The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind:(pc) FAQ/Walkthrough







1.1 Game Introduction
1.2 About The Author

2.1 The Morrowind Premise
2.2 Controls
2.3 Creating a Character
2.4 My Characters
2.5 Skills and Levelling Up
2.6 Combat and Training
2.7 Laws and Punishments
2.8 Factions and Side Quests


4.1 Seyda Neen - Sellus Gravius
4.2 Balmora - Caius Cosades
4.3 Urshilaku Camp - Nibani Maesa
4.4 Final Preparations - Red Mountain

5.1 Mournhold - Initial Quests
5.2 * Mournhold - Tienius Delitian
5.3 * Mournhold - Fedris Hler


7.1 Balmora - Eydis Fire-Eye
7.2 Ald'ruhn - Percius Mercius
7.3 Balmora - Eydis Fire-Eye
7.4 Sadrith Mora - Hrundi
7.5 Vivec - Lorbumol gro-Aglakh
7.6 Ald'ruhn - Percius Mercius (or)
7.7 Vivec - Sjoring Hard-Heart

8.1 Balmora - Ajira
8.2 Balmora - Ranis Athrys
8.3 Ald'ruhn - Edwinna Elbert
8.4 Balmora - Ajira
8.5 Wolverine Hall - Skink-In-Tree's-Shade
8.6 Miscellaneous

9.1 Balmora - Sugar-Lips Habasi
9.2 Ald'ruhn - Aengoth the Jeweler
9.3 Sadrith Mora - Big Helende
9.4 Vivec - Gentleman Jim Stacey
9.5 Bal Molagmer Quests

- 10.0 - * MORAG TONG
10.1 Joining the Morag Tong
10.2 * Morag Tong Writs
10.3 * Morag Tong Special Duties

11.1 Balmora - Nileno Dorvayn
11.2 Vivec - Crassius Curio
11.3 Caldera - Odral Helvi
11.4 Stronghold - Rethan Manor
11.5 Vivec - Crassius Curio
11.6 Vivec - Ilmeni Dren
11.7 Vivec - Edryno Arethi
11.8 Ebonheart - Duke Vedam Dren

12.1 Ald'ruhn - Neminda
12.2 Vivec - Faral Retheran
12.3 Ald'ruhn - Athyn Sarethi
12.4 Stronghold - Indarys Manor
12.5 Vivec - Faral Retheran
12.6 Ald'ruhn - Lloros Sarano
12.7 Ald Velothi - Theldyn Virith
12.8 Ald'ruhn - Brara Morvayn
12.9 Ald'ruhn - Hlaren Ramoran
12.10 Ald'ruhn - Garisa Llethri
12.11 Ald'ruhn - Miner Arobar
12.12 Ald'ruhn - Bolvyn Venim

13.1 Sadrith Mora - Felisa Ulessen
13.2 Sadrith Mora - Raven Omayn
13.3 Sadrith Mora - Mallam Ryon
13.4 Sadrith Mora - Arara Uvulas
13.5 Sadrith Mora - Galos Mathendis
13.6 Tel Vos - Master Aryon
13.7 Arvs-Drelen - Baladas Demnevanni
13.8 Tel Vos - Master Aryon
13.9 Stronghold - Tel Uvirith
13.10 Sadrith Mora - Fast Eddie
13.11 Miscellaneous

14.1 Ebonheart - Iulus Truptor
14.2 Ebonheart - Synnolian Tunifus
14.3 Ebonheart - Kaye
14.4 Ebonheart - Lalatia Varian

15.1 Gnisis - General Darius
15.2 Moonmoth Legion Fort - Radd Hard-Heart
15.3 * Buckmoth Legion Fort - Imsin the Dreamer
15.4 * Hawkmoth Legion Fort - ?

16.1 Pilgrimage of the Seven Graces
16.2 Vivec - Endryn Llethan
16.3 Molag Mar - Tharer Rotheloth
16.4 Ald'ruhn - Tuls Valen
16.5 Vivec - Endryn Llethan
16.6 Molag Mar - Tharer Rotheloth
16.7 * Ghostgate - Uvoo Llaren

- 17.0 - * VAMPIRE CLANS

- 18.0 - MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS (Under Construction)
18.1 Ascadian Isles
18.2 West Gash
18.3 Bitter Coast
18.4 The Ashlands
18.5 Sheogorad
18.6 Grazelands
18.7 Azura's Coast
18.8 Molag Amur
18.9 Red Mountain
18.10 Mournhold
18.11 Solstheim

- 19.0 - CLOSING
19.1 Revision History
19.2 Credits




Welcome one, welcome all, to my entire life's work. The (hopefully) ultimate
Morrowind guide. This section just serves as a bit of light-heartedness before
plowing through everything there is to know about this massively involving and
awesome game. Plus you get to know a bit about me! :-D

[1.1] Game Introduction

Morrowind. The name speaks for itself, really. I had never heard of this game
until I browsed a few random message boards at GameFAQs.com (ANZ, I'm looking
at you) and I heard about it. Ever interested in RPGs, I enquired about it and
was told that if I bought it, it would be the best $70 I ever spent. So I did.
And it was.

Morrowind is the third numbered game in the Elder Scrolls series, a series
known for being the most massive and open-ended RPGs available to date. Arena
was the first, released in 1994. Arena was heralded as one of the greatest
RPGs of all time, despite being buggy as hell, frustrating and non-intuitive
for the most part.

Daggerfall was released in 1997, to much acclaim. It far overshadowed its
predecessor, and also won a RPG of the Year title. Some people say it is
better than Morrowind, though I have not confirmed this for myself, and
personally, highly doubt that it's true anyways. However, it still had a lot
of bugs, with multitudes of ways to 'break' the main quest and be able to
achieve no ending whatsoever.

Morrowind was released in 2002. It won 2003 RPG of the Year, and quite
plainly, its not hard to see why. It set new records in terms of
open-endedness - over 500 quests to play and complete, multitudes of different
ways and paths to take, limitless character development. This guide is my
attempt to give such an amazing game, a complete and unabridged walkthrough in
my own personal style. If all goes well, the next game I write for in the
series will be Arena. My goal is to write comprehensive guides for all three.
But we'll see how this one goes first, hmmm?

[1.2] About the Author

Well now, what is there to say about someone like me. My name is Rebecca
Skinner, so yes before the e-mails start saying 'r u really a gurl', I am a
girl. (A female that loves video games? Wtf?) At this current time, 2004, I'm
19 years old, though who knows how old I'll be when this gets done. It's a big
project. A daunting project.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and when I'm not addicted to playing video
games, I'm either at university studying computer science, or at my local
tenpin bowling alley. (Duh. I'm a nerd.) I love playing RPGs, games I can lay
thousands of hours into and never get bored. Though once in a while I am fond
of sports games such as the latest AFL or cricket versions, or the odd car
racing game. (Need for Speed Underground is the current addiction outside

If you want to know more about me, or have anything at all to say about my
guide, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

----------------------------- traybaby@gmail.com -----------------------------

Boring copyright info now. This FAQ is copyright Rebecca Skinner AKA Karpah,
2004-2005. You can read it, download it, print it off, e-mail it around
unaltered, whatever, I don't mind. But you wanna post it on your own site? Or
copy and paste it, pass it off as your own work? That's a definite NO-NO,

This guide can ONLY be found on the following sites:

----- http://www.gamefaqs.com (and affiliates) -----
----- http://www.neoseeker.com -----
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----- http://www.honestgamers.com -----

Any other sites you find it on, lemme know so I can send some nasty e-mails to
webhosts. I like doing that.

---------- Go download The Only, by Static-X, as you read this. --------------




This section contains a lot of the bread-and-butter technical stuff that
you'll need to be familiar with, to get the most out of Morrowind. It involves
everything from creating a decent character, going through all races, classes,
and birthsigns, to the levelling-up system and game progression itself.

This can all be fairly heavy-going for a new person to the game, so I'm going
to try to cast myself back to when I was new at it :) Not too long ago,
really... anyways, on with the info!

[2.1] The Morrowind Premise

I thought I'd include this section just to have a general overview of
Morrowind the game, and talk about how different it is from other games. Me, I
picked up this game and was straight away lost, as soon as it gave me free
will (which was a touch too soon, IMO).

Basically, Morrowind gives you the epitome of free will. If you're used to RPG
games like Final Fantasy (as I was before hearing about Morrowind), you're in
for quite a culture shock. In this game, you actually have to do some
independant thinking *gasp* and not just walk mindlessly from place to place,
knowing that some story scene will soon take over. FF games are nearly
entirely plot driven; they have no sense of openness whatsoever except for a
designated period of time allotted to perform 'side quests'.

To put it bluntly, Morrowind is a great big long side quest.

As soon as you are set free in Seyda Neen, you can do whatever it is you like.
If you completed the first part of the game properly, you'll have a package in
your inventory, and directions to Balmora to find a man named Caius Cosades.

It is your choice how you get there, or even if you go there at all. You can
walk/run there, though that will take a darn long time. You can travel by silt
strider, quick but costing you a little money. You can travel via any other
city on the map. And once you get there, nothing is making you actually visit
Caius and deliver the package. You can do what you want, when you want it.

It's a little scary at first, and very much overwhelming, trust me. But once
you get used to the idea that you really are in control, it opens up a whole
world of possibilities. And I'm here to guide you through every one of them :)

[2.2] Controls

The controls of Morrowind can be slightly confusing at first. You can edit
them in the Options menu of your game, but after a while of using them, you'll
actually realise that they make a lot of sense. So stick with them, and you'll
be okay, ya ;)

-------------- Movement ------------------------------------------------------

W/S - moves character forwards/backwards
A/D - strafes character left/right
E - jump
left Ctrl - sneak
left Shift - run
Caps Lock - toggle run on/off

-------------- Combat --------------------------------------------------------

F - ready weapon for combat
R - ready magic for combat
Left Mouse - use (equipped weapon/magic)
-/= - searches through spell list backwards/forwards
[/] - searches through weapon list backwards/forwards
0 - readies hand-to-hand combat

-------------- Other ---------------------------------------------------------

T - rest
J - read journal
Tab - toggle first/third person view. Hold and use mouse to view your
character from the front.
F5 - quick save
F9 - quick load
F1 - Quick Keys menu
1-9 - Quick Keys (set keys using F1)
Space - interact with object (NPC, container, etc.)
Right Mouse - menu

And, thanks to several people, I now have a complete list of Xbox controls for
Morrowind, to help make the guide multi-platform. If the lists are wrong,
don't flame me, I've never even held an Xbox controller :P

-------------- Movement ------------------------------------------------------

left analog/D-pad up/down - moves character forwards/backwards
left analog/D-pad left/right - strafes character left/right
L - jump
left analog (click and hold) - sneak
left analog (double click) - toggle sneak on/off
right analog up/down - look up/down
right analog left/right - look left/right

Toggling between running and walking in done using pressure on the left
analog stick. Move it a little forward to walk. Move it all the way
forward to run.

-------------- Combat --------------------------------------------------------

X - ready weapon for combat
Y - ready magic for combat
R - use (equipped weapon/magic)
X + R/L - searches through spell list backwards/forwards
Y + R/L - searches through weapon list backwards/forwards

There is no button to toggle hand-to-hand combat.

-------------- Other ---------------------------------------------------------

black button - rest
white button - read journal
right analog (click) - toggle first/third person view
Start - access main menu
A - interact with object (NPC, container, etc.)
B - menu

Many thanks to the five people that e-mailed me with controls, I was able to
get a comprehensive list from them. A big thank you to Chris Bryant for laying
it out in easy-to-read format for a dumbo like me ;)

[2.3] Creating a Character

Creating your character is the first task you will have to do in Morrowind.
It's an important decision, and will ultimately affect how you play the game.
Do you want to be a mage, a fighter, a thief? Here is where you will decide
that. You can make a character skilled in one field, or a well-rounded
character, average in all fields.

Your character selection here will affect your starting statistics for the
game, the special power/s that you start off with as a race bonus, and also
the rate of growth for each of the different stats. More on that in the class

[2.3.1] Race Selection

Upon leaving the Prison Ship, the guard will ask you to select a race for your
character, as well as their gender and their appearance. Each race is tailored
towards certain job classes, by the method of stat bonuses. For example,
Redguards and Nords make excellent warriors, because they receive a lot of
bonuses on combat skills, while Khajiit make damn good thieves/stealth
characters. Each race also has their own inherent powers. These range from
Adrenaline Rush, which fortifies (increases the maximum of) some stats for a
period of time, to Resist Frost (nullifies all frost elemental damage).

Choose your race wisely. Here are the 10 different races available for
selection, with details on each.

Key: STR - Strength. Affects your starting health, how much you can
carry, your maximum fatigue, and how much damage you do in
INT - Intelligence. Determines your maximum amount of magicka.
WIL - Willpower. Affects your ability to resist magic, and your
maximum fatigue.
AGI - Agility. Affects your ability to dodge and hit target in
as well as your maximum fatigue.
SPD - Speed. Determines how fast you can move.
END - Endurance. Affects your starting health, your health gain per
level, and your maximum fatigue.
PER - Personality. Affects your ability to deal with other
characters and how much they like you.
LUC - Luck. Affects every action you do in a small way.

-------------- Argonian ------------------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Alchemy +5 Athletics +15 Illusion +5
Medium Armour +5 Mysticism +5 Spear +5
Unarmoured +5

Specials: Resist Disease (Resist Common Disease, 75%)
Immune to Poison (Resist Poison, 100%)
Water Breathing (Water Breathing, 120 seconds on self)

Male 40 40 30 50 50 30 30 40
Female 40 50 40 40 40 30 30 40

"At home in water and on land, the Argonians of Black Marsh are well
suited to the treacherous swamps of their homeland, with natural
immunities protecting them from disease and poison. The female life
phase is highly intelligent, and gifted in the magical arts. The more
aggressive male phase has the traits of the hunter - stealth, speed,
and agility. Argonians are reserved with strangers, yet fiercely loyal
to those they accept as friends."

The Argonians are a reptilian race, fast moving and agile. Females are tended
towards magic (high intelligence and willpower) but are decent in all fields.
Of note is the fact that Argonians can not wear shoes or headgear, so armour
selection is limited.

-------------- Breton --------------------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Alchemy +5 Alteration +5 Conjuration +10
Illusion +5 Mysticism +10 Restoration +10

Specials: Magicka Bonus (Fortify Maximum Magicka 0.5x INT)
Resist Magicka (Resist Magicka, 50%)
Dragon Skin (Shield, 50 pts, 60 seconds on self)

Male 40 50 50 30 30 30 40 40
Female 30 50 50 30 40 30 40 40

"Passionate and eccentric, poetic and flamboyant, intelligent and
willful, the Bretons feel an inborn, instinctive bond with the
mercurial forces of magic and the supernatural. Many great sorcerers
have come out of their home province of High Rock, and in addition to
their quick and perceptive grasp of spellcraft, enchantment and
alchemy, even the humblest of Bretons can boast a high resistance to
destructive and dominating magical energies."

The Bretons are a humanoid race, built for magic use. All five schools of
magicka get stat bonuses, as well as Alchemy (always useful). The Magicka
Bonus is always handy, as magicka is always low for a low-levelled mage.
Teamed with several particular birthsigns, the Breton is the most powerful
mage available to you.

-------------- Dark Elf (Dunmer) ---------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Athletics +5 Destruction +10 Light Armour +5
Long Blade +5 Marksman +5 Mysticism +5
Short Blade +10

Specials: Ancestor Guardian (Sanctuary, 50 pts, 60 seconds on self)
Resist Fire (Resist Fire, 75%)

Male 40 50 50 30 30 30 40 40
Female 30 50 50 30 40 30 40 40

"In the Empire, "Dark Elves" is the common usage, but in their
Morrowind homeland, they call themselves the "Dunmer". The dark-
skinned, red-eyed Dark Elves combine powerful intellect with strong
and agile physiques, producing super warrors and sorcerers. On the
battlefield, Dark Elves are noted for their skilled and balanced
integration of swordsmen, marksmen, and war wizards. In character,
they are grim, distrusting, and disdainful of other races."

The Dunmer are the native people of Morrowind, but even if you choose this
race, you'll be labelled an outlander anyways. The specials are nothing
special, and while the stats indicate the Dunmer would make a good mage, the
bonuses to combat skills mean the Dunmer is versatile.

-------------- High Elf (Altmer) ---------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Alchemy +10 Alteration +5 Conjuration +5
Destruction +10 Enchant +10 Illusion +5

Specials: Magicka Bonus (Fortify Maximum Magicka 1.5x INT)
Weakness to Magicka (Weakness to Magicka, 50%)
Weakness to Fire (Weakness to Fire, 50%)
Weakness to Frost (Weakness to Frost, 25%)
Weakness to Shock (Weakness to Shock, 25%)
Resist Disease (Resist Common Disease, 75%)

Male 30 50 40 40 30 40 40 40
Female 30 50 40 40 40 30 40 40

"The High Elves consider themselves the most civilized culture of
Tamriel; the common tongue of the Empire, Tamrielic, is based on
Altmer speech and writing, and most of the Empire's arts, crafts
and sciences derive from High Elven traditions. Deft, intelligent,
and strong-willed, High Elves are often gifted in the arcane arts,
and High Elves boast that their sublime physical natures make them
far more resistant to disease than "lesser races"."

The Altmer could be thought of as the white mages of Morrowind, even though no
such thing exists. High Intelligence and a lot of magicka makes for powerful
magic, plus hefty bonuses to most of the skills of magicka, and Alchemy and
Enchant. Most Enchanters and spellmakers you find in Morrowind are Altmer.

-------------- Imperial ------------------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Blunt Weapon +5 Hand-to-Hand +5 Light Armour +5
Long Blade +10 Mercantile +10 Speechcraft +10

Specials: Star of the West (Absorb Fatigue, 200 pts on target)
Voice of the Emperor (Charm, 25-50 pts, 15 seconds on target)

Male 40 40 30 30 40 40 50 40
Female 40 40 40 30 30 40 50 40

"The well-educated and well-spoken native of Cyrodiil are known for
the discipline and training of their citizen armies. Though physically
less imposing then the other races, Imperials are shrewd diplomats
and traders, and these traits, along with their remarkable skill and
training as light infantry, have enabled them to subdue all the other
nations and races, and to have erected the monument to peace and
prosperity that comprises the Glorious Empire."

The Imperials are the ruling race of Morrowind, humanoids especially skilled
in dealing with people (high Mercantile, Speechcraft, and Personality). A
decent class for an all-rounded character, with no emphasis in any of the
three major arts.

-------------- Khajiit -------------------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Acrobatics +15 Athletics +5 Hand-to-Hand +5
Light Armour +5 Security +5 Short Blade +5
Sneak +5

Specials: Eye of Night (Night Eye, 50 pts, 30 seconds on self)
Eye of Fear (Demoralize Humanoid, 100 pts, 30 seconds on target)

Male 40 40 30 50 40 30 40 40
Female 30 40 30 50 40 40 40 40

"The Khajiit of Elsweyr can vary in appearance from nearly Elven to the
cathay-raht "jaguar men" to the great Senche-Tiger. The most common
breed found in Morrowind, the suthay-raht, is intelligent, quick, and
agile. Khajiit of all breeds have a weakness for sweets, especially
the drug known as skooma. Many Khajiit disdain weapons in favour of
their natural claws. They make excellent thieves due to their natural
agility and unmatched acrobatics ability."

The feline Khajiit race almost match the Argonians in terms of speed and
agility, especially considering their hefty Acrobatics bonus, making them well
suited for steath. Ideally, they make very good thieves. Unfortunately, they
also share the trait of not being able to wear boots or headwear.

-------------- Nord ----------------------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Axe +10 Blunt Weapon +10 Heavy Armour +5
Long Blade +5 Medium Armour +10 Spear +5

Specials: Immune to Frost (Resist Frost, 100%)
Resist Shock (Resist Shock, 50%)
Woad (Shield, 30 pts, 60 seconds on self)
Thunder Fist (Frost Damage, 25 pts on touch)

Male 50 30 40 30 40 50 30 40
Female 50 30 50 30 40 40 30 40

"The citizens of Skyrim are fearless and aggressive in war, industrious
and enterprising in trade and exploration. Strong, stubborn and hardy,
Nords are famous for their resistance to cold, even magical frost.
Violence is an accepted and comfortable aspect of Nord culture; Nords
of all classes are skilled with a variety of weapon and armour styles,
and they cheerfully face battle with an ecstatic ferocity that shocks
and appalls their enemies."

Don't let the fairness of the humanoid Nord fool you, these guys are built for
fighting. With the maximum strength available at the beginning, and big
bonuses for heavy weapons and armour, they're pretty much the ultimate
warrior. Teamed with natural immunities to frost and shock, they make for the
best combat class.

-------------- Orc -----------------------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Armorer +10 Axe +5 Block +10
Heavy Armour +10 Medium Armour +10

Specials: Resist Magicka (Resist Magicka, 25%)
Berserk (Fortify Health, 20 pts, 60 seconds on self
Fortify Fatigue, 200 pts, 60 seconds on self
Fortify Attack, 100 pts, 60 seconds on self
Drain Agility, 100 pts, 60 seconds on self)

Male 45 30 50 35 30 50 30 40
Female 45 40 45 35 30 50 25 40

"These sophisticated barbarian beast peoples of the Wrothgarian and
Dragontail Mountains are noted for their unshakeable courage in war
and their unflinching endurance of hardships. Orc warriors in heavy
armour are among the finest front-line troops in the Empire. Most
Imperial citizens regard Orc society as rough and cruel, but there is
much to admire in their fierce tribal loyalties and generous equality
of rank and respect among the sexes."

The Orcs are another direct combat-related class. High strength and high
endurance makes for a good warrior, albeit one that doesn't move too fast and
isn't really friendly. The combat stat bonuses are nice, but the Nord
outclasses the Orc in just about every way. Plus the Nord is prettier.

-------------- Redguard ------------------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Athletics +5 Axe +5 Blunt Weapon +5
Heavy Armour +5 Long Blade +15 Medium Armour +5
Short Blade +5

Specials: Resist Disease (Resist Common Disease, 75%)
Resist Poison (Resist Poison, 75%)
Adrenaline Rush (Fortify Agility, 50 pts, 60 seconds on self
Fortify Strength, 50 pts, 60 seconds on self
Fortify Speed, 50 pts, 60 seconds on self
Fortify Endurance, 50 pts, 60 seconds on self
Fortify Health, 25 pts, 60 seconds on self)

Male 50 30 30 40 40 50 30 40
Female 40 30 30 40 40 50 40 40

"The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel, the dark-skinned,
wiry-haired Redguards of Hammerfell seem born to battle, though
their pride and fierce independence of spirit makes them more suitable
as scouts or skirmishers, or as free-ranging heroes and adventurers,
than as rank-and-file soldiers. In addition to their cultural affinity
for many weapon and armour styles, Redguards are also physically
blessed with hardy constitutions and quickness of foot."

The Redguard is another humanoid combat-oriented class, with a twist -
Adrenaline Rush. Man, I wish that was a spell you could cast. Even without it,
they make fine warriors... in fact, they make fine just about anything. Very
balanced character, no matter what your job class.

-------------- Wood Elf (Bosmer) ---------------------------------------------

Bonuses: Acrobatics +5 Alchemy +5 Light Armour +10
Marksman +15 Sneak +10

Specials: Resist Disease (Resist Common Disease, 75%)
Beast Tongue (Command Creature, 5 levels, 600 seconds on target)

Male 30 40 30 50 50 40 30 40
Female 30 40 30 50 50 40 30 40

"The Wood Elves are the various barbarian Elven clanfolk of the
Western Valenwood forests. These country cousins of the High Elves and
the Dark Elves are nimble and quick in body and wit, and because of
their curious natures and natural agility, Wood Elves are especially
suitable as scouts, agents, and thieves. But most of all, the Wood
Elves are known for their skills with bows; there are no finer archers
in all of Tamriel."

The Wood Elves, or Bosmer as everyone refers to them, are an exceptionally
good stealth based class. Travelling light, with light armour, and ranged
weapons, they are perfect thieves, though they can be suited to warriors as
well, given the right class.

[2.3.2] Class Selection

This is perhaps the most important choice you will make, in creating your
character. Choosing a class involves taking the complete set of 27 skills
(Alchemy, Marksman, etc.) and dividing them into categories - five to be used
as major skills, five as minor, and the rest as miscellaneous. This section
ties in closely with section 2.3, Skills and Levelling Up, as to create a
decent character with a good class, you'll need to know what skills you're
most likely to use most.

To create a good class, the skills you use most should go in the major
category. For example, a decent mage should place many if not all of the
schools of magicka in his major skills, as he will be relying on them during
battle. Warriors should choose at least one weapon and one armour skill. Major
skills level up the fastest, so should be chosen wisely.

Secondary skills, ones you will also use but not as often, should go in the
minor skill category. These will level up more slowly with use, but still
faster than a miscellanous skill. Here is where careful planning of your
character will come in to play.

All other skills are placed in the miscellaneous category. You can still use
them, level them up, and become proficient in them, but the process will take
a lot longer.

Other factors come into class selection as well. Each class names a
centralized art (stealth, combat, or magic) to specialize in. Depending on
which you choose, each skill in the class will gain +5 in stats and be easier
to level up. You can also name two favorite attributes, and each skill under
each of the attributes will recieve a +10 bonus.

For a full listing of skills, their details, and their governing attributes,
see section 2.3. Skills and Levelling Up.

For convenience, and to provide lots of good examples of class specialization,
the game provides a number of classes to choose from. When you meet up with
Socucius Ergalla, he will give you three method of determining your class.
One, you can answer a bunch of non-sensical questions that will supposedly
determine your correct class. (Don't choose this one.) Two, you can choose
your own from the list provided. Or three, you can specify your own
major/minor skills, specialization and favourite attributes. Depending on your
knowledge of the game, I would choose one of the last two options.

And I'll run through all of the example classes for you, to give you an idea
for them and what they're good for.

-------------- Acrobat -------------------------------------------------------

Special: Stealth
Attributes: Agility, Endurance
Major Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Marksman, Sneak, Unarmoured
Minor Skills: Speechcraft, Alteration, Spear, Hand-to-Hand, Light Armour

"'Acrobat' is a polite euphemism for agile burglars and second-story
men. These thieves avoid detection by stealth, and rely on mobility
and cunning to avoid capture."

-------------- Agent ---------------------------------------------------------

Special: Stealth
Attributes: Personality, Agility
Major Skills: Speechcraft, Sneak, Acrobatics, Light Armour, Short Blade
Minor Skills: Mercantile, Conjuration, Block, Unarmoured, Illusion

"Agents are operatives skilled in deception and avoidance, but trained
in self-defense and the use of deadly force. Self-reliant and
independent, agents devote themselves to personal goals, or to various
patrons or causes."

-------------- Archer --------------------------------------------------------

Special: Combat
Attributes: Agility, Strength
Major Skills: Marksman, Long Blade, Block, Athletics, Light Armour
Minor Skills: Unarmoured, Spear, Restoration, Sneak, Medium Armour

"Archers are fighters specializing in long-range combat and rapid
movement. Opponents are kept at distance by ranged weapons and swift
maneuver, and engaged in melee with sword and shield after the enemy
is wounded and weary."

-------------- Assassin ------------------------------------------------------

Special: Stealth
Attributes: Speed, Intelligence
Major Skills: Sneak, Marksman, Light Armour, Short Blade, Acrobatics
Minor Skills: Security, Long Blade, Alchemy, Block, Athletics

"Assassins are killers who rely on stealth and mobility to approach
victims undetected. Execution is with ranged weapons or with short
blades for close work. Assassins include ruthless murderers and
principled agents of noble causes."

-------------- Barbarian -----------------------------------------------------

Special: Combat
Attributes: Strength, Speed
Major Skills: Axe, Medium Armour, Blunt Weapon, Athletics, Block
Minor Skills: Acrobatics, Light Armour, Armorer, Marksman, Unarmoured

"Barbarians are the proud, savage warrior elite of the plains nomads,
mountain tribes, and sea reavers. They tend to be brutal and direct,
lacking civilized graces, but they glory in heroic feats, and excel
in fierce, frenzied single combat."

-------------- Bard ----------------------------------------------------------

Special: Stealth
Attributes: Personality, Intelligence
Major Skills: Speechcraft, Alchemy, Acrobatics, Long Blade, Block
Minor Skills: Mercantile, Illusion, Medium Armour, Enchant, Security

"Bards are loremasters and storytellers. They crave adventure for the
wisdom and insight to be gained, and must depend on sword, shield,
spell and enchantment to preserve them from the perils of their
educational experiences."

-------------- Battlemage ----------------------------------------------------

Special: Magic
Attributes: Intelligence, Strength
Major Skills: Alteration, Destruction, Conjuration, Axe, Heavy Armour
Minor Skills: Mysticism, Long Blade, Marksman, Enchant, Alchemy

Spells: Shield (Shield, 5 pts, 30 seconds on self)
Water Walking (Water Walking, 60 seconds on self)
Bound Dagger (Bound Dagger, 60 seconds on self)
Summon Ancestral Ghost (Summon Ancestral Ghost, 60 sec on self)
Fire Bite (Fire Damage, 15-30 pts on touch)

"Battlemages are wizard-warriors, trained in both lethal spellcasting
and heavily armored combat. They sacrifice mobility and versatility
for the ability to supplement melee and ranged attacks with elemental
damage and summoned creatures."

-------------- Crusader ------------------------------------------------------

Special: Combat
Attributes: Agility, Strength
Major Skills: Blunt Weapon, Long Blade, Destruction, Heavy Armour, Block
Minor Skills: Restoration, Armorer, Hand-to-Hand, Medium Armour, Alchemy

Spells: Fire Bite (Fire Damage, 15-30 pts on touch)

"Any heavily armoured warrior with spellcasting powers and a good cause
may call himself a Crusader. Crusaders do well by doing good. They
hunt monsters and villains, making themselves rich by plunder as they
rid the world of evil."

-------------- Healer --------------------------------------------------------

Special: Magic
Attributes: Willpower, Personality
Major Skills: Restoration, Mysticism, Alteration, Hand-to-Hand, Speechcraft
Minor Skills: Illusion, Alchemy, Unarmoured, Light Armour, Blunt Weapon

Spells: Hearth Heal (Restore Health, 20-80 pts on self)
Shield (Shield, 5 pts, 30 seconds on self)
Water Walking (Water Walking, 60 seconds on self)
Detect Creature (Detect Animal, 50-150 ft, 5 seconds on self)

"Healers are spellcasters who swear solemn oaths to heal the afflicted
and cure the diseased. When threatened, they defend themselves with
reason and disabling attacks and magic, relying on deadly force only
in extremity."

-------------- Knight --------------------------------------------------------

Special: Combat
Attributes: Strength, Personality
Major Skills: Long Blade, Axe, Speechcraft, Heavy Armour, Block
Minor Skills: Restoration, Mercantile, Medium Armour, Enchant, Armorer

"Of noble birth, or distinguished in battle or tourney, knights are
civilized warriors, schooled in letters and courtesy, governed by the
codes of chivalry. In addition to the arts of war, knights study the
lore of healing and enchantment."

-------------- Mage ----------------------------------------------------------

Special: Magic
Attributes: Intelligence, Willpower
Major Skills: Mysticism, Destruction, Alteration, Illusion, Restoration
Minor Skills: Enchant, Alchemy, Unarmoured, Short Blade, Conjuration

Spells: Hearth Heal (Restore Health, 20-80 pts on self)
Shield (Shield, 5 pts, 30 seconds on self)
Water Walking (Water Walking, 60 seconds on self)
Fire Bite (Fire Damage, 15-30 pts on touch)
Chameleon (Chameleon, 10%, 30 seconds on self)
Sanctuary (Sanctuary, 10 pts, 30 seconds on self)
Detect Creature (Detect Animal, 50-150 ft, 5 seconds on self)

"Most mages claim to study magic for its intellectual rewards, but
they also often profit from its practical applications. Varying widely
in temperament and motivation, mages share but one thing in common -
an avid love of spellcasting."

-------------- Monk ----------------------------------------------------------

Special: Stealth
Attributes: Agility, Willpower
Major Skills: Hand-to-Hand, Unarmoured, Athletics, Acrobatics, Sneak
Minor Skills: Block, Marksman, Light Armour, Restoration, Blunt Weapon

"Monks are students of the ancient martial arts of hand-to-hand combat
and unarmoured self defense. Monks avoid detection by stealth,
mobility, and agility, and are skilled with a variety of ranged and
close-combat weapons."

-------------- Nightblade ----------------------------------------------------

Special: Magic
Attributes: Willpower, Speed
Major Skills: Mysticism, Illusion, Alteration, Sneak, Short Blade
Minor Skills: Light Armour, Unarmoured, Destruction, Marksman, Security

Spells: Shield (Shield, 5 pts, 30 seconds on self)
Water Walking (Water Walking, 60 seconds on self)
Fire Bite (Fire Damage, 15-30 pts on touch)
Chameleon (Chameleon, 10%, 30 seconds on self)
Sanctuary (Sanctuary, 10 pts, 30 seconds on self)
Detect Creature (Detect Animal, 50-150 ft, 5 seconds on self)

"Nightblades are spellcasters who use their magics to enhance mobility,
concealment, and stealthy close combat. They have a sinister
reputation, since many nightblades are thieves, enforcers, assassins,
or covert agents."

-------------- Pilgrim -------------------------------------------------------

Special: Stealth
Attributes: Personality, Endurance
Major Skills: Speechcraft, Mercantile, Marksman, Restoration, Medium Armour
Minor Skills: Illusion, Hand-to-Hand, Short Blade, Block, Alchemy

Spells: Hearth Heal (Restore Health, 20-80 pts on self)

"Pilgrims are travellers, seekers of truth and enlightenment. They
fortify themselves for road and wilderness with arms, armour, and
magic, and through wide experience of the world, they become shrewd
in commerce and persuasion."

-------------- Rogue ---------------------------------------------------------

Special: Combat
Attributes: Speed, Personality
Major Skills: Short Blade, Mercantile, Axe, Light Armour, Hand-to-Hand
Minor Skills: Block, Medium Armour, Speechcraft, Athletics, Long Blade

"Rogues are adventurers and opportunists with a gift for getting in
and out of trouble. Relying variously on charm and dash, blades and
business sense, they thrive on conflict and misfortune, trusting to
their luck and cunning to survive."

-------------- Scout ---------------------------------------------------------

Special: Combat
Attributes: Speed, Endurance
Major Skills: Sneak, Long Blade, Medium Armour, Athletics, Block
Minor Skills: Marksman, Alchemy, Alteration, Light Armour, Unarmoured

"Scouts rely on stealth to survey routs and opponents, using ranged
weapons and skirmish tactics when forced to fight. By contrast with
barbarians, in combat scouts tend to be cautious and methodical,
rather than impulsive."

-------------- Sorcerer ------------------------------------------------------

Special: Magic
Attributes: Intelligence, Endurance
Major Skills: Enchant, Conjuration, Mysticism, Destruction, Alteration
Minor Skills: Illusion, Medium Armour, Heavy Armour, Marksman, Short Blade

Spells: Shield (Shield, 5 pts, 60 seconds on self)
Water Walking (Water Walking, 60 seconds on self)
Bound Dagger (Bound Dagger, 60 seconds on self)
Summon Ancestral Ghost (Summon Ancestral Ghost, 60 sec on self)
Fire Bite (Fire Damage, 15-30 pts on touch)
Detect Creature (Detect Animal, 50-150 ft, 5 seconds on self)

"Though spellcasters by vocation, sorcerers rely most on summonings
and enchantments. They are greedy for magic scrolls, rings, armour
and weapons, and commanding undead and Daedric servants gratifies
their egos."

-------------- Spellsword ----------------------------------------------------

Special: Magic
Attributes: Willpower, Endurance
Major Skills: Block, Restoration, Long Blade, Destruction, Alteration
Minor Skills: Blunt Weapon, Enchant, Alchemy, Medium Armour, Axe

Spells: Hearth Heal (Restore Health, 20-80 pts on self)
Shield (Shield, 5 pts, 30 seconds on self)
Water Walking (Water Walking, 60 seconds on self)
Fire Bite (Fire Damage, 15-30 pts on touch)

"Spellswords are spellcasting specialists trained to support Imperial
troops in skirmish and in battle. Veteran spellswords are prized as
mercenaries, and well-suited for careers as adventurers and

-------------- Thief ---------------------------------------------------------

Special: Stealth
Attributes: Speed, Agility
Major Skills: Security, Sneak, Acrobatics, Light Armour, Short Blade
Minor Skills: Marksman, Speechcraft, Hand-to-Hand, Mercantile, Athletics

"Thieves are pickpockets and pilferers. Unlike robbers, who kill and
loot, thieves typically choose stealth and subterfuge over violence,
and often entertain romantic notions of their charm and cleverness
in their acquisitive activities."

-------------- Warrior -------------------------------------------------------

Special: Combat
Attributes: Strength, Endurance
Major Skills: Long Blade, Medium Armour, Heavy Armour, Athletics, Block
Minor Skills: Armorer, Spear, Marksman, Axe, Blunt Weapon

"Warriors are the professional men-at-arms, soldiers, mercenaries, and
adventurers of the Empire, trained with various weapons and armour
styles, conditioned by long marches, and hardened by ambush, skirmish,
and battle."

-------------- Witchhunter ---------------------------------------------------

Special: Magic
Attributes: Intelligence, Agility
Major Skills: Conjuration, Enchant, Alchemy, Light Armour, Marksman
Minor Skills: Unarmoured, Block, Blunt Weapon, Sneak, Mysticism

Spells: Bound Dagger (Bound Dagger, 60 seconds on self)
Summon Ancestral Ghost (Summon Ancestral Ghost, 60 sec on self)

"Witchhunters are dedicated to rooting out and destroying the
perverted practices of dark cults and profane sorcery. They train
for martial, magical, and stealthy war against vampires, witches,
warlocks, and necromancers."

Those are the game-generated classes for your character to have. However, I
would like to suggest several of my own, that I feel are fairly balanced.
These you can find below, in section 2.3.4 My Characters.

[2.3.3] Birthsign Selection

Birthsign is the final choice you have to make in deciding on a character.
Each birthsign comes with its own special powers, skills, or abilities. Some
provide fortifying abilities, such as bonuses to strength or agility, powerful
for a beginner or well-suited for any character, while others give a character
powers tailored towards a certain job.

There are thirteen different signs to choose from, and these are summarized

-------------- The Apprentice ------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Elfborn (Fortify Maximum Magicka, 1.5x INT
Weakness to Magicka, 50%)

"Constellation of the Apprentice with a Prime Aspect of Masser."

The Apprentice is tailored towards novice magic users, with its magicka bonus.
However, the weakness to magicka makes you vulnerable to mage opponents.

-------------- The Atronach --------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Wombburn (Spell Absorption, 50 pts
Fortify Maximum Magicka, 2.0x INT
Stunted Magicka)

"Constellation of the Atronach with a Prime Aspect of Masser."

The ONLY starsign for a real mage. Tailored towards experts who understand
that their hefty magicka will not be regenerated by resting (the stunted
magicka). Teamed with the Breton race, and a magic-oriented class, you will
have a very powerful character, perhaps the best in the entire game.

-------------- The Lady ------------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Lady's Favour (Fortify Personality, 25 pts)
Lady's Grace (Fortify Endurance, 25 pts)

"Constellation of the Lady with a Prime Aspect of Masser."

A simple star sign with some good bonuses for the beginner player who isn't
sure what else to pick. Personality will make you everyone's best friend, and
the endurance is great for upping both fatigue and encumbrance.

-------------- The Lord ------------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Trollkin (Weakness to Fire, 100%)
Spells: Blood of the North (Restore Health, 2 pts, 30 seconds on self)

"Constellation of the Lord with a Prime Aspect of Masser."

Blood of the North isn't a great spell, you can easily purchase a replacement
for minimal gold, and weakness to fire is a major drag. Avoid this one.

-------------- The Lover -----------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Mooncalf (Fortify Agility, 25 pts)
Powers: Lover's Kiss (Paralyze, 60 seconds on target
Damage Fatigue, 200 pts on self)

"Constellation of the Lover with a Prime Aspect of Secunda."

Double edged sword, this one. Mooncalf is great for anyone specializing in
stealth, but Lover's Kiss can be a little iffy. Paralyze an opponent, while
depleting your own fatigue? No fatigue means no fight. Pick this one if the
agility bonus appeals to you.

-------------- The Mage ------------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Fay (Fortify Maximum Magicka, 0.5x INT)

"Constellation of the Mage with a Prime Aspect of Masser."

A straight-forward magicka bonus. Not as strong as the Apprentice, but without
the magicka weakness. Perhaps a smart selection for a spellsword or
nightblade, something that uses magic but does not rely on it.

-------------- The Ritual ----------------------------------------------------

Spells: Blessed Word (Turn Undead, 100 pts, 30 seconds on target)
Blessed Touch (Turn Undead, 100 pts, 30 seconds on touch)
Powers: Mara's Gift (Restore Health, 100 pts on self)

"Constellation of the Ritual with a Prime Aspect of Masser."

Mara's Gift is a great restorative spell, but the sign doesn't have much else
going for it. There are much better choices available.

-------------- The Serpent ---------------------------------------------------

Spells: Star-Curse (Poison, 3 pts, 30 seconds on touch
Damage Health, 1 pt, 30 seconds on self)

"Constellation of the Serpent."

Utterly useless. Basically, you sacrifice 30 points of health to deal 90
points of poison damage. I suppose there might be some use if you have a LOT
of health to spare, but why waste a choice like this on such a power?

-------------- The Shadow ----------------------------------------------------

Powers: Moonshadow (Invisibility, 60 seconds on self)

"Constellation of the Shadow with a Prime Aspect of Secunda."

Invisibility is not all it's cracked up to be, especially when you can only
use it once a day. If you're into stealth and exhausted all your other
choices, it might do, I guess.

-------------- The Steed -----------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Charioteer (Fortify Speed, 25 pts)

"Constellation of the Steed with a Prime Aspect of Masser."

A simple speed bonus. Combined with the Argonian or Khajiit races, adds some
serious speed, but speed isn't exactly the most important attribute out there.

-------------- The Thief -----------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Akaviri Danger-Sense (Sanctuary, 10 pts)

"Constellation of the Thief with a Prime Aspect of Secunda."

I can think of much better signs for a thief than the actual Thief. Namely,
all of them. Agility and speed are would be much more useful, so go with

-------------- The Tower -----------------------------------------------------

Spells: Beggar's Nose (Detect Animal, 200 ft, 60 seconds on self
Detect Enchantment, 200 ft, 60 seconds on self
Detect Key, 200 ft, 60 seconds on self)
Powers: Tower Key (Open, 50 pts on touch)

"Constellation of the Tower with a Prime Aspect of Secunda."

This would be a zillion times more powerful if the power was a spell. Open is
good for anyone who can't be bothered using their Security skill to pick
locks, but once a day just isn't good enough. I can't find any use for
Beggar's Nose. But that's just me.

-------------- The Warrior ---------------------------------------------------

Abilities: Warwyrd (Fortify Attack, 10 pts)

"Constellation of the Warrior with a Prime Aspect of Masser."

A simple increase to your attack stat, meaning you connect with hits more
often. Nothing special. Nothing extraordinary. If you level any weapon skill
past it's starting point, you'll basically nullify this one straight out.

[2.4] My Characters

For the record, I have created a number of characters for the express purpose
of writing this guide. Some have lasted, others have not. Below is a complete
list of the ones that were actually worthy of playing - maybe you'll find one
or two you like! All have custom classes, created by my own hand (with the
exception of Schapelle's Serpentine class), and while none are perfect, they
may just suit you ;)

-------------- Isabella ------------------------------------------------------

Race: Nord
Class: Battlescout
Special: Stealth
Attributes: Strength, Agility
Major Skills: Short Blade, Long Blade, Light Armour, Speechcraft, Alchemy
Minor Skills: Security, Armorer, Enchant, Mysticism, Alteration.
Sign: The Lady

"The Battlescout tries to achieve the perfect blend of stealth, combat
and magic. Suited for just about any race of character, it combines
with many of the fortifying birthsigns to make for a powerful
character in any field."

Well, I am only an amateur after all, but I think it's a pretty good
combination to have the best of everything. Feel free to try it, or not ;)

-------------- Spri'te -------------------------------------------------------

Race: Breton
Class: Spellblade
Special: Magic
Attributes: Intelligence, Luck
Major Skills: Unarmoured, Alchemy, Conjuration, Mysticism, Speechcraft
Minor Skills: Alteration, Restoration, Destruction, Illusion, Short Blade
Sign: The Atronach

"The Spellblade makes a wonderful mage, with minor weapon skills for
limited melee combat. Perfectly suited for House Telvanni, or life
as an alchemist, a spellblade makes friends and kicks ass at the same

This was a character I created expressly for this walkthrough, that I simply
fell in love with. Conjuration of daedra and bound armour, with mystical
spells like Mark, Recall, and Absorb Health, makes for a powerful character
that really is fun to play. Enjoy!

-------------- Sara ----------------------------------------------------------

Race: Galith (source: http://www.kwshipman.com/kw_galith.html)
Class: Illusionist
Special: Stealth
Attributes: Agility, Luck
Major Skills: Illusion, Security, Marksman, Light Armour, Speechcraft
Minor Skills: Alchemy, Hand to Hand, Unarmoured, Mysticism, Sneak
Sign: The Lady

-------------- Emylene -------------------------------------------------------

Race: Nord
Class: Tankette
Special: Combat
Attributes: Endurance, Luck
Major Skills: Heavy Armour, Axe, Long Blade, Speechcraft, Block
Minor Skills: Medium Armour, Blunt Weapon, Spear, Alteration, Restoration
Sign: The Lady

-------------- Schapelle -----------------------------------------------------

Race: Breton (yes, for a warrior)
Class: Serpentine
Special: Magic
Attributes: Strength, Endurance
Major Skills: Long Blade, Destruction, Mysticism, Restoration, Security
Minor Skills: Spear, Light Armour, Athletics, Heavy Armour, Speechcraft

"Not much is known about the female Serpentine tribe from Phantom Isle,
other than their feared combat abilities..."

I have never been one to play as a warrior, but I got into a rather
interesting discussion with a fellow player about mages vs. warriors. He told
me that this was his ideal set-up, using a lot of magicka schools and the
Breton race to ensure that the few magic skills he needed in the game would
never 'fizzle', even without training. While the skills he used most, the
combat skills, started off low and would level to match the magic skills
quickly. It seems to make good sense. For a twist, swap Heavy Armour for
Unarmoured - Unarmoured levels nicely if you're not wearing a full set of
armour (ie. take off one pauldron and it will still level), and leaves Heavy
Armour open for training (and a subsequent Endurance boost on level up). I
added in my own class name and description - sorry if they suck, Jerry!

-------------- Leisja --------------------------------------------------------

Race: Dark Elf
Class: Battlemage (yes, I know the game has a Battlemage class, but I
like mine better)
Special: Magic
Attributes: Endurance, Luck
Major Skills:
Minor Skills:

This list of characters always gets added to from time to time, so check back
here for my latest characters. Some are made purely for walkthrough (such as
Emylene, to churn through House Redoran at a brisk pace), others were made for
fun and pleasure (such as Leisja, my latest project). Enjoy!

[2.5] Skills and Levelling Up

As you may have seen in the Creating a Character section, there are
twenty-seven skills available to your character in Morrowind, governing their
every action, from running to jumping to picking locks to using blades.

Each skill falls under the heading of one of the main eight attributes: ie,
Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality, and
Luck. Some of these are common sense - weapon skills come under Strength,
magic skills come under Intelligence and Willpower. Others might not be so
logical. The full list of the twenty-seven skills, and their descriptions, are
listed below.

-------------- Acrobatics ----------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Strength

"Acrobatics skill enables one to jump long distances and to avoid
damage when falling from a great height. Nimble acrobats can reach
areas others cannot get to and can direct their paths while falling."

To level up acrobatics, simply jump, wherever you go. As you walk along paths,
press E repeatedly to make little jumps as you walk. Your Acrobatics skill
will level up fast, and if you have it as an important skill, you too will
level up fast. I don't tend to put skills like this one as important, because
you'll level up faster than you want to.

-------------- Alchemy -------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Intelligence

"Alchemy identifies magical properties in mundane substances.
Substances are consumed directly, or prepared as potions to provide
long-lasting benefits like healing and curing disease, water-walking,
magical shielding, and fortifying bodily attributes."

Alchemy is increased by either eating ingredients (slow but effective), or by
using alchemy equipment to make your own potions. Making potions increases it
faster, but the success rate is based on your current alchemy skill. Alchemy
is a great skill to include as major or minor, because any potions you create
are much more effective than ones you can buy, plus you make them for little
to nothing as ingredients are scattered everywhere. A vital skill.

-------------- Alteration ----------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Willpower

"Students of the College of Alteration manipulate the physical world
and its natural properties. Alteration effects include water breathing
and walking, jumping, levitating, burdening, opening and locking,
and creating shield barriers against physical damage."

Alteration is raised by casting spells from the School of Alteration. These
include all the effects listed above ;) Water walking and opening are the
main two skills IMO, and open spells are MUCH more effective than carrying
around lockpicks. A decent school of magic for a mage, but there are better.

-------------- Armorer -------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Strength

"Armorer skill is used to maintain weapons and armour at top
effectiveness. Worn weapons do less damage. Worn armour provides less
protection against attacks. As wear increases, the diminishing effects
of weapons and armour is dramatic."

To increase Armorer, keep your weapons and armor in tip-top condition by using
Repair Prongs and Armorer's Hammers to repair them. At low levels, this skill
is slow to level because you will often fail when you attempt to repair. Worth
listing as an important skill? Up to the individual player.

-------------- Athletics -----------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Speed

"Athletics skill trains and conditions one for running and swimming.
Skilled athletes move short and long distances over land with speed
and efficiency, and they also swim swiftly underwater."

Athletics levels by running. Simple. Run everywhere you go, and this too will
level fast. This and Acrobatics are basically the lazy people's skills,
because you'll level up very quickly with these in your major skills. Again,
not good to include because you'll level up too fast.

-------------- Axe -----------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Strength

"Axe skill helps a user wield heavy chopping weapons like war axes
and battleaxes more effectively."

Axe increases by, you guessed it, using axes as weapons. Weapon skills are
limited to levelling during combat, while most others can be used effectively
outside battle. Axe is one of the weaker weapon classes - strong weapons, but
slow and heavy. But if you selected a race with an Axe bonus, you may as well
make the most of it.

-------------- Block ---------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Agility

"Block skill allows one to use shields to block any melee attack. A
successful block removes all damage from the attack."

Block relates to the equipping of shields. Shields block blows in melee
combat, therefore Block allows you to defend yourself in battle more easily by
getting better use out of your equipped shield. An important skill for all
melee fighter characters, right alongside weapon and armour skills.

-------------- Blunt Weapon --------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Strength

"Blunt Weapon skill makes you more effective when using heavy bashing
weapons like maces, hammers, clubs and staves."

Blunt Weapon, like all weapon skills, levels as you use your weapons in
combat. It's a typical mage skill, as staves come under the category of Blunt
Weapon, so most roleplaying mages will choose Blunt Weapon as their main
weapon skill.

-------------- Conjuration ---------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Intelligence

"The spell effects of the College of Conjuration include the mental
domination of mundane and magical creatures, summonation of other
worldly weapons and armour, and summonation of Daedric or undead
servants and powers to serve and protect the caster."

My personal favorite magicka school. If your character is not good in melee
combat, you can summon daedra that are, to help you. Level up Conjuration by
practicing spells from the school. whatever they maybe. Summoning bound armour
and weapons is also an influential factor in deciding where to put the
Conjuration skill - all of my characters now carry it as a major or minor

-------------- Destruction ---------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Willpower

"The destruction skill is the mastery of the spell effects of the
College of Destruction. Their spells harm living and unliving things,
and include elemental damage, draining, damaging, vulnerability, and
disintegration magical effects."

The School of Destruction holds all your typical black mage spells, to
reference other RPGs. Direct elemental damage, the draining of your opponents
skills, or breaking of their equipment to leave them vulnerable. If playing a
skilled mage, I would include it as a minor skill, otherwise I simply wouldn't

-------------- Enchant -------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Intelligence

"This skill governs the creating, use, and recharging of enchanted
items. Skilled enchanters are more successful at creating new items.
Enchanted items burn less power, and are recharged more efficiently
from soul gems, for a trained user."

At first, Enchant doesn't seem like a great skill. But when you start to
realize the importance of enchanted items in the game, it suddenly becomes a
whole lot better. Enchant levels by using enchanted items, and recharging them
using filled soul gems. The higher the Enchant skill, the more uses you get
out of an enchanted item before the charge is spent, and the more effectively
you can recharge them. It takes a while to take off, but when it does... wow.

-------------- Hand-to-Hand --------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Speed

"Hand-to-Hand skill is the martial art of unarmed combat. Hand-to-hand
attacks damage only the fatigue of a standing opponent, but hand-to-
hand attacks damage health when a target has been knocked unconscious
by fatigue loss."

Good old fist-fighting. Only problem is, it's very hard to use. Hand-to-hand
fighting only drains fatigue when your opponent is on their feet, meaning that
to kill someone with it, you need to drain their fatigue to knock them down,
then beat the crap out of them before they get back up. Not worth including as
a skill, because weapons are so much more effective.

-------------- Heavy Armour --------------------------------------------------

"Heavy Armour skill is used to move and defend while wearing massive
and rigid armours like iron, steel, silver, Dwemer, ebony, and
Daedric armour. To use and style of armour effectively, the wearer
must be trained, conditioned, and skilled in its use."

Every warrior must make a choice when it comes to armour class. Heavy Armour,
like all armour, levels with use - when you take hits in battle, every type of
armour you have equipped will rise in skill. Very strong characters will use
Heavy Armour, as it offers the most protection, but as a trade-off will place
the most weight on your character. The best heavy armour is rare, and only
comes at higher levels though.

-------------- Illusion ------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Personality

"Spell effects of the College of Illusion alter the perceptions and
thoughts of living subjects. Illusion effects blind, illuminate,
paralyze and silence, calm or enrage, charm, distract and camouflage,
and render invisible."

The school of Illusion is the only one that has never really appealed to me.
It's the status magic of the Morrowind world - paralyzation, invisibility,
frenzy, and like all magic schools, it levels when you use magic of its type.
Maybe I never liked it because I never understood a lot of the effects such as
Light, Sound, and Earwig. Possibly. But this one, I wouldn't bother with at

-------------- Light Armour --------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Agility

"Light armour skill lets one move and defend while wearing light
weight, flexible armours like leather, boiled leather, fur, chitin,
and glass armour. To use any style of armour effectively, the wearer
must be trained, conditioned and skilled in its use."

Every warrior must make a choice when it comes to armour class. Light Armour,
like all armour, levels with use - when you take hits in battle, every type of
armour you have equipped will rise in skill. Thieves and other mobile
characters will most likely opt for light armour, as the best kinds offers
very good protection for very little weight. Light Armour is, IMO, the best
armour skill in the game as you can get one of the best sets within five
minutes of starting the game (if playing GOTY).

