BioShock: (xbox360)FAQ/Walkthrough

BioShock: (xbox360)FAQ/Walkthrough


I'm doing this as a sort of temporary hobby and for several reasons. *One,
there aren't any good complete walkthroughs for this game so far. Second,
I love this game so much, so this is like my own little homage to its
greatness. Third, this game was fairly easy for me on Medium difficulty, so
this will give me a chance go go through it again on Easy and Hard modes and
still take my time and enjoy the game.

*EDIT: Okay, now that I've finished the walkthrough, there are one or two
other, mostly complete walkthroughs. While those may be nice in their own
ways, I'm still rooting for mine because, well, it's mine, and I put a lot
of work into this document!

Concerning this walkthrough, This is maybe my second or third attempt at a
walkthrough. I haven't posted any of my previous attempts at walkthroughs
because usually there are already so many good walkthroughs available that
mine would just add more useless clutter. That, and I've yet to finish any
other walkthough.

SPOILERS NOTE: I will not include spoilers in the extra areas without due
notification, but the FAQ will likely be saturated with spoilers. In the
Walkthrough areas, I will try not to leave spoilers sitting out in the
open, but if I spoil something, well, sorry, you ARE reading a walkthrough.
Some spoilers are kind of inevitable, but I will do my best to not ruin it.
For big spoilers, watch for the spoiler format:

Stuff you probably want to find out by playing the game goes here.


A. Overview [over0]
1. Using This Guide [over1]
2. Controls and Tips [over2]
3. Weapons, Plasmids, Tonics [over3]
4. Enemies [over4]
B. Walkthrough [walk0]
1. Welcome to Rapture [walk1]
2. Medical Pavilion [walk2]
3. Neptune's Bounty [walk3]
4. Smugglers' Hideout [walk4]
5. Arcadia [walk5]
6. Farmer's Market [walk6]
7. Fort Frolic [walk7]
8. Hephaestus [walk8]
9. Olympus Heights [walk9]
10. Apollo Square [walk10]
11. Point Prometheus [walk11]
12. Proving Grounds [walk12]
13. Final Boss [walk13]
C. Extras [extra0]
1. Weapon Upgrading [extra1]
A. Weapon Upgrades
B. Upgrade Stations
2. Plasmids and Tonics [extra2]
A. Plasmids
B. Physical Tonics
C. Engineering Tonics
D. Combat Tonics
3. Audio Logs [extra3]
4. Research Bonuses [extra4]
5. Xbox 360 Achievements [extra5]
6. Misc Secrets [extra6]
A. Door & Safe Codes
B. Extra Little Sisters
C. Endings
D. FAQ [faq1]


::-- 1. Using This Guide [over1]

This guide is intended for use with the Xbox 360 version of BioShock. I don't
have the PC version and I don't plan to get it but I'm assuming it isn't any
different in terms of gameplay, story, or other details besides the obvious
fact that it's on PC and will control a bit differently.

This guide should only be found on GameFAQs or on your home storage media of
choice -- for personal use only. I don't care if you print it or edit it more
to your tastes, just don't upload it anywhere. Also feel free to pass it on
to friends, just don't take credit for it yourself.

I have also implemented a simple search feature (now common in most guides).
Just check the Table of Contents for the bracket code, then CTRL-F to find
that section.

::-- 2. Controls and Tips [over2]

Read your game manual if you need the official version, I'm gonna do this the
quick and dirty way.

..:: Controls ::..

Left Stick - Move around, Select plasmid/weapon from radial menu
Left Click - Crouch
Right Stick - Look around, General aim
Right Click - Focused aim (some weapons only)

D Pad - Up/down/left, Choose ammo type; Right, get hints

Back - Bring up Map/Back Menu, Get info on item under reticle
Start - Pause menu for options and save/load

X - Reload weapon/Use EVE Hypo
B - Use First Aid Kit
A - Search/Interact, Hold to replay recent Audio Log
Y - Jump

Left Bumper - Switch to next plasmid, Hold for Plasmid Radial
Left Trigger - Use current plasmid
Right Bumper - Switch to next weapon, Hold for Weapon Radial
Right Trigger - Fire current weapon

*NOTE - Hitting the left bumper/trigger while holding a weapon will switch
to the plasmid but not use it. Vice-versa for while having a plasmid out.
Thus, if you have your plasmid out and want to shoot your weapon, you can hit
the right trigger TWICE. You cannot have a plasmid out at the same time as
you have a weapon out, but it is quick and easy to switch between them.

::-- 3. Weapons, Plasmids, Tonics [over3]

NOTE: For a list of Weapons, Weapon Upgrades, Plasmids, and Tonics, see
the Extras section. This will just be a tactics, effects, and usefulness
section... Just strategies.

--------------- WEAPONS ---

..:: WRENCH ::..
LOCATION: Welcome to Rapture; first room after the bathysphere
Your basic melee weapon. Don't shrug it off, you WILL be using this until
the end of the game! You can get plasmids, tonics, and research bonuses that
will increase your damage or speed with the wrench, as well as a couple of
other effects. It is definitely the most useful weapon, as it never breaks
or runs out of ammo, and all enemies are pretty vulnerable to it's crushing
blow, except maybe the Big Daddies.

..:: PISTOL ::..
LOCATION: Welcome to Rapture; just after "Get to higher ground" Goal
A simple six-shooter revolver with Standard, Anti-Personnel, and Armor
Piercing rounds. Without upgrades, it holds only 6 shots per clip, which is
only useful in the beginning of the game. If you upgrade, though, you might
still be using this through the whole game, especially when you run out of
ammo for the more powerful weapons.

..:: MACHINE GUN ::..
LOCATION: Medical Pavillion; at the Electrical Override switch in the Foyer
Kinda looks like a Tommy Gun to me. This is an excellent weapon against
almost any enemy. Uses the same 3 types of ammo as the Pistol, but are
"Automatic Rounds" instead. The only downfalls are the fast ammo consumption
rate and the kickback that reduces your accuracy. If you have a good
vantage point, click in the right stick for better accuracy.

..:: SHOTGUN ::..
LOCATION: Medical Pavillion; past first ice-blocked hallway downstairs
What would an FPS be without a shotgun? However, this shotgun doesnt' seem to
be all that powerful, even sometimes at point blank. The Exploding Buck (for
AntiPersonnel) and the Electric Buck (for ArmorPiercing) are VERY powerful
against their respective enemies, though. And it only holds 4 shots per clip,
making reloads very frequent. Probably better off with the Grenade Launcher
if you have the ammo.

LOCATION: Neptune's Bounty; Fontaine Fisheries, outside Peach Wilkins' door
YES! The brawn of any good shooting game: the grenade launcher. You get
Frag Grenades, Heat Seakers, and Proximity Mines. I personally used the
Frag Grenades most often as a heat-of-the-moment decision. I would usually
forget I had Proximity Mines, but they do come in handy if you want a safe
place to take a break. Toss a few down in a narrow place, and you have an
explosive shield. The Heat Seakers and Frags are really good against Big
Daddies and groups of enemies, but I wouldn't waste this ammo on splicers.

LOCATION: Neptune's Bounty; Wharfmaster area "Interrogation Room"
Not really a weapon, just a research tool. You switch to it and use it just
like a weapon, and it take Film as "ammo". Don't worry about wasting film,
just take as many shots as you can of every enemy you see. It helps to have
the relative plasmids and tonics such as Photographer's Eye. I think there
are just 3 research levels per enemy type, with the first usually being a
damage bonus to that enemy type, the second being a plasmid, tonic, or
upgrade, and the third being another permanent damage bonus. Very handy,
but you won't be using it after you finish all the research. It's also
required for two storyline parts, the first in the Fisheries whn you first
acquire it, and later with Sander Cohen to complete his "masterpiece" (or
his "quidditch" or "quadtych" or whatever he called it).

LOCATION: Arcadia; Dr Langford's office
Not just a flamethrower, but also an icethrower and an electricity gun. Your
three ammo types are Napalm (fire), Liquid Nitrogen (ice) and Electric Gel
(electrical). The Napalm is excellent against most splicers, especially near
chemical drums, explosive cannisters, and oil spills. Liquid Nitrogen is
mostly useless, especially since killing a frozen enemy means no corpse to
loot. The Electric Gel is my favorite, as it will zap the health off a Big
Daddy like that! *snaps fingers* Unless you upgrade it, though, this thing
will suck down ammo like it's coffee, and until later in the game, the ammo
can be a little sparse.

..:: CROSSBOW ::..
LOCATION: Fort Frolic; Gift from Sander Cohen for first photo
...What? A CROSSBOW? That sounds kinda stupid, to me, especially with the
other steampunk/hi-tech options. But this isn't your standard crossbow, it's
more like a sniper rifle, actually. Your standard rounds are like sniper
rounds, but then you have Incendiary Bolts that are good against fleshy
targets (splicers). You also have Electric Trap bolts that lay, well,
electric wire traps. Some of the bolts you fire will not break, and you can
actually go pick them back up (but don't rely on this). I personally didn't
use the crossbow at all my first play through... I just never needed it.

-------------- PLASMIDS ---

..:: ELECTRO BOLT ::..
LOCATION: Welcome to Rapture; right after getting the wrench
"A fist full of lightning." Electrical ranged attack. Everyone's favorite
Plasmid because it's so useful and effective. Stun dry enemies, electrocute
enemies in water, stun Security Cameras, Security Bots, and Turrets so
you can easily hack them, etc. You can also disable the electrified trip
wires (first found in Farmer's Market) using this. You should have an
Electro Bolt through the whole game, and you should upgrade to better ones
as soon as you can!

..:: INCINERATE ::..
LOCATION: Medical Pavillion; Eternal Flame Crematorium
Fling fireballs, as simple as that. This is great for setting splicers on
fire, but fairly useless against machines and Big Daddies. Best ways to
use Incinerate are to 1) set fire to oil slicks and blow up explosive
cannisters/oil drums and 2) melt ice. Incinerate is fun, but isn't really
needed, because you can set fires with the Chemical Thrower later in the
game, and you can use Telekinesis to drop flaming objects onto ice to
melt it.

LOCATION: Medical Pavillion; downstairs in Dandy Dental
The second best Plasmid, in my opinion. Although not as widely useful as
Electro Bolt (though some may argue), it is indeed the most fun. It is
both a weapon and a tool for acquiring more items, since nearly any
collectible item can be telekinetically pulled into your hands. The only
reason I say this is the second best Plasmid is because it is useless if
there is nothing to pick up and throw, but luckily you do not waste EVE if
you try to use Telekinesis and don't pick anything up. Play around and
see what objects make effective weapons. (HINT: set a corpse on fire and
throw it at an enemy... It's like a giant molotov cocktail!)

..:: WINTER BLAST ::..
LOCATION: Buy at Gatherer's Garden in Neptune's Bounty or later
I don't use this one much myself. The only thing I've found it useful for
is hacking Security Bots, Security Cameras, and Turrets... How does an
ice Plasmid like this help hacking? If you use this Plasmid on the
aforementioned machines, it will both stun them so you can hack them, and
it also noticeably slows down the 'liquid' in the pipes, thus giving you
more time to place pipe tiles. It's not a huge difference, but it can
help a LOT in later levels when hacking becomes extremely difficult
without a pile of Engineering Tonics and a pocketful of luck. Against
live enemies, it merely freezes them, and if you kill them while they're
frozen, they shatter... And there's no corpse to loot. I'd say that this
would be a last resort for normal fights.

..:: ENRAGE ::..
LOCATION: Buy at Gatherer's Garden in Medical Pavillion or later
This one is useful only when there's a large group of enemies in one
area. Toss this on a couple of them, and they'll take eachother out.
Just don't use it on a lone enemy or he'll just go berserk on YOU. For
kicks, try using Hypnotize Big Daddy on a Big Daddy, and Enraging a
couple of nearby splicers... and watch the ensuing massacre.

LOCATION: N/A -- Gift in Neptune's Bounty for Rescuing Little Sisters
Having a Big Daddy on your side is often helpful, but you don't get
much of an advantage, really. The good thing is, Big Daddies respawn
even if you've dealt with all the Little Sisters in a level, so there
should always be a Big Daddy SOMEWHERE that you can use this on. Chances
are, though... There won't be a Big Daddy anywhere nearby when you could
really use one. Also, it has no effect on a Big Daddy who is already
hostile towards you.

..:: INSECT SWARM ::..
LOCATION: Buy at Gatherer's Garden in Farmer's Market or later
A minor annoyance to splicers, and that's about it. I NEVER use this
one. Try it out if you like, but it will probably disappoint.

..:: CYCLONE TRAP ::..
LOCATION: Buy at Gatherer's Garden in Fort Frolic or later
While it's kind of amusing to fling enemies up in the air and watch
them smash into the ground, this particular Plasmid doesn't do much
damage. The only real benefit that I can see from using this is that
the cyclone trap stays in one spot until some unlucky enemy steps on
it, so you could probably effectively booby trap an area with cyclone
traps, proximity mines, and trap wires (from the Crossbow). I don't
recommend this Plasmid, but feel free to try it out for yourself.

..:: TARGET DUMMY ::..
LOCATION: Buy at Gatherer's Garden in Neptune's Bounty or later
I never use this one. Most enemies either don't notice the dummy, or they're
already hostile to me. I'm guessing that hostile enemies will not be
distracted by the dummy. Maybe you can try setting the dummy across the room,
then using Enrage and sneaking by?

LOCATION: On the ledge after getting the Research Camera in Neptune's Bounty
More useful than Target Dummy, but still only minimally effective. It
basically alerts turrets to fire at the marked targets, and I believe it also
summons Security Bots to attack as well. It only seems to work when there are
Security Cameras within sight, whether you've hacked them or not.

---------------- TONICS ---

Coming Soon! Same as the Plasmid section, but I will be more brief
about the effects and usefulness of each Tonic.

::-- 4. Enemies [over4]

The enemies common throughout the game. I'm not listing bosses here.
More coming soon.

Slow and weak, the Thuggish Splicer is probably the easiest enemy.
They will wander around, sometimes inspecting an object or searching
a corpse. You can easily smash them with the wrench, or shoot them
with pretty much any weapon and ammo. They wield wrenches, pipes, and
other basic melee weapons, so they only attack close range.

Similar to a Thuggish Splicer, only Leadheads pack heat. They can have
virtually any weapon in the game, from pistols to machine guns to
shotguns. Watch your distance, strafe a lot, and use their own tactics
against them. These guys are often a good source of dropped ammo.

First encountered as a storyline requirement, you don't find them right
off, thankfully. They are fast, and very powerful, and since they flop
up and stick to the ceiling, they are also rather annoying. Your best
bet might be to shock them with Electro Bolt to get the bastards to
stay still, then back off a bit and hit them with a Frag Grenade, or
you could just open up with AntiPersonnel ammo, if you can keep a
bead on them. They seem to be more resillient against regular ammo
and Wrench attacks.

They throw bombs and what looks like molotov cocktails at you. The best
way to take out these guys is to use Telekinesis and catch their bombs
right before they would hit you, then release and fling them back.

You won't encounter any of these guys until the Arcadia level.
The main feature of these guys is that they poof around. Some of them
also have Plasmids that allow them to shoot fire (like Incinerate).
If you're having trouble taking them out, stun them with Electro
Bolt or Winter Blast and have at them. Also, if you research them
enough, you will be able to see a blurry swirl as they are teleporting
so that you can kind of tell where they will reappear.

The Bouncer is the close-range variety of Big Daddy, easily spotted
by the large, menacing drill on its right arm, and the glowing
helmet with 10 tiny little lights. They will not attack you unless
you harm them or its Little Sister, so take your time and prepare.
My recommendation is to back off, start with an Electro Shock, then
unload all your ArmorPiercing rounds, Electric Bucks, Frag Grenades,
and finally Electric Gel if you have any. If you are too far away, the
Big Daddy will smash the ground to slow you down, then charge at you.
If you are close, he'll probably just turn and impale you with the drill.
Keep a decent distance, but don't think you'll get off easy.

..:: BIG DADDY (ROSIE) ::..
The Rosie is the long-range variety of Big Daddy. They have larger
lights (viewing windows?) and are a bit less bulky. They also carry
a huge rivet gun. They are vulnerable to the same tactics as the Bouncers,
but generally will not approach you during combat. If you can take cover,
go for it, but likely he will circle around and get you from the side.
Good luck.

Little Sisters aren't really enemies, and you technically don't fight them.
When you kill the Big Daddy accompanying one of these little wretches, you
are given the option of either Harvesting her, or Rescuing her. You get
half as much ADAM for rescuing as you do for harvesting, but if you keep
rescuing Little Sisters, you will get one 'gift' per level, which includes
a hefty sum of ADAM, some ammo, and some other stuff. Rescuing ALL the Little
Sisters also gets you a very nice ending to the game. I will update this
once I know for myself what happens if you rescue some, harvest some, or
harvest all of them.

Freaking annoying when you don't know where they are. Try to keep an eye out
for the sweeping camera light, then sneak around and shock the camera and
hack it (or destroy it). You can hack/destroy a camera without shocking it,
btu you have to get RIGHT up under it. Hacked cameras spot enemies instead
of you, and send player-friendly Security Bots after them.

..:: SECURITY BOT ::..
These little machine-gun helicopter things are not much of a menace alone,
however, if you trip an alarm, either by failed hacking or being spotted by
a camera, they will come at you in swarms. They are easily taken out with
ArmorPiercing ammmo or electrical attacks, but I recommend you shock and
hack them so that they will follow you around and shoot your enemies. They
can be annoying even as allies, though, so don't bother having more than two
following you. You can deactivate a shocked or friendly Security Bot by
hitting A.

Literally a machine gun on an office chair, with an extended wheel so it can
rotate (talk about ghetto steam-punk improvisation!), these 'turrets' are
only a problem if you don't know they're there. Don't waste ammo and health
trying to destroy them, simply shock and hack. I believe you MUST shock them
in order to hack them, unlike Security Cameras. They make excellent allies.
If you do decide to destroy them, a few ArmorPiercing or Electric Buck shots
will do the trick.

The same as a Machine Gun Turret, only it fires Rocket Propelled Grenades.
Deal with these just like the other turrets. I don't remember 100%, but I
think that, when hacked, their rockets do still harm you as well as enemies.
These thing are GREAT to have on your side.

..:: FLAME TURRET ::..
I only saw one or two of these in the whole game. Just a normal turrent, but
they use a flame thrower quite similar to your Chemical Thrower with Napalm.


::-- 1. Welcome to Rapture [walk1]
AUDIO LOGS: 2 (#1 and #2)

..:: The Crash Site ::..

After an intro cinematic, you find yourself floating in the ocean. Swim
towards the opening in the circle of flames (near the ruined plane). You
should be able to see the light house. That's your goal. Swim up to the steps
and go inside. Follow the stairs down and around to the bathysphere, and get
in. Pull the lever with the A button, then watch as you descend into Rapture.
You are introduced to Andrew Ryan and a basic history of the ideals of the
vast underwater city.

..:: Welcome to Rapture ::..

..:: GOAL: Get to higher ground ::..

Wait patiently until the Spider Splicer is gone and the door opens. The path
here is linear. Grab the Radio from the wall inside the bathysphere, then
head out. Turn left and keep going, up some stairs, and turn left again.
You'll have to jump over a pile of some junk. Atlas will send a Security Bot
after a splicer up ahead. Take the wrench from the ground and smash the rock
in the pile of rubble to open up a passage. Crouch and crawl through the hole.

Stand back up and watch out for the flaming couch flying down the stairs. Go
up the stairs and smash a splicer with your wrench. Headshots are supposed
to do more damage, but I don't know if this applies to the wrench or not.
Now is a good time to get used to searching the corpses of anyone or anything
you kill. Note that you will take all of the items on the corpse or in the
container if you have room, so just search, take, and move on.

In this room, you will get your first Plasmid. Feel free to snatch some
snacks off the table if that splicer hurt you. Go up the stairs on the
right and walk over to the Gatherer's Garden. This one's busted, but luckily
there is a single Plasmid bottle conveniently sitting there. Take it, and
watch a cutscene of your skin shooting out electricity, and you fall over the
balcony. The cutscene continues, but nothing important. You get to see your
first Big Daddy and Little Sister who think you're dead and ready for ADAM
extraction. They leave when they realize you're not dead.

When you're back on your feet, ready your new Electro Bolt plasmid and shoot
it at the broken switch on the door to open it. Go through. Part of your
crashed plane will smash into the walls, flooding the corridor. Make your
way into the open end of the plane, up through the inside, then out a door
in the side. Back in the corridor, the door on your left is busted, so
go straight through the working door into the next room.

Search the corpse and containers on either side of the room for an EVE
Hypos and First Aid Kits. Kill the splicers here according to Atlas' advice:
Shock them with Electro Bolt, then smash them with the wrench. Head into the
next room and kill another splicer. Go through the sliding doorway, then
find the one working elevator and step in to go up.

..:: GOAL: Go to Neptune's Bounty ::..

Step out of the elevator and go straight (off to the left) to grab a First
Aid Kit from the little memorial site, then go back the other way. The
woman standing there mourning will attack you if you disturb her, so
just shock her and take her out. Grab the Pistol from the baby carriage and
go through the door into the restaurant.

First head down the stairs to your right and kill the splicer downstairs.
Go through the doors he was banging on and kill the Leadhead Splicer that's
in there. Take her pistol for some ammo, searche the corpses and such, then
go back into the previous room. There's a First Aid Kit on the windowsill
at one end of the room, where all the water has flooded, as well as an EVE
Hypo on a table. Also, be sure to grab the Audio Log from the table (#1
Diane McClintock: "New Year's Eve Alone"). Go back upstairs and continue
past the first restaurant room.

At the fork for the bathrooms, go right first (the Dames bathroom). At the
back, pick up the Audio Log from the rubble (#2 Steve Barker: "Hole in
Bathroom Wall"). Back out and go into the other bathroom (the Gents one).
Fight off any splicer you encounter. Head to the far end of the bathroom,
then go through the hole in the wall to your left (used to be a stall).

Your weapon is disabled for a moment. Get across the scaffolding; don't
worry, you can't fall. Notice the Little Sister below. Go around and down
the stairs, then watch the cutscene. Don't worry, you're safe right now.
Turn and smash the lock on the gate with your wrench, then enter the room
you just watched and loot the corpses. Turn back and head through the
hallway, turning to the right. Take out a few splicers.

