
chance since she'll be taking the most damage during this fight. When it
comes to the actual fighting part this fight will be much more easier if
you have an upgraded TMP (stock) and a clip which can hold up to a hundred
bullets at the same time. To start the fight get a lot of room between you
and the giant and then start to shoot the giant non stop, after taking
something like 60 bullets the giant will stagger to its knees and you will
see the Los plagos on its back, now its time to do the same thing again,
climb its back and start slashing at it like a mad bastard. But immediately
reload once you fall back down. Watch out for his normal attacks as well,
this gigante does all the same attacks of the previous giant and some more.

Like before you will need to do this thing 2 or 3 times before gigante
actually falls down and die, when that happens you'll get something
like 15000 peseta's again. Thats what im talking about. Also, now that
the area is cleared you can safely check the huts in the surrounding
area for a lot more ammo and some more valuable items, there's also
a purple gem in the area for the taking, look at the flashing thing
above the huts and shoot it with any gun to make it fall down.


Once you enter this ganodo path you will have a little scene and after
that you will immediately be assaulted by a group of villagers, as you
regain control of Leon immediately shoot the cart, or the barrel on it
and it will dispose or some of the nearby villagers and make your life
easier for starting this area. After that is done, take a look at the
dumpster near your surroundings and command Ashley to stay in there
for the time being. She'll be safe for now. Once Ashley is safely
tucked inside, you should go and take out the ganodo threat in the
immediate area. Keep heading forward around the pit area and you will
find a ladder which will be leading down into a mining cart. Head down.

Down the ladder you will find some shotgun ammo which can come in real
handy for the upcoming area. Once your done with this and are ready
for some real kick ass fighting, head for the main pit area and go to
the eastern side of the pit and you'll find a place to jump down into
the pit and also a ladder standing there, before you think about going
down kick the ladder down first, that will help you in the coming fight.
Now jump down the pit and that'll attract even more villagers.

As soon as the villagers start appearing, keep your eye on the two
female chainsaw wielders, and its time for us to make a break for
higher ground since fighting in this lower area is highly dangerous
for Leon. So take the ladder going up on the western side and you
will be at an advantage, you will be able to take out most of the
villagers one at a time as they come up, use the shotgun shells on
the chainsaw villagers but you are good with the TMP or the handgun
with the normal villagers. Once the mess is cleared one of the
chainsaw person will drop a Ruby and the other will drop a Camp Key.

By now your probably thinking about Ashley's safety, well she's as
safe as she can be in the entire game so lets press a little more
forward for the time being, so head down into the pit and us e the
camp key to open the door leading further into the pit. A little
further you will run into some more villagers, you can try to take
out them from inside the pit but its best if you immediately back
track towards the exit of the pit and take one of the ladders up,
then wait for the villagers to come one by one. Even though there
are more ladders here the vllagers will only come towards the one
that you are standing next to, so that would be your advantage in
this fight. Kick the ladder down and start shooting from higher
ground onto the groups of villagers. Even if the villagers reset
the ladder, its not a hard thing to knock the ladder down again.

FINALLY, when the entire area has been cleared of villagers, its
time to go and get Ashley, once Ashley is by your side, head back
down and go through the exit door of this area. This double route
thing is done now. Over.


Okey now fortunately we have made it past both the dangerous paths
and its time for us to press forward, no matter which path you had
back there you will come out in a new area with a merchant standing
there greeting you, if you want to, you can pay a visit to the good
people, and also there is a type writer and another new document in
the small house nearby, save your game at once since we just came
through hell and there's more coming soon.

Before pressing forward, take the box of handgun ammo next to the
house with the type writer, once your done here continue forward
and take note of the door thats locked here, we'll get an item to
open it in a little while. Head a little more forward and you will
come to a place where you will have to take a gondola down to the
other end of the platform, but you didnt think it was just gonna
be that easy did you.

During your ride you will be attacked by all places, you will have
more villagers coming from gondola's of their own on the right side
and just some lonely villagers standing on the left side who find
it amusing to jump on your gondola and try to make it fall down.
You should know first that if your gondola falls over then its
immediately game over for you my friend.

Anyway, the best method to deal with this part is the TMP since all
villagers in this area take just one bullet to die, if you have a
TMP and tons of ammo for it you will be safe for most of the ride
since all you have to do is fire like hell and make sure atleast
one of your bullets hit the mark. Otherwise its going to be an
extremely rough ride for you. An alternate but risky method is to
use the rifle for most of the ride and try to be a perfect aim.
But thats just hard to stick with the TMP method.

When your finally on the other end of the awesome ride, thank god
for ending it and continue forward, enter the small control room
and check the lockers for some valuable items or ammo we can use
after that head back out and take the stairs leading downwards, it
is a good idea if you ask Ashley to stay at the top of the stairs
for the time being since there won't be anything coming there. Once
that's done head down the stairs and take the path forward into the
cave like area. You will run into some more villagers here but they
shouldn't be a problem for you after all that we're gone through.

Anyway, fight and kill all the villagers that you come across and
make your way to the end of the path and you will find an item box
with a yellow catseye inside, this is a valuable item, now on a
side note if you happen to have some previously stored valuable
items like the elegant dress and the green catseye and the purple
gem, then you can combine all the gems with the dress and the end
result will be an item that will give you way more money then each
of them sold separately. Anyway, once your done with this area head
back to the stairs where we asked Ashley to stay.

Go and grab Ashley, then check the area under the stairs and you
will find another merchant here, its a good time to stock up on
item since we're about to enter another boss fight in a very little
time, also if you did the dress thing I told you about, you can
sell it now for a good amount of cash. Once your done with the
merchant, save at the typewriter located near him and its time to
proceed further.

Before proceeding however check the area for some ammo too, once
your done with that head in the direction opposite of the one we
took before and head down this path. Reload your weapons before
any suspicious scene start or its too late for that already lol.

During the scene you should keep your fingers on the game pad
as the game will suddenly ask you to dodge one of the chief's
wild blows during the scene, once that is done its time for the
actual boss fight to begin.


Now before anything I would like to say that if you failed to dodge
the initial blow from the chief then its game over for you
automatically but if you survived that thing then the boss fight
will begin now, Bitores will change into a big tyrant'ish slow
moving but hard hitting thing, only that it doesnt look that much
like a tyrant anymore. Once your in control you should first take
out the handgun since thats what we're going to use during the
first form of this boss fight since its slow and the easier part
of this fight. Looking around the house you'll note that there
are 2 ladders going up to the second floor, one is on the southern
side of the area and one is on the northern side of the area, if
you wish to, you can climb up the southern ladder first and take
any items that are on the second floor and jump to the first floor
again from the other side, keep your eye out for any possible
ammunition laying around the surrounding area.

Now the first form of the boss isnt that hard to dodge either since
most of its attacks are very slow and require you to be next to it
but since its a slow moving boss you will have no trouble running
away from it. You can circle around it and pop a few into his ass
while he's turning to get you, or if your on the second floor of
the place then he'll extend his arm and try to smack you down from
there, a little dangerous but you can run fast enough to dodge his
attacks up there too. Its easier to defeat the first form if you
go up the southern ladder and wait for it to come near you then
run to the northern end then shoot a couple of bullets into it before
it reaches your area, and repeat the process all over again. Like I
said before, the first form isnt that hard and you dont need to use
any thing else but your handgun for this one.

Okey now its the second part of this fight thats a little more
harder then the first one (duh). After you deal enough damage to
the boss it will rip half of its torso apart and you will have
to fight the upper half of Mendez hopping around on his arms.
Right, sounds easy but im afraid its harder then the first form
since he hops around faster this time you won't have as much time
as before to fire a couple of shots into him, for this end of the
fight if you happen to have plenty of TMP ammo or shotgun shells
either will work fine, the TMP will deal quick but small damage
and the shotgun is slow but good amount of damage.

As soon as he starts hopping around, its much easier to finish
this boss fight from the first floor this time around, unlike
before the boss has no long range attacks so it has to be very
close to you in order to attack you, so the perfect strategy for
this fight is to run in opposite directions of the house, like
run to the north end of the house and quick turn around, fire
a couple of shots into the boss and when he hops uncomfortably
close to you, run to the other end of the house, quick turn and
shoot some more. Repeat this process and eventually Mendez will
die out, and he leaves a key item behind and about 30 k peseta's.


As soon as the boss fight is over, take the fallen gold and the
item that the boss dropped, its the false eye, we can now go to
a previously un searched area.

Before exiting the house however, check around for any more
items or ammo that we might have missed before, once you've
searched the entire area, exit and reunite with Ashley.

Make your way back to the place where the merchant was standing
and save your game at the local typewriter if your feeling like
it, once your done, take the stairs back up and take the gondola
back to other end of the area, luckily you won't have to do the
fight thing all over again. Once your on the other end of the
ride, head forward and check the door again, that was locked and
we couldn't open it before. Now we can open it using the false
eye that our good friend Mendez dropped. So use it and enter.

Once through the door you will come out in a narrow pathway,
continue down this path and you will run into three more
ganodos so take them out quickly, a little forward you'll
see something coming towards you, its a friggin truck. Quickly
take out the rifle and take aim at the driver and pop one into
his head, or take out any fast gun and aim at the engine of the
truck and fire at it until it goes ablaze, if you manage to do
either, the truck will swerve and come to a halt, take this time
to loot the initial ganodo's that you killed and make a dash for
the other end since there will be some more ganodo's coming out
of the back of the truck in a few seconds.

Eventually you will come close to a castle and you will see a
little scene and that will be the end of this chapter of the game.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ |_|
|_ )
/ /


Right off the bat you will see the merchant in a hut and that should
be indication enough that this next coming part of the game isnt an
easy one, so its time for us to get serious as well. Before chatting
with the merchant check the surrounding area's for some more crates
that you can smash for items inside, one of them has a snake inside
it so be mindful of that, also around the area you'll find a chest
which has 5 grand peseta's inside it. Take all of these items and
head to the merchant and start talking.

The merchant has many new toys for you to play with and since your
well endowed in peseta's after fighting the mendez guy, you can
take a risk or two here too if you wish, but if you want my opinion
sell the rifle and purchase the semi auto rifle in place of it, also
sell the shotgun and buy the riot gun in place for that and sell your
handgun and purchase the black tail in place of that, thats all the
weapon trading we're gonna be doing for now. If you want to, you can
also buy an atache case for your stuff from this guy too, and also
you can purchase a treasure map for the castle

Once your done with this area its time to move further on, so take
the door leading into the big spooky castle while wondering why is
the castle area always supposed to be spooky. Why can't there be a
fun type castle area.

One thing you should know about the castle area before pressing on
is that there are no villagers in here, instead you will come face
to face with the cult members of the church, they are more harder
to kill then villagers and often they will be packing impressive
weaponry which can deal lethal damage in seconds, so be prepared.

Move a little forward and you will have a little scene, once your
in control of Leon once again tell Ashley to stay where she is at
that time and move a little forward attracting the monks. You can
take them out with the handgun while they're coming down or use
the sniper rifle to take them out from a distance. For the coming
area make sure first that Ashley is still standing where you left
her and not following you since she can easily get killed here.

Move a little forward and you'll notice catapult fire coming down
from the heavens, no actually its some monks who want to kill you.
Its not that hard to dodge the fires as you can easily run past
them to avoid the blast, head forward and quickly climb the spiral
staircase in front of you. If you want to fancy yourself another
spinel check the fountain where the first fire hit. Once you got
it, start dashing to where the original monks were and head into
one of the rooms which has a big cannon inside it. This is a safe
spot for the time being so call Ashley over here. Dont worry about
her since the monks won't attack her if she's alone. Its Leon they
want to kill so badly.

When Ashley is with Leon once again, tell her to wait besides the
cannon again, once Ashley is safe and sound, head back out and go
through the courtyard again, turn towards the west side and quickly
dash under the little path here, you will be able to spot that red
robed monk from here and an explosive barrel thats not so far from
him can also be spotted. You now have to shoot this barrel and once
you do that the entire catapult thing will go kaboom. Do the same
thing for the other catapults that are firing at you.

