Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy: (ps2)FAQ/Walkthrough

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy:(ps2) FAQ/Walkthrough


1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
3A. Controls
3B. Menus/Displays
3C. Hints/Tips
4. Mos Eisley Cantina
5. Story Walkthroughs
Episode IV - A New Hope
5A. Secret Plans
5B. Through the Jundland Wastes
5C. Mos Eisley Spaceport
5D. Rescue the Princess
5E. Death Star Escape
5F. Rebel Attack
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
5G. Hoth Battle
5H. Escape From Echo Base
5I. Falcon Flight
5J. Dagobah
5K. Cloud City Trap
5L. Betrayal Over Bespin
Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
5M. Jabba's Palace
5N. The Great Pit of Carkoon
5O. Speeder Showdown
5P. The Battle of Endor
5Q. Jedi Destiny
5R. Into the Death Star
6. Free Play Runthroughs
Episode IV - A New Hope
6A. Secret Plans
6B. Through the Jundland Wastes
6C. Mos Eisley Spaceport
6D. Rescue the Princess
6E. Death Star Escape
6F. Rebel Attack
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
6G. Hoth Battle
6H. Escape From Echo Base
6I. Falcon Flight
6J. Dagobah
6K. Cloud City Trap
6L. Betrayal Over Bespin
Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
6M. Jabba's Palace
6N. The Great Pit of Carkoon
6O. Speeder Showdown
6P. The Battle of Endor
6Q. Jedi Destiny
6R. Into the Death Star
7. Bounty Hunter Challenges
7A. R2-D2
7B. Obi-Wan Kenobi
7C. Chewbacca
7D. Princess Leia
7E. Admiral Ackbar
7F. Yoda
7G. C-3PO
7H. Lando Calrissian
7I. Luke Skywalker
7J. Han Solo
8. Bonus Missions
8A. Episode IV Bonus
8B. Episode V Bonus
8C. Episode VI Bonus
8D. LEGO City
9. Characters
9A. Story Characters
9B. Extra Characters
9C. Prequel Trilogy Characters
9D. Vehicles/Minikits
10. Secrets/Unlockables
10A. Main Unlocks
10B. Extras
10C. Secret Codes


Hi, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for LEGO Star Wars II: The Original
Trilogy! My, it's been some time since I've done a Star Wars FAQ, and I can
think of no better game to do one on than this one. A sequel to the original
LEGO Star Wars, this game follows the story of the original trilogy (Episodes
IV, V, and VI, also known as "the good ones"). Follow Luke Skywalker as he
realizes his destiny and aids the Rebel Alliance in overthrowing the Galactic
Empire, all in classic LEGO style, naturally. In this FAQ, you'll find
walkthroughs on how to get through each mission (story and free play), as
well as how to get and get through all the tons of bonus stuff.

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Star Wars II?

A: The newest Star Wars release by Lucasarts, developed by Traveller's Tales.
This is an action game where you act in some of the familiar battles of
the original Star Wars trilogy, with everything in LEGOs.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptors of Cartoon Violence and
Crude Humor.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

A: Absolutely so. There's almost no objectionable material during gameplay.
All violence is done to LEGO bricks, not real people. The game is very
forgiving in the sense of difficulty, encourages exploration and critical
thinking, as well as working together with a friend.

Q: So, what's changed from the first LSW?

A: In the grand sense, bonus missions, wherein you can use characters you've
unlocked, AND minikits you've assembled. Bounty Hunter Challenges are
available to those who complete the game. As far as actual gameplay goes,
little has changed, except for a few in-game mechanics, such as the ability
to "build" piles of bricks, instead of relying on the Force all the time.

Q: I can't get to a certain spot! I need Artoo/Threepio/a Jedi/a grappler!
What do I do?

A: You'll have to come back to that spot on Free Play, where you can take
whatever characters you want.

Q: I can't get Artoo up onto the mushrooms on Dagobah! Do I need a second

A: You could do it that way, but there is a way without a second player.
Use the Force to lower the lower mushroom, then wait a second and lower
the second one. Quickly switch to Artoo and get on the first mushroom.
Wait until it rises, then float over to the second one. Wait until it rises,
and float over to the Artoo panel.

Q: Do I really have to wait until the very end when I get Vader to get a

A: Nope. Simply use the "create-a-character" and give him a red lightsaber.
He'll have Sith Force powers. Thanks to Philare for this info.