-------------- Long Blade ----------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Strength

"Long Blade skill lets one use broadswords, sabers, longswords,
claymores, katanas, and dai-katanas effectively."

Long Blades are, IMO, the most common and effective type of weapon in
Morrowind. Like all weapon skills, they level with use in battle, meaning it's
hard to uber-train them without getting very dirty. Long Blades are plentiful,
and one of the best in the game is available a few quests into the main quest
of the game. Not as fast as Short Blades, but generally dealing more damage.
Definitely a major skill.

-------------- Marksman ------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Agility

"With the marksman skill, one is more effective with ranged weapons
like the short bow, long bow, crossbow, throwing star, and throwing

Marksman is the realm of archers and, to an extent, ninjas. Any weapons that
are aimed and thrown come under this category, and there are quite a few. Like
all weapon skills, they level with use. But unlike all weapon skills, these
are the only ranged weapons that you don't have to be within striking distance
to use, giving an advantage to weaker characters who can't handle melee
combat. Personally, I wouldn't pick it, but a lot of people like the idea of
picking off opponents at no danger to themselves.

-------------- Medium Armour -------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Endurance

"Medium Armour skill lets one move and defend while wearing durable
but flexible armours like chain, scale, bonemold, and Orcish armour.
To use any style of armour effectively, the wearer must be trained,
conditioned, and skilled in its use."

Medium Armour is the final, and least effective, weapon skill. It would be
higher on the list if the best pieces of medium armour weren't scripted to
have Ordinators attack you on sight if you ever wore them, but that's the
price you pay. It levels when you wear medium armour in battle - the more you
wear, the faster it levels. But characters are better off sticking to either
Light or Heavy Armour, as it's more effective.

-------------- Mercantile ----------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Personality

"Mercantile skill is the art of buying low and selling high. This skill
guarantees lower initial prices for goods, equipment, and services,
and improves chances of getting better deals by bargaining."

Mercantile is, quite simply, the art of haggling with merchants. Sell items
for more than you're offered, and buy for less. It levels up the more you use
it - do a lot of bartering, and it will level up fast. An effective skill for
stingy people, but it's simply not necessary to do well in the game, you get
enough money.

-------------- Mysticism -----------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Willpower

"The spells of the College of Mysticism shape and focus otherworldly
forces to bind souls in gems, or teleport the caster's body, or
manipulate the world with telekinesis, or absorb or reflect magical
energies, or sense unseen objects at a distance."

Mysticism is the second best magicka school, IMO, for one reason only - absorb
spells. While useful spells like soultrapping, detection, mark and recall come
under the category of Mysticism, it is very VERY cool to be able to walk into
a fight with an Ordinator at level 3, and simply suck the life out of them to
keep yourself healthy. (Not recommended, but I have done it.) Any mage
character should have Mysticism as a major skill. Note that it also levels up
with use, so using Mark and Recall often will keep it levelling nicely.

-------------- Restoration ---------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Willpower

"Adepts of the College of Restoration heal, restore, and fortify the
body's attributes and abilities, cure disease, and protect it from
other malign influences. Restoration spells can also augment or absorb
strength, endurance, intelligence, agility, and other bodily

Healers are skilled in Restoration. Like the name and the description
suggests, Restoration is about keeping yourself healthy in between fights,
restoring your health and magicka, curing your diseases. One of the less
interesting but still useful schools of magicka. You can rely on potions to
serve the same purpose, however.

-------------- Security ------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Intelligence

"Security skill lets one open locked doors and containers with lock
picks or disarm traps with probes. This skill is essential for thieves
and agents alike."

Security is all about stealing. Breaking into houses and containers are second
nature for Security specialists, and is in fact what's required to level the
skill up. Disarming traps also works the same, but has less of an effect
because there is no increasing difficulty in traps. The Alteration school of
magicka can replace the lockpicking, and the Mysticism skill of Telekinesis
can replace the disarming, but what good thief relies on magic? Bah!

-------------- Short Blade ---------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Speed

"Characters with great short blade skill are more effective with short,
quick, thrusting weapons like daggers, tantos, short swords, and

Short Blades are the second most common weapon found around Morrowind. Like
all weapons, they level with use, but Short Blades level faster simply because
you can use them faster, ie. they have a high Speed rating. Great for all
characters, I usually include this as my secondary weapon skill.

-------------- Sneak ---------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Agility

"The Sneak discipline is the art of moving unseen and unheard. Skilled
sneaks are also adept pickpockets."

Sneaking is another essential one for thieves. You level Sneak up by sneaking
around out of sight (sneak by pressing Ctrl), and the higher it is, the easier
time you will have stealing things. Have you ever noticed that you can be
standing behind someone in a room, and even though they're not looking at you,
you still can't steal? Low Sneak skill. I've heard that with a maxed-out Sneak
skill, you can pickpocket people without them even noticing. Awesome skill for
sneaky characters.

-------------- Spear ---------------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Endurance

"Spear skill permits effective use of long-hafted thrusting weapons
like spears and halberds."

Spear is the last weapon skill in the alphabet soup. Spears have the longest
range of any melee weapon, but they are slow to use. Plus, they are not all
that common and you don't find many kick-ass enchanted ones lying around,
unlike other weapon types. If you're interested in levelling up Endurance, use
these for a while and watch the results. But otherwise, give them a miss.

-------------- Speechcraft ---------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Personality

"Those skilled in speechcraft influence others by admiring,
intimidating, and taunting them. Listeners are willing to divulge
information or to entrust important tasks to the skilled speaker."

One of THE most important skills. Period. Speechcraft is heavily used in
persuading people, getting their disposition up, and this is in fact how it's
levelled (successful persuasions). Very often, you'll find that you need to
make people like you before they'll confide information in you, and a good
Speechcraft skill is essential in doing this. I would definitely include this
as a major skill, all the time.

-------------- Unarmoured ----------------------------------------------------

Governing Attribute: Speed

"Unarmoured skill lets one avoid or reduce injury during combat while
not wearing any armour by evading, deflecting, or absorbing blows.
Those versed in this skill are better defended wearing no armour at
all than they are when wearing armour."

Lucky last. Unarmoured is the armour skill of wearing no armour, so to speak,
which makes it the fourth armour skill that everyone forgets about. Unless you
wear a full set of armour at all times during combat, you'll find that
Unarmoured seems to level by itself because of the small uncovered part of
your body. It's not really a viable option as a main armour skill, except for
a pure mage, simply because it offers you zero protection from attacks, but
levels nicely on its own as a secondary skill.


That's the nitty-gritty on all 27 skills, my take on them, and how they
each level up. Now's where the fun part starts - deciding which you will
use most. Each class has ten skills featured, five as the ones you will use
most (major skills), five as secondary but still often-used (minor), and
the rest as miscellaneous. The ten skills listed as major and minor skills, in
your particular class, are the most important, as these are what counts to
levelling up. Every time you level one of them up, gaining a skill increase by
using it often, you gain one point towards levelling up. After you gain ten
points, you will be prompted to rest and meditate on what you've learned, so
you can level up.

It makes no difference as to which combination of skills you level up. You can
level up one of the ten skills ten times, or you can level them each up once.
You can customize your character how you like.

When you level up, the interesting stuff, and the major customization, starts.
Each level up you get, you will be given three points to allocate to the eight
major attributes, Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed,
Endurance, Personality, and Luck. You can allocate one point to whichever
three you like, but not more than one; and each of the nominated skills will
rise by one point. This is how you increase your overall stats, and how you
raise things like health, magicka, and fatigue.

But levelling up would be pretty boring if your stats could only raise three
points, each level. And so Morrowind introduces multipliers, to reward you for
using skills with the same governing attribute. For each major/minor skill you
level up once, per attribute, you'll gain a 0.5 stat multiplier. Level the
same major/minor skill up twice, and the stat multiplier increases to 1,
Meaning, when you allocate one of your three points to that attribute at
level up time, you will gain two stat points instead of one.

You're confused, I know. Don't worry, I was for a long time as well. So I'll
run through an example. Say you have Short Blade as a major skill, coming
under Agility, and you gain five skill increases before you level up. This
will increase the Agility multiplier to three (5 x 0.5, rounded up). So, if at
level up time, you give one of your three points to Agility - the Agility
multipler raises from x1 to x3, and you will get three Agility points instead
of one.

There are, of course, limitations to this.

- The highest multiplier you can have is 5, therefore you could theoretically
gain 15 stat points per level up, just by using your three points.

- Luck will never gain a multiplier, because no skills rely on luck.

You could, theoretically, maximise your multipliers every time you level up by
concentrating on miscellaneous skills, which count towards multipliers but
don't count towards you levelling up. Or you could be like me and not bother,
but know the information for reference. Basically, the more you train skills
under one attribute, the faster the attribute increases. Enjoy!

[2.6] Combat and Training

-------------- Fight, Fight, Fight! ------------------------------------------

Morrowind could technically be defined as an action RPG, because there are no
set battles of any sort. You can wander into battles, out of battles, and
start them with anyone you like. You can sneak up behind someone and stab them
in the back, or be running along in the countryside when a cliff racer decides
to divebomb you and start a fight.

The combat system in Morrowind is very simplistic, and frankly leaves a lot to
be desired. You have your equipped armour, weapon, and magic spell, all is
done using the menu. Click and drag a piece of armour or weapon onto your
miniature character, or click a spell in the spell menu. You can only use one
of the weapon/spell duo at any time in battle - F readies your weapon, and R
readies your magic.

Once you've got the right offense out, it's basically point and click. If
you're within striking distance of the person you want to stab with your
shortsword, left click to take a swing. If it's magic you're using, and you're
within touching distance of your opponent using a touch spell, left click to
cast it on them. If you just want to hack someone to bits, hammer the left
mouse button with your weapon drawn, making sure to stay within striking

If you want to switch between weapons and magic, F and R is the way to do it.
If you want to switch weapons or switch spells, simply enter the menu (halts
the battle momentarily) and manually equip a new spell/weapon (which you can't
do if you're in the process of using your current one, so you must wait until
the animation is complete.) Using items like potions is done similarly, simply
open up the menu, pick up the potion and drop it on your character. The effect
will take place when you exit the menu.

There's not a lot of strategy required, but thankfully battles do rely on your
in-game skills somewhat. Your attacks will not connect with your opponent all
the time, meaning you'll be taking fresh-air swings with your weapons
sometimes. The hit ratio (connecting hits to missing ones) depend on your
skill with the weapon you're trying to use. If you have a Long Blade skill of
50, you'll connect a hell of a lot more often than you would if you had a
skill of only 20. Make sense?

The same applies to magic, except it's not a case of not connecting. Any cast
spell has a 100% chance of hitting its target - the problem is casting the
actual spell. Similarly to weapons, you have a cast ratio - the number of
successful spell castings to failed ones - and it depends on your skill in the
relevant school of magicka. If I had a Conjuration skill of 65, my Conjuration
spells would work more often than if my skill was only 15. The bad thing with
magicka is, it still costs you the magicka points even if the spell fails. A
Summon Ancestor Ghost spell costs you 32 magicka per attempt, whether it
succeeds or not. Tough, but them's the breaks.

-------------- Training Various Skills Outside Combat ------------------------

So, outside combat, is there any way to train combat skills (or any other
skills, for that matter) up? There sure is. Various characters around the
world act as trainers, they'll train you up one point in certain skills - for
a price. The lower your skill is, the cheaper it is to train up. You'll find
trainers all over the world that will train you in all 27 skills, you just
have to know where to find them.

Of course, there are catches. Don't you just hate those?

- Each trainer can only train you in three skills, and these skills are
decided by their own class. Yes, NPCs have classes too. They will usually
train you in the three skills that they themselves are most competent at.

- Trainers can only train you up to the level that they have of the skill. If
a particular trainer has a Short Blade skill of 65, he can't train you past
65 in Short Blade.

- You can only train each skill up to its governing attribute, to limit the
over-use of training. If your Strength is 34, you can't train any
strength-based skills past 34 using a trainer.

-------------- Master Trainers? ----------------------------------------------

Rumour has it, that there is a so-called 'master' trainer for each skill, that
can train you all the way up to 100 in the skill. Well, I'm here to blow that
rumour out of the water. It's not rumour, it's FACT. There are
high-levelled people all over Morrowind, that each have a skill level of
100 in different skills. And some of them are willing to train you to
that same level. Master trainers exist, a different one for each skill, all
over Vvardenfell. And I'll even give you their names and locations... aren't I

Acrobatics Name: Senyndie (female Redguard monk)
Location: Vivec, Arena Waistworks, Fighter's Quarters

Alchemy Name: Abelle Chriditte (female Breton alchemist)
Location: Valenvaryon, Propylon Chamber

Alteration Name: Seryne Relas (female Dark Elf mage)
Location: Tel Branora, Seryne Relas's House

Armorer Name: Sirollus Saccus (male Imperial smith)
Location: Ebonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
Note: A bug in Morrowind - Sirollus will not actually
offer you training, developer forgot to check the
Training box? To fix in the Construction Set, open
the Morrowind.esm file up, find Sirollus Saccus on
the NPC list, edit him, unblock him, save. Edit
again, click AI, then Services, then Training, then
OK, then Block, then Save. Save as a new mod file
and load into your game to get the Armorer Master

Athletics Name: Adibael Hainnabibi (male Dark Elf scout)
Location: Kaushtababi Camp, Adibael's Yurt (south of Molag

Axe Name: Alfhedil Elf-Hewer (male Nord barbarian)
Location: Falensarano, Upper Level

Block Name: Shardie (female Redguard crusader)
Location: Buckmoth Legion Fort

Blunt Weapon Name: Ernse Llervu (female Dark Elf monk)
Location: Vivec, The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise

Conjuration Name: Methal Seran (male Dark Elf priest)
Location: Ald'ruhn, Temple

Destruction Name: Leles Birian (female Breton mage)
Location: Ascadian Isles Region (directly west from Suran
across Lake Masabi; in the middle of a stretch of
road near Piernette's Farmhouse)

Enchant Name: Qorwynn (male High Elf sorcerer)
Location: Indoranyon (near entrance)
Note: Fight rating of 90, will most likely attack on sight

Hand-to-Hand Name: Taren Omothan (male Dark Elf monk)
Location: Holamayan Monastery

Heavy Armour Name: Seanwen (male Dark Elf master-at-arms)
Location: Vivec, Arena Fighters Training

Illusion Name: Erer Darothil (male Dark Elf mage)
Location: Sadrith Mora, Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub

Light Armour Name: Aerin (female Wood Elf thief)
Location: Maar Gan, Andus Tradehouse

Long Blade Name: Ulms Drathen (male Dark Elf crusader)
Location: Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold

Marksman Name: Missun Akin (male Dark Elf archer)
Location: Falasmaryon, Missun Akin's Hut

Medium Armour There was no Medium Armour Master Trainer placed in the game.
There is a Medium Armour Master Trainer, but he was not placed
in the game. His name is Cinia Urtius, and if you'd like to
place him to use him, you'll need to open the Construction Set,
open the Morrowind.esm file up, select the Cell and location
you would like to place him, in the Cell View window, then drag
his name from the NPC window into the render window. This will
drop a copy of him in the world, where currently there is none.
Save as your own mod file, and load up when you load the game,
and you will have a Medium Armour Master Trainer.

Mercantile Name: Ababael Timsar-Dadisun (male Dark Elf trader)
Location: Zainab Camp, Ababael Timsar-Dadisun's Yurt

Mysticism Name: Ardarume (female High Elf mage)
Location: Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn: West Wing

Restoration Name: Yakin Bael (male Dark Elf healer)
Location: Vos, Vos Chapel

Security Name: Hecerinde (male High Elf agent)
Location: Balmora, Hecerinde's House

Short Blade Name: Todwendy (female Redguard agent)
Location: Balmora, Lucky Lockup

Sneak Name: Wadarkhu (male Khajiit smuggler)
Location: Gnaar Mok, Dreugh-Jigger's Rest

Spear Name: Mertis Falandas (male Dark Elf crusader)
Location: Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk Lower Level

Speechcraft Name: Skink-In-Tree's-Shade (male Argonian sorcerer)
Location: Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Mage's Guild

Unarmoured Name: Khargol gro-Boguk (male Orc barbarian)
Location: Dagon Fel, Vacant Tower

[2.7] Laws and Punishments

Like any real place, Morrowind has its own legal system laws and methods of
enforcing these laws. But, like the real world, laws are made to be broken,
and they often are (especially by you). If you're caught committing a crime, a
monetary bounty will go on your head. If your crime is bad enough, any NPCs
and guards in the immediate area will attack you on sight.

Crimes in Morrowind include, but are not limited to:

- Stealing. Yes, you can pick up any item you see, but chances are, someone
owns it. If anyone sees you taking an already-owned item, they'll report
your crime. Of course, you can still steal items, as long as no-one sees
you. Enter sneak mode, by pressing Ctrl. If the small hand icon appears next
to your active spell, it is safe to steal, and you will not get caught.

- Sleeping in someone else's bed. If you enter a house, and the occupant sees
you trying to sleep in their bed, it's an offence. If you really want to use
their beds anyways, you can just kill the occupant of the house. As long as
no-one sees you, this is not a crime, and once they are dead you can
therefore use their bed (plus steal their belongings).

- Breaking into anything. This includes chests, locked doors, and private
residences. Locks are designed to keep pesky outlanders like you out, so
breaking them is an offence... only if someone is there to see you do it, of

- Attacking people for no reason. Let's face it, in the real world this is
assault and is a no-go. If you go further, it's cold-blooded murder. But,
like real life, we can attack in self-defence. If you really must kill
someone, you can provoke them into attacking you first, then kill them. Of
course, if the only person in the room is your intended victim, killing them
is perfectly okay because there is no-one left alive to report the crime.

All of these acts will cause a price to go on your head - and should you meet
any sort of Guard, be it Imperial, Ordinator, or Hlaalu, that price will have
to be paid. Guards are the law enforcement of Vvardenfell, and patrol
everywhere. When you meet one, you will either have to pay the active bounty
on your head, go to jail, resist arrest, or present your writs (if

- Note: If you pay any bounty on your head, the guards will also confiscate
any stolen items in your inventory. Bad. Bad.

The simple idea is - don't get caught for your crimes. Stay bounty-free by
committing your crimes (if you commit any) in secret. If you must kill
someone, make it self-defense. If you must steal something, make sure there's
no-one around to see you. Common sense, really. Clever system that's simple to

[2.8] Factions and Side Quests

A lot of the quests in Morrowind are for the various factions. Many
miscellaneous quests can be done for random NPCs you meet that ask for
favours, but most you will solicit from guild stewards yourself.

What are factions? Just big organizations that have bases all over Morrowind,
such as the Fighters Guild or the Thieves Guild. There are a lot of joinable
factions in the game, and each will give you quests and tasks to do to rise
through the ranks. Complete quests to gain reputation points and kick-ass
rewards as well.

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

This is the basics of faction info. Each faction has numerous ranks you can
rise through, from the beginning when you join, to the very top of the guild.
To raise ranks, you need to meet several requirements:

- The faction's two attribute requirements for the next rank. Each faction has
two favoured attributes, these will be specified on the menu when you hover
over the faction's name. Each rank has a particular attribute requirement.

- The faction's two skill requirements for the next rank. Each faction has its
own group of favoured skills, usually five or six. To raise rank, you will
need to have any one of the skills at a certain level (say, 50) and another
lesser-used skill (or two) at a lower level. For example, the requirement
might be 'one skill at 50 and two skills at 20'.

- A certain faction reputation. Each quest you do will give you a certain
number of faction reputation points. There is a requirement for faction
reputation for advancement; if you're ever told that you haven't performed
enough duties for advancement, then your faction reputation is too low.

The specific ranking details for each faction are listed under their headings.




Just some miscellanous hints, tips, and ideas to help you enjoy your Morrowind
experience. Random thoughts, in other words.

- If you're a pack rat like I am, the first thing you'll need to is obtain
your own residence to store all your quest spoils and miscellaneous objects
in. There are a number of methods you have of doing this:

- Wait until you advance far enough in one of the three Houses to get
your own stronghold. Not recommended.
- Download any one of the house mods available on the internet (if
playing the PC version), or make your own in the Construction Set.
- Store all your stuff on Caius Cosades' floor, once you get to his
house, or any other random place. Works for a while.
- Kill the sole occupant of any house, and adopt their house. Some quests
will require that you kill people, so you can simply take their
properties. Other houses, like Hlaalo Manor in Balmora, come
with dead occupants.

- Make some cheap spells and cheap enchantments to make your life easy. Some
worth noting are:

- HETT's Restore spell (Restore all attributes, 5 points on self), which
can be made in Balmora Temple by purchasing any Restore Attribute
spell, then visiting a spellmaker. This one I find very useful.
- An Open enchantment, on a piece of jewelry or something similar
(Open 50-100 pts on touch).
- A one-point constant effect Levitate piece of clothing, therefore hills
are no longer an obstacle.

As you play, you'll discover the nifty stuff to create.

- The art of dungeon crawling - if you're looking for new weapons, some good
fighting, and a lot of levelling, dungeon crawling is the way to go.
There's also a strategy to looting them - often a cave will have more good
stuff than you can carry. So take as much as you can to one place on the
ground, dump it. Bring all the stuff you want to take out, in stages, to
the same pile. Then, when you've got it all, pick it all up (going WAY over
your encumbrance limit) and Recall out. You do have a Mark set in your
humble abode, don't you? Then deal with it all, at the one time.

- A lot of quests require that you kill people. But murder is illegal right?
Well, yeah, it is. Murder in self defense is not. If you use the Persuasion
skill of Taunt, you can taunt people into attacking you first. Keep taunting
until the red Goodbye appears, and then the fight will start. Important -
make sure they actually hit you first, then attack and kill. This is not a
crime, and it helps a lot :)




The Blades Quest is the main quest of the game, therefore this could kinda be
called the main walkthrough. It'll take you from the very beginning of the
game, from before you get set out into Seyda Neen on your own, to the very end
of the game.

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

While ranking details are given for the Blades, they're kind of a farce
because promotion is automatic in the Blades, upon the completion of
particular quests. No skill requirements are necessary, nor attribute
requirements. You complete a quest, you get promoted. Simple. You also can't
move past the rank of Operative, for reasons that will become clear when you
get there.

Favoured Skills (S1/S2): Speechcraft, Marksman, Light Armour, Sneak,
Restoration, Long Blade.

Rank INT PER S1 S2 Rep
Novice 30 30 0 0 0
Apprentice 40 30 30 20 5
Journeyman 45 35 40 20 10
Finder 50 40 50 25 20
Traveller 55 45 60 25 30
Operative 60 50 70 30 45
Agent 65 55 80 30 60
Spy 70 60 90 35 80
Spymaster 75 65 100 35 100
Grand Spymaster 80 70 110 35 125

[4.1] Seyda Neen - Sellus Gravius

This man is the start of the main quest of the game, whether you know it or
not ;)

-------------- Report to Caius Cosades ---------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: (what faction? :P None of course)

Upon finishing your character creation, you'll be prompted to visit Sellus
Gravius on your way out. Do so, and he'll take your identification. Ask him
about Morrowind (click the blue link in the dialog box), and he'll give you a
brief spiel, so ask him about your duties.

You have instructions from the Emperor of Morrowind himself, and here they
are. A package has arrived, and you are to deliver it to Caius Cosades, in the
town of Balmora. In Balmora, if you go to the South Wall Cornerclub, they'll
be able to tell you how to find Caius, so serve him with the package. And you
recieve directions to Caius, the package, and 87 gold.

Outside, this is where the free will takes over. Press J to select your
journal and review the entry in case you're not entirely sure what to do. You
can either walk to get to Balmora, in which case you should take the road
north out of town, then head east towards Pelagiad. If you keep following the
road, eventually you'll hit Balmora, but it's a damn long walk. Or you can
just take the silt strider, which you'll pass on your way out of town towards
Pelagiad anyways.

Pay Darvame the 14 gold to take the silt strider to Balmora. Balmora is the
second largest city in Morrowind, the local seat of Hlaalu council, and a
place you'll be spending a lot of time in. Home to the vast majority of
guilds, including Fighters, Mages, and Thieves. But first, for the quest we
were given.

To locate the South Wall Cornerclub, to get directions to Caius' house, cross
the Odai River to the east. In the second column of buildings east of the
river, you'll spot a flag hanging outside one at the south end - this is the
cornerclub. Inside, the first person you meet will be Sottilde, so ask her
about Caius. She doesn't know, but she directs you to ask Bacola Closcius, the
owner of the club, because he'll know. Bacola is upstairs, so meet him and ask
him. He'll tell you, Caius lives in a bed-and-basket up the hill on the north
edge of town. Outside, we should take the stairs up, turn left at the top,
then proceed to the end of the street. Fair enough.

Find Caius' house, wedged in next to a boulder and a tree stump. Concede the
name of the mission, Report to Caius Cosades, and let him look at the package.
The Emperor has asked him to make you a Novice in the Blades, which means
you'll be following his orders. Agree to do it, and presto, you're a member of
the Blades. The Blades are the Empire's eyes and ears in the provinces. You
can ask him about Blades trainers, or you can ask him about orders straight
away. When you do, he will give you 200 septims, and tell you to get some
training. Join a guild, and devise a cover as a 'freelance adventurer'. Add
the 200 to your growing amount from Seyda Neen. Quest complete.

You are now a member of the Blades, and you start at the rank of Novice. The
Blades' favorite skills are Speechcraft, Marksman, Light Armour, Sneak,
Restoration, and Long Blade, so it might be worth your while to train these

[4.2] Balmora - Caius Cosades

The main man of the Blades, Spymaster Caius himself!

-------------- Antabolis Informant -------------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

Your first task is to talk to Hasphat Antabolis, in the Balmora Fighter's
Guild, and ask him what he knows about the Nerevarine secret cult and the
Sixth House secret cult. He'll ask you to do a favour, so you'll have to do it
before you get the notes.

- Side note: If playing Game Of The Year edition, or you have Tribunal
installed, try to get some Brotherhood armour ASAP. Rest until you get
ambushed by an assassin, then take him out and rob him blind. If not, invest
in some of the best armour you can find, in your chosen skill (light,
medium, or heavy armour.)

The Fighter's Guild is on the west side of the river. If you cross closest to
Caius' house, it's the first building on the left, in the second row of
buildings (check your map, it will soon appear when you pass it). You can join
the Fighter's Guild while you're there, if you haven't already, just talk to
Eydis Fire-Eye.

Hasphat is located on the bottom level of the Guild. Talk to him, to see about
the favour he wants. There are a set of Dwemer ruins nearby, named Arkngthand,
and there's a little cube with a circular design and some symbols on it,
inside. If we bring back the box, he'll tell us what we need to know. Sounds

Stock up on weapons, armour, etc. before you leave Balmora. To get from
Balmora to Arkngthand, you'll need to take the south road out of Balmora, past
the silt strider, and follow the path across the bridges. At the signposts,
head north, then turn right towards Molag Mar. Uphill on the right, you'll see
an old road curving up the hill, so follow it up and across the bridge.

On the bridge, you'll have to fight Snowy Granius, who summons a skeleton to
help him. Now now, this could be a tad tricky. If you're down at level 1, this
battle will probably do you in, which is why Caius tells you to go do other
stuff first, see ;)

After defeating Snowy Granius (kill Snowy and the skeleton will disappear),
cross the bridge and follow the path towards the Dwemer ruins on your right.
There's a crank on the left side of the path, turn it to open the revolving
door. Enter Arkngthand, Hall of Centrifuge.

Inside, it's a very simple and direct path to get the puzzle box. The ruins
are huge and sprawling, but we barely need to explore them at all. Inside,
follow the path around the circular archway to get to the bottom. At the
bottom you'll find two opponents in your way - Frink Ruuz, and Surus Velvus.
Kill them both, and loot their bodies.

You'll see a two-floored structure opposite the path you came down on. On the
left is a rock path, leading up to the second floor. Go up, empty the rusted
Dwemer cabinet for the coin and cog, then enter the door on the left, to the
Cells of Hollow Hand.

Inside is Boss Crito, who will attack when he sees you. Kill him too. On the
left hand side of the room, the puzzle box sits on the small set of shelves.
Pick it up, and your journal will automatically update. Take the puzzle box
back to Hasphat.

Click the 'favor' link, and he'll take the puzzle box. But you were here to
get notes, right. So make sure to click both the Sixth House link, to get the
notes. Take the notes to Caius Cosades. He'll look them over later, but for
now, he has some more orders for you.

-------------- Gra-Muzgob Informant ------------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

Caius reports that Hasphat's notes covered Sixth House admirably, but sucked
at reporting about the Nerevarine cult. Similarly to before, we've gotta go
through someone else to get the information required. You're to report to
Sharn gra-Muzgob, in the Balmora Mages Guild, to get some notes about the
Nerevarine. She'll also ask you to run a silly errand. Bah.

Sharn is in the basement of the Mages Guild, just south of the Fighters Guild
on your map. She's the orc in the left hand corner, inspecting a bookcase.
Speak to her, and she'll ask you to run an errand for her. She's looking for
the skull of Llevule Andrano, which can be found in the Andrano Ancestral

Ancestral Tombs are littered literally all over Vvardenfell, and its
surrounding islands. This is just one, on the outskirts of Pelagiad. Ask her
about the tomb, and she'll give you directions to it. You may need an
enchanted blade, as the spirits inside are immune to normal weapons. Spirits?
Well, we are visiting a tomb, after all...

Time to go to Pelagiad. If you've haven't been there before, take the silt
strider to Seyda Neen and walk north-east out of town to get there, following
the path. From Pelagiad, or on the way there if walking from Seyda Neen, walk
south on the main path. Just north of the turn-off to Vivec, you'll find the
tomb on the west side of the road (right coming from Pelagiad, left from Seyda
Neen.) Equip your enchanted Fireblade Sharn gave you, save, and enter.

Inside, the first thing you see will be a dead body. See, the person didn't
have an enchanted blade, which is why they died. Baha. Kill the spirit nearby,
then head in, following the path on the left.

There is only one main path to follow, through the tomb. Other paths will lead
you to dead ends, with hostile inhabitants but possibly rewards such as
weapons to find. Eventually, you'll come to a small doorway off a downhill
path, open it to find the skull of Llevule Andrano, and a nice weapon for you.
Grab them both, then hike back to Balmora.

Talk to Sharn about the errand, and she'll take the skull. Ask her about the
Nerevarine cult, and she'll give you the notes to take to Caius. So take them
there. Upon giving him the notes, Caius will promote you to Blades apprentice.
Ask him about Blades Apprentice, and he'll give you the rewards for it - a
scroll of Divine Intervention, and a scroll of Almsivi Intervention. Ask for
promotion, and you'll get it.

-------------- Vivec Informants ----------------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

Now Caius would like you to interview three informants in Vivec about the
Nerevarine and the Sixth House cult. He's written the details about the
mission, which is good because you'll need 'em, Vivec is confusing as all

You are to speak with Addhiranirr, a Thieves Guild operative; Huleeya, an
Argonian in the Morag Tong; and Mehra Milo, a Temple priestess. He'll even
give you 200 gold for the mission. Sweet.

To get to Vivec, take the silt strider. This'll dump you outside Vivec, the
huge sprawling canton city to your left. Most cantons have four levels - the
Plaza, the Waistworks, the Canalworks, and the Underworks. Foreign Quarter,
closest to you, is an exception in having five - Upper and Lower Waistworks.
The damn city is so big that there are actually gondoliers to transport you
around the outside of the cantons. It's amazingly huge.

Cantons are laid out as follows: 1
2 3 4 5
6 7

1 = Foreign Quarter 2 = Hlaalu 3 = Redoran 4 = Arena
5 = Telvanni 6 = St Delyn 7 = St Olms 8 = Temple
9 = Palace

Anyways, first stop is Addhiranirr, in St Olms canton. In the Waistworks
(you'll need to go up a level) you'll spot a man named Duvianus Platorius,
looking for his good friend Addhiranirr. Funny bout that. Do you know where
she is? No. Hmm.

She's actually down in the Canalworks, so make your way down there (staying
inside, take the east exit down, then turn left.) There's a trapdoor leading
down to the Underworks, and there you will find little Addhiranirr. She won't
talk though, because she's being distracted by a taxman. Ah, the man upstairs
looking for her! If we distract him, send him away, she'll talk to us. Sweet.

Head back up to find him. Lie to him, to get him away from Addhiranirr. Now
return to her, and she'll talk to you :) She's glad to see you, because you
helped her get rid of the Excise agent. She knows about Sixth House, and
she'll tell you about it. She doesn't know about Nerevarine, but she'll
happily tell you that too, to keep Caius happy. Ask her about Sixth House, and
she'll tell you some stuff, updating your journal. One down. Two to go.

Next, we'll look for Huleeya. She's in the Black Shalk Cornerclub, in the
Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks. Long walk, that one. The Black Shalk is on
the south side, and Huleeya is the only Argonian in the room.

She wants to visit Jobasha's bookstore, but these people here are in her way
and won't let her pass. Talk to the man standing beside her, and persuade him
to let the 'filthy lizard' pass. Now talk to Huleeya, and she will ask for you
to take her to Jobasha's Rare Books, and she'll talk to you there.

Jobasha's is on the north side of the lower waistworks. Walk there slowly,
making sure Huleeya is still behind you. Ask her about Nerevarine, and she'll
give you some notes about them for Caius. Two down.

Lastly, Mehra Milo, in the Temple, the southern canton. Enter the Hall of
Justice, on the lower level of the canton. This is a confusing place, but the
doorway to the Hall of Wisdom, where Mehra Milo can be found, is in the
north-east corner. Once there, head through any of the doorways into the
Library of Vivec, and you'll spot red-headed Mehra.

Speak to her, and she'll know who sent you, wanting you to follow her into the
back of the library, so walk with her, then speak with her again when she
stops. She can tell you about the Nerevarine, so click the link. She'll tell
you to find a copy of Progress of Truth to take to Caius... it may be hard to
find, because the Temple has banned it, but some local booksellers may defy
the laws. They have it there, but she is being watched by Ordinators and can't
give it to you.

Booksellers, like, say, Jobasha? Jobasha should owe you a favour, thanks to
you delivering Huleeya safely. So visit him. Aha, he has a copy of Progress of
Truth! Buy it from him, then return to Caius.

He'll take all the information from you, and promote you to Journeyman. Lol,
he gives you 200 drakes and tells you to buy yourself a pair of shoes.

-------------- Zainsubani Informant ------------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

After all these informants, Caius still isn't satisfied. Now he wants an
Ashlander informant. There's a guy in Ald'ruhn named Hassour Zainsubani, a
wealthy Ashlander trader. Apparently, Ashlanders like giving and receiving
gifts, so Caius gives us 100 drakes to buy him a present.

In Ald'ruhn, head to the Ald Skar Inn, as Caius suggested. There, you'll find
Hassour in the small room below the bar. Ask him about gift-giving customs,
and he'll tell you that a thoughtful gift is the best type, doesn't have to be
expensive, but well thought out. Oh? For example, he would very much like a
book of poetry, which would be a thoughtful gift because one would have to
know he likes poetry. Bingo.

Downstairs in the main section of the inn, start checking out the small rooms
for rent. In one, you'll find a red book named the Five Far Stars, of poetry
writted by Ashlanders. Hmmm... take it to Hassour and again ask him about a
thoughtful gift. Ah, you have shown much courtesy, Ashlander, so now he will
show courtesy by answering your questions.

Ask him about the Ashlanders, and there will be too much to tell, but he'll
give you some notes about them. Brilliant. Take the notes to Caius.

Caius thanks you for your report, but tells you to keep it. He's going to
promote you, and tell you whats going on. (ABOUT BLOODY TIME!) You're going to
be sent to the Urshilaku camp that Hassour mentioned.... and get promoted,

-------------- Meet Sul-Matuul -----------------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

You were pulled out of prison and sent to see Caius, right? Because the
Emperor thought that you had the appearance of meeting the conditions of the
Nerevarine prophecies. (So all the mumbo-jumbo people have been talking about
a mythical Nerevarine... have all been true...) He gives you a decoded copy of
the package you were originally sent to deliver to him, to read in your own

You had the 'appearance' of fulfilling the prophecy, but no-one actually said
you WERE the Nerevarine. Caius originally thought he was just creating a
persuasive impostor, but now he's not so sure... So he's sending you to the
heads of the Nerevarine cult, at Urshilaku, by the names of Sul-Matuul and
Nibani Maesa. They'll put you to the test, and judge whether you fit the

And he'll give you the decoded package, plus 200 drakes for expenses, telling
you to pick up essential supplies at Fort Moonmoth. Eh, wasn't that

Ask Caius first about Urshilaku. He'll give you an idea of how to get there,
by taking silt strider from Balmora to Ald'ruhn, Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan, and
then talk to Nuleno Tedas at the Maar Gan outpost for further instructions.
But first, to Fort Moonmoth for supplies, just south-east of Balmora.

Find the two traders, and ask them about 'essential supplies' to pick up a
ream of good stuff for your trip. Then, to Maar Gan the method listed above.
In the outpost, just left of the silt strider, speak with Nuleno. She'll give
you directions to follow - head east out of town past the silt strider, then
take the trail north to Foyada Bani-Dad. At the shipwreck at the sea-mouth,
swim east around the headland, sneak through the ruins of Assurnabitashpi
Shrine, and Urhilaku will be just on your east, inland in a low hollow.

Got it? *gulp*

Outside the town, there's a pretty clearly defined path leading to your
north-west from Maar Gan, When it turns into a valley between the mountains,
follow it to reach the foyada. Pass Shishi, the small ruins, and continue
north-west, and you'll also pass a set of ruins and a doorway to Sha-Adnius.
Instead of going all the way to the ocean, take the path when it appears on
your right, and make your way across the hills towards the camp. Relatively
flat area (ie. no MAJOR hills). Bypass the shrine ruins (daedra sounded sacry
anyways) and make your way straight to Urshilaku.

Remember the things we've learnt so far.

1) You can walk around an Ashlander camp safely, but do not talk to people as
they may be hostile.
2) If you enter a yurt, the people inside may be hostile unless you bring them
a gift.

Now, Nibani Maesa is the wise woman in town. Enter her yurt, and ask her about
a thoughtful gift. Lol, she likes cold hard cash. So bribe her, and keep
asking her about the Nerevarine prophecies. Eventually she'll crack, and ask
you why you want to know. Tell her the truth - that you fulfill the
prophecies. This will confuse her - you don't look like the Nerevarine, but
you don't look like a madman either. So she tells you to go speak with
Zabamund, in his yurt.

Zabamund is Sul-Matuul's champion, and lives near the campfire. Ask him about
the Nerevarine prophecies, and he'll ask you who you are. Stay simple, tell
the truth, and he'll tell you that you indeed know more than he expected, so
go and talk to Sul-Matuul in the yurt next door.

Sul-Matuul is intrigued by you. You can't possibly join the Nerevarine cult,
as you're an outlander, but if you pass the initiation rite he has in mind, he
may adopt you as a Clanfriend in the Ashlanders.

Initiation rite? Ah, the spirits will judge you. He wants you to go to the
Urshilaku Burial Caverns, and fetch him Sul-Senipul's Bonebiter Bow. And he'll
even give you directions, what a nice Ashlander. Go north to the water, turn
and go east, and at the rock cairn on the beach, turn and head directly south
until you find the door.

Let me say that, without a doubt, this has to be the most pain-in-the-ass
thing I've had to find so far, and that includes traversing all of Vivec. Me,
I'm blind and didn't see any cairn of rocks, so I traversed the entire area
(even venturing into Sheogorad) looking for it. And wouldn't you know it, it's
like five steps away from the camp. Geez.

From the camp, head directly southwest towards the Dunmer base of Falasmaryon
(check on your paper map). About halfway there, you'll spot the doorway on the
side of the mountain, marked "Urshilaku, Astral Burial". Save and enter.

Creepy looking place, this is. Note the weird-ass ash-slave-lookalike statues
on top of the pillars. Kill the rat and the skeleton champion, then ruuun and
jump across the small lake to get to the next door. Levitate if you're not

In the Karma Burial room, kill some more skeletons. If you don't have a
shield, equip one of the cheap ones dropped by the skeletons, even if you
don't specialize in heavy armour. Again, it's running and jumping. You'll spot
the body of a dead adventurer to the right, jump across and loot the body if
you like. You'll have to enter the water here for a short time at least,
because the path tapers off to the left (south on the map), so jump and swim
across, ignoring the rat in the water, to enter Laterus' Burial.

This room is something else. Feel free to peruse it at will, cuz there's
nothing around to hurt you. There's a long spirally path leading around the
outside of the room, a large pillar in the middle, and platforms on the walls.
The main one of interest you'll spot holding a bright green glass blade, as
you proceed up the tower-like structure. If you can get it, it's called the
Magebane. Awesome long blade with Resist Magicka enchanted on it.

You can explore all of the Burial rooms for goodies, but the longbow is in
Juno burial, the top room. Inside, give that Magebane a work-out as three
skeletons attack at once *gulp* Hope you got some Restore Health potions
ready... At the end of the path, behind the daedric-like tower, you'll find an
almost invisible opponent - the wraith of Sul-Senipul. Hack at it, and it
should go down quickly. Use the Resist Magicka of the Magebane if you like,
because it'll hit you with some nasty stuff. Grab the Bonebiter Bow from the
ghost's corpse when you're done, then return to Urshilaku camp.

- Make sure you grab the Bonebiter Bow before leaving the room. If you don't,
it will disappear. And there is no second chance to get it, other than
cheating. So just pick it up, please :)

Take the Bonebiter Bow to Sul-Matuul's yurt, and he will induct you as a
Clanfriend of the Ashlanders. You are a friend of the clan, and may sleep in
any Urshilaku bed, but don't harm the tribe members or steal their belongings.
And now you may go and talk to the wise woman.

Enter her yurt and talk with her. Ask her about the Nerevarine prophecies, and
seeing as you're patient, ask her about them each individually. Aspect and
uncertain parents. The moon-and-star. Sleepers. Seven curses. The Stranger.
The Seven Visions. The Lost Prophecies. All rather interesting reading.

Now ask her if you pass the test. Well, apparently you are NOT the Nerevarine.
But you may become the Nerevarine. If you choose to be the Nerevarine, you'll
have to seek out the lost prophecies among the Dissident priests of the
Temple. But she's told you all she can. She'll give you the Seven Visions and
the Stranger, and bid you farewell.

Return to Caius, and tell him the good news. You really could be the
Nerevarine! He'll try to get word to Mehra Milo about the lost prophecies, but
in the meantime, he has a quest for you. Ready?

-------------- Sixth House Base ----------------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

Caius will give you 400 drakes no matter what option you choose, and tell you
to outfit yourself well because this one will be tough.

Fort Buckmoth sent a patrol to Gnaar Mok, hunting smugglers with Sixth House
connections. (Sixth House being House Dagoth, ie. Dagoth Ur.) Well, they found
a base, a shrine, and a priest named Dagoth Gares. You can get more info from
Champion Raesa Pullia at Buckmoth, but the gist of your orders is this - find
the base, kill Dagoth Gares, and write up a report afterwards.


Me, I'm a big tough girl, right. I became Grandmaster of House Hlaalu before I
even started this Blades quest walkthrough. I've met one Dagoth before and
barely lived to tell the tale. I'm scared.

Raesa is just inside the interior of Buckmoth Legion Fort. Talk to her about
the Sixth House base, and she'll tell you about it. Only one person returned
from their patrol, and he was terribly infected with corprus disease. A cavern
on the coast, named 'Ilunibi' - you'll have to ask Gnaar Mok locals about
that. Dagoth Gares spared the one trooper, and sent him back with the message
that the sleeper awakes, that the sixth house has risen. Charming stuff.

So we'll need to head to Gnaar Mok. You can walk from Ald'ruhn, or take the
long (but quick) way by travel - walk back to Ald'ruhn, silt strider to Khuul,
boat to Gnaar Mok.

In Gnaar Mok, start asking the locals about Ilunibi, and they'll tell you that
that's the name of the old sea cave on the north end of the island, near
Khartag Point. Khartag Point is the giant boulder on the western coast, just
north. It'll even get marked on your map. So head north, crossing on the
bridges. Save your game. Enter the doorway, set into the side of a rock.

Inside you'll find... well a whole lot of not much, to start. Water, which you
can try vainly to jump around, or just run through. A dreamer or two, maybe an
ash slave to keep you company. Nothing too scary. At the four-way
intersection, take a left towards Tainted Marrow. Some creepy names, here.

In Tainted Marrow, take the first right to get to a door named Marowak's
Spine. You'll fight a few more baddies along the way, so heal after each if
you find them tough. Inside Marowak's Spine, you'll find a daedroth with
posion spells :( He's yucky. Stop and cure during the battle while you hack
him to bits.

Turn left there, to follow the path around. You'll find two Ash Slaves and a
dead adventurer, so take everything he's got. Keep going and turn left to find
a door to Blackened Heart. This place is such a maze, I tell you, I'm just
telling you to go the way I went, there's probably a much quicker way :-/

Inside the Blackened Heart, head into the water and take the left path at the
intersection, then left again, then straight up the stairs. Almost there.
You'll see a door to Soul's Rattle, go through.

Now me, I found a four-on-one fight in here, straight away, which was
completed only by usurping many of the Quality Restore Potions I had saved for
Dagoth Gares. Two Lame Corprus and two Ash Slaves was NOT fun. Either way,
head straight through Soul's Rattle. When you get to the end of the path,
whether you're in a battle or not, Dagoth will approach you and initiate

He calls you Lord Nerevar, interestingly. He's got a few hot topics of
conversation, so talk about them all. The Sixth House wakes from its dream to
free Morrowind of foreign rulers and divine pretenders. Dagoth Ur, Awakened
Lord, bids you to come to Red Mountain. The path is long, and filled with
danger, but you will find wisdom and a firm friend should you reach it. Read
all the topics, which will add quite a few journal entries. Gee, you're an
enemy of the Sixth House? REALLY? Who woulda thunk it?

After you press Goodbye, the fight will being in earnest. What the hell is
Dagoth Gares, anyways, he looks demented... and he isn't tough at all. I just
stood there and hacked with my Magebane and killed him before he took even a
quarter of my health. But when he dies, he'll curse you with his dying
breath... giving you corprus as well!

Hot-foot it back to Caius in Balmora, with the news. He's happy that the base
is no longer a threat, and promotes you to Traveller.

-------------- Corprus Cure --------------------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

But Caius is worried about the corprus disease, luckily, he knows someone that
can help. Divayth Fyr, an ancient Telvanni wizard, runs a corprusarium for
victims of the disease. Caius will give you a Dwemer coherer, a present for
Divayth; 1000 drakes; and some rising force potions (seeing as these wizards
don't use stairs). Ask him for directions to Tel Fyr, Divayth's home, and
he'll mark it on your map and give you directions.

Follow them, and make your way to Sadrith Mora via Mages Guild. Wolverine Hall
is an absolute pain in the ass to navigate around, but just make your way
outside and head out of the area. If you end up at the dock, like I did,
either start swimming or water-walking to the south-west, towards Tel Fyr.
Water walking is a cheap and easy Alteration spell, and even if you're not a
mage, you should build up an array of good spells like Water Walking simply
because they make life a lot easier.

Island-hop towards Tel Fyr. Even though you'll spot a boat outside the huge
Telvanni tower (if you've never seen one before, these are a sight to behold),
it isn't operative. On the north side of the tower is a door to Onyx Hall, so
enter. Inside, Beyte Fyr will tell you that Divayth is above, in his study, so
lets make our way up there. Take the right path from the entry way towards the
Hall of Fyr.

Feel free to loot the rooms on the floor, before going back to the entryway
intersection and gazing up. Yup, that's where we gotta go. Use a Levitation
potion on yourself and aim upwards. At the top, go through to meet Divayth
Fyr. Talk to him, and he'll like your Dwemer coherer, so give it to him. So,
why are we here again? Do we have the disease, do we want his loot, or do we
want his daughters? Well... I'll take the first two, but ask him about the
corprus disease. He'll go on about the Nerevarine prophecies, so tell him that
you may fulfill them.

Ah, he's got a potion that will probably kill you but just may cure the
corprus. (Great.) But first, he wants you to see what you may turn into - so
he wants you to visit the Corprusarium, and pick up a pair of boots from
Yagrum Bagarn, his oldest patient.

So make your way back down to Onyx Hall, and follow the stairs down to the
Corprusarium. (God, every time I type 'corprus', I have to go back and correct
typos.) Unlock the Ornate Dwemer Chest in the small room past Divayth's
daughter, if you can, for five Dwemer coins and Divayth's 1008th Key, heh.
Then enter the Corprusarium.

Talk to the Warden, and ask him about Yagram Bagarn, and he'll tell you where
in the Corprusarium he is. Go straight through to the next door, and he should
be riding in a four-legged cart. So enter, go straight through, then through
and turn left to make your way to the end of the path, avoiding the grotesque
corprus victims.

Talk to Yagram, the spider-lookalike, and ask him about the boots. He'll give
you the Dwemer boots of flying, so take them and bolt out the way you came,
back to Divayth Fyr. You were given two levitate potions for a reason ;)

Give the boots to Divayth Fyr, and he'll give you the potion on one condition
- you drink it here, so he can observe its effects. Sure, why not? We'll
probably keel over and die, should be fascinating to watch. Click the links...
one by one... and my goodness, the damn thing actually worked! Now we have
immunity against blight disease, common disease, and corprus disease... nice!

Go back to Balmora and tell Caius the good news. You'll get a promotion to
Operative for your work :)

-------------- Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

Unfortunately, now its time for Caius to go. (He's been evicted from the
Vvardenfell Big Brother house, obviously.) He's been recalled to the Imperial
City, so he's leaving you here in charge of the Blades here in Vvardenfell.
Ask him about the promotion, and he'll give you some clothing and stuff :)

But he has some final orders for you - to continue pursuing the Nerevarine
prophecies. You are to return to Vivec and talk with Mehra Milo, to get the
lost prophecies. If something's gone wrong (she was being watched by
Ordinators, after all) she'll leave you a message under the code word 'amaya',
in her private quarters. Then, you are to take the prophecies to Nibani Maesa,
in Urshilaku.

Leave and re-enter Caius' house first of all. Once you left, he disabled
himself, so you're free to loot his place. (I always wanted to do that.) Then
go back to Vivec, to where you found Mehra Milo in the library, in Temple
canton. But she not there.... so ask someone about her. If she's not here,
she'll be in her private quarters opposite the Canon offices, in the Hall of

Off we go! You'll have to pick a 20 lock to get into "Milo's Quarters", and
there's a note for 'Amaya' on the drawers. She had to run some documents over
to the Ministry of Truth, and she'll be there a while. She wants you to meet
her there, and bring the two Divine Intervention scrolls you borrowed. If you
don't have any, get some from Janand Maulinie in the Mages Guild, Foreign
Quarter. She also left you some levitate potions, in case you need them.

Divine Intervention scrolls? Check. Now head outside. See that giant globe
hanging over the Temple? That's the Ministry of Truth. Use the potions to
levitate up there; right up to the very top, to see Alvela Saram at the edge.
You're here to see someone, so he'll give you his key and tell you that the
best door is the upper back one. Mehra is in the Prison Keep, inside.

Take the back door inside, now you must avoid all the guards by sneakin
around. One patrols the path to your left, so when he's out of sight, turn
right and head around. At the top, another patrols, so turn to find the door
to the Prison Keep. If you get spotted, RUN LIKE HELL. Don't fight, RUN.

As soon as you enter, you'll be ambushed by guards. The trick here is to use
your other levitation potion to run straight over the top of them, straight to
the southern-most of the three doors, the one on the right. Pick the lock, and
enter before the Ordinators even get a shot off at you.

Talk to Mehra about the scrolls, and she'll explain her plan of escape. She'll
take one of your scrolls, and meet you at the secret Dissident Priests
monastery, at Holamayan. You'll be travelling separately, so she'll give you
directions. Use the other scroll on yourself, and go to Ebonheart. Meet Blatta
Hateria on the East Docks, and ask her about going fishing. She'll take you to
Holamayan by boat, then speak to Vevrana Aryon about the hidden entrance.
There, you'll get the lost prophecies and go from there.

Use the second Divine Intervention spell to warp yourself to Ebonheart,
outside the Imperial Chapels, then head to the docks. Meet Blatta at the boat
on the left, give her the key word, which opens up the Travel option. Select
"Azura's Coast Region".

Talk to Vevrana, when you arrive. She'll tell you, you need to take the stone
pathway uphill, and wait at the top for either dawn or dusk, as thats when the
door opens. You'll find Mehra in the library with Barelo, the dissident
priest. Ask him about the lost prophecies, and he'll tell you what he's found
in the library, as well as giving you something called Kagrenac's Tools.
Supposedly this is what the Temple persecutes the Nerevarine to protect.

Ask him about all this other topics of conversation to get some interesting
ideas from him, and thus endeth the quest to get the Lost Prophecies.

Where to now? Taking the prophecies to Nibani Maesa, the wise woman of
Urshilaku Camp. You know how to get there still, right? Return there, just
south of Sheogorad.

[4.3] Urshilaku Camp - Nibani Maesa

Now that Caius is gone, the wise woman of Urshilaku is your port of call in
following the Nerevarine Prophecies.

-------------- The Path of the Incarnate -------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

Give Nibani the news of the Lost Prophecies. Ah, she will learn them by heart,
while you leave, and she'll do all this mystical mumbo-jumbo until she gets an
answer from the gods.

Leave her yurt, re-enter, and ask her for her judgement. She has decided that
you are the one to lift the seven curses of Dagoth Ur, so she will read you
the signs and show you the way. You will walk the path of the Seven Visions,
and pass the Seven Trials. You have already passed the first, being born to
uncertain parents on a certain day. Tell her how you passed the second, being
cured of corprus. The third is the next one. Speak to Sul-Matuul, and he will
tell you of the third trial.

Go to Ashkhan Sul-Matuul's yurt, and ask him about the third trial. He will
give you the test of the warrior, something many people have tried and all
have failed. Nearby lies Kogoruhn, the ancient halls of the sixth house. You
must visit, and bring him the three tokens from Kogoruhn. First is some
corprus weepings, to prove that you are immune to the disease, second is a cup
with the mark of Dagoth, and the third is the Shadow Shield, on the tomb of
Dagoth Morin.

If you ask him about Kogoruhn, he will mark it on your map. It's to your
south-east, about twice as far as Falasmaryon. There's no clear path, so just
bush-bash your way there over the hills. (Note: I love the Green Morrowind
mod, the Ashlands are all green and look like normal hills. Pretty.)

There are four doors leading into Kogoruhn - Dome of Pollock's Eve, Temple of
Fey, Dome of Urso, and Hall of Phisto. Be prepared with either anti-poison
protection or a few Restore Health potions. I'll take these in ascending order
of size - the Dome of Pollock's Eve contains Dagoth Girer, a House Dagoth cup
(first token), and not much else. The Dome of Urso contains Dagoth Reler, and
nothing interesting. The Temple of Fey contains Dagoth Uvil, a Sixth House
Bell Hammer, and little else.