Now once that is done, take the stairs up but immediately head back
down the same stairs, no im not an idiot, once you run up the stairs
a set of monks will come in from the entrance of this area and will
head straight for where you stored Ashley just a little while ago
but since you turned back quickly you will be able to safely take
them out before they are anywhere near Ashley. If you want to save
some ammo then run along the monks when they're going across the
courtyard and they'll probably be caught by a catapult fire or two.

Now that Ashley is safe once again, take the stairs up and we have
to take out the remaining catapults here, if you have the rifle
with you then its a definite plus point, the catapults have barrels
next to them which you need to shoot in order to dispose of them.
When all is done there will probably be 2 final catapults left near
the exit of this area, one of them will have a barrel next to it so
that one is easily diposed of, the other one however is a little
tricky since there's no barrel, you'll have to take out the person
operating the catapult. To do that you need to quickly head to the
eastern area and take out the guy from behind the shelter like area
and hopefully hit him quickly enough. Rifle should be your gun here.

If you want to proceed further then take note of the crank and use
it, and keep turning it by pressing the A button until the cannon
finally rises, use the cannon to blast a fire and the exit will
emerge for you to err.. exit. Before exiting you can find a gold
bangle on the southern side of this place.

Go through the opened path now and take the red door inside.

You will now come into a cramped area of the castle, you will find
a box of handgun ammo on top of the table here, take the platinum
sword from the plate on the wall, then you should tell Ashley to
stay right next to this area, while you proceed further, take the
stairs up and trick the cultists into coming down behind you and
take them out while they're on the stairs. That wasn't so hard.

Once you've killed these three monks, head back down and bring
Ashley back up with you, but as soon as your up turn around and
start shooting at the monks who are approaching behind you as soon
as you can, this ambush is a little hard to get through. The best
thing to use here is the shotgun but be aware of popping their
heads off since these monks are also equipped with dangerous Los
plagas like the villagers were, once you have taken all these out
look down the stairs and you will spot the red monk standing there
waiting for you, we'll just play it safe and its much easier to
take him out from here using the sniper rifle and some good head
shots. Once the red monk is dead, head to the plate on the second
floor area and take the gold sword from here, replace it with the
platinum sword and put the gold sword in the place of the platinum
one, and the door ahead shall unlock. Take the money that the red
guy drops since its a lot.

Once your through with this area proceed further and you will have
another scene and you will meet up with good old Luis once again,
after the scene is over head a little back to the gate we just
came here from and tell Ashley to stand here for the time being.
Afterwards, proceed further and check the far door, you will have
to fight another group of monks here now so use the exit of the
door area to your advantage and blast the monks with shotgun shells
as they come through the door one by one, there's some Los plagas
monks here too so be aware of them. Take care of the crossbow
firing monk as well, then head back and get Ashley to come with
you, let us proceed further.

In the next area you'll come across some more monks who are in
armor of sorts, but it isnt that hard to break and a good close
ranged shotgun shell is enough to break their armor, after that
kill them like your normal everyday monks, when the monks are
done for proceed further through the room here.

Inside the next room check the item box and you will find the
CASTLE GATE KEY inside it, take it and as soon as you do that you
will be attacked by on coming monks, if you time it right you can
set the explosive barrel off by shooting at it when some of the
monks are near it and thin the crowd down a little bit, if that
doesnt work then use normal shotgun blasts and if the crowd gets
a little thick head back to the starting area where the crossbow
man was and use that choke to take out the remaining following
monks. Once the monks are done for, with the key in hand head back.

Head back to where you met Luis and use the castle gate key to open
the door leading further into the castle. Head a little forward and
you will have a scene introducing you to Ramon Salazar, the owner of
this joint. Once you've met him and the scene is over, proceed up
the stairs and smash the vases when you can to find something inside
it and afterwards, find the green gem on one of the walls.

Once your done with that save your game at the typewriter in this
area, now take note of the path leading to the prison area which
is locked right now, so head the only way we can, take the hallway
with the carpet floor ahead. On your way, check the painting of
the Lord himself to find 5 grand peseta's behind it. You'll note
that the path leading further is being blocked by two flame walls
so we can't go through that way for now, but take the prison key
from the painting on the adjacent wall.

Once you have the key make your way back to the locked door we
saw before and use the prison key to open it, before heading down
however tell Ashley to stay up the stairs since sub a boss fight is
coming in a little while, before heading down the stairs here if
you look around you'll find a box of shotgun shells hanging, shoot
it to make it fall down so you can grab it when you reach down the
stairs. Head down the stairs now.

Head down and check the cell and that gladiator rip off thing in
it and you will start a sub boss battle.


Actually, further into the game you will face more of these so
it technically doesn't count as a boss, but since this is the
first time your facing one its just about as hard as a sub boss
can get, because later on you will be more properly equipped and
you'll know the proper tactics to deal with him so it won't be
that hard of a deal later on.

First let me clear the attacks that the garrador does, one really
important thing to know about him is that he is blind from the
eyes and can only hear the sound Leon is making, so before any
thing else I would ask you to quit running for this fight and
just walk where you have to all the time. Besides that the boss
can do 2 devastating attacks, first it will charge a little and
start swinging its huge claws around in an attempt to hit you,
secondly it will charge head on and if it hits you'll be dead
meat, but if he misses he will impale his claws into a wall and
will be temporarily unable to attack while he takes his claws out.

Conventional attacking isnt enough to kill this bastard but you
have to shoot at the plagas thats visible on this guy's back with
powerful weaponry, like the shotgun, the best method is to lure
him into using the charge attack so that he impales his claws on
a wall, that will give you enough time to run up to its back and
shoot a round or two from the shotgun. Besides that you can also
use the old Tremors trick (remember the movie) and walk very very
quietly towards its back while its searching around for you, and
shoot it in the back, then quickly walk a little away from where
you were since it will most likely attack immediately.

To make your life a little easier you can use the bell here as
well which will cause the garrador to strike his claws into it
giving you another chance to shoot its back, soon afterwards it
will be dead and you can proceed with the game. Now aren't we
glad we didn't bring Ashley down here.


Once the Garrador is dead, take any money that he drops and check
the switch thats next to where the garrador was initially and use
it, this will cause the flame walls to be turned off and now we
can proceed further in that direction.

Head back up and make your way towards the flame area again but
before you can proceed much ahead you'll be attacked by some
more monks, take them out quickly and head a little further to
be attacked by some dynamite people and crossbow man, the best
method to deal with this is to shoot directly at the dynamite.
This will cause all of them to go kaboom very quickly. Before
proceeding more forward go and save your game at the typewriter.

The next room is chock full of enemies, and when I say full I
mean that literally, the room includes enemies from red robed
guys to shielded guys to armed guys and crossbow guys. If you
even want to think about surviving this room with Ashley you
need to be quick right from the moment you enter this area, as
you enter quickly turn left or right and circle around the edge
of the room so that you get to the other side where there's a
small staircase leading down towards a door, on the way if you
are blocked by any monks then drop them with the shotgun, but
be aware not to do head shots, shoot them in the torso. Make
sure that Ashley isnt picked up either or else you'll have to
be superman to save her and yourself. Anyway, once your on the
other side of the hall and down the stairs, enter the door here
and immediately take Ashley to the far corner of the room and
make her stand there.

Now its much easier to kill the rest of the enemies as they will
come through the single door and you can easily drop them with
blasts from your shotgun, be aware however as some monks can drop
from the ceiling and they will immediately go after Ashley, so
when that happens ignore all else and save Ashley first, after a
few minutes of pumping lead the carnage will come to an end.

But NOOO.. its NOT over yet, after you are done with the starting
batch, head back out to the main room to find some more monks in
there waiting for you, lure them to you too and kill all of them
once the battling seizes or gets easy a little bit head into the
smaller room and have Ashley stand on one of the pressure pads
and have Leon stand on the other one, this will cause a pedestal
to raise in the big room, and a couple of more monks to appears
so head back there and take out the new monks who have appeared.

Once your up in the main room again, head for the pedestal and
use the lever on it, this will cause the stairs leading to the
upper part of this room to appear and with it a few more monks
sheeze.. give it a rest already. Take care of these new monks
as well and make your way up the stairs, take out any monks on
the stairs as well and make your way to the other end of them.

Once here, you will note that you need to cross over to the other
side to where the door is but Leon isnt able to do that on his
own here and you'll need Ashley to go up and use the crank to
make your way. So lift Ashley up to the place and she will run
to the crank and start doing her thing, meanwhile you shouldn't
relax just yet as you will be attacked by a lot more monks now
and some of them will come from Ashley's side as well, so now
you have to protect yourself and Ashley at the same time, but
the good thing is the monks wont kill Ashley, they will only
try to take her away, so if any monk is taking Ashley away take
out the TMP and shoot the monk once so he drops Ashley and she
gets back to what she was doing, for protecting yourself the
shotgun should be used or if you dont want to go through the
hassle of changing weapons just keep the TMP equipped if you
happen to have a lot of ammo for it.

Continue like this and soon after Ashley has done her task she
will come back to the edge and wait for Leon to catch her, you
have to do that and once Ashley is down you can be greedy and
kill every last enemy in the area for their dropped items or
make a dash quickly for the exit door.

You will come to a safe room of sorts now, there's a spinel here
for the taking and once that's taken chat with the merchant and
save your game at the typewriter ASAP because I know you guys dont
want to go through all that hectic mayhem all over again.


Once that is done, if you want to go for a game of target practice
then go through the door on the left side of the merchant in here,
inside talk to the other guy standing behind the counter and you
will be asked the kind of weaponry you want, sniper weaponry has
the handgun and a rifle in it, the rapid weaponry has a shotgun and
the TMP in it. Choose what suits you best and start up.

One thing you should know is that ammo is no object for the time
that you remain in the target practice area, meaning that you can
shoot all you want but your ammo will not run out. Thats good.

The object of the game is really simple, you only have to hit the
enemy targets that appear successfully but not hit the Ashley one
that pops up time from time, each target has a set value attached
to it and hitting the Ashley target will result you in loosing a
few points. The object of the game is to make about 3000 points to
win the damn thing, missing a target also results in negative
scoring when the final is being added so thats highly unadvised
besides that if you hit five targets in a row you will then see
the salazar target which in itself is worth 500 points alone. That
will most definitely help you in winning the game. Anyway, once your
done with the game you will receive bottle caps or rare kind
depending on your performance through the game.


Once your done with it and want to get on with the main game, head
back to the previous hallway and take the path heading off from the
left of our friendly merchant. Thats the end of this chapter.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ _ |_|
|__ / ___ / |
|_ \ |___| | |
|___/ |_|


You will have a scene to start the chapter with and by the end of
the scene, Ashley will no longer be with you for the time being
WOO HOO !!..

There's a door near you which leads towards the sewers area, with
no alternative thats the only way we can go for the time being,
but before heading down equip your shotgun since your gonna be
needing it in a while.

Down here, proceed forward and pretty soon you will run into the
new kind of monster, the Novistrador, these are big bad insects
who can kick Leon's ass very quickly, but the worst thing about
them is their ability to go invisible, you can spot them very
faintly after that, then it gets really hard.

The best method to take on these beasts is to use the shotgun and
try to keep them to the ground, and try to knock it down even on
the ground since it can deal very heavy damage in a single blow.
Anyway, use the tactics to get rid of the first one and continue
down your path, a little more into the path you will come to a
watery area where two more of these insects will be located, here
the best thing you can do is toss a grenade in their general
direction from behind the railing and once it goes off and does
its damage, get rid of them using your conventional weaponry. Once
they're both dead take any items that they dropped including eyes.

There is a door not far away from you now, so take it and you will
be taken into the dungeon of the castle. Good. In this area you will
face atleast 4 more of those insect like things which you should
take out only with the shotgun. Be sure not to get boxed in one of
the cells because the insects can easily dispose of you if you are
cornered in the same place. Get rid of the insects as quickly as you
can possibly. When you want to proceed further into the game, head
over to the control roor and use the valve in there to drain the
water thats blocking your way. Also, pick up the valuable item
Butterfly lamp before exiting this area. You might be attacked by
more insects once the water goes out so be on your guard.