Take the next corner and start descending the stairs. Use an Electro Bolt
on the splicers in the water (you only have to hit the water, not them
necessarily). Here, be sure you've already got the first two Aduio Logs,
because you can't come back now. Jump down the broken ledge and head to the
right where the open gate is. It will close in front of you and a security
alarm will sound. Back off quick so the flame turret doesn't hit you.

Fight off a few splicers, however you see fit.

..:: GOAL: Head to Medical! ::..

If you're hurt, there are some bandages in the Dames side of the bathroom
across from the waterfall ledge. Now, head through the exit marked "Medical
Pavillion" -- across from the now closed Neptune's Bounty gate. Jump over the
rubble and turn right into a small room. Another cutscene, this time it's a
video of Andrew Ryan warning you of his ferocity. You're still safe during
this one, too. When the splicer show on the other side of the window, Atlas
unlocks the door behind you. Turn and go through the bulkhead!

"Welcome to Rapture" is complete.

::-- 2. Medical Pavilion [walk2]
AUDIO LOGS: 17 (#3 to #19)

Step out of the bulkhead chamber and head to the right.

..:: GOAL: Use Emergency Access Route ::..

From here on, I will be less specific about when an enemy pops up and what
items you will find. A lot of items can be found in plain site, but I will
point out any important items. Search all the containers, existing corpses,
and fresh corpses (from enemies YOU kill), and you should have plenty of
loot, even on Hard Mode.

First, grab the Audio Log from the reception counter (#3 Diane McClintock:
"Released Today"). There should also be some pistol ammo behind the counter.
Turn back and check out your first Circus of Values vending machine if you
want. You can't hack this one. Don't bother going up the stairs, just head
through the doors to the right of the vending machine. You should hack the
Security Bot blocking the way; it will buzz around and follow you, shooting
any enemies that pop up.

Now go around the corner and take out the splicer(s). Grab the Audio Log on
the desk in the corner (#4 Steinman: "Adam's Changes"). Ignore the Emergency
Access gate for now, and go up the stairs. Go up to the Emergency Access
Control console and activate it. The door behind you opens, so go through

..:: GOAL: Get the key from Steinman ::..

Whack the splicer, grab the machine gun, and activate the Electrical
Override Switch overlooking the Medical Pavillion Foyer.

..:: GOAL COMPLETED: Get into the Medical Pavillion ::..

A bunch of splicers show up on the balcony where the gate opens (at the top
of the stairs in the Foyer area). Back out and go back to the Foyer and up
the stairs there, taking out any splicers on the way. Go straight until
you get another ghost scene. Hit the button on the right of the doorway to
open the doors, and go through.

Grab the Audio Log on the wall directly in front of you (#5 Steinman:
"Higher Standards"). Go around this wall, left or right, doesn't matter, and
say "Hi" to the Machine Gun Turret. I recommend you use Electro Bolt on it,
then hack it. There is another turret in a small room with a hole in the wall
to the north; hack it too, and pick up the ArmorPiercing pistol rounds behind
it. There will be splicers in the area, so keep a constant eye out, and
listen for their tell-tale shrieks and chatter. Grab the Audio Log from the
counter across from the first turret (#6 Andrew Ryan: "Parasite
Expectations"). Along the left (south) wall, there is another Audio Log near
a broken directions stand (#7 Steinman "Limits of Imagination").

There is a Health Station beyond the first turret, I recommend hacking it,
but you don't have to. Grab the Audio Log to the right (north) of the Health
Station (#8 Tenenbaum: "Love for Science"), sitting on a trunk.

Head north from the Health Station to a little flooded room. There is a
Circus of Values vending machine, as well as the first El Ammo Bandito ammo
vending machine. Hack these if you want, and make sure to grab the Audio Log
in the corner (#9 Andrew Ryan: "Vandalism"). There is also a second Health
Station just west of the first one.

From here, the path splits off in several directions. The door to the north
won't open, you can't get far downstairs yet, and the way south is blocked
by a frozen door. The west path leads to Steinman. Head southwest -- there
should be a couple of splicers arguing there, and one get's toasted.

Take out the Nitro Splicer who nuked the splicer woman. Head into the room
the splicers came from, and take the Audio Log from the display on the left
(#10 Steinman: "Surgery's Picasso").

Enter the next room and beware the Security Camera on the other side of the
room. Zap it from a safe distance with Electro Bolt, then run up and hack it
from beneath... Or just shoot it, your choice. On the far end of this room
(to the right from the entrance), there is a corpse lying on an incinerator
tray. Search the corpse, then use the Furnace Control button just to the
right. Retrive your Hacker's Delight Physical Tonic and equip it. Now go up
the stairs.

Kill the splicer, then crouch and enter the small enclosed room through the
open square hole near the broken doors. Grab the Incinerate Plasmid lying
on the floor in front of you and equip that in your empty Plasmid slot.
There's an EVE Hypo behind the busted Gatherer's Garden machine; snatch that
if you need it. Switch to Incinerate (left bumper) and torch the oil slick
on the floor to take care of most of the splicers who just showed up. Wait
for the fire to go out, then go out the way you came in... All the way to the
room with the two turrets and Health Stations.

Use Incinerate to melt the ice blocking the door to the south. Enter and go
to the right; kill the splicer. Under the EVE Hypo on the desk, there is the
code to the locked door behind you: 0451. Unlock the door and grab the
supplies. On the opposite side of the room is another splicer, and a turret.
You know what to do. Now enter the door behind the conter and creep through
the flooded area. The lights will go out, don't worry, keep going and grab
the Security Expert Engineering Tonic on the other side of the water. Head
back to the door and a splicer jumps out at you. Whack him and head back out
into the main room again.

Head down the big set of stairs this time. There's another Circus of Values
to your right, as well as a busted door. Zap the sparking door control to
open the door and loot the little supply closet (there's an Auto-Hack Tool,
which are fairly rare until later in the game). Head back out and over to
the giant icebearg blocking the hallway across from the stairs. Incinerate
to open this path. Grab the Audio Log that's RIGHT THERE on the ground
(#11 McDonagh: "Freezing Pipes").

Head left through the doors, and immediate turn to the right and deal with
the RPG Turret (again, I recommend shock-n-hack). Be careful as it might
shoot rockets at enemies, and if you're too close to the explosion you will
still take damage! Now enter the larger room through the next set of doors.
There's a Security Camera on the far wall in the corner. Just below the
camera is your first safe, which you must hack to open. You can use an
Auto-Hack Tool or Buy Out if you don't want to bother... It's only got ammo
in it.

Grab the Audio Log that's straight across from the door (#12 Suchong:
"Enrage Trial"). Halfway between the door and the Audio Log is a little
grate on the wall, down at floor level. Smash it open, crouch, and crawl
through it. Loot this room, and grab the Wrench Jockey Combat Tonic, which
is extremely useful if you like using the wrench. Retrace your steps back
to the fork in the path where you melted the ice in the hallway, and go
the other way, whacking any splices along the way.

Pick up the Shotgun on the floor, and the lights go out. Take care of the
splicers that ambush you (feel free to use the wrench if the Shotgun is
too slow for you). Now head east (left from the gate you passed just before
the shotgun), and grab the Audio Log on the floor in front of Dandy
Dental (#13 Tenenbaum: "Useless Experiments"). There's a Health Station
to the right if you're interested. Otherwise, head through the door to
Dandy Dental.

There's some generic loot here, and on the other side of that huge column
in the middle of the room is a safe with some supplies in it. Go left,
through the vertical glass door and grab the Audio Log (#14 Suchong:
"Testing Telekinesis"), then turn left and pick up the Telekinesis Plasmid
from the busted Gatherer's Garden machine. A personal note, here...
Telekinesis is one of my favorite Plasmids in this game, and now that you
have it, you can experiment picking up a lot of stuff and flinging it, seeing
what is effective as a weapon. You can also pull items toward you from a
considerable distance, which can be rather handy. So, take some time to
practice using Telekinesis here with the Tennis Ball Turret (seriously).

You will have to replace one of your current plasmids in order to use
Telekinesis. I would replace Incinerate, since as long as you can find
explosive oil drums or gas cannisters, the explosion and fire resulting
from flinging these objects with Telekinesis basically has the same
effect as Incinerate (ie, you can melt ice with the explosions). You can
get your replaced Plasmid (or Telekinesis if you don't equip it) at the
nearest Gene Bank, or as soon as you buy a new Plasmid Slot at a Gatherer's

Leave Dandy Dental and head south from where you found the Shotgun. As you
turn the corner to the left, there is a turret in a room on the other side
of some windows. Shock it through the broken windows, and hop up on the
window sill, crouch, and run through. Take care of the turret, then turn
around and press the Door Control button for easy exit later. Enter the
next room through the doorway to the right, and the place fills with smoke,
then clears a bit. Approach the Plasmid bottle and Audio Log in the corner
to the right, and the smoke shows up again, and clears again. Turn around,
and whack the splicer that just showed up behind you, then claim your Speedy
Hacker Engineering Tonic and the Audio Log (#15 Suchong: "Plasmids are the

To your left, at the bottom of the wall, is another crawlspace. Knock off
the grate, crouch, and crawl through. There's a Leadhead Splicer on the
other end, so be prepared to take her out. Becareful, as there are explosive
gas cannisters behind her, and they can do massive damage to you. Press the
button on the wall to open the door to your left, and you're back in the
area where you picked up the Shotgun.

I'm assuming you equipped Telekinesis, so now head left, to just outside of
where you hopped through the window with the turret. There's a locked door
requiring a key, and a busted window with a corpse. Knock the corpse away,
and carefully aim your Telekinesis at the sparkling object on the pillar
across from the busted window. Hold your Telekinesis down, and hit A when
the object flies toward you... It's the key to the door! Now open the door
next to you and enter.

There's a Security Camera directly to your left, deal with it however you
want. Feel free to rummage through these small couple of rooms, just
be aware of a splicer or two, and a second Security Camera on the farthest
wall of the farthest room. There's also a safe under that camera. Nothing
but loot and supplies here, nothing special.

Go ahead and go back upstairs to the main room. The northern door is still
stuck from this side, so go through the big Securis door that's above the
stairs. Ignore the stuck door on your right (but note the ominous pounding)
and keep going straight through the next Securis door. You're now in the
Surgical Foyer.

As you enter the room and go around the big wall in your way, a Nitro
Splicer runs through the exit with a bomb and blocks the way.

..:: GOAL: Destroy the debris ::..

There is another Circus of Values and a Health Station, but most
importantly is the balcony above these, where a Nitro Splicer is scuttling
about, periodically tossing bombs at you. You'll need Telekinesis here, to
blow up the rubble blocking your exit. Wander around a bit if he's not
doing anything. When he throws a bomb at you, hit Telekinesis right before
it's in your face, hold it there, then turn and let it go flying at the

..:: GOAL COMPLETED: Destroy the debris ::..

Use the same tactics to easily take out the splicer himself, and you can
even pull his corpse down to loot it. Now go through the exit you just
opened up. Grab the Audio Log on the wall just a bit to your right
(#16 Steinman: "Symmetry"). Head towards the other end of the room to
see a closed gate, and a splicer runs by in the distance. A Security Bot
will fly toward you, take care of him however. There is also a turret at the
end of this little hallway, so be sure to take care of that too.

Be sure to pick up the Static Discharge Combat Tonic halfway down the hall.
This tonic can be a double-edged sword, mainly because you can
unintentionally provoke a Big Daddy if an enemy attacks you while a Big
Daddy or Little Sister is too close to you.

Take either door on the right (same room), but watch out for the Security
Camera on the far wall. This room mostly has supplies and loot, including
a safe beneath the camera. Be sure to grab the Audio Log in the middle of
the room (#17 Steinman: "Aphrodite Walking").

Leave this room and head right to Surgery, where Steinman is hiding. I
recommend you hack the Health Station to the right, in case Steinman makes
it out here and tries to heal. Go around and approach the window to witness
Steinman working one of his abominable "surgical procedures." Wait, who are
you calling UGLY?!

..:: BOSS: Dr Steinman ::..

Quickly step away from the window to avoid getting shot. Now... Kill
the bastard using any means necessary. Shock him, fling stuf at him with
Telekinesis (explosive cannisters work REALLY well), or just shoot him and
bash him with the wrench. He shouldn't be hard, even on Hard mode.
(On Easy mode, I killed him with a single Electro Shock followed by three
quick swipes with the Wrench... I also had Wrench Jockey equipped). Be
sure to loot his body to get the Emergency Access Key.

*I'll add a Boss section soon, for those may be having trouble.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Open the Emergency Access ::..

Grab the Audio Log from the corpse of the nurse you watched Steinman butcher,
(#18 Steinman: "Not What She Wanted"). Now, loot the rest of the Surgery
area, then head back the way you came. There will be new splicers along
the way.

When you get to the glass corridor where you previously couldn't open the
one Securis door on the side (the one with the pounding noise), there is
an rumbling and part of the tunnel collapses. Now you can, and must, go
through that previously closed door. Note the flaming corpse of a Bouncer
(Big Daddy) on the left... Atlas tells you to get some ADAM from the Little
Sister in the room to your right. Watch a short cutscene, then you make your
first Little Sister decision: Harvest and get more ADAM, or Rescue and get
half as much ADAM, but get some nice rewards later. You also meet Dr.
Tenenbaum, who gives you a special Plasmid that allows you to Rescue the
Little Sisters. Whether you Rescue or Harvest the Little Sisters will have
an impact on the ending of the game (All Rescue, All Harvest, or Mix).

A Gatherer's Garden is revealed on the opposite side of the room. Grab the
Audio Log (#19 Steinman: "Gatherer's Vulnerability"), and check out the
Gatherer's Garden (a Plasmid vending machine). You will have either 80 ADAM
or 160 ADAM based on your choice from a minute ago. Spend it wisely. I'd
recommend getting Armored Shell and EVE Link if you just have the 80 ADAM.
Otherwise, go for Armored Shell, EVE Link, and Health Upgrade.

Continue on through to the next area, which is actually just the main room
from before. Deal with any random splicers, then get ready to take on your
first Big Daddy. I highly suggest using Electro Shock, then blasting him
with Electric Buck shots or ArmorPiercing pistol rounds, since you shouldn't
have any ArmorPiercing auto rounds. Incinerate, if you kept that instead of
Electro Bolt, will be practically useless. You can use Telekinesis, but it
will only help if you can find something explosive to throw at it. Don't
worry about dying, you'll just instantly respawn with no penalty at the
nearest Vita-Chamber. Don't forget about the Health Stations if you really
don't want to die. When it's dead, you get to Harvest or Rescue another
Little Sister. Loot the Big Daddy corpse for a heap of cash, and don't
hesitate to go back to that Gatherer's Garden and buy any Plasmids, Tonics
or Upgrades you didn't buy before.

Now make your way back to that Emergency Access gate past the Foyer. Press
the Back button to view your map... the gate is at the big throbbing red
star that says "GOAL". Keep an eye out for splicers, there's a Nitro
on the balcony opposite the one above the Foyer desk. In the room with the
Emergency Access gate, go up the stairs and use the Emergency Access Control
console again to open the gate. Go through the gate, step into the
bathysphere, and pull the lever. Press A to select Neptune's Bounty.

"Medical Pavillion" is complete.

::-- 3. Neptune's Bounty [walk3]
AUDIO LOGS: 18 (#20 to #38)

Step out of the bathysphere and walk past the "crucified" smuggler.

..:: GOAL: Go to Fontaine Fisheries ::..

There's a Circus of Values and a new machine: the Gene Bank. Here, you may
swap out any equipped Plasmids or Tonics for ones that you have collected
but did not equip. There is not charge, so don't hesitate to come back and
switch out whenever you please. Loot the Big Daddy corpse (that one was a
Rosie, you'll see a live one soon enough), and jump over the rubble behind
it. Head through the door.

You'll see the shadow of a Spider Splicer, you won't fight that one here.
Continue through to the next room. There's a Health Station to your left.
Keep going through to the next room, to the Lower Wharf.

Right there on the other end of the wharf is your first Rosie (the long-
range type of Big Daddy). Go ahead and fight him now, if you want to get it
over-with. Remember, the Rosie will probably keep its distance and shower
you with shots from its Rivet Gun, so it might not hurt to find a bit of
cover, and strafe behind that when the Rosie starts to shoot. It may also
toss out some Proximity Mines that will blow up when you get close.
Otherwise, take it out just like the Bouncer type Big Daddy you just killed
in Medical Pavillion. Try using Telekinesis to fling some oil drum barrels
at the thing, and watch out for splicers in the area, who might attack the
Big Daddy too. If you want, let the Rosie take care of the splicers, then
finish him off.

Now feel free to explore this wharf area, as there are a lot of items lying
around, especially if you crouch and crawl under the raised wharf platforms.
Watch out for the Machine Gun Turrets under each wharf. Grab the audio log
stuck in the ground under the wharf on the far end of the room (#20
Sullivan: "Bathysphere Keys") and watch for new splicers coming in to the
room. Also grab the Medical Expert Physical Tonic from the ground in the
middle of the room. If you happen to see another Big Daddy wandering around,
don't mess with him if he doesn't have a Little Sister nearby.... Unless you
just want to take him out and loot his body.

When you're finished, go through the other door on the first wharf (near
where you entered this room). Pass through the little hallway, then watch
out for the RPG Turret on the far end of the room, down a level or so,
directly under the huge "Fontaine Fisheries" neon sign. Take that out ASAP,
even if you have to run past some splicers (take them out next).

There is a Gatherer's Garden to the left of where you entered this room,
and a Gene Bank on the wall just behind that. Depending on how much ADAM
you have, I'd say go for an Extra Plasmid Slot if you can, and maybe a
Health Upgrade. I wouldn't bother with Target Dummy, Extra Nutrition, or
Winter Blast unless you have ADAM to blow, or just want to try one of them.
(At this point, while writing this guide and playing through the game for my
second time, I had enough ADAM to buy 2 Plasmid Slots, but that's just me).

There's another Circus of Values down by the RPG Turret. For now, go up the
ramp, past the RPG Turret, and back down through the door. There's a Health
Station on the opposite side of the big pillar in front of you, and if you
look up where the water is falling from, you can spot two corpses hanging
from a hole in the ceiling. You can shoot them down and loot them, but they
likely won't have anything good. There should also be a couple of First Aid
Kits up there in the hole, on the pillar side. You can pull them down with
Telekinesis if you need them. Now, approach the huge metal door and press
A to knock with your Wrench.

Peach Wilkins answers through the little viewing window and asks you to find
the Research Camera and take some Spider Splicer snapshots. A female Spider
Splicer shows up... Start fighting her, and Wilkins sends a Security Bot to
aid you. She hops up and leaves through the hole in the ceiling, and Wilkins
sends out the Grenade Launcher on the conveyor belt by the huge door. SWEET.

..:: GOAL: Find the research camera ::..

Now leave the way you came in, using the log as a ramp to get back up to
the RPG Turret. This time, take the stairs down and around to the lower
level, and take out the group of arguing splicers with a quick Electro Shock
(as they're standing knee-deep in water). Follow the path around to the right
to find a locked gate. The code is 5380 (or you can hack it). Grab the Audio
Log on the ground (#21 Sullivan: "Timmy H. Interrogation"). You can loot
the electrocuted corpse, and there is some ammo behind the grate at the
back which you can get to with Telekinesis, but otherwise nothing special
here. Head back up the stairs.

Take a right at the Gatherer's Garden and go straight through into the hall-
way. Watch for splicers; take a right at the rubble, and take another right
immediately. Go down the busted bit of grate and rubble and crouch. Follow
this short path and pick up the Audio Log (#22 Andrew Ryan: "Fontaine Must
Go") and some ammo and loot the corpse to your left, then head back to the
hallway, watching for more splicers. Go up the stairs; there's a Health
Station on your left. Turn right and keep going up the stairs, pick up the
Proximity Mines on the floor, then go through the door.

Grab the Audio Log from the table across the room (#23 Tenenbaum: "Finding
The Sea Slug"), and watch for splicers at your left. There should also be a
Rosie Big Daddy with a Little Sister. You know what to do... Remember, you
should have some Frag Grenades and Proximity Mines by now, if you haven't
used them up. There is also an RPG Turrent beyond there, so you can hack
that and it will help a bit in taking out the Big Daddy.

Grab another Audio Log by the Hidey-Hole (#24 Mariska Lutz: "Masha Come
Home"). (NOTE: Hidey-Holes are those funny structures you see on the walls
in almost every area... Little Sisters climb in and out of them) There
should be a corpse nearby, probably the one the Little Sister was extracting
from, that you can loot to get yet another Audio Log (#25 Sullivan: "Picked
up Timmy H."). Now, bust the lock on the grate just behind where the RPG
Turret is and go through.

There's a Circus of Values to your left, and a Bot Shutdown Panel unit on
the wall across from you. There's a Security Camera just up the stairs, so
take care of that first. Grab the Audio Log next to the Circus of Values
(#26 Andrew Ryan: "Watch Fontaine"), then head up the stairs. There's
another Security Camera on your left at the top of the stairs. There are
some Frag Grenades behind the boards leaning against the wall (across from
the stairs) if you want them. Continue on through the hallway across from
the camera.

Don't walk up to the window, or a Security Camera in the room on the other
side may spot you and you can't disable it from here. Instead, go through
the open gate on your right; there's a Bot Shutdown Panel here. Quickly
smash the lock on the gate and try not to get shot by the Machine Gun Turret
on the other side of the room. If you go through the gate, there will also
be an RPG Turret to your right. You can't see them yet, but there is a
Security Camera on the middle of the far wall, with another RPG Turret
beneath it, and another Machine Gun Turret in the far corner.

First, take out the RPG Turret to your right, then take out either Machine
Gun Turret (or both). I'd recommend taking on the second RPG Turret and
the Security Camera from the side, not the middle of the room. If you set off
the camera, run back to the Bot Shutdown Panel. Don't be surprised if
splicers show up and kill your hacked turrets, or if you find a turret
suddenly isn't shooting at you anymore, or if you get caught in the line of
fire of one of your turrets shooting at someone else.

There's a Health Station in the middle of the room (more to the left/east),
as well as a Rosie corpse you can loot for a bit of cash. There is a crawl
space just to the left of the first Machine Gun Turret... Crouch and crawl
through, but watch for the red light of the Security Camera. You can run up
underneath the camera and it can't spot you.