Most of this information can be found in the instruction manual, like anyone
reads those.

3A. Controls =

General Controls -

Control Stick: Move your character.
A Button: Jump or hover (not available for all characters)
B Button: Attack or use primary ability.
X Button: Use special ability. Also used to bulid piles of LEGOs and pull
levers (non-droids only).
Y Button: Shift focus. Use when facing another character to transfer control
to them.
L/R Buttons: Only used during Free Play. Switch between characters you
selected for this mission.
C Stick: Adjust camera slightly.
START Button: Brings up Pause Menu.


Blaster Character Controls -

A Button: Jump. Some characters have a second diving jump.
B Button: Fire blaster. Press B just as a blaster bolt is about to hit you
to dodge it.
X Button: Use grappling hook on red targets.


Jedi/Sith Controls -

A Button: Jump. Press again for a double jump.
B Button: Swing lightsaber. Hold down saber to assume blocking position.
Press B just as a blaster bolt is about to hit you to reflect it back at
its shooter.
X Button: Use the Force. Using the Force will have different results
depending on the character and target. Sometimes the Force will adjust
bricks. Sometimes it will push characters back. You can also use a Mind
Trick on certain characters, or a Force Choke or Force Lightning.

There are also some cool moves/combos you can do with a lightsaber. If you
jump and attack, you'll perform a jump-slash. This has a good chance of
hitting your target, but you're vulnerable while performing it. If you
double-jump and attack, you'll perform a diving down-stab. This will create
a small outward field that will damage enemies all around you. Finally,
there's the standing combo. If you press the attack button again right
after you finish your first strike, your second will have trails and make a
whistling noise. Do it again for a third strike, and you'll perform a
"super slash", which has double power AND can break through an enemy's


Flying Vehicle Controls -

Control Stick: Push in the direction you wish to fly. Push in the opposite
direction to perform a U-turn.
A Button: Acrobatics. Simply press A to perform a loop. Press A and tap
left or right to do a barrel roll and avoid enemy fire.
B Button: Fire blasters.
X Button: Fire proton torpedoes that you've picked up.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.


Options Menu -

Rumble: Toggle Rumble function.
Audio Volume: Adjust in-game volume.
Music: Toggle music on/off.
Widescreen: Toggle widescreen functionality.


Pause Menu -

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased,
as well as toggle the Adaptive Difficulty.
Quit: Return to the Main Menu (will not save).

3C. Hints/Tips =

The basic form of progress in this game is the "Gold Brick". You get a
Gold Brick for completing a mission in Story Mode, for getting True Jedi
status in Story and Free Play, and for collecting all Minikit Canisters in
a mission. Also, bonus missions have a Gold Brick as the reward for beating
the threshold. Lastly, there are eight Gold Bricks on sale at the bar.
This gives you a grand total of 99 Gold Bricks to get.

Keep collecting studs. Collecting a specified number will give you "True
Jedi" status and a Gold Brick. To get all of them, you have get True Jedi
status in both Story and Free Play for each mission. Once you hit the True
Jedi threshold, you cannot lose it, no matter how low your studs get

Collect Minikit Canisters (I just refer to them as "minikits") to assemble a
vehicle. Collecting all ten and completing the vehicle will give you 50,000
studs, a Gold Brick, and will allow you to use that vehicle in Minikit bonus

Each mission has a red Power Brick in them. Collect that Power Brick and
complete the mission to unlock an Extra for purchase at the bar. Some of
these can be pretty expensive, mind you.

Shoot. Freakin'. Everything. If it's made out of LEGO bricks and not
obviously part of the background, gun it down, or saber it down, or whatever
you have to do, because a lot of stuff to move ahead in the game requires
you to go on a destruction frenzy.

Explore everywhere. Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas
you might be missing.

If you die, you'll drop a portion of your studs: 4,000 if you're shot down,
2,000 if you fall off the screen. You can die as many times as you want and
you can still finish the mission. However, losing too many studs means you'll
have a harder time getting True Jedi status, so be sure to recollect those
lost studs when you croak.

Sparklies on an object means that you can use the Force on them, so take that
opportunity whenever it presents itself. Red sparklies means that ONLY a
Sith can use the Force on those objects. You don't get a Sith until very
late in the game, sadly. However, you can MAKE one by sticking a red
lightsaber on one of the creatable characters.