And now for the big one. The Hall of Phisto. Inside, you'll find at least one
corprus stalker - kill it and take the weepings from its body (the second
token). If you turn right then head up the stairs to the Hall of the Watchful
Touch, you can get an ebony spear from the desk of a dagoth. Otherwise, turn
left then right and head down towards the Hall of Maki.

Head straight through, and take the door on the left downstairs to get to the
Vault of Aerode. Take the door on the right, and kill the dagoth for the Lower
Kogoruhn key. Then clear out the other room - a bonelord has made a sixth
house symbol of gold for you to take. Head back to Hall of Maki.

Take the door opposite you, and follow the path to find the Nabith Waterway
doorway. You should have the Lower Kogoruhn Key to open it with. Take the left
path around the canal, and enter the tunnel on the left. Pass the corpse, then
swim through to the next canal area.

Both paths lead to one place - the door to Charma's Breath. If you head
straight through, past the lava, you'll meet Dagoth Uthol - kill him (he uses
drain strength, drain magicka, and he has a kickass Belt of Heartfire). Don't
take the door to Red Mountain, however, go back and turn left at the
intersection. The only other exit from the cave leads to Bleeding Heart.
(These names are almost as good as Ilunibi. Souls Rattle kicked ass.)

Follw either path around the outside of Bleeding Heart to get to the main
chamber. The Shadow Shield is the yellow Dwemer-like shield on the rocks
straight ahead if coming from the right, or to the right if coming from the
left. Pick it up from it's altar. That's all three tokens. Make your way out
and back to Urshilaku Camp.

Speak with Sul-Matuul, in his yurt. He'll allow you to keep the three tokens,
and now he will give you the secret of the Third Trial of the Nerevarine. 'In
caverns dark, Azura's eye seens and makes to shine the moon and star.' You
must go to the Cavern of the Incarnate, and look for the moon and star. Clue:

the eye of the needle lies in the teeth of the wind
the mouth of the cave lies in the skin of the pearl
the dream is the door and the star is the key

And with that, you're sent off to the Cavern of the Incarnate. You are to
fetch the moon and star, and take it to Nibani Maesa. And for good luck,
you'll get Malipu-Ataman's Belt.

So where the hell is the Cavern? Ask Nibani, she may be able to help. She'll
tell you that you can seek the wisdom of the tribes, so you can ask around for
advice, and she'll tell you the meaning of a few of the lines of the clue.
'The star is the key' obviously means Azura, and Azura's Star only appears in
the skiy at dawn and at twilight. And 'the dream is the door' must mean that
the door is only seen at dawn and dusk, and the star is the key that opens it.
Kinda like Holamayan, only opens at certain hours.

Start asking around the camp for more clues. The 'eye of the needle', you'll
be told, might refer to the Needle, a tall rock column in the Valley of the
Wind. The Valley is on the north-eastern slopes of Red Mountain, and the
entrance is marked by Airan's Teeth, two tall rock spires. Ask about Valley of
the Wind, and you'll be told that the mouths of the valleys are to the east of
camp. Pass Bthuand, a Dwemer ruin, and Zergonipal, a Daedric ruin, then turn
south to get there.

Keep asking for the rest of the clues. 'Skin of the pearl' is also on the
topics list. At the top of the tall spire of the Needle mentioned is a patch
of light-ish rock, and it has a good safe campground underneath. Maybe this is
the pearl referred to? 'Teeth of the wind' may refer to Airan's Teeth,
mentioned before as the entrance to the valley.

So put it all together, following the clue. The entrance to the valley lies
between the two of Airan's Teeth. The entrance to the cave lies under the
patch of rock underneath the Needle. And the entrance only opens at dusk and
dawn, when Azura's Star is visible in the sky.

Head east out of the camp. If you've got all the journal entreis, Zergonipal
will be marked on your map - yes, it is a long way east. Head towards there.
Follow the coast, as closely as you can. If you've got a paper map, look on it
and you'll see a vertical valley just near the Grazelands, that's where you're
going. Follow the coast, and keep checking your in game map. When you see two
large rocks, maybe 20m or so apart (they're fairly large, but I missed them
the first time running past) turn and head directly south in between them.

You'll pass Dareleth Ancestral Tomb, and the path will eventually curve around
to the south-west before turning northerley again. When it turns north, you'll
see some large stones at the entrance. Large Stone door leading to Cavern of
the Incarnate. If you try to open it outside the time, you'll be told quite
sternly. The door is locked, and will not open. The star is the key. Wait
until dawn/dusk (6am/pm, roughly). Save and enter.

The Moon and Star is the ring in the hands of the statue. Take it, and a scene
will occur. You are the Nerevarine, Azura declares, and the first three trials
are complete. But two more await you - four tribes must name you Nerevarine,
and three houses must name you Hortator. Nibani Maesa will be your guide.

Also in the room are a lot of ghosts - the spirits of past false Nerevarines.
They tried, but were simply not The One. (Matrix, anyone?) They will tell you
their stories, if you wish.

Hort Ledd died four hundred years ago, in the last days before the Empire came
to Morrowind. He was a thinker, not a doer, and was not a hero. He'll give you
the book Sithis, and his robe.

Conoon Cholada was an ashkhan. He quested deep into Red Mountain while the
Cyrodiil dogs fled like kagouti, but did not heed the counsel of the wise
women. He craved glory, but did not see his real enemies. His axe and boots
are yours.

Idrenie Nerothan lived in the late years of the Tribunate, and repelled the
Akaviri invaders. But she died a fool, looting the ruined Kogoruhn. As a
tribute to thievery, she'll give you a Master's Lockpick and Probe.

Erur-Dan saw Morrowind fall to the Empire, lived through the surrender, and
swore hatred to the Tribunal and the Imperials. He grew old and died fighting
the blight and Red Mountain monsters. And he'll give you his spear and

Ane Teria was a holy crusader in the Temple in the golden era of the
Tribunate. She contributed to the writings that were later suppressed. She
followed unquestioningly, and it led to her downfall. But she'll give you one
of her books, and her mace.

Peakstar is more interesting. She'll tell you more things, rather than just
her story. Now that you have the Moon-and-Star, none can deny that you are the
Nerevarine. The Temple is now your enemy, Ordinators will mark you for death,
and the Tribunal Faithful will hate and fear you. The doubters will test you
and doubt you.

The councillors of the houses are the only ones that can name you Hortator.
And the four ashkhans of the Ashlanders are the only ones that can name you
Nerevarine. Pity Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House, for all they do is foul and
evil, but they began in brightness and honour. Their downfall was through
their loyal service to the Nerevar, they were told to keep the profane tools,
and were tempted to use them. Kagrenac, high preist of the Dwemer, forged
these tools to steal the power from the gods. Dagoth and the Tribunal took the
tools and made themselves gods, while Nerevar fought the Dwemer to prevent the
blasphemy. (If this sounds all like mumbo-jumbo, it's supposed to, but the
meaning will become clear. Trust me. If you read books and pay attention to
lore, it all makes sense.)

Peakstar herself survived the Blight, but fell in battle with an Ash Vampire.
She could not master the arts of war, and could never have been named
Hortator. She'll give you her few possessions - an embroidered belt, and
travel-stained pants.

Once you've collected all the artifacts, leave the Cavern of the Incarnate,
with a much heavier burden on your shoulders. You ARE the Nerevarine. You WILL
save Morrowind from Dagoth Ur. How do you like them apples?

Return to Urshilaku Camp. Speak with Nibani Maesa - yes, you have passed the
third trial. Now for the fourth and fifth, which are similar. The tribes must
name you Nerevarine, the houses must name you Hortator. And she will guide
you. Ask about the Fourth Trial, to get underway.

'A stranger's voice unites the houses, three halls call him Hortator.' Ask
bout Hortator to hear more. When a greater enemy threatens, the Great Houses
put their quarrels aside and choose a Hortator. You must speak with Redoran,
Hlaalu, and Telvanni councillors, prove to them that Dagoth Ur threatens. When
all three name you Hortator, then you will be following the prophecy. Right.
We'll take them one at a time, starting with my favorite house, Telvanni.

-------------- Telvanni Hortator ---------------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 4

How much do you know about the Telvanni? Pop quiz. Their headquarters are in
Sadrith Mora, but the actual councillors are scattered all over the east coast
of Morrowind. Make your first stop in the Hortatorship cruise in Sadrith Mora,
in the Telvanni Council House.

Ask any of the Mouths about Telvanni Hortator. Mouths are the spokespeople for
the councillors, and they're all gathered here in one room. Ask how to be
named Hortator, and the Mouths will each tell you that you need to visit their
patrons, ie. each councillor. If you don't have a list of councillors, ask and
you'll be given the Brown Book which lists names and residences. You'll need
to levitate for this, and for a lot of the Telvanni stuff.

Firstly, it would be wise to speak with Master Aryon. He is known as being the
most open-minded of the Telvanni, but you certainly don't HAVE to start with
him. Aryon lives in Tel Vos, inland fron Vos, which is accessible by boat from
a lot of places. in Tel Vos, make your way to the entrance to the southern
tower, then levitate up to the top of the Telvanni tower. Enter Aryon's
chambers, and speak with Aryon. He knows you want to be Telvanni Hortator,
already. Ask him about it, and ask him to name you Hortator. He'll do so, and
also shed a little light on the other councillors and their sentiments on the
matter. These are all people you need to visit. Note that he recommends
killing Archmagister Gothren.

Next we'll take Mistress Dratha, who lives nearby in Tel Mora. From the base,
simply levitate to the very top and you'll find a door leading to the upper
tower. And there is Dratha. Ask her about being named Telvanni Hortator, and
if she likes you, she'll agree. If your character is female, she'll definitely
approve that the Nerevar comes back as a woman (misandrist, she is). She'll
even give you four scrolls of Summon Golden Saint.

Master Neloth, who lives in Tel Naga, in the center of Sadrith Mora. Once in
the Great Hall, you'll need to levitate up to the second floor, then enter the
Upper Tower. Once in there, levitate to the very top to find Neloth. Ask him
about becoming the Telvanni Hortator, and inititally he won't like the idea.
So persuade him. Aryon warned you, he wouldn't be polite. When his disposition
is high, ask him again. He'll be confused by the fact that Telvanni needs a
war leader, but doesn't care who it is, if you're qualified, good, be the
Hortator. Three down.

Fourth is Mistress Therana, in Tel Branora. Take the boat from Sadrith Mora to
get there, then make your way up the tower by foot. Enter the Upper Tower,
then follow the path up to find Therana's chamber. You'll need to levitate up
the tunnel. Therana is in the center, in her own room. Be warned, she's off
with the fairies. She'll prove it when you ask her about the Hortator, going
off rambling about spiders. But, we need her vote, so amuse her. She likes the
trick your character does, and will name you Hortator if you do it again.
Goody, goody!

There is one councillor not mentioned in the book, that Aryon will tell you
about - Baladas Demnevanni, living in Gnisis. He lives in the Velothi tower of
Arvs-Drelen, on the outskirts of town. Inside, take the left path around to
get to a locked door. Pick it and disarm it, then enter. At the top you'll
find Baladas, ask him about being the Telvanni Hortator and he'll agree
immediately if he likes you.

And lastly, we'll tackle Archmagister Gothren. Literally. He lives in Tel
Aruhn, and you can get there either by waterwalking across Zafirbel Bay, or by
boat from Tel Mora. Once there, levitate up the outside to get to the
platform, then up the stairs to access the upper tower. You'll find Gothren at
the top. Ask him about Hortatorship, and he'll tell you he wants to think it
over. Problem with that is, he never STOPS thinking it over. You know what
Aryon told you to do.

Taunt him into fighting, so that the people downstairs don't jump in to help
as well. His two lackeys will fight you too, nothing you can do about it. I
hope you've got a LOT of Restore Health potions for this one - he's a tough
mofo. Use preventative measures before you taunt him - any fortify
scrolls/spells, maybe one or two of the Summon Golden Saint scrolls you were
given, etc. Just beat his ass, watching out for his paralysis, then kill his
dremora bodyguards. No vote to be obtained here.

When you've convinced all, return to Aryon. He'll officially establish you as
Hortator of House Telvanni, and give you the Robe of the Hortator to
commemorate it. Ask him about the next Hortator on the list, Hlaalu, and he'll
tell you who you should go see first.

-------------- Hlaalu Hortator -----------------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 4

Now, how much do you know about Hlaalu? Every Morrowind fanatic should at
least know about the perverted Crassius Curio, living in Vivec. And funnily
enough, that's who Aryon recommends that you see first. If you don't have a
Yellow Book of Hlaalu councillors, ask Crassius about councillors and he'll
give you one.

Crassius lives in Curio Manor, in Vivec's Hlaalu canton Plaza. Make your way
to see him, and ask him about Hlaalu Hortator. Well, Ser Orvas Dren doesn't
want you to be Hortator, but he'll defy Dren if you give him 1000 drakes for
expenses. If you don't want to pay the drakes, stall for time then butter him
up till his disposition is about 70, and he'll let you give him a kiss instead
;) And he'll give you a little suggestion. Dram Bero will support you,
if you can find him. Orvas Dren has Nevena Ules and Velanda Omani in his
pocket, so convincing him first will help. And then there's Yngling

Crassius just named all of the Hlaalu councillors, so we must go find them.
Orvas Dren lives in the Dren Plantation, just east of Pelagiad. It's not THAT
far a walk, although it may be quicker from Seyda Neen. When you get to the
plantation, enter Dren's villa and speak with him at the very top. Butter him
up a LOT, until the option of defeating Dagoth Ur protecting Morrowind from
the Empire appears (70 or so). Select that option, and he will agree that
turning from the old gods was a mistake, and he will name you Hortator. He
will also use his influence in Hlaalu to make sure Omani and Ules support you,
as well.

May as well go see them next, eh? Velanda Omani lives on Elmas Island, just
outside Vivec. Crassius gave you directions to get there - head east from
Vivec from the Telvanni compound, then turn south and cross the bridge to
Elmas Island. The path leads right to Omani Manor. Velanda Omani is upstairs
in her manor, so talk with her. If you've gotten Dren to name you Hortator,
Velanda will agree and do the same in an instant.

Next is Nevena Ules. She lives just west of Suran, in the Ascadian Isles. To
get there, make your way to Suran, and take the north-west bridge out of town,
and you'll spot Ules Manor on the hill to your left. Make your way to the top
floor of the manor and speak with Nevena about Hlaalu Hortator - if you've
gotten Dren's vote, she will agree and give you her vote as Hortator.

Then there's Yngling Half-Troll and Dram Bero. Both live in Vivec, so make
your way there. Yngling lives in the St. Olms Plaza, and his room is on the
left of his manor. If you're in Hlaalu, he'll demand 1000 drakes for his vote,
if you're not, he'll want 2000. Give him the money, and he'll give you his
vote. There is no other way, unless you want to kill him.

Dram Bero.... the hidden man, lucky last. He also lives in St. Olms Plaza, in
the Haunted Manor. Down the stairs, you'll have to pick a level 50 lock to get
through. Once down there, find Dram Bero and speak with him. You found him, so
you are resourceful, and he will give you his vote. That was easy. Once you've
got all the votes, return to Crassius Curio in his manor.

Ask him about Hlaalu Hortator, and he will officially name you Hlaalu
Hortator, and give you a Belt of the Hortator to commemorate it. It's actually
a nifty little belt, that fortifies magicka for 20 points, constant effect.
Two down, one to go, whee!

-------------- Redoran Hortator ----------------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 4

Now, it seems as though I have done these in the wrong order. Crassius is
already teling me I have fulfilled the Nerevarine Prophecies, and that Redoran
have named me Hortator. But they haven't. According to the journals, the order
should be Redoran, Hlaalu, Telvanni. Whoops. I did them backwards.

Anyways, the man you want to see for Redoran is Athyn Sarethi, in Ald'ruhn. He
lives under-Skar, in his own mansion so check him out. Ask him about Redoran
Hortator, and he will believe your story, but ask for a favour before you get
his vote. He wants you to rescue his son, Varvur Sarethi, from Venim Manor.

Venim Manor is the first manor to your right when you enter the Manor
District. Don't bother talking with anyone about Varvur, for they will just
get angry and refuse to speak with you. Take the right path to get to the
right wing, then at the bottom of the stairs, turn right. Ah, there's just a
wall hanging, you say. Look behind it to find a level 50 locked door. Pick it
(you should be unseen) and enter.

This is pretty stupidly done, IMO. You have to get Varvur out of there, but
every guard in the place will chase you. Walk slowly and make your way
straight out the way you came. Guards will chase you, but ignore them and keep
going to get back to Manor District.

Walk Varvur back to Sarethi Manor, and take him all the way up to Athyn. Your
journal will automatically update, and now you can ask him about Redoran
Hortator for him to give you his vote. But apparently, Bolvyn Venim will NEVER
vote you Hortator. So, you must convince all the other councillors first.

If you don't have the Red Book of Redoran councillors, ask about them to get
it. The other councillors are Miner Arobar, Hlaren Ramoran, Brara Morvayn, and
Garisa Llethri. Llethri, Arobar, and Ramoran all live under-Skar. Morvayn
lives outside, in East Ald'ruhn. So, this should be quick.

Garisa Llethri, in the Private Quarters of Llethri Manor, will agree
instantly. As will Hlaren Ramoran, in the Ramoran Private Quarters. Miner
Arobar will do the same, although apparently there's rumours going around
about you being an Imperial spy.

Morvayn Manor is actually outside the shell, but Brara Morvayn does not live
there. She's actually in the Redoran Council Hall, in the Morvayn Quarters.
Talk with her, and she will also agree to make you Hortator. This leaves only
one. Bolvyn Venim.

Go and see him, in his manor. You have the support of all other councillors,
yes. But you will never get his. So he will put a stop to your ambitions, in a
duel to the death at the Arena in Vivec.

So make your way to Vivec, to Arena canton, to the pit itself. Immediately,
Venim will be there to tell you to 'die, fetcher'. This can be a tough
OF EBONY ARMOUR. Yikes. I don't care how tough you are, that SUCKS. My level
24 Nord only won because she had restore health potions, even though she was
armed similarly. Unless you've got a lot of brute force up your sleeve, you'll
find that pretty damn tough.

Once you've got his 'vote', return to Sarethi Manor. Athyn will declare you
House Redoran Hortator, and give you the Ring of the Hortator on behalf of his
house. But there is also a sealed package for you, that he recieved from the
Temple. And also a copy of a recent public notice, identifying you as an
Imperial agent. Eeek.... sound dangerous... But onto the fifth trial. Return
to your base of Urshilaku Camp.

-------------- Urshilaku Nerevarine ------------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 2

To be declared Nerevarine, Nibani Maesa will tell you, you must visit all the
tribal ashkhans. But first, to Sul-Matuul, whom you have already met.

Ask him to hear the counsel of Sul-Matuul, and he will set off on a diatribe.
Once you are named Nerevarine, you will be the enemy of pretty much everyone.
You should heed the counsel of Nibani Maesa, for you're a silly outlander who
doesn't know Ashlander customs. (Well, duh.) Now speak with him about
Urshilaku Nerevarine. You must speak of need and duty, so ask him about those
two things. Yes, you have Azura's hand, etc, etc. Ask him again about
Nerevarine, once you've asked about need and duty, and you'll be declared it.
And given the Teeth of the Urshilaku as a reward.

Now you must pick a different camp to visit, to be named Nerevarine of. I'll
select Ahemmusa. Ahemmusa is walkable, from Urshilaku, straight east across
the coast.

-------------- Ahemmusa Nerevarine -------------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 1

First, in Ahemmusa, you must pay courtesy to the gulukhans. The camp has no
ashkhan, so you must speak with the gulukhans. The wise woman will
not-so-politely tell you this, if you try and speak with her first. The
gulukhans in the tribe are Kausi, Dutadalk, and Yennamu.

Speak to Dutadalk, in his yurt near the campfire. If you ask him about the
Nerevarine, he will tell you to speak with the wise woman and tell her that
you'll find a safe place for the Ahemmusa. Yennamu will tell you the same
thing. You must also speak with Kausi in his yurt. When you've spoken to the
three about the Nerevarine, return to the wise woman's yurt.

Ask Sinnammu Mirpal about the Nerevarine, and ask her to name you Nerevarine.
She will examine your proofs, and decide in time. But first, you must provide
a safe place. In the past, when the tribe was threatened, they would take
refuge in the ruins Ald Daedroth, but since the priestess Hlireni Indavel
restored the shrine, they can't seek refuge there. First, we must go there and
make it safe for them. Then we should return here, and she will accompany you
to make sure it is safe. If it is, then she will name you Nerevarine.

Click 'make it safe' to hear more. You're the hero, you are to decide what
will be done. Keep clicking the links to find out the details - accompany you,
and cross the water. When you're done, time to head off to Ald Daedroth. It's
directly north of Ahemmusa, across the water, so you'll need to either
waterwalk or swim.

When you get there, there'll be a fight going on outside. You need to help
the Dunmer, and kill the Orc, or you can simply leave the two and the Dunmer
will win. Speak with the Dunmer, Drores Arvel, when the Orc is dead and tell
him you're there to loot the Shrine. He'll agree to leave you alone, and will
get the Ordinators inside to do the same.

In the Outer Shrine, you'll meet two tough conbatants - Oisig and Sloomalah.
Kill them both, then head straight through into the Inner Shrine. Save and
heal up first. In the Shrine, simply wait inside for the battle music to stop
- the Ordinator will win the fight, and he is not hostile to you. But the
Golden Saint patrolling the shrine is, so kill it.

Sinnammu said she wanted you to make the shrine with the statue safe, and you
have. So go back and get her from Ahemmusa Camp. Walk with her across the
water (she has innate waterwalking, which is good), to the shrine. To get her
up onto the island of the shrine, there's a lower part to the left to walk up.
Enter the shrine, and walk her through to the statue in the middle of the
Inner Shrine.

Now the Ahemmusa are saved, and she will name you Nerevarine. Click the link,
to get the full speech, and you'll get the Madstone of the Ahemmusa as well.

-------------- Zainab Nerevarine ---------------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 1

The Zainab camp lies in the center of the Grazelands, a nice walk from
Ahemmusa. Entering Zainab, and talking with the Ashlanders, you are encouraged
to enter the yurt of the ashkhan, Kaushad. So do so, and speak with him.

Ask him about Nerevarine, and he won't be convinced. So state your case, and
ask for a task to prove that you are who you say you are. He won't be happy or
too interested in it, but eventually he'll tell you that the Nerano Ancestral
Tomb is nearby, and a vampire named Calvario has taken refuge in it. If you
are as worthy as you say you are, you should be able to dispatch the vampire.

So where is this Nerano Ancestral Tomb? It's to the north, but he gives you
decent directions. Head west, to reach the mountains. Turn and head north.
When you pass the ruins of Nchuleft, keep your eyes to the east to look for an
entrance flanked by two trees on the side of a hill.

Follow the directions. It's actually due west of Vos, so you're hiking halfway
back to Ahemmusa. Enter the tomb, and dispatch the creatures you find inside.
Seems they invaded and killed the people here, but the people have good stuff
on them. Like keys. Keys are always good.

Disarm the trapped door, and you'll find Calvario and a ghost. They're not
really hard, a few hits and they go down. You should be sufficient level by
now to take this all on easily, it would have taken fighting to get this far.
When you've killed Calvario, head back to Zainab and speak with the ashkhan.

So you killed Calvario? Well, he'll be happy to acknowledge you as Zainab
Nerevarine then... but you must offer him a generous gift as a mark of
respect. He'll even name the gift, because you're an outlander - a high-born
Telvanni bride, a pretty one, plump, with big hips to bear him many sons.

Where exactly do we find one of those? Noble Telvannis don't exactly grow on
trees. Ah, we are to seek counsel with Sonummu Zabamat, his wise woman. So go
and visit her. Ask her for her counsel, and she knows that no Telvanni would
marry an Ashlander. But she has a plan - visit Savile Imayn at the slave
market at Tel Aruhn, and disguise a Dunmer slave as a Telvanni. No-one will
know the difference! Brilliant!

If you walk to Vos, you can take the boat to Tel Aruhn. Make your way to the
Tel Aruhn Underground, and straight through to the other side to speak with
Savile. Ask her about something special, and she'll tell you that she has just
the girl. But she'll need clothes to dress her in - an exquisite shirt, skirt
and shoes.

Savile recommends visiting Elegnan the clothier in Tel Mora, so head back
there. The clothes from her shop, south-east corner of town, should set you
back about 300 drakes. While you're there, make sure to visit Jolda the
apothecary and buy some Telvanni bug musk ;)

Return to Savile in Tel Aruhn, and she'll tell you that the clothes are
perfect! But she needs more time to teach the slave to play the part... so go
and fetch some Telvanni bug musk to make her simply irresistable! If you
didn't buy any in Tel Mora, Bildren Areleth there in Tel Aruhn has some for

Return with the bug musk, and Savile will now give you the option to buy the
slave, for 1200 drakes. Do it, and you'll be given the key to her slave cage.
The cage is right next to her, so open it and talk to her about herself. She's
eager to show off her newfound nobleness, and mentions the presents. Give them
to her, and ask her to accompany you to Zainab.

Now the looooong walk begins. Walk through the Underground, and take a boat to
Vos. Then WALK all the way from Vos to Zainab, making sure the slave remains
safe. When you get to Zainab, head to the ashkhan's yurt. Yea yea, this man is
to be her bridegroom. Speak with the ashkhan, and ask him about the Telvanni
bride. Yup, this is her. As a reward, he'll name you Zainab Nerevarine, and
give you the Thong of Zainab as a reward.

-------------- Erabenimsun Nerevarine ----------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 1

Final camp, and possibly the most dangerous. I've had bad run-ins with the
Erabenimsun before. Head south from Zainab to find Erabenimsun - there's
actually a path straight to it that passes Falensarano, Uvirith's Grave and
Tel Uvirith.

In the camp, speak with the wise woman about the prophecies. You will never be
named Nerevarine, not while Ashkhan Ulath-Pal and his war-loving comrades are
in control of the camp. If you want to be Nerevarine, you'll have to kill
Ulath-Pal and his supporters Ahaz, Ranabi, and Ashu-Ahhe.

So let's take them out, one at a time. Start with Ahaz, in the ashkhan's tent,
making sure to taunt him into attacking. Then Ulath-Pal, then the other two in
the other yurts, one at a time. The reason I make sure to start with the two
major ones is, if you kill either Ranabi or Ashu-Ahhe, then enter the
ashkhan's yurt, both men will jump you when you speak with one. And two tough
fighters may be overwhelming. Kill all four, then return to the wise woman's

Now that Ulath-Pal and his supporters are dead, you must convince peace-loving
Gulukhan Han-Ammu to become ashkhan. So make your way to his yurt, right next
to the ashkhans. But Han-Ammu is not interested in becoming ashkhan. Remember
what the wise woman told you - Airan-Ammu, Han-Ammu's father, was the former
ashkhan of the tribe. And Ulath-Pal held his axe. Go get the axe, and show it
to Han-Ammu, giving him a speech about morality, victory, all that stuff. And
the axe will convince him. You don't have to give it to him, just show him,
cuz it's a cool axe and I want it for myself ;)

After he declares that he WILL become ashkhan, he'll name you Nerevarine.
Return to the wise woman, and ask her about the prophecies to recieve the
Seizing of the Erabenimsun. Now you are Nerevarine of all four tribes. The
Fifth Trial is complete. Tell Nibani Maesa, in Urshilaku, this. And ask her
about the Sixth Trial.

-------------- Hortator and Nerevarine ---------------------------------------

Now Azura's star has guided Nibani through her dreams. Vivec's high priest,
Saryoni, has asked to see you when you are Nerevarine and Hortator. (You will
have found this out when you become Redoran Hortator.) So go to Saryoni, and
demand to see the false god Vivec. He has Kagrenac's Tools, and has tried to
keep them secret. But you'll need them for facing Dagoth Ur, so get them from
him. They are the key to the sixth and seventh trials.

To get to Vivec? A Divine Intervention scroll will take you to Gnisis, then
you can take the silt strider along. In Vivec, make your way to the Temple
canton, into the left side (from your perspective, right on the map) of High
Fane. Speak with Tholyer Saryoni, and ask him about the Temple's doctrine.
Your associations with Imperial intelligence make you suspicious, but no-one
can deny that you were named Hortator and Nerevarine. The Temple has a reached
a crisis with Dagoth Ur, you and the prophecies may be the last hope.

So Saryoni would like you to meet with Vivec himself. Agree to the private
meeting (private meeting with one of the Tribunal gods, ooh-er) and he'll give
you the Archcanon's Private Key and the Secret Palace Entry Key. From High
Fane, make your way south to the very Palace canton, and use the key to open
the door at the top of the stairs.

And there is the man himself, the great Vivec. Ask him about business, and
he'll get to the point. (Still can't believe we're talking with a GOD. Wow.)
He proposes to remove his curse upon the Nerevarine, end the persecution of
the Dissident Priests, and proclaim to all Morrowind that you are the
Incarnate and Nerevarine, and the last hope to withstand the menace of Dagoth
Ur and the Sixth House. Right. Continue.

Now he's going to give you the responsibility and the power to defeat Dagoth
Ur. He offers you an artifact called Wraithguard, so take it (never look a
gift horse in the mouth) and give your oath to use Wraithguard to defeat
Dagoth Ur. Not very smart, but very good of you to be so quick to agree. He
teaches you how to use Wraithguard, and now he will notify the Temple that you
are the champion.

Ah, question time. Now you can get the info on a lot of lore, like Kagrenac's
Tools, why he, Sotha Sil, and Almalexia betrayed the Nerevar, etc. When
question time is over, get to the business of Dagoth Ur. Defeating him is
simple, apparently. Go to Red Mountain, and recover the hammer artifact Sunder
from Gate Citadel Vemynal, and the artifact blade Keening from Gate Citadel
Odrosal. Take the three (with Wraithguard) to the citadel of Dagoth Ur, find
the Heart of Lorkhan, then use the artifacts to sever Dagoth Ur's connection
with the heart. Oh, right, simple.

Luckily, he gives you detailed plans on how to do it. Ask about Dagoth Ur's
plans to be given another summary, on what he intends to do. There's a whole
lot of papers behind Vivec, on the railing. Take them all, and read them all.
The Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur is the most important part - it details what you
have to do next.

[4.4] Final Preparations - Red Mountain

Hells yeah, we're going into Red Mountain! If you read the plans, the first
step is raid inside the Ghostfence, meaning we're going to Ghostgate. To get
there if you haven't been there before, you can either head to Ald'ruhn, walk
east to the fence, then follow it to the gate; or head to Balmora, walk
south-east to enter the Foyada Mamaea, then follow it straight to the gate.
Your call.

Inside the two towers of Dawn and Dusk, you'll need to speak with a Buoyant
Armiger. Ask about inside the Ghostfence, and they'll give you a map of Red
Mountain. However, it's old and outdated because no-one's been inside it for
years. The locations of a few important citadels will be marked on your map -
Vemynal, the location of Sunder; and Odrosal, the location of Keening. These
two, at least, you NEED to visit. The plan recommends killing other vampires
as well, but these locations are not given to you.

Mark inside the Ghostgate towers. There are no refuges at all inside the
Ghostfence, so if you get into trouble during a fight, you'll need to Recall
back (or use Intervention) immediately. I prefer to Recall. Stock up on
potions and the like from merchants inside Ghostgate, as well. Cure Blight is
one you'll need. Levitate potions will also prove very handy. Once you're all
ready and all prepared, flick all the switches and enter Red Mountain.

Head straight up the path. If you can levitate, getting to Odrosal is straight
forward. The enemies here are plentiful, but common and you should have no
trouble dealing with them. Blighted cliff racers and shalks, lots of ash
slaves, ash zombies, and other ashy creatures. Just ignore them or kill them.
When the path gets too steep to climb up, and the ash starts falling, levitate
up and over the hills to the east. There you'll find the Dwemer ruins of

-------------- Odrosal Training Academy and Keening --------------------------

Just typical Dwemer ruins. Nothing fancy. Inside, head straight through,
around the first pit and through the door to find Dagoth Odros. Pound away on
him until he dies, then loot his corpse. Grab Dagoth Odros's Key, from his
corpse, as well as the Amulet of Heartfire.

Use the key on one of the locked doors on the right side of the academy, then
make your way up into the tower. Grab Keening, from within the shrine. NEVER
equip Keening unless you already have Wraithgaurd equipped. No, not in your
inventory, Wraithguard must be EQUIPPED before equipping Keening. Save and
make your way out.

Outside the academy, start levitating to the west. Over the path you walked on
before, to the other side. You'll come across another Dwemer ruin - Endrusal.
This isn't necessary to go through, but you can find some cool stuff.

-------------- Endusal, Kagrenac's Study -------------------------------------

If you feel like battling through this small dungeon, you'll find Dagoth
Mendras and Dagoth Endus. Endus is the important one, he has an Amulet of
Heartrime. Looting the room, you'll also find an Ebony Broadsword, some glass
armour, one of Kagrenac's books, and a few ingredients. Grab it all, then

Once you've cleared out Endusal, follow the road west then north-north-west
from it, over the bridge. At the intersection, turn left and you'll be on the
path to Vemynal. Take the second path left and around to the left, and you'll
reach the doorway of the last set of Dwemer ruins.

-------------- Vemynal, Outer Fortress and Sunder ----------------------------

Inside the small dungeon, take either path around to reach the doorway to the
Hall of Torque. You'll find maybe an ash ghoul or two, but you should be able
to kill these guys with your eyes closed now, especially with Keening.

Enter the central room in the Hall of Torque, then drop down a floor in the
center to find Dagoth Venym. Take Sunder from his corpse, as well as the
Amulet of Heartheal. Like I mentioned with Keening, do NOT equip Sunder unless
you have the Wraithguard equipped. Not in your inventory, Wraithguard must be
EQUIPPED before equipping Sunder or you're in for a hell of a shock.

When you've got Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder, that is all you need to
defeat Dagoth Ur. If you don't think you're ready to take on the ultimate
Dagoth himself, there are plenty of other places you could clear in Red
Mountain, for target practice. But if you feel you're ready, head into Citadel
Dagoth, in the center of Red Mountain. Walk or levitate there, though the path
may be too steep in places to walk.

If approaching from the south like I did, be careful for lava just over the
crest of the hill. It may be handy to enchant a cheap item for constant effect
levitation, just one point will do so you can make your way over things. It
would come in handy, I assure you. When you reach the facility, there's a
crank to turn to enter, just to the south-east, just like you did at
Arkngthand ('member that place? Oh so long ago?) Save and enter.

-------------- Dagoth Ur -----------------------------------------------------

Now me, I am very very scared. At time of writing, I have not played this part
before and I am scared :-/ Even though I have an indestructible level 25 Nord
with 100 strength and a full set of glass armour, I'm scared.

Make your way into the dungeon, and Dagoth Ur will start talking to you. Come,
Nerevar. Friend or traitor, come. Look upon the Heart, and bring the
Wraithguard. Oh, we will. Make your way through, ignoring his welcoming party
(I'M COMING TO KILL YOU DAMMIT) to the Inner Facility.

If you head through the centre door to the Inner Tower, you'll find a dead
adventurer with a full set of glass armour. (Now I have two! Whee!) Then head
back down and through the door on the right. At the next trio of doors, head
right again and down the stairs to find the door to the Lower Facility. SAVE
SAVE SAVE. Equip everything that's good. Then enter.

Head straight through, killing Dagoth Gilvoth. Then into the Facility Cavern,
where you will find... Dagoth Ur. Heh, I come all this way and I find
something that looks like Moonface from the old Faraway Tree books? Don't
attack him, speak with him, he wants to talk.

Go through the ideas - parting words, now that you've come to him here, there
can only be one result, he will not let you live, even if you are not his
enemy. Go through the final questions. See what his plans for world domination
are.... well, Tamriel domination anyways. And when you're done... time to lay
the smackdown!

Uh... I think I over-estimated the difficulty of this fight. Big time. No need
to use the three special tools here, though if you're specialized in Short
Blade or Blunt Weapon, you may as well. Just get out your weapon and hack him
to bits, you may need a few health potions because he has the ability to knock
you to the floor with one hit. Therefore, recover health in case he hits you
while you're down (big damage). When he's done, time to check everything. Make
a list, check it twice. Revise the final stage of the plan to defeat Dagoth
Ur, and the Heart of Lorkhan. I'll quote a paragraph (okay, two):

"The normal procedure for establishing connection with the Heart is a
three-step process. The wearer of Wraithguard strikes the Heart with
the hammer Sunder, causing the Heart to produce a pure tone. Then the
wearer of Wraithguard strikes the Heart with the blade Keening,
shattering the pure tone into a prism of tone-shades. These tone-
shades are then imprinted upon the substance of the wearer of
Wraithguard, giving him an immortal and divine nature.

The Nerevarine will not be taught the secret rituals required to
perform the third step. Instead, the Nerevarine will strike the Heart
with Keening for a second time, causing its tones to diverge into
unstable patters of interference. Further repeated strikes with
Keening will further disrupt the tones, with the ultimate result of
shattering and dispelling Kagrenac's original enchantments binding
the Heart, thereby severing the Heart's links with Dagoth Ur..."

The rest is irrelevant - how to defeat the Heart is here. Equip Wraithguard,
then Sunder. Strike the Heart with Sunder. Switch to Keening, still with
Wraithguard equipped. Beat the crap out of it with Keening. Watch it die.

Equip the Wraithguard, then the Sunder. Check everything again - best spells,
best protection. Save again. Enter Akulakhan's Chamber.

Dagoth Ur will be back in front of you. You can either fight him again
(pointless because you can't win, trust me) or copy me (even though I did it
by accident) and push him into the lava down below. Then either levitate or
slowfall down to the walkway. Make your way across the walkway to the Heart
itself. You know what to do. Hit it with Sunder, and it will emit a noise,
which unfortunately damages you. So stop, switch to Keening, scoff a few
Restore Health potions. Start hitting it with the Keening - five times - then
run back across the rope bridge to safety. Watch the Heart and the entire
Akulakhan crumble and fall.

When it's gone, levitate back up the top platform. Turn the crank near the
edge on the left hand side (facing where the Heart was) to open the door, the
exit. Don't warp out. Walk out of Dagoth Ur's cavern. Well, try to. But Azura
will stop you, before you leave the Lower Facility. Watch the scene, see that
you have fulfilled the prophecy, Hortator, Nerevarine. Take Azura's Ring when
she departs, a sign that yes, you are Nerevar Reborn, saviour of Morrowind.
And you just beat the damn game :-D

But it doesn't end there, oh no. People will praise you now that the blight is
gone, but you can still keep playing, doing everything else that the game has
to offer! Go do some more quests now, Nerevarine! ;)




Seeing as this IS an official GOTY edition guide, I am including walkthroughs
for both expansions, Tribunal and Bloodmoon. And this is the first of the two.
Tribunal introduces the city of Mournhold into Morrowind. Mournhold is not
located in Vvardenfell itself, rather, on the mainland. It's the capital city
of Morrowind, and the whole quest is located here.

The main quest for Tribunal will often start minutes after you load the
Tribunal.esm into your game. You will ignore it for a long time, while you
become strong enough to take it on, but it's there for you any time you want

[5.1] Mournhold - Initial Quests

-------------- Dark Brotherhood Attacks --------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: N/A

The first quest in Tribunal will begin randomly. While your character sleeps
at night, you will sometimes be attacked by what are known as Dark Brotherhood
Assassins. This happens more frequently at lower levels than it does at higher
ones. And they will continue to attack you randomly while you rest, up to a
total of nine attacks.

After the first attack, and the death of the assassin after you lay the
smackdown on his rooty-patooty, your journal will update, suggesting that you
report the attack to a guard. (Make sure you loot the assassin's armour, it's
some of the best Light Armour in the game and worth a pretty penny.) It
matters not what flavour the guard is, simply that he is of the Guard variety.

The guard will inform you that the assassin was most likely from the Dark
Brotherhood, a professional assassin's guild, meaning that you've been
targetted for assassination. (Gee, REALLY?) They will then suggest that you
speak with Apelle Matius, in Ebonheart, for more information.

Apelle is located in the courtyard in front of the Grand Council Chambers,
opposite the Argonian Mission through the archway. You'll find him either up
on the balcony or climbing the steps, somewhere in the area. Speak with him
about the Dark Brotherhood attacks, and he'll tell you that the Brotherhood
are almost unheard of here in Morrowind. However, they do have a large
contingent on the mainland. Ask about the mainland, and he'll reply that if
you're suicidal, you can go investigate the attacks yourself, in Mournhold.
Boats don't go there, but you can talk to Asciene Rane, in the Grand Council
Chambers, for transport there.

In the Grand Council Chambers, Asciene is walking around on the bottom floor.
Ask her about transport to Mournhold, and she'll ask why you want to go. You
have to tell her the truth, or she won't transport you. She'll transport you
immediately when you tell her why, telling you to speak with Effe-Tei in the
Royal Palace if you wish to return. And it starts....

You're told to speak with a Royal Guard in Mournhold, to learn more about the
Brotherhood. And lo and behold, there's one right there so ask him. He doesn't
know why you want to go looking for them, but they apparently live in the
sewers beneath the Great Bazaar.

To get to the Great Bazaar, you'll need to head either north or south out of
the palace, then east. You can visit a few shops, see your first High
Ordinators, whatever. Then find the trapdoor to the sewers, in the south-east
corner of the area.

These sewers sure are confusing places. They're packed with critters, good
thing none of them are hostile (I didn't realize that until I saw a Lich, got
scared, and attacked it... and it ran away. Didn't even fight back!) Ignore
Ahnia at the top of the ramp, she doesn't particularly want to talk to you. At
the intersection, make a right and follow the path down into the caves. When
you reach the lake on your left, turn and follow the path through it (you'll
need to swim at points). Back in the underground city, pass Narisa Adus (who
will give you a quest about the Black Dart Gang if you wish) and enter the
Manor District.

Your journal will update itself as you make your way through the place. You
have found the Dark Brotherhood's hideout, it says. Onward march!

-------------- Hunt the Dark Brotherhood -------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: N/A

Yup, we get to hunt the bastards. The place is teeming with Dark Brotherhood
members, but none of them are hostile. They're all generic too, with names
like "Assassin" and "Journeyman". Boring. We want real people, actual members.
And there's only one of them here.

At the bottom of the ladder, you'll find a doorway to the North Building.
Enter, and head through the old metal door to find an unmasked, named person.
Ah. And he's not really happy to see us, proclaiming he's going to kill you.
But seeing as he's such a pansy, he won't actually attack you. So you have to
do the dirty work. Me, I found this guy impossible to taunt, even with my 65
Speechcraft skill. So I attacked him outright. Be warned that even if you
closed yourself in the room, everyone outside will become hostile as well. All
five of them.

Now, this guy is HARD. He's level 55. Yes, 55. He has 402 health points. My
level 28 Nord only has 248 :( His stats are astronomical, having 100 points of
strength, intelligence, agility, speed, short blade, light armour, acrobatics,
sneak, and security. So no, this will not be an easy fight. This is to test if
you're truly ready for the Tribunal expansion pack.

The good news is, he uses a bound longbow. Longbow? In these close quarters?
The aim is to not let him use it. He's strong, yes, but the bound bow is his
only weapon. So keep in close to him, so he can't get a arrow off at you, and
hit him very hard and fast. I suggest short blades, as they strike the
quickest. If you're good, you can kill him before he even draws his bow.

Upon his death, a dialog box will open. Tell his liege he has failed.... who?
Anyways, loot the body, noting and taking the Dark Brotherhood contract. You
can't read it until you dispatch the two guys outside the door, however, check
your journal and you'll see a summary of the contents. The contract was on
your head, by someone named H.

Outside, clear the room of assassins (if they're hostile to you, hopefully
they're not), and leave. Your journal tells you to report the contract to a
guard, so head back to the Great Bazaar and find one - any High Ordinator will
do. Tell them about the Dark Brotherhood, and they'll direct you to speak with
either Fedris Hler or Tienius Delitian. Fedris is from the Temple, Tienius is
from the Royal Guard. Choose your pledge. You can do the quests from either or
both, to continue the Tribunal storyline. Seeing as my character is primarily
a warrior, I'll go with Tienius first.

[5.2] Mournhold - Tienius Delitian

You'll fiend Tienius Delitian in the Royal Palace's Throne Room, accessible
from the Reception Area. You can speak with him about the Dark Brotherhood,
but he isn't really interested in the issue. He'd rather talk about an
official matter - which is your first quest.

-------------- Speak to the People -------------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: N/A

See, Tienius has influence with King Helseth. (Helseth? 'H'?) And Helseth
rewards his friends well. So would you like to help him complete a task for

It doesn't matter if you show him the proof of assassination, so don't bother.
Simply ask for more info. Rumours are abound that the King, King Llethan, did
not die a natural death. Of course, they're false (of course!), so we are to
track down the source of the rumours and report back to him.

If you explored Old Mournhold well enough, you may already have the proof you
need about King Llethan's death. If not, we'll have to go look for some. You
can speak to whomever you wish about the King's death, but only one type of
person will give you any tangible info - a male Dark Elf. When you find one
(there's one with a stall in the Great Bazaar) butter him up and make him want
to trust you. When his disposition towards you is over 90, ask him about the
King's death.

Ah-hah, seems like it was not a natural death. There's a paper called 'The
Common Tongue' drifting around, detailing how the new King Helseth poisoned
hundreds of people in the West. Interesting. Where can we find a copy of this
'Common Tongue'? You might have picked one up in the sewers, like I said
earlier. If not, there's a few floating around - one in the Vacant Manor, one
in the Winged Guar, one in the Temple Courtyard, eight in the Secret Office,
two in Godsreach, or, lucky, lucky, one in the Great Bazaar. And if you've
spoken to the same Dark Elf I have, then the 'Common Tongue' pamphlet is just
to the back of his stall, on the ground. Pick it up and take it to Tienius.

He's happy to find the source of the rumours, and glad to see that they seem
to be nothing more than speculation. He's so impressed that he's got further
employment for you...

-------------- A Temple Informant --------------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: N/A

Now you're looking for a Temple informant. There are rumours of discontent in
the Temple, and the Royal Guard fears they may act out against the new King.
So we're being sent to find an informant, to tell us the Temple's plans for
King Helseth.

Your best bet would be someone in the Temple section of town ;) Ask anyone you
like, but only one is willing to inform you about the Temple's plans. In the
Temple's Infirmary, you will find Galsa Andrano. Ask her about discontent in
the Temple, and if she trusts you (read: disposition is over 60) she will talk
to you.

She talks of the Tribunal, the three gods of Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil.
Do what Tienius suggested, and listen sympathetically. After the second
speech, ask about King Helseth. If the disposition is right, she'll tell you
that Almalexia and the Temple are sworn in earnest to destroy Helseth. Right.
That's the info we wanted.

Return to Tienius and tell him about the Temple informant. You handed the
situation well, young PC. But now there's more disloyalty... amongst the very
Guards themselves...

-------------- Disloyalty Among The Guards -----------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: N/A

When Helseth became king, many of the existing Royal Guards were replaced. But
some of the former Guards still remain, and he is not sure about their
loyalties. So, he will pretend that you are joining the Royal Guard, so you
have the right to question them.

You don't have to go far to start questioning - there are a heap of Royal
Guards right in the room. Ivulen Irano delivers a fake prepared speech when
you ask him about King Helseth, which sounds suspicious. So tell him about
your Hlaalu connections - even if you don't have any, this is how you are
convincing the guards to trust you, by confiding 'secrets'. He'll straight
away tell you to tell Aleri Alen about your connections.

Aleri is in the Guards' Quarters, accessible via the Courtyard. Speak to her,
and she has no idea what Ivulen Irano was talking about. Strange... we'll dig
further. Upstairs, each Royal Guard has a rest area with bed and storage
chest. Ivulen Irano's chest has a handwritten note hidden beside it. You don't
have to take it, just read it.... it's a scribbled list of guard duty rosters,
with the suspicious guards' names underlined. Interesting.

Take the info back to Tienius. Ah, you did very shrewd work and found proof of
disloyalty among the guards. (Guh?) Now, he needs more help... more
disloyalty. Does NO-ONE like this new King?

-------------- Evidence of Conspiracy ----------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: N/A

Apparently, King Llethan's Hlaalu supporters are not fond of Helseth.
Obviously, they would have preferred another Hlaalu member take the throne.
Are they going to do something about it? Tienius thinks so. So he sends you to
search Llethan Manor for some evidence of their plans.

Ask about the defenses, and you will be told that you should get past the
guards under the guise of offering your condolences to the widow. Sweet.

Llethan Manor is located in the manor district of Godsreach. Make your way
there and find Ravani Llethan, the widow. Offer your condolences on the death
of her husband, then search the room to find the handwritten note on the desk.
Read it. Looks like pretty clear evidence of conspiracy to me. Seeing as
Ravani has no Alarm rating (she won't call for the guards if you steal
something) feel free to take the note back to Tienius.

Ah, very interesting, he says... the three mentioned people are conspiring to
assassinate Helseth! They must be stopped! He'll draw up writs for THEIR
execution, and wants you to carry them out. Agree, and you'll get the writs.

Now, to find the three. Tienius suggests that Forven Berano may be around the
Temple, and Hloggar the Bloody might be in the sewers. Bedal Alen, he has no
idea about.

-------------- more coming soon!! --------------------------------------------




-------------- coming soon!! -------------------------------------------------




To join the Fighter's Guild when you arrive in Balmora, simply visit the guild
and speak with Eydis Fire-Eye, on the top floor. Once you've joined, you can
ask her for the first set of orders.

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

Favoured Skills (S1/S2): Axe, Long Blade, Blunt Weapon, Heavy Armour, Armorer,

Rank STR END S1 S2 Rep
Associate 30 30 0 0 0
Apprentice 30 30 10 0 5
Journeyman 30 30 20 0 10
Swordsman 30 30 30 5 20
Protector 30 30 40 10 35
Defender 31 31 50 15 45
Warder 32 32 60 20 60
Guardian 33 33 70 25 90
Champion 34 34 80 30 110
Master 35 35 90 35 125

[7.1] Balmora - Eydis Fire-Eye

-------------- Fighter's Guild - Exterminator --------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

The first quest Eydis will ask you to perform is to eradicate a simple
infestation of cave rats. Drarayne Thelas, who lives across the river, has
some rats in her house she would like to get rid of. She lives across the
river, so visit her and ask her about the rats.

She's worried the rats will eat all her good pillows, seems she's a collector
of them. She trapped one rat in her bedroom, and another two in her storage
area upstairs - and she gives you a Storage Key for that one. First, the one
in the bedroom. Cave rats aren't exactly scary, and a few hits will do one in.
Pick the lock on the chest on the shelf in her bedroom and take the gold, then
head outside and upstairs to the storage room.

Before tackling the next two, it might be an idea to get some armour cuz they
can take off a whack off your health with each hit if you've only just started
the game, like I have. Loot the storage room if you like. Leave the pillows,
but you may be able to find some good enchanted weapons if you already have
one equipped, as I do. Return to Drarayne when you're done, and she'll give
you 100 septims for your work. Take them to Eydis, and report the completion
of the quest. If you're eligible for promotion to Apprentice, select
Advancement and you'll get it.

Whenever you're ready, get your next set of orders from her.

-------------- Fighter's Guild - The Egg Poachers ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Your next task is to solve the problem of egg poachers, in a nearby egg mine.
The Shulk Egg Mine is south-west of Balmora, and in it are two nasty poachers,
Sevilo Othan and Daynila Valas. The owner of the mine wants to make an example
of the poachers, so you're to go kill them. Think you can handle it?

To get to the mine, take the road out out of Balmora, past the silt strider
you came in on. Don't take the path across the bridge, rather, just follow the
river along. When you spot a wooden bridge in the distance, that's where the
egg mine is, on the right. There are two miners outside, they're no harm.
Collect the axes from the cart near the mine entrance, save, then head inside.

Inside the mine, you'll meet a few critters and creatures, some good, some
bad. Kwama foragers must be killed, kwama workers are docile. Scribs are
always bad. When you get to the fork in the road, head left and follow the
path around, to find the queen's lair.

Just inside, you'll find a few scribs, and the first poacher, Daynila Valas.
This fight may seem like an exercise in futility at first - you guys both
swing like crazy, and rarely if ever connect. If you've picked up any
enchanted weapons so far, they'll make things go faster. Around the back of
the lair, you'll find the second poacher, and about ten kwama workers, one of
whom you'll most likely inadvertantly stab and set upon yourself as well.
After killing them, you'll be able to loot their bodies for two sets of common
clothes and two miner's picks. Once you've killed them, you can return to
Balmora, to Eydis.

Give Eydis the good news, and she'll reward you with 100 septims, and four
Quality Restore Fatigue potions. Again, if you're eligible for advancement,
select it to be promoted to Journeyman.

-------------- Fighter's Guild - The Telvanni Agents -------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Your next lot of orders, should you choose to accept them, is a contract from
the Caldera Mining Company to kill four Telvanni agents responsible for
trouble at the Caldera Mine. Telvanni = mage, eek. They're responsible for
deaths and disappearances at the Caldera ebony mines, and their names are
Alynu Aralen, Sathasa Nerothren, Fothyna Herothran, and Alveleg.

The quickest way to Caldera is through the Mages Guild guild guide. If you're
not a member of the Mages Guild, become one. The Guild of Mages is right next
door to the Guild of Fighters, so it's well worth a look.

Once in Caldera, ask anyone about the Caldera ebony mines, and they'll tell
you how to get there. Head due west from town, the swing by south through the
gap in the mountains to get there. So take the north exit out and follow the
path - you'll soon see the gap in the mountains on your left. Make your way
around the chain-link fence, and into the bowl of the mountains... when you
can see buildings up ahead, the first Telvanni agent will be just around to
your right. Sneak up behind him and attack. He carries a bow and arrow, so
keep close to him at all times so he cant use it. Just keep sneaking towards
him so he can't get enough distance between you, and stab stab stab. Alveleg
will go down quickly.

Just behind Alveleg you will see the entrance to the Telvanni cave of
Ashanammu, so enter it. The three other agents will be in a huddle together
inside the mine, and they'll all ambush you at once, unluckily. If you have a
few Restore Health potions, you can just stand your ground and smack, smack,
smack. Heal when you get below half health.

When they're dead, loot their bodies and the shelf at the top of the stairs
nearby for some great stuff, then return back to Eydis. She'll give you 400
septims for your trouble. No promotion, just another job.

-------------- Fighters Guild - The Code Book --------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

The next quest involves a code book that returns to a Fighters Guild client.
Unfortunately, it's in the hands of a Thieves Guild member. Sottilde, at the
South Wall, has the code book in her possession.

If you're not in the Thieves Guild yet, this mission is simple. Just get
Sottilde's disposition up to high levels (70s) then ask about the code book,
and she'll give it to you. You can do this by using her barter system, trading
a cheap item back and forth for one point each time.

If you are in the Thieves Guild, she won't give it to you, no matter what.
Decide where your loyalities lie, she tells you. And we can't steal it from
her either - she's in the Guild, and she's a better thief than you. So we'll
have to take it from her by force. Similar to Ra'Zhid in Hla Oad (if you've
done that quest for the Thieves Guild), taunt her into attacking you first.
Her disposition will drop to zero, then it will take a few successful taunts
for her to throw the first punch.