In this room is a Grenade Launcher, two Machine Guns, a safe, and an Audio
Log on the desk (#27 Sullivan: "Have My Badge"). There's also a Bot Shutdown
Panel in case you set off the alarm when you crawled in. The safe has some
Heat-Seeking RPG ammo in it, which might come in handy. Crawl back out, bust
the lock on the gate to your left, and head through.

Crouch through the hole in the wall. There's a Gene Bank and some random
supplies and snacks. Round a few corners and enter the 'Interrogation Room'.
Grab the Camera!

..:: GOAL: Photograph 3 spider splicers ::..

Turn to the right and take a pic of the Spider Splicer through the window.

..:: Photographs taken: 1/3 ::..

Take a few more snapshots to boost your Research Progress a bit. From now on,
Any time you see an enemy, take snapshots of it until you get the message,
"Score too low. Photo not taken." This is the easiest way to max out your
research as soon as possible, with or without Tonics. You can even take pics
of Securit Cameras, Bots, Turrets, Little Sisters, etc. (See "Research
Bonuses" section under "Extra Info" for more) Make your way back to the Gene

The hole you crawled in through is now blocked, but a new path has opeend.
Watching out for splicers and fire and head forward, to where a busted,
sideways Gatherer's Garden machine lies. Slowly walk out through the broken
window and land on the little ledge to grab the Security Bullseye Plasmid,
which I personally never use, but you are free to use it as you wish. Trt it
out on the splicer in the room below if you want to; he's standing right in
front of a camera, taunting it. Now go to the right and land on a lower
ledge, then keep going and land on a bit of machinery. Then you can safely
jump off onto the floor. Thre should be an Audio Log sitting on a crate just
in front of you (#28 Tenenbaum: "Adam Discovery"). There is also an El Ammo
Bandito ammo vending machine in one corner.

Head through the door and pick up an Audio Log right in front of you (#29
McDonagh: "Eden Leaking"). On the other side of the room is a Health Station
and a door; go through the door.

There's a Bot Shutdown Panel, and beyond that is a Security Camera (on your
right). Also watch for splicers. Grab the Audio Log beneath the camera, on
the bench (#30 Tenenbaum: "Fontaine's Smugglers"). Keep going and take the
path on your right, through a door. A few more splicers in here, and be
sure to grab the Audio Log on a table to your left (#31 Andrew Ryan: "Death
Penalty in Rapture"). Go through the other door to the next room.

Make sure to grab some film that's sitting around and in containers. Beware
the Security Camera on the other side of the first 'wall' of shelves, and
the next Spider Splicer will drop down on you. Take her picture.

..:: Photographs taken: 2/3 ::..

Now kill her. There's a Bot Shutdown Panel around the corner if you need it.
When you're done here, turn back and take the other door in the hallway (the
one that was at your left, when you went right).

There will be a Circus of Values on your left, and a Gene Bank on the right.
There are also two different paths to take, here. Let's take the slightly
shorter path... Get in the water on the right (with the Vita-Chamber) and
there is a little crawlspace hole. Crouch and crawl through, but grab the
Audio Log that's right at in entrance on the right (#32 McDonagh: "Meeting

You'll come into a flooded room with some splicers; don't use Electro Bolt
on them here or you'll get fried, too! There's a Security Camera in the
center of the room, and a Health Station on the wall behind the camera. Make
your way to the left, up the steps and out of the water. There's a Bot
Shutdown Panel and two doors. On your left is a busted door... Use Electro
Bolt on the door control switch to open it, but don't go through it yet.
Instead, go through the other door (behind you). Grab the Audio Log from the
desk in the far corner (#33 McDonagh: "Rapture Changing"), and note the Big
Daddy walking around outside in the water... He's not important, it's just
kinda cool looking. And no, you can't get to him. Now, across from the table
is a pile of boxes obscuring a crawlspace hole. Crouch to enter, but be
careful as there is a Machine Gun Turret on the other side. Crack the safe
in the corner for some ammo/supplies, and pick up any Frag Grenades lying
around. Now crawl back out and head through that door you opened with
Electro Bolt.

Fight off some splicers and go around the partial wall. Grab the Audio Log
on the table ahead to your right (#34 Sullivan: "Smuggling Ring"). There's
another Audio Log on another table by the windows (#35 Andrew Ryan: "Working
Late Again"). Now go through the opening on the other side of the bar and
pass the stairs. Kill the splicer. Press A to open the bathroom stalls. One
has auto ammo, the other has a hole in the wall with some Proximity Grenades
and an EVE Hypo; use Telekinesis to suck them out if you want them. Now, go
back and go up those stairs.

Watch out for splicers, and go straight forward, though the door. There's a
safe and some supplies, but otherwise, head back out. The third Spider
Splicer should be crawling along the ceiling outside. Take his picture!

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Photograph 3 spider splicers::..

..:: GOAL: Return to Fontaine Fisheries ::..

Not just yet, Atlas! Head up the steps and you'll find another busted door,
a combo locked door, and a Health Station. Zap the busted door open and
enter. Kill the splicer, and any that follow you in. There are some supplies
hiding in the nooks and crannies, but more important is the Audio Log on the
floor by the bed and the corpse (#36 McDonagh: "Arresting Fontaine"). Now
go to the locked door; the combo is 7533. There is some cash in the far
corner, on the floor. Turn around and get the Audio Log from the bed (#37
Mariska Lutz: "Saw Masha Today"). After you listen to the audio log, the
light from the TV goes out, and a secret compartment in the wall opens up
(right where the money was). Grab the Shorten Alarms Engineering Tonic from
the hole in the wall, then head back downstairs to the bar.

Kill any splicers. If you've been quick, you might have to wait a moment.
Anyway, a Big Daddy should be lumbering about the bar. He'll walk up to a
Hidey-Hole and knock on it, and a Little Sister should climb out. This is a
good chance to take some research pics of both of them. After that, you know
what to do! Afterwards, head through the open doorway opposite the bar, and
you're back in the fork with the Gene Bank and Circus of Values.

Go through the door and turn right at either path, and watch for the Machine
Gun Turret that wasn't there before. Continue past and keep going until you
get to the room you came down into from the Wharfmaster area. The gate there
is now open, and you can now return to the Upper Wharf and Lower Wharf areas.

Head back to Fontaine Fisheries where you first met Peach Wilkins. On the
ledge, to the left of the Gene Bank (to the right of the Gatherer's Garden,
whichever you're facing), there is the Wrench Lurker Combat Tonic, which I
happen to like very much. There's also a Spider Splicer in the area. Go
ahead and spend your ADAM at the Gatherer's Garden before you move on, you
have another boss fight coming up. Head down to Fontaine Fisheries and knock
on Peach Wilkins' door again.

..:: GOAL: Relinquish your weapons ::..

*Sigh* Do as you're told, and put your weapons in the glowing Pneumo.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Relinquish your weapons ::..

Now, use Incinerate to melt all the ice in this room. There are some First
Aid Kits, some EVE Hypos, and the Focused Hacker Engineering Tonic. Don't
forget the Gene Bank, in case you need it. If you haven't already, I suggest
that you equip the Wrench Jockey tonic, because you will probably be using
your wrench a lot in the upcoming fight. Go through the open door and melt
the ice on your right for an Automatic Hack Tool and another First Aid Kit.
Don't bother with the other ice. Now round the corner, pass through the
gate, and get read to fight!

..:: BOSS: Peach Wilkins & Splicers ::..

This one is a lot tougher than wimpy Dr Steinman. First off, it's not just
one guy you're fighting, but one tough guy and a whole lot of splicers.
Second, you ONLY have your Wrench and whatever Plasmids you can equip.
Third, there are Security Cameras and Turrets. Oy! There are a lot of
different ways to approach this battle, but here's how I do it (probably not
the best way, but hey, you're reading MY guide)...

When you enter the room, it fills with fog/mist. Immediately watch out for
the camera warning alarm, and take that out first, preferably by hacking.
Next, try to dodge the splicers and take care of the turret in the back.
With those threats out of the way, the splicers themselves shouldn't be
a problem at all. It's not a bad idea to fling some Incinerate around, and
if you plan to hit someone with the wrench, you should shock them before
approaching them. It's also a good idea to pick up the Pistols that the
Leadhead Splicers drop, especially if you're having trouble otherwise.

Don't forget that there is a Circus of Values, a Gene Bank, a Bot Shutdown
Panel, and a Health Station all on the center wall of the room. You should
at least hack the Health Station after taking care of the Turret and
Security Camera if you want to be thorough.

Oh, and both times I've been through this battle (once on Medium, then now
on Easy), I've never found a corpse called "Peach Wilkins' Corpse", so I
think the one Nitro Splicer is supposed to be him. The Nitro also had the
best loot both times, so yeah.

When everyone in the room is dead except you, the gate at the back opens.

..:: GOAL: Find the submarine bay ::..

First, before anything else, pass through the gate and retrieve your weapons
from the pneumo in the corner. Note that whatever ammo you had is now gone.
Shouldn't be a big deal. Now, finish going down the stairs and use your first
Power to the People weapons upgrade station. You've got quite a selection,
and it will be a while until the next upgrade, so take some time to decide.
I'd recommend upgrading whichever weapon you use the most, Wrench excluded.
Personally, I like the Machine Gun so that's what I pick. It's really up to
you, and there is no wrong choice; remember, there are just enough upgrade
stations to fully upgrade each weapon, so don't worry about running out of

This next bit here is just collecting some supplies. If you're in good
shape, just skip this paragraph. Otherwise, keep reading right here.
Now go back up the stairs and melt the ice blocking the 4 doors. Some
splicers may come out... whack 'em or use your newly upgraded weapon. Go
into each of the 2 rooms the doors lead to and melt all the ice and raid
the place for supplies. You should find plenty of First Aid Kits and EVE
Hypos to replace any you've used up in the fight or by melting ice. Note
that to get into one side of one of the rooms (where the big door won't
open), you must crawl through a iced-up hole. There's nothing special in
there, though. Now, go back down the stairs.

Melt the ice on the two doors. Go through the door on the left, and kill
some splicers. Don't bother melting the ice on the ground, there're no
items under there. Just hack the safe and grab the Audio Log (#38 Peach
Wilkins: "Putting The Screws On").

Go through the other door and you'll see a ghost cutscene. Melt the ice
blocking the large hole in the corner, then go through and keep walking
until you get the load screen.

"Neptune's Bounty" is complete.

::-- 4. Smugglers' Hideout [walk4]
AUDIO LOGS: 3 (#39 to #41)

Technically, I think this is still part of Neptune's Bounty, but the
game treats it as a whole new place. It's really short, but meh...

Anyway, walk forward a ways, and you'll get a sudden flashback of a photo
of your family (possibly you're in the pic, too?). Keep walking forward, the
path is linear. You'll pass a Vita-Chamber and a Gene Bank, then you'll
hit a ramp that leads up out of the water. Here, there's a Machine Gun
Turret in the opposite corner, and don't forget to grab the Audio Log (#39
Peach Wilkins: "Meeting With Fontaine"). Now head down the other ramp into
a foggy/misty tunnel.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Find the submarine bay ::..

Crouch through the hole to exit the tunnel. Hop onto the rubble and go around
to the gate with the padlock; smash the lock and go through. Press A at the
glowing control panel. Watch the scene that follows.

..:: GOAL: Go to the submarine ::..

Turn around and take the door to your right. There will be a LOT of splicers
here, so take them out quickly. There are also a lot of explosive containers
lying around, which will help if you want to fling them at splicers from a
safe distance. Make your way around the platforms. There will be a padlocked
gate on your right; whack it open, and grab the Audio Log (#40 Frank
Fontaine: "Kraut Scientist"). Back out and go through the other gate.

Halfway through the passageway, the sub explodes!

..:: GOAL: Escape the docking bay ::..

Go to the left, past the flaming submarine remains, and grab the Audio Log
just past the opening (#41 Peach Wilkins: "Offered A Deal"). Keep going
forward and enter the bulkead. Press A at the bulkhead door to enter Arcadia.

"Smugglers' Hideout" is complete.

::-- 5. Arcadia [walk5]
AUDIO LOGS: 17 (#42 to #57, later #66)

Well, that was pretty bleak. *ahem* Now, get used to searching containers
even more often. As of now, including these Smugglers' Crates, most
containers and corpses will have Components in addition to the usual
goodies. This "junk" is used as ingredients and materials for creating stuff
at the U-Invent machines. You don't actually create the stuff, but since you
have to have the right materials, you can't just BUY the stuff, so it's
usually better stuff in those machines.

Jump over some crates and go forward.

..:: GOAL: Go to the Metro Station ::..

"... a Hun gaping at the gates of Rome." I like that analogy. Anyway, crouch
under the fallen pipe and go through the door past the Vita-Chamber. Smash
the glowing padlock on the door, and move forward into a lively underwater
FOREST. Huh. They sure DO have everything down here.

Go across the room to the closed door. There's a single torch burning on the
left, and an unlit torch on the right. This is a laughably obvious "puzzle"
especially for anyone who's played a Zelda game before. Use Incinerate to
light the torch on the right, and the door opens. Inside, there are some
Machine Guns, some Proximity Mines, a corpse and.... Liquid Nitrogen? It's
for a weapon you won't get for quite some time. Back out and head to the
right through the arched opening.

Off on the left, near the far corner, is an Audio Log (#42 McDonagh:
"Seeing Ghosts"). Walk a bit towards the door by the auido log and watch
another ghost cutscene. Go through the door the ghost went through; continue
forward up to the park bench for another ghost scene. On the ground, just to
the left of the bench is an Audio Log (#43 Dieter Sonnekalb: "Big Night
Out"). In the opposite corner of the room is another Audio Log (#44
Tenenbaum: "Mass Producing Adam"). Go through the door right next to you.

Go through the door on the far right (on your left now, the dark colored one
without all the glass). That guy who's been yelling is a Houdini Splicer, a
new type of splicer who can teleport -- and many of them have plasmids like
Incinerate. Turn right and walk over to where the shadow is cast upon the
wall. The splicer poofs away. Walk over and check the desk he was at, and
the light flickers. Look up... That's not YOUR shadow. Turn and take a shot.
Houdini Splicers are just as vulnerable as any other splicer, they just poof
around. This guy will probably get away for now.

Go back towards the door you came through, and turn right. Scavenge this
area for goods, namely the Grenade Launcher and Frag Grenades, then go back
and go up the stairs to the left of the door. In this room, you should be
able to kill that Houdini Splicer from before. There is a crawlspace by the
door you came in through; the little room only has some supplies and snacks.
There is another crawlspace across and to your left (if the first one is
behind you). Across from the second crawlspace is an Audio Log on a table
(#44 Langford: "Arcadia Closed"). Now go through the other door.

Watch for splicers both on your level on the balcony in the far right corner.
Get across the balcony and into the next room, where another couple of
splicers greet you. There is a Machine Gun Turret off to your right, in a
little nook/balcony. There's a Health Station across from the door you came
in through, and a Circus of Values by the turret. There is also a crawlspace
around the corner to the right of the Health Station. Zap the busted door
near where you came in and loot the little supply closet. Now go around to
the right of that door (your left as you are leaving it) and enter the door
on the right, across from the stairs. There's a trap wire in here, so either
let a splicer walk through it, zap it with Electro Bolt, or use Telekinesis
to push something into it. There are three more trap wires around to your
right. Take your loot, but ignore the crawlspace door in the wall... It
leads to back to a room you already checked. Back out through the door and
go down the stairs.

That's YOUR turret up there (if you hacked it) so don't fret. Head to the
right, down the hall, and through the door on the left (the game map was
misleading, at that point). Off to your right is the first U-Invent machine.
I'd hack it before using it, so that items cost less "materials" to make.
There isn't anything to invent here that you'll REALLY need.

Turn around and head forward until you reach the Vita-Chamber and Health
Station on your left. Turn right, and you'll find a Gatherer's Garden with
some new stuff. There should also be a Rosie Big Daddy nearby with a Little
Sister, if not RIGHT there by the Gatherer's Garden. Take 'im out. As for
the garden, I'd suggest getting a couple more slots if you can afford it.
Otherwise, go for Electro Bolt 2.

Now turn around (Gatherer's Garden behind you), and go to your left, into
the corner, and there will be some stairs that lead down into the water. At
this fork, you can go forward, which will take you to the area with the U-
Invent machine from before, as well as a little nook in the water at the end,
but there's a trap wire and a storage crate... Nothing special. Whether you
take that route or not, at least take the other route afterwards. Along the
better route, you'll hit a corner with a little waterfall at the left. Jump
down and keep going forward; there will be a nook on your right with a
Storage Crate if you want it. Keep going until you step up onto some rocks.
There will be a Circus of Values on your left, and to your right is a Bot
Shutdown Panel, a door, and a crawlspace (on the far side of the wall with
the door). Take the crawlspace for some loot, and you can go around to your
left to find another door (to the Storage Room). This room will probably
have a splicer, but there's also of random loot in here, as well as a Gene
Bank and a U-Invent.

Now, go through the door by the crawlspace... At some point you should
be encountering the other Little Sister if you haven't already. Go up
the stairs beyond the door (Health Station on your left, halfway up),
then step through the doors at the top. Walk forward just up to the first
archway, and look up. There's a Security Camera, but it's up too high, and
you can't hack it, so just destroy it. Now walk to the right until you see
the Arcadia Glens sign above a Gene Bank, and turn right here. Go through
the door under the Waterfall Grotto sign.

Grab the Audio Log from the bench right across from you (#46 Andrew Ryan:
"The Market Is Patient"). Off to the left is a U-Invent, and a corpse with
some nice ammo lying around. To the right of the bench is some stairs leading
down and around; watch out for trap wires. Around the corner after that is
a Machine Gun Turret and a Security Camera. On the lower level, across from
this turret is another Machine Gun turret. Below the camera is a busted
Circus of Values which should have some Frag Grenade ammo nearby on the
floor. Around the corner from there, there is a busted door on the left. You
must shock the switch to open it. Inside is some supplies and an Audio Log
(#47 Diane McClintock: "Heroes and Criminals"). Leave the little room and
continue going down and around, to the bottom level where there is water.
That second turret is on your left now. Straight forward, on a cement block,
is another Audio Log (#48 Andrew Ryan: "Offer A Better Product"). To your
right, at the waterwheel, is yet another Audio Log (#49 Langford: "Early
Tests Promising"). See the bright red flowers? Remember this spot, you'll
be coming back for a sample of these soon enough. Now turn around and go
through the hallway there.

On your right will be a rare Flamethrower Turret. There will also be a
Gene Bank and a Bot Shutdown Panel. You can't go up the stairs by the turret
so just turn back and go up the main stairs you came down on. Take a left
back at the Gene Banke/Arcadia Glens sign, and go through the door that with
the Rolling Hills sign. If you haven't seen your second Big Daddy and Little
Sister yet, you should see them in this area.

Immediately watch for the RPG Turret down the hill to your left. Some of the
paths here are blocked by foliage. You can find some items along the rocky
walls via Telekinesis (mostly EVE Hypos and ammo). There is also a Bot
Shutdown Panel in one corner. For now, take the path to the right of the
turret. There's an Audio Log on a rock under the Rolling Hills sign (#50
Mariska Lutz: "Shouldn't Have Come"). Take the stairs at your left and make
your way around into the area with trees. Approach the Rapture Metro door on
the far right wall and the room fills with gas, killing the trees.

..:: GOAL: Find Julie Langford ::..

With all the trees dead, the foliage has shrivelled away and there are two
caves that you can now access, but they only have supplies in them. With
the Rapture Metro door behind you, go to the right and enter the door marked
'Research Laboratories'. Deal with the Security Camera on your right. There
is an El Ammo Bandito around to the left. Enter the big Securis door, and
make your way through the glass corridor to the armored door.

..:: GOAL: Collect a rose specimen ::..

Langford wants "Rosa Gallica" specimens. She's talking about those bright
red flowers on the waterwheel in Waterfall Grotto. Start heading back, but
just before the stairs you took to get here is a cave that opened up. There
is an Audio Log at its entrance (#51 Langford: "The Saturnine") BUT, you may
have to enter the cave and come back out before it shows up. I don't remember
it being there both times I came to the cave until I was on my way out of
the cave.

Now head back up those stairs. There's nothing special in the cave across
from the stairs unless you need some Components or snacks/supplies. Head up
the hill to your right, and through the door. Go straight to the Gene Bank,
then turn right and go through the door. Should be some splicers here, as
well as the Security Evasion Physical Tonic. Follow the stairs all the way
around and down to the bottom level, and press A at the roses growing on
the waterwheel.

..:: NEW GOAL: Bring the rose specimen to Langford ::..

A bunch of splicer will show up, so get rid of them. Now backtrack back up
to Langford's office where the armored door is. Pop the rose in the Pneumo
like Langford says. The armored door opens.

..:: NEW GOAL: Meet Langford ::..

On the desk in front of you is the Hacking Expert Engineering Tonic. On the
floor to your right, by the file cabinets, is an Audio Log (#52 Langford:
"What Won't They Steal?"). There is a Bot Shutdown Panel on your right, and
a door near that. Continue on through the door, and a security timer
appears... apparently this is how long you have to get to Langford's office
before security comes back online. Feel free to snoop around and loot a bit,
though, as you have plenty of time. Through the door, there's another Audio
Log sitting on a desk to your left (#53 Langford: "Teaching An Old Hound").
There's a Health Station on the back of the wall where the audio log is. Go
through the door to your right (the armored one by the turret won't open).
There's a Gene Bank across from you, and in the area to your left, where
there's water on the floor, is a Circus of Values and a U-Invent. There is
another armored door on your left as you approach the big Securis Door to
the room where Langford is. Enter the Securis door and pass through the
glass corridor.


Oh, look, that's Dr langford on the other side of that bulletproof window.
The door won't open yet, so just watch the cutscene. What's that green fog?
Well, there goes Langford. She writes her safe code on the window: 9457.


..:: NEW GOAL: Search Langford's office ::..

Go through the now unlocked door to your right. The smog has cleared, so
it's safe. Loot the corpse for an Audio Log (#54 Langford: "The Lazarus
Vector"). Grab the Chemical Thrower from the table in the center of the
room. This is a rather odd weapon, but it's basically just a flamethrower
with some extra functions. Find the safe... It's a sparkly square on the back
wall. You have to "use" the botanical illustration poster first, which swings
away to reveal the safe. The code is what she scrawled on the window: 9457.