This is the main hub in the game, much like Dexter's Diner was in the original
LEGO Star Wars. Lots of characters wander around, and if you start a bar
fight, look out. A batch of the characters you've unlocked will also be
strolling around the place, inside and outside. Fights can be started when
Rebel and Imperial forces meet up.

Anyway, there are several points of interest in the Cantina:


Bar -

This is pretty much where you buy everything in the game. Just to the left
is a holoprojector that shows your time playing and your total percentage.
Getting near this projector also gives you the items you've found at the
bottom of the screen. Anyway, walk right up to Wuher the bartender to see
his menu.

Hints: These are all purchased for 100 studs, except for the last one, which
is 1000. They give you basic tips on how to play the game.

Characters: As you progress through missions, you'll be given characters
automatically if you used them in the Story. For characters you don't play
as in the Story, you'll have to purchase them from here as they're unlocked.

Extras: These are gameplay modifiers. Some help you get through the game.
Others are just for show. Some are available for purchase immediately.
Others require you to find Power Bricks to make them available.

Enter Code: If, somehow, you come across secret codes, you can enter them
here to quickly unlock stuff that would require you plenty of studs

Gold Bricks: There are eight Gold Bricks available to buy, starting at
10,000, and increasing in price by 5,000. A new one will become available
for every two missions you complete (any missions count, even if you've
already beat them).

Story Clips: Pick this to view any movie clip you've seen during Story Mode.


Bacta Tanks -

In these two bacta tanks are your "Create-A-Characters". Get close and you
can completely customize two characters to your liking:

Up/Down: Select which part to change.
Left/Right: Cycle through available parts.
A Button: Switch to other character.
B Button: Save and Exit
X Button: Edit the character's name.
Y Button: Random selection.

You can customize the following parts: Hat/Helmet/Hair, Head, Cape, Body,
Arms, Hands, Weapon, Belt (lower torso), and Legs. What you choose as the
weapon and head defines your character's class. Lightsabers will be Jedi.
Guns will be gunfighters, etc. Putting on a stormtrooper helmet or bounty
hunter helmet/head will give your character that access. Also, be warned that
some LEGO heads won't accomodate hats, such as Yoda's.


Episode Lounges -

These are where you access the respective episodes. At first, only IV is
open. After the first mission, the other episodes will be available. You
must beat each episode's missions in sequential order. Hanging outside the
lounge's gate, or each mission's door will give you your stats on that
mission/episode so far. Your first visit to a mission is always Story.
After that, you can replay the Story, or play on Free Play.


Outside -

The outside area is where all your minikits are displayed. From here you
can view them, but you can only fly them in special bonuses. Also, the
60 Gold Brick and 99 Gold Brick bonuses are out here.


Bounty Hunter Challenges -

Between the Episodes IV and V Lounges is a door with Jabba's picture on it.
Once you purchase all the bounty hunters (Greedo, Boba Fett, IG-88, 4-LOM,
Bossk, and Dengar), you can access this.


Gold Brick Doors -

In each episode's lounge, and outside, are doors that require Gold Bricks to
assemble. You must have the required threshold of Gold Bricks to open the
door, and (in the case of the episode lounges) you must have beat all
missions that episode. These lead to the Bonus Missions, which I have more
on in their respective section.


Below you'll find walkthroughs for all the main missions in the game. These
walkthroughs take relatively few diversions from the main path, nor do they
stop to find minikits along the way. We'll cover all that in the next

Starting Characters:
Princess Leia
Captain Antilles
Gonk Droid: 1550

5A. Secret Plans =

"Darth Vader. Only you would be so bold." - Leia

Starting Characters: Princess Leia, Captain Antilles
Added Characters: C-3PO, R2-D2, Rebel Friend
Enemies: Stormtrooper, Imperial Shuttle Pilot, Beach Trooper

True Jedi at 40,000: Should be no prob, Bob, especially if you blow all the
walls out of the ship.