The water will part revealing the doorway behind it so go there and
once on the other side continue down the path, during the path one
of the insects will try to surprise you by ambushing you so be ready
for it as well and shotgun its ass when it falls down. Before going
forward you will be able to find a violet blue in some water. After
taking it head forward and you will come to a room with some really
huge ass axes moving around. How fun..

Dont get scared by this area, its only for show and really easy to
get through this area, before proceeding with the room take note of
the shadows of the axes you can use them as guides to tell you how
far close you can stand near an axe safely. Use the shadow to guide
yourself near the first axe and run past it when it goes back. Do
the same for the second axe, the third and the fourth are probably
moving at the same time so you'll have to be really quick if you
want to escape them unscratched. Pass through the area.

Now you will be back in the same hallway where the target practice
area used to be, but this time there's a Los Illuminados ritual type
thingy going on around here, from where you are you will be able to
see many monks and a red one or two in between them too, now if you
jump down immediately they will all scatter and try to run away,
normally we'd do this but the catch in this area is that the monks
all drop spinel's after they die and the red one drops a pendant
worth over 10 k peseta's, so we're definetly gonna try to kill all
of them here. The easiest strategy for that is to use a flash grenade
from where you are and after it has done its affect throw out a normal
grenade to take some out immediately, and then quickly take out the
TMP and fire as quick as you can to try and take out the rest of them.
If you did this right some of them will even try to line ladders up to
get you, but you can easily shove them back down and take care of the
monks. Overall if you get a lot of them then you can earn a really big
score in just this room.

Once your done with this room or if your running short on ammo, just
drop down to the ground floor and watch the cowardly bastards run
away from you, once that's done take the ladder back to the upper
place and jump to the chandelier, swing to the other end and jump
over to the other chandelier where you'll find the elegant mask. Also
you'll find a switch there that will open up the path that is leading
from this place to the next upper room with another merchant in it.

Before selling anything to the merchant, if you picked up the lamp a
little while ago and if you still happen to have some of the jewel
eyes, then insert one of each red blue and green eyes into the lamp
and you can sell it for a whopping price of 32 grand. Thats a huge
total. Once you've sold that to the local merchant, sell anything
else that you wish to sell and once that is done continue your way
through the now open doorway and its time for us to look for Ashley.

In this new area, take the red herb from the table, the handgun ammo
from the chair and the memo from the other table, once your done with
all this go through the door but you'll be attacked by some monks and
a mean looking red robed monk with a key around his neck. Thats odd.
You will need to go to where the red man is standing in order to kill
him, so start heading in his general direction while taking out any
monks that try to stop you during your passage. Once your done with
the normal monks in this area take the door thats on the upper side
and go through it, in this area smash the breakable things for items
and kill the enemy you come across in this room, once done go through
the other door here.

In this new balcony immediately turn left and take out the two monks
with your rifle, then turn around and take the convenient rifle ammo
in the same area, after that jump to where the red monk is waiting
for you, but rather then fighting like a man.. or.. whatever it is,
it will flee once you get near it.

Once he starts running you quickly take out and reload your shotgun
and take any items that were left in this room, and start following
the red guy to where ever he's taking you, during the follow you
will be attacked by an enemy in the way, use the shotgun to kill
the enemy quickly and continue your pursuit of the red monk. A little
more forward and eventually you'll run into the guy again but this
time he's got something of his own, its a friggin gattling gun.

Now we have to fight that guy, the best method of taking him on is
to use the shotgun from VERY close range, get right up next to the
guy and start pumping him full of lead, the reason why we're so
close to him is because he is slow at turning the gun so while he
is still turning it you can easily get behind him and knock some
more shells into it, the fight shouldnt really be that hard and
eventually you will end up killing him and he will drop the key
he was wearing, its the GALLERY KEY.

Now to proceed further on with the game you have to go back 2 or
3 rooms, go back to the place where the red monk originally was
and you'll find a locked door there (it was there all along I
just didnt mention it before) use the gallery key and the door
shall open for you. In this new room shoot the jewel in the deer's
eye and you will be able to get it. Once that is done head over
to the central area and you'll see that there's a puzzle here you
have to complete in order to proceed.

The puzzle will actually give you an idea what kind of a person
Salazar is, if you thought Chief Brian Irons had a disturbing
painting collection, this'll be the cream of the crop. What you
have to do is solve the puzzle by rotating the paintings so that
six deaths are seen on it. The paintings have 2 sides each and
you need to figure out what order to rotate them into in order
to get six deaths showing on screen, without further time wasting
press the paintings in this order to finish the puzzle.

2 -- 1 -- 4 -- 3 -- OK

Now this room will have another little scene involving Leon and
Lord Salazar, after the scene is done you should be immediately
ready since we'll be getting into battle ASAP, so as soon as the
scene is done you should immediately turn right and dash towards
that little door which was unlocked during all this time, enter
the door and this will end up being your perfect hideaway for the
time being, all the armed bad boys will be easier to take out from
that room, but a little while later you will have crossbow people
running around the second floor and you'll have to run after them
in order to take them out. A little while later you will see a little
scene in which some more monks will appear with rocket launchers in
their hands (woah) and it gets a little rougher from there but if
you keep running around the area you can easily be safe from them
infact if your good enough you can even have the rocket launcher
people take out the crossbow men for you. Its a bit hard though.

When your done fighting and want to exit the room you'll need to
flip two switches in order to get the item that we're seeking in
here, the first switch is on the western side of this area and is
easier to spot, you can press that easily, the second switch is
on the southern side of the room hidden under a vase, you'll need
to get rid of that before you can press the switch.

One thing you'll have to know is that if there is no more crossbow
man in the area then when you press the second switch you will have
to fight some newly arriving armed men, so if you want to save
yourself some energy then you should leave atleast one crossbow man
before you press that second switch, regardless of all that there
will be some new rocket launcher people always arriving when you
press the second switch. Anyway, once you press the second one will
let you get to the treasure chest which has the Goat Ornament inside
it, though it sounds weird, its actually a key item we're gonna need.
With the ornament in hand exit through the door which was blocked
previously into the area into the next room.

You will come into a room with a typewriter now, save your game
at once here, also break the boxes to find some handgun ammo in
them, also take the spinal before you take the blue door into the
next area. You will come to an area with a fountain, kill all the
birdies that are around the fountain and take any money that they
drop for you, afterwards take the Velvet Blue from inside the pond
itself, there's a door to the right but Leon cannot open it on his
own, so continue down the path past the fountain and take the door
here. In the new area head a little further down and you will get
a message from Salazar via radio, afterwards continue down the way.

This is the infamous garden maze area we've been hearing about, if
you see the map that the game offers you will be able to learn the
ways to the fountain really easily, but the moon stone isnt the
only thing that the fountain offers, you can also find several
other things in the area as well.

To make things a little easier, I asked fellow FAQ author Outbreak
or XFactor if you call him by that name for permission to use the
garden map that he has drawn on his awesome walkthrough and he let
me use it with permission of course, so credit for this part goes
out to him and only him.



| | | 5| |
| | | |
| | |---------| |-------| | | ----- |
|---| | | | | | | |
| 8 | | | 1 | | | |
| | | | |-------| | |
| ----| | | | | (A) |
| | | | | |
| | | | ~~~~~| |
| ---------| |XXXX|---------------|~~~~~| |
| | | |~~~~~| |
| 2 | | |~~~~~| |
| | | |~~~~~| |
| ---------| | |~~~~~|--------------|
| ~~~~~~~~~~############## ~~~~~ X |
| ~~~~~~~~~~##############(B) ~~~9~ X |
| ~~~~~~~~~~#########6#### ~~~~~ X |
| ---------- | |~~~~~|---------| |
| | |~~~~~| | |
| | |~~~~~| | |
| ----| |----------- |~~~~~| | | |
------ | | | | | | | |
| 7 | | | | | | | | |
| | ----- | |XXXX------- | | | | |
| | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | 4 | | |
| | | 3 | | |----| |----| | |
| |---- |----| | | |
| | |
| |-----------------------| 0 |
|----------------------| | --|
| | |

~ - Stairs
X - Gate

(A) - Moonstone (Left Half)
(B) - Moonstone (Right Half) *above stairs*

0 - Start Point
1 - TMP Ammo
2 - First Aid Spray
3 - Red Gem
4 - Shotgun Shells
5 - Spinel
6 - Green Herb
7 - Yellow Herb
8 - Handgun Ammo


Before entering the maze area make sure that your shotgun or any of
its modified brothers are your primary weapon, the maze area should
be the least of your concerns for the time being, you should be more
worried about the Colmillos, you know, the mutated wolves. They will
jump randomly from the bushes and surrounding area and try to bite
Leon's throat off if you dont drive them away quickly, aim for the
Plagas in them for kills. Often you'll be back attacked by them as
well and that can really be annoying, but to avoid being back attacked
you should keep your ears open and listen to their sounds, as soon as
you hear them continue running forward and turn back only if its a
corner and fire a shell or two to sub due your attacker.

Now, the main objective for the maze area for us is to find the two
separated pieces of the moon stone, you can find each peace next to
a fountain which is sort of a position indicator, one of the pieces
is on the very north eastern side according to the little map you
get and the other one is up the small set of stairs near the central
part of the maze. As soon as you pick up any peace you will be
attacked by some Colmillos in a quick rush so make sure the guns
are ready before you pick the stone up, once you have both the pieces
combine them and make your way back to the door behind the maze area
that was locked before.

If you want to stick in the maze for some items, you can find some
stuff like a couple of herbs, ammos for various guns and a couple
of valuable items as well. With the full moon stone in your hand
head back to the door near the initial fountain where we killed
some birdies.

Once your here use the moon stone on the door and you'll be able
to proceed inside, inside you'll see a scene..and.. Ada Wong !!!.
Im not sure if the dialogue is different if you were saved by
ada way back at the beginning of the game.

Ada and Leon will talk about some stuff here before Ada makes a break
for it and leaves Leon hanging around, damn she looks hot.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ ___|_|
|__ / ___ |_ )
|_ \ |___| / /
|___/ /___|


After that very informative introduction of Ada Wong, we are now
free to search the area and look for Ashley as best as we can. SO
lets get on with it, as soon as you come back in control of Leon
check your surrounding area's, there's plenty of breakable items
in the near areas so do that, break every thing that can be broken
and you'll find a valuable item or two inside of of the container.
When that is done proceed further into the area and eventually in
a little while you'll run into another merchant (how the hell do
they get to these places).

Chat with the merchant and find out whats hot, before exiting the
area however take the memo which tells about the particular female
intruder we just met, also use the typewriter there to save the
game if you wish, once saving is done proceed further, you will
come into a long hallway, it will branch at a point and you will
be able to take the right path leading to some items, actually the
path will lead back to the garden but we'll be using it later on
in the game when the time comes.

Also searching around the area you will come into a room with many
pots that you can break to find tons of items inside them, check
every last pot here and proceed back to the hallway, once your back
in the hallway head to the other end and ring the bell here. Once
that is done you will see the painting flip over, take out any gun
and shoot the bottle of wine that you can see now, this will cause
the eastern exit to open up allowing you to proceed inside.

In this next area you'll come across two chests in the middle which
just happen to be laying there with no one around them, seems really
nice doesnt it, so why dont you go get them already. As soon as your
near the chests you will have a little scene and a big cage will
drop around Leon and you will be trapped inside the cage with some
more ganodo's, and worse of all another garrador. As soon as the
cage drops, the garrador will drop right in front of you so its best
to immediately head a little right or left so that your safe from
that thing for the time being. Now its entirely possible but almost
suicidal if you want to take on all those monsters from inside the
cage, not to mention the one's that are standing outside the cage
waiting to swipe at you if you ever get too close to a corner.