In the safe is the Market Key, which allows you to access the Farmer's
Market area, and another Audio Log (#55 Langford: "Lazarus Vector Formula").
Woo, a Multi-Part Goal... Haven't we kind of been doing this all along?

..:: NEW GOAL: Invent the Lazarus Vector ::..

Besides the Central Misting Control panel you can't use (yet), and the plain
U-Invent, there's nothing else here. Make your way back out, and mind the
splicers and the reactivated turrets and Security Camera. Your destination
is the Tree Farm area, which is just outside of the area with the hill,
where that RPG Turret was.

..:: NEW GOAL: Go to the Farmer's Market ::..

Keep your eyes up, you'll see the sign that says "Farmer's Market" and points
to the Tree Farm entrance at your left. Go through that door. Walk straight
to the end of the platform you're on and grab the Audio Log from next to
the storage crate (#56 Langford: "Arcadia and Oxygen"). Now take out any
splicers. There's a corpse and a Shotgun if crouch and crawl under the
platform at the entrance. Make your way to the right of the entrance. Ignore
the Arcadia Glens door, you've been to that area already. There's some loot
under the stairs. Go up the stairs, and on your left is your second Power
to the People weapons upgrade station (Finally!!). You now have all but one
weapon, but the next 10 upgrade stations won't be so far apart as these
first two. Still, choose wisely.

Go down the steps to your right and there will be a Circus of Values. As you
pass through the arched area, there is a safe with some supplies, and an
Audio Log (#57 Tenenbaum: "Maternal Instinct"). Keep moving forward. As you
step into the bulkhead chamber, you see a flashback of your house. Press A
at the bulkhead door to enter Farmer's Market.

"Arcadia" is NOT complete yet. We'll be back.

::-- 6. Farmer's Market [walk6]
AUDIO LOGS: 8 (#58 to #65)

Step out of the bulkhead chamber. Directly ahead of you is an Audio Log
by a corpse (#58 Tasha Denu: "Bee Enzyme"). Check the corpse for a
Bee Enzyme Sample.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Obtain 7 Enzyme Samples ::..

..:: Enzyme Sample Found: 1/7 ::..

Step through the Securis door and into the glass corridor. In the next room,
watch out for splicers, and around the corner to your right is an RPG Turret.
At the foot of the steps in front of the turret is the EVE Link 2 Physical
Tonic, as well as a Circus of Values, a U-Invent, and a corpse. If you go
a little further, there's a Gene Bank in a nook.

Move forward into the courtyard area and go behind the bar. Enter the doorway
in the corner (with the little "Employees Only" sign). Grab the Audio Log on
the floor (#59 Andrew Ryan: "First Encounter") and another Audio Log in the
back on a table (#60 Tenenbaum: "Hatred"). Loot the place if you want, then
go back through the door and turn left. Walk over to the locked gate and
enter the code: 0512. There is just some ammo, money, and assorted other loot
but you probably don't want to come all the way back here to check later,
because you don't find the audio log with the door code until late in the

Now go through the open doorway into the room with the bluish light. On the
table is a bottle of Distilled Water.

..:: Distilled Water Found: 1/7 ::..

There's also a U-Invent in the back. Go back into the courtyard area and go
up the stairs by the Bot Shutdown Panel. Go through the door to your left
(the one on the small wall, not the long wall). Watch out for the Security
Camera inside the stall diagonally across from you. There will be a Circus of
Values on your left, and there will probably be a Rosie and Little Sister,
or at least a lot of splicers in the area. Crack the safe beneath the camera
if you want. Don't bother with the crawlspace right there, there's nothing
in there.

Hop over the bar of the stall across from there. Crawl into the crawlspace
on the left for an Audio Log (#61 Andrew Ryan: "Desperate Times"). You can
hop up on the crates and crawl through the crawlspace up there, but it just
leads to the other, empty crawlspace.

Head towards the big neon sign that says "Silverwing" and "Worley Winery",
but turn left down that path instead (we'll head to Worley's in just a
minute). Go through the door on your right and deal with the Machine Gun
Turret in front of you. There's a safe with some loot. Head out into the
open area, and there will be a Security Camera off to your back-left (you
should be able to see it's light sweeping the floor). The door by the camera
takes you back to the upper level of the courtyard area, and there is a Bot
Shutdown Panel right through the door if you need it, but otherwise don't
bother going through the door. With the camera and door at your back, head
straight forward to the little bar with the glass display case, and grab the
Audio Log from the left end of the counter (#62 Andrew Ryan: "Pulling

Now head back the way you came and take a left, this time time up the steps
at the Worley Winery sign. Grab the Distilled Water bottle on the floor.

..:: Distilled Water Found: 2/7 ::..

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Obtain 7 Distilled Water ::..

And grab the Audio Log right next to it (#63 Pierre Gobbi: "Water in Wine").
There's a Bot Shutdown Panel, but you probably won't need it at this point.
Head through the big Securis door into the glass corridor. Take the first
door on your left -- it's a dead end and won't take as long as the other

There's a splicer being attacked by bees... He dies, and the bees will now
chase you. Just run back the way you came until you hear the bees violently
buzz out of existence. Now head back. DON'T search THIS hive box by the
corpse or more bees will come out and attack you. Grab the Audio Log on the
counter (#64 Tenenbaum: "Adam Explained"). There is a Gene Bank and a
Gatherer's Garden on opposite ends of the room. Go through the door behind
the counter.

This is some sort of bee-growing area... Okay, the map calls it an "Apiary".
Anyway, it's a perfect place to load up on those bee enzyme samples! The
problem? There are still a lot of live, angry bees flying around. If you step
into the swam area, you'll be hurt just a bit. Sometimes you can step in and
be hurt once or twice but be able to walk around fine otherwise... Sometimes
you step in and nearly take constant damage. Either way, what you're SUPPOSED
to do, is hit either of the Smoker Control switches in the safe area by the
door. This makes the bees temporarily disappear, but it makes a lot of random
splicers show up each time, as well. Hit the switch, run in and grab a bunch
of enzymes by searching the hive boxes, and take a bit of time to loot the
place. You'll hear a clicking noise when the bees are about to reappear. You
can just run back to the safe area and hit the switch again, then repeat.
Besides bee enzymes, there is a safe, a Circus of Values, and some random
loot lying about.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Obtain 7 Enzyme Samples ::..

Oh, and feel free to keep picking up more bee enzyme samples. They double as
a U-Invent component, so the more you get, the merrier. Also note, you can't
leave the room while the smoker is active... Just wait for the clicking to
speed up and stop, and the door will unlock. When you've had your share of
bees, head back out the way you came in and take a left in the corridor and
go through the next Securis door.

You can go to the left or the right, your choice. There's a Security Camera
on your right just around this wall in front of you. There's a Machine Gun
Turret at the opposite end of the wall from the camera. There's a Health
Station by the camera, on a different wall. If you want, crack the safe in
between the turret and camera. Grab the Distilled Water from the floor by
the Health Station and camera.

..:: Distilled Water Found: 3/7 ::..

On a table under the roof windows on the right side of the room is an Audio
Log (#65 Tenenbaum: "Functional Children"). Head to the back of the windery
area, to the left of the nook where there's a Circus of Values. Go down the
stairs into the wine cellar. Watch out for the trap wire. There's a Distilled
Water lying on one of the beams... You can use Telekinesis to pull it down,
or just jump up and grab it.

..:: Distilled Water Found: 4/7 ::..

Descend the stairs and turn the corner. On your left is a Bot Shutdown Panel
and there will probably be some splicers. Go straight forward and turn left,
there will be a U-Invent machine with a Distilled Water on the floor nearby.

..:: Distilled Water Found: 5/7 ::..

Turn around and go into the open room to the right of the stairs. In the
back, take a left. Loot the corpse for a Distilled Water.

..:: Distilled Water Found: 6/7 ::..

Turn around and go forward and pick up one more Distilled Water from next
to the Storage Crate.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Obtaine 7 Distilled Water ::..

..:: NEW UPDATE: Create the Lazarus Vector ::..

Back out of the open room and go down the stairs. Head straight into the
flooded nook in front of you and there's a Power to the People weapon upgrade
station. Choose wisely! There is another Distilled Water behind you. These
things are like the Enzyme Samples in that after you have the ones necessary
for the storyline, the rest are Components for creating new U-Invent items.
There is another Distilled Water just outside the nook, next to the stairs,
and there's a Security Camera just beyond there.

If you haven't already gotten your Little Sister for this level, there should
be another Rosie wandering around here. If you have gotten her already, you
can still kill the Rosie for some cash or, if you have researched Rosies
enough, rare component loot.

If you want more Distilled Waters (you will find more of these items on a
regular basis, this is just if you want a head start), there are 4 more on
the east side of the cellar (with the metal tanks) and 3 on the west side
(with all the water).

On the west side, there is a little room with some Chemical Thrower ammo,
2 Distilled Waters and a Photographer's Eye Combat Tonic, but taking these
will set off a trap in the room and a bunch of splicers will show up
outside. Some trap wires will appear at the opening to the room, as well.
Now, my map was glitching here and kept showing my location arrow in the
wrong fricking place on the map, and the Gene Bank by the trap room doesn't
seem to be listed on the map. Anyway, head back up the stairs and make a
stop a the U-Invent machine. Invent the Lazarus Vector!

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Create the Lazarus Vector ::..

..:: GOAL: Return to Arcadia ::..

Back to Arcadia it is. There really shouldn't be anything else to do here
in Farmer's Market as long as you've gotten the Little Sister, the audio
logs, and whatever tonics I've mentioned lying around. Head back through
the glass corridor, through the market area, and back into the bulkhead
chamber. Use the bulkhead door to return to Arcadia.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Return to Arcadia ::..

..:: GOAL: Circulate the Lazarus Vector ::..

"Farmer's Market" is complete.

..:: Arcadia Part Two ::..

This doesn't get it's own fancy chapter.

When you step out of the bulkhead chamber, Andrew Ryan activates a security
alert and sents a bunch of Security Bots your way. Once that's over, head
straight for Langford's lab. On your map, it's West until the big corner,
north until the corner, west out the door, and on your right will be the
Rolling Hills entrance. Down the hill, around the stairwell's corner, and on
your right is the entrance to the lab. Enter and make your way all the way
back to Langford's private lab. If you see a Big Daddy anywhere in the lab,
you might want to take the time now to kill him, because you don't want him
tearing you up in a few minutes (when a BUNCH of splicers will be showing
up). Your choice... Leave him if you want a challenge (or ignore this if
you don't see one). On the far left end of Langford's lab is the big
Central Misting Control machine. On the left is a glowing piece... Press A
here to insert the Lazarus Vector.

..:: GOAL: Deploy the Lazarus Vector ::..

..:: GOAL: Seal the door to Langford Labs ::..

A quick note here... If you look at the Central Misting Machine, there are
little panels with the names of different parts of Arcadia. There's a
branching line, like a vein, that goes from the left part to the right part.
This is a good indicator of how long it will take for this to finish.

Now, run back to the entrance of the lab, where that first armored door was
back when Langford asked for you to get the rose sample. There's a machine
on a stand next to the desk... Use it.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Seal the door to Langford Labs ::..

Atlas has sent you some supplies, so search the Pneumo in front of you.
There will soon be splicers all over the place in here. You can't get back
into the private lab with the Central Misting Machine for now, so...

..:: GOAL: Hold off Ryan's forces ::..

Just fight off the splicers. Even on Medium mode, this is no problem,
especially since there's a Vita-Chamber right there outside the private lab.
My main bit of advice is to stay away from the explosive barrels and gas
cannisters. Try not to waste all your ammo... Run around and shock people
and swing your wrench. Use Winter Blast or Electro Shock to stop the Houdini
Splicers from poofing all over the place. And remember, there's a Gene Bank
right by the flooded area, so you can swap out Plasmids and Tonics at any
time. Also, if the turret and security camera are still in tact from your
last visit, try letting them do most of the work, and just watch your own
ass until most of the splicers are dead. The circulation won't advance
unless you kill all the splicers.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Lazarus Vector Circulation: 1/3 Complete ::..

Man this crap is slow. Well, here's Round Two, with more splicers.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Lazarus Vector Circulation: 2/3 Complete ::..

Round Three. More splicers, whee! Oh, and even if you killed a Big Daddy
before you started this, don't be surprised if another one spawns in the
middle of this battle. If you won't wanna fight him, make sure not to have
Static Discharge equipped, and be very careful using explosives.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Deploy the Lazarus Vector ::..

Now you can get back in to the private lab in the far back. Get to the
Centra Misting Control machine, and pull the Misting Deployment switch on
the right with the A button.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Deploy the Lazarus Vector ::..

..:: GOAL: Go to the Metro Station ::..

Feel free to loot any unsearched corpses lying around, then head out into
the foresty area just outside the labs. Head through the Rapture Metro door
to your left. Grab the Audio Diary directly to your right on the bench
(#66 Andrew Ryan: "The Great Chain"). (The log won't play until after Ryan
is done talking on the radio). Head to the back of the room and step into
the bathysphere.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Go to the Metro Station.

Pull the lever in the bathysphere and select Fort Frolic.

"Arcadia" is complete.

::-- 7. Fort Frolic [walk7]
AUDIO LOGS: 15 (#67 to #81)

Step out of the bathysphere and walk forward a bit.

..:: GOAL: Go to Hephaestus ::..

There are a couple of Slot Machines on your left. You can actually win a bit
of money if you play, but you will likely lose. This is your first chance to
get the "Lucky Winner" achievement -- which will take a few tries, at least.

There's a Vita-Chamber, U-Invent, Gene Bank, and a Health Station off to your
left. The U-Invent now has new items, including the ones you can make using
your leftover Enzymes and Distilled Waters. If you can, especially if you use
the Wrench a lot, get the Bloodlust Physical Tonic, which gives you a bit of
Health and EVE when you hit enemies with the wrench.

The little Epstein the Swami Fortune Teller machine is just for amusement.
Don't bust the glass in the store display windows, or else the security
alarm will go off, calling you a "vandal". There's a Bot Shutdown Panel
on the opposite side from the storefront if you need it, however.
At the other end of the room is the door to Rapture Metro. Go through, and
approach the bathysphere at the far end of the room. Huh. I don't think
that's what Atlas expected to happen. Listen to Sander Cohen babble... he's
taken over the radio frequency!

..:: GOAL: Find Sander Cohen ::..

Head back out to the previous room, and now there are a ton of trap wires
all over. Grab a large object with Telekinesis, or just use Electro Bolt,
and take out the trap wires real quick as some Spider Splicers will show up.
Take them out, one-by-one.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Go to Fleet Hall ::..

The armored doors under the Welcome to Frot Frolic sign open up. There are
a few slot machines and a Circus of Values here. Move on ahead into the
Atrium. Turn to your left and go through the lit archway, and turn right.
Don't go up those steps yet... Go past the Bot Shutdown Panel, and you'll
see a Circus of Values around the corner, under a Security Camera. Go through
the archway across from the vending machine, into the flaming area.

You're likely to run into some splicers here. First grab the Audio Log from
the table right by the chairs (#67 Cobb: "Come To The Record Store). Now, go
to the left, into the left-hand door (the Dames bathroom). There's a Machine
Gun Turret in here, as well as some Liquid Nitrogen and a Health Station, but
the turret will probably bust it before you can hack the thing. You can go
into the other door (the Gents bathroom) but there's literally nothing in
there but a three creepy corpse statues. Don't bother with that room unless
you just HAVE TO fill out your entire automap.

Now head back out into the flaming lounge and go down the short steps in the
corner. There's a Gene Bank in the nook across from you. Go through the door
on your right. In the nook to your left is a wall safe (behind the poster,
you have to knock it out of the way), and if you go around to the right,
behind the wall which is behind the counter, there is a small room with a
corpse statue thing. There's an Audio Long in here, on the other side of the
statue (#68 Sander Cohen: "The Wild Bunny").

Exit this room and go through the door directly across the hall. There's a
little safe under the counter, and there's an Audio Log right there on top
of the counter (#69 Sullivan: "Artists' Feud"). There's a rather obvious
Security Camera just on the other side of the bar, so hop over the counter
and take care of it. There's a U-Invent just behind the camera.

Go through the hallway across from the little bar. There's a door on your
right that is opening and closing, but you can't get through it. You can
loot the corpse through the bars... Use Telekinesis if you must. Around to
your left will be an El Ammo Bandito. There's a Bot Shutdown Panel opposite
the ammo machine... Go through the door there.

There's a Machine Gun Turret on the other side of the pillar in front of you.
You can go forward (to the right of the turret) or just straight to the
right, but either way you'll end up at the opposite corner of the building,
down some stairs near a U-Invent. There's a corpse with an Audio Log between
its legs (#70 Albert Milonakis: "Fancy Cigarettes"), but the real money is
right there at the Power to the People Weapon Upgrade Station! Like always,
choose wisely -- though by now you may have maxed out a weapon or two, and
you may have noticed some of the enemies are getting stronger, so I'd
suggest getting the Grenade Launcher Damage Increase if you haven't already.
You've cleaned out this area, so head back through the Cocktail Lounge to
the Lower Atrium.

From here, you can either take the stairs in the center of the room, or you
can go up those steps right outside the Cocktail Lounge. If you choose the
latter, you'll pass a Circus of Values, a Gene Bank, and the frozen door to
Poseidon Plaza. You can't get through this door yet, it will have to be
unlocked by Cohen in a little while. At the top of the stairs (in the center
of the Atrium) is an Audio Log in a pile of trash (#71 Diane McClintock:
"Stood Up Again").

At the far north side of the Upper Atrium is a Gatherer's Garden and two
Health Stations. For now, go into the room at the far south side of the
Upper Atrium; the door has a sign saying "Cohen's Collection, Fine Art."
There's a corpse statue family sitting at the table. There's a Machine Gun
Turret on the upper level behind you, so watch your back. Grab the Audio Log
from the desk by the little staircase (#72 Sander Cohen: "The Doubters"). Go
up the stairs and deal with the turret, then crack open the three wall safes.
If you don't feel like risking a failed hack, or you're low on cash and/or
Auto Hack Tools, then don't worry, there's nothing in the safes except for
some money and supplies (no Tonics or anything special). Cracking the safes
causes a Houdini Splicer to appear.

NOW it's time for Fleet Hall. Head out of this room and turn left; go through
the vertical glass door. Around this wall, there is a Security Camera above
another vertical glass door. There's a Bot Shutdown Panel behind the bar.
This glass door won't open yet -- a lot of people report being stuck here,
not knowing how to get IN to Fleet Hall. Well, turn to your left and there's
a metal cage in the wall. Push the Elevator Button just to the left to call
the elevator down and open the cage. This will cause some splicers to show
up behind you. Before getting in the elevator, go up the stairs across the
room from it; there's a Gene Bank at the landing halfway up. In the room at
the top, there's an Audio Log just to your left by the guitar (#73 Sander
Cohen: "Musical Insult"). If you go up the steps to the gated doorway, Sander
Cohen scolds you. There's some nifty shiny stuff in that little room, so
we'll be sure to come back later.

Now, go back downstairs and go up the elevator. Push the button inside and
go up. Music, hmm. Go through the vertical glass door, and make your way down
the steps toward the stage. Watch the little scene.

..:: GOAL: Photograph the dead pianist ::..

OK... Cohen must be some sort of crazy necrophiliac or something, wanting
pics of a dead pianist *cough*. Anyway, take a pic of Fitzpatrick just as if
he were an enemy you're researching.

..:: GOAL: Find Cohen's Masterpiece ::..

Before you do Cohen's bidding, head around behind the seats (at floor level,
not up the steps). There are two Machine Gun Turrets in the northeast corner
of the lower area of Fleet Hall. There's a safe around the corner past the
turrets. Don't bother with the Circus of Values unless you need film; the
other items are rediculously expensive even when hacked. Across from there
is the vertical glass door which previously would not open -- but it opens
now. Now, real quick, head back up to the upper level of Fleet Hall (either
by elevator or the steps in front of the stage).

If you go down the northern hallway, there's nothing but an EVE Hypo on one
room, and a Health Station at the end of the hall. Instead, go down the
southern hallway until you reach the Health Station, and go through the door
across from there, into a balcony. Fling away the chairs with Telekinesis
if you'd like, then jump up onto the balcony rail. Turn left and face the
last balcony on this side; you should see a glowing Tonic bottle on the rail
over there. Back up a little, then run and jump over to that balcony rail.
Cohen commends your athleticism... Gee, thanks. Grab your Alarm Expert
Engineering Tonic. A splicer (or two) will show up on the hanging walkways
above the stage. Loot the corpses if you want, then jump down and head back
to the Upper Atrium.

Go down either flight of stairs, and locate the huge white statue on the
stage in the middle of the Lower Atrium. Go up on the stage and point your
target reticle at any one of the four frames, and press A to place your
photo on the "masterpiece."

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Find Cohen's Masterpiece ::..

..:: GOAL: Kill Martin Finnegan ::..

..:: GOAL: Kill Silas Cobb ::..

..:: GOAL: Kill Hector Rodriguez ::..

..:: Cohen's Masterpiece: 1/4 ::..

..:: GOAL: Finish Cohen's Masterpiece ::..

Oy! Cohen's got you pretty busy, now. Grab your reward, the Crossbow, from
the statue that rose up out of the trap door on your right. The Crossbow is
kind of a gimmicky weapon, both a sort of sniper 'rifle' and a trap-laying
device. I personally don't use it much because it's slow, but it is indeed
powerful and useful if you figure out the best way to use it suiting your
approach to combat.

Alright, let's go get Martin Finnegan first. You can now get into Poseidon
Plaza in the Upper Atrium on the east side. Make sure you've got Incinerate
or some Napalm for your Chemical Thrower. Step into the icy glass corridor
there, and grab an Audio Log from the icy chunk on the left (#74 Martin
Finnegan: "The Iceman Cometh"). Pass through the Securis door and into
the Frozen Tunnel. Take a left and walk past the frozen splicers, and you'll
see one guy who isn't frozen. He turns and poofs like a Houdini, and you
start to freeze over. Watch the scene, then you thaw out. Now find and kill
that poofy splicer -- that's Martin Finnegan! Some of the frozen guys will
thaw and attack you... I suggest you start Incinerating everbody, and using
some Napalm if you get low on EVE. If you're lucky, Finnegan will catch fire
as well. Regardless, if that doesn't kill him, just take him out like you
would a normal Houdini Splicer. Watch out for some explosive cannisters in
one corner; if you heat them up to melt the ice around them, they will
indeed blow up.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Photograph Finnegan's Corpse ::..