Area 1: You start in the data room on the ship. You'll be given tutorials
as you go. Hold down X near the wiggly piles to assemble them. Assembling
both will open the door out of this room. Don't forget to shoot just about
everything that can be shot to get as many studs as you can. Also, you can
play with the lever on the left wall to get one silver stud (infinitely, if
you're really patient). In the next room, you both need to pull the levers
at roughly the same time. If playing by yourself, the computer controlled
character will help on his own. Once you open the door, note the Rebels
headed to the left. To your right is where they came from, but the door
shuts, and those red sparklies mean only a Sith can access it. Note that
just about any wall in the ship can be blown up for studs, so keep pounding
on them. Behind one of them in this hallway is a hat dispenser. It doesn't
give you anything useful, so you don't have to play with it. Follow the
Rebels and you'll come upon a door that stormtroopers will burn down.
Remember, smart combat is to keep moving so they can't blast you. Your
blaster bolts will largely be aimed at your nearest enemy, so concentrate on
staying alive. You can also try using B to evade the incoming shots, but I
wouldn't rely on it. Head into the next area.

Area 2: Those red bullseyes are grapple points. Press X on them to ride up
to the next level. Grapple up to the top and assemble the two structures to
extend the bridge and move on.

Area 3: Well, lookie. It's the big man himself. Vader won't allow you to
get close to him, and he'll rally up some troops to gun you down. What you
need to do is have both characters pull the levers on one side. This will
release an explosive container near Vader. Do the same for the other side.
Now, shoot up those containers. Vader will get spooked (I guess) and leave,
and you can proceed. There's not much to do in the next room. You can only
get one of those weird grape bricks, and you can't access the green door
until Free Play. Go to the left and gun down all the troopers that are in
this room, and the ones that show up. You can't access the white circle
without being a stormtrooper. That's another one to come back to on Free
Play. You can, however, pull the levers on the left and right side of the
room for studs or to view a humorous scene. Otherwise, move ahead.

Area 4: Now, the idea of this room is to push each of the two blocks onto
the red dots. Note that you can only move the blocks inside their areas.
Once both are in place, the door will open. Take out the troopers, then
walk up to C-3PO. Use the Y button to transfer control to him, then have
him use A or X on the panel with his picture to activate it and remove the
shield. You'll now also have R2-D2, but the Princess will leave. At this
point, you could go back to the panels previous that had a Threepio or Artoo
on them, but it's not necessary, nor rewarding at this point, so press on.
Have Artoo open the panel at the end of the corridor to the next area.

Area 5: You're on one side of a pit. On the other is another Rebel having
it out with some stormies. What you need to do is go over to the crane and
hop in using Y. Move the crane over a trooper and press B or X to pick him
up. Drop the trooper down the hole in the middle of the room, then do the
same for the other. "Rebel Friend" will then pull a lever allowing you to
cross to his side, and he'll also join your cause. Now, we're not quite
done using the crane, yet. See how Threepio just went over to the other
side on his own? Note the Threepio panel on the door. Everyone else can
cross the gap to the panel, but not Threepio, so you have to lift him with
the crane, then drop him in front of the door. Head on over there yourself
and activate the panel.

Area 6: Shoot the troopers to free some buds, then be prepared for an attack
by troopers and shuttle pilots. Press on through the door (don't worry
about the flower behind the wall, you can't get all three, yet). Go into
the corridor and assemble the little walkway across the gap. Continue and
build another little walkway. You're finally at the escape pods. There are
two doors with Artoo panels, and another with a Threepio panel, but it's
blocked. Have Artoo use the two panels and beat the enemies inside (including
the creepy-looking Beach Troopers o_O). Pull the levers in these pods to
open the Threepio panel. Have him use the panel, then guide Artoo in and
have him use the panel inside to finish the level.

New Characters:
Rebel Friend
Rebel Trooper: 10,000
Stormtrooper: 10,000
Imperial Shuttle Pilot: 29,000

5B. Through the Jundland Wastes =

"The Jundland Wastes are not to be travelled lightly." - Obi-Wan

Starting Characters: Luke Skywalker (Tatooine), Ben Kenobi
Added Characters: C-3PO, R2-D2
Vehicles: Bantha, Dewback, Landspeeder
Enemies: Jawa, Tusken Raider, Sandtrooper

True Jedi at 75,000: Shouldn't be too much of a pain, but make sure to
look for spots in the Sandcrawler than can be destroyed. You have a Jedi,
so use the Force on anything sparkly.