Kill her, then take everything from her body, including the code book. Take it
back to Eydis, and she'll reward you with a measly 50 septims.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Desele's Debt --------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Helaviane Desele owns a cornerclub in the town of Suran, over in the Ascandian
Isles. Unfortunately for her, she also owes 200 septims to a client of the
Fighters Guild. Eydis is sending us to retrieve it.

The silt strider from Balmora goes straight to Sudan, so take it there. And
the first building you'll see when you descend the steps, with the pink light,
is Desele's House of Earthly Delights... oh boy.

If you've got the Better Bodies mod on your game, the dancing girls will be
completely naked. So is Desele, standing behind the bar. Ask her about the ebt
money, and initially she won't want to pay it. But butter her up a bit, raise
her disposition until it gets to the mid-70s, then ask her again. She'll hand
over the 200 drakes, and tell you to tell the thugs to leave her alone.

Return it to Eydis, and she'll give you half of it. No advancement for you
just yet, though.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Gra-Bol's Bounty -----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next up for you, Eydis has a bounty contract. The Orc Dura gra-Bol is living
here is Balmora, yet she's an outlaw! Eydis will give you 250 septims if you
bring her to justice, so let's do it.

Dura lives just west of the South Wall Cornerclub, so head in that general
direction. And her front door isn't even locked! Pick the chest at the end of
her bed and take the gold and clothes, before going upstairs to see her. There
is no proper thing to say here, just taunt her into attacking, or just attack
her flat out. Kill her, and loot the chests there. If you're lucky, you'll nab
an enchanted weapon or two, plus gold and a lot of alchemical items.

Go back to Eydis, and she'll give you the 250 septims as promised. Still no
advancement, however, and now Eydis has no more jobs for you while you're
under the rank of Protector :(

She recommends visiting the guild stewards at Vivec city, Sadrith Mora, or
Ald'ruhn for more work. So off we go... we're off to see the stewards... the
wonderful stewards of Morrowind...

[7.2] Ald'ruhn - Percius Mercius

-------------- Fighters Guild - The Necromancer of Vas -----------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

For Percius' first task, he'll tell you about contracts the guild gets from
strange locals... like Ulyne Henim. She's a Buoyant Armiger, and she's hired
the guild to clear out a den of necromancers, in a place known as Vas.

So where the hell is Vas? It's to the north, in the Sheogorad region, and
Percius will mark it on your map. You best take a ship to Dagon Fel from Tel
Mora (which requires a lot of ship-taking, ugh). So, from Ald'ruhn, take silt
strider to Vivec. From Vivec, take ship to Tel Branora, then to Sadrith Mora,
then to Dagon Fel. Whee!

Then, from Dagon Fel, start walking west. Geez. Outside town, you'll find a
few cliff racers, other miscellaneous creatures, nothing really scary. Take
the first two turns left, then the next one right to keep heading west. Keep
going until you reach the coast closest to Vas. Then, either swim or waterwalk
out to sea to get to the island.

Speak with Ulyne, just outside the entrance to the tower, and tell her to
fight together. Get your weapon out, and enter Vas - Entry Level.

Be prepared for a few fights with skeletons and the like. Take the path left,
then right down the hall. Leave the ancestor ghosts alone, as they belong to
Ulyne. Take the entrance to the tower when you see it.

Kill the dremora, the daedroth, and the bonelord. Examine the dead body down
below to get some cool stuff. Then follow the top path around and up the
stairs, for more fighting.

Up the final set of stairs, you'll find the necromancer, Daris Adram. He's
hostile, and he'll summon any number of evil things in the fight against you.
The trick is - kill him, and they all die. When he's dead, Ulyne will
automatically update your journal, thanking you for your help. It would have
been tough without me? Bahaha, you did NOTHING, lady, it was all me.

Anyways, loot the place. The crates are weapons and heavy armour smorgasbord,
all silver, so take them all. When you're done, make your way allll the wayyyy
back to Ald'ruhn, to Percius Mercius. Speak to him aobut Vas, and he'll reward
you with 500 septims for your work.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Beneran's Bounty -----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5
Redoran Reputation Gain: 5

The next contract came straight from Cyrodiil. Percius needs someone who can
find and kill the murderer and outlaw Nerer Beneran. He was a House Redoran
member, but is now the leader of an outlaw band in Sargon, north of Maar Gan.

So where the hell is Sargon? Head to Maar Gan by silt strider, and ask around.
Most people will tell you to ask either Bugdurash gra-Gashel or Nuleno Tedas,
in the outpost or tradehouse. Nuleno is downstairs in the outpost, so ask her
about Sargon. It's almost due north of there, on an island. A long walk, with
a long swim after it. It's supposedly just southwest of Vas (WTF I HAVE TO GO
BACK THERE AGAIN?), and you can either travel from Dagon Fel but it's a long
trip either way.

Grr. Okay. Get your swimming togs on again. Look on your paper map - see the
island with Ald Redaynia on it? That's the island you're going to. Either head
to Vas then swim southwest, or head for Urshilaku via the Foyada Bani-Dad and
swim north. Either way, get to the island.

The cave is in a little alcove, directly north of Valenvaryon on your map.
Save before entering. Inside, hack away at Gavesu Arelas. This may be tough,
as he's heavily armoured. Next is Milynea Andrethi, and this is similar. After
that is Dalmil Varen on the bridge, and this can be nasty because he'll
conjure a nasty demon that hits both your strength and endurance. Restore it
after the fight, you should know how...

Loot the barrels and chests at the end, then make your way through the trapped
door. You'll get into a few more fights in here - one managed to turn into a
three-on-one against me, I'm not exactly sure how. Keep going and turn right
across the bridge, and you'll come to Nerar Beneran. Another tough fight,
because of his heavy armour. Kill him, loot his corpse.

Return to Ald'ruhn. Percius will give you 500 gold for completing the bounty

-------------- Fighters Guild - Bandits in Suran -----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5
Hlaalu Reputation Gain: 5

Now, Avon Oran in Suran is having trouble with bandits. So let's go to Suran
and speak with him, yes?

Take the silt strider to Suran, and make your way to Oran manor on the south
side of town. Speak with Serjo Avon Oran and he will tell you that the bandits
have been attacking from Saturan, just north-east of Suran, over the
mountains. You are to kill the leader, Daldur Sarys, to end the raids. And
he'll give you 1000 gold if you can do so.

If you can levitate, getting to Saturan is easy. It's directly east of the
northern square of Suran, on the in-game world map. If you levitate north-east
over the mountains, you'll find a little alcove with a scrib sitting minding
its own business. The entrance to Saturan is in there.

Kill Tiela, at the entrance. Wait inside long enough and she'll spot you for
herself. Next is Ilver Aralas, dispatch the same way. Just keep going into the
little cave, killing everything and everyone that attacks you - Muk gro-Dula,
Dothiel, Daldur Sarys, and Vevos Nerethi. Loot the entire place.

If you make your way through the other worn cavern door, you'll find a slave
lair. Kill Jolgeir, and free all the slaves. Here you may hear about the Twin
Lamps for the first time (I did), a slave-freeing organization.

Once Daldur is dead, report back to Serjo Avon Oran, and he'll give you 1000
gold. Then return to Ald'ruhn for more orders.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Flin for Elith-Pal ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Percius tells you about the guild being hired to keep forts and mines
supplied. Can you take some flin to the Elith-Pal Mine? He'll give you 20
flin, and asks you to deliver it to Dangor the Bosmer, in Elith-Pal Mine, just
west on Zainab Camp at the base of Red Mountain.

You may have been to Zainab before, so you know how to get there. If not, its
some silt striders, then some boats, then a walk. Silt strider to Balmora,
then to Vivec. Boat to Tel Branora, then Sadrith Mora, then Tel Mora, then
Vos. Then from Vos, you walk to Zainab which is south-south-west.

From Zainab, there's a clear path west towards Red Mountain. If you can't find
it, bushbash. You'll enter the hills and the Ashlands region. When you get the
long foyada, turn left to find the mine just on your right. Save.

Inside, head straight through and follow the path. Up the stairs, around on
the narrow curvy rock, straight through until you get to the lava pit. Speak
with Dangor, and hand over the flin. Nothing else to see here? Go back to

Talk to Percius, and he'll offer you some brandy as well as 500 septims. And
he has no more orders for you, while you're under the rank of Guardian. So
traipse back to see Eydis, as she had more orders for you when you got to

[7.3] Balmora - Eydis Fire-Eye

-------------- Fighters Guild - Alof and the Orcs ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10

Now, for your first mission back, Alof the Easterner has seen Orc outlaws near
his farm. She has a contract from Duke Vedam Dren himself to investigate Orcs
at a Daedric ruin.

You need to head to Pelagiad, and go to Alof's farm, northeast of the town and
north of the Arvel Plantation, and speak with Alof. So head towards Pelagiad -
you can either walk from Balmora, or take silt strider to Seyda Neen and walk
from there.

It's pretty misleading, how to get to this place. It's actually north of Lake
Amaya, just east of the Fields of Kummu shrine. A small shack, labelled Alof's
Farmhouse. Talk to Alof, and ask him about Orcs at a Daedric ruin. He'll tell
you that they're at a place called Ashunartes, just west of the Dunmer
strongholf of Marandus. The Orcs are led by the barbarian Burub gra-Bamog, and
we're to kill them to let the farmers live in peace. Righty-o.

There is a way over the mountains, north-east of Alof's house (well, a
less-steep part that you can climb over, anyways). Cross it, and you can't
miss Ashunartes. There's a doorway in the gully, with a rat and a scamp
protecting it.

Kill them, and enter. You'll find Burub gra-Bamog just around the first
corner. Kill her, and return to Alof. Tell him that you killed Burub, and
he'll tell you to report back to Eydis before she keeps the contract money for
herself. Do so, and she'll give you 500 drakes.

-------------- Fighters Guild - The Verethi Gang -----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10

Next, there's a contract on the Verethi gang. They're smugglers, based in
Mannammu, south-east of Pelagiad. We're to kill the leader, Dovres Verethi,
and get 1000 bucks for it. Whee!

Back off to Pelagiad we go. The cave is dead easy to find, it's a stone's
throw south-east from Pelagiad, with a little footpath between the lakes to
get to it and everything. Kill the mudcrab near the entrance, save, and enter.

As soon as you enter, Ena will have a go at you, so take her out. Next is
Uvisea Benethran, who may get the early advantage but won't land many hits
after that.

- Note: If you're finding this difficult, and you may very well be because my
character romps through dungeons at level 20 with 100 strength) perhaps go
try some other quests and leave this one till later, no?

On the bridge, you'll find Selvia Famalius and Penald. Penald fights hand to
hand, so focus on Selvia and take her out first. Brelyn Indarys, next, will
use some poison and drain fatigue spells, but nothing too scary. Kill him and
loot the room.

The problem with the next evil NPC, Thalurea Thirvayn, is that she's an archer
and you have to cross the room to get to her. So she may get a few shots off
at you before you get to her. Kill her, loot room, move on.

Eventually, you'll get to the main lair, and it looks like you can't get to
your target. There's a set of stairs on the left hand side, so head around
that way to get to him. His sparksword can be a pain (literally), but it
shouldn't be too difficult.

Clear the room, picking up a lot of weapons and stuff. You may think I'm crazy
for saying take everything you find, but you can sell what you don't want (99%
of it) and use the profits for stuff you DO want. Anyways, when Dovres is
dead, report back to Eydis for 1000 septims.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Hunger in the Sarano Tomb --------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10

Next, there is a dangerous creature loose in Sarano Tomb. It's over the hills,
south-east of Fort Moonmoth, between the Ashlands and Lake Amaya. (That tells
us squat.) So we're supposed to find the tomb, and kill the Hunger. Right.

Lets put it this way - the directions Eydis gives you are shit. Head towards
Alof's Farmhouse, where we were a few quests ago. Head north. Turn left, then
right. What do we find? Sarano Ancestral Tomb, smack bang in the middle of the
Ascandian Isles. What was she mentioning Ashlands for?

Inside, you'll find some nice levelled creatures - creatures whos type depends
on your own level. I was fighting skeleton champions and the like, you might
find rats if you're a low enough level. Anyways, head straight in. Unlock the
first door on the right, and go through to find the Hunger. Kill him, and take
the Sarano Ebony Helm from his lifeless body.

Not just the helm do you get - but Eydis will also give you 1000 septims.
Whee! But she has no more orders for you for good, now. Damn. She suggests
checking with the guild stewards in Vivec, Sadrith Mora, or Ald'ruhn.

Well, we already did the first half of Percius Mercius' orders, in Ald'ruhn.
Try Sadrith Mora. The person you want to speak with is Hrundi, in the
Wolverine Hall Fighter's Guild.

[7.4] Sadrith Mora - Hrundi

Hrundi is a big tough guy, exactly what a Fighters Guild steward should look
like. Not a pansy, like Eydis. Psh.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Battle at Nchurdamz --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

And first up, he's got you going straight to Dwemer ruins. (I HATE THOSE
PLACES!) Larienna Macrina wants some help in her expedition of Nchurdamz, so
he's sending you. There's necromancers there that need cleaning out, too.

He'll mark Nchurdamz on your map, if it's not there already. If you've been to
Odirniran for either house Hlaalu or Telvanni, you'll know where Nchurdamz is
cuz it's given to you as a marker on the way. Either way, head towards Molag
Mar, the nearest port of call, then head directly east. When you get to hills
you can't cross, and if you can't levitate, water walk around them and keep
going, across the river. Head slightly north and there's the Dwemer ruins of
Nchurdamz. Of course, if you can't levitate over them to the entrance, you
might be swimming a while to find a place to crawl over the hills.

Speak to Larienna, outside the entrance. Yeah, you're one of Hrundi's hired
goons. And you'll find out why she's here. She's hunting a mighty daedroth,
and they've had issues in the past, her and the daedroth. She gave it a
grievous blow and it fled here in sanctuary. She seeks vengeance, you can keep
whatever treasure you find, and the two of you will fight together. Sounds

Enter, once you two have made an agreement. Kill the two spiders and the
centurion sphere, and let the looting begin. You can talk to Larienna and
she'll agree to heal you at any time, which is good, although she's pretty
damn weak with the healing spells.

Head straight through to get the raw glass, then go back and take the path on
the right. At the end, you'll find a room with some neat little treasure
items. In the Dwemer chest (make sure to disarm it first, when the hell will
this Poison Trap spell wear off?) is an Ancient Dwemer Door Key, might help to
hang onto that. Once you've got it, head back and take the detour on the left
path. There's a level 60 trapped locked door, at the top of the stairs. Make
sure you're healed up before you use the key to open the door.

Inside is the Hrelvesuu, the creature Larienna was seeking. Kill it (she won't
be much bloody help) and then she'll run off to investigate the ruins further.
Keep looting, lots of weapons, arrows, etc. to be picked up. After you're
done, leave Larienna there and go back to Sadrith Mora the way you came.
Hrundi will give you 500 septims for helping Larienna out. More quests! Whee!

-------------- Fighters Guild - The Dissapla Mine ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Novor Drethan has hired the guild to help him 'take care of some
problems' at Dissapla Mine. It's north-east of the Dunmer stronghold
Falansarano, in the Grazelands. You are to report to him and do whatever he
says... something about nix-hounds attacking the miners...

Ask him about Falensarano, and he'll mark it on your map. The absolute
quickest way to get there is to simply walk across Zafirbel Bay, but that
might not be an option for you all. If you wish to travel by foot, you'll need
to get your ass to Vos and take a long walk south. If you pass Zainab, head
directly south and it's a stone's throw north-east of Falensarano.

Inside, talk to Novor, the Dunmer in the red robe. Ask him about the Dissapla
mine, and he'll tell you about the nix-hounds attacking the miners. The mine
healer, Teres Arothan, went to look for a missing miner... the miner returned,
the healer didn't. Can we go find him? Please?

Why, of course we can. Head through, and when you get to the topless woman
(well she is in my game), you can either take the stairs up or head around, it
doesn't matter which. At the top, turn left. Around the corner, you'll find
Teres (that was hard), and he wants to travel together back to the entrance.

Walk slowly (hopefully you killed every nix-hound on the way to get him) and
talkto Novor when you get back to get 4 pieces of raw glass. Well, THAT was
hard. Hardest part was finding the place. Report back to Hrundi, and he'll
give you 250 gold.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Berwen's Stalker/Tenim's Bounty --------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5 (stalker), 5 (bounty)

Ooh, this one sounds like fun. There's a creature loose, in Berwen the
Trader's shop in Tel Mora. 200 septims for anyone who takes care of the
Corprus Stalker inside, and another 200 for bringing a nearby outlaw, Rels
Tenim, to justice. 400 drakes for the taking here, and it's actually two
quests in one. Click each of the links to get the right journal updates.

If you've done part of the main quest, you may have corprus immunity. If not,
this could be fun. Head over to Tel Mora (by boat). Follow the path up and
you'll spot Berwen's shop on the right. Enter. Talk to her about the curprus
stalker, and she'll tell you that they trapped it upstairs.

If you have Marksman as a good skill, you can pick it off from a safe
distance. If not, you'll have to get close. It just swipes, so just keep
belting it. When it's dead, loot it's body and the room before talking to
Berwen again. Your journal will update when you do.

Now for the second quest. Rels Tenim is in Vos, a stone's throw away as the
crow flies, so take the boat over there. Start asking the people where to find
Nels Tenim, and someone will tell you that he stole some guar and fled north.
Maybe the Ahemmusa to the north will know?

Hike over to Ahemmusa camp, another Ashlander camp. Speak with people there,
and they'll tell you about a man going to Shallit, perhaps this is the man we
seek? To get to Shallit, we are to cross the water north of the camp to the
first island, then island-hop two islands north-west to find a cove on the
north side. Got it.

Her directions aren't hard to follow. Make your way around the first island,
then head northwest. Walk around the second island (on the water because the
hills are too big, and make sure it's the big one not the tiny connected one)
and on the very north side you'll find Shallit. If it sat any lower in the
water, it'd be swimming with the slaughterfish.

Once inside... lol yes, there's water in here. Follow the path, noting that
there is absolutely no threat in here so take whatever you want. Grab the
items from the chests at the top of the stairs, including the two Rising Force
potions. Don't enter the Drethan Ancestral Tomb (unless you like vampires),
once you've got the potions, head back the way you came.

Note, in the very first cave - on the far side, blocked by pillars, is an
upper ledge. Hug the wall to find it, if you cant see it. Ah! Levitate up
there. Head through the worn cavern door, and kill the two hostiles there.
Kill the woman first, then go for the guy. The guy uses my favorite trick of
absorb health, so you've got to kill him fast.

Even I found this fight tough. This guy killed me once, a CTD got me another
time. See why I refer to Absorb Health as a primary strategy for a lot of mage
quests? LOOK HOW GOOD IT IS! Argh, it's tough.

But look at what you get. I unlocked one of the chests to find a DAEDRIC
DAI-KATANA. Oh yeah. Unfortunately, it's a levelled item. If you're above
level 14 when doing this quest, you'll find an ebony weapon, over 17 and it's
daedric. Shove that in your pipe and smoke it! Whee!

Uh... anyways. Next door. Beat up Rels with your new kick-ass weapon, and loot
his little lair. (Argh! He broke my shoes!) Omg, another daedric weapon in the
chest. Ebony again if you're between 14-18, and dwarven if under 14. I've died
and gone to heaven.

Read the note on the table, and you'll find out about the vampire lair next
door. Let's... not go there. Let's go back to Sadrith Mora.Speak with Hruni,
and he'll give you a total of 700 septims. Right now, I don't give a shit
about that, I love my daedric dai-katana! *hugs it*

-------------- Fighters Guild - Sujamma to Dunirai ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Hrundi wants someone to deliver a load of sujamma to the Dunirai
Caverns. (I go from daedric weapon heaven to delivery girl?) Workers in the
Adas Mine have run out of sujamma, so you're being sent to deliver it. The
Dunirai caverns are south-east of Ghostgate, between Foyada Esannudan and
Foyada Ashur-Dan.

Hands up who knows where EITHER of these foyadas are? Yeah, me neither. My
guess is, we're heading to the flat patch south-east of Ghostgate. Head
towards Ghostgate, up the Foyada Mamaea from Balmora (you can get there from
Sadrith Mora, can't you?) but take the turn-off on the right.

In the flatlands, hug the north wall of the valley. If you hit an ancestral
tomb, head east. Soon you'll find the cavern, set into a stone wall. Save and

Follow the mine cart path, and turn left at the end. Find Nelecar, the Bosmer
hiding in a corner, and give him the sujamma. Gee, thanks. That was fun. Go
back to Hrundi, and he'll give you 500 septims. Yawn.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Sondaale -------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

And again, we're escorting people. I'm a battlescout, not a damn escort! Ahem.
Sorry. Sondaale of Shimmerine needs an escort, inside Telasero. Now me, I may
be tough jungle fighter Becky, but I haven't ventured near these Dunmer
strongholds since I accidentally wandered into Marandus at level 1 and
wondered why a Dunmer royally kicked my ass. Guess I'm going back, eh?

Head towards Telasero. It's between Suran and Molag Mar, so walking from
either place is fine. Take the boat to Ebonheart, Ebonheart to Vivec, then
silt strider to either town, and walk towards Telasero.

When you get there, the entrance is on the north side. But what? No Sondaale?
But she left you a note on the door, check it out. It looks safe, apparently.

Head inside after her. Yeah, it's safe, that's why the first thing I find is
an archer that I can't reach and an ash ghoul trying to kill me. Yeah. Now I
know why I didn't like these places.

Kill everything that tries to harm you, then take the path to the left (the
real one, not the cave one.) Head straight through to the lower level. Again,
kill everything that moves, then take the first door on the left to find

Walk her outside, making sure to keep your weapon prepped because these ash
thingies regenerate awfully fast. Outside, your journal will update and again
she'll tell you that the place looked safe. Is she out of her tree completely,
or just partway? SAFE? Oy.... I'm not going to comment.

Leave her stupid ass there, and go back to Sadrith Mora to Hrundi. He'll give
you 500 gold for being such a kind-hearted soul. Awww. There's my good deed
for the day.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Engaer's Bounty ------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now for the big bucks. He's got a contract worth 2000 septims, for anyone who
can bring Engaer to justice. Who? Oh, a Bosmer mercenary for Master Neloth, of
House Telvanni. He's in Tel Naga, in the center of Sadrith Mora, and he's a

I sure do hope you can levitate for this one. Make your way to the great hall
of Tel Naga. Stand in the main doorway. See the platform directly opposite
you, up high? Levitate over there. Through the door, and levitate up to the
very tip-top of the tower.

At one side (not Neloth's side, the other side) are two golden doors. There's
no really easy way to do this, now. Engaer is behind the north door, but it's
locked and trapped. Soooo, how do we do it? I simply taunted and killed
Ivramie Sarandas, and took a key from her body, using it to open the door. But
that's just me.

Open the door, close it behind you, then beat the shit out of her. Take all
her stuff, rest on her bedroll, then make your way out. Slowfall down from the
tower if you weren't clever enough to Mark in the Fighters' Guild.

Hrundi will give you half of the bounty money, for killing Engaer. Cheapskate.
I wanted all 2000! Rawr!

-------------- Fighters Guild - The Pudai Egg Mine ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, you've been hired to find the Pudai Egg Mine. (Name rings a bell....)
It's somewhere on or near the island of Sheogorad, and there's seven eggs of
gold inside. Oooooh. We're going to Sheogorad!

Take the boat to Dagon Fel. Head straight west outta town. At the first
intersection, turn left. Next is right, IGNORE the path on the right (don't
make my mistake), take the THIRD path on the right instead and you'll find it.
Phew ;)

Inside, turn left at the first intersection to find the Queen's Lair. Head
through to find the queen - the eggs are behind her, scattered on the ground.
Weighing 30 pounds each, they're a tad on the heavy side. Lug all seven of
them back to Hrundi.

Give them to him, and he'll give you a whopping 10,000 gold. And now he has no
more work for you.... what was next on the list? Vivec?

[7.5] Vivec - Lorbumol gro-Aglakh

There's a reason I'm doing quests in this order, lol. A method to my madness,
there definitely is. Anyways, the Vivec Fighters Guild is in the Foreign
Quarter Plaza, so head there.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Juicedaw Ring --------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Firstly, Lorbumol wants you to get the Juicedaw Feather Ring. Nar
gro-Shagramph (I hate orc names) was supposed to deliver it to Ranes Ienith,
but never did. He's in the Hlaalu Canton Plaza, so let's go look for him.

Make your way across the cantons, to Vivec. Nar is the only orc there, and
he's kinda green, so you can't miss him. Ask him about the ring, and he won't
tell you anything. So get his disposition up, make him like you. Eventually,
he'll give you the ring. Whee! That was easy!

Take it back to Lorbumol. Give him the ring, and he'll swap it for 100
septims. Easy.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Silence Tongue-Toad --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, a certain Argonian can't keep his mouth shut. Tongue-Toad, I'm looking
at you! He's in the Rat in the Pot in Ald-ruhn, so we're to go find him and
silence him for 500 septims. Right.

Take the silt strider to Balmora, then to Ald'ruhn. Make your way to the Rat
in the Pot (east of the Fighters Guild), and speak with Tongue-Toad, on the
lower floor. What? The Fighters Guild wants to kill him? Here you have an
option - be nice to a brother thief, and let him leave town, or kill him.
Either way, your journal will update when you make a choice.

If you're gonna kill him, make it quick. Otherwise, just return to Vivec, the
way you came. Lorbumol doesn't care whether you killed him or made him leave,
as long as he keeps his mouth shut. 500 septims for your work.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Dro'Sakhar's Bounty --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, he's got a bounty on a Khajiit by the name of Dro'Sakhar. He's hiding
here in Vivec, in St. Olms canton. Make your way over there, and start
questioning people. I started with people in the north canal apartments,
because that's the direction I came from. They'll tell you about a suspicious
Khajiit living in a south apartment. Let's go.

Not south-one... yes in south-two :) Seeing as there's no-one else there, just
attack and kill him, he shouldn't put up too much of a fight. There's not much
of interest in the room, just an assload of ingredients, so take them all and
run back to the Foreign Quarter. Lorbumol will give you another 500 septims.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Lirielle's Debt ------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Suvryn Doves, obviously a client of the guild, says that Lirielle Stone, in
Ald'ruhn, owes him 2000 septims. If we can get the debt money, we can keep
half for ourselves. Cool. Ask about debt money, and you'll find that Lirielle
is also in the Rat in the Pot bar.

- Note: If you have 1000 septims to spare, and over 2000 in your pocket, just
tell Lorbumol that you got the debt money and that's it. He'll take it and
be quite satisfied.

But if you don't have the drakes to spare... head to Ald'ruhn, and Lirielle is
the woman behind the bar, upstairs. Ask her about the debt money, and she'll
tell you that her dead brother Ruran owed the Cammona Tong money, and now
she's expected to pay it! Well, that's not fair now! Ask her about her
brother, and she'll tell you that he went to some place called Mallapi,
northeast of Gnaar Mok, and didn't come back. Guess we're going there after
him, right.

Gnaar Mok is accessible by boat only. But instead of catching silt striders
and boats, just walk from Ald'ruhn, it's nearly directly west. When you get to
the township itself, follow the path out to the east, then turn north. After
the first swamp, head west again along the non-existent path, and you'll find
yourself in the vicinity of Mallapi. Save and enter.

Ooookay... Inside I was finding yucky things. A flame atronach, clannfear,
etc. But they're all levelled creatures (except the clannfear), so if you're
lower levelled, you'll find easier creatures. Anyways, head straight through
and turn right, to get to the dead end. You'll find the body of Ruran Stoine
in the water.

Loot the body, and you'll find 500 of the 2000 drakes. If you clear the rest
of the place out, you'll find a few hostiles (one guarding a Master's set of
alchemy equipment) that you can sell to make up the rest. Then return to

-------------- Fighters Guild - Vandacia's Bounty ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10

Another bounty contract. This one for Adraria Vandacia, in the Census and
Excise Buildings in Seyda Neen. Wow, haven't been there in a while, have you?
Anyways, there may be some guards around, so we must be careful.

Take the silt strider to Seyda Neen, and head to the Census and Excise
Warehouse near the docks. t's just opposite the entrance to the Office, and
you should know where that is. This may be tricky to pull off, because the
door is locked and there's guards swarming. I managed to do it by casting a
100% Chameleon spell for five seconds so I could pick the lock. Alternatively,
swim around to the dock you started the game on, then levitate up to the
second level doorway, which isn't locked.

Inside, head up the stairs and around to find Adraria. Taunt her into
attacking you, then kill her like normal. Return to Lorbumol, triumphant, and
he'll give you another 500 drakes. Yippee!

-------------- Fighters Guild - Alleius' Bounty ------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10

Next, a magistrate has been giving the Fighters Guild trouble. He doesn't want
any trouble from Rufinus Alleius, so if you kill him, the 1000 gold bounty is
yours. Whee!

Take the boat from Vivec to Ebonheart. To get to the Grand Council Chambers,
head to the very north-west corner of town. Speak with anyone there about
Rufinus, and they'll tell you that he's actually in the Imperial Commission,
next door. Take the door on the north side of the building as directed, and
you'll find him there.

He fights hand to hand, so whooping his rooty-patooty is pretty easy. Kick his
ass, loot his corpse. Note the key on his person. What does it open? Well,
downstairs in the commission, open the door on the left and loot the room
(after closing yourself in, of course). Then back to the Guild.

Lorbumol will give you 1000 septims for your hard (cough) work. And now he has
no more orders for you.

Now you have a decision to make, based on your allegiances. There are two ways
of becoming Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild, and you can choose based on how
you feel about the Thieves Guild. If you like the Thieves Guild, visit Percius
again for more orders. If not, go to Sjoring Hard-Heart here in the next room.

[7.6] Ald'ruhn - Percius Mercius

I'll take this option first. After completing Lorbumol's quests, return to
Ald'ruhn and speak with Percius.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Remove Sjoring's Supporters ------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10

According to Percius, the only way of saving the Fighters Guild from the
corruption of the Cammona Tong is to get rid of the current Guildmaster, and
those loyal to him. So he's asking you to kill both Eydis Fire-Eye and
Lorbumol gro-Aglakh, and then he'll support you as new Guildmaster.

We know where to find the two of them. First, to Balmora. Advance the stairs
to speak with Eydis, but she's two steps ahead of you. You're Percius' lap
dog, apparently. Let her get the first blow in, then pound away. She's wearing
a full set of good armour, so the fight will be long even if you're holding a
daedric dai-katana like I am.

Next is Vivec, and Lorbumol is much the same. He'll attack on sight, with his
club. The best bit about killing him is, everything that he sold is in his
inventory, so you get it all. You can also loot the entire room, and you'll
find lots of weapons like axes and blunt weapon, heavy armour, and other good
stuff. You'll probably need more than one trip to take it all.

Once you've killed both, go back to Ald'ruhn and speak with Percius. Now there
is only one more step in becoming the Guildmaster - Sjoring Hard-Heart

-------------- Fighters Guild - Kill Hard-Heart ------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

Ask Percius about Sjoring, and he'll give you a key to his private suites.
There's two sets of armour there for you to use, so make sure to grab them.
Sjoring is one of the best warriors of Vvardenfell, and he'll be expecting
you, so best be prepared.

Use the Iron Key to let yourself into the north room on the lower floor, and
loot it. You'll find Orcish and glass armour in the two chests, good for if
you're medium or light armoured. Now for the big step. Go back to Vivec, to
the room past where you found Lorbumol. Save before entering.

He's not really expecting you, though. At least, he wasn't in my game, he
spoke to me like normal and offered me orders. But I killed him anyways,
taunting him into hitting first to make sure it was still legal. Then I looted
his room. Whee! But for such an important man, he didn't keep a lot of cool
stuff. Phooey.

Return to Percius once Sjoring Hard-Heart is dead, and he will name you the
new Guildmaster. Yay! Congratulations!

There is another path to the top, however, if you hate the Thieves Guild.
That's detailed in the next section.

[7.7] Vivec - Sjoring Hard-Heart

Like some other factions, we must get our final set of orders from the
Guildmaster himself. Sjoring is in the room just past where you can find

-------------- Fighters Guild - Remove the Heads of the Thieves Guild --------

Faction Reputation Gain: 15

Sjoring has been watching you progress through the guild, you know. You'd make
a fine Guildmaster, but you need to sort out a few problems first. Like the
Thieves Guild. He needs you to kill some of the bosses for him, due to his new
alliance with the Cammona Tong.

In Sadrith Mora, deal with Helende at Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub. In Balmora,
deal with Habasi in the South Wall Cornerclub. And in Ald'ruhn, deal with
Aengoth in the Rat in the Pot tavern. Think you can handle all that?

I'll try to do this in the most logical order, the one suggested. Take the
boat to Sadrith Mora. Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub is opposite the entrance to
Wolverine Hall, so head south. Enter, and Big Helende is upstairs.

I cannot say whether she will attack you on sight or not, because my character
is currently in the Thieves Guild as well so she simply asks me if I want
orders or advancement. My guess is she wouldn't, but I can't prove it, my
apologies. If she doesn't, just taunt her into attacking, then kill her. She
holds a lot of good thief tools like lockpicks and probes, so make sure to
grab those.

Take the boat back to Vivec then the silt strider to Balmora. South Wall is on
the east side of the river, south side of town. Habasi is the Khajiit walking
on the stairs, so repeat what you did with Helende. Habasi also holds a lot of
probes and lockpicks, so if you're a thief, this is a bonanza.

Then take the silt strider to Ald'ruhn, and head to Rat in the Pot. Aengoth is
in the lower level of the upstairs area. Kill him like you did the others,
then return to Vivec. Sjoring is pleased with your work, and makes you his
second in command, ie. promotes you to Champion.

-------------- Fighters Guild - Kill the Master Thief ------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

But now you have to take care of the Master Thief. He's in Simine Fralinie's
bookstore, and his name is Gentleman Jim Stacey. Once he's dead, and
preferably his lackey too, Sjoring will retire and make you the new

The bookstore we're looking for is in Vivec. And that's all you're told. I'll
be more specific, and tell you that the bookstore is in the Foreign Quarter
canalworks on the eastern side, so head down a few floors. Find the
bookseller, and head in.

You'll need to go through the door at the back, which is locked. I simply
taunted and killed Simine, then picked the lock. If you don't mind getting a
bounty on your head, you can simply attack Jim Stacey and his lackey, or taunt
and kill them one at a time. The fight with Jim Stacey may be tough because he
holds and uses a daedric shortsword. (Score one more for the daedric
category!) When they're both dead, and the room properly looted, report to

Sjoring is happy that you managed to kill the Master Thief, but now you're the
only one left that threatens his position. Too much amibition on your part...
you shall not be missed. And he attacks! Double-crosser!

Kill him, which isn't too difficult. You may need a few potions cuz he hits
HARD with his warhammer. When he's dead, you will automatically assume your
rightful place as Fighters Guild Master. Congratulations!




To join the Mages Guild when you arrive in Balmora, you'll have to speak with
Ranis Athrys in the Guild of Mages, she's the Dunmer you'll meet just inside
the ground floor entrance. It's as simple as requesting to join, and you're
in. However, Ranis does not have any duties for you yet. Ajira is your first
port of call, downstairs near the guild guide. She's the Khajiit behind the

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

Favoured Skills (S1/S2): Alchemy, Mysticism, Illusion, Alteration,
Destruction, Enchant

Rank INT WIL S1 S2 Rep
Associate 30 30 0 0 0
Apprentice 30 30 10 0 5
Journeyman 30 30 20 0 10
Evoker 30 30 30 5 20
Conjurer 30 30 40 10 30
Magician 31 31 50 15 45
Warlock 32 32 60 20 60
Wizard 33 33 70 25 80
Master Wizard 34 34 80 30 100
Arch-Mage 35 35 90 35 125

[8.1] Balmora - Ajira

-------------- Mages Guild - Four Types of Mushrooms -------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Ajira is studying to be a Journeyman in the Mages Guild, but must study some
mushrooms before she can do so. She needs samples from you - samples of
Luminous Russula, Violet Coprinus, Bunger's Bane, and Hypha Facia. They are
all found in the swamps of the Bitter Coast, and to get there you'll need to
travel south along the Odai river, then turn right over the hills when you see
a wooden bridge.

Follow her directions until you reach the Bitter Coast. If you've passed the
Shulk Egg Mine, you're going in the right direction. The mushrooms are
identifiable by the following traits:

- The Luminous Russula are the small fat mushrooms sitting around tree stumps.
- The Violet Coprinus are the tall skinny luminous mushrooms around tree
- Both Bungler's Bane and Hypra Facia are found on some tree trunks, looking
like little brown steps leading up them. Examine trees until you can pick up
one of each type.

When you have them all, take them back to Ajira. She'll give you four Cheap
Restore Health potions in return. However, Ajira cannot give you promotions -
only Ranis can, so visit her after every quest. Including this one, to be
promoted to Apprentice.

-------------- Mages Guild - Fake Soul Gem -----------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Ajira's got a bet going with Galbedir, the enchanter upstairs, to see who can
reach Journeyman first. (We'll get there before you do, cat.) Ajira's going to
study the mushrooms you found, but while she does, she wants you to plant a
fake soul gem in Galbedir's desk. Galbedir's coming downstairs now, so you
should go up and put it on her desk.

This is one of the best quests EVER, because while Galbedir's gone, you can
loot her desk and take everything in it. Let's see, what have we here... petty
soul gems, lesser soul gems, filled... a greater soul gem... and a grand soul
gem with a winged twilight in it, worth 60,000 gold!!!!

If you've got the mad security skillz (or a decent Open spell) filch the chest
next to the desk as well for a lot of amazing enchanted weapons. Take it all,
and what you can't carry, drop on the ground. Once it's been in your
inventory, it's marked as yours, so you can come back later for it without

See what I mean about the best quest ever?

Galbedir will wait at the bottom of the stairs while you do everything you
need to do. So take all the items you can carry, dump them at your storage
site (every good outlander has a storage site somewhere), come back and get
the rest, then finish the quest by dumping the fake soul gem inside the desk
and returning to Ajira. Brilliant! That quest was reward in itself!

PS. If you don't know what soul gems are for, they're for making your own

Visit Ranis after the quest is done to be promoted to Journeyman. Told you
we'd beat you to it, Ajira.

-------------- Mages Guild - Four Types of Flowers ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next on Ajira's study list is flowers. Similar to mushrooms, she would like
four samples of Gold Kanet, Stoneflower Petals, Willow Anther, and Heather.
They're all foundon the shores of Lake Amaya, near Pelagiad.

If you haven't been there before, the only way (short of cheating or
levitation) to get to Pelagiad is to walk from Seyda Neen. But Ajira tells you
to go a different route, through Molag Amur. Go south to Fort Moonmoth, cross
the Foyada Mamaea, then take the next turnoff to Suran. Follow the path until
you get to Lake Amaya. It's your choice which way you want to go, really. But
I tend to stay as far away from Molag Amur as I can.

Examine every bush you come by, on the path, until you find one of each
flower. They can be distinguished as follows:

- Gold Kanet flowers are yellow flowers near rocks
- Stoneflower Petals are blue and droop near the ground
- Willow Anther are tall, red and thin
- Heather grows near the ground and has pink flowers

Run off to Lake Amaya and collect them all (or if you're doing this guild last
like me, duck to your storage place and check your alchemy supplies). Return
to Ajira and exchange them for six Cheap Restore Magicka potions.

-------------- Mages Guild - Ceramic Bowl ------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 2

When you ask Ajira for more duties, she'll explain that she's busy doing her
studying so she can win her bet, but would you please fetch her a ceramic
bowl? She gives you ten drakes and thinks that Ra'Virr the trader may have a
bowl for her. Simple quest.

Ra'Virr lives right next door to the Guild of Mages, and the ceramic bowl (of
which he stocks three) should cost you all of two drakes. So buy one and
return it to her. She's off rambling about the next quest already, but click
ceramic bowl to give it to her. No rewards.

-------------- Mages Guild - Stolen Reports ----------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Ajira's all up in a huff, she must find her stolen reports! Galbedir stole the
reports Ajira prepared about mushrooms and flowers, just so she could win the
bet. Well, we want them back!

Go ask Galbedir about them. She's actually proud of the fact she stole them,
and she even tells you where she put them. The first one was hidden under a
dresser in the bedrooms, second amongst the stacks of ingredients. Ooh,
Galdebir's catty, isn't she? Let's just go get the reports.

The first is in between the two baskets, near the stairs down to the basement.
It's okay to pick it up, here, but don't go looting anything else. The second
is in the basement, in the 'bedrooms', the fenced off area with a few beds in
it ;) Under the dresser, grab it then take them both to Ajira.

What are your rewards here, hmmm... Exclusive Potion of Fire Shield, Exclusive
Frost Shield, Exclusive Lightning Shield, and two Exclusive Spell Absorption
potions. Not bad work. Go see Ranis, and get promoted to Evoker.

And Ajira has no more duties for you at the present point in time. Speak with
her again when you are a Warlock, she says. For now, you can see Ranis Athrys
for further quests, or Edwinna Elbert in Ald'ruhn.

[8.2] Balmora - Ranis Athrys

Ranis is the next stop on your way up the Mages Guild. She'll have two quests
for you, to start off with, both close together on the map so grab them both.

-------------- Mages Guild - Manwe's Dues ------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Firstly, Ranis would like you to collect some guild dues from a woman who
hasn't paid them in years. Manwe is off researching in Punabi, and she owes
the guild about 2000 septims. If we can't get the dues, we're supposed to kill

To get to Punabi, you'll need to follow the route past Arkngthand that you may
have followed earlier on the main quest of the game. Both Punabi and Sulipund
(for the next quest) are near Lake Nabia, just north of Marandus, so we'll
head in that general direction. Head south past Fort Moonmoth, and cross the
Foyada Mamaea and follow the path. At all the turn-offs, follow the signs to
Molag Mar.

Soon (well not really soon, cuz it's a long road) you'll see Marandus looming
up on your right, plus a group of Khajiits around a fire near it. Do NOT go
anywhere near them, instead, follow the path around to the left of Lake Nabia.
Even though directions mentioned Marandus, you're just supposed to use it as a
point of reference, don't go there, trust me...

Punabi will soon be up on your right, it's nothing special, just a door on a
tiny hut-like structure. Enter, and talk to Manwe inside. She won't want to
cough up the dough, telling you to pay it yourself if you're so concerned. But
we're persistent, we are, so start persuading her to like you better. When her
disposition is high, ask her about them again, and she'll give you the 2000
septims if you just leave her and her research alone.

Don't go back to Balmora just yet, continue on for the next quest (hopefully
you grabbed them both at the same time).

-------------- Mages Guild - Recruit or Kill Llethar Bereloth ----------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Secondly, Ranis would like you to convince an ex-Telvanni to join the Mages
Guild. Seems only natural, right, as both specialize in magic. The Telvanni's
name is Llethar Bereloth, and he lives in Sulipund.

Sulipund is just past Punabi on the road, which is why we should do both
this and the previous quest at the same time. Head towards Punabi, then past
it on the path. A few seconds later, Sulipund will be looming up on your left,
so take the turn-off left to find the entrance.

Inside, just follow the path along to get to the large central area. Take the
stairs at the back up to find Llethar, and ask him to join you. At first he'll
take you for a fool, so be nice to him and bribe him a little until he agrees.
He just wants you to leave, really, so he promises to join the guild the next
time he's in Balmora. Mission accomplished! Return to Ranis and report the
results of the two quests.

For convincing Llethar to join the guild, you'll get four Quality Restore
Magicka potions, and you'll get 1000 gold for collecting the guild dues. Ask
for advancement to get it, but you must pay 200 septims in guild dues first.

-------------- Mages Guild - Unsanctioned Training ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Ranis is concerned that an Argonian at the South Wall Cornerclub is
offering training in Restoration... without the sanction of the Mages Guild.
Oh, the horror and sacrilege of it all! ;) So we're going to go and convince
him to stop it.

There isn't exactly many Argonians in the Cornerclub in the first place, so
approach the only one there, aptly named Only-He-Stands-There. Ask him about
the unsanctioned training, and tell him he must stop, but he refuses. And if
he refuses, you know what you must do. What, attack? Noooo!

There are two paths to take here. One, do what he suggests and end his life
for going against guild law. Two, agree to fooling Ranis into thinking he had
stopped training... in exchange for him training you in Restoration. Pick a
path. Personally, I don't have anything against him training in Restoration,
so I'll let him go along with it. Report back to Ranis... for no reward :(

-------------- Mages Guild - Itermerel's Notes -------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

There is a scholar in town, Itermerel, who is looking for an escort to
Pelagiad. Ranis wants you to take him... but she desparately wants a copy of
his notes. She doesn't care if he makes it to Pelagiad, she just wants the

Itermerel is an Altmer, waiting at the Eight Plates in Balmora. Speak with him
and ask him about his notes, and he teases you with 'maybe after we arrive'.
Oh, so we actually have to take him there? Rats. Click 'travel together', and
he'll follow you anywhere you go.

Take the silt strider to Seyda Neen, then start walking, turning right and
following the path, I'm sure you know the way cuz you've been there before.
When you arrive in the Halfway Tavern, his destination, he'll walk away,
thanking you. But wait, what about the notes! Ask him about them, and he'll
give them to you, telling you that you show great promise, whoo!

Return to Ranis and show her. She'll take them from you, but again give you no
reward, wtm?

-------------- Mages Guild - Kill Necromancer Tashpi Ashibael ----------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Next, Ranis believes that Tashpi Ashibael, in Maar Gan, has been practicing
Necromancy. What's that? Click on it, but all we'll find out is that we're
supposed to kill her because the guild will not tolerate necromancers. Um,

Save your game, then head out towards Maar Gan. If you haven't been there
before, take the silt strider to Ald'ruhn, then to Maar Gan. Ask anyone in
town, and they'll swear that Tashpi is not a necromancer, but tell you that
she lives in the last house on the right, before the shrine. The shrine is on
the east side of town, and her house is the last on the right before the
stairs up to it.

Ash her about necromancy, and she will splutter, telling you that she is NOT a
necromancer. Who would say such a thing? Oh, Ranis did. Ah, she has an
explanation of why Ranis would make such accusations... seems she refused to
join the Mages Guild, preferring to practice healing with her own people. She
knows a way out... she just wants to help people, heal them, so she'll sneak
off away from Vvardenfell, and you can tell Ranis that she's dead. Sounds
kool, no bloodshed required.

Ah, Ranis is happy that you have done her... oh, I mean, the guild... a great
favour. And she'll give you two Scroll of Elemental Burst: Fire, and two
Scroll of the Fourth Barrier.

-------------- Mages Guild - Catch a Spy -------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Ranis Athrys believes that there's a spy in the Mages Guild, and its our job
to find out who it is. We're given three possible bases for the spy -
Ald'ruhn, Vivec, or Sadrith Mora.

From Balmora, use the guild guide to get to the first town on the list,
Ald'ruhn, and start questioning people. No-one in there knows a thing, so
travel to Vivec. The first person you ask will refer you to Archmagister
Trebonius, downstairs.

He knows for a fact that there are no Telvanni spies here, because his Dunmer
advisor, Tiram Gadar, said so. Oh, Tiram is invaluable to Trebonius, and he
came with the highest credentials. He'll even give you the credentials, to
look at.

The credentials were given to him by Ocato, but check them out and see how the
forger spelt 'Ocato' ;) I wonder who this spy is, hey? Return to Ranis, and
show her the proof. As a reward for helping the guild, she'll give you two
Scroll of Summon Golden Saint, and a Soul Drinker dagger.

And now Ranis has no more duties for you. She recommends that you see Edwinna
Elbert, in Ald'ruhn, or Skink in Sadrith Mora.

[8.3] Ald'ruhn - Edwinna Elbert

Edwinna is a student in the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages, wearing a blue robe,
wandering around the downstairs area.

-------------- Mages Guild - Chronicles of Nchuleft --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Firstly, she's looking for a copy of the rare Dwarven book, Chronicles of
Nchuleft. None of the Mages Guilds have it, and it's *essential* that she gets
a copy. Agree to find it, and she'll give you 250 septims for expenses.

Where's the best bookseller you know? Jobasha in Vivec, of course. So make
your way to Vivec Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks, to Jobasha's Rare Books.
Simply buy a copy from him, which is worth 250 septims, then return to

Give Edwinna the book, and she will be impressed greatly. If you meet the
requirements, ask for promotion to Warlock.

- Note: You can also return to Ajira, in Balmora, for her last few quests.
Those will be listed after Edwinna's quests.

-------------- Mages Guild - A Potion From Skink-In-Tree's-Shade -------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Edwinna is looking for a Detect Creatures potion, one that
Skink-In-Tree's-Shade had promised to make for her. But he's taking forever to
deliver it, so she wants us to visit him in Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora,
grab the potion, and bring it back to her.

Good thing about Mages Guild quests, we can easily use the guild guide to warp
around the world at will. So visit Erranil, and travel to Sadrith Mora,
Wolverine Hall.

Skink-In-Trees-Shade is the Argonian in the far corner of the room, so ask him
about the Detect Creatures potion. He'll had it over, and tell you that you
can always come to him for more quests when we're done with Edwinna.

Warp back to Ald'ruhn, and give the potion to Edwinna, and she'll reward you
with an Exclusive Potion of Shadow.

-------------- Mages Guild - Steal Chimarvamidium ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Oooh, I like this one. Sirilonwe, in the Vivec Mages Guild, has somehow
acquired a copy of Chimarvamidium. It's the sixth volume of "Ancient Tales of
the Dwemer", but, unlike the others, this copy may actually be Dwemer in
origin. Can you 'borrow' the book for her? Hehehe...

She'll give you two Scrolls of Ondusi's Unhinging to help you - so obviously
it's gonna be in a locked chest (Ondusi's Unhinging have Open spells on them.)
Visit Erranil, and travel to Vivec.

Turn left from the guild guide and enter the wooden door on your right, to
find Sirilonwe. In the closet, you'll find Sirilonwe's Chest, guess what might
be in it? Close the closet door behind yourself, and open the chest in
complete privacy. You'll find the Chimarvamidium, which will raise your
Heavy Armour skill if you read it, and Breathing Water, a book which will
raise your Alteration.

Grab them both, and warp back to Ald'ruhn. Give her the book, for no reward.

-------------- Mages Guild - Huleen's Hut ------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

As we know, Edwinna is studying, but she has been distracted by reports of
trouble from Maar Gan. Huleen is a member of the Mages Guild, so weshould do
something about the disturbance. Will you go take a look for her? Of course!

Unfortunately we can't take the guild guide to Maar Gan, but we can use the
silt strider, so head to it. Once in Maar Gan, ask a local wher to find
Huleen's Hut, and they'll tell you its outside town walls to the south-east,
near the shrine.

Follow the directions to find Huleen's hut on the path heading south. Inside,
you'll find a scamp - kill it and take the key to Huleen's Hut. The key will
open the door at the bottom of the stairs.

Inside you'll find Listien Bierles, a naked man whoo! Is the scamp gone? Thank
the lord! Click scamp, to find out just what it was - it was a Daedra that he
summoned to help him, but it turned out of his control. It's all his fault, he
wanted to summon a scamp to prove to Huleen that he was really a Sorcerer, but
it failed...

Return to Edwinna, and tell her about what happened. She's unimpressed with
the tale, but rewards you with two Scrolls of The Fifth Barrier.

-------------- Mages Guild - Return Chimarvamidium ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Now, Edwinna's finished studying Chimarvamidium, but it wasn't any use to her
at all! So, after you've 'borrowed' it, you have to return it. Why do I get
the feeling we're gonna be in trouble...?

Return to Vivec using the guild guide, to Sirilonwe's room. Close yourself in
the closet again, and dump the book back in the chest. Funny, she didn't even
notice it was gone. After you've dumped it, return to Ald'ruhn for some nice
rewards - an Amulet of Almsivi Intervention, and an Amulet of Divine

Ask for advancement to Wizard, if you have the skills, and Edwinna will tell
you that you need a Wizard's Staff before you can advance. You can either buy
a Wizard's Staff from her for 5000 septims, or you can hunt out a former Mages
Guild member, now outlaw, Anirne, deep in the forests of Sheogorad. Me, I'll
just buy the thing.

Ask for advancement again, and you'll be promoted to Wizard.

-------------- Mages Guild - Dwemer Tube From Arkngthunch-Sturdumz -----------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now, in Edwinna's course of research, she needs to study a Dwemer Tube.
They're apparently easy enough to find, she saw one in Arkngthunch-Sturdumz
last time she was there. (WHERE??) Oh, apparently it's north-west of Gnisis,
but you can get there by going to Ald Velothi and following the coast to the

Take the silt strider to Gnisis. You might have been to Ald Velothi before, if
not, take the east exit out of town and follow the path dead north to get
there. Once in Ald Velothi, head west, past the Ashlander camp Aidanat, and
across the bridge to find the Dwemer ruins of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz.

I hope you're preared for a few fights, because you'll find a few chameleoned
Dwarves inside. As well as things like Steam Centurions and Centurion spiders,
big machina things. If you follow the path through until the final chamber,
the Dwemer tube will be sitting on the shelves on the right. Grab it, then
move out and make your way back to Ald'ruhn.

Give Edwinna the Dwemer tube, for no reward and no promotion.

-------------- Mages Guild - Nchuleftingth Expedition ------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Next, Edwinna would like you to check up on one of her colleagues, in the
Dwemer ruin on Nchuleftingth. Senilias Cadiusus is engaged in Imperial
research there, and sends back excavation reports every month, but did not
send one this month so Edwinna needs to know what's going on.

She suggests two methods of getting to Nchuleftingth - either from Suran or
Molag Mar. The ruins are on the north side of Foyada Nadanat, just north of
Mount Kand. You can either head north-east from Suran along the foyada, or
north from Molag Mar, past Mount Kand, and follow the foyada. Your call.

Take a silt strider from Ald'ruhn to Balmora, Balmora to Suran. If you want to
go to Molag Mar, go from Suran to Molag Mar. Now you start the hike. I'll go
from Molag Mar, as it seems simpler to me.

Get off the silt strider, and be confronted by the horrid Molag Amur weather
(at least, it was horrible when I got there.) There's a clear and distinct
path going north-east from the silt strider, and it curves back around to the
west as you follow it. You might meet a few atronachs on the way, elemental
demons that resist normal weapons. If you're a Nord like me, you like fighting
Frost Atronachs cuz they kinda can't hurt you ;)

Follow the path until you're due south of Nchuleftingth, then detour over the
hill to find the ruins. Up the brown ramp and you'll find the entrance in, so
take it to get out of the evil icky ash storms that reduce visibility to just
about nil.

Take the first door on the right to find Senilias. He doesn't have the
excavation report for you, because they've had a few setbacks - their native
guide, Anes Vendu, is missing. He went into the lower levels to make notes,
can we please go find him? Do we really have a choice? No.