Take a pic of Finnegan's corpse just like you did with Fitzpatrick.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Post Finnegan's photo ::..

Loot Finnegan's corpse for the Frozen Field Combat Tonic. Melt any remaining
ice chunks as there may be some supplies in them. Head out the way you came
in and return to the stage in the Lower Atrium. A bunch of splicers will
show up when you reach the stage. Also, there might be Bouncer Big Daddy
here, this time. If so, you know what to do! BE CAREFUL, though. The Big
Daddies on this level aren't your normal Bouncers, they're Elite Bouncers,
and they are a LOT more dangerous (faster, stronger, etc). They still count
as regular Bouncers for research, though.

Anyway, place the new photo on the 'masterpiece' like before, and claim your
reward of generic supplies (ammo, cash, First Aid Kit).

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Post Finnegan's Photo ::..

..:: Cohen's Masterpiece: 2/4 ::..

Now let's return to Poseidon Plaza -- but feel free to stop at the Gatherer's
Garden on the way. This time, go through the next Securis door beyond the
rubble in Frozen Tunnel. This is the _actual_ Poseidon Plaza. I also ran
into my second Elite Bouncer and Little Sister immediately here, a bit to
the right from the entrance. You may very well run into your third Little
Sister any time during this area.

There's an El Ammo Bandito across from the entrance and a Circus of Values
at the foot of the stairs nearby; there's a Bot Shutdown Panel on the wall
under the stairs and a U-Invent and Health Station in a nook near there. Go
ahead and go through the door to Sir Prize - Games of Chance (by the Circus
of Values).

Take out any splicers, then grab the Audio Log from between the stairs and
the bar (#75 McDonagh: "Fontaine's Army"). Don't bother going up the stairs,
there's nothing but trap wires up there. Leave Sir Prize and head to the far
end of Poseidon Plaza, to the south set of rooms (Sinclair Spirits).

Through the door, pass the creepy white corpse statues, and watch for a
Security Camera which is right above you after the last corpse statue on the
right. Hit the switch on the back side of the bar to open the door to the
next room. Note the creepy white corpse statue sitting in the chair, facing
the corner. Hmm. Use the Power to the People Weapon Upgrade Station on the
other side of the flooded little room... Then turn around. AH! It's the
statue from before... it's actually a Spider Splicer. Kill that sucker.
Head out the way you came in -- but wait a minute. The statues in the little
hallway by the camera... they're gone! HMM.

Now, go across to the other side of this huge fountain thing outside of
Sinclair Spirits. There's a staircase in the floor that was closed before,
but now it's open (killing that Spider Splicer in the last place was the
key!). Head down the stairs and into another flooded room. Make your way to
the opposite corner of the room and claim your Extra Nutrition 2 Physical
Tonic and loot the crate. Take the Proximity Mines in the window, too. Turn
around and notice there are 5 or 6 corpse statues by the entrance/exit.
Ah ha! Take them out, they're just Spider Splicers. Head back up the stairs.

Head off forwards, a little to the right, down the big hall area. Go through
the door on your left and grab the Audio Log on the table (#76 McDonagh:
"Guns Blazing"). There's a Gene Bank in the back-left corner of the room.
Now go up to the locked door to the closed-off humidor area. The door code
is: 7774. Inside the humidor is just a Security Camera (left corner) and a
corpse and some cash on the floor; really, it's not even worth hacking the
door lock. Exit the room and head left to Eve's Garden XXX; yes, that's a
strip club. NO, you don't see any naked splicers.

Just inside, you'll see a ghost cutscene. WOO, ghost stripper! On your right
is a Gene Bank and U-Invent; on your left, behind the bar, is a Circus of
Values and a fortune teller machine. There's an Audio Log on the counter by
the register (#77 Rodriguez: "It's All Grift") NOTE: If this Audio Log isn't
there, then check back AFTER you kill Rodriguez. Hop up on the stripper
stage and go through the door up there and watch another ghost cutscene. The
door in the back opens, and you see a flash of pics of you family. Grab the
Audio Log from the floor on the left of the bed (#78 Jasmine Jolene:
"Pregnancy"). Head back out to the stripper stage.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Kill Hector Rodriguez ::..

Follow Rodriguez wherever he goes off to, and kill him. He'll probably run
all over the place. He's basically just a Nitro Splicer -- nothing tough.
Strangely, there were a lot of Big Daddies around the second time I played
through, and he kept attacking THEM instead of me, so after the third Big
Daddy, Rodriguez was dead and I hadn't fired a single round or anything.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Photograph Rodriguez's corpse ::..

Take the photo already...

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Post Rodriguez's photo ::..

Don't forget to loot his corpse. Now head back down to the Lower Atrium and
stick that photo on the third frame.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Post Rodriguez's photo ::..

..:: Cohen's Masterpiece: 3/4 ::..

..:: GOAL: Defeat Cohen's Splicers ::..

Ugh, psycho. Cohen sends a bunch of splicers at you, mostly Thuggish and
Spider types. I had Static Discharge 2 equipped, along with SportBoost,
SportBoost2, Wrench Jockey 2, etc (for serious Wrench damage), but I didn't
even have to swing my Wrench once because the Static Discharge took care of
them in one hit each. On Medium or Hard, you'll probably have to whack them
a few times each, but still, this isn't a hard battle at all.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Defeat Cohen's Splicers ::..

Claim your reward of ammo and cash (woo...). Now return to the Eve's Garden
strip joint, and go through the door to the left of the stripper stage door.
*This would be the time to pick up the Audio Log from the counter if it
wasn't there before. I SWEAR there was nothing on the counter, and I drank
all the booze in the room, but when I came back, there were a few bottles
and this audio log sitting there, huh. Anyway, head up the stairs -- there's
a Health Station at the top if you need it -- and go through the door.

There's a Bot Shutdown Panel to the left of the big door out here. Through
the door, there is a Machine Gun Turret on each side. Head forward and note
that to your right, at the open area, is a Health Station in a nook, and the
upstairs entrance to the Sir Prize place you were in early. Just go forward
into the Pharaoh's Fortune Casino.

This place is full of slot machines! To your right, there's a wall safe
behind the bar. Take the side of the steps to get to the stairs; if you go
straight up the middle, the Security Camera on the second floor is more
likely to spot you. Watch for the red scanning spotlight as you ascend
the stairs, and wait for it to pass the other way, then quickly run over
beneath the camera to deal with it. Watch for splicers. There's an Audio Log
on one of the pool tables (#79 Sullivan: "Bump Culpepper?"). There's a Health
Station in one corner in the area across from the camera. Exit this room,
turn left, and go through the door with the "Rapture Records" sign above it.

Grab the Audio Log on the left, under the backside of the counter (#80
Anna Culpepper: "Ryan's Stableboy"). Now, go to the crumbled stairs on the
right and jump down to the area below. Approach the 'man' in the chair, then
QUICKLY back up -- it's actually a corpse bomb rigged to blow! Behind you,
on the level you just came from, is Cobb, another Nitro Splicer-like target
Cohen wants taken care of. From holes in the roof, Cobb sends down about 4
flaming Spider Splicers. Dispose of them, then locate the crawlspace in the
far corner by the windows. You'll come out next to the counter on the upper
level. Now go kill Cobb; he'll probably just outside the record shop.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Photograph Cobb's corpse ::..

Take your final required photo.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Post Cobb's photo ::..

Loot his corpse for ammo and cash, then head back, one last time, to the
Lower Atrium to post the fourth -- and final -- photo.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Finish Cohen's Masterpiece ::..

The lights go out. A drum roll? Turn around to see that sick bastard Cohen
in person, walking down the center Atrium staircase in lights and glory. He
tells you to take one of his "lesser works" which is just the Medical Expert
2 Physical Tonic from the locked case by the stairs. With Cohen's radio
interference over-with, Atlas can finally get back in touch with you.

..:: GOAL: Leave Fort Frolic ::..

Before he wanders off, you have two options here. You can either...
1) Kill Sander Cohen for being such a sick bastard, then take a photo of HIS
lifeless corpse, thus earning you the "Irony" (10G) achievement, or...
2) Let Sander Cohen live to see the light of another day.
If you're looking for achievements, stop right now and SAVE. Then, kill him
and snap is picture, netting you the achievement. Then LOAD your save, and
let him live (you still keep the achievement, of course). The reason for
letting him live is that this will allow you to access a small portion of
the game quite a bit later on. If you kill him and keep going, then you won't
be able to get all of the Weapon Upgrades, and you might miss a Tonic or
Audio Log.

One last thing before leaving Fort Frolic: Remember that gate in Fleet Hall,
which you couldn't get through? The one where Cohen scolded you for
approaching it? Head back there. If you forgot how to get there, just take
the central Atrium stairs and the Fleet Hall entrance is right there. Go
around the wall and up the stairs to the right, then turn to your right in
the storage room, and there it is. Grab the Audio Log from the desk (#81
Sander Cohen: "Requiem For Andrew Ryan"). Also, grab the Electric Flesh
Combat Tonic from the shelf just to the left of the desk. Ok, NOW you can
leave Fort Frolic.

Back at the Lower Atrium, go through the Rapture Metro armored doors to the
original entrance foyer area, and take a right into the Bathysphere Station
where Cohen had previously prevented you from accessing the bathysphere. It's
back now, so step in and pull the lever. Pick "Hephaestus."

"Fort Frolic" is complete.

::-- 8. Hephaestus [walk8]
AUDIO LOGS: 20 (#82 to #101)

Step out of the bathysphere and walk forwards a bit.

..:: GOAL: Go to Andrew Ryan's Office ::..

There's a Circus of Values to the right of the Securis door, which you
should go through now. In the glass corridor, both paths at the fork lead
to the same spot. Go through the Securis door on the other end, then down the
ramp and through the next door. There's a Machine Gun Turret on the other
side of the wall. Crouch under the pipe to get to the Circus of Values in
the corner, and search the crate in front of it for an Audio Log (#82
McDonagh: "Ryan Takes F Futuristics"). There's also a Gene Bank across form
the vending machine. Step through the door by the Gene bank.

To your left will be another Circus of Values and another Audio Log (#83
Kyburz: "Scoping The Gate"). There's a Health Station, too. Approach the
desk on the raised platform in the middle of the room. Grab the Grenade
Launcher for some ammo. And the Frag Grenade. And the Heat-Seeking RPG.
And... AH SPLICERS! Take 'em out! Head around the open corner to the left,
and watch for the Security Camera. There's a U-Invent across from there.
Head through the door below the camera and into the big room to the left.

Loot the first impaled corpse on the right for an Audio Log (#84 McDonagh:
"Stopping Ryan"), and search the third corpse on the right for another Audio
Log (#85 Anya Andersdotter: "Going To Heat Loss").

..:: GOAL: Overload the Core ::..

..:: GOAL: Search Heat Loss Monitoring ::..

Approach and use the Circuit Breaker switch in front of the door to "Office
of Andrew Ryan". Some splicers will come out, so take care of them. Have you
noticed the splicers here are much tougher than before? It will take several
Wrench whacks rather than just one or two like before. Head through the door
behind the right row of corpses, into a small room with a desk. Grab the
Audio Log from the desk (#86 Andrew Ryan: "A Man Or A Parasite"). Also grab
the Frozen Field 2 Combat Tonic from the adjacent desk. There's nothing else
in this room but some corpses. Exit and head to the left, going through the
door next to the door you originally came through.

Kill any splicers, and loot the already-dead Bouncer corpse. Head through the
next door and through the glass corridor into Hephaestus Core. Step through
the door on your left; there's a Health Station on the wall just beyond.
There will likely be a Big Daddy nearby, but it's not guaranteed. Pass the
stairs and go around to the right. There's the Vita-Chamber, and on the
corner of the platform is an Audio Log (#87 McDonagh: "Fontaine's Legacy").
Look to your right and down, over the railing. There's a Security Camera
down there, and you can opt to destroy it now if you don't want to bother
with hacking it later. Head down the steps you passed a second ago, and make
a u-turn back beneath the platform you were just on. There's a Bot Shutdown
Panel on your left as you pass. Deal with the camera if you haven't already,
and grab the Audio Log from the desk (#88 Pablo Navarro: "Running Short On

There's a Gene Bank between the Workshops door and the next set of stairs,
and past the stairs is a safe at the end of the platform. Turn around and go
counter-clockwise along the platform, down and back up some steps at
Geothermal Controll, and you'll find Gatherer's Garden on your left and a
Power to the Peple Weapon Upgrade Station on your right. There's also an
Audio Log by the Gatherer's Garden (#89 Anya Andersdotter: "Assassin"). Go
down the steps past this area and there is a hacked Circus of Values machine
that will drop a bomb if you try to use it; you can't fix it. Across from
here is the door to Heat Loss Monitoring. If you go up the stairs right here
you will be back at the Security Camera from before. If you go past the
stairs, you'll go down further to the lower level. Take this route real
quick (you have to pass the giant stack of gears below the upward stairs).

There's not much down here but an Audio Log on a desk (#90 Andrew Ryan:
"Impossible Anywhere Else") and a working Circus of Values. Go back up the
stairs and enter Heat Loss Monitoring. Pass through the leaky glass corridor
and through the Securis door. Be careful in here, the lights will flicker out
once or twice, and the 'corpses' at the end of the room will jump up and
attack you. Head through the door.

There will be a Big Daddy and Little Sister somewhere in here. For now,
head to the right, pass the nook with the Pneumo, and grab the Audio Log
from the corner (#91 Pablo Navarro: "Kyburz Door Code"). Turn left and go
down the steps. You don't need to go to the other side of the room up the
other steps as there's nothing there except a Circus of Values. Head through
the path between the steps. That corpse there will hop up and attack you.
Go down the stairs; there will be a Health Station on your right at the

Head off to the left railing area and watch a ghost cutscene. Go over to the
control panel the upper ghost used, and hack it to remove the electrical
current from the water. Head down into the water and pick up an Audio Log
from the desk in the corner (#92 McDonagh: "Genetic Arms Race"). Head back
up and across to the other low area. On the desk to your left, grab the
Secuirty Evasion 2 Physical Tonic and the gold, glowing Audio Log (#93 Pablo
Navarro: "Getting a Break"). If you're interested, there's an area on the
main floor with some Chemical Thrower ammo; look at the far end of this room
where there are two pits with glowing pipes in them. The ammo is in the left
pit; use Telekinesis to get it.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Search Heat Loss Monitoring ::..

..:: GOAL: Go to Kyburz's Workshops ::..

Head back out to the Core area. Go up the stairs on your right, go past the
Gene Bank, and enter Workshops. Pass through the glass corridor.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Go to Kyburz's Workshops ::..

..:: GOAL: Search the Workshops ::..

To your immediate left is two trap wires protecting a Crossbow and a corpse.
In the area forward and to the left, you will find an El Ammo Bandito, a
Circus of Values and a Bot Shutdown Panel. Don't go down those stairs just
yet; instead, head through the area to the right from the entrance (on your
left, if the vending machines are behind you). Around the corner is a
Machine Gun Turret. To the left of the turret is a U-Invent, and in the back
left corner there's a safe. Now you can head back and go down those stairs.

At the bottom, watch out for two Machine Gun Turrets off to your left,
guarding the door to Kyburz's office. Enter the small room at the foot of
the stairs. There's a Gene Bank, and on the desk there's an Audio Log (#94
Kyburz: "Device Almost Finished")

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Find Kyburz's Device ::..

Back out of the room and approach the two turrets. On your left will be a
slightly hard to see crawlspace door. Open it and crawl through; this leads
under the stairs. Grab the Audio Log by the corpse (#95 Pablo Navarro:
"Market Maintenance Code").

Crawl back out and go forward, then take a left and there will be a Health
Station on the right wall. Search the corpse near the desks for an Audio Log
(#96 Kyburz: "The Dream"). Take the corner past the Health Station, loot the
already-dead Big Daddy corpse, then head up the steps. Go past the over-
turned desk on the left, and open the crawlspace door. Crawl into the little
room. On your right is the Damage Research Combat Tonic and an Audio Log on
the desk (#97 Kyburz: "Assembling The Bomb"). Feel free to "inspect" the EMP
Bomb device on the other desk.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Find Kyburz's Device ::..

..:: GOAL: Finish Kyburz's EMP Bomb ::..

Now crawl back out, and loot the Big Daddy corpse by the steps for your first
R-34 Wire Cluster.

..:: Find R-34 Wire Clusters: 1/4 ::..

Go around the corners and up between the two turrets to the door to Kyburz's
office. Enter the code: 0126. Note that's January the 26th, or Australia Day
as it was mentioned in one of the audio logs. This place is booby-trapped
with trap wires, so be careful and disable them all. Head to the back of the
room, and on the left is a Power to the People Weapon Upgrade Station. Woo!
Grab the Audio Log from Kyburz's desk (#98 Andrew Ryan: "Great Chain Moves
Slowly"). Now hit the 'Intriguing Switch' on the side of Kyburz's desk to
open the sealed hole in the wall containing the Nytroglycerin sample.

..:: GOAL: Put the Nitroglycerin in the EMP Bomb ::..

Watch out, that button also placed a Machine Gun Turret in front of the exit.
Now you just need to find 3 more Big Daddy corpses. They can be ones you
killed, or ones lying around. The only other one I know of just lying around
is the one way back in Central Control. The other two you will probably have
to get from fresh corpses you killed yourself. Big Daddies always respawn,
even if you've dealt with all the Little Sisters already, so it's just a
matter of finding them, and killing them without too much loss. My only bit
of advice for finding Big Daddies is that they often follow specific routes,
one being the circular Core area, one in the Workshops area, and I believe
one in the Heat Loss Monitoring area, as well. If you killed a Big Daddy
somewhere before, chances are you'll run into another one there later.

..:: Find R-34 Wire Clusters: 2/4 ::..

..:: Find R-34 Wire Clusters: 3/4 ::..

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Find 4 R-34 Wire Clusters ::..

..:: GOAL: Put the R-34s in the EMP Bomb ::..

Now head back through Workshops to the little crawlspace room in the back
of the Lower Workshops area. Approach the EMP Bomb device and press A to add
the R-34 Wire Clusters. Press A again to add the Nitroglycerin.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Put the R-34s in the EMP Bomb ::..

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Put the Nitroglycerin in the EMP Bomb ::..

..:: GOAL: Find two quarter-cans of Ionic Gel ::..

These Ionic Gel things are scattered all over the place, but you only need,
and can only pick up, two. The first and closest one is just up the stairs
in the back area of Upper Workshops, in the corner opposite the U-Invent.
You'll notice it easily as it's glowing bright like all the imortant
storyline items.

..:: Find two quarter-cans of Ionic Gel: 1/2 ::..

There's another one right outside in the Core area. From the entrance to
Workshops, head right and down the steps. It will be right on top of a
generic computer console.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Find two quarter-cans of Ionic Gel ::..

..:: GOAL: Put the Ionic Gel in the EMP Bomb ::..

Now head back into Workshops, back to the EMP Bomb, and press A.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Put the Ionic gel in the EMP Bomb ::..

..:: GOAL: Pick up the device ::..

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Finish Kyburz's EMP Bomb ::..

Press A again to take the device.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Pick up the device ::..

..:: GOAL: Place the device on the Core ::..

Now head BACK out to the Core area. Head to the right, go down two sets of
steps, and enter Geothermal Control. There's a Gene Bank in a nook up on the
left, and a U-Invent in a nook directly across the room from there. Head
through either door; there are two Machine Gun Turrets in the next room, one
across from either door. There's a Health Station by one of the turrets.
Approach the middle of the back of the room.

..:: GOAL: Redirect the magma flow ::..

This magma flow stuff will take a good deal of holding the A button to slowly
turn the control wheel. You might want to take Atlas' advice, and throw down
a few Proximity Mines or trap wires in front of the two doors. This will
slow the first few enemies entering the room, as well as will the two turrets
provided you chose to hack them and not destroy them. This will help a LOT on
Hard mode, a bit on Medium, and probably won't make much difference on Easy.
It's not like wave after wave of splicers will come after you; more than
likely it will just be 3 or 4 splicers, one at a time. Now stand in front of
the glowing Magma Release Valve and start turning until it stops!

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Redirect the magma flow ::..

Turn around and step into the now functional elevator on the left. Press the
button inside to go down. Head through the Securis door and you'll get a
flash of a picture of your family. Head through the next Securis door, and
grab the Shorten Alarms 2 Engineering Tonic by the corpse. Head through the
next Securis door, the step into the lift and use the Core Lift Control.
When the lift stops, turn left and press A to place the EMP Bomb on the
shelf area there.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Place the device on the Core ::..

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Overload the Core ::..

..:: GOAL: Destroy Ryan's mag-locks ::..

You now need to head back to Central Control (where the impaled corpses
were). From the lift, head right up two sets of steps, then up one flight of
stairs and make a u-turn. Go past the Health Station, through the door, turn
right, go through that door, too. Keep going forward until you hit the corner
and turn right into the Central Control room with the impaled corpses. Fend
off any splicers and head to the far end of the room. Use the sparking
Circuit Breaker to force Ryan's office door open.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Destroy Ryan's mag-locks ::..

Step into the bulkhead chamber and open the bulkhead door to enter the
Control Room.

..:: Rapture Central Control ::..

This is still part of Hephaestus.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Go to Andrew Ryan's Office ::..

..:: GOAL: Kill Andrew Ryan ::..

Step out of the bulkhead chamber. Head left at the open area to grab an
Audio Log by the Vita-Chamber (#99 Suchong: The Vita Chamber). There's a
U-Invent and a Gene Bank on the far side room, and a Circus of Values on the
right, by the steps. You can't go through the door there, so go up the stairs
on the left of the door. Go through the crawlspace by the generic computer
consoles, and jump down into the room below. Check out that freaky bulletin
board of photos!!! Grab the two Audio Logs on the table below the photos
(#100 Suchong: "Mind Control Test" AND #101 Suchong: "Baby Status"). Now go
through the working door and follow the linear path until you reach Ryan's
actual office (you know you're there when your weapon is lowered). Watch the

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Kill Andrew Ryan ::..

Yeah... That's right. You don't actually get to kill him yourself. Go into
the area through the now open doorway, and turn right. Approach the Self
Destruct Override switch and press A.

..:: GOAL: Escape! ::..