The trick here is to find the door and blow the lock off it and
exit the cage as soon as possible, from where you start inside the
cage the lock should be towards the right or left of Leon, use the
TMP to blow the lock quickly and head outside the cage. If you want
to apply a safer but slower strategy then make your way back all
the way to the area with the dining table, the doors along the way
would give you enough time to take out the normal monks that are
following you but the garrador is a different story. If by luck
the garrador is following you too then you can lure it to the dining
table area where you can safely run around the table and take pot
shots at its back when ever you have the chance with any weapon
since its almost too easy here.

But if the garrador stays inside the cage (since its blind and all)
you will have a bit of trouble because as long as the garrador is
still alive there will be 1 monk arriving every time you clear all
the monks, meaning you MUST kill the garrador in order to end this.

Once all the enemies are finally dead collect all the treasures they
dropped and head back to the cage area, check the treasure chest here
for the fancy hour glass. After doing all this, head down the hallway
where the painting is and take the rare magnum ammo in this area and
then take the door on the northern wall to exit.

Continue forward and you will reach another area with tons of enemies,
the object in this area is to drop down to the central area and flip
the switch which in turn would extend the walkway that we need to
take to proceed further ahead. But you didn't think it was gonna be
that easy, did ja ? there's enemies to deal with here too. You can
easily take the ganodo's on the lower part out from above by using
the sniper rifle, that was easy, be aware that some enemies will also
come out of the door that you just took in a little while so keep an
eye out for these one too. After sniping some ganodo's from above
equip the TMP and jump down, quickly use the lever which will cause
your path to be revealed. But at the same time 2 new enemies will be
around the ladder.

Take them out and quickly take the ladder back up, across the newly
raised walkway you will find some more monks who need some killing,
kill all of them and cross the bridge, on the other side turn right
and take out the monk who is firing at you with the crossbow. Once
he's been taken out jump down to the ground on the other side. Now
go and get the treasures they were protecting which includes ammo
and a fwee rocket launcher, if you dont have enough space in your
inventory for the time being continue with the path as you will see
a merchant shortly and you can buy a attaché case from him. Otherwise
take the items here immediately.

Head back up now and go across the path this time taking the door
out of this place where the shielded monks came from before. The
next area will hold a typewriter and another merchant, if you did
not pick the rocket launcher before then buy an attaché case from
this guy and return back to get it. Once your done save your game
at the typewriter and then go through the other door in this room
to end this chapter as well.

That was a really short one, a short one but a real violent one.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ ___|_|
|__ / ___ |__ /
|_ \ |___| |_ \
|___/ |___/


When the initial scenes at the start of this chapter are over and
you are back in control of Leon, search your surrounding area's for
some handgun ammo, rifle ammo and a grenade or two, also check the
Salazar portrait to find another 5 grand for the taking, then go
forward and you'll finally meet up with Ashley. But she's bound at
the moment and Leon has to free her.

From where you are, take out the rifle and take aim at the restraints
that are holding Ashley and gently shoot them off, being very careful
not to accidentally hit Ashley, its best done with the rifle but if
your short of ammo for that use the handgun and take aim very slowly
when you fire. Once Ashley is free she will be attacked by a couple of
monks and all you can is try to protect her, so take aim at the monks
that try to take her away and shoot them all down with rifle ammunition.
After the initial wave is dead Ashley will realize that the door is
locked and just then the second wave of attacks will begin. This one
will include countless monks and one red monk boss among them who has
a key around his neck. One thing you should know is that the monks
will keep coming if you do not shoot the red guy, who will try to take
Ashley away mind you, so ignore all the other monks and shoot the red
guy first, but still be aware of the crossbow men and dodge their
fires when you see them.

As soon as you kill the red monk, Ashley will take the key around
his neck and she will open the doors lock. Now you will be playing
as Ashley for a little while. Fun fun fun.


Ashley's not that good to play with because she does not use any
weaponry at all and you still have to face some enemies while your
playing as her, but no weaponry means that your going to use your
brain a whole lot more from here on. When your in control of Ashley
you'll be in a room with a typewriter, search around the room to
find a spinel and a yellow herb for the taking. Once you've taken
the items go through the door leading to your first cowardly fight.

As you enter the room you will run into some monks here but they
dont treat you any nicer and they'll try to kill you, and you'll
have to do something about it, the only offence Ashley has that
she can pick up lanterns and throw them toward the monks to do
damage on them. There are six lanterns in this room and 2 monks
and each one takes 3 to die meaning that you dont have any way
to miss otherwise you'll have to run from this battle, beware
however that the flame from the lantern can hurt Ashley as well
but killing the monks is better this way since they'll drop herbs
before they finally die.

Another thing you can do here, is from the start go to the middle
of the two tables and take the green herb first, then crawl under
the table on the left wall near the gate and operate the crank
here until the bars are up all the way. Then go back and use the
two other cranks as well. Once your done with that go through it
and you will find some items on the other side including another
spinel and some money.

Once your done with that area, head down the pathway here and you
will see a door on the left wall along the way, but you aren't
able to do anything in this area for the time being so ignore the
door and continue down the path turning right, take the red herb
from here before entering the door at the end of the path.

In this new area you will come to a series of gates which you need
to navigate through by pressing some switches here and there until
on the other side with an item. You'll find the first of them on
the north western end of this room, press the button and you will
be able to enter the middle area of the room, here you will find a
key item, the Stone Tablet from above the fireplace and then push
the button thats near it. This will lead you back to the beginning
area of this room which has nothing in it but a cabinet for you to
push out of the way. There's a switch behind this as well, now that
we have the tablet press this switch and you will be given a free
path to the end of the room, so take any items that you can find
inside cabinets or whatever and proceed through.

In the next small area, run forward and grab the spinel from the
chair, and proceed further ahead. You will come into a room with
a big puzzle in the middle, well actually its not that big. Head
over to the puzzle and initiate it. The one thing to remember is
that the puzzle solution is always the same if you start from the
beginning but if you mess around with the puzzle then try to leave
the area and return hoping to find the puzzle, you will be disappointed
and will see that the puzzle remains the same.

The following is the solution for the puzzle from the start, looking
at the key pad you have to press the keys in the following order.

| | | |
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
| | | |
| 4 | 5 | 6 |
| | | |
| | | |
| 7 | 8 | 9 |

Press the buttons in this order...

left to right ---->

6 -- 3 -- 2 -- 5 -- 4 -- 7 -- 8 -- 9 -- 6 -- 5 -- 2 -- 1 --
(after 1) -- 4 -- 7 -- 8 -- 5 -- 6 -- 9.

Once you've done the puzzle properly you will be able to place the
stone tablet that we picked up earlier in here, do that now and a
new path will be revealed so head in there.

In this new area, head forward and you will find a gold bangle from inside
the chest and check the cabinet for another spinel before you do anything
else in here, once taken check the painting in the middle area of the room
and it will end up giving you 2 key items in a row, the Salazar Family
Insignia and the Serpent Ornament. Once this happens though, the cheesy
suit of armors that were in the previous room will also surprisingly come
to life (is this RE or a ghost movie). Since we're playing as Ashley for
the time being and she doesnt have any weapony all I can tell you is how
to avoid the suits, they will swing their huge axes toward you in slow but
very powerful attacks, once the attack is done it gives you enough time to
run away from the suit of armor while he gets ready for a second blow, we
dont wanna stick around for that.

The dodging part however isnt that easy as the game will ask you to press
a combination of two keys to dodge their wild blows, the bad thing about
the suits however is that they can move quiet quickly for their size, but
their attacking speed isnt that impressive. Anyway, with the two key items
in hand make your way back a couple of rooms to where we saw the door on
the left wall that we ignored for the first time. Now we can proceed further
from there. Once your there (its the butlers room for those curious). Once
you've gotten back there search around the room for any items that you can
take and also take the butler's memo, afterwards use the Insignia on the
place for it and you will be able to turn the dia's, once you do that you
will be able to proceed further and finally meet up with Leon once again.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ |_|
|__ /
|_ \


After the whole reuniting thing you will be back in control of Leon and
Ashley will be with us once again, time for us to proceed further into
the game. Before we go on with the story however there is a little back
tracking that we can do to gain some super awesome treasure's if you guys
are willing to do that. From where you start in this room you should know
your way back to the area where the cage dropped on Leon and you had to
fight that garrador, make your way back to that room, if you dont know
the way then just find it dammit. Once your back in this area head for
the south exit and you will come to the outside area of the place that
we were when we reached the garden, once your in this area you can use
Ashley's help to enter the locked door via the window, piggy back Ashley
into the room and inside you will be able to find a crap load of good
things which include a valuable Elegant Perfume Bottle, a Red Herb, and
the Broken Butterfly Magnum. I would ask you to periodically upgrade the
broken butterfly since its one of the most powerful guns that you have at
this time and it is whats going to help you out during the big boss fight
at the end of this chapter, but I would also ask you not to use it on
anything else since you hardly get any ammo for it.

Once you've taken all these treasures proceed back. Once you've taken all
that proceed back to the room where Ashley was trapped to begin with and
once your here proceed through the north exit, you will come out in an
area with a typewriter for you to use, so save your game at this point.
Afterwards from here you can find a small tram that you can use to return
to one of the early area's in this part of the game, but we dont have any
business there for the time being so ignore that place and continue heading
north wards and you will come to a place where you can use a small machine
to make your way across some lava. Do that. Once the lava is crossed you
would have reached a new area.

Once on the other side you will have to proceed from there on, keeping your
eyes not to take any damage from the flames but the good thing is that you
can't actually fall into the lava, anyway proceed a little further into this
area and you will see a monk approaching you on a weird flame spitting thing,
before he reaches you and bar B Q's your ass quickly take out your sniper
rifle and try to take out that guy from a distance, it wouldn't take any
more then 1 bullet to do so, it shouldn't be hard. Just dont miss.

Proceeding further you will come to a small puzzle which involves you
jumping from here to there, but it shouldn't be thar hard for you by
now, proceeding across the puzzle you will come to another area where
you will run into a few more monks and about 2 more of those flame
spitting thingies. The good strategy here is to concentrate your fire
power on the monks first since they're the faster one's and they can
cause you more damage. You can try to stay in the central area and
take out the monks from there or you can head forward near the place
where they're coming from and try to blast them as they come out one at
a time. Or you could even try to lure the monks onto the path of the
flames and have them roasted. Its all fun hehe. Once the monks are dead
though its time to take out the flame spitters.

One of the two spitters walks very slow and is much easier to take out
then the other one, for this one you should run across the length of
the hallway so that it follows you and when you reach the end of the
hall quickly turn around and shoot with the rifle to get dispose of
the rider of the flame spitting thing, shouldn't be too hard. The other
one however is a little difficult to kill, but you can easily kill him
too and avoid the flames thanks to the walls that are conveniently
placed in this area, the best thing to do is to run from walls to walls
so that the guy has to change his firing position from time to time,
once he's firing at one side quickly run to the other wall area and
shoot the guy from there. Shouldn't be too hard, once all the guys are
toast you will end up finding the Lion Ornament. By now hopefully you
do have all three of the ornaments in your inventor, the lion, the goat
and the serpent.

With all three of the ornaments in hand proceed back the path we took
until you reach the tram I talked about a little while earlier, with
the ornaments and Ashley besides you ride the tram back to the starting
area's and make your way to the place where you met Salazar for the
first time. Once back here check the mural and you will see that you
can put all the ornaments in here, do that and a path will open for
you to proceed further into the game, before taking that path however
check the right side corner and you will find another painting of
Saddler and some more chas behind it for the taking, near that are
some vases that you can smash to get some items from inside them as
well. Once you've done all that take the path that we just opened up.

Now you will come to a new area, and for reaching the Salazar area,
we'll need to go to either ends and find the different keys that we
need to open the area leading to Salazar's sanctum. Before you do
anything however, find the merchant in the local area and do your
thing with him like shopping, upgrading and selling as required.
Besides that there is also another shooting range here you can test
your sniping skills at. Collect bottles from the shooting range and
its time to proceed when your ready.