Right before he left, he talked about the Test of Pattern, according to Pania.
And funny, thats the name of a room back along the left hallway... so leave
the room and head down to find the Test of Pattern. Inside, you'll find three
cranks on the left hand side, open the third one farthest from the door (the
first two will hit you with poison). This will open up a path to the lower

Down the stairs and through the door, turn left down the stairs to find the
body of Anes Vendu. Take the excavation report (Senilias' report) from his
corpse, as well as the book next to his body. Report back to Senilias.

He'll tell you to take the report back to Edwinna, while he stays to excavate
the lower levels, so do so. (You can explore the ruins further, but Dwemer
ruins creep me out.) Give Edwinna the report, then ask her about them to
prompt duties for the next mission.

-------------- Mages Guild - Scarab Plans in Mzuleft -------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 10

Again, Edwinna is looking for Dwemer blueprints. What is WITH this chick? The
blueprints from Senilias were already sent to the Emperor, but he mentioned
more ruins, southwest of Dagon Fel. So you're being sent across the Sea of
Ghosts to Mzuleft, to retrieve what blueprints you can find.

Getting from Ald'ruhn to Dagon Fel seems difficult at first, but you can
simply take the silt strider to Khuul, and the boat to Dagon Fel. Head west
out of town, and take the first path south. However, you'll still need some
nice levitatory powers to get to the ruin.

When you pass it (check the world map, you'll also enter the Mzuleft Ruin
area), levitate over the hill to your left to find the ruin. Like most Dwemer
ruins, the door is at the end of the bridge, so save and enter.

The area you need to navigate inside is tiny. At the bottom of the stairs,
turn right and you'll be ambushed by an orc - kill him. Then grab the
scarab plans from the bottom of the left hand shelves. Yes, it was really
THAT simple. While you're there, head into the next room and grab the
Egg of Time from the table, then go back to Edwinna. Give her the plans,
and she'll be happy. Yay!

-------------- Mages Guild - Bethamez ----------------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 15
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Now the miners in the Gnisis Eggmine have broken into the ruins of Bethamez.
The official word is that the mine was blighted, but Edwinna thinks that it's
a crock. The ruins have Dwemer blueprints inside... and you know what that
means. Yes, you're being sent to get them. Blargh.

Take the silt strider to Gnisis. The Eggmine is far up above the township,
so head up the hill the follow the path to the right, across the bridge.
There's one Imperial Legion worker there, so talk to him. If you're in the
Legion, he'll give you the key when you ask him about the Eggmine, if not,
you'll have to bribe him or persuade him for it.

When you have the key, enter the mine. Follow it through to find the doorway
to the lower eggmine. You'll find an Orc, who will give you to the count of
ten to get out of his sight... and he's serious, too. So if you don't wanna
fight him, get the hell away from him. Turn left, then two rights (you'll
be fighting through assloads of magic-wielding kwama warriors) to get to
the door to Bethamez.

The Dwemer plans are just inside, on the table on your left. Grab them, and
the Divine Metaphysics from beneath the table, then make your way out.
Dwemer ruins creep me out, I hate being here. Go back to Ald'ruhn.

Edwinna will love the plans, for together they seem to be for some kind of
metal insect.... she'll peruse the plans, but she has no more duties for
you. If you haven't revisited Ajira for more duties, do so now.

[8.4] Balmora - Ajira

These quests can only be performed after you reach the rank of Warlock.

-------------- Mages Guild - The Staff of Magnus -----------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 1

Well, technically they're not duties, because she won't call them that. But
she will tell you a secret - she knows the location of the Staff of Magnus.
Ooh, let us in on the secret! So she does - it's in Assu, a cave on the
slopes of Mount Kand, north-west of Molag Mar.

Make your way to Molag Mar by silt strider, from Vivec or Suran. Follow the
paths north-west from the silt strider, and when it turns due west, you'll
find the cavern of Mount Kand. Head past the cavern, and take the first right
to find the cave of Assu.

Inside, you'll find a few friends - two daedra and a mage. If you've scraped
through up to here on low levels, you may find daedra tough, and in this case
you may be fighting all three opponents at once. Eek. But once they're dead,
you can loot the small area, you might find some good stuff. Then further into
the mine.

When you get to the watery pool, note the platform directly ahead of you, the
one with the Frost Atronach on it. You'll need to levitate to get up there, so
I hope you have a levitate potion or two spare. You may have found one in the
little area before. Kill the atronach, and you'll find a summoner by the name
of Dreveni Hlaren. Dreveni holds the key, the Staff of Magnus, and she's not
exactly nice to you so beat her ass. And look how much that staff is worth. Oh

If you've got another levitate potion, levitate up to the higher rock, just to
the right of the platform, where you'll find two locked and trapped chests.
Levelled loot, but some nice enchanted items and gold. Worth getting. Make
your way out of there, when you're done, and start the long trip back to

Best bit is, seeing as these aren't exactly 'quests' but Ajira telling you
secrets, she'll let you keep what you find. And your reputation will also go
up for running this simple errand. Suh-weet.

-------------- Mages Guild - Warlock's Ring ----------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 1

And she has another secret for you. Good cat, I like you. She knows about
something called the Warlock's Ring, and that a woman named Vindamea Drethan
has it. Why is she telling you this? Simple, because she doesn't like Vindamea

Vindamea is located in Ashirbadon, a cave on a small island west of Bal Fell.
Get your map out, because if you're like me, you don't know where Bal Fell is.
There it is, just near Vivec. Righty-o. Let's go.

Once you've made your way to Vivec, walked east from Telvanni canton, and swum
out to the islands just west of Bal Fell, you'll realize that Ajira gives
shitty directions. The island you want is EAST of Bal Fell, not west! So
tip-toe around the daedric ruins and around to the other side. There's a
mid-sized rocky island just east of Bal Fell, and it holds the cave of

Can I smack Ajira for her cruddy directions? Damn Khajiit, don't know east
from west. Save and enter the mine. First enemy you'll find is a front
atronach, fun if you're a Nord (inbuilt frost resistance! Oh yeah!), not so
fun if you're not. Follow the path once he's dead, and you'll face a sharp
drop into a lake - with a daedra coming in to fight you. So you've got to
swim, kill the daedra (he only level 9, not so bad), then make your way out.

What's in the chest the daedra was protecting? An old key. Hmm. Take it.
Again, you'll need to levitate, for the path out of the pond is up high, on
the left hand side facing the pond. Move up (any good mage should have a
levitate spell) and go through to door to find and kill the next frost
atronach. The next door is the one you'll need the key for; so unlock it and
pass through.

Here you'll find the worst kind of atronach - storm - and Vindamea. If you
hesitate, she will spot you fast and target spells at you, that will hit you
even as you cross the narrow ridge to get to her. So run fast. Kill her first,
because she's more dangerous than the atronach. Then kill the atronach.
They're both level 15, so it may be tough.

On Vindamea's corpse, you'll find the Warlock's Ring. But that's not all,
baha. Start looting her little camp. In the chest under the desk, you'll find
some levelled apparatus - I was level 26, and there was some Grandmaster
equipment here for me. Scrolls in trapped urns, a few books to teach you
Alchemy and Destruction. Rest in her hammock if you need it. Then move on out.

Show Ajira the ring, and she will be content. Boom, we get to keep that too!
Sweet. But no more secrets, unfortunately. Be grateful that we got the
kick-ass items that we did!

[8.5] Wolverine Hall - Skink-In-Tree's-Shade

Ah, now we're heading to the city of magic (no not Mournhold, Sadrith Mora) to
visit Wolverine Hall. Anyone that gives you duties will recommend visiting the
guild steward here for more duties - and the man (lizard) you need to speak
with is Skink-In-Tree's-Shade. He's the master trainer for Speechcraft, too.

-------------- Mages Guild - Escort Tenyeminwe -------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

Firstly, you have an escort mission. Skink would like an escort for the
scholar Tenyeminwe, luckily it's not a long walk. She's scared of a rogue
Telvanni, so she needs an escort from Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub to the docks.
Not hard, eh?

Make your way out of Wolverine Hall, down the stairs and out. Dirty Muriel's
is the big Nord house just outside the hall, if you haven't been there before,
so enter. Tenyeminwe is just inside, the big Altmer, so talk to her, and tell
her to travel together.

Now, head outside and start walking. It's only a short walk through the town
of Sadrith Mora, so walk it slowly, making sure Tenyeminwe is still behind
you. When you walk out onto the dock, she'll thank you and your journal will
update. If you speak with her again about travel together, you'll be rewarded
with two summon atronach scrolls.

Make your way back to Skink. That was hard now, wasn't it? No reward from
Skink, though, your reward was the scrolls.

-------------- Mages Guild - Vampires of Vvardenfell, Volume II --------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now Skink is looking for a rare book, Vampires of Vvardenfell. There are two
in the series - one is common, two is not. He recommends looking up a rare
bookseller for the second one, the one he wants.

Where's the rarest bookseller you know? Jobasha's Rare Books, in Vivec, of
course! Paddle over to Vivec (or simply take the boat), then visit Jobasha in
the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks. Of course, he has a copy of the book -
it's worth 400 gold, so simply pay it. Then take it back to Skink.

The reward you get is more than what you paid, so don't worry - Skink will
give you a thousand septims for it. Yay!

-------------- Mages Guild - Meeting with a Wise Woman -----------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 2

Skink is looking to make contact with the Ashlanders, for reasons unknown.
Maybe you can help - he'd like to set up a meeting with the Wise Women. Yes,
all four of them. He doubts Erabenimsun and Urshilaku will agree, the Zainab
may be receptive, but he suggest speaking with Ahemmusa first.

Now, how well do you know your Ashlander camps? He named the four scattered
around Vvardenfell, and Ahemmusa is directly north of the town of Vos. So make
your way to Vos, by taking the boat from the docks. In Vos, walk northwards
until you hit the camp. If you hit the sea, like he says, you've gone too far.

Speak with the Wise Woman, in her yurt. Sinnammu will not meet the Argonian,
but will send her apprentice Minabibi to meet him instead. Catch is, you must
find her, she's in Favel Tomb. Where? Ask and she will tell you - it's west of
Ahemmusa, on the coast past the ruins. Watch out for rogue Ashlanders.

You can head north and follow the coast west, but the ruins are a pain to get
around. If you check on your paper map, there's a small path leading
south-west from Ahemmusa. Follow it, and there's a turn-off to turn
north-west. Favel Tomb lies at the very end of this path, on the coast near
the Ashlands.

Enter, and speak with Minabibi. She will speak with Skink, but only if you
help her. See, she was sent here as a punishment, and asked to lay the spirit
of Kanit Ashurnisammis to rest, but she can't do it. If you can do it, then
she will come with you.

Fine, fine. Head past her into the tomb, and kill the creature before grabbing
the book on the far altar. Its a good little book for the collection. Save
before entering the next door - you'll find the ghost in question and a
levelled enemy. You'll need a decent weapon to take care of the ghost, at
least silver. Once the ghost is dead, report back to Minabibi.

Ask her again about a meeting, and she'll tell you to return to Ahemmusa to
ask the Wise Woman to let her meet with Skink. All this red tape we gotta go
through, geez. So hike back to Ahemmusa and speak with Sinnammu again. Now,
before she lets Minabibi go, did she pacify the ghost or did you? Your choice
will only affect her disposotion towards you - the truth will bump it up 20, a
lie will decrease it by 10. So tell the truth, and she will agree to send
Minabibi to speak with Skink.

Return to Wolverine Hall, and wouldn't you know it, she already beat you here.
Speak with Skink, who asks you if you arranged a meeting, and when you say you
did, he'll agree and tell you that Minabibi already answered his questions.
(That sequence made NO sense.) But anyways. No rewards from that one.

-------------- Mages Guild - Kill Necromancer Telura Ulver -------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

When mages turn to necromancy, it casts a pale shadow over the whole guild.
Skink's found a necromancer by the name of Telura Ulver, living in Shal. Shal
is a small cave north of Hla Oad, and he'll give you detailed directions in
case you can't find it.

Take the boat to Vivec, then to Hla Oad. Follow Skink's directions - head
north across the first bridge, then stick along the coast until you spot a
second bridge. Cross it, then circle around the rocks on your left to find the
door in the swamp, leading to Shal.

Straight away you'll find that this isn't another case of wanting a person
gone so branding them a necromancer, ala Ranis Athrys and Tashpi Ashibael.
Kill the creatures inside the cave, following the path through. Three of them,
you'll find, including a Bonelord before you reach a trapped door.

Save, then disarm (or simply open) the door. Through it you'll find Telura,
who seems passive until she starts summoning things to beat the crap out of
you. So kill her while she stands passively, as she won't talk to you anyways.

After she's dead, you can take her master's alchemy set from the table, some
more levelled alchemy set from the chest to the right of it (the higher level
you are, the better alchemy you'll find, I found Grandmaster's equipment at
27), and the potions from the chest just left of the stairs. When done, leave.

Return to Wolverine Hall, after dumping all the stuff you collected. Skink
will be sad that killing was necessary to stop necromancy, but it had to be
done. No reward, again. This lizard is stingy!

-------------- Mages Guild - Soul of an Ash Ghoul ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Skink is concerned about the continuing problems with ash creatures.
He'd like to study them... can you bring him the soul of an ash ghoul? Any ash
ghoul will do, and he'll give you two soultrap scrolls and two grand soul gems
to trap it in.

So where can we get an ash ghoul's soul? Yakin, of course. (Absolutely!) Yakin
is a nice Sixth House base (gulp) north-west of Tel Aruhn, on the mainland.
Right. Take a boat to Tel Mora, then to Tel Aruhn. Then, you've got the choice
of either waterwalking or swimming northwest to the mainland.

If you look on your world map, you'll see a small outcrop directly north of
the large island west of Tel Aruhn. The cave of Yakin is just on the edge of
this small outcrop. Find it, save and head in.

How many Sixth House bases have you been in? None? One? I've been in one, and
they're not nice places. They're infested with ash creatures and dagoths - ash
zombies, ash ghouls, dreamers, and the like. If you don't know what an ash
ghoul looks like, they're creatures with elephant-like noses, wearing dresses.
Right? Got it.

There are two in there, though you may find many more if you are at a suitable
level. They can bea tad tricky to fight - level 15, 220 health points, all
starts at 100 except for speed. They'll throw a barrage of spells at you, so
try to avoid them all while you use either a Soultrap spell or one of the
scrolls you were given, on it. Make sure the Grand Soul Gems are still in your
inventory, then beat the shit outta it. Its soul is yours when it dies.

Once you've got the soul, get the hell out of there and go back to Wolverine
Hall. Hand the soul gem over to Skink, who will thank you and give you NO

-------------- Mages Guild - Galur Rithari's Papers --------------------------

Faction Reputatin Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

There's another book on vampires floating around, Galur Rithari's papers. It
allegedly describes how an Ordinator from Bal Ur became a vampire, but was
subsequently cured, so Skink is very interested. Ask local booksellers and
scholars, they may have a clue.

Rare bookseller? Jobasha, in Vivec. Visit him in the Foreign Quarter Lower
Waistworks, and ask him about the book. He will have heard of it, but not have
a copy himself. However, he thinks there's a copy in the Hall of Justice, here
in Vivec.

The Hall of Justice, and its secret library, are in the lower levels of the
Temple canton. Make your way to the Hall of Justice, then to the Hall of
Wisdom, and into the Office of the Watch. Here you'll find a trapdoor, leading
to the secret library. Only problem is, there are two Ordinators in the room.

Several ways to go about this, depending on how good you are. If you're a good
fighter, kill the Ordinators before picking the lock on the door. If you're a
good mage, you can Chameleon yourself before picking the lock on the door. Or
if you're a good thief, just pick the lock on the door and burst through
before the Ordinators get to you. Oh, disarm the trap as well, because it's
nasty. I picked to kick some Ordinator ass.

Inside the secret library, no-one's too impressed to see you. Don't expect
help finding and stealing the papers. I'll help out by telling you that
they're located on the shelf closest to the Ordinator (not the ones along the
wall) on the far side of the middle row. If you stand in the middle of the
stacks, you should be able to get away with stealing it from right under their
noses, no chameleon or anything. At least, I did.

Run the papers back to Skink-in-Tree's-Shade, making sure to pay off any
bounty (if you have any) on the way. Hand them to Skink, and he'll give you
his own amulet. Worth 1000 bucks, it is.

There are two ways, going from here, to become the Arch-Mage of the Mages
Guild. One method will have you sharing the position with the current
Arch-Mage, Trebonius Artorius, the other will have you meeting him in a duel
and killing him. Both are outlined in the following quest.

-------------- Mages Guild - Arch-Mage ---------------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 2 (deliver letter only)

The last quest requires you to be a Master Wizard. Still in Wolverine Hall,
Skink would like you to deliver a letter to Arch-Mage Trebonius, in Vivec. You
can read the letter - its from Cyrodiil, Tamriel HQ, and states that Trebonius
is to allow you to be arch-mage alongside him. Deliver the letter, and
Trebonius will agree. Simple. Arch-Mage-ship is yours.

Second method. You can still have the letter, but don't give it to Trebonius
when he asks for it. Keep it, then ask him about Arch-Mage. If you want to
take his place as Arch-Mage, you will have to defeat him in a duel. Agree to
meet him in the Arena, then make your way over there.

What sort of tactics does he have at his disposal? Fire clouds, poison clouds,
he'll drain your intelligence, and if you survive all that, then he'll get his
custom staff out and start swiping. Fairly easy pickings, you should be a
magic machine by now and be able to take him on easily. I decided to see how
many times I could kill him before he killed me (without healing between each
fight, then resurrecting him using the console)... so far up to 33. Bleh.

If you defeat Trebonius in the Arena, then you will have earned the title of
Arch-Mage for your own. Congratulations, you just completed the Mages Guild!

[8.6] Miscellaneous

Like everywhere, there's always one or two quests for the guild, with the
guild name, that just don't fit in any other category. So here they are.

-------------- Mages Guild - I'm NOT a Necromancer! --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

This one is available even if you're not in the Guild. Speaking with Sharn
gra-Muzgob, an Orc in the Balmora Guild of Mages, you'll note that she has a
unique 'necromancers' topic. But no, no, she's not a necromancer. Can't teach
you a thing about it! Promise!

Sounds suspicious to me. And we can prove that she's a liar. There's a large
ornate chest next to her, on the ground, with a level 25 lock. And inside it,
is one of Sharn's favorite necromancy books, Legions of the Dead. If you can
chameleon yourself enough to pick the lock and steal the book from under her
nose, then show it to her, you'll get her to admit it. And in return for you
keeping quiet, she'll teach you a spell - either Summon Skeletal Minion, or
Summon Ancestral Ghosts. Both forbidden naughty spells. Hehe, I like it.

-------------- Mages Guild - Mystery of the Dwarves --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 20
Global Reputation Gain: 1

This one you get from Trebonius Artorius, Arch-Mage (Guildmaster) himself, so
if you've killed him, you kinda can't do it. He'll ask you to... investigate
some ruins... and find out what happened to the Dwarves. Right.

If you follow the directions listed above for three forages into Dwemer ruins
(Bethamez, Mzuleft, Nchleftingth), you'll have the tools. Trebonius directs
you to speak with Edwinna, and Edwinna will give you quests to visit all three
ruins, if you haven't already. Each contains a specific Dwemer book - Bethamez
has Divine Metaphysics, Mzuleft has The Egg of Time, and Nchuleftingth has
Hanging Gardens. Collect the three books, and return to Edwinna (as Trebonius
is no help at all).

Edwinna won't have a clue, but recommends you speak with either Hasphat
Antabolis, in the Balmora Guild of Fighters, or a scholar. Hasphat will
recommend you speak with a Telvanni higher-up, one knowledgable on Dwemer
history. And your search here can lead to one of two places, one of two
Telvanni councillors - Baladas Demnevanni, in Gnisis, or Divayth Fyr, in Tel

Baladas lives in Arvs-Drelen, the Velothi tower in Gnisis. If you take all
three books to him, and ask him about each, he will be able to give you
information on them, not translating them, but simply giving you information.
You can then take this information back to Trebonius, and while he's not happy
at sifting through the babble, wishing you had written a report to simplify
your findings, he will be content.

The second option is a tad tougher. After visiting Divayth Fyr in Tel Fyr, he
will direct you to speak with Yagrum Bagarn, the last living dwarf. What,
there's a living dwarf? Yes there is, and his name is Yagrum. He lives in the
Corprusarium, downstairs in Tel Fyr. Meaning, if you don't have corprus
immunity, you're in deep shit for this one, and I'd recommend going via the
first method.

Make your way into the Corprusarium and speak with Yagrum. If you've got
corprus immunity becuase you've completed this part of the main quest, you
know where he be. Speak with him about the books, and he'll waffle about the
days of Resdayn where Dunmer and Dwemer ruled together. This ain't Resdayn,
it's Vvardenfell mate! But he'll give you the information you need to complete
the quest, so take it back to Trebonius and he'll thank you for completing the

-------------- Mages Guild - Kill the Telvanni Councillors -------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 20

Last one. And this is only available from Trebonius, after you've completed
both the Dwarves quest and main quest of the game. If you haven't, then it's
not available, sowwies!

You've found out about the Dwarves, now you can solve another problem of the
Guild - House Telvanni! He's gonna ask you to kill all five of the Telvanni
councillors, believe it or not. Master Aryon, Mistress Dratha, Master Gothren,
Master Neloth, and Mistress Therana. All dead.

They're located in the following Telvanni towers - Tel Vos, Tel Mora, Tel
Aruhn, Tel Naga (Sadrith Mora), and Tel Branora, respectively. Right at the
very top of each tower, so you'll need levitation potions or a levitation
spell to get to each one. If you've completed the main quest, they won't be
hard to kill, you'll be overkill for them as the hardest to kill, Gothren, is
level 26 with 272 health points. When going through house Telvanni with a
different character, my character killed Gothren when she was at level 6. He
ain't easy, but he ain't hard if you know what you're doing.

When you're done, return to Trebonius with a lot of blood on your hands. Your
reward? His necromancer amulet and ebony staff. Good weapons, but may I
suggest that you should have just killed him in the battle for
Archmagistership? And gotten the weapons anyways? And caused less conflict for




To join the Thieves Guild when you arrive in Balmora, you'll have to speak
with Sugar-Lips Habasi in the South Wall Cornerclub, she's the Khajiit that
can be found hovering over stairs. It's as simple as requesting to join, and
you're in.

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

Favoured Skills (S1/S2): Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armour, Acrobatics,
Sneak, Security

Rank AGI PER S1 S2 Rep
Toad 30 30 0 0 0
Wet Ear 30 30 10 0 5
Footpad 30 30 20 0 10
Blackcap 30 30 30 5 20
Operative 30 30 40 10 30
Bandit 31 31 50 15 45
Captain 32 32 60 20 60
Ringleader 33 33 70 25 80
Mastermind 34 34 80 30 100
Master Thief 35 35 90 35 125

[9.1] Balmora - Sugar-Lips Habasi

The first quest-giver in the Guild is Sugar-Lips herself, she'll give you a
few and get you used to the sneaky way of life.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Diamonds for Habasi ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Your first job is to obtain a diamond. A good friend of Habasi wants one, and
Nalcarya the Alchemist has some. So you must obtain one, lawfully or
unlawfully, and bring it to Habasi.

Nalcarya, of White Haven, can be found on the north-west side of town, going
by the map. If you hit the temple on your way to find it, head west, if you
hit Hlaalu Council manor, head north, and it should be somewhere in between ;)

- Side note: Get to know the layout of Balmora very well, you'll be spending a
LOT of time here.

Now, Nalcarya sells diamonds in her store, for 250 gold a pop. Far too
expensive, me thinks. So if you look around her store, you'll notice a small
chest, on a shelf above her bed, with a level 35 lock. Here's where the thief
skills come into play, you need to pick the lock and grab the diamonds. (If
you need good lockpicks, Nileno Dorvayn in the Hlaalu hall sells Master
Lockpicks.) Once you've got one or all of them, waltz out of there and back to
the Cornerclub.

Habasi doesn't have any gold to pay you for the diamond, but she will reward
you with an Exclusive Invisibility potion. And if you're eligible for
advancement, you can ask for it now.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Nerano Manor Key ------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Your next mission as a master thief is to obtain the key to the Nerano Manor,
on the west side of town. Two people have copies of this key:

- Ondre Nerano himself, owner of Nerano Manor. If you have good thief
abilities, you may be able to lift it right out of his pocket, even without
him noticing. But chances are, he will notice you. If he does, the war is
on, and it's a fight to the death. Luckily he's not that tough to kill, just
hack and slash until he dies. Then loot his body for his clothes, including
the Nerano Manor Key.

- Sovor Trandel, Nerano's minion, found in the Balmora Council Club. You don't
have to fight him, however, you have to get very very friendly with him. He
starts off with a disposition in the 40's, so build it up. I found the
easiest way to do this is to complete trades with him, each successful trade
raises it a point. So sell him a cheap piece of paper (I had a guide to
Ald-ruhn, worth 1 gold). Buy it back. Sell it again. You lose nothing,
except a few minutes of your time. When his disposition is about 70, ask him
about Nerano Manor, and he tells you he'll help you out, for a small
consideration. As soon as he says this, bribe him with 10 gold if your
Speechcraft is high (over 40), 100 if its low. If the bribe fails, repeat
the process. Nerano Manor Key is yours.

When you have obtained the key, loot as much of the manor as you can, if you
need the money. Pick all the chests on the upper floors and take all the
extravagant clothes. Then take the key to Sugar-Lips. If you killed Nerano,
Sugar-Lips will be angry and refuse to pay you. If you got it from Sovor,
Sugar-Lips will pay you 500 gold for your efforts.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Ra'Zhid's Dwemer Artifacts --------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

After obtaining the Nerano Manor key, Sugar-Lips will be eager to give you
another quest, that of obtaining some Dwemer artifacts. Ra'Zhid, from Hla Oad,
was supposed to drop them off for the Guild, but never did, so we'll take them
by force.

Make your way to Hla Oad - there are several ways to get there, and none of
them is efficient. You can walk, by following the path south of Balmora,
crossing the hills, then making your way around the swamp. Or you can go via
Vivec, by taking a silt strider or using the Mage's Guild, then taking a boat
to Hla Oad. (Costing 46 gold.) Your call.

Ra'Zhid the Khajiit resides in Fatleg's Drop Off, which is on the northern
side of town. He knows about Dwemer artifacts, but denies knowing anything
about them. Well, we want them! If you have very good pickpocketing abilities,
you can lift a key from Ra'Zhid, but this is veeeery difficult. So we'll have
to kill him to take it from his rotting stinking corpse. Don't kill him
outright, taunt him to make him attack you first, therefore it ain't a crime
to kill him.

It may take several taunt successes before you get the "Goodbye" pre-empting a
battle. After he starts the fight, kick his ass, then loot his corpse, taking
the Simple Key. The Simple Key opens the chest left of the trapdoor down -
holding the three Dwemer artifacts, and some gold for your trouble. It isn't a
crime to open the chest, because you legally obtained the key for it.

Once you've got the artifacts, return them to Sugar-Lips. She'll give you two
Master's Lockpicks, two Journeyman's Probes, and a Journeyman's Armourer's
Hammer for your trouble. No promotions yet - you need to prove your skills
some more.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Vintage Brandy --------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Sugar-Lips tells of a local named Ralen Hlaalo (no relation to Hlaalu)
who died recently. He left behind a bottle (or several) of Vintage Brandy, and
the Thieves Guild wants it. It can be found in Hlaalo Manor, across town.

Hlaalo Manor is just near Nerano Manor and Nalcarya's shop, and we've been
near those before. However, we can't just waltz into the manor - both doors
are locked. We'll have to pick a lock to get inside - the 30 lock on the
ground floor is watched at all times by nearby pedestrians, so you'll have to
take the 40 lock on the second floor. Climb the guard tower steps and jump
across to the balcony, and pick the lock to enter.

Inside you'll find a number of things - Ralen Hlaalo's body (which serves as a
Hlaalu quest later on), a witness to the crime, but the important stuff is
upstairs. In the drawers, you'll find two bottles of Vintage Brandy, so take
them plus the expensive clothes and report back to Habasi. You'll recieve 1000
drakes for the brandy, double its worth.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Free New-Shoes Bragor -------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Habasi's next job for you is about a prisoner in Fort Pelagiad's jail. A guild
member is locked up, by the name of New-Shoes Bragor. Habasi wants you to free
him, not by breaking him out, but by blackmailing one of the guards in the

Everyone knows that Shadbak gra-Burbug takes bribes. So we're gonna test him
with a bribe. Mebestien Ence, in Pelagiad, holds mysterious Dwemer items, and
we are to fetch one and take it to Shadbak. When he tries to take the bribe,
tell him to let New-Shoes go or we'll tell everyone about the bribe.

First we must make our way to Pelagiad. The problem with this is, there's no
quick and easy method to get there. First, take the silt strider back to Seyda
Neen, then we have to hike to Pelagiad. Follow the signs out from Seyda Neen,
heading right from the silt strider, then north. When you reach the Ascadian
Isles region, take a left around the lake. (The way is pretty clearly
documented on your paper map, if you have one.) You'll also see the Lledrano
Ancestral Tomb on this road, for future reference if you haven't been there
already. Soon you'll see the spires of Pelagiad on your right, so head there.

Mebestien Ence lives just opposite the ivy-covered tavern. He won't tell you
anything about the Dwemer artifacts he supposedly trades in, so we must go
investigate upstairs. There's a small chest on the top shelf, in the far
corner of the room, near the closet. Unfortunately, it's locked to level 50.
So pick it, being ever watchful of the guard, who sometimes patrols upstairs.

Once you've picked the lock (which may take some time and effort), take the
Dwemer Coherer from inside. Then to find Shadbak, who is conveniently located
in the fort nearby. You'll find her in the main lobby area, at the back. Ask
her about New-Shoes Bragor, and for some reason, she'll automatically spot the
Dwemer artifact poking out of your back pocket. You stole it from Mebestien!
But wait, how did she know Mebestien had one, huh huh huh? Oh, this chick is
dumb, she admits to being paid by Mebestien. So let New-Shoes go, and we'll
forget about the bribery. We've got her, and she agrees to it. Whoopee!

Return to Balmora any way you see fit, and report to Habasi. She'll give you
another 1000 drakes for your troubles.... but no advancement this time. More
jobs to be done.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Master of Security ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

There is apparently a master of security living in Balmora, and all Habasi
knows is that he is an Altmer. The South Wall, as local base for the Thieves
Guild, needs more security. And we have to find this Altmer, and convince them
to help secure it.

There are six Altmer living in Balmora, as anyone will tell you - Culumaire at
the Lucky Lockup, Estirdalin at the Guild of Mages, Imare at the Hlaalu
Council Manor, Nalcarya the Alchemist, and Hecerinde and Tyermallin, both
normal residents. You can visit them all until you find the right one, the
master of security, or I can just tell you which one to visit.

In the northernmost house of the first column of houses east of the river,
you'll find Hecerinde. Enter it, and ask him about the South Wall Cornerclub.
He has indeed been a bit negligent towards the Thieves Guild, and now that
he's realized the error of his ways, he'll help you secure the club. So go
back and tell Habasi.

Habasi is happy to hear it, because she thinks it won't be long before Sjoring
Hard-Heart and the Cammona Tong make another move against them. Ask for
advancement, and if you're eligible, you'll get it.

Habasi has no more jobs for you, so if you wish to proceed further in the
Thieves Guild, you'll have to seek out another quest-giver. The two Habasi
suggests are Aengoth the Jeweler, in Ald'ruhn, or Big Helende, in Sadrith

[9.2] Ald'ruhn - Aengoth the Jeweler

Aengoth can be found downstairs, in the Rat in the Pot, in Ald'ruhn. He's the
little short wood elf down the stairs opposite the bar.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Loot the Mages Guild --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

For your first task, Aengoth would like you to retrieve Anareren's Devil
Tanto. He heard that the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages has been left unguarded, so
you're to go in and get it.

Alright, let's go in and loot the whole joint! The Guild of Mages is directly
opposite the Rat in the Pot, so enter it cautiously. It's not completely
empty, though! The mages left a lookout! Manis Virmaulese is there, and he's
pissed, so we gotta take him out. A few hits of any decent weapon, and he'll
bite the bullet, before he gets done with his first round of defensive spells.

Loot his body, dispose of the corpse, then we can start robbing the entire
place. Take absolutely anything of value upstairs, including the contents of
the supply chest, then head downstairs. In the storeroom at the back of the
balcony (locked and trapped, mind you) you'll find nearly two full sets of
alchemy equipment, nice.

- Note: The Mages Guild in Ald'ruhn will be empty until you complete this
quest, no matter how long it takes. If you're like one of my characters, you
can simply never finish this quest and live in the Mages Guild forever ;)

If you can unlock the closet in the back room downstairs, the enchanter's
place (level 100 lock though...) you'll find over ten enchanted weapons and
clothing, just there for you to take. Good ones, too :-D

However, the important room is the one on the right of the entryway,
downstairs. Pick the big level 75 locked chest for a smorgasboard of potions.
Pick the small level 65 locked chest on the shelf for some gold and the Devil

If you're having trouble unlocking, you should buy a decent Open spell or some
Master's Lockpicks. You might even go to the extent of enchanting an item with
100 points of Open, if you have an Open spell. It's quite a clever little
item, that one. I would take a locket or a ring, somethin cute ;)

Once you've finished robbing the Mages Guild blind, and got the Tanto, return
to the Rat in the Pot. Admit that there was a guard there, and hand over the
tanto. No reward, no advancement, more work.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Redoran Master Helm ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5
Redoran Reputation Gain: 5

A client of the Thieves Guild is looking for a Redoran Master Helm. All of the
Redoran councillors have them, but they're a bit tricky to grab, so we'll grab
Miner Arobar's one. He lives Under-Skar, under the big giant crab shell in
Ald'ruhn, in Arobar Manor.

Arobar Manor is top-right of the Manor District, on the map. Go through the
entrance to the guard quarters, through to the private quarters, through to
the bedrooms, then into the left room to see Miner Arobar.

This mission was really tricky, for me. The Helm is out in plain sight on top
of the closet - but there are people, including a Redoran guard, standing all
around. Therefore, you'll need something to disguise yourself, so no-one sees
you take it.

Every good thief should specialize in the magicka school of Illusion, as a
major skill, for one reason - Chameleon. A spell that lets you move and act
unseen, so you can literally steal it out from under their noses. I had a
spellmaker make me a super chameleon spell before I came, 100% for three
seconds. Cost me 140 gold. Word.

If you're doing this (and you'll need a high Illusion skill to pull it off,
you may want to go for a lesser percentage), cast it while you're looking
directly at the helm. Pick it up before spell wears off. Walk out, whistling

Take it back to Aengoth. He'll reward you with 1000 gold for your trouble.
Good, I was just starting to run out of cash...

-------------- Thieves Guild - Naughty Gandosa -------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, we're looking for a copy of Boethiah's Pillow Book. (Interesting name.)
Gandosa Arobar has a copy of it, back in Arobar Manor. Apparently, the book
has been banned by the Temple, and the client that wants the book wants dirt
on the Arobar family. Interesting.

Where to? Back to Arobar Manor! Same place we were before! Argh... except,
this time we want the other bedroom, this is Gandosa's room.

Two ways of getting the book, which is in the level 75 locked chest in the
room, near the pile of cushions. Either pick it without Gandosa noticing
(Chameleon setup from before), or just taunt her into fighting you, kill her,
then loot the entire room at your leisure. Normally, when you're alone in a
room, it's safe to just attack and kill. But guards can open interior doors,
and there are guards loitering outside, and these guards WILL come and arrest

Either way, pick the level 75 lock (may take a while) and take the skooma and
the book. Return them to Aengoth, and he'll reward you with the Amulet of Far
Silence and a Chameleon Ring. Not really worth much, but whee!

-------------- Thieves Guild - Withershins -----------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next is another book-retrieval quest. This one's called Withershins, and isn't
exactly for sale. But apparently Miles Gloriosus, in the Andus Tradehouse in
Maar Gan, has a copy, hmm?

So take the silt strider to Maar Gan, and head for the tradehouse on the north
side of town. Miles Gloriosus is alone, in his little room on the bottom
floor. Now, this guy is strange, because while he minds if you take his stuff,
he won't give two hoots if you start trying to pick locks in his room. You
will still get a bounty, but he will not attack you.

You can use this to your advantage. Simply close yourself in his room with
him, and pick the lock on the small level 70 chest on the floor. Once you've
done that (racking up a bounty for each pick attempt), drop everything you own
(everything) on the floor and go pay your bounty. Either that, or you can
visit a Thieves Guild steward to get the bounty cleared.

Once you've done that, pick your stuff up. Then use the chameleon trick from
before - disguise yourself long enough to open the chest and take the book
without him noticing. Once you've got it, you're done. Head back to Ald'ruhn.

Give the book to Aengoth, and he'll reward you with 1000 septims.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Retrieve the Scrap Metal ----------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now, the Thieves Guild was given some Dwemer centurion spiders, and they have
the right people fix them up... but they lack the scrap metal required for the
repairs. So you're being sent to find some. With no clear picture of where to
get it, other than Dwemer ruins. Right.

If you don't feel like plundering ruins (your character might not be strong
enough, I know mine isn't!) some merchants do sell scrap metal - four, in
fact. The easiest one of these to find is Nalcarya of White Haven - the same
woman you stole a diamond from earlier, in Balmora.

She doesn't have them to steal, though, so just buy four of them from her and
take them back to Aengoth. He'll again reward you with 1000 septims - a rather
nice profit.

-------------- Thieves Guild - The Darts of Judgement ------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 0-5

Next, Aengoth would like you to retrieve the Darts of Judgement from Eindel.
He's a guard in Llethri Manor, under Skar. Apparently, they're rather good
darts, made in Valenwood (home of the Bosmer). So Aengoth wants them.... a
little piece of home, perhaps?

Llethri Manor is to the left of the entrance to the Redoran Council house,
under Skar. Inside, head to the guard quarters on the left, then down the
stairs to find the beds. You can't exactly miss the darts here, they're just
laying on a bed in one corner.

The trick here is to not accidentally examine the bed itself. If you do, every
guard in the place will be after you trying to kill you. So be careful -
chameleon yourself, pick them up, and leave. You only need one to complete the
quest, but for best results, take all four.

You can choose to either give Aengoth the darts, or to keep them yourself. If
you choose to hand them over, however, you'll recieve 500 septims for each
dart. Plus you'll gain faction reputation - 2 (for one dart), 3 (for two), 4
(for three) or 5 (for all four). None for not handing them over. You'll also
get your bounty cleared.

And that's it for Aengoth's quests! If you ask him for more jobs, he'll
recommend seeing either Sugar-Lips Habasi in Balmora (already done those), Big
Helende in Sadrith Mora (that's next) or the man himself, Gentleman Jim Stacey
in Vivec. (That's later on.) For now, off to Sadrith Mora!

[9.3] Sadrith Mora - Big Helende

You'll find Big Helende in Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub. Love these thieves that
hang out in seedy bars, eh. The Cornerclub is opposite Wolverine Hall, just
south of town. Enter it and you'll find Big Helende, the Altmer, on the top

-------------- Thieves Guild - Potion Recipe ---------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Firstly, the Guild has been hired to find a Dispel potion recipe. It's a
favour for the Mages Guild, even though they don't normally do favours for
them. The best alchemist in town is Anis Seloth, so we're told to start there.
And when we get the recipe, we are to deliver it straight to Tusamircil at the
Mages Guild.

You'll find Anis Seloth's shop on the north side of town, just east of the
congregating marketplace. Ask her about the potion recipe, but she won't give
it out. So we is gonna bloody steal it! Upstairs, look around for it, and
you'll find it in the crate near her bed. Take it, and the Masters alchemy
equipment, and head on out to the Mages Guild, in Wolverine Hall.

Wolverine Hall's a nasty place for navigation. To find the Mages Guild, walk
through the courtyard, up the steps, through the Imperial Shrine, out the door
on the left, and up the stairs. Yargh.

Talk to Tusamircil, the Altmer, and hand over the recipe. Then head back to
Big Helende. She'll give you 500 drakes for doing the job.

-------------- Thieves Guild - The Grandmaster's Retort ----------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, a customer is looking for a Grandmaster's Retort. Obviously an
alchemist. Berwen the trader, in Tel Mora, is selling one, or so she heard.
May as well follow that tip.

Take the boat from outside the Gateway hotel to Tel Mora. On the north-east
side of the tower, you'll find Berwen's small pod. Enter, and speak with
Berwen. You may have been here before, but if not - there's a Corprus staler
on the loose upstairs! You don't have to kill it, though. The Grandmaster's
Retort is there in plain sight, on the shelf right next to Berwen.

Either buy it from her (baha, 1600 gold) or attempt to steal it. Seems like
she's got eyes in the back of her head, however, cuz I was at 100% chameleon
and she still spotted me lifting it from the shelf. If she spots you, either
take her out or just run.

Head back to Sadrith Mora and hand over the retort. In return, Big Helende
will give you 200 gold. Now, only 600 more needed to pay off that bounty with
Rissinia downstairs....

-------------- Thieves Guild - Wizard for Hire -------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Again, the Guild needs to protect itself from the Cammona Tong. Maybe you
could hire a wizard from the Mages Guild to do that! (I'd rather get a
mercenary, but meh...) So you're sent to the Mages Guild in Wolverine Hall, t
find a wizard to protect the guildhouse.

Head back to the guild, and ask anyone there about hiring a wizard. They'll
direct you to speak with Arielle. Do so, and she'll ask for four pieces of raw
ebony before she'll send a wizard over.

Raw ebony is hard to come across - the easiest way to get it may just be to
buy it, even though it's expensive. Anis Seloth has four for sale, and if
you're a good haggler, you might be able to get them for about 750 gold. Hand
them to Arielle, and she'll send a guard over to Dirty Muriel's.

Return to Big Helende, and she'll thank you, rewarding you with a Dire
Shardbolt Ring.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Redoran Cookbook ------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Another book hunt now! This one's for a book called "Redoran Cooking Secrets"
- why the Thieves Guild would want a cookbook is beyond me, but hey, I'm just
the FAQ writer. Ohhh, okay, click the name of the book and you'll find out why
it's needed ;)

It's in Llethri Manor, in Ald'ruhn, and we've been there before to get the
Darts of Judgement. Use the guild guide in the Mages Guild for quick speed to
Ald'ruhn, then hike back to Llethri Manor.

It's easy to get, you just have to know where to look. From the entrance, head
straight through to the bedrooms, to the private quarters, then to the
unoccupied bedroom on the left of the main room. You'll find the book in a
level 50 locked chest. No-one around, so look it to your heart's content. Take
the book. March proudly back to Sadrith Mora.

Give the book to Big Helende, and she will give you a Quality Potion of Shadow
as a reward. Whee!

-------------- Thieves Guild - Felen's Ebony Staff ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, we're looking for a staff. Felen Maryon's staff. It's an ebony staff,
too. Oooh. However, Felen is a powerful wizard and will most likely kill you
in one wave of his hand. If you want the job, take it. If not, pass.

Felen Maryon is in Tel Branora, to the south, and he's one of Mistress
Therana's personal retainers. If you know little about the Telvanni, let me
inform you that Therana is one of the six head honchos, and this personal
retainer will be a damn sight powerful. But hey, it's your skin :)

Take the boat to Tel Branora, and head towards the tower off to your left.
Follow the paths up as far as you can, then enter the Upper Tower. More info
about telvanni - the most powerful people in each tower always live at the
very top. And you were given the levitation potions because you'll need them.
Telvanni aren't real fond of stairs.

Follow the tunnel opposite the doorway up, then take either door to Therana's
Chamber. Use one of the potions to ascent the chute, and you'll find Felen in
one of the end rooms. Note the shiny staff behind him.

SAVE, importantly. You'll screw this up a few times before you get it right, I
know I did. Firstly, if you're REALLY good you can get the staff without even
using magic, simply sneak around behind him until the hand appears, and seize
the moment.

But if you're like me, you're not that good :( So have your custom Chameleon
spell handy. The idea is to get both the sneak hand and chameleon working in
your favour, and the easiest way to do this is to get BEHIND the bookcase it
rests against. You'll always have the sneak hand, even if he faces the

Cast your chameleon, and swipe the staff without a hitch. Hike back to Sadrith
Mora, and proudly show it over to Big Helende. You good little thief, you.
Again, you get a choice - hand it over and get some of the profits from
selling it, or you can keep it. The profits are meager - 250 gold - and either
way, you get the faction reputation, the kick-ass reward, and any bounty
cleared. So you may as well keep it.

And that's it for Big Helende's quests. If you ask her for more, she'll direct
you to either Sugar-Lips Habasi or Aengoth the Jeweler. But seeing as we've
already done both of those, she'll direct us to the big cheese himself -
Gentleman Jim Stacey.

[9.4] Vivec - Gentleman Jim Stacey

If you've completed the jobs from all three guild stewards in Sadrith Mora,
Balmora, and Ald'ruhn, you'll besent to Jim Stacey for more quests. He can be
found in Vivec, Foreign Quarter, in the back of Simine Fralinie's bookstore.
If you can't find the bookstore, it's in the east side of the canalworks :)
You'll need to pick a level 65 lock to get to him.

Speak to him, and he'll offer you two things - jobs, and the Bal Molagmer. You
must be a Captain to receive jobs from Stacey, but the Bal Molagmer quests can
be done at any time. Bal Molagmar quests are listed in their own section,
next, here are just his normal quests.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Find Brother Nads -----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Firstly, a fellow thief and guild member has gone missing. Can we trakc down
Nads Tharen? Of course we can.

He used to hang out at the Elven Nations cornerclub, in Hlaalu canton, and he
was supposed to deliver a key to him. If he's dead, find the key and return
it. Simple.

Make your way over to Hlaalu canton, to the Elven Nations in the Plaza. Start
speaking with people about Nads, and two things will become clear - the
bartender Gadela knows something she's not saying, and Arvama is a liar. She
says she never spoke to him, but everyone says that she did. Okay.

Arvama won't tell you anything, cuz she's a bitch. But start prying into
Gadela about him. Get her disposition way up high, past 90, either using
persuasion or the old method of buying something small from her (each
transaction gives her 1 disposition point). When it's over 90, ask her about
Nads and she'll tell you that she saw Nads talking with Arvama (see, told you
she's no good) and that we should maybe visit his house, in the St. Delyn
south side canalworks. Let's do that.

The canalworks apartments are outside the canton, on the balconies. Visit the
second apartment (South-Two) and you'll find Nad's lifeless body on the floor

He does have the key we want on his body though, so take it. If you feel like
avenging Nad's death, go back and speak with Arvama. Then take the key to Jim
Stacey. He'll have a warning about that Arvama Rathri, and reward you with 500
gold for your trouble (1000 if you fought and killed Arvama).

-------------- Thieves Guild - Speak with Percius ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, the Fighters Guild is betraying the Empire to help the sleazy Camonna
Tong. However, there may be hope - Percius Mercius, the old Fighters
Guildmaster, may be willing to help them fight for the cause. He's the
Fighters Guild steward in Ald'ruhn, so we are to visit him and find out what
he thinks.

Take the guild guide (or silt strider) to Ald'ruhn, and head toward the
Fighters Guild on the south side of town. Find Percius at the bottom of the
stairs, and ask him about 'help us fight'. He may not want to talk to you, so
butter him up till his disposition is above 60-ish.

But when he talks, boy does he talk. He'll tell you all the dirt you need to
know on the Fighters Guild. Hrundi, the guild steward in Sadrith Mora, may be
persuaded to help us, but if he can't, we can always apply the pressure
through his Dunmer lover. Eydis Fire-Eye, guild steward in Balmora, is a good
fighter but there was something dark about her - she's a worshipper of
Clavicus Vile (whatever that is). And the master of the Fighters Guild is
Sjoring Hard-Heart - he's in the Tong's back pocket, so will have to be
killed. End of story.

Return to Stacey with all the goody-goody information. He'll think of a way to
put the info to good use, and give you 500 gold as thanks.

-------------- Thieves Guild - The Bitter Cup --------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now we're going to start bribing the Fighters Guilds stewards over to the
Thieves Guild cause, starting with Eydis Fire-Eye. With the info you gave
Stacey, he thinks you can win her over if you bring her the Bitter Cup.

What is the Bitter Cup, you say? It's an artifact sacred to Clavicus Vile
(ah-HAH!) but it is lost in Ald Redaynia, a set of ruins north of the
Urshilaku Camp. Check your map, and both Urshilaku Camp and Ald Redaynia will
have been marked on it, way up north.

I sure hope you can swim. Or waterwalk. If not, get the ability to do so.

The two closest towns to Ald Redaynia are Khull, to the south-west, and Dagon
Fel, to the far east. Take your pick which you'd like to travel from. While
the Khuul route is shorter, it's completely water-based travel. Dagon Fel is
mostly road, with only short water stretches. Choose, then travel to the
island in question.

Save on the island before approaching Ald Redaynia. If you don't have good
combat skills, or good Illusion skills, you may be in a touch of trouble as
this place is filled with ghosts and skeletons with formidable weaponry.
Seeing as I have a master Illusionist as a character, I simply cast
Invisibility everytime I needed to get past something (less cost than

On the approach to the tower, you'll meet two archer skeletons (if you take
the main path up the hill) or none (if you sneak around/use illusion magic).If
you feel like fighting them, do it, if you don't, ignore them or sneak past.

Inside, you have a short dead end path and two doors - both trapped, one
locked. No guesses which one the cup's behind. Unlock the level 75 lock, and
disarm the trap. Then either prepare to fight through a wave of undead
opponents (I counted seven in one small room) or activate the door,
immediately conceal yourself, and simply walk right through. No guesses which
I chose.

You'll find the Bittercup on the altar, at the top of the tower. It's worth
100000 gold, will you lookee there!? Attempt to pick it up, and you'll be
given a message. You can either drink from it, or take it. Drinking will
destroy the cup, and improve your best attribute by damaging your worst. Meh,
we need the cup, so ignore the drink tag and take it. Make your way out the
way you came. That was short and sweet.

Now we've got to take the cup to Eydis Fire-Eye, the Fighters Guild steward in
Balmora. Find her, and speak to her about the cup. So, you're trying to bribe
her to betray Sjoring, eh? (Well, yup.) Give her the cup, and she'll swear
allegiance to the Master Thief. Woohoo! Go back to Vivec and tell Stacey the
good news.

He's happy to hear it, though he thinks Eydis will betray them, but only if
she thinks you think she won't. (Yargh!) And he's got a Grandmaster's Pick for
you as well, for the trickiest of locks. Sweet.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Hrundi's Lover --------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next target on the list was Hrundi, the Sadrith Mora Fighters Guild steward.
Hey may join the cause and betray his guild, or, if that doesn't work, they
can put pressure on his woman. Either way, we've got to visit him in Sadrith
Mora, first.

Use the Mages Guild guide to get to Wolverine Hall quickly and cheaply. From
the Mages Guild, head straight to the Fighters Guild, and speak with Hrundi
about joining your cause. But he can't - he has good reason to obey Sjoring
Hard-Heart. Maybe he's putting the pressure on the lover too, eh? Time to get
some info on the lover.

Don't ask Hrundi about his lover, cuz he'll just get mad. Ask elsewhere, and
they won't know much, but they will know that Hrundi does spend a lot of time
at Fara's Hole in the Wall. So we've gotta head over there to keep asking
questions. You've been there before, I don't need to give directions ;)

Start asking around, and no-one will trust you enough to talk about it at
first. So start admiring and persuading. Eventually someone will crack and
tell you that Hrundi comes in to see Falena Hlaren.

Eventually, Falena will fess up to being Hrundi's lover. Someday they're going
to move far far away together, when he saves up enough money! Hmmm...

Head back to Hrundi. He won't be happy that you know his secret, but he'll
agree to help you now that you've discovered his secret Dunmer lover.
(Interracial stuff? Not a big fan of that...) Take the news back to Stacey.
He'll be happy to hear it.

-------------- Thieves Guild - The Brothers Ienith ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now we're after the Camonna Tong! Ho! Their two best enforcers are Navil and
Ranes Ienith, and they live on the Dren Plantation, near Pelagiad. The Thieves
Guild will not be safe until the Ienith brothers are dead, so we are to go and
kill them.

(I'm not trained in combat! I'm trained in illusion and security! Hmm... maybe
I can use this to my advantage...)

The Dren Plantation is a nice easy walk from either Seyda Neen or Suran, as
it's right in between them, close to Pelagiad (which has no fast travel,
unfortunately). Once you find it, finding the Ienith brothers is not so hard
either (they're in the basement of Dren's villa, behind two level 60 locked
doors). What is hard, however, is the fight! This is one that you HAVE to
fight, and HAVE to win!

There are several things you can do to tip this fight in your favour, if you
are a pure stealth character like I am. One, if you don't have an awesome
chameleon spell, fast forward down to the quest entitled "The Lady's Ring".
Completing this quest will net you an enchantment which has 80% chameleon for
60 seconds. Two, ah, hell, I forgot what two was, I only needed one.

Grab the ring, or any other suitable chameleon enchantment. Visit the villa,
and pick your way down to the bottom floor. Before opening the second door,
chameleon yourself using the ring. Open the door, and the lone Ienith brother
will want to fight you, but he can't see you so he won't! Pick him off at your
leisure with whatever weapon you choose.

If you stand in the corner of the hallway before attacking, the second Ienith
brother will appear jammed in between the open door and the wall. When the
first fight is over, re-chameleon yourself, stand back, and pick him off while
he has limited movement. Trust me, trying to take these guys on with a
non-combat character = SUICIDE.

Once they're dead, feel free to loot the room. Lots of good stuff for the
taking. Just make sure the other guys in the villa stay out of the room, for
some reason, after I'd locked myself in with the Ienith brothers and
slaughtered them, they came after me and tried to kill me :( I had to subdue
them with a Calm Humanoid spell to stop them attacking while I stole over
10,000 gold and priceless ingredients and clothing from under their noses.

Return to Stacey, and he will be pleased to hear of a job well done, rewarding
you with a Ring of Shadow Form. But there's one last job to do....

-------------- Thieves Guild - Kill Hard-Heart -------------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 15

There is no rest for the Thieves Guild, with part of the Fighters Guild in
alliance, until Sjoring Hard-Heart is dead. He's the King Dick of the
Fighter's Guild, and a total asshole. Therefore, he must be eliminated.

He lives in the Vivec campus of the Fighters Guild, upstairs in the Plaza. So
pay him a small visit. If you haven't been inside the guild office before,
head down the stairs, then down the stairs on the very right and along the
path. Save outside the last wooden door. Repeat your chameleon-ization from
before, if that was your strategy. Equip your weapon. Then open the door.

An idea is to lock the door, locking yourselves inside, before you attack him.
Otherwise, if you're chameleoned, he'll run all over the damn place looking
for you, and you won't be able to hit him (especially if you're trying to use
a bow, like I am). If you're using melee weapons, just chase and attack, while
staying disguised. Try not to hit anyone else on the chase ;)

If you've got any fortify attribute potions, use them now. This is a tough
fight. He isn't the master of the Fighters Guild for nothing, you know. But
with a bit of perseverence, patience, and luck, you'll pull it off unscathed.
(Or not-scathed-enough-to-die. You know.)