OY! WOW. Didn't see that one coming, eh? Oh, you did? Yeah, right, whatever.
Anyway, a bunch of splicers have spawned, and you need to make your way out
the way you came in. Off to the right, outside of the door to the self-
destruct area, is a Health Station and a deactivated Vita-Chamber (you can
reactivate it by pressing A in front of it). There's now a Machine Gun
Turret near where Ryan's corpse is. Just outside this area, there are a
bunch of Little Sisters standing by a crawlspace vent. Crouch and craw in.
You'll fall through a hole before you make it to the second corner... Oof.
You black out.

"Hephaestus" is complete.

::-- 9. Olympus Heights [walk9]
AUDIO LOGS: 6 (#102 to #107)

You wake up in Tenenbaum's Safehouse, with a bunch of Little Sisters
sitting around. Tenenbaum explains a few things.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Escape! ::..

..:: GOAL: Save yourself from Fontaine ::..

..:: GOAL: Search Suchong's apartment ::..

Go to the right and head up the stairs; a Little Sister will run ahead of
you. At the top, she'll go through the bottom of the big door to open it for
you. Go through and turn right. Head all the way to the back of the room and
turn right to find a glowing wheel by a corpse. Grab it. Move over to the
gate to the right, and use the wheel on the gate control and then turn the
Sewer Gate Winch to slowly raise the armored door. By now, Fontaine should
have used his second secret to start reducing your Max Health. Don't worry,
you'll get it ALL back soon enough. I honestly don't know what happens if
you take too long and your health completely disappears; maybe that's the
only way to get a Game Over in this game??

Anyway, head through the door you just opened. If you head forward, you will
hit a dead end with some splicers and a safe (inside the overturned train
car; crouch to get in). Turn around and go the other way. Around the wall is
a Machine Gun Turret with a Bot Shutdown Panel behind it. Around the corner
to the left is another Machine Gun Turret, and around to the right is a
Security Camera and a Health Station and a Circus of Values beyond that.
You're also likely to see your first Big Daddy and Little Sister already, in
addition to some wandering splicers. Keep in mind that you'll now encounter
Elite Rosies rather than regular Rosies here. There will be a lot of Nitro
Splicers from now on, too, so watch out for the explosives.

In the room in the center, there's an Audio Log on the bar on the left side
(#102 Suchong: "Mozart Of Genetics") and also an El Ammo Bandito.

You don't need to go to Apollo Square just yet, so head north (opposite from
the side you came in on). There's a Gene Bank on the separator wall; go
around. Keep going forward along the flooded train tracks. You'll pass a
Health Station on a pillar, and a U-Invent. Keep going a little further,
until you see the big neon 'Mercury Suites' sign. There will be a Security
Camera in here to your left, and probably some splicers in the area. There's
a Bot Shutdown Panel behind the counter. Head into the next area, a big
indoor courtyard with a locked elevator in the center.

I encountered my second Big Daddy and Little Sister here. On the left side of
the elevator shaft is a Security Camera. On the opposite side (back) of the
elevator shaft is a Power to the People Weapon Upgrade Station! Only four
more of these left until you're maxed out!

Ok, first, let's head left (well, west) towards the Goal. Enter Suchong's
apartment and go left. There's an Audio Log in the back of the debris pile
(#103 Suchong: "Fontaine's Human Jukebox"). You can go across to the north
room, but there's nothing in there but a splicer and some corpses. Head over
to the main flooded area of the apartment. At the other end of this room,
there is a desk with the Clever Inventor Engineering Tonic on it, as well as
an Audio Log (#104 Suchong: "Mind Control Antidote").

..:: GOAL COMPLTE: Search Suchong's Apartment ::..

..:: GOAL: Get the Lot 192 Remedy ::.

Now, head directly across the courtyard to the next apartment (east side).
Watch out for the RPG Turret that showed up to your right (near where you
first entered the courtyard). This is Sander Cohen's apartment! To the left
is a room with a surprise splicer and some Chemical Thrower ammo, to the
right is an empty kitchen with a bottle of drinkable Moonbeam Absinthe. To
the right of the dancers is a mostly bare study, and to the left of them is
a small library with a burning shelf. Cohen said not to dare disturb them,
so... Go ahead and do it to piss him off and make him show up. He'll come
through the locked door near the entrance. Sander Cohen behaves like a
Houdini Splicer, but he's also not much tougher than one. Take him out. Note
that if you missed the "Irony" achievement before, you can still take his
picture now and get it. Anyway, loot his corpse and get the Sander Cohen's
Music Key or whatever it's called.

Enter the door Cohen came through and go up the stairs. To your left will
be a Power to the People Weapon Upgrade Station! Other than this, there's
not much else of interest in Cohen's room. Head back down the stairs and out
into the courtyard. Go through the door to the north.

This is Anna Culpepper's apartment. Grab the Audio Log from the table just
before the corner (#105 Sullivan: "Artist Woman"). There's a Security
Camera around the corner to the left. If you round the corner into the
kitchen, there's not much there except a Health Station. There's nothing
very interesting upstairs, either, except some generic supplies here and
there. Head back out to the courtyard, and take the winding ramp up around
the central elevator shaft. At the 2nd floor landing there's a Bot Shutdown
Panel. On this level, you can't enter Tenenbaum's apartment (the door won't
open), but you can enter the one on the opposite side (the east one). There's
nothing really interesting in this apartment, but there is a safe in the
bedroom, and the bathroom is boobytrapped with trap wires.

Head up to the third floor via the ramp and watch out for the Security
Camera at the top. The ramp is broken so you can't go up higher. The area
to the left of the ramp landing is blocked off with sand bags, so go around
to the right. You can enter the first door on the left, but it's just
another abandoned apartment with nothing in it but some angry splicers. Keep
going around, and just past the U-Invent machine there's an Audio Log (#106
Paparazzi: "Fontaine's Breakup"). Keep going around and finally on the left
will be the entrance to Tenenbaum's apartment.

Enter the apartment through the huge hole in the wall. Watch out for the
trap wires. There's a Health Station on the right. Head off to the left,
then take a right after the TV. Pass the stairs, and check in the library

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Get the Lot 192 Remedy ::..

Head back a bit and go down the stairs into the flooded area. Take the
corner, and watch out for the Machine Gun Turret by the window. Don't use
Electro Bolt, since you're both in the water. Instead, if you have it on,
use Winter Blast, which works just as well for hacking machines. There's
a safe by the turret. The door here has a smashable padlock, so you can
step out onto the 2nd floor walkway of the courtyard. Take the ramp down and
go over to the locked elevator door. The code is: 5744. Step in and hit the
button to go up.

Frank Fontaine's got a snazzy place... Is that an indoor Zen garden?! Erm,
there's the Vita-Chamber and a Health Station around to your right, and a
Bot Shutdown Panel around to your left. Get ready to beat some splicers.
There's a Machine Gun Turret on the other side of that big rock, and there's
a Security Camera above the door on the far end of the room. You can hack it
if you get RIGHT under it and jump then tap X. Head through the door under
the camera and up some steps. Go into the room to the right and grab the
Audio Log from the table in the sitting area (#107 Frank Fontaine: "Sad

Go up the steps to the stuffed bear. Go to the right, there's a Machine Gun
Turret in this room. Hack the safe in the back if you want, then go through
the door by the turret. Pass the Gene Bank and go through the next door.
Watch for the trap wires; grab the Electric Flesh 2 Combat Tonic from the
first desk, and grab the Lot 192 from the other desk.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Get the Lot 192 Remedy ::..

UH OH. Side effects?? "Lot 192 may cause loss of appetite, severe diarrhea,
vomiting, erectile disfunction, and growth of hair on the tongue." NO, wait.
Lot 192 causes your Plasmids to randomly switch out on you. This doesn't
effect your Tonics, just your Plasmids. You can't force them to change, and
they will randomly change every few seconds. This means you'll have to be
extra careful for a little while, because you won't always have Electro Bolt
or Winter Blast for hacking, and you won't always have Telekinesis to use
against Nitro Splicers (etc). Also, you can use a Gene Banks, but you can't
change any of your Plasmids (just Tonics). OH, and one last note: it cycles
randomly through ALL the Plasmids, not just the ones YOU have. So even if
you never picked up, say Insect Swarm or Hypnotize Big Daddy, don't be
surprised if they show up in the mix. Luckily, though, this dose of Lot 192
was JUST enough to get your Max Health restored to normal!

..:: GOAL: Get a second dose of Lot 192 ::..

Head back out the way you came in. Watch for new splicers in the Zen garden
area. Go down the elevator. Head alllll the way back to the first big area
near where you emerged from Tenenbaum's Safehous. You're looking for the
bulkhead to Apollo Sq. It's pretty much a straight, forward shot backtracking
until you reach the 'Bistro' area. Then on your left will be the bulkhead.
Step into the bulkhead chamber and use the bulkhead door.

"Olympus Heights" is complete.

::-- 10. Apollo Square [walk10]
AUDIO LOGS: 6 (#108 to #113)

Yes, I'm counting this as a separate level since the Start menu shows the
Little Sister symbols separately (2 for Olympus Heights, 2 for here).

Step out of the bulkhead chamber and head left, up some steps. There will
be a Circus of Values in this next room, and an Audio Log on the flor nearby
(#108 Diane McClintock: "What's Happening Here?"). Head through the open gate
area. Make your way forward through the trashed train tracks area. You'll
probably run into a Big Daddy and Little Sister here. Head forward and around
the separating wall and into the maine Apollo Square area, where there's a
big gallows in the center. There will be a Health Station off to your left.

Off to the right will be a Bot Shutdown Panel and a nook with an El Ammo
Bandito, a Circus of Values, a Gene Bank, and a Gatherer's Garden. Grab the
Audio Log from the floor by the Gatherer's Garden (#109 Diane McClintock:
"Atlas Lives"). No, this Gatherer's Garden isn't busted, you just can't use
it until you get your second dose of Lot 192.

You're likely to run into your next Big Daddy and Little Sister soon, most
likely in this square area. Now let's go get rid of this nasty side effect.
Head east out of the Apollo Square area. Once in the train tracks area,
watch for the Machine Gun Turret on the platform between tracks. There's a
Security Camera and a Health Station at the end of the platform, a little
further down. Pass the Vita-Chamber at the far end of the area and go around
to see a Circus of Values. Behind the vending machine is a Security Camera.
Head through the door in the back, behind the camera. To your right, through
a door, is a room with a U-Invent. To your left will be a room with a Machine
Gun Turret and some Grenade Launcher ammo. Now head back out to the little
courtyard area and go up the stairs on your right (west).

There will be a Bot Shutdown Panel around the corner, as well as the entrance
to Dr Suchong's lab (sign says "Free Clinic", and further around the second
corner is a Health Station and more stairs leading up. Head into Suchong's
Lab. Immediately to your left is a Security Camera, and there's a trap wire
right in front of you. On the camera end of the other side of the separator
wall is a Machine Gun Turret, with a Gene Bank on the back wall. Pass the
camera and turret, into the little hallway, and ignore the 'locked' door. Go
through the unlocked door on the left. Grab the Audio Log on the desk next
to the corpse (#110 Suchong: "Protection Bond"). That corpse on the desk?
Yeah, that's him. And yes, that's a Big Daddy's drill stuck in his back. (If
you listen to the audio log, it make sense.) Now, grab that flask of Lot 192
in the back of the room!

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Save yourself from Fontaine ::..

..:: GOAL: Go to Point Prometheus ::..

YAY! You got your Plasmids back! You should have all the same Plasmids you
had equiped when you used the first dose. Now exit the "lab" and go across
the main room into the bathroom. Off to the right, in a bloody bathroom
stall, is the Medical Expert 3 Physical Tonic. Now head out through the door
to the apartment/clinic, and there will be a new Machine Gun Turret on your
right. Go up the stairs to the third floor. There is an RPG Turret in the
corner opposite from the top of the stairs, and the stairs to the 4th floor
are in rubble (there's not anything above the 3rd floor anyway). Go through
the door by the turret. Go into the bathroom area on the right, through a
door; it's the place with red light. There's a safe across from a Health
Station. Exit this room and make your way back down the first floor, then
back to the main Apollo Square area.

You can now use the Gatherer's Gardens again, so spend your recent ADAM
accumulation if you like. Head south to the Hestia Chambers area and watch
for the Machine Gun Turret. Behind the wall behind the turret, there is a
Security Camera on the left. Walk forward, just to the top of the stairs in
the ground, and watch a ghost cutscene. You can go down the stairs, but that
leads to the Bathysphere Statino, and you're not quite done here yet. NOTE:
if you had tried to come here before getting the second dose of Lot 192, you
would have been pushed back and prevented from reaching the elevator leading
to the Bathysphere Station. Towards the far end of this area is a Bot
Shutdown Panel and the entrance to Fontaine's Center (Home) for the Poor.

The vertical gate lifts when you approach it. There's an RPG Rocket right on
the landing above and across from you. There's a 'steamer trunk' in a little
coverd area by the entrance; loot it to get an Audio Log (#111 Diane
McClintock: "Meeting Atlas"). There's a U-Invent and a Circus of Values in
the back corners. Go up the stairs; there's nothing interesting on the 2nd
floor, but you can loot for supplies if you're low. Head up to the third
floor; there's a Health Station at the landing. The door to the right is
busted, but there's nothing interesting on this level either. Continue up
to the fourth level and BOTH doors are locked, so make your way up to the
top, the fifth level. There's a Bot Shutdown Panel on the landing.

To the left, the doorway is boarded up, but you can knock a hole in that with
the wrench and enter the room. Enter, take the Chemical Thrower for ammo,
then jump down through the hole in the floor. There's a single splicer
playing opossum in the shallow flood water, and there's a fair amount of
supplies like ammo and First Aid Kits. To leave the room, jump on the sill of
the open window, then crouch and carefully jump down to the left. You will
probably take a TINY bit of damage. Head back up to the 5th floor and turn
right at the landing.

There's a Health Station past some debris on your right, and there's a
Security Camera around the corner; you may have to jump to Hack it. There's
a whole cage full of ammo, but you can't get in because the beam has broken
the gate. No problem, just use Telekinesis and grab whatever you need; it's
all Frag Grenades, 00 Buck, and Maching Gun ammo (some still in the guns).
Go down the stairs under the camera. There's a Power to the People Weapon
Upgrade Station right there, a little to the right. Just two more to go! On
the other side of the room, there's an Audio Log on the desk (#112 Frank
Fontaine: "The Longest Con") next to the Focused Hacker 2 Engineering Tonic.
Loot the corpse on the broken desk for another Audio Log (#113 Diane
McClintock: "Today's Raid"). There's also a safe in the corner. Don't bother
with the hole in the floor, you've already been to that room.

Now, head back down to the first floor, then make your way over to the steps
that led down to the elevator so you can get to the Bathysphere Station.
Step into the elevator and hit the button. At the bottom, go through the
Securis door into the station. Take out any splicers, and step into the
bathysphere; pull the lever and pick Point Prometheus.

"Apollo Square" is complete.

::-- 11. Point Prometheus [walk11]
AUDIO LOGS: 9 (#114 to #122)

Step out of the bathysphere, up the stairs, and go straight forward. Watch
out for the fiery explosion at the oil spill and head through the open
doorway. Wait at the glass door. A bunch of Security Bots will show up and
shoot through the glass; take them out or hack them. Up the steps, there is
a Gene Bank on the left. Go through the door to the right.

..:: GOAL: Search a Big Daddy corpse ::..

What luck! There happens to be an already-dead Big Daddy lying in some
rubble in the corner. Loot his corpse for the Suit Control System.

..:: GOAL: Become a Big Daddy ::..

Oh, and look! Behind the corpse is a Power to the People Weapon Upgrade
Station! Only ONE left to go! Now go through either of the doors on the east
side of the room. Enter the doors under the 'Little Wonders Educational
Facility' sign.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Smell: Find 3 Big Daddy Pheromone Samples ::..

There's a Machine Gune Turret to your right, on the other side of the
window. Jump up on the side of the overturned table, crouch, and slip through
the window into the room. There's a second Machine Gun Turret on your right,
in the corner. There's also a Bot Shutdown Panel by the window.

Go through the door here. You're likely to run into a Big Daddy and Little
Sister at any time now. There's a Health Station to your left. Go forward a
bit and enter the first door on your left. There's a Big Daddy Pheromone
Sample on the floor.

..:: Pheromone Sample found: 1/3 ::..

Enter the door across from the one you just entered. The machine on your left
will give you a bag of Potato Chips of you hit the left button, and cause a
tiny amount of damage if you hit the right button. You can wait for a few
seconds and get another bag of chips, possibly as many as you want. Head out
and turn right. There's Circus of Values around the corner, to your left. Go
through the door across from the vending machine, and there's a Security
Camera in front of you, with a Gene Bank below it. Head around to the back
of the room, and watch a ghost cutscene at the nook on the left. Next to
that, grab the second Big Daddy Pheromone Sample from the desk, as well as
the Safecracker 2 Engineering Tonic.

..:: Pheromone sample found: 2/3 ::..

Exit this room, and head up the stairs to your right, down the hall. Turn
left and go forward a bit. There's a third Big Daddy Pheromone Sample, and
on the desk past it there's an Audio Log (#114 Tenenbaum: "Why Just Girls?").

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Smell: Find 3 Big Daddy Pheromone Samples ::..

Now you need to find a Helmut and a Suit. Shouldn't be too hard. Head through
the door between the two sets of stairs -- there's a Circus of Values to the
left of it. There's a Security Camera just on the other side of the door,
facing away from you. Go through the door into the Main Hall and go around
to the left. There's an RPG Turret in the way, and a Gatherer's Garden and
Health Station on your left and right, respectively. Enter the door on the
right, behind the turret.

Wait for the "decontamination" and pass through the next door. Turn left,
and enter the security room. Hack a couple of bots if you want; there's a
Bot Shutdown Panel in the middle of the room. Back out of the room, and head
towards 'Candidate Conversion'. You're likely to run into another Big Daddy
and Little Sister in this area. Round the corner, and enter the first door
on your right. On the other side of the separator wall, there is an RPG
Turret on the left, and a Machine Gun Turret on the right. In the back of the
room, there was supposedly some boots, but they aren't here. Grab the glowing
Audio Log on the right, on a desk (#115 Suchong: "Missing Boots"). Oh, so
that's where the boots are!

..:: GOAL: Find the Big Daddy Boots in the library ::..

There's a safe near the audio log, and there's a U-Invent on the other end
of the wall. Turn around and take the door on the right (not the one you
came in through; the other one). Go up the stairs on your right and go around
the computer terminal in the middle; there's an Audio Log on top of the
terminal there (#116 Suchong: "Protector Smell"). Go through the next door,
cross the little bridge, make your way through the next room. You'll pass a
Gene Bank, and on a bit of machinery just beyond it is an Audio Log (#117
Andrew Ryan: "Mistakes"). Keep going and cross another little bridge. In this
room, grab an Audio Log from atop the second file cabinet on your right (#118
Suchong: "Protecting Little Ones"). Head down the stairs in this room.

Turn left, there's an El Ammo Bandito on the left. Grab one of the glowing
suits hanging on the rack. You get 25% extra resistance to all damage from
now on!

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Look: Find a Big Daddy Bodysuit ::..

Go around to the left and approach the locked door. The code is: 1921. This
room is full of random supplies and ammo. You can use the "Control Consoles"
to turn on or off the flames shooting out of the pipes in the suit conduit.
I don't know if there's any significance to this or not. Back outside, there
isn't anything in the water down the steps. Now go back around past the suits
and enter the 'Candidate Induction' area (read the signs) by the steps you
came down. On the opposite side of this big room, there's the Hacker's
Delight 3 Physical Tonic. Now grab any one of the glowing helmets.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Look: Find a Big Daddy Helmet ::..

You don't get any bonus for having the helmet... It just sort of ruins your
peripheral vision. This isn't permanent, by the way; you won't look like this
by the time you get to the final boss. Now exit the way you came in, and this
time, go through the Securis door by the place where you got the suit. There
is an RPG Turret in this room, off to your right. Head through the Securis
door on the other side. Head around and back to the left and melt the ice
blocking the door and enter (opposite the locked door from earlier). Grab the
Audio Log on the table to your right (#119 Suchong: "Cheap Son Of A Bitch").
There's ammo and supplies in this room, and a Circus of Values. There are
also the same Control Console things. Still don't know if they have any
purpose or not. Back out and return to the Main Hall area -- go northwest,
through the door and hallway, though the decontamination area, and out into
Main Hall.

Pass the RPG Turret and take a left; go through the door into the balcony
area above where you found that first Big Daddy corpse with the Suit Control
System. Take the door on your left to enter the Library. There'll be a
Security Camera on your right. Just past the camera, in the narrow area, is
an RPG Turret. Move on into the main library area. There's a Health Station
in the far opposite corner. Take care of any splicers, then grab the Damage
Research 2 Combat Tonic and the Big Daddy Boots from the counter in the
center of the room.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Look: Find Big Daddy Boots in the library ::..

One piece to go... the voicebox mod unit in Optimized Eugenics. Head back out
the way you came in. Back in the Main Hall area, head to the left, across
from that RPG Turret. There's a Circus of Values in a little nook, and across
from that there's a frozen door. Melt all the ice away and go inside. There's
not much in here, but search the first trash can on your right to find an
Audio Log (#120 Suchong: "Changing Employers"). Leave the little supply
closet and head to the door on your right.

..:: GOAL UPDATE: Sound: Use the Larynx Modification Machine ::..

Pass through the decontamination area, and there is a Security Camera right
on the other side of the door. Zap the control of the door on your left to
enter the room. There's a Bot Shutdown Panel in here, as well as -- on the
other side -- a Temporary Generator Override. This switch will shut off the
juice to the room you can see through the wall, allowing you to safely enter
the water in that room. Head through the door on your left (use control),
take care of the Security Camera right there, then go to the right. Take the
corner to the right, and enter the door on your right. Beware the Security
Camera on the far end of the room, up high on the wall. There's a safe in the
water on the opposite side of that mass of machinery in the middle of the
water. If you take too long, the generator will turn back on and you'll start
getting shocked while in the water.

Turn around and leave this room. There's a Health Station across from you.
Head back around to the left and enter the door by the camera. Take either
door on your right. On the far end of this room, on top of a generic computer
console, grab an Audio Log (#121 Andrew Ryan: "Marketing Gold"). ONE more
audio log to go! Now exit through the door on your right. Enter the first
door on your left, and watch for two RPG Turrets past the steps. There's a
Gene Bank on the backside of the separator wall between the turrets, and on
the left wall past one turret is the FINAL Power to the People Weapon Upgrade
Station! All of your weapons should now be fully upgraded! There's a safe in
the back by the windows. Exit this room the way you came in, then take the
next door on your left.