When your ready to start item hunting, go through the door on the western
side first, you will have to deal with some puzzles before you actually
get what your looking for, in the first room you will come across a very
simple puzzle, in order to get through it push the two knight statues so
that they're both standing on two of the pressure plates on the floor,
afterwards make Ashley stand on the third pressure plate and you go stand
yourself on the final plate, once all plates are occupied you will be
able to proceed to the next room. In the next room you will see just how
disobedient Salazar is, even though Saddler wants the girl alive Salazar
wnats nothing more then to crush the intruders, and thats what he plans
to do literally. In the next room Leon and Ashley will be trapped while
the slow moving ceiling slowly comes down to crush our hero's into the
ground, in order to stop this trap take aim with any weapon and shoot at
the four small red targets and the trap will be disabled.

Afterwards proceed forward and the final and most deadly trap in this
area will be set. Ashley will get trapped in a long hall and a mine
machine will come out of no where and try to crush Ashley, you have to
quickly shoot the two drivers of the machine and once they're dead
Ashley will be able to escape the area before she is crushed with the
machine, once your done here proceed to the store room and you will
find a couple of items here. You'll find the key item that we're
looking for here, the Queen's grail and a valuable item the Elegant
Crossbow, take both the items then make your way back to the central
area. This time take the eastern door inwards. Time for more action

On the eastern side you will have to battle your way across the hall
rather then solving the puzzle, once you enter initially you will have
to face two armored knights, before you actually pick up the King's
Grail from the other end you will have to dodge the attacks using the
combination of the keys, but after that is done you will have to fight
the 2 groups of knights that approach the area, hitting them with
anything normal isnt even going to flinch them, before you start
fighting it is a good idea to have Ashley stand in one of the corners
since the knights will not go after her, but they will only attack Leon.
To fight the knights you first need to expose the Los plagas inside
them, you cant shoot anywhere else so we have to blow their helmets
off, the shotgun is the best weapon for this, since the knights aren't
that fast you can move back and forth across the halls and quick turn
and shoot at their helmets a few times, once a kni ght's helmet falls
off you will be able to see the plagas from the open area and thats
what you have to shoot from there on.A very nifty trick you can use
is to shoot all the knights helmets off first and when all the knights
plagas are showing throw one flash grenade at them if you happen to
have one and it will instantly kill all of them, this is very cool,
but if you dont happen to have the flash grenade then you will have
to use normal weaponry and aim at the plagas to kill the knights. Once
you've killed all of them and have the King's grail in your hand,
proceed back to the central area where we will put the king and queen's
grail now.

Now before you can reach the area to put the grails in you will come face
to face with a group of monks who will not take note of you until you get
a little close to them, so the best thing to do here is to use the sniper
rifle and try to take them out from a distance, either way take out the
monks and go and place the grails in their respective slots, you will be
able to proceed further afterwards. Proceed.

Now you will come out into another small hallway, there are several vases
here that you can destroy in order to get various items, be aware as one
of the vases contains a snake, watch out for it but if you want an egg
then kill the snake to claim your prize. Besides that you can find two
different sets of pesetas and some shotgun shells if you explore this
room long enough to find all the items, once your done item hunting in
here proceed forward and jump down from the edge of the ledge your at.

Now in this new area head forward and above you, you will notice a huge
hive of those insect things, before heading any further start unload a
crap load of rounds into that hive, its not really important to do this
but we're doing it just for the money, if you happen to have the rocket
launcher then just 1 shot from it should be enough to get the job done
otherwise you'll have to shoot at it with a lot of your normal ammunition,
after you've done shooting at it a whole lot the hive will fall down,
apparently useless but you will be able to pick up quiet a few eyes from
here which can be really valuable. The bad thing about is that you cannot
prevent whats about to happen even with this.

Once you try to proceed further into the hallway, a small event will
happen and Ashley would get kidnapped, immediately after that you will
be forced to fight 6 or something like that number of insects,
relatively like the novistadors the thing is that these insects cannot
turn invisible,but they can fly which can make it very easy for them
to surround you from all sides, the easiest strategy to fight this battle
is to head double back up the hallway that we came to this place from and
kick the door open then go to the opposite side of it, then use the
entrance as your advantage point and shoot the insects as they approach
one after the other, shotgun shells or fast TMP rounds work best for them.

Now, if you want some serious cash then jump through the window thats
near this door before proceeding further down the hallway, you will
come to a path which has a buttefly lamp at the end, if you happen to
have the eyes of different colors then put them in this lamp to make
its value go way up then normal. Once you've done that go back to the
hive area and operate the switch at the end of the place, you'll need
to shoot the chains of the bridge too if you want it to come all the way
down so do that and once the bridge is all the way down cross over.

You will now come to an area with a merchant and a save game spot for
you, if you happen to have the butterfly lamp combined with the eyes
then sell it to the merchant here to get some serious cash, afterwards
if you didnt pick up the rocket launcher from before pick one up from
this merchant if you happen to have enough cash since it will come in
very handy in the coming times. Save the game before you want to proceed
further then take the door to the next area.

You will now come to the outside area of the clock tower, destroy the
barrels here to find a Velvet Blue, and once taken proceed further,
soon you'll come under catapult fire and you'll have to run for cover,
its really easy as all you have to do is keep running to avoid the fire,
you will be attacked by some monks head on as well but you can use the
catapult fire to your advantage by making the monks run into it so they
die immediately. When your heading for the second floor you'll notice
that the catapults will start blasting the doorways too so wait for the
catapults to empty before proceeding through the door.

On this side of the tower you have to destroy the three objects that are
preventing the gears of the clock tower from moving, you can find two of
them even before you climb the ladder, shoot at them with your handgun,
there are three objects in total and we'll need to go up to find the
third one, so take the ladder up to where the third object is and shoot
it out of its place, then take the green herb thats found in the
surrounding area and take the memo from here as well. Once all the objects
have been removed, activate the crank thats at the top lever of the tower
and the tower will activate.

Once that is done the bottom part of this floor will be occupied by a
new batch of enemies which include the crossbow men, and now we have
to go down as well, so start heading down the ladders while taking out
any monks that attempt to block your path. When you finally make it to
the lower level you will have another small scene of some enemies with
dynamites arriving in the area, quickly go through the door to the
external area of the clock tower.

Now move forward towards the bridge and you will be attacked by three
more shield bearing monks, you should take care of them quickly and
make your way across the bridge, but soon you'll see another small
scene and the bridge will soon become full of monks which include one
with a rocket launcher in his hand as well, there will be monks coming
from behind you as well so you should turn around occasionally to check
your back side, by far the best weapon for this area is the shotgun and
you should aim at the guy with the rocket launcher before anyone else
since he's the biggest threat here, a good strategy is to toss a grenade
as soon as you see the enemies coming for the bridge and hopefully it
will target some of them, another good strategy is to take care of the
one's coming from behind you quickly then to run right back to the door
that came into this area from and use the doorway there as your advantage
point and take out the monks as they enter using the shotgun shells, this
seems like an ideal place to use the rocket launcher but I would advice
you to save that for the later parts of this level since we're going to
run into bigger problems ahead. The rocket launcher man when killed will
drop a valuable gold bangle, so take it and once all the people are dead
cross the bridge and head into the door at the end of the path.

Now you'll come to an area which seems impossibly hard, you will have a
couple of monks and not one but TWO garradors standing right in front of
you, I hope to god that you didnt waste the rocket launcher in the
previous room or if you HAVE it to begin with, if you have the rocket
launcher then quickly aim it at the door thats between the two of them
and fire the rocket there, the impact should hit the parasites on their
back hard enough and they should both die instantly otherwise very
seriously wounded making them cannon fodder, they each drop a set of
15 k peseta's which is more then enough we need, as your heading up to
the path where the garrador's were you will be attacked from the behind
by some monks so keep an eye out for them as well. If you dont happen to
have the rocket launcher then the best method is to take out any normal
monks before you attempt to fight the garrador's then use their blindness
to your advantage and take them out using shotgun shells.

Before proceeding to the next area check the various pots that are in
this room, you should be able to find a first aid spray in one of them
that will help us out very much. Afterwards proceed further and take
the 2 spinel's from each statue, proceed to the next area and you will
meet Salazar again. Time for a trap.

Keep your fingers on the dodge buttons A and B or L and R as you will
have to press one of them very quickly when the game prompts you to ,
after that is done sleazier will send one of this guys to deal with Leon.

Now where Leon gets up again, you will find several dead bodies and
several items to loot from them, apparently Salazar doesnt treat the
people he doesnt like very nicely, anyway once you've gotten the
various item that this place has to offer, chat with the merchant and
see what he's got to offer, he'll offer you a new shotgun from here
on me thinks, after that is done save your game and take the ladder
up to the upper area. In this new path, continue forward and check
the first pipe area to find a Velvet Blue and the next one to find a
spinle, there's a red herb here somewhere too, proceed further into
the hallway once your ready and you will run into Salazar's Right
hand man.

Take the door on the other end here, in this new area again head to the
door on the other end but keep your fingers on the dodge keys since you
will need to do a quick dodge before you can exit the area. In this new
control room take all the items that you can find and once thats done
check the control panel, the shutters will close and the elevator will
start to rise, quickly head for the shutters to try and open them but
just like the elevators this is going to take some time, but the right
hand man will also appear. Boss time.


Now there's two things you can do in order to get this fight over with,
you can either play it safe and keep on dodging his attacks while the
elevator comes down so you can get the hell out of this area or you can
take the initiative and shoot the hell out of this creature. Either will
involve you using the nitrogen canisters and tipping them over the right
hand man so it slows down a little bit.

After the boss makes its initial appearance, he will attack you with
different kinds of attacks that includes slashes or it will even some
times try a charging attack which you can dodge by pressing the proper
dodge buttons that appear on the screen, once you've dodged a few of
its attack quickly head over to the nitrogen contains in this room and
tip it over, this will cover the right hand man with nitrogen and it
will slow him down for a little while giving you a chance to run like
hell and find some cover, eventually the shutter will be removed and
you will be able to proceed back to the previous hall where there are
some more nitrogen canisters waiting to be dropped.

Now in this hallway, if you want to play safe then its better that you
leave the canister thats nearest to the elevator area for the last and
use the other canisters first, tip the other canisters over when the
right hand man is near them and they will slow him down a whole lot,
once your canisters are all done the elevator should either already be
here or should be very near to coming here, so quickly make your way
back to where the elevator was, if you manage to waste all the canisters
and the elevator isnt here yet then you dont have any alternative then
to try and dodge the boss's attacks normally which isnt that easy of a
thing to do. Hopefully you'll be alive by the time the elevator comes
and you'll be able to take it out of the area. Quickly head for the
elevator and take it down to end this chapter.

The other method of this fight involves in us shooting the living
daylights out of the boss and getting an item for it, most of the
fight procedure is the same but once you knock over the first
nitrogen canister and the boss is frozen, take out the rocket
launcher or the next most powerful weapon you have (which should
be the broken butterfly) and start smacking the boss while he's
frozen, you can also hurt it normally but the bullets do more
damage when its frozen, if you happen to have the rocket launcher
then it would be extremely easy for you to kill it, otherwise tip
over the nitrogen canisters one at a time and start pumping the
boss with any kind of powerful weapon available. Eventually the
boss should die and it will drop a Crown Jewel after dying. This
method is really hard without the rocket launcher and can take up
a lot of ammo if you dont have powerful guns, if your a first timer
then its suggested that you try to run away from this boss.


_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
_ _ _ |_|
| | | ___ / |
|_ _| |___| | |
|_| |_|


From where you start this chapter there will be a merchant next to you
with a typewriter and tons of items for you to find by breaking the
barrels or searching around, you can find a good amount of ammo in just
this area as well, there's a memo here as well, take all these items and
save your game at the typewriter, the right door will lead you to another
game of shooting range, if you dont want to do that then proceed to the
left door into the next area.