Return to Stacey, and he will be most pleased with you. He'll even hand over a
skeleton key, supposedly the perfect lockpick ever created. He has one last
job for you, however.... to take care of the Guild. He's leaving, going back
to Hammerfell to be with his family! And he's promoting you to Master Thief,
in the meantime. Woohoo! Congratulations :-D

[9.5] Bal Molagmer

The Bal Molagmer quests are a subset of quests you can do, for Gentlemen Jim
Stacey. Speak to Stacey about the Bal Molagmer, and he'll tell you that they
were a group of thieves that brought the light of justice to the land. They
were kinda like Robin Hood, stealing from the unjust and giving to those in
need. If you wish to bring the Bal Molagmer back into existence, you are to
wear the gloves he gives you and speak with him again. This enables the

- NOTE: Make sure you do these before completing the final Gentlemen Jim
Stacey quest. For when you do, he vanishes and these quests can't be done.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Bal Molagmer, the Hlervu Locket ---------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Put on the gloves, and ask Stacey again about the Bal Molagmer. He'll ask you
to do a simple favour for your first task - return the Hlervu Locket. Braynas
Hlervu is a poor egg miner, who gave his treasured locket to the taxmen. So we
are to find it, in Venim Manor in Ald'ruhn, and return it to him in the name
of the Bal Molagmer.

Make your way to Ald'ruhn by silt strider, then to the Manor District. Venim
Manor is just to the right of the entrance, so head there along the catwalks.
Inside, you'll need to head towards the Guards Quarters - take a left inside
the Entrance. The Guards Quarters are good fun to loot if you've got a few
lockpicks and need some new clothes, but I digress.

Of course, only one room in the place is locked. And that's the one you'll
find the Hlervu Locket in. Pick the level 50 lock (you'll need Chameleon or
something similar, 10% was enough for me to get past the guard), then loot the
room. You'll find the locket on top of the small chest on the floor. Take it,
move out.

Now to give it back to its rightful owner. Braynas Hlervu lives in Ald'ruhn,
in the small set of houses in the south-east. You should find him wandering
around outside them. Talk to him about the Hlervu Locket (make sure you're
wearing the gloves!), and offer it to him in the name of the Bal Molagmer.
He'll not know what that means, but your task is done. Return to Stacey.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Bal Molagmer, Yngling's Ledger ----------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

For these quests, you should always have the gloves on. No reason to take them
off. Anyways, next you're asked, in the name of the Bal Molagmer, to find
proof of Yngling Half-Troll's corruption. Yngling is a councillor in House
Hlaalu, with a manor here in Vivec, but unfortunately he's corrupt and we're
gonna prove it!

Stacey asks you to retrieve the ledger with the proof of his corruption,
which we can do. Yngling Half-Troll lives in the Plaza of the St. Olms canton,
so make your way over there. You can search high and low for this mysterious
ledger, but you won't find it unless you look in the basement. Patience and a
high Security skill are needed to break through the level 85 lock on the
basement door, plus you must wait until the Orc at the top of the stairs turns
away as well.

Inside the basement, check the table near the game rat pen. You'll find a
letter about the Temple giving Yngling 50,000 drakes for restoration of the
Hlaalu Temple.... then a ledger about how Yngling misappropriated the funds.
Sweet. Take them, and anything else you want, back to Stacey.

Stacey will be shocked at just how big a thief Yngling is. Bigger thieves than
you guys, even! Heh.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Bal Molagmer, Land Deed -----------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now a poor widow needs their help - a Hlaalu Councillor is trying to steal her
land with a forged land deed. Velanda Omani is after Indrele Rathryon's land,
so she forged a land deed and placed it in the Library of Vivec. So we are to
go there, steal the land deed, and give it to Indrele.

Off we go, to the library! It's in the Temple canton (not St Olms as the game
incorrectly references), but the directions to go through the Hall of Wisdom
are correct. So make your way across town to the southern Temple canton,
through the Hall of Wisdom, and take any of the doors into the Library.

Now, to find the deed - one small piece of paper on all of the bookshelves.
You can look for it (it won't take that long to find), or simply read my
directions. At one end of the room is a row of three bookshelves with tables
at either end. You want the bookshelf on the very left. On the bottom shelf is
a copy of Darkest Darkness, and a corner of the deed is poking out from
underneath the book. Take it any way you can.

Now you'll need to make your way to Seyda Neen to deliver the deed. Take the
silt strider from outside Vivec, to Indrele's house near the swamp. Speak to
Indrele, she'll be walking around outside, about the forged land deed. Make
sure you're wearing the gloves. Give her the deed, with the reasoning that it
belongs in her hands, and she'll thank you, mentioning that your gloves seem
very familiar...

Return to Stacey when the deed is done for more Bal Molagmer quests.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Bal Molagmer, Enamor --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Next, one of the Thieves Guild brothers stole from the wrong man. See, thieves
do have honour! So we're being asked to return the blade Enamor. It belongs to
Salyn Sarethi, a Buoyant Armiger working in Ghostgate, and it was a present
from Vivec himself. So we are to take the note and the blade, and put them
back in Salyn's chest, in the Tower of Dusk.

Ghostgate is a LONG walk from Vivec. In fact, it's a long walk from anywhere -
the only town it's really accessible from is Balmora. If you haven't been
there before, Ghostgate is on the fence dividing Vvardenfell from Red Mountain
- right near the beast of Dagoth Ur. To get to it, you'll need to walk all the
way up the Foyada Mamaea, which starts near Balmora. If you follow the path
from Balmora to Suran, and enter the Molag Amur region, you've hit the foyada.
Turn and walk north-east up it until you reach Ghostgate.

Enter the Tower of Dusk, which is the one on the left. In the Lower Level
area, you'll find Salyn Sarethi in a room on the left. However, it's not him
you want, but his chest. It's around the corner on the left, near a bunk bed.
Clearly marked "Salyn Sarethi's Chest". Open it and dump Enamor and the note
in it, before hightailing it all the way back to Vivec.

(Note all the people with trippy glass armour here. Oooh. Me likey.)

Return to Stacey, and he will be glad that Enamor is back with its rightful
owner. Yay!

-------------- Thieves Guild - Bal Molagmer, Brallion's Ring -----------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now, unlike most Dunmer, the Bal Molagmer oppose slavery. So Stacey wants you
to steal Brallion's ring. Who teh f is Brallion? Oh, he's a slave trader in
Sadrith Mora's slave market. We are to steal the ring, then deliver it to
Ilmeni Dren, a secret abolitionist living here in Vivec.

So take the boat from Vivec to Sadrith Mora. The slave market is to the north
of town, near the small marketplace. Ask there about Brallion, and you'll be
told that he went to Fara's (Fara's Hole in the Wall) for a drink. It's right
next door, so go there.

Find him downstairs, and ask him about his ring. He'll offer to sell it to
you, and his price is determined by his disposition. If it's over 60, you can
buy it for 500 septims. Less, and you'll have to pay 800 for it. So butter him
up a bit first, then purchase it for 500 septims. Take it back to Vivec.

Ilmeni Dren, if you haven't had the experience of house Hlaalu before, lives
on the outskirts of St. Delyn canton. Namely, St. Delyn Canal South-One, which
is on the outside of the canton, on the canalworks level. Visit her in her
apartment, and offer the ring. Make sure you are wearing the gloves. Offer it
in the name of the Bal Molagmer, and she will be pleased. Once you've given it
to her, return to Stacey.

-------------- Thieves Guild - Bal Molagmer, Books for Vala ------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Oh, now EVERYONE in Caldera is corrupt! This guy sees corruption everywhere!
But rather than acting directly, we're going to steal Odral Helvi's, governor
of Caldera's, history books. (o.O) Ah, a woman in the Ald'ruhn guild of mages
has a reading school, and we're going to donate the books in the name of the
Bal Molagmer. That makes a bit more sense.... just a bit, though.

Make your way to Caldera, either by guild guide (the easiest way) or on foot
from Balmora. It's hard to miss the governor's hall - the huge house on the
hill is a sure giveaway. Inside, if you head up the stairwell on the right
side of the room, you'll find Odral Helvi on the third floor. However, his
books aren't with him.

In the room behind him, you'll find several locked chests. Close the door in
between you and Odral, and loot them all. (Good Security practice.) In the
chest on the floor, you'll find his four books and also a secret Caldera
ledger. Yup, Odral really is corrupt :(

In the closet you'll find a few clothes and in the small chest you'll find a
few coins. Nothing of real importance. From Caldera, take the guild guide
straight to Ald'ruhn, and visit Vala Catraso downstairs near the altar. Speak
to her about the history books (while wearing the gloves), and donate them in
the name of the Bal Molagmer.

Enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you did the right thing :)
Stacey agrees - good work, you :)

-------------- Thieves Guild - Bal Molagmer, The Dwemer Goblet ---------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Now the big mean Ordinators in Vivec have been hassling Danso Indules, an
honest but poor priest. So we are to steal a Dwemer goblet, and donate it to
her cause (and this will help her... how?) Anyways, there's one in Berel
Sala's office, in the Hall of Justice. When we get it, we can give it to
Danso, who is usually outside near High Fane.

The Hall of Justice is in Temple canton, on the St Delyn side (which is maybe
why the game incorrectly refers it as near it). Head there, and up the stairs
to the Justice Offices on the right hand side. Note the nice large "Dewmer"
goblet on the table. <3 making fun of typos.

There's an easy way to do this. Opposite the goblet is a door leading to a
hallway. Open the door, get out into the hallway, and tuck yourself into the
corner of the hallway, out of sight of Berel Sala. Now, use the Ring of Far
Reaching that Big Helende gave you before - it has Telekinesis 25 pts for 5
seconds, so if you don't have the ring, substitute appropriate spell.

If the sneak hand is on, cast the spell and simply pick up the goblet without
being seen. Hot-foot it out of there, to outside the Temple. On top of the
canton, you'll find Danso, a female Dunmer. (Danso sounds like a male name to
me. Anyways.) Give her the goblet in the name of the Bal Molagmer, while
wearing the gloves, and she will accept the gift gratefully.

Return to Stacey. That's it for the Bal Molagmer quests, now you have a sense
of what's wrong and what's right, and he will trust your judgement :)




The Morag Tong is a rather secret guild, they're not gonna let just anyone
join. Made purely for assassins, they have guild halls all over the place but
none of them have stewards that will give you admittance into the guild.

Note: I'd recommend you be at least level 5 before attempting any of the Morag
Tong quests.

Joining the Morag Tong is different from joining any other guild. Ask any Tong
member around, and they'll tell you that there's only one way to join the
guild - by asking the Grandmaster himself.

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

Favoured Skills (S1/S2): Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armour, Acrobatics,
Sneak, Illusion

Rank SPD AGI S1 S2 Rep
Associate 30 30 0 0 0
Blind Thrall 30 30 10 0 10
Thrall 30 30 20 0 20
White Thrall 30 30 30 5 30
Thinker 30 30 40 10 40
Brother 31 31 50 15 50
Knower 32 32 60 20 60
Master 33 33 70 25 80
Exalted Master 34 34 80 30 100
Grandmaster 35 35 90 35 125

- Note: Each rank you gain in the Morag Tong will also increase your global
reputation by one point.

[10.1] Joining the Morag Tong

There is only one way to join the Morag Tong - find the grandmaster, Eno
Hlaalu, and ask him yourself. And all the info you're given is that he lives
somwhere in Vivec. Which narrows it down tremendously, of course.

I'll help you out a little by telling you to visit the Arena canton, down in
the canalworks. Take the west stairs down to the canalworks from the
waistworks, and you'll find a room marked Arena Storage. Through the wooden
door at the bottom of the stairs, kill the rat in the room then the rat in the
second door on the left. You can loot everything there now, or come back later
- there's a lot of stuff to carry.

The door on the right is level 25 locked and trapped - disarm them and go
through. Another room to loot, with some more weapons, 500 iron arrows, and
lots of ingredients. Unlock the trapdoor to the Arena Hidden Area, and follow
the path to meet Ulmesi Baryon. Ask her about Morag Tong, and she will admit
that this is their headquarters. Perhaps you would like to speak with
Grandmaster Hlaalu?

Explore the headquarters until you find Eno (note: turn right, then left, up
some stairs, past some beds, etc.) Ask him if you can join, and then agree to
it. You'll be allowed to join as a Probationer, and you must pass a test to
become a full member. The Morag Tong greatly favours stealth skills, like
Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armour, Acrobatics, Sneak, and Illusion. You'll
note, many of the same skills as House Hlaalu. Major in stealth and you will
go far in both.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Feruren Oran ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: none

To become a full member of the Morag Tong, you have to pass a test, and you're
given a writ for the execution of Feruren Oran, in the Elven Nations
Cornerclub, Hlaalu Plaza.

Make your way to the Plaza, in Hlaalu canton. The Elven Nations Cornerclub is
found on the north-west side, so enter. Feruren is found on the bottom floor,
with two other elves. Unfortunately, our taunt/kill trick won't work here
because you can't even talk to Feruren, he doesn't like the way you've been
looking at you.

While at first glance this seems intimidating, it's not really. The goal is to
kill him very quickly, before anyone else has the chance to get near you and
do you in. If you looted Arena Storage, you might have found a Spiderbite long
blade (I did), which does Poison 1-25 pts. Equip it, and attack. Have a few
Restore Health potions handy, because he will use Daedric Bite on you, which
damages 50 points of health. Nastay. (And low levelled characters might not
have many more than 50 points of health. I know I have 58, total.)

Loot his corpse when you're done, then make your way back to Eno Hlaalu. Make
sure you visit an Ordinator on the way - if you see one, they'll come running
up to you. Present the writ of execution, and you'll be free to go. Then
return to Eno Hlaalu.

Click on the 'join Morag Tong' link, and Eno will be happy to hear that
Feruren is dead. You're officially welcomed into the Morag Tong. Any Master of
the Morag Tong will give you writs to perform, and will advance you if you're
ready. You're not ready right now, though.

[10.2] Morag Tong Quests

The Morag Tong is also different in the fact that you can get writs and quests
from ANY guild steward, from any quild around Vvardenfell, and the writs you
get are the same no matter who you get them from. I've chosen to do all mine
through Eno Hlaalu, but you can choose any steward you like.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Odaishah Yasalmibaal --------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Click on Writs and Eno will tell you about two more that he has. A honourable
writ has been issues by a Telvanni noble for an Ashlander named Odaishah
Yasalmibaal, and it will apparently be more trouble tracking him down than
killing him. We should visit Sadrith Mora, then take a boat to Tel Aruhn, then
swim southwest until we reach the coast, to find a small yurt on the coast
near the end of a small peninsula.

The easiest way to get to Sadrith Mora is via Mages Guild. Its worthwhile
joining the Mages Guild just to use their guild guide, if you havent already.
Or alternatively, take the boat from Vivec to Ebonheart, then from Ebonheart
to Sadrith Mora. Once in Sadrith Mora, you need to get to Tel Aruhn. If you
look on the paper map, on the main coastline of Vvardenfell, there's a small
peninsula just north-east of where 'Uvirith's Grave' is marked, and south of
some weird shrine thingy with odd lettering. That's where we're going.

To get to Tel Aruhn, take the boat from Sadrith Mora to Tel Mora to Tel Aruhn.
Then start swimming for the mainland. You'll find a small yurt on the
peninsula - save and rest up before entering.

Odaishah is not friendly, so teach him a lesson with your Spiderbite. Loot his
yurt, and rest on his bedroll. When you're done, start making the arduous
journey back to Vivec, to report to Eno Hlaalu. He'll give you 500 gold for
the execution, but no promotion. Ask about the other available writ.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Toris Saren -----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Toris Saren is in the Saren Manor, in the Redoran canton plaza. And apparently
we are to make sure his execution is 'swift and honourable'. As opposed to any
other execution? I dunno.

Either way, make your way to Redoran canton, it's just west of Hlaalu. Saren
manor is on the south side of the plaza. As a tip, once inside, don't talk to
anyone, because they'll know who you are and why you're there.

Go through the trapdoor under the bed and follow the path until you find
Toris. Close every door behind you, to stop people chasing when you attack.
When you find him, speak with him and he'll attack first. Dispose of him
quickly, he's not too difficult. If you could kill Feruren Oran easily, these
quests should be straightfoward in the killing stakes.

Take his clothes and his Wild Shardblade, and loot the room before returning
to Eno. He'll give you 500 gold for executing the writ, and ask for
advancement to be promoted to Blind Thrall.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Ethal Seloth and Idroso Vendu -----------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

This time you have two murders to carry out - that of Ethal Seloth and Idroso
Vendu. They're Telvanni, but bad Telvanni, and you can find them in the
temporary housing of the Telvanni Plaza, here in Vivec.

Head to the Telvanni compound, it's east of Arena. There's a Temporary Housing
building just staring at you, so enter it. There's four people in the room,
but only the two you have writs for will attack you. You can't taunt/kill,
because like Feruren Oran, only the red "Goodbye" is an option. So pick one,
preferably Idroso Vendu, and start stabbing.

Idroso will summon a skeleton warrior to assist, and also has some damn
powerful destruction magic. With your patented Spiderbite weapon, it shouldn't
be much of a problem though. The skeleton will die when Idroso does, so kill
him, then turn your attention to Ethal and kill her too.

When they're dead, loot the clothes from their corpses and return to Eno.
He'll give you 1000 gold, but no promotion until you carry out the second writ
on offer.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Sarayn Sadus ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Sarayn Sadus is hiding with a group of outlaws in Zaintirari, near the yurt
where you killed Odaishah. Eno will mark the Erabenimsun Camp on your map,
which is near Zaintirari. From there, you should go north until you see a
steampit, then go north to find the area hidden amongst rocks.

No matter which way you look at it, Zaintirari is a long hard slog over Molag
Amur. The easiest way to get there is most likely to follow the route from
Sadrith Mora to Odaishah's yurt, like you did before. Once at the yurt, head
in a general south-westerly direction, past Uvirith's Grave, then towards
Erabenimsun Camp.

When you see a lone signpost, between a steam pit and a pool of lava, turn and
head north. There's no need to actually go to Erabenimsun, as it's just a
bunch of Ashlanders who don't like you anyways. North from the signpost in
Zaintirari. Save and heal up before entering.

Remember that inside are a whole bunch of outlaws. As soon as you enter, one
will rush up to you to attempt to kick your ass. This is Dils Heladren, not
that it really matters. Next is Mals Faralen, further in. After each battle,
return to the entrance and rest if you need to. The third guy is
tough, because he's a mage and he'll see you a long time before you get the
chance to get him. Prepare at the top of the stairs, then rush him. Every time
he hits you with Daedric Bite, use a Quality Restore Health Potion. When he's
dead, get the fourth who's charged you with an axe.

This will be the hardest Morag Tong quest you've had so far, by far.
Especially if you came ill-prepared, like I did...

Through the door near the stairs is your actual target, Sarayn Sadus. And he's
tough. He's only got an axe, but he'll be hitting you for more damage than you
hit him, so keep some restore health potions nearby.

When he's dead, you can loot the *entire* place. There's a LOT of stuff there,
so you'll be making trips back and forth to your storage site. (Hint: warp in
and out.) Return to Eno, and he'll give you 500 gold for honourably executing
the writ. Ask for advancement, and you're now a Thrall.

Special duties are now open to you (if you're speaking with Eno only). The
Special Duties quests will be listed after the normal ones, in section 8.3.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Guril Retheran --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Guril's been a naughty boy it seems, so must be honorably executed. He can be
found in the Flowers of Gold Cornerclub, in Redoran canton waistworks. As
Guril's family is very influential in House Redoran, this quest may very well
spell trouble for you if you are also in Redoran. My character was actually
expelled after completing it (four times, in four attempts to complete the
quest). Luckily, Neminda gave me a second chance.

Anyways, make your way to Redoran, to the Flowers of Gold Cornerclub, on the
west side. Guril is on the lower floor, he's the Dunmer with red hair. We
can't taunt/kill, but he won't attack, either, so just lunge, stab, and kill
him quickly. No-one else will dare attack, because you're executing a writ.
Loot the corpse, including an interestingly named Glove of Sanguine Horny

Go talk to any Ordinator around, and present your writ to clear the bounty
before returning to Eno. Eno will give you 1000 gold for your efforts.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Galasa Uvayn ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Galasa Uvayn is a woman who offended a Redoran Lord, and now she must pay. She
can be found in the Hlaalu Treasury, in Hlaalu canton waistworks. Go!

Over to Hlaalu canton... btw seeing as Hlaalu and Morag Tong seem to be so
closely related, why is Morag Tong in Arena? Anyways... Treasury is at the
north end of the waistworks. Galasa is all by her lonesome, in the hallway
around to the left. Again, she doesn't want to fight, so just attack her.

Garer Donoran might also show up for the fight (he did in my game), if he
does, just dispatch him too. (I love my Spiderbite and Wild Shardblade weapons
here.) If you have a bounty, visit an Ordinator and present your writ, if not,
return to Eno. Take the 1000 gold he offers, but no advancement just yet.

Just more special duties, and more writs.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Mavon Drenim ----------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Two more writs are available to occupy your gameplay. The first is for Mavon
Drenim. Unlike the others, we don't learn why this guy has been set up for
bucket-kicking, we're just told to do it. And that he's located in the
Telvanni tower, in the Telvanni Plaza. Hey, fine by me.

Make your way east to Telvanni canton, and into the Plaza like before. The
large Velothi tower is the Telvanni tower, so save and enter.

-------------- Morag Tong - Writ for Tirer Belvayn ---------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

How come each set of writs we get, one is local and one usually requires a
long road trip? Well, this is the long road trip one. You're heading to Shara,
south of Dagon Fel, wayyyy over the other side of the continent. And your
target is Tirer Belvayn.

-------------- more coming soon!! --------------------------------------------

[10.3] Morag Tong Special Duties

Special Duties are available from Eno Hlaalu in Vivec, after you've reached
the rank of Thrall. They are to do with collecting special Sanguine items for
Eno. What are the significance of Sanguine items? We shall see...

-------------- Morag Tong - A Contact in the Dark Brotherhood ----------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

(the game incorrectly lists this as a Mages Guild quest. Silly game.)

Oh, Eno wants you to make contact with the Dark Brotherhood! The Brotherhood
rebelled against the Morag Tong a long time ago, and have been their enemy
ever since. But now we want to open a line of contact.

You need to speak with Miun-Gei, an enchanter in the lower waistworks of the
Foreign Quarter. So visit him, and ask about the Dark Brotherhood. You want to
hire them? How can he trust you? Persuade him until his disposition is in the
high 70s, then he'll trust you enough to tell you that his contact with the
Brotherhood is Tsrazami, a Khajiit in the Foreign Quarter Plaza.

Run back to Eno with this info. He will send agents to question Tsrazami.

-------------- Morag Tong - Belt of Sanguine Fleetness -----------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Many years ago, Black Hands Mephala made a deal with Sanguine for twenty seven
tokens she could give out to her devoted followers. The Dark Brotherhood stole
the tokens, but Mephala has arranged for them to be returned, one by one. Now,
in case you're not familiar with Daedric mythology, Mephala is one of the nine
most important Daedric gods. She's a goddess actually, but that point is moot.
Eno Hlaalu is a follower of Mephala, and so wishes to regain all of the
special tokens. We're to go collect one of the tokens, the Belt of Sanguine

The woman holding the belt is a Nord sorceress named Hrordis, in the Halfway
Inn in Pelagiad. So head there. Quickest way is silt strider to Seyda Neen,
then to walk. You'll find Hrordis all alone, in a room on the second floor...
so shut the door behind you, save your game just in case, then take her out.

Grab her groovy Glass Dagger, the belt, anything else she may have, and
dispose of the body. Only problem is, chances are she hit you with some
draining spells like drain strength or drain endurance, meaning you most
likely aren't going to move. If you don't have any Restore Strength or Restore
Endurance potions, drop all your stuff and leave (you can come back for it
later with no repurcussions). If you have a bounty, go and pay it with a guard
(if you're not carrying anything, it's fine), then go get cured up. Return for
stuff. Return to Eno. No rewards here.

-------------- Morag Tong - Ultimatum for Movis Darys ------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Eno explains, sometimes an agent of the Dark Brotherhood is noble enough to
join the Morag Tong. One such person is Movis Darys, in the Mages Guild in
Ald'ruhn. We're to talk with him, and if we can't convince him to join the
Morag Tong, we're supposed to execute him.

Right. He's noble enough, but if he won't join, kick his ass? Makes no sense.

Quickest way is to visit the Guild of Mages in Foreign Quarter Plaza, then
warp to Ald'ruhn. Movis is found on the bottom floor, coincidentally right
near an altar that will restore your attributes (should you need it from the
last mission). Talk to him and ask him to join the Morag Tong, and he'll claim
he's just a simple peasant and doesn't know anything about killing. Baha!

Tell him his number is up, and he'll agree to talk to Eno Hlaalu. He'll also
give you another one of those Sanguine item thingys, the Belt of Sanguine
Denial. Return to Eno, and tell him the news. He'll reward you with 1000
drakes, but no advancement as there are outstanding writs. So do some writs,
then come back for more special duties.

-------------- Morag Tong - Ultimatum for Carecalmo --------------------------

Faction Reputation Gain: 5

Another special duty. Eno believed that Mehrunes Dagon cultists are protecting
the Dark Brotherhood. Therefore, we will put an end to this - by finding one
of the cultists, Carecalmo, in a place called Ashalmimilkala. (Try saying that
one three times fast.) And we'll offer him an ultimatum - stop protecting the
Brotherhood or Morag Tong will wage war!

-------------- more coming soon!! --------------------------------------------




If you've read my game basics section of Factions and Side Quests, you'll know
there are three Great Houses available to join in Morrowind, one corresponding
to each of the three centralized arts, ie. stealth, magic, and combat. Hlaalu
is the first you will come across, as its headquarters are in Balmora.

- Note: You can only join one of the three Great Houses (without cheating), so
choose the one that best fits your character. ie. the art you specialized in
when creating it.

Your contact in Balmora is Nileno Dorvayn, on the ground floor of Hlaalu
Council Manor. If you ask her about House Hlaalu, you'll have the option of

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

Favoured Skills (S1/S2): Speechcraft, Mercantile, Marksman, Short Blade,
Light Armour, Security

Rank SPD AGI S1 S2 Rep
Hireling 30 30 0 0 0
Retainer 30 30 10 0 5
Oathman 30 30 20 0 10
Lawman 30 30 30 5 20
Kinsman 30 30 40 10 30
House Cousin 31 31 50 15 45
House Brother 32 32 60 20 60
House Father 33 33 70 25 80
Councilman 34 34 80 30 100
Grandmaster 35 35 90 35 125

[11.1] Balmora - Nileno Dorvayn

-------------- House Hlaalu - Disguise ---------------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

If you ask Nileno about business, she'll ask you to "say that again". So click
that link, and it'll convince her that you sound like the Redoran, Relmerea
Saram. She wants you to disguise yourself as Relmerea, get orders from House
Redoran, and deliver them to her.

- Note: If your character is female, Nileno will tell you that you sound like
Relmerea Saram. If your character is male, Nileno will tell you that you
sound like Felsen Sethandus. Either way, you get to do the quest. Just
wouldn't make much sense, a male masquerading as a female now, would it? So
this is Bethesda's way of fixing it.

To get the orders, you'll have to speak with Neminda, at the Redoran Council
in Ald'ruhn. You can take the silt strider to get there. When you speak with
her, use the keyword 'Orphan of Arnesia' to get the coded message. Bring the
coded message back to her. She also gives you a Native Gah-Julan Bonemold Helm
to wear, as a disguise. Can't just waltz into Redoran while displayng your
Hlaalu-ness now, can you?

Follow her directions, and take the silt strider to Ald'ruhn. Once there, take
a left and head towards the big giant shell in the distance - that is the home
of Redoran Council. (Put the helmet on.) Once inside the Manor District, move
through to the three doors at the back. Neminda is found just inside, behind
the potted plant in the centre. Tell her the key phrase, Orphan of Arnesia,
and she'll give you the scroll, to deliver to Maar Gan as usual. Well, we're
not going to Maar Gan, we're going back to Balmora.

Return to Nileno, and click on any of the business-related links to hand over
the scroll. She'll let you keep the helm, and give you 500 drakes for a job
well done. If you're eligible for advancement, take it now.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Alchemical Formulas ----------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

The next quest from Nileno involves visiting Vivec and acquiring certain
alchemical formulas. The shop of Aurane Frernis is what we're after, in the
Foreign Quarter of Vivec. You can either take the silt strider, to start
outside Vivec, or go straight to the Foreign Quarter using the Mage's Guild.

Her apothecary is located on the west side of the Lower Waistworks, near
Jobasha's Rare Books. And she won't reveal her secret formulae to you, no
matter what her disposition is. Luckily, her recipes are on the scroll closest
to the door, so we can easily nick them.

I haven't worked out a way to do this without grabbing her attention; seems
like she has eyes in the back of her head. So grab the alchemical fomulae and
run. Pity about the 100 bounty. If you're also in the Thieves Guild, visit a
steward to get the price taken off your head. Try not to run into any
ordinators or guards on the way, as they'll make you pay the fine and then
they'll take all your stolen items for good measure.

Once you've got the formulae and have no bounty, go back to Hlaalu Manor and
report to Nileno. She'll take a copy of the formulae, allowing you to keep the
originals. Ask her for advancement, and she'll promote you to Oathman.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Inanius Egg Mine -------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

A rival of Nileno's in House Hlaalu has an egg mine across the mountains east
of Suran, the Inanius Egg Mine. Nileno wants us to go there and kill the kwama
queen, to ruin the rival's business. Sounds nasty... but we'll do it.

There are two ways to do this quest. One will net you 1000 gold and save you
doing any combat, as well as skipping a few quests along the way, the other
will not. Take the silt strider directly to Suran, and ask anyone in town
about the Inanius egg mine. Apparently the governor of Suran, Avon Oran, owns
it, and he lives in the large manor west of the temple.

If you talk to Avon and ask him about the egg mine, he'll offer you 1000
drakes to stay out of it. If you take the offer, Nileno will be cheesed, but
simply move onto the next mission, giving you no rewards and no promotion.

If you choose to go wipe out the egg mine, it's a tad more difficult. Follow
the road south out of Suran, past Avon Oran's manor. When you get to the Molag
Amur region, it will wind away to the left, so follow it and you'll see a few
kwama workers up ahead. The mine is tucked in amongst the hills.

Inside, you'll find a pissed off kwama worker, so kill it. Follow the path,
and eventually you'll come to a watery cavern. Unfortunately, you do have to
go in the water - cross the cavern on the tree-trunky thing until you get to
the center, then dive off and keep swimming straight. At the end you'll find
two more kwama workers, and the queen.

She's not hard to kill, so stab her a few times and say g'day. Report back to
Nileno, and she'll give you 500 drakes but no promotion.

You can do one of two quests next - ask about duties to do the Guar Hide
Squeeze, or about Ralen Hlaalo to do Death of Ralen Hlaalo. Do them both, of
course, but the order isn't relevant.

-------------- House Hlaalu - The Death of Ralen Hlaalo ----------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Ralen Hlaalo, a local Hlaalu noble, was murdered recently. You may have known
of this already if you've completed "Vintage Brandy" for the Thieves Guild.
We're to find out who killed him, and kill them so that no-one ever dare raise
their hand against a Hlaalu noble again.

- Side note: My journal screwed up because it declared Hlaalo to be both a
Hlaalu and Redoran noble. Whateva!

Nileno will give you a key to the manor, which is pointless if you already
broke in earlier. But for the sake of naivety, I'll pretend we've never been
there. Hlaalo Manor is just across the courtyard from Hlaalu manor, to the
left of the left guard tower. Use the key to get inside, and you'll see
Hlaalo's body, stretched out on the floor.

Take the clothes from the body, and loot the entire manor if you wish. Seems
Hlaalo was quite the alchemist, a lot of alchemy items and potions around the
place. Upstairs, you'll find one of Ralen Hlaalo's servants, and she saw the
Dunmer that killed him. Grab the murderer's description - young with red hair,
bonemold armour and a Dwemer war axe.

Ask anyone in town, and they'll tell you it sounds like Thanelen Velas, at the
Council Club. Check him out, and indeed it does, so let's kill him. As usual,
don't attack him straight out, taunt him into attacking first.

- Note: Other people say that Nine-Toes was the murderer. The rewards for the
quest are the same, no matter which one you kill.

Take all his stuff, inluding his set of hammers and Dwemer war axe, and report
back to Nileno. Take the 1000 drakes for solving the crime, and the promotion
to Lawman.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Guar Hide Squeeze ------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Guar hides are a big item to trade in Morrowind, and Redoran and Hlaalu have
been competing for trade contracts for years. Redoran is getting the upper
hand, so we need to start convincing people to buy imported Hlaalu guar hides,
instead of local Redoran ones. Starting with Rolasa Oren, in Vivec's Foreign

Rolasa can be found in the Upper Waistworks of the Foreign Quarter, at the
table with the alchemy equipment on it. Ask her about guar hides and she'll
tell you why she doesn't like Hlaalu ones - imported guar hides are not fresh.
But we shall change her mind on that.

Use your 00ber powers of persuasion to get her disposition up to the 70s. Then
start bribing her. After each successful bribe, ask her about guar hides. Keep
going until she finally breaks down and agrees to buy guar hides from Hlaalu.
Job done.

Return to Nileno, and tell her the good news. She'll give you 1000 drakes, but
no promotion.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Delivery for Bivale Teneran --------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

There's a spy in Ald'ruhn, close to Redoran Headquarters. The spy is Bivale
Teneran, a Hlaalu working as a mole. Nileno will give you orders to deliver to
deliver to her, in her shop under the crab shell.

Take the silt strider to Ald'ruhn, and enter the "crab shell", ie. the manor
district. Bivale Teneran's shop is found on the ground level, so get off the
high bridges and sniff around on the ground. Enter her shop, a clothing store,
and give her the scroll. She'll reward you with an exquisite shirt and some
extravagant pants, a present for an efficient courier.

Go back to Nileno, and she will give you 500 drakes. At this point, Nileno
tells you that she cannot promote you further, and that you should seek a
sponsor in House Hlaalu, suggesting Crassius Curio, in Vivec.

But she has one final quest for you, if you select the key word "ebony trade".

-------------- House Hlaalu - Ebony Trade ------------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 15 (for both tasks), 10 (for either one)
Global Reputation Gain: 2 (for both tasks), 1 (for either one)

The East Empire Company, in Ebonheart, has threatened to start buying their
ebony from House Redoran, unless Hlaalu lowers its prices. We have two tasks
to do, to make sure this doesn't happen:

1) Convince Canctunian Ponius, in Ebonheart, to buy ebony from Hlaalu
2) Kill Darns Tedalen, the head of mining operations at the Redoran mine,
Sudanit Mine, near Ald'ruhn.

And if we do both, there may be a bonus in it for us. So of course, we shall
do both!

First, get your butt to Ebonheart. Easiest way of getting there is to take the
silt strider to Vivec, then the boat nearby to Ebonheart. Ask anybody around
about Ponius (easier to type than Canctunian) and they'll tell you he's in the
East Empire Company offices, near the docks.

Enter the hall on the right, then follow the doors to find him. If you ask him
about the ebony trade, he'll ask you to make a better offer, ie. suck up to
him. Get his disposition to the high 70s, then ask him again, and you'll
convince him to sign up to Hlaalu for another year.

Next part of the deal. Head towards Ald'ruhn, towards Sudanit mine. You can
get there by going back the way you came, boat to Vivec, silt strider to
Balmora, then silt strider to Ald'ruhn. Once there, you need to start heading
south east, so take the south path from Ald'ruhn, behind the Fighters Guild.

Once out, turn left and head towards the Ghostgate. You'll pass through the
Buckmoth Legion Fort area, before re-entering the Ashlands. At the
intersection, head left again. Up the steep hill and at the top you'll see the
Ghostgate; the barrier protecting you and the rest of the world from the evil
of Dagoth Ur and everything bad, like you may have been hearing about if
asking people about latest rumours.

When you hit the Ghostfence, the path veers right so follow it. Keep heading
right at intersections - should be two more before you spot the mine. Inside,
if you're on your best behaviour, you can walk through the Redoran crowd quite
happily. Simply follow the winding paths around the mine until you find Darns
Tedalen, he'll be near a campfire.

We have to kill him, and it should be drilled into your head how to do it -
taunt, taunt, taunt, say goodbye when it comes up red, kill. He's a toughie
this one - uses tough destruction spells, 5 and 15 pt ones, so stock up on
restore health potions (and maybe fortify health ones too) beforehand and/or
use a shield for protection.

Once he's dead, remove his body then return to Nileno. She'll give you 1000
drakes, and as your special reward, give you some Glass Boots, a Glass
Cuirass, and Glass Greaves. Oh yeah!

Once you've done it, go to Crassius Curio in Vivec, if you haven't already, to
continue your rise through the Hlaalu ranks.

[11.2] Vivec - Crassius Curio

Crassius Curio lives in Curio Manor, in Vivec's Hlaalu Canton. You'll find him
in the basement of his manor, and when you approach him, the first thing he
wants you to do is take your clothes off for him! W... T... F!?

Believe it or not, you actually have to take all your clothes off for him,
unequip everything you have on. Talk with him when you're naked, and he'll
promote you to Kinsman of Hlaalu (if you have the right skills) straight away.

Then he'll tell you to go see Odral Helvi, in Caldera, for some more orders.
Um, okay...

[11.3] Caldera - Odral Helvi

Odral is in the Governer's Hall, on the third floor. Take the stairwell in the
north-east corner of the room up two flights, then open the wooden door to
find him.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Sealed Orders ----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

For your first task with him, Odral would like you to deliver some sealed
orders to the Hlaalu Treasury, in Vivec. (Geez, just back where we came
from...) They're to go directly to Tenisi Lladri, the assistant clerk, NOT to
the head of the treasury, Baren Alen. I think we can handle that.

Make your way all the way back to Vivec, to Hlaalu canton. The clerk we're
after is actually found in the Hlaalu Vaults, not the treasury. So go to the
Hlaalu Vaults, and speak with her about sealed orders. Give them to her, and
she'll give you 100 gold as a courier's fee.

- Note: If you don't like Odral Helvi, take Crassius' advice and report
anything suspicious to him, after obtaining but before performing each

Return to Odral, and report everything. No reward, though.

-------------- House Hlaalu - The Caldera Spy --------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Apparently, some important documents are missing here in Caldera. Someone
stole the Caldera mining contracts, and Odral would like them back. It wasn't
an outsider, meaning someone in town did it. Find them.

Ask any of the guards around town about the contracts, and they'll suggest you
start with interrogating the newest residents, Elmussa Damori and Irgola the
Pawnbroker. So visit them, Elmussa lives directly just south of the Governer's

This scenario plays out differently depending on whether or not you are in the
Thieves Guild. See, she stole the contracts on guild business, so if you are a
member and you turn her in, you'll lose standing with the guild. She tosses
you a key to open a chest to get them, but recommends you tell Odral you found
them just lying around.

Grab the contracts from the chest on the windowsill, and return to Odral. If
you're in the Thieves Guild, lie about where you found them, otherwise tell
the truth, and he'll give you 500 drakes.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Erronous Documents -----------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Next up, there's an error in some of the documents in the Hall of Records. Oh,
the land deeds for some of the Ascadian Isles is apparently wrong, or so he
says ;) He gives you his new land deeds, the 'correct' ones, and tells you to
place it in the Ascadian Isles chest of land deeds, in Hlaalu Records, in

Back to Vivec we go...

In the Hlaalu Records facility, this quest is much like the one of grabbing
the alchemical formulas - there's not really an easy way of doing it without
the bookkeeper seeing you. So saunter over to the chest, on the shelf on the
back of the stairway, grab the old land deed, place the new one, and run away.

Back to Odral, and he'll give you a reward when you hand over the old land
deed - 2 scrolls of Uth's Hand of Heaven, 2 scrolls of Tranasa's Spelltwist,
and two scrolls of the Black Storm.

-------------- House Hlaalu: Rent and Taxes ----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Odral is responsible for land in the Ascadian Isles, and at this time of year
he collects rent and taxes from the farmers. He wants you to go speak with
Manat Varnan-Adda and Llovyn Andus, and collect taxes from each of them, to
the tune of fifty drakes. And if you can't get the money - kill them.

So all you need to complete the mission is one hundred drakes? Meh, we've got
it. You don't even need to leave the room, if you've got a hundred drakes, cuz
you can just say you got 50 from each of them. Hand them over, and he'll be
surprised that you did it. (Well, we didn't, but anyways...)

Return to Crassius, because Odral won't promote you. If you've got the skills,
he'll promote you to House Brother.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Shipment of Ebony ------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5 (if you deliver the ebony), 10 (if you turn
Odral in)

Next, Odral will ask you to deliver a shipment of ebony to a friend of his.
He'll give you five pieces of raw ebony to deliver to Drinar Varyon in
Ald'ruhn, and he warns you not to speak of this to ANYONE.

That's the last straw! You can take it to Drinar if you wish, simply warp to
Ald'ruhn using the guild guide, then head north to find his house just east of
the Council House. But this all sound mighty illegal to me.... if you followed
my notes and told Crassius about every dodgy thing Odral asked you to do,
visit him here and he'll tell you it's the damn last straw!

Instead of delivering the ebony to Drinar, take it to Segunivus Mantedius, at
Fort Buckmoth, east of Ald'ruhn. And if you turn your charms on him, he'll
arrest both Odral and Drinar! Sweet!

Again, warp to Ald'ruhn using the guild guide, then head south out of
Ald'ruhn, behind the Guild of Fighters. Turn left at the intersection to head
east, towards Ghostfence. Soon you'll come to a signpost, turn right to enter
Buckmoth Legion Fort.

Segunivus is just inside the first door on the right, the Interior. Tell him
about the shipment of ebony, and tell him that Odral told you to deliver it to
Drinar. Give him the ebony, and he'll arrange to have them both arrested.

End of quest ;)

Lo and behold, Odral's already gone, so you can't report to him anymore. So go
and loot his quarters, all the chests, and the closets, and get some rest
before reporting back to Crassius. As a reward for turning Odral in, you'll
get a Dire Shardbolt ring and an Eye-Maze ring.

[11.4] Stronghold - Rethan Manor

If you want any further promotion at this point, Crassius will tell you that
you need a stronghold. He'll tell you to go visit Dondos Driler in Balmora,
and he'll tell you what you need to know.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Stronghold -------------------------------------

Dondos Driler is the Dunmer walking around on the ground floor. If you want a
Hlaalu stronghold, you'll need two things - a construction contract and a land
deed. Baren Alen, at the Hlaalu Vaults in Vivec, will give you the land deed.
And Duke Vedam Dren will give you the construction contract.

Talk to Baren Alen, in the same room as you found Tenisi Lladri before. Ask
him about the land deed, and he has the deed for the abandoned Rethan Manor.
You need to barter and agree of a method of payment, now.

So barter with him, and the value on the deed is 5000 septims. Haggle with him
as much as you like, and eventually buy it for whatever price he'll agree to.

Next, you must speak with Duke Vedam Dren. He can be found in Ebonheart, in
the Grand Council chambers. If you don't know where it is, it's at the very
west of town, and you'll need to climb the stairs in the courtyard just
opposite the Argonian Mission to get there.

Be in suitable awe in his presence, as this is one of the most important men
in Vvardenfell. Then ask him about the construction contract, and he won't be
sure about the idea. Tell him you'll vow to do what you can for his people,
and he'll give you the contract.

Return to Dondos, and hand over the two items. He'll agree to being
construction on the stronghold, it should occur any day now. You'll have to
come back in a few days to check on its progress. Your journal will
automatically update when its time to return.

Return to Dondos, and he'll ask you to check on your stronghold and talk to
the foreman, Durbul gro-Rush. (I bet he's an Orc.) In case you don't know
where they're building your stronghold, it's on the old Rethan Manor site, on
the Odai Plateau. If you follow the Odai River south of Balmora, it'll be on
your south-west when you pass the wooden bridge. If you've been to the Shulk
Egg Mine, it's just past that. And Dondos will mark it on your map.

Bahaha, it IS an Orc, I was right? Erm... anyways, proceed to Rethan Manor and
speak with Durbul. He'll say everything is going according to schedule, so
report back to Dondos and tell him this.

Ah, the stronghold should be ready soon! Again, just go about and do your
thing for a few days, your journal will update automatically when it's time to
go see Dondos again. When it does, return to Balmora. Dondos will tell you,
when you're ready to improve your stronghold, you'll need business to engage
in, such as farming or egg mining. Egg mining? Click it.

There are several mines near your stronghold, one being on your property -
Shurdan-Raplay, which is unfortunately blighted. Cure the blight by curing the
kwama queen, and recruit some miners, and we've got business.

Miners? No spare ones in Hlaalu, but we can always recruit from other houses,
in towns such as Gnisis and Tel Aruhn. So there's our two objectives, cure the
kwama queen and hire miners.

To cure the kwama queen, we'll need something that cures blight. Dondos
recommends speaking with Hetman Abelmawia in Gnisis, or Pierlette Rostorard in
Sadrith Mora, for some scrolls to do that. Pierlette has Cure Blight potions,
but we need something we can use on target not on self, so go to Gnisis. Once
you've got scrolls, head over to Shurdan-Raplay, which is on the other side of
Odai from Rethan.

So run down towards Rethan, along the Odai, but cross on the wooden bridge
outside the Shulk Egg Mine. Follow the path along, and Shurdan-Raplay will
soon be on your right. (Soon if you're wearing the Blinding Boots of Speed
like I am. Otherwise it's a fair hike.)

Inside, forces aren't exactly friendly. The place is blighted, as are most of
the creatures in it, so normally passive kwama workers will attack in full
force. Keep a lot of restore health potions, just the cheap variety will do,
because they use rather powerful shock attacks that stack horribly.

When you get to the end of the tunnel, you'll meet the kwama queen. She just
sits there pathetically, so ready a scroll in the magic menu, press R, and
cast it on her. Your journal will update automatically.

Now for the miners. Head to Tel Aruhn or Gnisis, I'll go to Tel Aruhn cuz I
hate Telvanni, therefore I'll steal all the good Telvanni workers. Ask Savile
Imayn, near the Tel Aruhn Underground door, about miners, and she'll tell you
she has a slave that used to be a miner. A steal at 200 drakes! He's all
yours, just head inside the slave pit and get him. So go through the big
doors, and talk to him inside about recruiting miners.

He loves the idea of working in Shardan-Raplay, and promises to go there
straight away and get to work. Score! Stage two of stronghold construction,
complete! Go back and talk to Dondos, and he will order the next stage of
contruction to begin.

The waiting game starts again, now. If you're impatient like me, just keep
resting 24 hours until your journal updates. Eventually it will, and the
improvements to your stronghold will be complete!

The stronghold was what you needed to be promoted to House Father, so visit
ol' Crassius and get the promotion if you have the skills. Then go back and
see Dondos. He's prepared to give you the stronghold, but no-one will move to
it unless you can find a way to guard against bandits. (This is a bloody long
quest. But we're getting a house out of it. Can't complain.)

We're to visit the Fighters Guild or Imperial Legion here in Balmora, to see
if we can hire forces to protect the stronghold. So visit one of them (I chose
Fighters Guild), and ask anyone about guard against bandits. You're told to
speak with Flaenia, in the basement, so do so. She knows someone you could
hire, a man named Fjorgeir, for 1000 septims. Pay it, and he'll be waiting at
your stronghold.

Talk to him, on the path outside the stronghold. He knows where the bandits
are, they're at a cave called Zainsipilu, just across the Odai and south. You
can ask him to fight with you, or you can get him to stand guard over the
stronghold while you fight. Help is good, so get him to come along with you.
Stay on the Rethan side of the river for now, and follow it to the south -
when you see a signpost on the opposite side of the river, cross it slowly so
Fjorgeir will follow you. Alternatively, there's a bridge just further up.

Once over the river, head south west around the corner, until you find
Zainsilipu on the left. Save before entering.

Once inside, you'll find a Redguard named Nistacey standing guard, it's
possible to sneak up behind him and PREDATOR MODE STEALTH KILL him. Next is
Fervas Reloso, and Aranwen. These fights shouldn't be too difficult, if you've
made it to this stage of the game doing any non-Hlaalu quests at all, you
should have decent enough weaponry.

To the left you'll find Snadir, guarding a slave cage. Kill him, and you'll
get a slave key amongst his possessions, use it to unlock the gate (disarm the
trap first) and free the slaves Bahdrashi, Anjari, Ahnisa, Muz-Ra, and Haran.

Follow the path to the left past the slave cage, and kill Agrob gra-Bogharz.
Loot the crates for some good weaponry and enchanted items, and keep going.
When you get to the camp, Darvala Romothran will ambush you so kill her too.

Across the bridge, you'll find Maros Gimayn. Loot the other camp, and dont
forget the chests down the stairs. Now head back past the slave cage, and take
the right path. Across the other bridge, you'll find Lurius Lalelius, so kill
him then loot the entire place for a lot of good weapons, potions, soul gems,

Once you've done that, and killed all members of Zainsipilu, leave Fjorgeir
there and return to Dondos. Ask him about guarding against bandits, and he
will give the orders for the final touches to be put on your stronghold.

Quest complete! Go check out your new stronghold now. It's full of awesome
items, and is safe for you to rest in, store stuff in. Plus it's really swish.
Grab all the ebony weapons while you're there, there's a longsword, some
darts, and some arrows. Plus a shortsword, if you visit the top level of Gol's
house. Have fun :-D

- Note: Crassius cannot promote you any more, and the next step up, Duke Vedam
Dren himself, won't promote you until you complete your business with him.
You might be on the House Father rank for a while.

[11.5] Vivec - Crassius Curio

It's okay to start on these quests while your stronghold is getting built, at
least, that's what I'm doing, anyways. But I would get that started before
attempting these.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Velfred the Outlaw -----------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Now for some REAL quests from Crassius, as opposed to getting naked. Now that
you've had experience in smuggling, pudding pie, he wants you to look for
Velfred the Outlaw. He can be found on the docks at Hla Oad, and we've gotta
use our sweet charms to persuade him to respect House Hlaalu.

Get your butt to Hla Oad, by taking the boat from outside Vivec. According to
locals, Velfred never actually docks in town, but he must dock his boat, the
Grytewake, somewhere else close by.

On your paper map, you'll see a second boat just south of Hla Oad, this is
Velfred's ship. On board, talk to Velfred and tell him to respect House
Hlaalu. But why should he, he already pays half his profits to the Empire!

Start persuading him. You can fight him if you really want, but I wouldn't
bother. When his disposition is high, ask him again to respect Hlaalu and
he'll agree, but only if we keep up our part of the deal. (Whaa?)

Return to Crassius, and he'll thank you for killing Velfred. Next!

-------------- House Hlaalu - Kill Banden Indarys ----------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

There's an unauthorized Redoran stronghold, on the road between Ald'ruhn and
Maar Gan, in a place called Bal Isra. The owner of Indarys Manor, Banden
Indarys, needs to be killed, according to Cassius, so he's dispatching us to
the task.

Warp to Ald'ruhn, using either Mages Guild or silt strider, then head west out
of town. Follow the paths towards Maar Gan, and you'll see Bal Isra marked on
your map. The actual stronghold, Indarys Manor, will be on your right on the

Approach cautiously, even though they won't just attack you for no reason.
Inside the manor, you can enter the room on the right, close the door behind
you, and loot it.

- Note: If you're a member of house Redoran as well for this quest (uhhh....
cheaterer if you are!) you'll need to do some fancy-schmancy stuff to
complete this quest. Banden will only be present in the mansion if you are
NOT part of Redoran. If you are, you'll have to disable his script in the
construction set so he appears. Once you've finished the quest, then you can
re-enable the script.

- Note: If you had chosen to be part of Redoran instead of Hlaalu, this
stronghold could have been yours.

Through the left door and down the stairs, open the door on the left to find
Banden. He's not happy and will attack you on sight, so close the door behind
you and beat the shit out of him. Then you can loot the room. A LOT of ebony
weapons for you to pinch; after all, your own stronghold came equipped with
ebony, makes sense that this one does too. Make your way out of the manor,
back to Crassius. He'll give you a thousand drakes, but no promotion (see end
of stronghold quest).

-------------- House Hlaalu - Bero's Support ---------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10

Now, Crassius thinks that he shouldn't be the only Hlaalu councillor
supporting you, but only one other will most likely support an outlander. You
should talk to Dram Bero, a secretive man that lives somewhere in Vivec.

Start by asking patrons around the place about Dram Bero, and eventually
you'll get the clue that he was once spotted in St. Olms canton. So make your
way over there. Talk to anyone there, and they'll tell you he was seen on top
of St Olms. On top meaning the plaza? Visit there.

Your destination is the Haunted Manor, in the St Olms Plaza. Dram Bero is on
the bottom floor, and you'll have to pick a 50 lock to get there. Once you're
there, ask him for support, and he'll give it to you on one condition - if you
beat his champion, Garding the Bold, in a duel.

Agree to it, then speak to Garding in the room opposite. He'll tell you to
meet him in the Arena, ostensibly in the pit. If you feel you're ready, go

Garding is a pussy, he fights hand to hand which knocks out fatigue, not
health. There are weapons around the place though, and I heard that he can
pick them up and use them, but I've never seen it. When you've knocked him out
badly enough, he'll agree to tell Dram you beat him.

Return and tell Dram yourself, and he will agree to support you. Yay!

-------------- House Hlaalu - Kill Reynel Uvirith ----------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Seems the Telvanni are also naughty, and they built a stronghold without
permission of the Duke. So, like the Redoran, we're sent to deal with the
Telvanni, Reynel Uvirith. The stronghold of Tel Uvirith is built on Uvirith's
Grave, west of Tel Fyr and northwest of Erabenimsun camp. In other words, the
middle of sweet nowhere.

If you've done any freelance work for the Morag Tong lately, you'll have an
idea of where this is and how to get there. The easiest way to get anywhere
near there is to take a boat to Sadrith Mora, from Sadrith Mora to Tel Mora,
Tel Mora to Tel Aruhn, then to swim like you never swum before. It's twice as
confusing as it sounds, and twice as time consuming. Water Walking or
Levitation spells would help out enormously.

Once you're on the mainland, head south-west towards Uvirith's Grave. It's a
giant Telvanni tower structure, rather hard to miss in amongst the rocks of
Molag Amur.

- Note: If you're a member of house Telvanni as well for this quest (uhhh....
cheaterer if you are!) you'll need to do some fancy-schmancy stuff to
complete this quest. Reynel will only be present in the mansion if you are
NOT part of Telvanni. If you are, you'll have to disable her script in the
construction set so she appears. Once you've finished the quest, then you
can re-enable the script.

- Note: If you had chosen to be part of Telvanni instead of Hlaalu, this
stronghold could have been yours.

In the tower, take the right path up, and Reynel is the only one home. Like
Banden, she will attack on sight, with the power of magic, so take her out
quickly. Loot the body, then loot the tower, then go all the way back to Vivec
to see everyone's favorite pervert. He'll give you another thousand drakes as

And now Crassius has no more business for you. He suggests that now would be a
good time to meet Duke Vedam Dren, in Ebonheart. That's the quick way for
promotion, but there are other quests that can be done first. Visit Edryno
Arethi for more work.