Area 1: As you may have guessed, this is playing out a little differently
from how the movie goes. Instead of Artoo running off, Jawas grab the droids
and Luke and Ben have to get them back. You'll start in a canyon. You can
play around on the banthas if you want, but they're a very lame vehicle, and
you're very vulnerable to Tusken attacks on them. Your main objective is off
to the right. Blast or saber away the bricks under a rock outcropping to
lower it, then hop up and further down the causeway. In the next large
desert area, remember to use the Force first, then blast if you want the
max possible studs out of something. Your objective is the crashed escape
pod on the hillside. Using the Force on it will turn it into a ramp up the
slippery slope. Climb up it to move on.

Area 2: Assemble the box in front of you, and either blast or deflect the
Tuskens on the ledge. Push the box all the way to the forward side and hop
up to the ledge, then across to the next one, then down to safe ground.
Continue up the slope to find the Jawa Sandcrawler. After clearing the area
of debris, you'll find you can Force a couple of blocks into a stack, and
build a grapple point. Also, you can use the Force on one of the walls to
open the flap. Grapple up to the lever and pull it so Ben can get up, then
use the Force to pull down another flap, then grapple and double jump up to
that spot and pull the lever to get a lift moving nearby. Hop on and ride
to the top. Pull both levers and you'll activate the droid-sucking tube at
the bottom. Drop down and jump up into the tube.

Area 3: We're inside now. Just around the corner is a locked door. Blast
away the coverings on the valves, then use the Force on five of them to open
the door. Use the Force on the rest to release two blue studs. Head through
to the next room. Pull the lever to release a box which you can push on
the recessed area. Put it on any red square and it will blow up. You can
use this in four places to free a minikit, several blue studs, and R2-D2,
your objective. Use Artoo on the panel on the door to open the lift.

Area 4: In this small area, you simply have to run over each set of four
buttons in relatively quick succession. Doing so will raise two levers.
Pull them both and you'll open the door to the next area.

Area 5: Subdue the Jawas here so they don't zap Artoo (he's out for few
seconds when that happens). Push the rotator switch in the middle counter-
clockwise until the gray module is above C-3PO's cage. Once it's lit up,
have Artoo access the panel to get him out. Now that you have Threepio, you
can go back to an early part of the Sandcrawler (where you can assemble a
Threepio panel) and access an extra room for a ton of studs. Useful if
you're going for True Jedi. Anyway, have Threepio hit the panel in this room
near the door to the left and go through it. Use the Force on all four
supports on the big ramp to lower it. You may now leave the Sandcrawler.

Area 6: Okay, here's the deal out here. There's quicksand mud puddles all
over the place. Your job is to operate vaporators to make it safe to cross.
You ready? Take out all the Tuskens you can see, then have Threepio access
the nearest vaporator (front right of the area) to harden the sand. Walk
across the sand to the pile and assemble a ramp for Threepio to climb up to
the next vaporator. Once that's operated, you can proceed to the next area.
There's a nice big chasm to cross, and Ben's your man. Hop up on the rock
ledges to the left and you'll see bricks attached to the wall. Force those
into a nice bridge. Cross and you'll see a rather obvious pushable box up a
few ledges. Drop that off the back end of the ledge, then Force it into a
bridge to the next vaporator. This will allow you to continue on to the
end of the area.

Area 7: Last one. Assemble the obvious speeder parts and you have your
first true vehicle. The Landspeeder doesn't do much apart from gliding
around, but it does that job well. Use it to cross the quicksand. You can
go further back if you wish for some more studs and a minikit, or just go
to the right to finally reach Ben's house. Of course, there are four buttons
in front of the house, requiring four characters to step on them. Assemble
the lever near the quicksand's edge and pull it to create the bridge for the
rest of the characters. Now, you can explore and bash some stormies, or
just have everyone step on the buttons (when you put one of them on, the
rest follow suit automatically), pull the lever, and head in to finish the

New Characters:
Luke Skywalker (Tatooine)
Ben Kenobi
Tusken Raider: 23,000
Jawa: 24,000

5C. Mos Eisley Spaceport =

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" - Obi-Wan

Starting Characters: Luke Skywalker (Tatooine), Ben Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2
Added Characters: Han Solo, Chewbacca
Vehicles: Dewback, Landspeeder, AT-ST
Enemies: Sandtrooper, Imperial Spy

True Jedi at 165,000: This is the highest total for True Jedi in Story Mode.
There's a lot of studs to pick up in this area, but a lot to potentially
miss as well. Just be careful and Force things before you blast them.