Run forward in the new area and you will come face to face with 2
villager ganodo's, apparently they're the one's who work the mines,
kill the two here and search around them to find some more handgun
ammo and another valuable item. Take all that. Head for the new
area, here you will have to drop down to the lower level, here
search the broken cart to find another valuable item inside it,
then check the switch board near you to call down the cart but
before it comes to you it will stop because the power will falter.
Dang. There might be more villagers in this area so keep an eye
out for that as well, once the cart stops move towards to the
southern part of the room where the circuit breaker is located,
we need to fix it, take the ladder there and go operate the circuit
breaker, after doing that some more villagers including one chainsaw
villager will drop into the main area, and you'll have to dispose
of them. The shotgun is your best friend in this area and you should
take aim for the chainsaw guy first.

After you've disposed of all the villagers here check the first switch
again and the cart will come all the way down, check it to find the
dynamites inside it, once you have that head over to the boulders which
are blocking your path further into the area and destroy them using
the dynamites that you just picked up. In this new area you'll find
more barrels near the entrance, destroy them to find some items
including much needed ammo for your magnum type guns. Also important
is the grenade you find in one of them. Take.

In the new blast furnace area, on the right side you will find a flash
grenade and a first aid spray, and you can even find some shotgun
shells. Take these items and as you approach the other side you will
be attacked by not one but two el gigante's at the same time. Fighting


When your near the door you will see the scene involving the two el
gigante's coming into this room and you now have to deal with the
both of them at the same time, actually if you like to you can kill
one of them pretty quickly and not with that much risk but the bad
thing is that you will not be able to pick up the reward money that
one of them will supposedly leave behind. To do this you must first
start the battle normally, as soon as the gitante's appear quickly
turn around and pass through the central area of the room where the
large trap floor is, the gigante's might follow you on it, if you
want one of them to stay where they are then quickly use a flash
grenade so that it stays in the same location for a little period
of time.

This should give you enough time to make your way across to the lever
that activates the trap door, quickly tap the A button twice to open
it and one of the gigante's will wall down into the lava leaving the
other one and Leon to fight, one thing you should avoid is stand next
to the gigante thats about to fall since it will struggle and it might
pull Leon under with him if your in his grip reach. Now its just one
more el gigante to deal with. If you didnt do the lava thing then you'll
have to get rid of both of them normally which can be really hard.

You should know how to deal with the second el gigante by now, but you
can apply a smart technique to get rid of this one without having much
trouble, in one of the corners up a ladder you will find a scaffolding
which you can use to instantly travel across to the other side of the
area, this is a key place as the smartest strategy to do here is to
stand next to the scaffolding and fire at the gitante from there,
afterwards when he's getting too close to you, quickly press the action
button to use the scaffolding and travel across, Leon will not get hurt
during that and you will safely land away from the gigante, you can
repeat the process as much as you want.

But you will still have to apply the normal methods of killing the
gigante here as well.


In the next area you will come face to face with many of the flying
insects that kidnapped Ashley a little while ago, the best thing in
this room is your shotgun, so equip it immediately and reload it to
full, check your map and you will notice that there are two small paths
heading off east and west at dead ends other then the one heading south,
actually each one of them as a switch at the end that you need to press
in order to make the path accessible. A good strategy is to ignore the
insects to begin with and quickly dash over to one of the switches and
press it, as soon as you press any switch some of the insects will come
towards where you are, you will be able to easily take them out with the
shotgun since the area your in is isolated and you have only one direction
to attack from. Once both the switches have been pressed, the path going
forward will open and you will be able to proceed.

The next area has stones coming down to the ground in an attempt to crush
you, though it seems tricky its really easy as all you have to do is run
past the stone after it smashes to the ground and is going back up.
After the initial stones are done you will see a series of three stones
in a row, this seems dangerous, look at the lever on the wall and press
it, this will cause the middle one of the stones to stop, giving you the
perfect stopping place during the running part, so go through with this
and when your past the stones take the Royal Insignia and proceed to end
this chapter.

Thank goodness it wasnt too big of a chapter. Easier for all of us.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
_ _ ___|_|
| | | ___ |_ )
|_ _| |___| / /
|_| /___|


Before proceeding forward, pay a little visit to our merchant friend who
might have a few new toys for you to play around with, once you've done
dealing with him destroy the barrels around to find items including
handgun ammo and herbs, also take the note from here. Once that is done
proceed forward.

Heading forward you'll notice a few more ganodo's standing here, take
them out from a distance using the sniper rifle and head over to where
they were standing so proudly. Proceeding forward while checking the
barrels for any items, you will come to a bonfire where a few more
ganodo's are standing waiting for something to happen, you can either
taken them out from a distance using your conventional weapon, other
wise there's a ladder before the bonfire that leads to a higher platform,
you can go up that ladder and use a single hand grenade to take out as
many as you can and use handgun fire to kill the remaining ganodo's.
Easily done.

Once the area has been cleared of all enemies, check around the bonfire
area and you will be able to pick up quiet a few items besides the one's
that the villagers we just now killed dropped, you can find a velvet
blue in one of the ruined places and when your done item hunting go
through one of the ruined buildings windows on the rear side of the
bonfire and inside you will find a crank and some more items for the
taking, use the crank and you will open a path for yourself heading
further down into the catacombs area.

You will come down to a new area with some more villagers and a couple
of bear traps that you have to disarm or get risked being trapped into
them, if you have a good powered shotgun then you can use the scatter
to your advantage in an attempt to take out more then one traps at the
same time, proceeding further into the area you will hear a chainsaw
starting but you don't have to fight that guy just now so dont worry
about it, instead make your way down the small steps on the west end
ignoring the other door and you will find a Staff of Royalty at the
end of this path, its a valuable item so take it.

Now take note of the locked door, and proceed further to where the
ladder is, you will run into 2 more chainsaw villagers here, take
them out as best as you can with the shotgun, one is on the lower
end of the ladder and the other one is on the upper end of the
ladder, once they're both taken care of take the ladder up and go
for the key here, when you get the key more villagers will storm
the area and will attempt to climb the ladders, its really hard to
keep up with the ladder pushing to its best if you stand in one
corner with your shotgun armed and blast the villagers as they
come up the ladder to their deaths. Once this batch has been taken
care of you should have the mining key in your hand.

Head over to the locked door and open it using your shiny key, on
the other end of the door you will come into another ceiling trap
room with the roof trying to crush you, like before you have to
shoot the 4 targets in order to dispose of the trap but there are
some small plagas in this room who want to kill you as well, if you
happen to have a flash grenade then quickly toss one them immediately
take out the switches for the trap, or if you dont have one then the
best thing to do is take out two switches, then take out some of the
plagas, then take out the remainder of the switches, once the trap
stops the plagas will also stop coming into the area so its best to
ignore the plagas for the most part. After the trap has been stopped
check the crypt in this room to find some cash inside it. Once this
area is done proceed through the door.

Proceed further destroying any barrels you encounter, until you reach
the mine cart area, enter the mine car and its time for us to take a
little joy ride. To start the ride hop into one of the three cars
then shoot the lever and you will start the ride. There are three cars
which you can jump through but for safety reasons its best to stay in
the back side for the most part. During the course of the ride many
ganodo's from all the sides will start to jump onto your three mine
cars and you will be forced to fight against them, if you manage to
hit a ganodo before it makes it to the cars then it will fall into the
path of the car and get crushed but you won't be able to take the items
it drops, but if the ganodo makes it into a car and then you kill it,
you can take the items that it drops after dying. When a ganodo is able
to get into the cars it will throw some axes towards you which are a bit
tricky to dodge so if your not willing to kill the ganodo's in air kill
them as soon as they land.

Eventually the car will come to a road block and stop for the time being
and suddenly you will come under attack from all sides by villagers i
including one chainsaw villager, you will have to take out the chainsaw
villager if you want to restart the car ride, so take him out as quickly
as you can but dont hesitate to jump out of the cars as well since there's
some ammo laying around to the left and right sides, take care of the
villagers as quickly as you can but be aware of the plagas sprouting
villagers, when you can, shoot the lever again and you will start the
mining car once again. On this leg of the ride you will run into planks
on the middle of the track which will smack into you if you dont either
shoot them out of the way or press the dodge buttons quickly when they
get close, its much easier to shoot them and its much easier to shoot
them from the back car so do that. Eventually another chainsaw villager
will drop into one of the cars, if you want to earn some money from it
then jump into the same car as it is quickly and take it out from close
quarters using your powerful shotguns, it will drop like 10k peseta's.
Soon enough though you will not be able to change cars anymore as the
ride comes to an end and you would have wasted the money if you didnt
pick it up before.

Once the ride is very near the ending you will have to press the dodge
keys A and B or L and R as the game tells you to quickly otherwise risk
going through the entire ride all over again, when your back in control
of leon take the Stone of Sacrifice from the area, afterwards head for
the ladder at the end of the partially hidden passageway after taking
any peseta's in this area and take it up to the initial area's of this

Here use the Stone of Sacrifice on the Lion's gate door and open it,
enter the door and operate the elevator inside to proceed on to the
next chapter.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
_ _ __|_|
| | | ___ |__ /
|_ _| |___| |_ \
|_| |___/

Chapter 4-4

From the start of this chapter where you are there will be two packs of
handgun ammo next to you which you can take, there's also a typewriter
here so if you wish to save your game do that and then proceed forward.

Walk a little further into the area and you will come across a really
big statue of Salazar, I think we all know that something's gonna be
happening to it in the coming times already. If you want the thing to
get moving, head a little north and a monk will start to press the switch
which will cause the statue to start up. But only one the statue hands
will be moving at this time, if you want to change that then go and use
the switch or shoot the switch on Salazar's body. To make the damn thing
work more you will have to press 2 more switches which are located on
the upper floor on the eastern side of this room or on the lower level
on the western side of the area. Once you get both the switches you will
be attacked by more ganodo's coming into this area so be prepared .

There's a statue on the back of the statue's head too which you can use
by going to the upper most level of the western side, this particular
switch will cause both the hands of the statue to start working at the
same time. Doing so will raise the platforms giving you access to walk
across them. When your about to cross over the statue will come to life
and start chasing you, its running time.

Quickly tap the A button to make Leon sprint as fast as he can, you will
also have to dodge the falling pillars from the left and right side by
pressing the L and R button depending on which side the pillar is falling
from, also if there are 2 pillars coming in at the same time then you
will have to press L and R together, at the end of the hall, raise the
gun and break the lock on the door quickly. Now outside continue to keep
tapping the A button to keep Leon sprinting until the chase comes to an
end and the statue is left to eat your dust.

Once through the next door you will have a little encounter with Ramon
Salazar once again, and after that scene is done check the area your in
for some bullets and more importantly a yellow herb, once you've taken
all the items in this area we have to give chase and follow Salazar up
the tower. As you are making your way up the circular staircase some
more enemies will appear and start tossing barrels down the stairs, the
sad thing is that you cannot dodge these so the only thing you can do
is shoot them before they hit you.

Keep going up the stairs until you reach the part with the suspended
wooden planks, cross them and you will reach a ladder which leads up
to the place where the switch which controls the barrel is, turn the
switch off and some enemies will appear down the stairs waiting for you
including one crack minded red robed monk like the one who didnt attack
you at all, if you want to play it fun try to roll some barrels down
yourself to kill some of the approaching monks but there will be cross
bow monks as well, and you will have to go down the stairs in order to
dispose of all of them including the red one who drops a good amount of
cash after he dies.

Once this is done head back up, when you reach the area with the elevator
on the upper side you will first have to get rid of the monk who is armed
with dynamites and throwing them at you, continue heading up while you
run into more and more monks including crossbow men and red robed monks
until you reach the next elevator, take it up and you will come out in
an area with a merchant, a save game spot and lots of ammo.

Talk to the merchant and upgrade the powerful guns that you have at
this time and afterwards take all the ammo thats laying next to the
typewriter, which includes magnum rounds, rifle ammo and TMP ammo.
Afterwards save your game at the typewriter before proceeding further
since a big boss fight is coming in a little while.