[11.6] Vivec - Ilmeni Dren

These are quests given by Ilemi Dren, daughter of Duke Vedam Dren. They're not
official quests as such, but they do bear the Hlaalu name therefore get
included here. Ilmeni lives in Vivec, in St. Delyn Canal South-One, the
apartments on the outside of the canton.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Literacy Campaign ------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Firstly, ask her about Hlaalu business, and she'll wonder why you're talking
about business when the kids can't read! Wha?

There are teachers in the Mages Guild, but they don't have enough books to
teach the children. So she wants you to buy some books, and deliver them, in
particular "Annotated Anuad" and "ABCs for Barbarians", and take them to Vala
Catraso, in the Mages Guild in Ald'ruhn.

Make your way there, any way you like. Guild guide from Foreign Quarter would
most likely be quickest. In Ald'ruhn, Vala is the woman by the temple. Ask her
about people not being able to read, and she'll ask you for the books. If
you've got them, hand them over. She's grateful for them, and your journal
will update. If you return to Ilmeni Dren and talk with her about it, your
journal will update again. But no reward.

-------------- House Hlaalu - The Twin Lamps ---------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

This one has to do with the Twin Lamps, the slave-freeing organization. After
you have freed a certain number of slaves, they will tell you about the Twin
Lamps. 15 slaves, and Jobasha (in Vivec) will tell you, if he trusts you. 20
slaves, and any freed slave will tell you if they trust you. What they'll tell
you is, if someone asks you if you've seen the Twin Lamps, you should reply
that they light the way to freedom.

Now return to Ilmeni Dren and ask her about slavery. She'll ask you if you've
seen the Twin Lamps, so give the right response. Ash, she's glad to see
another Twin Lamps member. She asks you to go to Ald Velothi, and speak with
Galyn Arvel, as the Arvels need your help.

Make your way to Ald Velothi, walking from Gnisis (take the silt strider Vivec
to Balmora, then to Gnisis). Galyn Arvel is on the docks, near the boat, so
ask her about slavery. Yes, she is having trouble. J'Saddha, a Khajiti slave,
was supposed to meet her here to be freed. But he's hiding in ruins east of
here, as there are slavehunters in town.

Eventually, we need to get J'Saddha to the docks... without being seen by the
slavehunters. If you've got some fancy cast invisibility on other spell, you
could cast it on J'Saddha when you get close to town and walk her through like
that. But its easiest to 'retire' the three slavehunters - Anes Hlaren, Garyn
Girith, and Sadal Doren.

Sadal Doren is walking around town with shock-white hair. She'll tell you that
she's looking for a friend, and even if you lie, she won't believe you. Taunt,
and kill. One down. I found Garyn Girith walking around just north-east of
town, with red hair, and dispatched him similarly.

I found Anes Hleran just west of Ienas Arvel's shack. Killed him. Now time to
look for the Daedric ruins. They're just east of town, and you may have seen
them if you were out that way looking for the slavehunters. Take the stairs
up, on the south side, and you'll see J'Saddha waiting there. Talk to him, and
tell him to travel together, then walk him back to the dock.

When he arrives, your journal will update. Return to Ilmeni Dren and tell her
the good news. She will thank you, but there is still more work to be done.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Free Hides-His-Foot ----------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

The slaves on the Dren Plantation suffer the worst out of any slaves.
Therefore, she wants you to visit the plantation and free one of them -
Hides-His-Foot - and escort him to Sterdecan's farm. If you don't know where
the farm is, the slave knows the way.

So head to the Dren Plantation, it's just east of Pelagiad. Walk to Pelagiad
from Seyda Neen, it's quickest, so take the silt strider to Seyda Neen then
walk. Once you get to the plantation, Hides-His-Foot is one of the Khajiit
walking around, but you can't just ask him to travel together, as every guard
in the place (five of them) will jump on you.

So you have to kill them first. All four. Taunt and kill each of them - Manos
Othreleth (wearing a full set of Dwemer armour), Aebondius Jucanis, Mavus Ules
(who holds the key to the storage shack), Hrargal the Crow, and Frinnius
Posuccius (who holds the Dren Plantation slave key).

You can't loot the storage shack, unless you want to kill the person inside.
There's nothing much in there, anyways. So just go talk to Hides-His-Foot, and
agree to travel together. Let the wandering slaves go free, as well. You can't
do much about the ones in houses, as the people will attack you.

This is a long walk, right here. Head north-east out of the Dren Plantation,
and follow the path. Walk straight past the Arvel Plantation. When you see the
pier on your left, walk around past it, across the field. Walk right up to the
farmhouse door, and Hides-His-Foot will thank you, and your journal will
update. Return to Ilmeni Dren, in Vivec.

She is greateful, and will speak to her father on your behalf. She has no more
quests for you to do, but urges that you continue the work of the Twin Lamps.

[11.7] Vivec - Edryno Arethi

Edryno Arethi is located at the south end of Hlaalu Waistworks, in Vivec. It's
not necessary to complete her quests for Grandmaster, but for completeness'
sake, here they are.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Bank Courier -----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

The first quest is simple - Edryno would like you to deliver a report, to
Baren Alen in the Hlaalu Treasury. Easy.

The Hlaalu Treasury is on the other side of the Waistworks, so pass through it
to get to the Vaults. Give the report to Baren Alen, then return to Edryno. As
a reward, Edryno will give you 50 drakes.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Murudius Flaeus's Debt -------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Edryno asks you to collect a debt from Murudius Flaeus, in Hla Oad. He
owes a Hlaalu noble 800 septims, and its your job to recover it. If he won't
give you the money, you have permission to kill him.

Make your way to Hla Oad, by taking the boat from outside Vivec. Murudius
lives on the south side of the pier, on the right when you exit the boat. He's
not willing to give you the money, saying he doesn't have it, so start
intimidating him. We're big tough guy, we eat pieces of shit like him for
breakfast. (We eat pieces of shit for breakfast? NO! Um, anyways...)
Eventually, he'll be so scared he'll just give us a key to a chest under
Fadila's house.

Fadila's house is the next on the dock, so head underneath it and you'll find
a chest hidden in between some rocks. Lo and behold, lots of gold inside!
Return to Edryno, and hand over the money. True to her word, she'll give you

-------------- House Hlaalu - Escort Tarvyn Faren ----------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

There are bandits on the road lately, bothering everyone. Because of them, she
needs an escort for a Hlaalu trader by the name of Tarvyn Faren. You are to
meet him on the road to Pelagiad, just outside Vivec, and escort him to

Make your way around the cantons to the outside of the Foreign Quarter, where
Tarvyn is waiting for you. Agree to travel together, and start walking
(WALKING) towards Pelagiad. Make sure he's still behind you and doesn't get
snagged on anything, the AI on some of these creatures can be terrible.

Turn left at the intersection, following the path to Pelagiad. Cross the two
bridges, then turn right at the next intersection. Follow the paths, and
you're well on your way there.

In Pelagiad, take Tarvyn to the Halfway Tavern. When he's there, your journal
will update, so return to Edryno. She'll give you 500 drakes as a thank-you.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Telvanni at Odirniran --------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5 (10 if you save Vedelea Othril)
Global Reputation Gain: 1

The next lot is not business, but duty. Hlaalu sent a team to a Telvanni base,
but they have not returned. The base was Odirniran, west of Azura's shrine and
south of Nchurdamz. If there are survivors, ask them what needs to be done, if
there aren't, go on a murderous Telvanni massacre. Sounds like fun.

To get there, your best bet would be to walk from Molag Mar, heading due east.
Go around the first little inlet, then walk straight across the second inlet,
if you have a cheap water walking spell. Swim, if you don't, it'll save you a
hell of a lot of time. If you go due east, you'll wind up on a sandy beach,
just north-east of Azura's Shrine, and you'll spot Odirniran.

Inside, follow the path then turn right to come into a room with three people.
One is Remasa Othril, a Hlaalu survivor. Yes, there is trouble with Telvanni
here, a necromancer stole her sister. Can we kill the necromancer and get
Vedelea Othril back? Sure we can. Let's do it.

Take the left path deeper into Odirniran. Disarm and pick the level 30 lock,
then head through. A lot of levelled beasts here, I was fighting bonelords and
other icky things. If you take the left path, you'll find a dead Othril, so
loot her corpse then take the right path out of the main chamber. Another dead
person, with a wicked sword. Sweet. Head through the door, to find the tower.

Kill the creatures inside, then take the path branching right, down the stairs
to find a jail cell. Inside is Vedelea, the woman we were sent to find, so
pick the cell door. She's safe, but won't leave with you until the
necromancer, Milyn Faram, is dead. To find him, we must proceed further into
the tower depths.

- Note: If you're trying to bluff your way through this mission as a
combined Telvanni/Hlaalu, like I am, don't ever draw a weapon when you're in
the room with a Hlaalu member. They'll attack on sight. Just a small tip ;)

At the top of the tower, you'll find the necromancer. Kill him quickly, which
shouldn't be too hard, then loot his home (including all the books, all very
valuable.) When he's dead, return to Vedelea and ask her to accompany you.

It actually doesn't matter if she makes it back to Remasa alive. I ran all the
way back after freeing Vedelea, with a dremora and a bonelord on my tail
because I couldn't draw a weapon. Talk to Remasa about Odirniran, and she will
either be sorry Vedelea is dead (but happy that the necromancer got his just
desserts) or happy to see her sister alive. Your journal will update. Return
to Vivec, and Edryno.

Even if Vedelea died, Edryno will be happy that you released her and killed
the Telvanni. (Well I left the Hlaalu with a contigent of demons, but
anyways...) She'll even give you 1000 drakes.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Exterminator -----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5 (if you killed the game rats also)
10 (if you spared most of them)

The next lot of business has to do with Yngling Half-Troll, a Hlaalu
councillor, and his prized game rats. Some meanie snuck a blighted rat into
his pen, and we are to go and kill them. Kill the blighted ones, which will
attack, but leave the normal ones, which are placid.

Yngling's manor is in the St Olms canton, in Vivec. Enter the top plaza, and
into the manor. The rats are in the basement, so use your key to get in there.
Once inside, the battle music will start but the rats are penned up, so look
around first. Note the letter about Yngling misdirecting funds meant for the
Hlaalu Temple, in Redoran canton.

There are three blighted game rats, and three normal ones. What's annoying is
that all six will attack you, if you get close enough. Try to aim for only the
blighted ones - you can kill some of the normal ones, but spare as many as you
can. When the battle music stops, head back to Edryno for your reward. 1000
drakes, if you did the job well.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Ashlander Ebony --------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Next, Edryno tells you about the main business in Vvardenfell being the ebony
trade. Hlaalu is the only faction to sell ebony, but lately the Zainab camp
have been attempting to. Edryno wants you to contact them, to make sure they
only sell ebony through House Hlaalu.

So where the hell is Zainab? If you check your paper map, it's smack bang in
the middle of the Grazelands. Me, I haven't been there yet in my game, don't
know about you. Anyways, quickest way is to walk from Vos, and getting there
ain't a picnic. From Vivec, take boat to Ebonheart, Ebonheart take boat to
Sadrith Mora, Sadrith Mora take boat to Tel Mora, Tel Mora take boat to Vos.

Once in Vos, you can start making your way south-west towards Zainab. The
roads are pretty clearly defined, and if you get lost, just bush-bash your way
over the hills. Ask anyone in Zainab about the ebony trade, and they will
tell you to speak with gulukhan Ashibaal, in his yurt.

Ashibaal's yurt is one of the five near the campfire, so head in. Ask him
about the ebony trade, and tell him to sell it though Hlaalu. Why? Because
when two compete, the price drops. Duh. Happy happy, he agrees to stand strong
with Hlaalu and sell only to them! Yay!

Return to Edryno and tell her the good news. She'll give you 1000 drakes as a

-------------- House Hlaalu - The Shipwreck "Prelude" ------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Still more business to do... there was a ship wrecked off Azura's Coast about
a year ago, named the Prelude. It'll be hard to find, but it had a Daedric
Wakizashi onboard that Edryno wants. The ship crashed on an island east of Bal
Fell, within two or three islands due east.

Now.... you can head from either Bal Fell or Tel Branora, as the island is
roughly equidistant from both. Here's where it might help to know how to water
walk. If you follow the little trail of islands north-west from Tel Branora,
you'll find it on the third island, which is the second east from Bal Fell.
Found it on your map? Good. Now get there ;)

Inside the wreck, kill the skeleton and the rat, then loot the place. The
hatch to the lower level is under the water. Kill the ancestor ghost on the
lower level, then loot the ship captain's body. Empty the crates, disarm the
chest, then take the daedric wakizashi. Note how much it's worth. Yes, we have
to return it :(

Return to Edryno, any way you see fit. (You could set a magic Mark in her
house, then Recall after every quest.) Give her the wakizashi, and she'll give
you 500 septims as a finders fee. I woulda rather had the wakizashi.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Guard Ralen Tilvur -----------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Lastly, thieves keep breaking into the shop of Ralen Tilvur. Every night for
three nights they've robbed him, and he fears tonight will be the same so
you're to go and protect him, in his shop in the Foreign Quarter.

Visit the Forign Quarter Plaza, and talk to Ralen in his shop. Oh, good
timing, the thief came in right behind you! Kill him quickly (Ralen will
help), then loot his body. Return to Edryno, and she'll give you a thousand
drakes for protecting Ralen.

And that's it for Edryno's quests! Move onto the last stage, Duke Vedam Dren.

[11.8] Ebonheart - Duke Vedam Dren

If you've built your stronghold already, you know how to find Duke Vedam Dren.
He's in the Grand Council chambers in Ebonheart, so make your way from the
docks to the township (near the Argonian and Skyrim missions), across into the
fort, up the stairs, and across to the chambers.

-------------- House Hlaalu - Control the Ordinators -------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

And Vedam cuts right to the chase of business. In order for Hlaalu to survive,
they must find a way to control the Ordinators. Oh, wow. The leader of the
Ordinators is a fanatic, but he thinks you can convince Archcanon Tholer
Saryoni to stop their zeal.

He gives you a key to the Archcanon's private quarters, and tells you that he
can be found in High Fane, in Vivec. So make your way back to Vivec. High Fane
is on top of Temple canton, so if you haven't visited a Temple to join yet,
now might be a good time.

On the left side of High Fane, you'll be able to use the key to open a level
45 lock door. Talk to Tholer about controlling the Ordinators, and he'll
understand your concern but speak about troubling times. Times of Dagoth Ur,
blight, and the Ordinators keep control but have failed at times. For example,
they failed to bring him the Robe of St Roris, a holy relic in the cavern of
Assemanu. If we can bring him the robe, he'll talk to the leader about it.

Assemanu is in the direction of Seyda Neen, so leave Vivec via Hlaalu canton
and take the south road towards Seyda Neen. When you cross a wooden bridge and
enter some swamps, head south and out into the water. You'll be island hopping
for a little while, until you reach the last island with the cavern of

The cavern is infested with ash slaves, who are good at casting nasty magic
spells. This is one of the trickiest missions you'll have to do, all up. Kill
the ash slaves, then proceed directly forward to see the shrine entrance
ahead. A few levitate potions wouldn't go astray, here, necause you'll need
one to get across here.

Inside, you'll meet a pack of four dreamers. They're weak individually, so
just take them out one at a time. Heal up, then proceed forwards for the
toughest battle so far. Across the lava, you'll meet a Dagoth - not Dagoth Ur,
just a normal Dagoth, seems Dagoths are the evil creatures of the world. This
Dagoth uses a lot of poison spells, so if you have something to give you
immunity to poison, the fight will be simple. If not, keep stopping to use
good health potions, because cheap ones simply won't recover your health fast

When he's dead, take his Sixth House Amulet. Now you'll need another levitate
potion, because the robe you want is behind you, on the chest high up in the
rock. Use a potion, get up there quick, because the chest is trapped and 75
locked and if you only have one potion, well, how are you going to get down?

Inside the chest is the Robe of St Roris, a levitation potion (okay you got
lucky), and some gold. Once you've got the robe, take it back to High Fane and
talk to Thelor.

He will be surprised that you have the robe, worn when St Roris was slain and
blessed with his blood. Hand it over, and he will agree to speak with the
Ordinators to curb them just a bit. Return to Duke Vedam Dren.

Talk about controlling the Ordinators, and he will thank you for your work.
You can also get promotion to Councilman now.

- Note: For some reason, I got promoted to Grandmaster without meeting the
requirements even for Councilman. I like this system.

Almost there, one rank to go...

-------------- House Hlaalu - Dealing with Orvas Dren ------------------------

House Reputation Gain: none

If you want to be anything better than Councilman, Vedam warns, you'll have to
win control of the Camonna Tong from his brother, Orvas Dren. Orvas Dren lives
on the Dren plantation, just east of Pelagiad. He'd like you to spare Orvas'
life if you can, but you must reach an accomodation with him.

- Note: You can skip just about every Hlaalu quest there is, by going out on
your own and doing this one, killing Orvas Dren. This will get you a swift
rise up the ranks.

You can actually spare Orvas' life with this one, if you're not bloodthirsty
like me. Head towards the Dren plantation, walking from Vivec might be the
quickest way. Orvas is on the top floor of his villa. Ask him about the
Camonna Tong, but he won't trust you enough to agree to unite the Tong and
Hlaalu. So be nice to him. (Or stab him.) If you get his disposition up way
high (mine was 85), he'll agree to the deal, and thinks you will make
excellent partners. Score.

- Note: Benefits to killing Orvas - the Ebony Cuirass and Daedric Greaves on
the shelf behind him.

Return to Vedam Dren and tell him the good news. Automatically, he'll promote
you to Grandmaster of House Hlaalu. Congratulations, you've just done one of
the hardest things to do in the game, rise to the head of a Great House!




If you've read my game basics section of Factions and Side Quests, you'll know
there are three Great Houses available to join in Morrowind, one corresponding
to each of the three centralized arts, ie. stealth, magic, and combat. Redoran
headquarters are in the town of Ald'ruhn.

- Note: You can only join one of the three Great Houses (without cheating), so
choose the one that best fits your character. ie. the art you specialized in
when creating it.

Your contact in Ald'ruhn is Neminda, just inside Redoran Council Entrance, in
the Manor District of Ald'ruhn. If you ask her about House Redoran, you'll
have the option of joining.

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

Favoured Skills (S1/S2): Athletics, Spear, Long Blade, Heavy Armour,
Medium Armour, Armorer

Rank SPD AGI S1 S2 Rep
Hireling 30 30 0 0 0
Retainer 30 30 10 0 5
Oathman 30 30 20 0 10
Lawman 30 30 30 5 20
Kinsman 30 30 40 10 30
House Cousin 31 31 50 15 45
House Brother 32 32 60 20 60
House Father 33 33 70 25 80
Councilman 34 34 80 30 100
Archmaster 35 35 90 35 125

[12.1] Ald'ruhn - Neminda

-------------- House Redoran - Mudcrab Pests ---------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

The first Redoran quest for you is a simple one. Drulene Falen's guar herd is
being attacked by hostile mudcrabs, and she needs your help in eliminating

Neminda gives you some directions to the farm, but they can be kinda vague
(Especially if you get your east and west confused like I did, and head
straight for Red Mountain.) Take the west path out of Ald'ruhn, through the
gates, and head straight to the signposted intersection. When you get there,
head towards Maar Gan, in the general direction of Gnisis, then follow signs
to Gnisis. Soon you'll get out of the horrid sandstorms of the Ashlands and
into the nice West Gash region, when you get to the hills.

When you get to an intersection in the hills, take a right (the south-west
Neminda spoke of) then just after, at the signposts, take a left and head
towards Balmora/Caldera. At the next intersection, take a right. You should
end up very close to Andasreth, on the map, so if you have a paper map, check
your progress on it. At the end of the path, you'll see three guars, and
Drulene Faren, near a hut.

- That had to be the most confusing walk I'd ever been on. I got lost three

There's a pair of hostile mudcrabs that have been hurting her guar, just the
other day they dragged one away. They come from the coast to the south-west,
so we'll have to head that way. From Drulene's hut, head due south to find the
path (cross the first mini-path and keep heading south to find a real one),
then follow it to the west. You'll find a swamp, and, on the other side,
a dead guar with two mudcrabs nearby. Kill the two mudcrabs, then go back and
talk to Drulene. She'll offer you two Hackle-Lo leaves for your trouble, like
a local Morrowind drug to calm you down.

Return to Neminda and tell her the good news. Ask for advancement to Retainer,
if you've got the skills, then get some more duties.

-------------- House Redoran - Deliver Cure Disease Potion -------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Neminda needs someone to deliver a Cure Disease potion, to Theldyn Virith in
Ald Velothi. Theldyn Virith has no official title, he just keeps the peace
over there and apparently really really needs this el cheapo potion that he
could pick up for ten septims. If you ask Neminda how to get to Ald Velothi,
she'll tell you a good way would be to take the silt strider to Gnisis, and
walk directly north from there.

Visit the silt strider and travel to Gnisis. Once there, take the east path
out of town and follow the path along, watching the signposts to Ald Velothi.
Cross the narrow bridge on your way north (which is so narrow I missed it
first time round, followed the path and ended up back in Gnisis), then
another, then turn right at the intersection, and right again. Left at the T,
then right (near Synette Julie). Just follow the signs, you can't really get

Theldyn Virith is in the Outpost, the first building on the right you'll see
when you arrive in Ald Velothi. Give him the potion, and he indicates that you
might be back here in a few days for some more quests from him. (Hmm.) Return
to Neminda and report back, but she gives you no rewards :( Grab advancement

-------------- House Redoran - Find Mathis Dalobar ---------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Now apparently a Redoran trader has gone missing... Neminda needs someone to
locate Mathis Dalobar. He comes through Ald'ruhn every month, but must've
missed a month, cuz apparently he's on his way to Maar Gan or Gnisis. We're
supposed to go to Maar Gan and talk to the people there, see if anyone knows
what happened to him.

Right-o. Good news is, silt strider goes straight to Maar Gan. Once you get
there, the locals will wonder if maybe Mathis got stuck in the ash storm. What
ash storm? That's why you always consult local traders for information, those
guys seem to get around. In Andus Tradehouse, people are talking about seeing
someone leading a pack of guar in the ash storm, taking refuse in Rothan
Tomb. Time to go find the bugger.

Take the road west out of Maar Gan. Just after you see Fonus Rathryon on the
side of the road, hang a right and head straight up the hill. At the top of a
steep climb you'll find the Rothan Ancestral Tomb. Alternatively, you can
take the first right outside then turn left and follow the path left, to find
the tomb. Enter to find Mathis Dalobar at the bottom of the staircase.

Talk to him to find out about the ash storm, and suggest that you travel
togeter back to Maar Gan. Walk back the way you came - you can run in spurts,
but not too far or you'll lose him following you, as you run faster than he

He wants to be taken back to the shrine, on the east side of Maar Gan. As soon
as you enter, he'll thank you and your journal will update. So go back to
Ald'ruhn and report to Neminda. No promotions. No rewards. More quests.
Redoran rewards suck.

-------------- House Redoran - Founder's Helm --------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Now a Founder's Helm has been stolen by an evil evil Hlaalu from a Redoran
tomb. The thief is Alvis Teri; and he spends his days at the Eight Plates, in
Balmora. We are to confront him and get the helm, but not to murder him. Like
always, self defence is okay, but not murder. Got it? Good.

Take the silt strider back to Balmora, and visit the Eight Plates. Inside, in
the main room, you kinda can't miss Alvis - he's the one decked out in full
armour. Ask him about the helm, but he's not going to give it to another
stupid Redoran.

This quest can be a breaking point for new characters in the game. You have
two choices - Make him like you, so he'll hand the helm over, or make him try
to kick your ass so you can kill him in self-defense. Neither is particularly
good, and both require decent use of Speechcraft (admiring, bribing, or
taunting). If you go via the fighting option, he's harder than any of the wild
animals you've faced so far in your stint with House Redoran.

If you can bring his disposition up to 75, he'll hand over the Founder's Helm.
If you kill him, he doesn't have a choice in whether he hands it over or not
;) If you can't do either.... um.... go do some other quests for a while.
Look! Over there! *runs*

Either way, get the helm from him, and take it back to Neminda. She will be
happy that you did not shame House Redoran, and promote you to Lawman if you
have the skills.

-------------- House Redoran - Trouble With Bandits --------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Uh oh, Drulene Falen's in trouble again, Neminda reports. Trouble with bandits
this time, not hostile mudcrabs. Go talk to her, to get more info about the

Luckily we've already been there once, so the confusing path is on our map
already. When you get there, ask her about the bandits, and she'll tell you
that they've come from the south and taken her best guar. They might be coming
from a cave or a tomb, so we should go check.

Following the path we followed last time, head directly south. Instead of
turning right though, keep going south and just over the hill you'll find two
guar protecting a tomb. Telvayn Ancestral Tomb.

Save up and get healthy before entering. Inside, a rat will greet you first,
kill it. The next room holds two rats. Really scary. The next holds the two
bandits - both really weak, so just stand your ground and stab them to death.
Loot the tomb for a few goodies, then return to Drulene Falen. She'll thank
you, and give you two more hackle-lo leaves. Go back to Neminda, who will
again thank you but give you jack shit for all your hard work. Poopy.

-------------- House Redoran - Guard Sarethi Manor ---------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Your next quest, as Redoran, is to protect a Redoran councillor. (Funny bout
that.) Athyn Serathi lives in Serathi Manor, in the main Manor District,
second door on the right, so run there and protect him until the cavalry
arrives. Standard operation procedure.

Inside, you'll find two dead Redoran guards on the floor - feel free to loot
their corpses. Speak with Athyn Sarethi - the confused guy standing over them.
The assassins have already taken his guards, and he fears he is next - here
they come!

This might actually be a tough battle - well it is for my level 4 Nord. If you
have a power like Woad, or any shield spell, use it here if you're not at a
high enough level, and keep a few Restore Health potions on hand (I used two
Cheap ones and got away with it.)

The two assassins were Arsyn Salas and Gragus Lleran, feel free to loot their
corpses too. Talk to Athyn again after the two assassins are dead (the bastard
wouldn't even defend himself, he let us do all his dirty work) and he'll agree
that he is in your debt, so you should tell Neminda that he is safe. Will do.

She'll give you 200 drakes, and promote you to Kinsman as well.

Neminda has no more duties for you now, so if you wish to advance further, she
suggests that you talk to one of the councillors to sponsor you. You may also
wish to speak with Faral Retheran in Vivec, for more duties. But ask her about
advancement, and she'll tell you exactly who to see ;) Athyn Sarethi. But
first, to Faral.

[12.2] Vivec - Faral Retheran

Looking for Faral in the sprawlingness that is Vivec? Well, Redoran canton
might be a good place to start ;) In Redoran canton, ask around about 'someone
in particular' and you'll be told that Faral Retheran, the treasurer is in
the Redoran Vaults.

Well technically, she's not. She's in the Treasury, next door to the Vaults,
in the Redoran Plaza. So visit her :)

-------------- House Redoran - Meril Hlaano's Slanders -----------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Oh, the shame, the shame, the son of a Hlaalu noble has slandered House
Redoran! How DARE he! Well we're gonna pay him a little visit, and make him
withdraw the slander!

The son in question is Meril Hlaano, at the Eight Plates in Balmora. You may
have seen him in your last visit to the Eight Plates. Ask him about slander,
and he'll tell you not to make him mad or he'll say what he thinks of you too.
Oh, boohoo.

So start persuading him, being nice to him. If your Speechcraft isn't high,
grab some Telvanni bug musk or just bribe him like I did. When his disposition
is over 75, ask him about slander again. Oh, alright, he withdraws the
slander. Yay!

Return to Faral and tell her this. As a reward, you will get the Holy Shield.
Alternatively, you could have taunted and killed him to stop his slanders, but
this would have gotten you no reward and no house reputation.

-------------- House Redoran - Redas Tomb ------------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Next, the last surviving member of the Redas family bequeathed their family
treasures to House Redoran... but left them in their tomb when they died. So
Faral wants you to go to Redas Tomb, and retrieve the family treasures.

The Redas Ancestral Tomb, Faral tells you, is just south of Molag Mar, but
you'll have to go around the mountains. Follow them west, then east, and the
tomb is set into the side of a mountain. You're to go there, retrieve the
Redas War Axe, Redas Chalice, and Redas Robe of Deeds.

So make your way to Molag Mar, by taking either boat or silt strider from
outside the Foreign Quarter. Silt strider would be best, because it gets you
closer to the path. From the silt strider, take the path north-west, then
follow it west (like the directions said). The path will curve around to the
south, past the Raviro Ancestral Tomb (guarded by skeleton).

Head down onto the beach, then traverse around the mountains to head south (if
you're careful, you can avoid the water completely). Eventually, a path will
appear on the left, so follow it on. Ignore the daedric ruins on your right,
and follow the path to find a small camp and the tomb.

Inside the tomb we have... a scamp? Not a nice surprise for my level 1
character. And at level 9 I found a fire atronach! Not fair! Anyways, take the
path on the left, and follow it (killing more levelled creatures... dremoras!
Argh!) to find the pool of water. Descend, and swim along the path to find the
room with some more scamps and the Redas War Axe. Right.

Back in the main room, head back to where you found the first scamp and go
through the door. The Goblet and Robe of Deeds are on the altar (and the Robe
might be worth equipping!) Once you've got all three, make your way back to
Vivec, to speak with Faral.

Give the three items to her (awww there goes my constant effect!) and you get
zero reward. Ouch. Can't I at least keep the robe?

-------------- House Redoran - Duel of Honor ---------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Now, there was supposed to be a duel between two nobles, one Redoran, one
Hlaalu. However, the Redoran noble didn't show up - shaming House Redoran.
(These guys are heavily into honour and stuff. Me, I'm into killing.) So we're
to track down the noble, Rothis Nethan, and persuade him to attend the duel.

He's somewhere here in Redoran canton, apparently. Ask about the duel, and
you'll be told thet he's in the Flowers of Gold, a club in the Waistworks. So
head out of the Plaza, down a floor, to the club.

At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find Rothis. Speak to him about the duel,
and he'll agree to participate... if only you bring him 10 standard potions of
healing, so he has a chance of winning. They're sold in Redoran canton Temple,
by Relms Gilvilo.

I hope you've got a few drakes spare in your back pocket. Head back to the
waistworks, and down one more floor to find the Temple Shrine (if you don't
already have the potions). I got the drakes from Relms for 270 drakes, but you
may be more cunning than I. Take them back to Rothis, and he'll agree to meet
you at the Arena for the duel - he'll show up this time, promise!

So make you rway over to Arena canton, to the pit to watch the duel. True to
his word, Rothis does show up - and gets his ass royally pounded. Don't
interfere, just watch. Then loot his body lol, and make your way back to
Faral. Heh, even though Rothis got beaten, you have saved Redoran from the
shame of the non-appearance. Uh, good job?

And that's all for you, until you're a House Brother. So go and visit Athyn
Sarethi, now, like Neminda instructed.

[12.3] Ald'ruhn - Athyn Sarethi

Yeah, I know we were just here before. But we're back again - to seek Athyn
Sarethi as our sponsor.

-------------- House Redoran - Rescue Varvur Sarethi -------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Ah, before Athyn will sponsor you in Great House Redoran, you must do him a
favour. Archmaster Venim holds his son hostage, for a crime he didn't commit.
If we want Athyn to sponsor us, we must rescue his son, Varvur.

If you've done the main quest of the game before (not as a member of Redoran)
you'll know that this same quest pops up there. Therefore I can do a pretty
much shoddy copy-and-paste job from the MQ walkthrough, eh.

Venim Manor is the first manor to your right when you enter the Manor
District. Don't bother talking with anyone about Varvur, for they will just
get angry and refuse to speak with you. Take the right path to get to the
right wing, then at the bottom of the stairs, turn right. Ah, there's just a
wall hanging, you say. Look behind it to find a level 50 locked door. Pick it
(you should be unseen) and enter. (If you're at low levels, this may be tough.
Got any Ondusi's Open Door scrolls handy? Or a master's lockpick?)

This is pretty stupidly done, IMO. You have to get Varvur out of there, but
every guard in the place will chase you. Walk slowly and make your way
straight out the way you came. Guards will chase you, but ignore them and keep
going to get back to Manor District.

Walk Varvur back to Sarethi Manor, and take him all the way up to Athyn. Your
journal will automatically update, so talk to Athyn abour Varvur for him to
agree to sponsor you. You can now come to him for duties and advancement. But
he wants a day or two to think of duties. Leave the room and come back.
That'll fix that little time-delay problem ;)

-------------- House Redoran - Clear Varvur Sarethi's Name -------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

But little Varvur is in trouble again... damn kid. He's been accused of the
foul murder of Bralen Carvaren. He doesn't think Varvur did it, but the
evidence is persuasive. And you're gonna get to the bottom of the mystery -
starting with speaking with Varvur, in his room in the Guard Quarters.

Now, these guard quarters are fun. Apart from Varvur, they're completely empty
so feel free to loot the three empty bedrooms, and the crates of weapons. And
all the spears. Fun fun fun. Then speak to Varvur. Ask him about his friend
Bralen, and he'll tell you he didn't do it, even though the guards found him
near the body... but he does have bad dreams sometimes.

Oh? Bad dreams? Sometimes he killed the guy in his dreams. Uh... not good. He
was having the dreams before he died, and they started at the time he got the
ash statue over there. Hmmm.... suspicious ash statue. Take it and show it to

He wants you to take the statue to someone at the Temple, see what they can
figure out about it. Perhaps Lloros Santos? So take it to the Temple, outside
the Manor District, on the east side of town. Lloros is on the room on the
right, so speak to him. Ask him about the ash statue, then click the Bralen
Carvaren topic. Give him the statue, and he'll check it out. It has a strange
enchantment on it, it may have influenced him to kill his friend. He may
still be under the influence of the statue. So get him to come here to the
Temple to be checked out. He also hints that we can return to him for more
quests, the first of which is finding where the ash statues are coming from.

Speak with Athyn about the new revelations, and he thanks you for solving the
mystery. Hey, anytime pal. We looted your place. And you're thanking us.

-------------- House Redoran - Ondres Nerano's Slanders ----------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

More slanders now. Ondres Nerano, a Hlaalu noble, has been spreading rumours
that Archmagister Bolyn Venim was sleeping around with other councillor's
wives. Athyn doesn't like Bolyn Venim, but can't let the accusation stand as
he is a councillor himself. So we are to visit Ondres Nerano, in Balmora, and
demand that he withdraw his slander. If he won't, challenge him to a duel. But
do not murder him.

Take the silt strider from Ald'ruhn to Balmora, and visit Ondres Nerano in his
home of Nerano Manor. It's on the north-west side of town, near the Eight
Plates. Inside, speak with him about slanders, and he'll tell you that even
though what he said was true, he'll challenge you to a duel anyways. So do it!

He's pretty weak, as you'll find out, fighting only with his fists. So beat
him up, and as he draws his last breaths, he'll withdraw his statements about
Archmagister Venim. Good. Wait! He didn't die! Grrrr..... but the deed is

Make your way back to Ald'ruhn, and tell Athyn what happened. Good job, you
defeateed him in a duel, kept your honour, and stopped him from slandering
again. Where's my reward? :(

-------------- House Redoran - Shurinbaal ------------------------------------

House Reputatin Gain: 5

Next, there are smugglers operating near the coast, in the cave of Shurinbaal.
It's south-west of Gnaar Mok, and he'll mark Gnaar Mok on your map (if it
isn't already marked). The smugglers are lead by a Dunmer named Daroder and a
Redguard named Enjine - kill them both and report back. However, they may also
have a contact here in Ald'ruhn. Worthy of investigating.

You can either walk to Gnaar Mok, or get there by boat - quickest connection
is in Khuul, silt strider to Khuul, boat to Gnaar Mok. Now, the island Gnaar
Mok is on simply isn't very big. Seeing as the cave is west, it's not on the
mainland. So circle the island until you find the cave of Shurinbaal, partly
submerged in the water. Save and enter.

Enjine is just inside the doorway, so beat her up and loot her corpse. There's
more smugglers than just the two leaders, however, and on your way in you'll
also find Sethesi Adas, Talamu Sethandas, Gancolm, and Dovrosi Varyon. Geez,
this is a TOUGH one! Hope you can save and recover after every battle.....
after each battle, run back to the entrance to the cave, and rest near the
door, away from enemies. Then head forward and keep fighting.

If you turn right and swim through the water, you'll find Crottus Cedas and
Galtis Serethi. Lots of good looting to be done, there. Pile it all up in the
intersection, and come back to it later.

Through the gated door straight ahead (disarm it first), you'll find the last
two baddies to kill. Eponis Vinipter and Daroder Helni, and you can't avoid a
two-on-one battle with them. Once they're dead, that's when the REAL looting
begins. They're smugglers, so here's their base of operations. Look at the
goodies. *drools*

Use patented dungeon-looting technique to get it all away to your base of
operations. Then, when all the smugglers are dead, report back to Athyn
Sarethi. Good job, matey.

--------- House Redoran - The Mad Lord Of Milk/Delyna Mandas in Tel Fyr ------

House Reputation Gain: 5 (if you kill Arethan), 10 (if you cure him)

Now a former noble in House Redoran has gone off his rocker, claiming to be
the Lord of West Gash. He demands tributes from travellers on the way to Maar
Gan, which of course is completely unacceptable. So he needs someone to stop
Mad Lord Arethan Mandas.

He'll give you directions to the cave of Milk, where Arethan is hiding. On the
Ald'ruhn-Caldera road, two crossroads marked by signposts are very close to
one another. Head west from the Gnisis sign on the west signpost, and you'll
spot the cave north to Milk.

However, Athyn would like to see Arethan's madness cured, rather than killed.
So he suggests visiting Ebonheart, to speak with Arethan's father, Llerar
Mandas. You can take this option, or simply head straight to Milk and off
Arethan. I'll go for the curing option, as it offers the better faction
reputation gain. This method is also part of a quest from Faral Retheran,
after you reach the rank of House Brother.

The quickest way to get to Ebonheart would be through Vivec, so either take
Mages Guild/silt strider to Vivec, then the boat to Ebonheart. Alternatively,
you could go seaward by taking silt strider to Khuul, then boats south. In
Ebonheart, make your way westward to find the Grand Council Chambers. Enter,
and Llerar should be right in front of you. Speak with him about his son, and
he knows that his madness was caused by the capture of his daughter Delyna

Oh? She's being held captive in Tel Fyr, and he doesn't want to lose his
grandchild to the Telvanni. So we're off to Tel Fyr to rescue her. Quickest
way to Tel Fyr is to take the boat to Sadrith Mora. Make sure to get something
to make you levitate while you're there, because you'll need them in Tel Fyr.
Also grab some good lockpicking tools/scrolls/spells. Then, waterwalk or swim
southwest to reach Tel Fyr.

Inside, speak with anyone about Delyna Mandas and they'll tell you to speak
with Divayth Fyr, owner of the place. And you'll need to be able to fly to get
to him. See? I'm psychic. Take the hallway up to the Tower of Tel Fyr, then
levitate up the chute. At the top, you'll find Divayth in a side room. Ask him
about Delyna Mandas, and he won't have a clue who she is, but suggests you
look in the Corprusarium downstairs.

How nice of him to tell you you need to visit the Corprusarium, when Delyna
isn't even there. She IS downstairs, but locked up behind the locked and
trapped golden door opposite the Corprusarium entrance. It's level 60 locked,
which is why I suggested bringing the good china. No-one will care when you
pick the lock and disarm the trap, so do so.

Inside is Delyna Mandas. She wants to travel together out of the tower, so do
it and walk her outside. Just walk slowly, she tends to get caught between
things. Outside, she'll thank you and offer you a locket to take to her
father, the Mad Lord of Milk. That's part one done. However, seeing as
rescuing Delyna Mandas is originally a quest from Faral Retheran (and just
happens to tie into the Milk quest) it'll stay on your radar until you finish
it with Faral.

Now, for the second quest. Heading to Milk. (Where do they come up with these
names? I bet you a developer was drinking milk at the time.) You were given
directions before, to follow the Ald'ruhn-Caldera road. Easiest way to get
there is walk back to Sadrith Mora, and guild-guide to Caldera or Ald'ruhn. Or
Recall, if you Marked in front of Athyn Sarethi as I did. I always mark in
front of quest givers. Saves time.

Anyways, from Ald'ruhn, follow the way you went to Drulene's place. Ignore all
signs to Caldera until I tell you ignore my instructions to ignore the
signposts. Remember I gave you directions to Drulene's, for a quick right then
left in West Gash? They're the two signposts close together that Athyn refers
to ;) At the second of the two signposts, the road to Gnisis is marked to the
west. Follow that road until you see giant-mother-of-a-tree on right side of
the road, a couple of meters down. Behind the tree is a narrow path up a hill.
Follow it and you'll come to the cavern of Milk. Save and enter.

Inside, no-one's really happy to see you. You can go on an all-out killing
spree, starting with the first tough guy clad in bonemold armour, or simply
make a run for Arethan Mandas. I choose to fight, cuz I'm carrying a companion
who fights whether I like it or not...

After five or six icky fights, you'll come to the lone non-hostile, Arethan
Mandas. Talk to him, and give him Delyna's locket. He'll realize the error of
his ways, and call all his guards (which guards? The ones I left for dead?)
away from harrassing travellers. Yay.

Return to Athyn, and he will be surprised, saying he didn't think it could be
done. But no other reward. You know, lucky I make a lot of money looting
smuggler caves, because Redoran rewards are crap.

That's it for duties from Athyn for now, because the time has come for you to
earn the support of some other councillors, and start building a stronghold.

And now that you're a House Brother, you can return to Faral Retheran and
complete the rest of her quests. Llaros Sarano, in the Ald'ruhn Temple, has
quests for you. And Theldyn Virith, the man you visited in Ald Velothi, has
quests for you by the time you finish Neminda's quests, which was quite a
while ago. Pick and choose which you want to do. I'll do them in the order I
listed them ;) Ahoy stronghold!

[12.4] Stronghold - Indarys Manor

Ask any Redoran member (including Athyn) for info on strongholds, and he'll
tell you to speak woth Galsa Gindu, in the Redoran Council Hall. (Past where
Neminda is.) You'll find her place in the maze of the hall, I always get
confused. Ask her about strongholds to start yourself off.

-------------- House Redoran - Stronghold ------------------------------------

To start with, you'll need 5000 gold and a construction contract. You can get
the contract from Duke Vedam Dren, she says.

First, for Vedam Dren. He can be found in Ebonheart, in the Grand Council
chambers. If you don't know where it is, it's at the very west of town, and
you'll need to climb the stairs in the courtyard just opposite the Argonian
Mission to get there.

Be in suitable awe in his presence, as this is one of the most important men
in Vvardenfell. Then ask him about the construction contract, and he won't be
sure about the idea. Tell him you'll vow to do what you can for his people,
and he'll give you the contract.

5000 gold should be straightforward. If you've gotten this far in House
Redoran, and done any pilfering along the way, you'll have had and sold about
ten full sets of bonemold armour, plus any smuggling artifacts. My character
has 20000 gold saved up right now. If you don't have 5000 gold... May I
suggest you either go finding stuff and selling it, or looting some caves? It
shouldn't be too hard.

When you've got both, return to Galsa. She'll take them, and order stage 1 of
your stronghold construction to begin. It should take about a week, so you've
got plenty of time to kill. Skip down the page and do a few other quests while
you wait :)

Your journal will automatically update itself when stage 1 is complete. When
it does, go back and see Galsa again. She wants you to check up on the
progress of your stronghold, and will mark its location on your map. It's
being built at Bal Isra, north-west of Ald'ruhn, and is a long but easy walk
from either Ald'ruhn or Maar Gan.

Head there, and when you reach the square on your map, turn and head east up
the hill to find the construction. Speak with the foreman, Bugdul
gro-Kharbush, and he'll tell you to report to Galsa that everything's on
schedule. No you can't look inside yet, either. So return to Ald'ruhn, and
speak with Galsa again. She's happy to hear that it will be finished soon. Go
kill some more time until your journal updates again. When it does, return to
Galsa to start stage 2 of the building process.

If you wish to build the next stage of your stronghold, you must hire guards
to garrison it. She tells you to speak with Percius Mercius, at the Ald'ruhn
Fighters Guild, as he would probably know a few good Redoran fighters out of

You'll find Percius downstairs at the Guildhouse, so ask him about hiring
guards. He knows a guy who knows a guy that'll do it, but you have to do him a
favour first. His friend, Frelene Acques, is in prison in Vivec, and you are
to rescue her first. Great.

Make your way to Vivec, to Hlaalu canton (because that's where he said she
was). You'll find the prison cells through the Treasury, in the Waistworks.
Frelene is all by her lonesome in her cell, so speak with her, and she'll
present you with two options. One - pick the lock on the door, beat down an
Ordinator and make a run for it. No good. Two - find a key for the lock and
she'll sneak out on her own volition. Better idea.

Now, there are two keys to her door. One is on the table near the Ordinator,
one is on the far table in the opposite corner. Guess which one we're gonna
take. Press Sneak, and you should have the sneak icon, standing near the far
table. Swipe the key, give it to Frelene. She'll be happy, and make plans for
her escape in a few days time. In the meantime, we should return to Percius.

Speak to him again about hiring guards and he'll agree to have a few of his
best men sent to your stronghold. Return to Galsa and tell her the good news.
She'll agree to start the next stage of construction. Stage 2 complete. Again,
time to kill until stage 3 rolls around.... Go do some other quests, lots of
Redoran stuff to do in the game.

When your journal updates, go see Galsa again. She'll tell you to go speak to
Hetman Guls, at your stronghold, to see what you can do to attract more
settlers. So make your way north to Bal Isra once again.

You'll find Hetman patrolling around out the front. The stronghold's grown
now, with a nice surrounding wall. You can even enter and peek inside. Your
new home! Yay! Anyways, speak with Hetman about attracting settlers, and he'll
tell you that the town would prosper if there were more women. All the single
men, they get so lonely and need wives! Umm...

He suggests you search Ald'ruhn for single women, or alternatively buy some
slaves from Tel Aruhn and bring them here (as long as they're not Khajiit,
Argonian, or Orc). Um, we'll just go look for the single ladies, thanks. Make
your way back to Ald'ruhn and start questioning women.

You'll be pointed towrds two women in particular - Fathusa Girethi, in the Ald
Skar Inn, and Aryni Orethi, who just wanders around town.

Speak with Fathusa about needing wives, and she'll be skeptical about leaving
Ald'ruhn unless you can convince her well. Get her disposition up to 80, and
she'll be amazed that there's a dozen eligible men at Indarys Manor and she
can have her pick. Teehee, we're getting good at the fibbing. She'll agree,
and make plans to leave. Talk to Aryni and do the same thing, and she'll agree
to go to Indarys Manor on her own. Suh-weet. Done. Make your way back to Bal
Isra and speak with the Hetman about the wives.

He'll be glad to hear that they're coming, and maybe even think about taking a
wife himself. This is what we needed to hear. Return to Ald'ruhn and speak
with Galsa yet again. She'll order the final stage of construction. Suh-weet.
When your journal updates itself again, your manor will be complete and fully
usable. It's out in the middle of nowhere, but it's legally all yours. Enjoy!

[12.5] Vivec - Faral Retheran

And we're back in Vivec, looking for Faral again. She hasn't moved, she's
still in the Redoran Treasury ;)

-------------- House Redoran - Slay Dagoth Tanis -----------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

For Faral's next assignment, she wants you to go investigate the Dunmer
stronghold of Falasmaryon. It's been taken over by Dagoth Tanis - a member of
the 6th House! They sent a Buoyant Armiger, Irer Nervion, to take care of the
dagoth, but he has not returned. Obviously, he failed at the task. So we're to
go to Falasmaryon, slay Dagoth Tanis, and find the Armiger's ring as proof of

You're given the location of Falasmaryon - north-east of Maar Gan. Head to
Maar Gan via silt strider. From there, head south-east past Huleen's hut (head
west out of town then turn around past the silt strider to head east), then
turn left at the intersection two steps down the road. Once you hit the
foyada, turn left and go north-west. It's a pretty straightforward path to
Falasmaryon, take the first left, then follow the general path and you should
reach the big Dunmer stronghold. (If you're as bad as me, you'll only find
four hostiles along the road...)

Missun Akun, in his hut on top of the stronghold, is the master trainer for
Marksman, so if you've got an archer, you can train them up good here. If not,
just save and enter the lower level of the stronghold.

Follow the path around (it's a bit dark in here but there's only one path)
until you see the door on the left. Enter it, kill the beast inside (I found a
lame corprus) and then you'll find Irer Nervion's body. Task 1 complete. Take
the ring, and the glass armour (oh kool), then head out and keep following the
path. You'll find the random assortment of baddies, if you're at a right
level, they'll be things like lame corprus, corprus stalkers, the odd dagoth.
Ignore the stairs leading down, but take the next right.

Inside, you'll find two enemies and Dagoth Tanis. And this fight is hard. You
really need to be equipped well with good weaponry, because he with his 6th
House amulet and nasty weapon will hit you hard. Keep scoffing health potions
if you need them, I went through five standard ones. When he's dead, take his
Robe of Ascension. Then start making the painful journey back to Vivec.

Report your victory to Faral, and hand over the ring. As a reward, Faral will
give you her own ancestor ring. Exactly the same as the one we coughed up,

-------------- House Redoran - Kill Reynel Uvirith ---------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Seems the Telvanni are naughty, expanding all over Vvardenfell, much to the
dismay of House Redoran. So we're being sent to deal with the owner of the
Telvanni stronghold, Reynel Uvirith. The stronghold of Tel Uvirith is built on
Uvirith's Grave, west of Tel Fyr and northwest of Erabenimsun camp. In other
words, the middle of sweet nowhere.

If you've done any freelance work for the Morag Tong lately, you'll have an
idea of where this is and how to get there. The easiest way to get anywhere
near there is to take a boat to Sadrith Mora, from Sadrith Mora to Tel Mora,
Tel Mora to Tel Aruhn, then to swim like you never swum before. It's twice as
confusing as it sounds, and twice as time consuming. Water Walking or
Levitation spells would help out enormously.

Once you're on the mainland, head south-west towards Uvirith's Grave. It's a
giant Telvanni tower structure, rather hard to miss in amongst the rocks of
Molag Amur.

- Note: If you had chosen to be part of Telvanni instead of Hlaalu, this
stronghold could have been yours.

In the tower, take the right path up, and Reynel is the only one home. She
will attack on sight, with the power of magic, meaning you and all your good
equipment can kill her faster than you can say boo. So take her out quickly.
Loot the body, then loot the tower, then go all the way back to Vivec to see
Faral. She thanks you profusely. Moving right along...

-------------- House Telvanni - Kill Raynasa Rethan --------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Next, Faral will tell you that Hlaalu is also expanding at an alarming rate.
So we're told to visit Rethan Manor, home of the young Hlaalu noble Raynasa
Rethan, and slay her.

To get to Rethan, follow the Odai River south from Balmora. Past the Shulk Egg
Mine, it will appear on your left, on the west side of the river. Enter, and
the Hlaalu members inside will not want to speak with you, but will not be
hostile. Prepare yourself well, then head up the stairs.

Raynasa is armed with a bevy of spells (spells? For a thief character?), so
you'd best be well prepared. It's not that hard, not even as hard as Dagoth
Tanis (though harder than Reynel Uvirith). When she's dead, take everything
she's got.

Loot the room, making sure to grab the ebony weaponry on the shelf, and the
ebony longsword on the table. Then return to Vivec, and report Raynasa's...
unfortunate death. No reward for you, however :( And that's the end of her

(Note: Come back to her as Archmaster, and she'll give you back all the
artifacts you recovered, such as the ones from the Redas Ancestral Tomb.

[12.6] Ald'ruhn - Lloros Sarano

Lloros is a devout Temple member, but also a member of House Redoran. He'll
give you a few little quests, one of which builds into the main Redoran quest

-------------- House Redoran - Ash Statue ------------------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

If you've completed Athyn Sarethi's quest involving the death of Braren
Carvaren, you will have visited Lloros with a strange statue. After this, if
you ask him about duties, he'll ask you to see if you can find out where the
statue came from.

Varvur doesn't really know. So start asking around town. I found the person in
this quest quite by accident, I tell you. In the Rat in the Pot, you can ask a
guy in the sub-level called Galtis Guvron about the statues. Whoops, he didn't
like that. So he decides to attack you before you can prove him guilty.

Kill him, and take the ash statues and suspicious note from his corpse. Return
to Lloros and tell him the news on the statues. He knows who the Hanarai
refers to - Hanarai Assutlanipal, an ashlander living here in Ald'ruhn. He
gives us some stuff, and tells us to go talk to Hanirai.

Outside, Hanirai lives directly in front of the Temple. Draw your sword, save
and enter. Ask her about the ash statues, and she cracks it in the same
fashion as Galtis. So kill her too. I don't like killing people but these guys
deserve it!

Return to Lloros, and he will be glad that the source of the ash statues has
been shut down. Yay to you!

-------------- House Redoran - Find Fedris Theran ----------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

Nextly, a Temple pilgrim left Ald'ruhn some weeks ago on the Ruddy Man
pilgrimage and hasn't been seen since. So we're being sent to find out what
happened to Fedris Tharen.

For those of you that don't know Temple pilgrimages, Ruddy Man is in Koal
Cave, just south of Gnisis, across the river. Make your way to Gnisis, then
head south across the river. Follow the path that goes under the arch, and you
should come to Fedris Tharen, standing partway down a hill (that the green
grass does follow). He feels ill, you see. If you have a potion of Cure Common
Disease, give it to him. If not, go back to Gnisis and buy one, it's not a
long walk.

Um, that's all we have to do? We found him. We fixed him. Head back to
Ald'ruhn. Lloros will give you four Cure Common Disease potions, to make up
for the one we had to give Fedris. But there's no option for advancement, so
you'll have to go see a house steward for that.

-------------- House Redoran - Find Beden Giladren ---------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

Yet ANOTHER pilgrim has gone missing. Are these pilgrims stupid? This one's
Beden Giladren, and he was on his way from Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan, ostensibly to
make the pilgrimage there. (Temple members will know the one.)

Firstly, did he actually make it to Maar Gan? Only way to find out is go there
and ask. Hop on a strider there, and visit the Shrine. Tralas Rendas will tell
you he knows the name, an Ashlander came by recently with the name, and
directions to Beden's camp. West out of Maar Gan, towards the mountains, then
south along the mountains towards his camp. Alrighty. Let's go!

Head west out of town, and simply follow the path straight along. There'll be
a few branches to the left, but the path straight does turn and follow the
mountains to the south which is what we wanted anyways. Eventually you'll come
to a small Ashlander camp on the right side of the road. If you don't see it,
you'll see the big boulder in the middle of the path, in front of the hut.