There will be an RPG Turret off to your right, and behind it is the FINAL
Audio Log (#122 Suchong: "Extra Munitions")! Exit this room and go down the
hallway to your left to the room marked 'Live Subject Testing' on your left.
Pass the tanks, head up the steps to the back of the room. Go through the
door. There's a U-Invent just to your right on the wall. In the far corner
on the left is the Alarm Expert 2 Engineering Tonic. This should be your
FINAL TONIC, provided you have already completed ALL of your research, you
have been ONLY Rescuing the Little Sisters, and you have purchased ALL
Tonics from the Gatherer's Gardens (and, of course, you've picked up every
one I've mentioned lying around along the way). I think you won't get the
Achivement for having all 53 tonics until you've BEATEN the game. ANYWAY,
turn to your right, and use the Voicebox Modification Machine.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Become a Big Daddy ::..

Now that you are completely a Big Daddy (well, not really), head all the way
back to the lower area of the Main Hall.

..:: GOAL: Summon a Little Sister ::..

Locate the vent/Hidey-Hole and whack it with your wrench to summon a Little
Sister -- there's one to the left of the sealed door.

..:: GOAL: Escort the Little Sister ::..

She'll climb out and run through the small opening in the sealed door and
open it from the other side. Walk forward into the bulkhead chamber and use
the bulkhead door to enter the Proving Grounds.

"Point Prometheus" is complete.

::-- 12. Proving Grounds [walk12]
*No Weapon Upgrades, Audio Logs, or Harvestable/Rescuable Little Sisters*

Step out of the bulkhead chamber, and you are instructed to protect the
Little Sister(s) as you are lead to the final boss. You are told not to let
the Little Sister(s) die, but from my experience, this doesn't have any
negative impact, which is good, because the little brats are likely to jump
blindly out in front of a turret and be blasted into oblivion. Protect them,
sure, but don't go nuts wasting all your ammo and EVE just to keep a single
one alive... You can summon more if needed.

Now, there's gonna be quite a bit of ammo, supplies, etc along the way, but
unless you're realllly low on everything, just focus on getting through the
Proving Grounds for now. Once all the doors have been opened, you may freely
backtrack and explore as much as you'd like.

Start following that Little Sister who runs off, calling you Mr Bubbles. If
any splicers or enemies show up, take them out immediately. The kid will stop
now and then at corpses to extract ADAM, and you'll have to stand there
guarding her patiently. I'd suggest using your Wrench as much as possible.
Also, if you get lost, there are "Proving Grounds Flow Direction" signs to
help you figure out which way to go, especially to catch up if you haven't
been closely following your Little Sister.

The general path:
Up some steps, through a door into a room with a U-Invent, right and up some
steps again. Left out on the balcony, through an Little Sister Door
(henceforth LS Door). Left around a wall, down the hall, past a Health
Station and around the bend to the right, stopping for Test Subject #1
corpse. Though the hall and left at a corner, then stopping for Test Subject
#2 corpse. Hack the Security Camera and deactivated Security Bot if you like,
but the cameras will not spot you in your Big Daddy get-up. Hack or destroy
the Flame Turret ahead while waiting. Round a bend to the right, hack or
destroy another turret down the hall. Through another LS Door. Turn right,
Machine Gun Turret appears in the wall on the right. Continue forward, turn
left in corner of room, pass a Gene Bank, RPG turret appears across from
previous turret. Through another LS Door.

Pass Security Camera, turn right at corner. Wade through water, round the
bend, wade through more water, up some steps, round another corner to the
right. Machine Gun Turret on the left (between paths), wait for Test Subject
#3's corpes to be harvested, round another bend, turn right at corner. A
Big Daddy busts through the wall ahead, YES, you must kill him, he'll attack
you right off. Left at the corner, past the Big Daddy hole, through another
LS Door. Right turn out on balcony, through another LS Door. Through a room
with vending machines and supplies, off to the right though the narrow path.
Little Sister climbs back into a vent/Hidey-Hole.

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Escort the Little Sister ::..

..:: GOAL: Get the ADAM Harvesting Tool ::..

..:: GOAL: Take the elevator to confront Fontaine! ::..

Before taking the elevator up, you'll probably want to turn around into the
previous area with all the vending machines, ammo, and supplies. Arm yourself
to the teeth, and make sure you're full of all ammo, First Aid Kits, EVE
Hypos and other goodies that you can hold. I'd recommend saving right here,
as well as making sure you've bought all the Plasmids/Tonics you can from the
Gatherer's Garden. This is also the time to backtrack and explore any rooms
or areas you might have wanted to explore on the way through the Proving
Grounds. There are no Plasmids, Tonics, Audio Logs or other collectible items
here, you'll just find supplies and some vending machines. Once you go up the
elevator, there's no more saving, no coming back, nothing. This is it! When
you're ready, enter the elevator and press the button inside to go up.

"Proving Grounds" is complete.

::-- 13. Final Boss [walk13]
*No Weapon Upgrades, Audio Logs, or Harvestable/Rescuable Little Sisters*


By now, you MUST know who the Final Boss is, and although this level is
named after him, I chose to just call this "Final Boss" rather than risk
having a HUGE spoiler glaring everyone in the face as soon as they skimmed
the Table of Contents. :b

Also, note that there is a Gene Bank here, so you can go and change your
Plasmids or Tonics now, even if you forgot before or if you need to do so
right in the heat of battle. It will be smart to equip only the Tonics
that aid you in battle, and to switch between Electric Flesh 2, Frozen
Field 2, and Human Inferno 2 between Fontaine's different forms.

Up, up, up... Ding! Now, it's time to finally take on Fontaine, who is now
nothing more than a hulking mass of ADAM and psychosis. Step out of the
elevator. Oh, hey, the circle from the helmet is gone, whew!

..:: GOAL COMPLETE: Find Fontaine! ::..

This is where the battle starts! Run up to the bastard as quick as you can,
and stab your ADAM Harvesting Tool into him with the A button.

..:: GOAL: Drain ADAM from Fontaine! ::..


He's fire-based for now, so don't bother trying to Incinerate him. Throw
everything you've got at him! On Easy mode, you can take him out with nothing
but the Wrench and the appropriate Wrench-buffing Tonics, but on Medium and
Hard, you'd be better off with grenades and guns. When you bring his life bar
to empty, he poofs back into the big ADAM machine to regenrate. QUICKLY run
back up to him and stab him with the ADAM Harvesting Tool a second time.


Now he's made of ice, and Incinerate and Napalm ammo will do some nice damage
if you can hit him more than once in a row and stack the damage exponentially.
Also, he has brought out some Security Bots to fly around and piss you off,
but you can probably be safe without bothering with them. Bring his life bar
to empty again, and stab him with the tool a third time!


Obviously now, Electro Bolt will have little effect, as will Electric Buck
Shotgun ammo and Electric Gel ammo. Take him out with grenades and anti-
personnel ammo if you still have any. Also, he's brought out some random
splicers this time, so if they're getting in your way, take them out ASAP.
Bring his life bar down to empty, then stab him with the tool one last time!

Watch the following cutscenes depending on which ending you got.

Congratulations, you just beat BioShock!

| SECTION C: EXTRAS [extra0]

::-- 1. WEAPON UPGRADING [extra1]

Except for the Wrench and Research Camera, each weapon can be upgraded two
different ways, with different effects for each weapon. There are exactly 12
"Power to the People" Weapon Upgrade stations, and exactly 12 upgrades.


-No Upgrades-

1: Clip Size (Increase From 6 to 24)
2: Damage Increase

Machine Gun
1: Damage Increase
2: Kickback Reduction

Research Camera
-No Upgrades-

1: Rate of Fire
2: Damage Increase

Grenade Launcher
1: Damage Increase
2: Damage Immunity (Your grenades won't hurt you)

Chemical Thrower
1: Consumption Rate (Ammo is used up more slowly)
2: Range

1: Breakage Chance (bolts break less often; reuse them)
2: Damage Increase


Also known as "Power to the People" Stations.
Note that you can get a SINGLE upgrade for any weapon you have
already obtained. There are 12 stations, just enough.

1. NEPTUNE'S BOUNTY: Freezer Bottom Floor, after you defeat the boss
2. ARCADIA: Tree Farm, near a Circus of Values vending machine
3. FARMER'S MARKET: Worley Winery, wine cellar, in a flooded nook
4. FORT FROLIC: Le Marquis D'Epoque, downstairs
5. FORT FROLIC: Sinclair Spirits, little flooded room (bar switch)
6. HEPHAESTUS: Core, across from the Gatherer's Garden
7. HEPHAESTUS: Kyburz's Office
8. OLYMPUS HEIGHTS: Mercury Suites, back of the elevator shaft
9. OLYMPUS HEIGHTS: Mercury Suites, Sander Cohen's private room
10. APOLLO SQUARE: Hestia, fourth floor (enter from fifth floor)
11. POINT PROMETHEUS: Atrium, behind Big Daddy cropse by Vita-Chamber
12. POINT PROMETHEUS: Optimized Eugenics, northwest room with Gene Bank

::-- 2. PLASMIDS AND TONICS [extra2]

There are 53 total different Plasmids and Tonics, and I don't think you
can find duplicates (it wouldn't make a difference anyway). Many of these
are bought with ADAM at Gatherer's Garden vending machines, some are found
lying about, and some are rewarded via the storyline.

NOTE 1: Prices for the purchasable Plasmids/Tonics appear to decrease at
later Gatherer's Gardens, so if you hold out until the next level, you can
get them cheaper. I haven't confirmed this, however. Prices and locations
for purchasable Plasmids/Tonics are give for their earliest available state.
Inventable Tonics are listed with their CHEAPEST amount, meaning after
hacking. If amounts are off by 1 each, then I probably had, or didn't have,
Clever Inventor equipped (sorry!).

NOTE 2: Tonics are listed in a general order of when you can get them. I
will arranged them alphabetically once I've played through for the third
time (on Hard mode, now), and have re-confirmed their locations or methods
for myself. If some look out of place, it's because I didn't get them]
when I first could, or I forgot and added them later, out of place.

# Name - Location/Cost/Other Method

..:: PLASMIDS ::..
1. Electro Bolt -On the busted Gatherer's Garden machine in Welcome
Electro Bolt 2 -BUY: 120, Arcadia
Electro Bolt 3 -BUY: 150, Hephaestus
2. Telekinesis -In Dandy Dental side room, Medical Pavillion
3. Incinerate! -In Eternal Flame Crematorium in Medical Pavillion
Incinerate! 2 -BUY: 100, Fort Frolic
Incinerate! 3 -BUY: 150, Olympus Heights
4. Hypnotize BD -GIFT: Neptune's Bounty
Hypnotize BD 2 -GIFT: Fort Frolic
5. Winter Blast -BUY: 80, Neptune's Bounty
Winter Blast 2 -BUY: 100, Fort Frolic
Winder Blast 3 -BUY: 150, Olympus Heights
6. Insect Swarm -BUY: 60, Farmer's Market
Insect Swarm 2 -BUY: 80, Fort Frolic
Insect Swarm 3 -BUY: 120, Olympus Heights
7. Cyclone Trap -BUY: 60, Arcadia
Cyclone Trap 2 -BUY: 80, Hephaestus
8. Enrage! -BUY: 80, Medical Pavillion
9. Target Dummy -BUY: 60, Neptune's Bounty
10. Security Bullseye -On ledge after getting the Camera in Neptune's B.

Hacker's Delight -Medical Pavillion; Eternal Flame Crematorium
EVE Link -BUY: 40, Medical Pavillion
Medical Expert -Neptune's Bounty; Lower Wharf first room
Extra Nutrition -BUY: 20, Neptune's Bounty
Scrounger -BONUS: Leadhead Splicer Research Lv. 2
Extra Nutrition 3 -BONUS: Spider Splicer Research Lv. 4
Natural Camouflage -BONUS: Houdini Splicer Research Lv. 2
SportBoost -BONUS: Thuggish Splicer Research Lv. 2
SportBoost 2 -BONUS: Thuggish Splicer Research Lv. 4
Security Evasion -Arcadia; Waterfall Grotto after trees die
EVE Link 2 -Farmer's Market; near the first Circus of Values
Bloodlust -INVENT: Fort Frolic; 4 Glues, 3 Enzymes, 2 Empty Hypos
Booze Hound -INVENT: Fort Frolic; 4 Glues, 3 Enzymes, 2 Empty Hypos
Extra Nutrition 2 -Fort Frolic; Pos. Plaza, "secret" downstairs room
Medical Expert 2 -Fort Frolic; Reward for finishing Cohen's Masterpiece
Security Evasion 2 -Hephaestus; Lower Heat Loss Monitoring
Hacker's Delight 2 -INVENT: Fort Frolic; 4 Alcohols, 3 Enzymes, 2 Empty Hypos
Medical Expert 3 -Olympus Heights; Apollo Sq., bathroom of Suchong's lab
Hacker's Delight 3 -Point Prometheus; In area with all the Rosie helmets
(19 total, including upgrades)

Security Expert -Medical Pavillion; Twilight Field Funeral Home
Speedy Hacker -Medical Pavillion; In Painless Dental somewhere
Focused Hacker -Neptune's Bounty; In ice within Fontaine Fisheries
Shorten Alarms -BUY: 20, Arcadia
Safecracker -GIFT: Arcadia
Hacking Expert -Arcadia; front room of Langford's Office
Security Expert 2 -BONUS: Security Bot Research Lv. 2
Alarm Expert -Fort Frolic; Fleet Hall, rail of blocked balcony
Hacking Expert 2 -BUY: 50, Fort Frolic
Shorten Alarms 2 -Hephaestus; Geothermal Control after magma redirect
Speedy Hacker 2 -BUY: 50, Olympus Heights
Clever Inventor -Olympus Heights; Mercury Suites, Suchong's Apt.
Prolific Inventor -GIFT: Apollo Square
Focused Hacker 2 -Apollo Square; Hestia 4th floor (enter from above)
Safecracker 2 -Point Prometheus; Little Wonders, lower back (east)
Alarm Expert 2 -Point Prometheus; Opt. Eugenics, Live Subject Testing
(16 total, including upgrades)

Wrench Jockey -Medical Pavillion; Painless Dental, on table in corner
Static Discharge -Medical Pavillion; Hallway before Surgery
Armored Shell -BUY: 40, Medical Pavillion
Static Discharge 2 -BONUS: Leadhead Splicer Research Lv. 4
Wrench Lurker -Nep. B: Lower Wharf after Reseach Camera (near GG)
Photographer'sEye2 -BONUS: Rosie Research Lv. 2
Human Inferno -BUY: 20, Arcadia
Photographer's Eye -Farmer's Market: Winery cellar in the trap room
Frozen Field -Fort Frolic; Loot Finnegan's corpse in Frozen Tunnel
Wrench Jockey 2 -BONUS: Bouncer Research Lv. 2
Electric Flesh -Fort Frolic; Projector room, Fleet Hall (after Cohen)
Frozen Field 2 -Hephaestus; Central Control by audio log #86
Wrench Lurker 2 -BUY: 50, Hephaestus
Damage Research -Hephaestus; Lower Workshops, in Kyburz's tiny room
Armored Shell 2 -GIFT: Olympus Heights
Electric Flesh 2 -Olympus Heights; Fontaine's Apt., near Lot 192
Human Inferno 2 -BUY: 50, Point Prometheus
Damage Research 2 -Point Prometheus; Mendel Library by boots
(18 total, including upgrades)

::-- 3. AUDIO LOGS [extra3]

There are 122 Audio Logs scattered around Rapture. Most of them are
out in plain sight, but some are hidden on corpses or in containers or
sometimes in really obscure places.

1. Diane McClintock: "New Year's Eve Alone"
-Restaurant bottom floor (Dancing Downstairs), on top of a table
2. Steve Barker: "Hole in Bathroom Wall"
-Restaurant top floor, in "Dames" bathroom, at the back

3. Diane McClintock: "Released Today"
-Medical Pavillion Foyer, on the counter between the stairs
4. Steinman: "Adam's Changes"
-On the desk in the corner of the room with the Emergency Access gate
5. Steinman: "Higher Standards"
-On the wall across from the entrance to the Surgery area
6. Andrew Ryan: "Parasite Expectations"
-On the desk across from the first machine gun turret in Surgery
7. Steinman: "Limits of Imagination"
-On the south wall in the first room in Surgery
8. Tenenbaum: "Love for Science"
-On a trunk near the Health Station in the first room in Surgery
9. Andrew Ryan: "Vandalism"
-In the corner of the flooded room north of the first Health Station
10. Steinman: "Surgery's Picasso"
-On the little display at the entrance to Eternal Flame Crematorium
11. McDonagh: "Freezing Pipes"
-In the ice blocking the downstairs hallway of the main room
12. Suchong: "Enrage Trial"
-In the corner straight forward from the door to Kure-All
13. Tenenbaum: "Useless Experiments"
-On the floor in front of Dandy Dental
14. Suchong: "Testing Telekinesis"
-In the side room of Dandy Dental
15. Suchong: "Plasmids are the Paint"
-In a corner of Painless Dental, next to Speedy Hacker tonic
16. Steinman: "Symmetry"
-On the wall in Surgical Foyer after you blow up the debris
17. Steinman: "Aphrodite Walking"
-In the middle of the room on the right, before Steinman's room
18. Steinman: "Not What She Wanted"
-Looted from the corpse of the nurse Steinman butchers in Surgery
19. Steinman: "Gatherer's Vulnerability"
-On the floor by the Gatherer's Garden in the Lounge (after boss)

20. Sullivan: "Bathysphere Keys"
-Under the wharf on the far side of the first big room with a Big Daddy
21. Sullivan: "Timmy H. Interrogation"
-Behind the locked gate at the flooded bottom level of Lower Wharf
22. Andrew Ryan: "Fontaine Must Go"
-In the crawlspace under the grate walkway, southwest Lower Wharf
23. Tenenbaum: "Finding The Sea Slug"
-On the table across from the door to Upper Wharf
24. Mariska Lutz: "Masha Come Home"
-Just past #23, near the Hidey-Hole (where the Big Daddy is/was)
25. Sullivan: "Picked up Timmy H."
-Looted from a corpse right next to where you find #24
26. Andrew Ryan: "Watch Fontaine"
-Next to the Circus of Values, past #24 and #25 in Upper Wharf
27. Sullivan: "Have My Badge"
-On a desk in a small office in Wharfmaster you must crawl to access
28. Tenenbaum: "Adam discovery"
-Sitting on a shipping crate in Upper Wharf after the Wharfmaster area
29. McDonagh: "Eden Leaking"
-In the flooded Upper Wharf room right after #28
30. Tenenbaum: "Fontaine's Smugglers"
-On a bench under a Security Camera after the Wharfmaster area
31. Andrew Ryan: "Death Penalty in Rapture"
-On a table near the entrance/exit in Jet Postal
32. McDonagh: "Meeting Ryan"
-Just inside the crawlspace entrance in Fighting McDonagh
33. McDonagh: "Rapture Changing"
-On a desk in the corner of the room behind the bar
34. Sullivan: "Smuggling Ring"
-On a table in Fighting McDonagh
35. Andrew Ryan: "Working Late Again"
-On a table in Fighting McDonagh
36. McDonagh: "Arresting Fontaine"
-On the floor by a bed in an upstainrs room in Fighting McDonagh
37. Mariska Lutz: "Saw Masha Today"
-On the bed with the corpses in the locked room in Fighting McDonagh
38. Peach Wilkins: "Putting The Screws On"
-Freezer Bottom Floor in the room with the safe

39. Peach Wilkins: "Meeting With Fontaine"
-Next to a crate in the room with the turret and piles of crates
40. Frank Fontaine: "Kraut Scientist"
-In a padlocked cage in Maintenance Tunnel, toward the bottom
41. Peach Wilkins: "Offered A Deal"
-On the ground, just past the submarine dock

42. Peach Wilkins: "Seeing Ghosts"
-In the corner of the second green area of the Tea Garden
43. Dieter Sonnekalb: "Big Night Out"
-By the bench with the ghosts in the third room of Tea Garden
44. Tenenbaum: "Mass Producing Adam"
-By the right door in the third room of Tea Garden
45. Langford: "Arcadia Closed"
-On a table in the upper area of Tea Garden
46. Andrew Ryan: "The Market Is Patient"
-On a bench in the top level of Waterfall Grotto
47. Diane McClintock: "Heroes and Criminals"
-In the side room on the stairs in Waterfall Grotto
48. Andrew Ryan: "Offer A Better Product"
-On a block in the water at the bottom of Waterfall Grotto
49. Langford "Early Tests Promising"
-On a crate by the flowers on the waterwheel in Waterfall Grotto
50. Mariska Lutz: "Shouldn't Have Come"
-In Rolling Hills, under the Rolling Hills sign past the RPG Turret
51. Langford: "The Saturnine"
-In Rolling Hills, the cave entrance near Langford's office (after gas)
52. Langford: "What Won't They Steal?"
-In the first room of Research Labs, on the floor by the file cabinets
53. Langford: "Teaching An Old Hound"
-In the second room of Resarch Labs, on a desk
54. Langford: "The Lazarus Vector"
-Loot the corpse in Langford's Lab
55. Langford: "Lazarus Vector Formula"
-In the storyline safe in Langford's Lab
56. Langford: "Arcadia and Oxygen"
-On the platform in the first Tree Farm area
57. Tenenbaum: "Maternal Instinct"
-Just past the arched area in Tree Farm
66. Andrew Ryan: "The Great Chain"
-In the Metro Station, AFTER Farmer's Market

58. Tasha Denu: "Bee Enzyme"
-Right at the beginning, next to a corpse and a Pneumo
59. Andrew Ryan: "First Encounter"
-On floor near a Rosie corpse in room behind bar in courtyard area
60. Tenenbaum: "Hatred"
-Same room as #59, but on a table in the back (flooded are)
61. Andrew Ryan: "Desperate Times"
-In a crawlspace room behind a stall (not far from a Circus of Values)
62. Andrew Ryan: "Pulling Together"
-On a bar/counter in the southwest stall area (not far from a turret)
63. Pierre Gobbi: "Water in Wine"
-On the floor, just past the steps at the "Worley Winery" neon sign
64. Tenenbaum: "Adam Explained"
-On the counter in the first room of the bee area (between a GG and a GB)
65. Tenenbaum: "Functional Children"
-On a table under the cieling windows in Worley Winery
66. **This one is back in Arcadia, after you return, check the end of the
Arcadia section above.