Before anything, I would just like to tell you that this is a big
fight. But if you manage to have powerful weapons like the broken
butterfly in your inventory it shouldn't be considerably harder.

If you recall correctly I asked you not to use the broken butterfly
at all and upgrade it every chance that you get, well if you manage
to get it to full power and have all the ammo that we have found from
the start then you should be good to go for this fight and it wouldnt
take a lot of bullets to get this one over with. Still, it can be hard.

First lets take a look at the attacks this bastard can do, as you will
notice this boss comprises of three main tentacles, the central one of
them being the one in the center, although the center one doesnt hit
you that often, it has the most damaging attacks of all three, first it
can slam the platform that your standing on to deal a heavy amount of
damage, secondly it will try to swallow you in whole which is needless
to say an instant death attack so its best that you get the hell out
of the area when you see it attempting to eat Leon.

The other two tentacles have a similar attack, and although not as
devastating as the central one's attacks they still happen more then
the central one's. The main attack the other tentacles can do is that
they will pick Leon up and smash him on the platform he's at or even
throw him down to the lower area sometimes, but luckily enough the
game will give you a prompt for dodging them when the attack is about
to happen, it can easily be dodged. If you do manage to fall down take
the ladder quickly back up to the upper part since there are annoying
little things on the lower area that attack too. There are boxes which
have emergency supplies for you down there but dont even think about
checking them before the boss fight is over, they'll still be there
once the fight is over out so you dont have to worry.

Now lets come to the actual attacking part of this fight, the only
real damage can be done after you've opened Salazar's shell and are
able to see the true form, to do that you will have to fire at the
large eyeball thats on the central tentacle, you can use a single
butterfly round and the eye will drop down for a while and Salazar's
shell will open revealing Salazar for you to shoot at. But since you
haven't got that much magnum rounds at this time and the tentacle with
the eye ball moves a lot you should take out the TMP when your dealing
with the eye since you should have plenty of ammo for that gun at this
point in the game. As soon as the eye drops change your weaponry and
take out the butterfly. Take aim at Salazar and hit him as much as you
can before the eye finally comes back up and you have to repeat the

One thing to note is that during the time the eye is down the central
tentacle will not be able to attack you but the left and right one's
will still try to hit you occasionally and you will be able to dodge
them with the prompts that the game gives you. IF you happen to have
a rocket launcher with ammo for it then use that once the shell is
down and Salazar is revealed. A fully powered broken butterfly is the
most ideal weapon for this fight.

One last thing, if you dont have the broken butterfly or the rocket
launcher then this fight can take a long time since Salazar is very
resilient and he takes a crap load of ammo to die, if neither is
available then the best thing to use would be the TMP since its got
a very fast rate of fire, if you dont have that much ammo for the
TMP then use the shotgun to blast the eye then when Salazar can be
seen use the TMP full throttle, soon the boss should die.


After the boss is finally dead scoot around the entire area and pick
up all the items that you had missed before, also take the huge sum
of 50 grand peseta's that the boss dropped after he dies. Once your
done with this, proceed further ahead through the straight forward
paths until you come to the area with the merchant and the save spot.
Save your game at the typewriter here and have a look at the stuff
this merchant is offering.

After finishing with the merchant continue down the path until you
finally come to the docks where you'll see a scene where Ada is on
the docks on a boat waiting for Leon, she gladly gives Leon a ride
to the island area and that marks the end of this chapter.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
_ _ |_|
| | |
|_ _|

Chapter 5-1

From where you start on the island I should tell you in advance that
you will be facing commando's in this area, dont get worried since
they're not any different then the other humanoid folks that we have
been dealing up till now in the game, its just that they are a little
more tougher to kill and are often armored too.

So from where you start, proceed forward and you'll find smashable
boxes in an area, smash all of them and get the items tht you find
inside, afterwards take the path right and you will come in front
of some buildings, apparently this place was some sort of military
facility before the los plagas invaded this area as well. So from where
you are at this moment run forward and you'll see a small gap you can
jump to access the main area, however there's a spot light that will
spot you once you jump to the other side to its advised that you take
it out before you jump otherwise you will have to face some enemies on
the other end of the gap. Jump across after destroying the light.

On the other side you will find only one soldier for the time being,
take out the rifle and try to take it out from a distance, one thing
you'll notice is that these guys are much faster runners then any of
the other human opponents that we've faced so far, so take this guy
out quickly, if you knock its head off it might grow the tentacles
so that isnt highly advised, once the guy has been killed you should
make your way to where was standing to begin with initially.

Once you've reached this area there is a ladder here heading to an
upper area, take the ladder up, once your at the upper area move
around a little bit and pretty soon a gattling gunner commando will
appear who is a handful to kill with normal means, the bad thing
about them is that you cannot knock them to their feet so the best
method to deal with them is to take out something like the shotgun
or if you still have some magnum rounds take out the broken butterfly.
Then run right up to the guy and start shooting him right in the
head, a couple of shots from a fully powered buttefly is enough to
drop this guy, if you dont have butterfly ammo then using the shotgun
is your best alternative but you'll need shotgun shells later on so
that is highly unadvised.

The guy will drop a ton of cash when killed, search around the area
and you'll find a couple of magnum rounds here. This should make you
happy for the time being. After the chain gunner is dead some more
enemies will pop out of the same area that he did and they will come
to attack you as well, the safest method of taking them out is when
they start to come up the ladder knife them down or shoot at them
to kill them efficiently, there might be one or two armed with cross
bows so keep an eye out for them as well. Keep an eye for sneak attacks
from your back side as well.

There might be some more commando's in more bunkers around the area
so if you want to kill them lure them to the same spot and use the
same method to take them out slowly but surely. Once your finally
done with this area head over and flip the switch thats next to the
door and that will operate a laser beam. In order to get the door
here unlocked you will have to point the laser thats coming out
from here to the small sensor next to the door. Run up to where the
first reflector is and rotate this one so that it meets with the
second reflector.

Now make your way to the second reflector and rotate it so that the
laser comes right on top of the sensor, keep it there and the door
shall unlock. Now proceed through the door, here smash the barrels
and you will be able to find some shotgun shells among some of them
after taking them proceed forward but be ready to quickly press the
dodge keys when the game prompts you to dodge the boulder that the
enemies roll after you.

After that is done proceed further down the area until you come across
some ganodo's, take them out and keep going until you come to a ladder
go ahead of it and you will find some shotgun shells laying around. Now
head back to the ladder and take it up.

As soon as you come out in this new area, quickly turn right and
take out the boxes here, you will find an emerald in here, take it
and then spot the lone commando here, take him out using the small
arms since we're saving the big ammo for the later parts. After the
soldier has been taken care of continue forward taking any items
that you find and jump across the gap.

Once your on the other side you will be attacked by some crossbow
commando's, but before you take them out or after you take them
out quickly duck into the nearby cave and take care of the three
taser equipped enemies inside, after you have taken them out search
the surrounding area for some items which include herbs and some
ammo for your weaponry. After that take note of that explosive
barrel and take it out, this will clear a path on which you can
find a Golden Lynx at the end, this thing sells for very high price
and we need all the cash we can get.

Okey now the next part can be a little tricky, there will be a
bunch of enemies waiting for you near the next area, there's a
few crossbow armed men, a rocket launcher guy and many more un
armed soldiers waiting to get a piece of you, the easiest method
if you happen to have ammo handy is to try and take the crossbow
men out from a distance using your sniper rifle, or you could also
try to charge in the crowds with your shotgun in hand and take them
all on, or you could also try to make a dash for the little cave
like place where you will also find some more shotgun shells and a
herb or two, this also serves as a shooting point as some of the
enemies will follow you into the cave where you can easily shoot
them on the way.

But the crossbow men for the most part will not move out of their
place which makes them the hardest enemies to kill in this area ,
further ahead in the area you would notice a cart which is full
of explosive barrels in them so after heading into the cave you
should make a dash for the back side of the cart and shoot it once
to get it rolling down, anything which comes in the way of it will
be crushed and the cart will also explode when it reaches the end
so thats a plus point too. Once your done with this area, or if you
just dont have enough ammo to fight all the enemies here quickly
run through the door on the back side of the cart area.

Go through that area and you will come up to another merchant and
a save game spot near him, talk to this merchant and you'll be
able to purchase the island treasure map from him also you can now
buy the very expensive killer 7 gun from him if you happen to have
a crap load of money to spend.

After proceeding through the merchant area you will come up to the
facility buildings, the first area will be a kitchen of sorts, in
the area check the locker for some money, you'll see a door on the
wall, ignore it for now and proceed forward around the corner and
kill the single enemy here, afterwards take the shotgun shells and
green herb here. Keep your fingers ready as once you move a little
forward you will suddenly be attacked by an enemy on fire. Kill.

Once you've passed through this area and entered the next one, you
will run into the first axe men who swing that big axe around in an
attempt to kill you. These guys usually appear one at a time so you
will mostly find killing them easy, you won't have a hard time in
getting rid of them with the usual knock down and knife when they
are on the ground routine. The first one you face will be aided by
the crossbow men on a lower area, you dont really need to fight them
but you have to kill the axe man none the less. You should take the
path down and find the Red Stone of Faith after killing all enemies
in this area, you can also find a yellow herb inside a barrel under
the stairs once you've dealt with all the enemies here.

Now head back up and go through the door on the left side, inside you
will finally learn of Ashley's safety, she's safe afterall. Once your
back in control of Leon, search the surrounding area of this room for
some more items, you can find 5 grand peseta's inside a locker, once
you've taken all that head forward and you will run into another one
of those merchant dudes, there's another target practice area near
him as well so if you want to practice your target, thats for you.
ALso you can find some more shotgun shells in the surrounding area as
well. Now, the merchant will sell a new item, its a Tactical Vest that
will reduce all damage Leon takes by 30%. Its a bit expensive (60000)
but its well worth the risk. If you have enough money to spend then
this is the ideal thing to purchase.

Now to proceed on with the story you need to unlock this door which
is controlled on a different area where you cannot reach normally,
but there's a shutter here and once you start getting close to it
the shutter will start going up and down revealing enemies behind
it who will attack, the first group is the dynamite throwing kind
so all you have to do is fire at the hands just as the dynamite is
about to leave so that it falls right there killing them. The second
group will be a much harder to kill group of crossbow men, you can't
do headshots on them since they're wearing helmets so the ideal gun
for this part is the TMP because of its fast firing rate. Once you
have taken out the second wave of enemies as well the shutter will
open up again but stay open.

Before passing through the shutter check the lockers on the right
side and you will find a valuable emerald in it, take the items that
the enemies dropped after dying. Once your on the other side of the
shutter kill the single enemy standing there then search the surrounding
area to find a red herb and a box of TMP ammo. Proceed further.

In this next area you will find a typewriter to save your game on, in
the crate next to it you will find a Brass Pocketwatch which sells for
a good price, save the game here immediately. Once you've finished
saving your game take the nearby stairs to the upper level.

Here, you will first notice a sign thats pointing left towards the
operating room but ignore that for now and head for the right side
where you can find another emerald and some more rifle ammo inside
a box, once you've taken all these items proceed back and haed for
the operating room now.

A little into the room where the autopsy table is you will notice 2
locked doors near you, the one with the keypad next to it can be
opened now but you will have to solve a little puzzle. The puzzle
involves you arranging the colored arrows in a certain combination
so that the door gets unlocked. The proper solution is written here.

Blue -- Green -- Green -- Red -- Red -- Red

Once the door is open you can head inside. Head in, you will find
some items inside, take the memo from the left side of the room and
search around for some TMP ammo before you pick up the key that is
Freezer Key Card. Once you take the key quickly escape to the back
room but you will notice that the monster in the adjacent room just
woke up, this is your first Regenerator enemy. You currently don't
have the means to kill this bastard so its not suitable to fight.