The woman outside has no info, so head inside. Lo and behold, who's there!
Speak to Manat first, not Beden. Ask him about Beden, and he'll demand 5000
drakes ransom for the 'famous noble'. Errr, who? No, he's NOT famous,
dumb-dumb. Haha, Beden SAID he was a noble when he isn't. Speak to Beden, and
he thinks the Ashlanders would've killed him if they found out he was just a

Speak to Manat again, and he's so disgusted he'll give Beden to you for 5
drakes. Pay the 5 gold, unless you're a total cheapskate, and Beden will be
free to go. He'll continue the pilgrimages on his own, hopefully a little more

Head back to Ald'ruhn, either on foot or back via Maar Gan. You're actually
about half way there so you may as well keep walking south. Pass Bal Isra, the
home of your future (or parhaps current) Redoran stronghold. Back in the
Temple, Lloros is glad to hear that Beden is safe. But again no reward! Wtf!

-------------- House Redoran - Recover Shields from Andasreth ----------------

House Reputation Gain:

Next, some Redoran soldiers were sent to the old Dunmer stronghold of
Andasreth, and they have not returned. Will all Lloros' quests be 'track down
and rescue' type? Cuz they really really suck.

If the men are dead, Lloros tells us, he wants their shields back as proof.
Right. He marks Andasreth on your map, near ol' Drulene Falen's place! We've
been there far too many times...

Follow the worn old path all the way out to Drulene's hut. Keep heading west,
over the hills. If you can't make it over them, turn back and head south like
you did before, but head west on the first path. Cross the fields and you'll
see the stronghold of Andasreth come up in front of you.

Ignore the guy on top of the stronghold, and the propylon chamber, and enter
the lower level. Turn right, and follow the path along. Soon you'll come to a
level 20 locked door, on your left. Unlock it, and you'll find a bunch of dead
Redoran guards on the ground. Complete with shields. You can take all their
stuff, but their shields are the most important.

Make your way back to Ald'ruhn with the four bulky shields. As a reward,
Llaros will let you have one, but take the rest to give to the guards'

And that's it for duties from Lloros Sarano. Off to the rest of the quest
givers now!

[12.7] Ald Velothi - Theldyn Virith

We've met Theldyn Virith before, bringing him a Cure Disease potion from
Neminda. Now he'll give us a bunch of quests. They're easy-type, and can be
done as soon as you finish Neminda's quests. Me, I'll do them to fill in time
while my stronghold gets built. Let's go!

-------------- House Redoran - Old Blue Fin ----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

Now, things are usually pretty quiet in Ald Velothi, but Old Blue Fin is back
and up to his old dirty tricks. Old Blue Fin is a big old nasty slaughterfish,
hanging around by the docks, and Theldyn wants you to go kill it.

Simple enough, right? Now, the problem with Old Blue Fin is, he looks like any
other slaughterfish. And he's underwater. So you gotta go in the water, find
him, and fight him. I went out into the water between the two main docks, and
simply killed off slaughterfish until I killed the right one. Once you've done
so, return to Theldyn.

As a reward, you'll get 10 Dreugh Wax. Hey, it's better than most of the
rewards I've gotten so far.

-------------- House Redoran - Ashimanu Mine ---------------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

Next, a diseased shalk got into an egg mine on the trade route to Ald'ruhn, so
you're being sent to kill it. It's in the Ashimanu mine, south-east of Gnisis.
Looks like we're going for a walk back to town.

... Unless you've got a Divine Intervention scroll, that is. If you've got
one, use it and you'll warp back to Gnisis. Now, directions to this one are
vague at best. Cross the river south of Gnisis, to the path under the arch.
Now, when the path turns south, ignore it and head directly east from here.
Just down the valley, you'll find another path. Follow it, and when you see
the signpost, head south towards Ald'ruhn.

At the next signpost, head east, not towards Ald'ruhn. This is the east and
south Theldyn was talking about. If you've got a paper map, check it where the
little U shape is, just east of Berandas. That's the intersection we're at,
and we're going east towards the cave (marked). When you reach it, save and

Just follow the lone path around, ignoring all the kwama workers (we're
looking for a shalk, remember), until you reach the queen's lair. Inside,
there's only one shalk, and it isn't even very big. Kill it, leave, head back
to Ald Velothi. Theldyn will thank you for your work.

-------------- House Redoran - Kagouti Den -----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Another problem on the same damn road. Kagouti have been attacking travellers,
so he needs someone to find the kagouti den.

Now me, I wandered all over West Gash between Gnisis and Ald'ruhn looking for
the freakin' egg mine, killing everything I saw along the way. And apparently
I already killed the kagouti in question. But seeing as I'm nice, I'll look up
in the construction set, exactly where the kagouti are.


Yup, you would've already killed it. According to the construction set, the
leader of the kagouti gang sits right at the intersection of the U, in the
last quest, where you turned left. So you've already most likely killed it.
Good job! ;)

-------------- House Redoran - Shishi Report ---------------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

Next, House Redoran sent a party to destroy the Telvanni base of Shishi. Ah, I
remember this quest from the Telvanni side, attacking the evil invaders
Redoran. Anyways.

Shishi is in the middle of the Foyada Bani-Dad, north of Maar Gan, so that's
where we need to depart from. Head back to Gnisis, and strider it to Maar Gan.
From there, forllow the same path you followed to the Foyada Bani-Dad before
(on the way to Falasmaryon). South-east, then turn north. Instead of turning
off like you did before, however, keep following the canyon until you spot the
Velothi tower of Shishi. It's kinda hard to miss. Save and enter.

First off - one dead Telvanni on the floor. Turn left through te doorway and
find a second. Follow the path to the top of the tower and get the Shishi
report from Brerama Selas. (This is SO much easier than from the Telvanni
side.) You'll find two more dead Telvanni on the floor. Feel free to take
everything around, it doesn't belong to the Redorans so they don't give a

Note the odd Breton skull on the desk. Examine it and see what happens ;) A
door opens up downstairs in the main foyer! This is all optional, you can just
take the report back to Ald Velothi if you like, but it's fun. Open the
trapdoor, and kill the last remaining Telvanni wizard. Job done. Return to

He'll be very pleased to hear that you killed the last wizard. But alas, no
rewards for you, young whippersnapper.

-------------- House Redoran - Kill Gordol -----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

Now for a tough one! Oooh, I like a challenge. The daedra cultists of
Ashalmawia must be slayed! Just east of Ald Velothi, you'll find the ruins of
Ashalmawia, and you have to kill the worshipper Gordol. Sounds good to me.

The ruins are within sight of the Outpost, to the east. This will indeed be a
tough one, so make sure you're well prepared. Take the stairs from the east
side of the ruins (closest to the entrance), and you'll start finding baddies
like dremora lords. Great. Kill them and find the entrance to the Shrine on
the south-east side of the ruins.

Inside, you'll find Trelam Favani and Felisi Sarano, neither of which are
friendly. Luckily, they're mages and total pushovers. Leave the emerald on the
altar alone, unless you know what's good for you. When you're done there,
follow the path and find Erns Maren. This guy's harder, wearing a full set of
steel armour, but manageable. Save and rest if you need to.

Follow the path behind the table (jump over some debris to get there) and
you'll find the door to the Sunken Vaults. Inside there, follow the twisty
turny path (or just Slowfall) to the bottom of the chamber, where you'll find

He's a nasty bit of work, this summoner. He's got Greater Bonewalkers at his
disposal, and we all hate those. Ignore the Bonewalker, focus on Gordol with
everything you've got. If you get hit, use a potion, no time for magic in this
one as he hacks away at you.

Goody goody, loot time. He's wearing a full set of Ebony armour, which is
worth more than a pretty penny. Take the rest of the stuff, including the
Rising Force potions which may just help you get out of there. Return to
Theldyn, and he'll reward you with an Ebony Spear. Oh, cool. And that's it for
his duties, so take your loot and head off to do some more elsewhere! :)

[12.8] Ald'ruhn - Brara Morvayn

To go any further in House Redoran, Athyn Sarethi suggests that you will need
the support of at least two more councillors, and he'll name them for you -
Brara Morvayn and Hlaren Ramoran. Each will have quests for you, which is why
this is under this heading ;)

Brara Morvayn, while having a manor outside the Manor District, currently
lives inside the Redoran Council Hall (near Galsa Gindu). Go and speak with

-------------- House Redoran - Mission to Morvayn Manor ----------------------

House Reputation Gain:

Brara Morvayn is only too happy to support you on the council.... if you can
do her one small favour. Her actual manor has been infested with beasts, and
her husband died defending her from them. They were attracted by a statue they
recieved several weeks before the attack... sound familiar?

Anyways, if we can get the statue out of her home and take it to Lloros Sarano
(which we have done before), she'll support us. Right.

Her manor is outside the Manor District, to the east. Enter, open the locked
door on the left, and prepare to fight. Downstairs you'll find three corprus
stalkers and two lame corprus... well, I did anyways, and they'll all attack
you at once. See why Mr. Morvayn died now?

If you can manage to kill them... my salutations. My level 12 Nord scoffed a
dozen standard health potions while she hacked away with her axe. Feel free to
take everything once they're dead, not that there's much to find. But we're
here for the ash statue.

At the end of the hall, take either set of stairs up and you'll find a small
room with anothe bunch of crates. And an ash statue standing on top of them.
Like the chalk drawing on the floor that glows in the dark? Creepy.

Take the ash statue to Lloros Sarano, in the Temple. He will take it, telling
you he will destroy it. Alright, return to Brara Morvayn. She will thank you,
swearing her support, and give you the Amulet of Mighty Blows as a reward. One
of her last possessions from her once mighty-wealth. Aww.

[12.9] Ald'ruhn - Hlaren Ramoran

The final councillor you need the support of (for this initial demand) is
Hlaren Ramoran. He lives in his manor under-Skar, which is right next to
Sarethi Manor. You'll find him in his private quarters. And straight away he
wants to get to business.

-------------- House Redoran - Taxes from Gnisis -----------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

If you want his support, as an outlander, you have to prove yourself. And you
can do it by collecting taxes fron Gnisis. The duty is simple - make your way
to Gnisis, speak with Hetman Abelmawia, collect taxes, return.

This is a pretty easy task. Take the silt strider to Gnisis, and speak with
Hetman in his hut on the east side of town. Speak to him about taxes, and
he'll cough up 60 drakes. Return to Ald'ruhn.

Hand over the 60 drakes.... 50, 60, who cares? 10 drakes difference won't
break the bank. He'll thank you, and send you off on another errand.

-------------- House Redoran - Nalvilie Saren --------------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

He wants you to find an old acquaintance of his, Nalvilie Saren. They used to
be friends... but it seems they had a falling out some time ago. The Saren
family lives in the Redoran canton in Vivec, so he suggests that that's where
you start looking. And you're to tell her that Hlaren doesn't care about what
happened in the past, he'll support her, and will she come meet him in

Make your way to Vivec via silt strider or guild guide. (I prefer guild guide,
cheaper and quicker.) As you may have guessed, Saren Manor is in the Plaza of
the Redoran canton. Enter, and start asking around for Nalvilie. Eh? She has
disgraced their family?

Speak with Toris Saren, downstairs. (That is, if you haven't already killed
him for the Morag Tong like I have. Whoops.) He wont want to talk about her,
but with a little persuasion (to the tune of 80 disposition), he will. He'll
tell you she owns a consignment shop, on the south-side canals of St Olms
canton. Whoopee! Off we go to St. Olms!

Make your way south-west to the canton. She lives in the south-one canal
apartment, so head there and talk to her. She wants nothing to do with Hlaren,
who 'used to hang around like a lost scrib'. Hah! Well, um, we can't exactly
force her to go see him, can we. So return to Hlaren and tell him the bad

For some reason, you don't tell him the bad news. You tell him she's dead.
Well, I suppose this is a better outcome than "haha Hlaren she hates you, but
support me on the council anyways pleeeeez?" And he'll give you his support,
because you're such a good little boy/girl/it.

That's it from Hlaren Ramoran. Return to Athyn Sarethi to see where you need
to go next! More councillors to suck up to... Grr. And if your stronghold
isn't complete, you'll need to complete it before you can earn the rank of
Councilman. Visit both Garisa Llethri and Miner Arobar for more duties.

[12.10] Ald'ruhn - Garisa Llethri

Garisa Llethri also has his own manor under-Skar, so head to it and visit him.
You'll find him in, where else, his bedroom.

-------------- House Redoran - Evidence of Corruption ------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

If you want his support for Councilman, you'll have to do a big task - shut
down the Caldera ebony mines. Why? Because they're controlled by Hlaalu, of

First, he believes there is corruption in the mine's management. He would like
you to go search for this evidence of corruption, and take no further action
until you bring the evidence to him.

Ah, I remember this quest from the Hlaalu side as well! :) So I know exactly
what to look for. Anyways, hot foot it to Caldera, either on foot or by guild
guide (yup, those are your only two choices.) Start asking people in town
about evidence of corruption, and they might tell you to look towards the
Governer's Hall. Guards especially. So head up the hill and investigate.

Inside the Governer's Hall, keep asking. Llaros Uvayn will tell you that
Cunius Pelelius and Odral Helvi run the show here... and Cunius isn't exactly
receptive to the idea of corruption for obvious reasons. Time to snoop.

If you head up the far stairs on the right side of the hall (from the
entrance), you'll come to Odral Helvi's room. You can ask him, but I don't
think he'll tell you much. So walk past him, to the room behind him, and close
yourself in. Hmm... Lots of locked things that look suspicious. Start
unlocking them. The chest on the floor contains Odral's copies of the History
of the Empire series... and a secret Caldera ledger. Hmm.

Read the ledger, and I think you'll see that that's the proof you need. But
you may as well loot the rest of the room while you're here, just for the heck
of it. Make your way out the back door to avoid Odral and out of the hall,
back to Ald'ruhn.

Garisa will be very pleased, so give him the book and he'll keep it as
evidence. Onto the second part of the quest...

-------------- House Redoran - Shut the Mines Down ---------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

... Garisa wants the mines shut down completely, a halt to all mining in the
area. We are to return to Caldera, and find a way to do it. Um. This will be
interesting. Make your way back to Caldera.

Llaros Uvayn has another good idea for this one "Well, I guess if the boss
weren't here to tell us what to do..." but that seems a little drastic. So
let's go out to the mines themselves and see if we can stop them manually.
Head north out of town, and follow the signs to the mines.

At the mines, you can talk to anyone, but the people in the buildings will
tell you little. Who you need to talk to are the two slaves, in the slave
shacks. In slave shack two, speak to Dahleena the Khajiit about halting the
mining. She's the head of the slaves, so if she goes free, there will be no
more mining! Now there's an idea... Now we just need a key.

If you have a quick peek in the guard tower nearby, loot all the crates and
whatnot, then head to the top, you'll find a nice sword... and a Caldera slave
key. Well, looky here. Take the key and go free both of the slaves. Reutnr to
Ald'ruhn, feeling satisfied that you solved the problem in a non-violent way.

Garisa will be intrigued by your method of halting the mining, when you tell
him about the mines. But for your ingenuity, he will reward you with a pair of
Ebony Boots! Word up! Oh, and his support on the council too >_>

[12.11] Ald'ruhn - Miner Arobar

Miner Arobar (what a weird first name) also has his own manor under-Skar, so
head to it and visit him. You'll find him in the Arobar Manor Bedrooms
(through the Guard Quarters and Private Quarters)...

-------------- House Redoran - Miner Arobar's Support ------------------------

House Reputation Gain:

...but he regrets to inform you that he cannot give you his support. Geh? This
not good. Go and tell Athyn Sarethi this.

Athyn is troubled, saying he had feared that this would happen, and he
suspected Miner Arobar was being pressured by the Telvanni. So he tells you to
go to Sadrith Mora, and find out who is pressuring Miner Arobar, and how.

Off you go, either by boat/silt strider (long expensive trip) or guild gUide
(short cheap trip). Seeing as I'm waiting for stronghold, I'll take long trip.
Once there, start asking around about Miner Arobar, see what you can find. A
Dunmer might tell you that they think Master Neloth has a hold over Miner
Arobar. An Imperial might tell you that they think Nartise Arobar has been
kidnapped by a Telvanni. Add it up, and what do you get? A big fat uh oh.

Master Neloth lives in Tel Naga, the giant mushroom in the center of town.
Save, enter, and start asking around. Straight away, the people will tell you
that Miner Arobar is none of your business.

(Man, I just had a flashback to the Carmen Sandiego days where you'd know
you're in the right place by the henchman running across the screen.)

If you look to the right of the entrance, behind the archer dressed in chitin,
you'll see a woman trapped. Gee, guess who it is! If you actually need to
guess, I think you need to be smacked. Talk to her, and she'll ask you to take
her to the Telvanni docks. Oh, and you just think all the Telvanni in the room
are gonna let you walk her out of there? Think again. Save again for good
measure. Then agree to travel together.

I really hope you brought a few good health potions with you. I needed three
quality ones to get my level 13 Nord through this one. Nartise will try and
help you fight them with her fists, but fat lot of good she is. So you'll have
to beat the three of them by yourself.

One's an archer, one's a warrior, and one's a mage, just to make things
difficult. My goal was to wipe out the mage first (no armour and little
protection), then chase after the archer (take him down quick, and if you run,
the warrior won't catch you) then worry about the warrior. She'll take longest
to kill, because she's clad in a full set of Dwemer armour.

Once all three are dead, loot their bodies and leave. Walk her to the docks,
and when you get there, she'll thank you and your journal will update. Yay.
She tells you to return to her father for a reward... oh really?

Make your way back to Ald'ruhn, and speak with Miner Arobar again. He
misjudged you, it seems. He will offer his support to make you a Councilman,
and reward you with Arobar's Amulet and a Redoran Master Helm. Yay! What now,

Speak to Athyn about advancement, and he will promote you to councillor. But
he cannot promote you further, and has no duties for you. So what does he
suggest? To win the leadership of House Redoran, you must challenge the
current Archmaster, Bolvyn Venim, to a duel!

[12.12] Ald'ruhn - Bolvyn Venim

So go and speak with the Archmaster himself, in his manor under Skar. Upon
greeting, he'll tell you to meet him in the Arena Pit in Vivec, for a fight to
the death!

Righty-o. Make your way to Vivec, to the Arena Pit. If you've got a decent
Marksman skill, this fight is easy, just pick him off from above (he's on the
lower floor, you can stand in the stands in absolute safety and shoot). You
can also be cunning and summon various things to fall into the pit, if you've
got the scrolls or spells. If you have none of the above, be prepared for a
long battle (worse than Gordol or either of the other House councillors).

Once you've defeated him, and looted another full set of Ebony armour from his
corpse, your journal will update itself, telling you to speak with Athyn
Sarethi again. There's really no need, but you may as well do so. Athyn will
greet you as Archmaster - and that's what you now are. Congratulations! You've
just done one of the hardest things to do in the game - rise to the head of
one of the three great houses! Woohoo! :D




If you've read my game basics section of Factions and Side Quests, you'll know
there are three Great Houses available to join in Morrowind, one corresponding
to each of the three centralized arts, ie. stealth, magic, and combat.
Telvanni headquarters are in the town of Sadrith Mora.

- Note: You can only join one of the three Great Houses (without cheating), so
choose the one that best fits your character. ie. the art you specialized in
when creating it.

Your contacts in Sadrith Mora are the five Mouths, the five representatives of
the Telvanni councillors, found in the Telvanni Council House, Sadrith Mora.
If you ask any one of them about House Telvanni, you'll have the option of

The first lot of quests you can undertake will be given to you by each of the
five Mouths, so each of them has their own listing here. You can grab one
quest from each Mouth at any one time.

-------------- Ranking Details -----------------------------------------------

Favoured Skills (S1/S2): Mysticism, Conjuration, Illusion, Alteration,
Destruction, Enchant

Rank SPD AGI S1 S2 Rep
Hireling 30 30 0 0 0
Retainer 30 30 10 0 5
Oathman 30 30 20 0 10
Lawman 30 30 30 5 20
Mouth 30 30 40 10 30
Spellwright 31 31 50 15 45
Wizard 32 32 60 20 60
Master 33 33 70 25 80
Magister 34 34 80 30 100
Archmagister 35 35 90 35 125

[13.1] Sadrith Mora - Felisa Ulessen

-------------- House Telvanni - New Clothes ----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Mistress Therana, Felisa's patron, has requested that someome deliver her new
clothes to her. She'll give you a skirt to give to her, in Tel Branora. She'll
also give you some Almsivi Intervention scrolls to use, should Therana
become... difficult. Sounds like a charming lady.

Take the boat from Sadrith Mora to Tel Branora. This may be your first visit
to Tel Branora, I know it certainly is mine, so don't be shocked by the
weird-looking Telvanni towers all over the place. The main town district is to
the left of the silt strider, so head there, ignoring the cluster of people
telling you to stay out of their business. They're there for a side quest.

At Tel Branora, head up around the outside of the tower until you reach the
Upper Tower entrance. Follow the windy path upwards, and enter either of the
two doors at Therana's chamber. Now you'll need to put your mage stuff to the
test, because you'll need to fly up the tunnel to reach her.

If you don't have a Levitate spell, buy one. If you have one but don't have
enough magicka to cast it, create (or buy) a potion that will have the same
effect - Racer Plumes and Trauma Roots both have the Levitate ability. Or you
can buy one from Arangaer, in Sadrith Mora. I made a 9 point levitation potion
and made it up there.

Once you're up, jump from passage to passage. Therana's chamber is in the
centre of the passage contecting the two tunnels. Tell her about the new
clothes, but she thinks they might be cursed, so she asks you to put them on.
Uh, we're not that stupid. Pick a life to sacrifice, yours or Ra'Zahr the
slave's. Whoever you choose, get them to try on the skirt. Therana will
quickly kill Ra'Zahr with a fire spell :(

Ask her about the new clothes again, and she'll ramble about a Khajiit fur
skirt. You can safely dispose of Ra'Zhar's body, and take everything,
including Therana's skirt, oddly enough.

Return to Felisa and pass along the message. She'll give you 500 drakes, and
offer to teach you the Mark and Recall spells, if you don't have them already.

-------------- House Telvanni - Slave Rebellion ------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

For your next magical trick... Therana is concerned about a slave rebellion in
one of her holdings. In the Abebaal Egg Mine, north of Tel Branora, the slaves
are revolting, so we need to put a stop to it before it spreads. For once,
we're given some pretty good directions. From Tel Branora, head north onto the
peninsula, then follow the stepping stones to the next island. Follow the
path, to find Abebaal on the north side.

Inside, the slaves are passive. Talk to one, and they'll direct you to their
leader, Eleedal-Lei. Eleedal can be found just up the stairs, down the next
path. If you wait to avoid confrontation, listen to his (her?) pleas about
crazy Therana (we've seen for ourselves how crazy she is) and they'll ask you
to find the slave key so we can let them go free. It's either here in the mine
somewhere, or in Tel Branora.

Seen the key so far here in the mines? Nope, so proced further in. Nothing
will hurt us in here, apart from the odd kwama forager. At the very end of the
path, you'll find the kwama queen. Don't attack her, just look in the crate to
grab the Abebaal Slave Key.

Head back to Eleedal and ask him about 'go free' to give him the key. Once
you've done that, you've calmed the rebellion, so go back to Telvanni house in
Sadrith Mora, and report to Felisa. She's not happy that the slaves 'escaped',
but offers to teach you to be more forceful with them, should you ever have
holdings of your own. She'll teach you Command Creature and Command Humanoid,
if you wish.

- Note: If you kill Eleedal, you'll recieve a ring as a reward from Felisa.
Kill all the slaves, and you'll get two. Roleplaying aspect, here ;)

[13.2] Sadrith Mora - Raven Omayn

-------------- House Telvanni - Muck -----------------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Mistress Dratha, Raven's patron, has an alchemist that needs five portions of
muck delivered. Many alchemists will sell it, or you can gather it yourself
from muckspunge. When you have five, you should deliver them to him.

The best place to get muck is to visit Anis Seloth, the alchemist in Sadrith
Mora. She can sell you five pieces of muck for a grand total of.... 5 gold.
Wow. Loot her area upstairs (only when the sneak icon is on) and you can get
some good stuff, like master's alchemy equipment from the crate. Then head
back to Telvanni council house, to Raven Omayn. Give him the muck, and he'll
give you a hundred drakes. He'll also teach you to cure yourself, if you don't
know how.

-------------- House Telvanni - Black Jinx -----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Now, Mistress Dratha is looking for a ring known as the Black Jinx. It's
somewhere here in Sadrith Mora, so he'd like you to 'acquire' it and bring it
to him. Sounds shifty, eh?

Ask anyone outside the coucil house about the ring, and they'll tell you that
they believe its owned by the Morag Tong, the local assassin guild. You can
ask them in their guild hall, if you've got the balls. So do it. The guy
downstairs will tell you nothing, but the guy upstairs, Alven Salas, will
admit to having it (in his own roundabout way). Suppose he did have it, would
you take it? Well, yes.

Admire him a little, get him to trust you and open upto you (ie. get his
disposition up). High enough, and he'll openly admit to it, but wonder why
Dratha will not come and get the ring herself. And he'll challenge you to a
duel for the ring - right here, right now. Gulp.

This is where I love my customized spell, which I called Daedra Special. I
purchased the spells Bound Dagger, Bound Boots, Bound Cuirass, and Bound
Shield, and made a custom spell with them all for 60 seconds. Brilliant. I
used it, and simply hacked him to bits. Once you've killed him, take the Black
Jinx from him, and return to Raven.

Give it to him, and he will offer to teach you some more spells in return,
namely Demoralize Human and Demoralize Creature.

[13.3] Sadrith Mora - Mallam Ryon

------------ House Telvanni - Three Questions for Baladas Demnevanni ---------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Archmagister Gothren, Mallam's patron, has some questions for a person named
Baladas Demnevanni. He lives in Arvs-Drelen, in Gnisis, and you need to ask
him about the Disappearance of the Dwarves, Dwemer artifacts, and the Dwemer

Getting to Gnisis can be long, from Sadrith Mora, if you're not part of the
Mages Guild. If you are, head over to Wolverine Hall, warp to Ald'ruhn, then
take the silt strider to Gnisis. If you're not, take the boat to Tel Mora,
then Dagon Fel, then Khuul, then silt strider to Gnisis. Like I said, not
exactly easy...

Once in Gnisis, head over to Arvs-Drelen, on the east side of town. This is
NOT a nice place for a lowly-levelled character such as myself (1 and
counting...) If you've done one of Arara's quests and gotten the Glass
Jinkblade, it might help for this.

Enter Arvs-Drelen, and turn right. Follow the path, turn right again, and go
all the way through to the locked/trapped door at the top. Unlock/disarm it,
ignoring all sorts of ferocious beasts, to the top where you will find

Ask him about the three topics. He won't tell you much, but it doesn't matter,
we asked. Return to Mallam, and he won't be surprised that you couldn't get
him to answer the questions. No rewards. Phooey.

-------------- House Telvanni - Mission to Nchuleft --------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Now Archmagister Gothren has learned the location of the Dwemer ruin Nchuleft.
They lie due west of Vos, and there are some blueprints inside that Gothren
wants his hands on. Therefore, you are to go there and retrieve the

Make your way to Vos. The Grazelands are pretty tame, so just follow the paths
to go roughly west/south-west. See on your paper map, how the paths lead to a
little ruin on the edge of the mountains? That's Nchuleft.

Dwemer architecture is pretty unique. These type of ruins are scattered all
over Vvardenfell, and stand out pretty heavily especially in the green stuff.
Note the giant crossbow. The entrance is visible from the plateau near the

Inside, turn left and empty the steel kegs (raw ebony and raw glass!) before
going down the stairs. When you hear the tinker-tinker-tinker, a centurion
(metal) spider is nearby. They're pushovers, even for my level 1 mage. Open
the door, and you'll find two. If you've got the Glass Jinkblade, smack them
both then beat them up.

The Dwemer blueprints you're after are on the shelves to your right. Grab
them, plus as many rare items from the chests as you can carry (ebony, glass,
rubies, emeralds, plus Dwemer artifacts) before leaving the ruins, getting rid
of your headache and going back to Sadrith Mora.

As a reward, Mallam will tell you that Archmagister Gothren wanted you to have
his Cephalopod Helm. Done!

[13.4] Sadrith Mora - Arara Uvulas

-------------- House Telvanni - Sload Soap -----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Firstly, Master Neloth (Arara's patron) is looking for five portions of Sload
Soap. You'll be given 500 drakes, and told to keep the remainder.

Anis Seloth, the Sadrith Mora alchemist, has ten pieces of sload soap, selling
for 50 gold apiece. Your profit will depend on your speechcraft; I bought them
for 225 gold.

Then simply return to the Telvanni house and give them to Arara. Easy. Pocket
the profits.

-------------- House Telvanni - Staff of the Silver Dawn ---------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Next, Neloth is looking for a Staff of the Silver Dawn. It's rumoured to be
somewhere in the Guild of Mages, in Wolverine Hall, so you're being sent to
retrieve it.

If you've never visited Wolverine Hall, it's just south of Sadrith Mora,
outside town. I always get lost in Wolverine Hall, but if you head up the
stiars, through the Imperial Shrine, out then up the turret, you should find
the Mages Guild.

Ask anyone there about the Staff of the Silver Down, and they'll tell you to
talk to Arielle. She'll offer to sell it to you for 300 drakes, so take the
offer, then take the staff back to Arara.

In return for the staff, she'll give you 'this old dagger', a Glass Jinkblade
(whoaaa!), and she'll also teach you how to blind your enemies. Sweet!

[13.5] Sadrith Mora - Galos Mathendis

-------------- House Telvanni - Coded Message --------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

For Galos' first task, he would like you to deliver a message from his patron,
Master Aryon, to Divayth Fyr. If you accept, he'll give you a Message from
Master Aryon, 4 Potions of Water Walking, 4 Quality Potions of Swift Swim, and
7 Quality Restore Health. Nice stuff, but we really won't need any of it. If
you're a good mage, you have a good water-walking spell. And that's all you'll

Ask him about Divayth Fyr, ands he'll mark Tel Fyr, your destination, on your
map. If you haven't been there before, it's directly south-west of Sadrith
Mora, and the only way there is to walk/swim across Zafirbel Bay. If you've
got a water-walking spell, cast it and walk straight out to sea, heading
south-west, and island hop. Meaning, run to an island, stop, wait for
water-walking to wear off, cast it again, run to next island, until you get to
Tel Fyr.

On the north side of the tower is an entrance to Onyx Hall. You may have been
here before, if you've completed part of the main quest. Once inside, turn
right and follow the path up (don't turn left, you'll end up in the
Corprusarium) to the Hall of Fyr. Feel free to loot everything you see in
these three rooms, there's no-one on the floor. Then, you'll need to levitate
up the path where the three rooms connect. There's some rising force potions
in Divayth's bedroom.

Divayth is on the north side of the top level. Tell him about the coded
message, and hand it over. Click wait, then he will give you his response.
There's no point reading them, cuz they're written in Daedric. Return to the
Telvanni council house the way you came, and hand over the response. For the
errand, Galos will give you 500 drakes.

-------------- House Telvanni - Cure Blight ----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Unfortunately, the apothecary in Tel Vos is running out of Cure Blight
potions. You'll need to purchase three Cure Blight potions from vendors in
town, and take then to Andil in Tel Vos. And he doesn't accept home-made
potions, either.

Anis Seloth, in Sadrith Mora, has two for sale. Pierlette Rostorard has four.
Take your pick, buy three, then take the boat to Tel Mora. From Tel Mora,
travel to Vos. From Tel Vos, hike west, and turn north at the signpost (that
also points north to Vos, weirdly). Tel Vos is a Telvanni tower inside a
fortress wall, and how the hell do we get inside? Enter via the Southern Tower
door, which is seemingly the only door on ground level. Bypass the first door
up the stairs unless you want to get up close and personal with a scamp, and
keep heading up.

Outside the next door, make your way across to the Central Tower. Inside,
follow the path and you'll spot a hidden door in a wall - close the door
behind you to pick up some cool stuff. Keep going to head back outside though
a different door and across to the Services tower. (You could've just
levitated if you've got a spell or potion ;)

Inside, Andil is the Altmer on your right. Ask them about Cure Blight, and
hand over the potions. In reward, you get 3 Quality Restore Health potions,
and 3 Quality Restore Fatigue potions. Return to Galos, and he will also give
you another 500 drakes.

-------------- House Telvanni - Daedra Skin ----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Thirdly (why does Galos get three quests while every other Mouth gets two?)
Aryon would like a Daedra skin. Alchemists often sell Daedra skin, so look
around, pick one up, and deliver it directly to Master Aryon, back in Tel Vos.

Anis Seloth, alchemist, has two for sale, for 200 gold each. You should have
plenty of gold by now, so swing by and pick one up. Now you'll definitely need
a levitate spell/rising force potion, to get to Aryon's chamber. Make your way
back to Tel Vos, and levitate in the central courtyard near the Telvanni
tower. You'll note the door to Aryon's chambers on your map, and it's about
level in height with the top of the Southern Tower. I managed to find it just
as I fell as the potion wore off.

Make your way inside, past Turedus Talanian (who will offer you work if you're
interested), and through to Master Aryon. Note the kick-ass robes. Offer him
the Daedra skin, and he'll give you 300 drakes as well as teach you a Paralyze

Feel free to loot the drawers downstairs for some good clothing. There is no
reward from Galos for completing this task, so unless you need to return to
the Telvanni house, don't bother.

[13.6] Tel Vos - Master Aryon

Once you've done all the quests of the Mouths, you'll need to find yourself a
patron to advance further. Ask each of the Mouths about their patrons (well,
the four that will let you ask, anyways) and see what they say. Only one, it
seems mightbe willing to take you on as a protege. Galos wants to get some
research of his own done, and suggests that you ask Marster Aryon, in Tel Vos,
if he will be your patron. Fine suggestion, that. So make your way back to Tel
Vos and ask Aryon to be your patron.

-------------- House Telvanni - Baladas Demnevanni ---------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Aryon will agree to be your patron, but only if you can convince Baladas
Demnevanni to join the council. Remember him, over in Gnisis? I didn't like
that place, Arvs-Drelen. But we're going back, to persuade him to join
Telvanni so we can wrest control form old fuddy-duddys like Gothren and
Neloth. Sounds like a plan.

[13.7] Arvs-Drelen - Baladas Demnevanni

Find Baladas, which should be simple as we've been to Arvs-Drelen before. Ask
him to join the council, and he'll tell you he has no interest in doing so.
(Damn.) But it would not be an inconvenience, so he will join if you do three
favours for him. Grrr....

-------------- House Telvanni - Dwemer Books ---------------------------------

Global Reputation Gain: 1

First, Balads would like you to retrieve three books for him. He likes Dwemer
stuff (as was signified by the questions we asked him before), so he's looking
for the Dwemer books of Nchunak's Fire and Faith, Antecedents of Dwemer Law,
and Chronicles of Nchuleft.

Soooo, where can we get these books? If you ask him about them, he'll give you
a clue. Fire and Faith is in the Hall of Wisdom, in Vivec, but is heavily
guarded. Rare booksellers may have a copy. Not much of a help, eh.

Where's the rarest bookseller you can think of? Hint, it has 'rare books' in
the name. Too right, Jobasha's Rare Books, in Vivec's Foreign Quarter. To get
to Vivec is tedious, you'll need to boat from Vos to Tel Mora, Tel Mora to
Sadrith Mora, Sadrith Mora to Ebonheart, Ebonheart to Vivec. (Annoying.) Visit
Jobasha, and ask him about each of the three books. He has two of them, and
knows where you can get the third. Suh-weet.

Purchase Antecedents of Dwemer Law and Chronicles of Nchuleft, you'll be
forking out about 320 gold. However, Fire and Faith isn't here. Dorisa's shop
in Balmora is the place to look, so high tail it to Balmora either by silt
strider or Mages Guild. Dorisa Darvel lives on the west side of the Odai, near
the guilds of fighters and mages. Buy Fire and Faith from her, and return to

Hand over the three books, one at a time. When you're done, Baladas will give
you Ondusi's Key, an Amulet of Admonition, a Second Barrier Belt, and some
Surefect shoes. Check out all your goodies. Whoohoo!

And it seems as if the three books were his three favours. Ask him about
joining the council, and he'll agree to join for a century of two (heh), and
sponsor a Mouth to send to Sadrith Mora. (Note: He'll also actually answer the
three questions you were sent to ask him, previously.)

-------------- House Telvanni - Dahrk Mezalf ---------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Next, Baladas is interested in the Ring of Dahrk Mezalf. Mezalf was sometimes
referred to as Mezalf Bthungthumz, so perhaps he was from the Dwemer village
of the same name?

The Dwemer ruins of Bthungthumz are in the Foyada Bani-Dad, that runs
north-west of Maar Gan. If you've done part of the main quest, you'll know how
to get to Foyada Bani-Dad. Head to Maar Gan from Ald'ruhn (you'll know how to
get there) by silt strider. If you don't know how to get there, head out west
from Maar Gan then turn right to head north. Follow the valley along until you
spot a gap in the mountains to your right, turn that way and you'll be in the
foyada. Follow it north. Pass Shishi, making a note of where it is cuz you'll
be back here later.

Soon you'll see the ruins of Bthungthumz appearing on your right. Once you see
them, make your way over the hill (I chose to levitate) to the ground on the
other side. The entrance to Bthungthumz is on the ground under the tower.

Inside you'll hear the familiar Dwemer noises, and also the clicks of
centurions. A dwarven spectre, a centurion sphere, and a centurion spider are
all here to meet you, one at a time. Take them all out, however you wish.

Inside the chest on the left in the second alcove (lock level 1), you'll find
a Dwemer coin. I collect these, as they're light and are worth a lot. Up the
stairs you'll find three more dwarven spectres and another centurion spider.
And finally, the clicks cease.

For about five seconds. Make your way to the kegs in the far right corner (at
least, that's what I did) and another spider and spectre will appear. The
spectre is actually Dark Mezalf himself, and holds the Ring of Dark Mezalf. So
kill it, take the ring, and report back to Arvs-Drelen.

As a reward, Baladas will give you a Ring of Lightning Storm, and a steam
centurion. The steam centurion's outside, and will follow you everywhere you
go, including over fast travel like silt striders. I took my steam centurion
to Sadrith Mora and left him guarding my house. Whee.

[13.8] Tel Vos - Master Aryon

Ask Aryon about Baladas, and tell him that he agreed to join the Council.
Swoosh, there's your promotion to Mouth, and a prize of a Staff of Silver
Peace. You can also get promoted to Spellwright here if you've done all the

To be promoted any further, you'll need to start on the stronghold section,
see 11.9. Stronghold - Tel Uvirith.

-------------- House Telvanni - Mudan-Mul Egg Mine ---------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

For Aryon's first official mission with you, he'll tell you about the
Mudan-Mul Egg Mine, due west of his tower. Its resident kwama queen has blight
disease, and he would like you to go cure it. He'll teach you a spell to cure
blight on others, if you wish (take it, its not a common spell), and send you
on your way.

Mudan-Mul is a stone's throw west of Tel Vos, just over a hill. You'll see an
entrance to a dungeon, and the mine just north on the path. Inside the mine is
tainted red, due to blight I would assume. Inside, the creatures are all
blighted, so normally passive kwama workers will do their best to eat you.
There's three in total, I like to trap them behind the tree root and attack
them with bows. <3 my bound longbow.

Anyways, kill them then proceed along the path to meet the queen. Use Aryon's
Blight Cure when you're within striking distance, and you'll cure her and your
journal will update. Make your way back to Aryon and tell him the news.

As a reward, he'll give you Breathing Water, a book that will raise your
Alteration skill by 1 when you read it.

-------------- House Telvanni - Wizard Spells --------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5

Ah, Aryon likes your work, but he would expect any Telvanni member to know
some rudimentary spells. In particular, the spells of Levitate (any of
Great/Wild/normal Levitate), Fire (Fireball/Greater Fireball/Firestorm), and a
Recall spell.

If you've gotten this far in Telvanni, chances are you already know all three.
You should know at least two, fire being the one that's missing. Aryon will
suggest speaking with the Telvanni trainers in Vivec and Ald'ruhn if you're
having trouble. However, I wouldn't even go that far.

I did this quest simply by Recalling back to my base in Sadrith Mora (every
good mage has a house in Sadrith Mora, and I don't care who you have to kill
to get one), and visited the sorcerer there, Urtiso Faryon. She sold me a Fire
Storm spell, which was the last I needed. Then I simply hiked back to Tel Vos,
and reported to Aryon. Simple.

He is proud to be your patron, once you have learnt the correct spells, and
he'll reward you with a book on War Magic. Read it, and your Destruction skill
will increase by 1.

-------------- House Telvanni - Odirniran ------------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Nextly, Aryon tells you about a Telvanni member being assaulted by Hlaalu at
the cave of Odirniran. (Oh, I remember doing this one from the Hlaalu
perspective...) The cave of Odirniran is on Azura's Coast, west of the Shrine
of Azura and south of the ruins of Nchurdamz. He'll be making his last stand
at the top of the tower, so we should go rescue him.

To get there, your best bet would be to walk from Molag Mar, heading due east.
Go around the first little inlet, then walk straight across the second inlet,
if you have a cheap water walking spell. Swim, if you don't, it'll save you a
hell of a lot of time. If you go due east, you'll wind up on a sandy beach,
just north-east of Azura's Shrine, and you'll spot Odirniran.

Enter with caution. If you're not good in melee combat, make yourself good
otherwise you're in trouble. If necessary, get a friend to help you. Then,
follow the hall around and to the right, to be assaulted by three Hlaalu
members at once *gulp*

Personally, I LOVE Absorb Health spells. I just run into combat, run into my
opponent, and cast it repeatedly. Problem is, this requires a large magicka
pool to draw from. Anyways, kill Valyne Vedaren, Remasa Othril, and Haleneri
Salor. Loot everything, then return to Tel Vos.

I wouldn't recommend going further into the tomb, because you'll find assloads
of evil creatures that want to kill you. What's necessary is that you killed
the Hlaalu intruders, and you did. So return to Tel Vos and report to Aryon.
He'll be happy that you 'retired' the leader of the Hlaalu, and perhaps they
will not be so hasty next time, hmmm?

-------------- House Telvanni - Mages Guild Monopoly -------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Now, seeing as the Telvanni and Hlaalu are getting along somewhat (after we
just killed three of them? Whee) they want to overturn the Mages Guild
monopoly. No, not the board game.

Only the Mages Guild are allowed to offer spells and training to non-members,
and this must stop. You need to get the support of the third great house,
Redoran, to pass the resolution to the Grand Council. You are to speak with
three Redoran councillors in Ald'ruhn, starting with Athyn Sarethi, as he is
the most open-minded.

Make your way to Ald'ruhn, from Tel Vos. This can be tricky, but try - walk to
Vos, boat to Tel Mora, boat to Sadrith Mora, Mages Guild to Ald'ruhn. Or boat
to Tel Mora, boat to Dagon Fel, boat to Khuul, silt strider to Ald'ruhn. Both

Once in Ald'ruhn, make your way into the Manor District, under-Skar. Sarethi
Manor is on the left hand side, so enter. Speak with Athyn Sarethi,
downstairs. Ask him about the Mages Guild monopoly, and he won't want to hear
a word of it if his disposition is low. So get it high, bribe him, admire him,
whatever. (You may know by now that Speechcraft is an important skill.) When
his disposition is about 60, ask him again about the monopoly.

He'll see your point, that the monopoly is unfair. Maybe you should appeal to
fairness in the other councillors? He'll support the proposal, but he thinks
Archmaster Bolvyn Venim won't.

One down, two more councillors to find. So, while you're in the area of
under-Skar, try Ramoran Manor to the south. Speak to Ramoran Manor just inside
the Private Quarters, and appeal to fairness. He'll agree, and your journal
will update.

Also try Llethri Manor, just north of Sarethi Manor. Head in, through to the
bedrooms, through to the private manor and speak with Garisa Llethri. Appeal
to fairness, and he will agree. Three down. Return to Aryon and tell him.
He'll give you the Aryon's Dominator glove, as a reward.

-------------- House Telvanni - Shishi ---------------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Now, another Telvanni is in trouble. He doesn't normally interfere (Odirniran,
anyone?) but he's interested in this one - a showdown at Shishi.

Redoran have invaded the tower of Shishi, a Velothi tower in the Foyada
Bani-Dad, northwest of Maar Gan. If we can't find Faves Andes, the guy to
protect, look for a skull on the desk to open a secret storage space.

If you've done part of the main quest, you'll know how to get to Foyada
Bani-Dad. Head to Maar Gan from Ald'ruhn (you'll know how to get there) by
silt strider. If you don't know how to get there, head out west from Maar Gan
then turn right to head north. Follow the valley along until you spot a gap in
the mountains to your right, turn that way and you'll be in the foyada. Follow
it north. Soon you'll come to the small Velothi tower of Shishi. Save.

Inside, you'll find the corpse of Celegil. Loot it. Go forward, and follow the
path right to find the body of Indrel. Keep going to find the body of Amring.

Pick the lock on the chest in Amring's room to grab the Steel Broadsword of
Hewing, then head out and along the left path. Loot the body of Marielle
Amedee. Prepare for battle, then keep going. A Redoran guard will ambush you,
so fight and kick the shit outta her.

Take all Anise Romoran's armour and items. Save, heal up, because up the
stairs you'll find two more nasty Redorans. Kill them however you choose (I'm
still using Absorb Health and a custom spell to protect me with a bound set of
Daedric Armour) and loot their bodies for the good medium armour (not that
you'll probably ever use it, so just keep it to sell later.) Make sure to grab
the Shishi report from one of the bodies.

Also loot the bodies of Aditte Oges and Lanie Endre. If you read the report,
you'll know that these five bodies are the Telvanni wizards that lived here in
Shashi. Loot the entire place, then activate the skull on the desk to find the
hidden area.

The skull activates a trapdoor back on the lower level, under the altar, so go
down it. Meet Faves Andes, and ask him about Shishi. You killed them all, yes,
whoo, go you. He'll give you two books, and tell Aryon that you did a good

Beat him to the punch, and return to Tel Vos yourself, to Aryon. He's happy to
hear the news, and gives you a Silver Staff of War for your work. Whee!

-------------- House Telvanni - Recruit a Mouth ------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 5
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Now, if you wish to become a Master in Telvanni, you must find yourself a
Mouth to be your representative. He heard of a promising Telvanni in Balmora
to do just this, but knows no more.

Who better to ask about Mouths than the existing ones? Ask any of the Mouths
in the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora, and they'll recommend Fast
Eddie, in Balmora. Also, asking any Balmora citizens about Mouths will get you
"Isn't Fast Eddie near that rank?" 'Kay, so where IS Fast Eddie?

His house is invisible on the map, if that's where you're looking. Actually,
he lives just above Itan, on the west side of the river, behind the Eight
Plates. Enter his house and talk to him about Mouths, and he'll ask for you a
Silver Staff of Peace. This was given to you a while back when YOU became a
Mouth, I hope you didn't sell it!

Give him the staff, and he'll agree to be your Mouth. He'll even do chores for
you, if you let him know. Eddie's chores are listed after the Stronghold
section. But for now, return to Tel Vos and tellAryon that you have found a
Mouth, and he'll reward you with the Aryon's Helper glove.

- Note: Bug I found. Eddie will offer to do your chores even before he becomes
your Mouth. Odd.

Eddie will now be in the Telvanni Council House, with the other Mouths.

-------------- House Telvanni - Kill Raynasa Rethan --------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

Next, Aryon will tell you that the other Great Houses are building
unauthorized strongholds around Vvardenfell. Telvanni will defend themselves,
the others will not. So we're told to visit Rethan Manor, home of the young
Hlaalu noble Raynasa Rethan, and 'retire' her.

To get to Rethan, follow the Odai River south from Balmora. Past the Shulk Egg
Mine, it will appear on your left, on the west side of the river. Enter, and
the Hlaalu members inside will not want to speak with you, but will not be
hostile. Prepare yourself well, then head up the stairs.

Raynasa is armed with a bevy of spells, so you'd best be well prepared. I
always use my custom Daedra Special spell. But with a good absorb health
spell, who cares about what she's got? You take her health to recover your
own, and supplement it with Restore Health potions. When she's dead, take
everything she's got.

Loot the room, making sure to grab the ebony weaponry on the shelf, and the
ebony longsword on the table. Then return to Tel Vos, and report Raynasa's...
unfortunate death. No reward for you, however :(

-------------- House Telvanni - Kill Banden Indarys --------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

You knew that this was coming, right? That after clearing the Hlaalu
stronghold, you'd have to wipe out the Redoran one. Talk to Aryon, and he will
agree - kill the Redoran noble, Banden Indarys, at his home.

Indarys Manor is located in Bal Isra, on the road between Ald'ruhn and Maar
Gan. Follow the signs to Maar Gan from Ald'ruhn, and you can't miss it nestled
in amongst the rocks on the hill on your right. Enter the stronghold, and
while no-one will want to talk with you, no-one will attack you either.

Inside, close yourself in the small closet on the right, then plunder it. Once
you've done that, head out and down the stairs through the left door. The room
you want is the room on the left, so prepare yourself to fight before you go
in. Make sure you have a full fatigue bar.

Open the door, then close yourself in. Banden Indarys fights with nothing but
his fists, so taking him down is pretty easy. You hurt his health, while he
hurts your fatigue. I know which I have more of, health or fatigue.

Take everything from his body, including ANOTHER SET of Redoran armour. I must
have ten of these things by now. Correction - I had five in my storage
facility. Loot the entire room as well. Another ebony longsword, worth some
serious dough. All the potions on the drawers. Then waltz out of there as if
nothing happened. The people outside will let you, too.

Report back to Aryon, and he will be happy to hear that Banden is dead. Again,
no reward. But we're getting close to the role of Archmagister now...

-------------- House Telvanni - Becoming Archmagister ------------------------

House Reputation Gain: none

This isn't an actual specified quest. But when you ask Aryon for more duties,
this is what he will tell you. There is only one more barrier in your path to
becoming Archmagister (ie. Supreme Ruler) of house Telvanni, and that is, the
current Archmagister. You may not have visited him yet, but his name is
Gothren, and he lives in Tel Aruhn.

According to Aryon, you can visit the other councillors to see if they will
vote you in as the new Archmagister, but in reality this doesn't happen. There
is only one way to do it - kill the existing Archmagister. Kill Gothren.

Make your way to Tel Aruhn, and levitate up to the Upper Tower. Enter, and
speak with Gothren. Save first. He has no topics of Archmagistership, so you
simply must fight. Taunt him into fighting, so that the people downstairs
don't jump in to help as well. His two lackeys will fight you too, nothing you
can do about it.

I managed this fight on level 6, although it was a pain in the butt.
Basically, everything you've got to protect yourself, use it before the fight.
If you've done all of the Telvanni quests, you'll have items like the Amulet
of Unity, the Ring of Equity, Aryon's Helper, etc. Cast them all. You may have
a Deadra Special spell like I do, summoning bound everything which also
fortifies a lot of stats. Your summoned friends will be especially effective.

After you've fortified everything and it's cousin with your enchanted items,
summoned three thousand atronachs and a scamp or two, taunt him into fighting.
If you've used the Ring of Equity, you can pretty much pound on him with
whatever you've got because his magic won't hurt you. When (if) it wears off,
re-cast. Use your patented absorb health to suck his health. The atronachs
will help.

Always keep Restore Health and Restore Magicka potions on standby, in case he
hits you with something nasty. Eventually, he'll kick the bucket and die.

He carries a Daedric Dagger, which is nice. The Restore Magicka and Restore
Fatighue potions are good too. Take them all, and return to Master Aryon.
Speak with him about Magister, and he will congratulate you on being the new
Archmagister of House Telvanni.

Congratulations, you've just done one of the hardest things to do in the game,
rise to the head of a Great House!

[13.9] Stronghold - Tel Uvirith

As soon as you advance to the rank of Mouth, you are eligible to start
building your stronghold. Yes, as a ranking Telvanni member, you get your own
cushy place. To get it started, you'll need to speak with Llunela Hleran, in
the Hermitage of the Telvanni council house, in Sadrith Mora. The hermitage is
on the very bottom floor, below the makeshift Temple. Speak with her, and the
quest will begin.

-------------- House Telvanni - Stronghold -----------------------------------

House Reputation Gain: 10
Global Reputation Gain: 1

To being the first phase of construction, Llunela will need two things - a
construction contract, from Duke Vedam Dren, giving you permission to build;
and two strong souls. Ask her about the souls and she'll give you two grand
soul gems, telling you to fill them with the souls of powerful daedra such as
Storm Atronachs, Winged Twilights, or Golden Saints.

First, for Duke Vedam Dren. He can be found in Ebonheart, in the Grand Council
chambers. If you don't know where it is, it's at the very west of town, and
you'll need to climb the stairs in the courtyard just opposite the Argonian
Mission to get there.

Be in suitable awe in his presence, as this is one of the most important men
in Vvardenfell. Then ask him about the construction contract, and he won't be
sure about the idea. Tell him you'll vow to do what you can for his people,
and he'll give you the contract.

Now, for the two strong souls. If you're a good summoner, and you have grand
summon spells for strong souls, this will be a snap. If not, buy some grand
summon spells, and a soultrap spell while you're there. Sadrith Mora is a
haven for good summon spells, if you can fork out the cash. Soultrap is more
rare but available from the travel mage in the Balmora Guild of Mages, amongst

Summon a storm atronach, and cast soultrap on it. Then simply kill it within
the sixty seconds, making sure you have an empty grand soul gem in your
inventory. I managed this at level 2, thanks to some great tips from HETT,
about obtaining an Absorb Health spell and casting it repeatedly, while
stocking up on Restore Health potions. Do it twice, and you've got two strong
souls. Alternatively, you can get one filled gem from completing a Mages Guild
quest for Ajira.

Once you've got the two, return to Llunela. She'll take them, and tell you
that construction on your stronghold will begin soon, in about a week of game
time. You can either wait it out there until your journal updates itself, or
go do other stuff until it does.

When your journal updates, return to Llunela. She'll ask you to go check on
your stronghold, which is being built on the site of Uvirith's Grave (check
your paper map, west of Tel Fyr). When there, check in with the building
foreman, an orc by the name of Gashnakh gra-Mughol.

First, mark in the hermitage. If you've played around in the bay before,
you'll know that the quickest way to get anywhere is to waterwalk straight
across the bay. (Note: I love the Green Morrowind mod here. Uvirith is so
pretty and green.) Talk to Gashnakh, and she'll tell you to tell Llunela that
things are fine. So report back to Llunela, by recalling. See why I told you
to mark?

Discuss your stronghold, and she's pleased that its going well. The first
stage of growth should be finished within a few days!

More time to kill until your journal updates itself again. When it does,
return to Llunela and discuss things. She's going to need 5000 drakes for
expenses for the tower, plus you are to investigate the Dwemer ruin Mzanchend,
northwest of Uvirith.

5000 drakes might be a bit to raise, so practice some alchemy until you've
created enough potions to sell to get the money (my method, anyways). Then,
off to Mzanchend. From Tel Uvirith, head north-west. Try not to follow the
gully, unless you want to levitate to get to the ruins, instead follow the
hills on the west then head north. It's only a short walk to go.

=====================the end=====================================