67. Cobb: "Come To The Record Store"
-On the table in the flaming room at the entrance to the Cocktail Lounge
68. Sander Cohen: "The Wild Bunny"
-In the back room of the clothing store room in the Cocktail Lounge
69. Sullivan: "Artists' Feud"
-On the counter of the little bar in the middle of the Cocktail Lounge
70. Albert Milonakis: "Fancy Cigarettes"
-Right next to the PttP Weapon Upgrade station in Le Marquis D'Epoque
71. Diane McClintock: "Stood Up Again"
-At the top of the stairs in the center of the Upper Atrium
72. Sander Cohen: "The Doubters"
-On a desk in the southern room ("Cohen's Collection") of Upper Atrium
73. Sander Cohen: "Musical Insult"
-In the room before uppermost 'private' area of Fleet Hall
74. Martin Finnegan: "The Iceman Cometh"
-In a chunk of ice in the first stretch of hallway in Poseidon Plaza
75. McDonagh: "Fontaine's Army"
-Between the stairs and bar in the lower level of Sir Prize
76. McDonagh: "Guns Blazing"
-Poseidon Plaza area, in the Tobbaccoria room on a table
77. Rodriguez: "It's All Grift"
-On the bar in Eve's Garden *Might only appear AFTER killing Rodriguez
78. Jasmine Jolene: "Pregnancy"
-Back room of Eve's Garden, on the floor by the bed with the corpse
79. Sullivan: "Bump Culpepper?"
-On a pool table in the upper level of Pharaoh's Fortune Casino
80. Anna Culpepper: "Ryan's Stableboy"
-In Rapture Records, under the backside of the counter at the entrance
81. Sander Cohen: "Requiem For Andrew Ryan"
-Fleet Hall projector room (very top level), AFTER masterpiece is done

82. McDonagh: "Ryan Takes F Futuristics"
-In a crate by the Circus of Values in first room of Hephaestus
83. Kyburz: "Scoping The Gate"
-Next to the THIRD Circus of Values, by the first Vita-Chamber
84. McDonagh: "Stopping Ryan"
-Loot 1st impaled corpse on the right in Central Control
85. Anya Andersdotter: "Going To Heat Loss"
-Loot 3nd impaled corpse on the right in Central Control
86. Andrew Ryan: "A Man Or A Parasite"
-On a desk in the small room behind hanging corpses in Central Control
87. McDonagh: "Fontaine's Legacy"
-Core, top level, by the Vita-Chamber
88. Pablo Navarro: "Running Short On R-34s").
-Core, first level down, by the Security Camera (below #87)
89. Anya Andersdotter: "Assassin"
-Core, next to the Gatherer's Garden
90. Andrew Ryan: "Impossible Anywhere Else"
-Lowest level in Core, by a Circus of Values
91. Pablo Navarro: "Kyburz Door Code"
-Upper Heat Loss Monitoring, far right corner of the big room
92. McDonagh: "Genetic Arms Race"
-Lower Heat Loss Monitoring, in the electrified water
93. Pablo Navarro: "Getting a Break"
-Lower Heat Loss Monitoring, storyline requirement
94. Kyburz: "Device Almost Finished"
-In the small room at the foot of the stairs in Lower Workshops
95. Pablo Navarro: "Market Maintenance Code"
-Under the stairs in Lower Workships; use crawlspace door to access
96. Kyburz: "The Dream"
-Loot the corpse in the Lower Workshops room with the Health Station
97. Kyburz: "Assembling The Bomb"
-In the crawlspace room in Lower Workshops, required
98. Andrew Ryan: "The Great Chain Moves Slowly"
-On the back desk in Kyburz's Office
99. Suchong: "The Vita Chamber"
-By the Vita-Chamber in the Control Room
100.Suchong: "Mind Control Test"
-On the table under the bulletin board in the room after the crawlspace
101.Suchong: "Baby Status"
-Same as #100, but just a bit to the right

102.Suchong: "Mozart of Genetics"
-On bar in center room of first big open area, near Appollo Sq. bulkhead
103.Suchong: "Fontaine's Human Jukebox"
-Suchong's Apartment, first floor, south room, in a debris pile
104.Suchong: "Mind Control Antidote"
-Suchong's Apartment, on the desk in the flooded area, required
105.Sullivan: "Artist Woman"
-On a table near the 1st floor entrance to Anna Culpepper's Apt.
106.Paparazzi: "Fontaine's Breakup"
-Third level of Mercury Suites, by the U-Invent; Reveals elevator code!
107.Frank Fontaine: "Sad Saps"
-In Frank Fontaine's apt., on a table in the lower level eastern room

108.Diane McClintock: "What's Happening Here?"
-Entrance, by the Circus of Values at the beginning (near bulkhead)
109.Daine McClintock: "Atlas Lives"
-By the Gatherer's Garden in the main Apollo Square courtyard area
110.Suchong: "Protection Bond"
-By the drilled corpse in Suchong's 'lab', near Lot 192
111.Diane McClintock: "Meeting Atlas"
-In a Steamer Trunk in 1st floor of Hestia/Fontaine's Home for the Poor
112.Frank Fontaine: "The Longest Con"
-On a desk in Hestia, 4th floor (enter from above)
113.McClintock: "Today's Raid"
-On a corpse on a broken desk next to #112

114.114 Tenenbaum: "Why Just Girls?"
-Upper level of Little Wonders/Atrium Balcony
115.Suchong: "Missing Boots"
-West area of Failsafe Armored Escorts (room with U-Invent)
116.Suchong: "Protector Smell"
-Suit Assembly Upper Floor, west room, on a compuer
117.Andrew Ryan: "Mistakes"
-By the Gene Bank in the long room between #116 and #118
118.Suchong: "Protecting Little Ones"
-Suit Assembly Upper Floor, east room, on a file cabinet
119.Suchong: "Cheap Son Of A Bitch"
-Storage room, south Failsafe Armored Escorts (near Circus of Values)
120.Suchong: "Changing Employers"
-In the storage room across from C. of V. in Main Hall (frozen door)
121.Andrew Ryan: "Marketing Gold"
-Optimized Eugenics, middle-west room with tanks, on a computer console
122.Suchong: "Extra Munitions"
-Northernmost room of Optimized Eugenics, on floor by a turret

::-- 4. RESEARCH BONUSES [extra4]

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to AntiPersonnel rounds
2. SportBoost Physical Tonic
3. Increased Damage ++
4. SportBoost 2 Physical Tonic
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to AntiPersonnel rounds
2. Scrounger Physical Tonic
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Static Discharge 2 Combat Tonic
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to AntiPersonnel rounds
2. Permanent 15% chance that any enemy grenade will be a dud
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Permanent 35% chance that any enemy grenade will be a dud
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to AntiPersonnel rounds
2. Spider Splicer Organs can be used like First Aid Kits
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Extra Nutrition 3 Physical Tonic
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to AntiPersonnel rounds
2. Natural Camouflage Physical Tonic
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Easier to predict Houdini Splicers' teleportation destination
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to ArmorPiercing rounds
2. Photographer's Eye 2 Combat Tonic
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Rosie Loot almost always contains rare Invention materials
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to ArmorPiercing rounds
2. Wrench Jockey 2 Combat Tonic
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Permanent 50% increase to all wrench damage
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Small increases to max Health and EVE
2. Small increases to max Health and EVE
3. Small increases to max Health and EVE
4. Small increases to max Health and EVE
5. Small increases to max Health and EVE

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to ArmorPiercing & Electricity
2. You find twice the film on destroyed Security Cameras
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Flow Speed reduced when hacking any Security Camera
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to ArmorPiercing & Electricity
2. Security Expert 2 Engineering Tonic
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Hacking Security Bots automatically succeeds
5. Increased Damage +++

1. Increased Damage +; Tip: Vulnerable to ArmorPiercing & Electricity
2. You find twice the ammunition on destroyed Turreets
3. Increased Damage ++
4. Hacking Turrets automatically succeeds
5. Increased Damage +++

::-- 5. XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENTS [extra5]

There are 50 different Achievements for a total of 1000 Gamerpoints.
A good number of these are inevitable and are part of the game's
natural progression. A few of them are difficult, and some of them
you might never think of. I forget which ones were "Secret", but I
will try to look that up with a second Xbox profile and see.

Oh, and if you ask me, I like it this way... Where you get a LOT of
little achievements so that you're gradually racking up gamer points.
I think it sucks when you have to play hours and hours just to get a
single 100 point achievement like some games demand.

Achievement Name: Points
Official Description (from XBox Dashboard) If Necessary
Notes (If Any)

Upgraded a Weapon: 5
-Acquire at least one weapon upgrade.
One Fully Upgraded Weapon: 5
Two Fully Upgraded Weapons: 5
Three Fully Upgraded Weapons: 10
Four Fully Upgraded Weapons: 10
Five Fully Upgraded Weapons: 10
Weapon Specialist: 20
-Acquire all upgrades for all weapons.

One Successful Hack: 5
-Perform at least one successful hack.
Hacked a Security Camera: 10
Hacked a Security Bot: 10
Hacked a Turret: 10
Hacked a Vending Machine: 10
Hacked a Safe: 10
Skilled Hacker: 40
-Successfully complete 50 hacks.
NOTE: "Hacked a ___" and Skilled Hacker achievments require any
SUCCESSFUL hacks; you can hack, Buy Out, or use an Auto Hack Tool.

Bought One Slot: 5
-Purchase one slot in any Plasmid or Tonic track.
Maxed One Track: 20
-Purchased every slot in one of the Plasmid or Tonic tracks.
Maxed All Tracks: 50
-Purchased every slot in all four Plasmid and Tonic tracks.

Basic Inventor: 5
-Successfully invent at least one item.
Ammo Inventor: 25
-Successfully invented all possible ammo types.
Avid Inventor: 10
-Successfully invent at least 100 items.

Prolific Photographer: 5
-Take at least one photo in every research group.
Quality Research Photo: 20
-Take a Research Photo of the highest grade.
Researched a Splicer: 5
-Take at least one Research Photo of a Splicer.
Fully Researched Thug Splicer: 10
-Fully research the Thuggish Splicer.
Fully Researched Gun Splicer: 10
-Fully research the Leadhead Splicer.
Fully Researched Spider Splicer: 10
Fully Researched Houdini Splicer: 10
Fully Researched Nitro Splicer: 10
Fully Researched Bouncer: 10
Fully Researched Rosie: 10
Fully Researched Little Sister: 10
Research PhD: 20
-Max out all possible research.

Little Sister Savior: 100
-Complete the game without harvesting any Little Sisters.
Dealt with every Little Sister: 40
-Either Harvest or Rescue every Little Sister in the game.
Historian: 50
-Find every audio diary.
Tonic Collector: 50
-Collect or invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering, Combat tracks.
Seriously Good At This: 40
-Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.

..:: OTHER ::..
Lucky Winner: 10
-Hit the jackpot at a slot machine.
Toaster in the Tub: 10
-Shock an enemy in the water.


Completed Welcome: 10
-Successfully complete the Welcome to Rapture level.
Defeated Dr. Steinman: 15
-The player has defeated the crazed Dr. Steinman.
Defeated Peach Wilkins: 15
-The player has defeated Peach Wilkins.
Restored the Forest: 15
-The player has restored the forests of Arcadia.
Defeated Andrew Ryan: 30
-The player has defeated Andrew Ryan.
Found Cohen's Room: 10
-The player has entered Sander Cohen's personal quarters.
Broke Fontaine's Mind Control: 30
-The player has broken Fontaine's mind control.
Became a Big Daddy: 30
-The player has become a Big Daddy.
Defeated Atlas: 100
-The player has defeated Atlas.

Completed Cohen's Masterpiece: 30
-The player has completed Sander Cohen's great masterpiece.
Irony: 10
-The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse.

END SPOILERS***-------------------------------

::-- 6. MISC SECRETS [extra6]

..:: LOCK CODES ::..
Most of these can be obtained via Audio Logs, some can just be hacked.
You don't need the Audio Log or other source to use the code, and the
codes should always be the same.

0451 - Door code to first locked door in Medical Pavillion*
5380 - Door code to the gate in Lower Wharf's bottom level (Audio #25)
7533 - Door code to room upstairs in Fighting McDonagh (Audio #24)
9457 - Safe combo in Langford's lab, needed for storyline.
7774 - Door code to the humidor in Poseidon Plaza, 'Tobaccoria'**
0126 - Door code to Kyburz's office (date of Australia Day) (Audio #91)
0512 - Gate code to Tube Maintenenance in Farmer's Market (Audio #95)
5744 - Elevator code to Fontaine's flat (Audio #106)
1921 - Door code to eastern room in back of Failsafe A. E. (Audio #122)

If I've missed any codes, let me know and I'll add them in (and give
you proper credit, of course).

*NOTE: Ha! I knew they'd do this. The 451 is a reference to Farenheit 451 (a
book). There's a bit of history to this number being used as the first combo
code for a locked door in System Shock 2, and I believe Deus Ex did so as
well. This was also the code to the actual door to the offices of Looking
Glass back in the day.

**Code submitted (via email) by Grim Santo
"The closed-off humidor area password is 7774.

Go to Le Marquis D’epoque Tobacco in the Southern Mall, If you go
Downstair, You will see a "Power to the people" upgrade station. Near it
will be a corpse. Next to the corpse you will see the password "7774"
written on a piece of paper. That is the password to the Roberts's
Tobaccoria Humidor.

Hope that helps.

-Grim Santo"

Thanks, Grim! I looked all over the Poseidon Plaza area (outside this
humidor) but I never would have thought to look way back there for the code.

There have been rumors going around about being able to pick up at least
TWO extra Little Sisters. One is confirmed in Neptune's Bounty. The other is
supposedly in Fort Frolic, I think. I have not encountered any of these
myself, but here is one account from an email I received:

"hi there

just been reading your walkthrough for bioshock xbox360. very nice and has
helped me quite a bit. I was reading the questions at the bottom about the
extra little sisters.

well I found one. on the neptunes bounty level. Before I am asked to go
retrieve the camera I encountered 3 little sisters which when pressing
start says that is all there is meant to be so imagine my surprise when I
go to the gate that has been knocked down and into the room with the
rocket turret and lo and behold a fourth little sister.

After saving her the start menu now reports 4 little sisters along the
bottom. Just thought you may be interested in knowing this for your



Thanks, Barloue! I'm gonna try to snatch this Little Sister next time, when
I play through on Hard for my FINAL achievement.

From Mike (via email)

I just wanted to add two things that pertain to your fantastic

First, when my wife beat the game, she killed the first 2 sisters she came
across and saved every single one after that and ended up with the "bad
guy" ending. She was a bit disappointed, I reminded her she shouldn't
have killed little girls. Hehe J

Second, I rescued an extra little sister and it confused the heck out of
the game. I forget which level it was right now... it may have been the
smuggler level, I can try to recheck when I get home. Basically, There
were 3 little sister's to save in the particular level and I had already
saved 2. I saw 2 walking around saved them both for a total of 4 on that
level. When I went to leave the level the game told me that leaving a
level without saving all the girls can make the game harder and suggested
I find them all (for that level) So I searched around again in case
something had gone wrong and another sister was available. After about 20
minutes I couldn’t find anything and went back to the end point. It
suggested I find all the little sisters again and I left the level anyway.
Then at the end of the game in Point Prometheus there were 3 sisters to
find on that level and on my second sister rescue I unlocked the
achievement "Dealt With Every Little Sister". I continued on to save the
3rd of 3 for that level.

If this is any use, cool, otherwise, I hope I wasn't bothering you too
much. Great game, great walkthough. Have a nice day! J


Thanks, Mike! Since there are only supposed to be 3 Sisters on that level, if
you rescue or harvest the 4th, the game sees that 4 does not equal 3, and
thinks you have missed some. It is understandable that since you had already
gotten an extra Little Sister, you would get the achievement before rescuing
or harvesting the actual final one. It makes no difference to the game as you
still have me the required number for the achievement.

From Matta (via email)
"Few things to I have to say and for you to add to the guide. One is for
the extra little sisters. I have 4 sisters on the Fort. The funny thing
is that I killed them all and when I try the leave the level now it says I
didn't get them all and I should go back and find the other???? It said 3
the first time and now when I found the fourth one I didn't think it was
possible. Maybe they did it on purpose for some weird reason. But Im
nowhere near the game (wife playing feeding fenzy and I seen this guide by
you so I wanted to send this to ya asap) so I'll do my best at this part
of how to do it and tips on killing the Big Daddy. On Fort Frolic when
you have to goto the Plaza area (when you go through the freezer area into
another area). Well this is where I encountered three big daddy's (not
all at once), but just encountered them all here. A nice useful thing I
found out about the big daddy's is if you die a lot by them the tip I can
offer that I found out. This is coming from me playing on medium, but
when you die you just respawn and go back and kill them. I never end up
using my heals or anything. I just keep dying and respawning and going
back to finish the fight. It gets annoying, but if your short on items it
helps. Another tip is shock him get a distance away use armor ammo if you
have. When he charges dodge it shock and repeat the process. Piece of
cake. If I had a cam for you guys I would make some videos. Any credit
given just put my info below. Hope you enjoy.

matthammond21 ~at~ ~hotmail.com~"

I've been wondering about the Fort Frolic extra sister. Before now, I've yet
to see anything more convincing than "LOL I found an extra girl in Fort
Frolic!" on the message boards. This means 2 extra sisters total.

Thanks, Barloue! I'm gonna try to snatch this Little Sister next time, when
I play through on Hard for my FINAL achievement.

..:: ENDINGS ::..
I've added this section because I'm sure that some people who don't have
the game just want to know what the endings are, and maybe some people
who do have the game just don't want to bother getting the different
endings. And, maybe, there are a few people out there who just want to
fricking find out already, whether they have the game or not.



You get the "happy ending," which includes your character, "Jack," leaving
Rapture peacefully and movign on to gain a formal education, start a family,
live a long, eventful life, and die in the presence of loved ones.


You get the "bad guy ending," which includes your character, "Jack," taking
over Rapture, taking all the ADAM, then returning to the surface with an army
of splicers to take over the world.


You get the same ending as if you had Harvested them all, but Tenenbaum tells
the story with a sadder tone of voice (as opposed to an angry tone). Some
people feel that this doesn't count as a third ending.


| SECTION D: FAQ [faq1]

Some of these are real questions that my friends or others have asked me.
A good number of them are questions I had, myself, that I went and found
the answers for.


(From an email)
Q. I'm stuck in Farmer's Market looking for the comonents required to
invent the Lazarus Vector, but I can't find them all!
A. There are a few Enzymes and Distilled Waters in specific places all
over this level, but the best places to look are the Apiary (bee farm)
for Enzyme Samples in the hive boxes, and in the Worley Winery cellar
area for Distilled Waters. You should be able to find 4 more of each
item than you will actually need.

Q. In Fort Frolic, Sander Cohen told me to go to Fleet Hall, and the door
is right here, but it won't let me go through! What do I do?
A. This is a surprisingly common place for people to get stuck. You don't
go through the door yet, there's an elevator just to the left of the
door. Hit the button to call down the elevator, then step in and hit
the button in side to go up. You can then get into Fleet Hall from

Q. Should I kill Sander Cohen, or leave him behind?
A. It's up to you. If you kill him, you can take his picture with the
research camera to score the 10 point "Irony" achievement. If you leave
him, then you can get into his apartment later on in Mercury Suites,
scoring you the 10 point "Found Cohen's Room" achievement as well as
one of the weapon upgrade stations. If you don't want to complete a
second play-through or think you will forget, save first, then kill him
and take his picture for the "Irony" achievement, then load, and leave
him behind, still alive. You can also get the "Irony" achievement later
on in Mercury Suites since you must kill him THERE to get into his

Q. Do I HAVE TO rescue or harvest the Little Sisters?
A. I don't think you even have to deal with a single one if you don't want
to, but you won't get any ADAM, and thus you'll be stuck with only the
plasmids and tonics you discover or invent.

Q. Does my rescuing or harvesting the Little Sisters affect my ending?
A. YES. It is confirmed that there is an ending for Only Rescuing, and
ending for Only Harvesting. There is also supposed to be an ending for
a little of both, but I haven't done this myself.

McCanISdown (GameFAQs, BioShock Social Board) asked...
Q. If I only Rescue the Little Sisters, but I accidentally let one die
during the escort mission, will that affect my ending?
A. No, you can still get the good ending. You're not technically harvesting
the kid, in fact, I believe the Little Sisters at this point are all
accounted for and very well may already be rescued.

Q. I heard that there are extra, glitched Little Sisters! Well?
A. I haven't encounted the glitch(es) myself. Supposedly, there's one in
Neptune's Bounty, and one later in Fort Frolic (I think). I'll update
this answer if I found out for sure.

Q. HELP! I got an extra Little Sister, but the game keeps saying I haven't
gotten them all for the current level! What's wrong?
A. Congratulations, you got an extra Little Sister. Other than that, there
won't be any difference to the game. The game simply sees that the
number you have encountered compared to the number supposedly available
doesn't match up. The game does not get harder because of this, that's
just the game's way of encouraging you to get all of the available
Little Sisters (assuming that if you have less ADAM and thus less Tonics
and Plasmids that the game will be harder). There's nothing wrong, just
keep playing the game as you normally would -- you just have a little
extra ADAM to spend, and you can get the Dealt With Every Little Sister
achievement a sister or two sooner.

(From an email)
Q: What's the code for the elevator in Olympus Heights? How do you discover
this code in the game??
A: The code is 5744, and it is found in an Audio Log in that same level.
The log is Paparazzi: "Fontaine's Breakup" in Mercury Suites.

Q. Do I really become a Big Daddy???
A. Not really. Your vision will be shrouded a bit as if you were actually
wearing the helmet, and you will get a 25% damage resistance for
getting the suit, but other than that, there's no difference. The
helmet effect disappears when you complete the level, too.

Q. When fighting the final boss and extracting his/its ADAM, it shows my
ADAM counter racking up by the hundreds! Can I spend this ADAM??
A. No. Unless there is some secret way to save after beating the boss,
then that ADAM is just for show to demonstrate just how much ADAM
this monster had spliced up. 'Roid rage, anyone?



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