If the monster is blocking your path or is giving you some trouble
to flee from, take out the shotgun and take the monsters legs out
but as its name goes, it can regenerate its body organs, still you
should be given enough time to find the emerald in the autopsy room
and flee from this area entirely before it recovers, exit back to
the hallway outside. There's another regenerator here too.

Once that is done use your map to navigate your way to the door or
the freezer room, and use the cardkey that we just picked up to
enter it. Once your inside the freezer room head straight for the
small room to the right side and inside here use the keycard machine
to get yourself the Waste Disposal Keycard. With that in hand go
and turn the cryogenic device nearby off, with this turned off you
can now find the infra red scope inside valve handle locked freezer.
Besides these items you can also find a green herb behind some glass
so keep an eye out for that too.

Here's a little tutorial for using the infra red scope with the rifle
now obviously you should know that you need to have atleast 1 rifle
with you to actually make some use of the scope, if you dont have
any then I would ask you to retreat back to the previous merchant and
buy one since you should have tons of money at this point, now attach
the scope with the rifle and once you are aiming with it your target
window will turn infra red and you will be able to see the red los
plagas inside the regenerator's bodies, you can shoot at those sweet
spots with the rifle ammo and once the plagas are all dead take out
the rest of the regenerator with normal ammunition.

Now once you take the scope out of the freezer a body in this room
will come to life and the exit door out of here will be locked for
about 60 seconds or if you kill the guy before, this is the perfect
time for you to test out your new scope to attach it with the rifle
and take the guy out or if you dont have the rifle just keep going
around the autopsy tables and you should be safe for the time limit
to expire. Once your done with this room either way head back out
to the hallway and you will face 2 regenerators now, since this is
a long hallway and the regenerators move kinda slow you can easily
take on them using the infra red scope and dont hesitate in doing
so 'cause each fallen regenerator will give you 5 grand in cash.

You can even go back to where you saw the first one and take him
out just for the sake of the cash, once your done in this area make
your way to the waste disposal area. Its the door with the danger
sign, you should be able to navigate to it using your map. Once your
at the door, use the waste disposal keycard and proceed.

As soon as you enter the waste disposal area proceed a little further
and you will come to a control panel from where you will be able to
pick up some of the ganodo's and dispose of them efficiently, its
like one of those prize netting machines that you can find in many
places, the best thing to do here is to try and take out the cross
bow people with the machine, it can only be used three times, after
that is done your better off shooting all the remaining people with
the rifle from right next of the control panel, that is the ideal
place to shoot them from. Once the area is cleared proceed further
but check one of the dumpsters for a well hidden emerald.

After that proceed to the next room where you can find a yellow herb
and check the lockers for other various items that can be taken. Once
that is done proceed to the next area where you'll finally see Ashley
but she's trapped in a small prison which is guarded by 2 guards, you
should lure the guards to follow you a little distance away from that
place so as not to hit Ashley accidentally, when your done killing
the guards, there isnt much you can do for Ashley for the time being
since her prison is locked. Ignore her for now and proceed further
to the north door into the next area.

You will come to a small office like area with a couple more ganodos
waiting for you, its not a bad idea to equip the shotgun and return
back to the doorway and wait for them to come at you and die by the
shotgun shells. Once the entire room has been cleared of enemies you
should search the entire area for as many items as you can find which
include a flash grenade, some shotgun shells and some magnum rounds
which you can find on a shelf once you go down the stairs here. There
is also a typewriter down here so you can save your game at it. Do
that before proceeding further.

The door near the typewriter will take you to a lab of sorts where
you will run into another regenerator type monster, only that this
is a much more advanced and dangerous version of it. Its all the
bit dangerous at the normal regenerator but it has more parasites
inside its body and it also has these spikes of sorts which it can
use to deadly effect during battle so its a must not to get close
to this guy or else he's going to inflict some major pain thanks
to those spikes of his.

Killing this guy is almost similar to the normal regenerators as
you will first have to aim with the infra red scope and take out
the los plagas parasites inside the creature's body, but once the
parasites have been taken care of you will them also have to kill
it like any normal being to make it "dead" for good. It isn't that
hard if you have the infra red scope and the rifle to use it with
since once all the plagas die the rest of the body doesnt take a
hell of a lot of bullets to die. But if you are without a rifle
the fight will get very hard for you, in that case you will have
to shoot it with TONS of shotgun shells from close range to kill
it or use something like a rocket launcher to lay it to rest.

Either way once you have killed the iron maiden you will find the
Storage Area Card Key from the dead body. This is what we need to
free Ashley but if you want to make a little side trip for some
ammo read the following.

Once you've killed the iron maiden and gotten the Storage Area Card
Key search around the rest of this area and you can find several
good items including some herbs, some rifle rounds and an emerald
that you have to knife out. Besides that if you check your map you
will notice a dead end path coming out of this place, if you go
there now you will find another merchant here. That isnt important
check the barrels next to him and one of them should hold a yellow
herb for you, besides all that there's an elevator heading up to a
small radio tower from here too, the radio isnt working for now but
you still can find some birds up there one of which drops a 5000
peseta pack after being killed. Once all that is done time to head
back to where Ashley was.

The path back however isnt a straight forward one as you'll encounter
more enemies including crossbow men and normal commando's on your way
in the area up the stairs, you can run right in the middle up the
stairs and throw in a flash grenade and take the opportunity to shotgun
everyone's asses or you can play it safe and use the rifle from a good
distance and try to take everyone out from safety. Either way you dont
even have to fight all them if you dont want to. Just rush back to
where Ashley was ignoring all enemies.

use the Storage Area Card Key once you reach the right door and
head inside to meet Ashley and finally end this huge chapter.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ _ |_|
| __| ___ / |
|__ \ |___| | |
|___/ |_|

Chapter 5-2

Finally a breather after that huge chapter we just went through. This
one isnt as big as the previous one though so thats good for all of us.

From where you begin this chapter, search the immediate surroundings
and you will find one memo and some shotgun shells, equip the shotgun
and tell Ashley to stay in the back corner of this room for the time
being then proceed through the door. On the other side you will run
into some more enemies some of which are potential tentacle people.
Get their attention and quickly run back through the doorway and
get rid of them as they come through using the trusty shotgun gun.

Proceed into the next area with Ashley, once you get here you will
have a little ambush scene and Leon and Ashley will be trapped in the
room with some enemies, from here quickly order Ashley to get back in
the corner with the entrance that we came here from and use the trusty
shotgun to quickly dispose of any enemy threat in this area. Once all
the enemies are taken care of press the switch which will let you
proceed but at the same time some new enemies will surprise you from
the back side so quickly take care of them with your shotgun and head
into the waste disposal area.

In here, Leon and Ashley will automatically jump down to the next area.
In this new area you will notice the Iron maiden but it isnt functional
at this time, as soon as you switch the first lever the maiden will
come to life and will start marching towards you, quickly tell Ashley
to hide in the container while we deal with the Maiden. Quickly head to
the other side of the gate and switch the lever causing the gate to
close out, then use the other lever and close it from the other side,
with this barrier between you and the iron maiden now quickly take out
the parasites in its body with the infra red rifle, afterwards once the
parasites are dead you can make use of the explosive barrel to get rid
of the iron maiden for good.

Once you've killed this one, take the crap load of money that it drops
and then with Ashley's help push the container into the water forming
a bridge of sorts, but right then another iron maiden will appear in
the area and you will have to take it out as well, use the same gates
method to take it out and take the cash that this one drops as well.

In this next area you will come across another batch of enemies, that
you should take out with nothing but your shotgun, if you dont have
enough shotgun shells then use whatever you wish but just get rid of
them, in the crates in the surrounding area you can find a herb and
some more shotgun shells for the taking, once all this is done jump
down to the lower area where a wrecking ball awaits.

Down here is a bit of a hectic spot so you need to be ready with shotgun
in hand, down here you will note the wrecking ball and the almost endless
amount of enemies that start appearing in the area, the wrecking ball
can be activated by the small control room on the corner and you need
to use it atleast three times before the path you want to go to is open
now you can either use the control panel yourself or have Ashley do it.
Having Ashley do it seems like a nice idea but after she uses it once
and during the time it takes for the machine to reset she will remain
there in wait mode which means she is vulnerable to being taken away
during that whole time so its best if you keep Ashley with you during
this time and press the controls as Leon. After using the controls once
start running around the pit of lava, this is just so that the enemies
dont gather in the same spot and also it will be enough time for the
machine to reset. Once you've used it three times the path you want to
go to should be open so make a mad dash for it with Ashley besides you.

In this new area immediately equip the rifle and reload it then ask
Ashley to stay near the entrance, then proceed forward quickly and use
the lever here, afterwards kill the regenerator thats in this area, you
should have enough ammo to take it out with, once the regenerator is
history proceed to the small area on the right side, in this room you
will find some rifle rounds and a grenade. After taking those head back
to the area where we killed the regenerator.

Head behind the shutter area now and there is another regenerator here
kill this one too and take note of the lever behind it, it cant be used
for the time being so lead to the left door and in this power room take
the green herb, shotgun shells from the locker and then press the red
switch before exiting back to the previous area.

The shutter should be half open now and Ashley can go through it, she
will open the shutter from the other side and you can pass through it
as well, on the other side proceed further and take the door on the
right and you'll come to an area with the merchant, buy and sell from
him as you like then use the typewriter in this area to save your game.

Proceeding further down the hall you will come to two levers, have
Ashley stand with the left lever and you yourself go and operate the
right side lever, the lights will begin to flash and when the middle
one flashes quickly press the A button and you'll be able to proceed.

Now you will come out to an area with a huge bulldozer standing, and
Ashley surprisingly knows how to operate one, she will jump into the
drivers seat and its a familar game all over again, while Ashley is
driving the bulldozer you must take out any enemies that try to stop
you or jump on the bulldozer, luckily they will come from the back
side so you dont have to worry about surprise attacks, you do have
to worry about the truck however, you will hear a horn after a little
while and when you see the truck blast a shotgun shell right into
its engine area, it will stall for the time being. Continue on with
the ganodo killing and when the truck tries to attack again hit it
again and it will be stopped for good. The bulldozer will stop after
a little while and you'll come to an elevator.

Proceed further and you will notice there is a lever that you need
to press to continue your ride, but once you head for the lever
some enemies will drop near the bulldozer and will try to take out
Ashley, so as soon as you hear her calling quickly turn around and
take care of the enemies first, what you need to know is that they
are not infinite so keep killing until the enemies finally stop and
then proceed on with the lever.

Once the elevator ride is over you will have another session of the
same driving type thing like before, so take care of any enemies
that try to aboard your ride and when you hear the truck coming
take aim at its engine and dispose of it. But in a little while
Ashley will crash into a building and you will have to abandon
your ride. Once outside take the ammo from the room your in and
proceed to the next area via the door, here you will run into a
merchant but there's many other items that you can take besides
that in this area, so find all you can get, dont forget to take
the Green Stone of Judgement from near the merchant, then chat with
him and do what you do then save your game at the typewriter here.
Afterwards head through the door and the chapter will end.

_ __ _ _
___ _ _ __| | ___ / _| __| |_ __ _ _ __| |_ ___ _ _
/ -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \ _| / _| ' \/ _` | '_ \ _/ -_) '_|
\___|_||_\__,_| \___/_| \__|_||_\__,_| .__/\__\___|_|
___ ___|_|
| __| ___ |_ )
|__ \ |___| / /
|___/ /___|

Chapter 5-3

From where you start the chapter you can find a handy 5000 peseta
package from the left of the stairs and another memo from the table
once your done taking both of them proceed up the stairs and take
the door in here.

In this next area quickly run forward and take the shotgun shells
from the area, afterwards take care of any and all ganodo's that
are in the area using weaponry like your shotgun, once you've taken
care of all the enemies descend down the stairs and enter the door
that is at the end of these stairs. In this new area proceed forward
but turn right, continue going right until you come to a door, kick
it open to surprise the enemy thats on the other side of it and take
him out quickly. After killing him take the items that are inside
this room which include a flash grenade and some more peseta's.

Afterwards turn back around and take the stairs which lead to a

================================the end================================