Area 1: Well, there's lots to do in this place. Plenty of items to destroy
and objects to use the Force on. Sandtroopers patrol this area, though.
Sometimes they leave you alone, but most of the time, they harrass you.
To leave this area, find the stairs made out of bricks near the back. Use the
Force on those and you'll make a ramp further back. Walk Threepio up it and
have him use the panel to open the main door and move on. You can also bring
the Landspeeder with you if you wish.

Area 2: More things to blow up, more studs, more troopers. In this area,
it's time to make yourself something good, but it takes some effort. First,
use the Force on the obvious glowing part near the back rubble gate. Next,
have Artoo hover up and open the door on the left. Smash the large barrels
to the right of the rubble gate, then break open the box containing the blue
stud further to the right. Breaking that box will allow you to assemble a
ramp which will lead Threepio up to the panel he can work. Okay, time to
get to work. What was in the barrels will make feet. Use the Force to
move those. Next, use the Force on the obvious leg parts, then assemble the
pile near the gate to make the cabin base. Force that onto the legs.
Finally, assemble the head and Force that onto it. Suddenly, some jerk will
decide to steal your ride. Either blast him out of the AT-ST, or just use
Ben's Mind Trick and he'll hop right out. Use Y to get in so no one else can
steal it. Use the AT-ST to break down the two rubble gates here. The one
closer to the entrance is a small bonus area with a Double Score Zone. Clean
up there as you will. You can also run your Speeder through the car wash
here, then drop it off at the dealership for some studs (just don't try to
take it back!) Anyway, move ahead past the furthest rubble gate. You'll
come upon another AT-ST, which your partner can use. Clean up all the
garbage in this area and move on through the far shutter, leaving your
vehicles behind. If you've been industrious and frugal, you should have
100k in studs by now.

Area 3: This is the cantina entryway. Shoot down the four droid detectors
so the metal guys can get through. Hop on one of the four buttons near the
door and your companions should follow suit, letting you get in.

Area 4: After the cutscene, you'll be in charge of Han and Chewie for a
while. There's not much to do in the cantina except start a bar fight or
blow up the chairs for studs. Exit by the far right.

Area 5: Ah, remember him? That's a Kubaz named Garindan, but in this game
he's just referenced as "Imperial Spy". He'll sic some troopers on you, so
bust them up. If you wish, you can build the grapple point over here now and
leave by the top doorway. Both lead you to the same area.

Area 6: If on the upper area, you can use the grapple point to grapple over
to the other side and pull a lever, which will give you a crate. Push the
crate off the edge and down the trail to the end. Shoot it to blow it up
so you can move on to the next area (after cleaning up studs).

Area 7: Gun down all the stormies in this area, including those on the
dewbacks. Either jump and shoot at the ones high up, or climb on a dewback
and jump off it to reach the upper area. Once you're all set here, hop on a
dewback, then vault off it to reach the higher area in the upper left where
Garindan ran off, then down the stairs and through the shutter. Make sure
you have True Jedi by now, because you can't come back this way. My best run
on Story is 177,900 at this point, so you don't have a lot of leeway.

Area 8: You run back into the other four, here. Also here is Garindan, who
will call in stormtroopers. Shoot them all down and he'll call in a second
wave. Shoot that wave up and Garindan's lifebar will appear. At this point,
you have to drain his life or else he'll keep calling in more stormies, so
blast him to smithereens, then mop up the rest of the troopers and studs.
Hop in the Falcon to end this long mission.

New Characters:
Han Solo
Sandtrooper: 14,000
Greedo: 60,000
Imperial Spy: 13,500

5D. Rescue the Princess =

"If you were to rescue her, the reward would be..." - Luke
"What?" - Han
"More well than you could imagine!" - Luke
"I can imagine quite a bit!" - Han

Starting Characters: Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper), Han Solo (Stormtrooper),
Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Ben Kenobi
Enemies: Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer, Death Star Trooper, TIE Fighter
Pilot, Beach Trooper

True Jedi at 60,000: Some side areas really help with this. Beyond that,
just gun down all that you can see.

Area 1: You'll begin in the control room near the hangar, helmetless. Use
the Force on the door to turn it into a TIE Fighter and move on out. Use the
helmet dispenser to get a stormtrooper helmet, which will allow you to access
the doors with white circles. Stand in the circle and press X and the door
will open. Take out the troopers and officer (they may not attack just yet
if your character is still wearing the helmet). Assemble the two control
panels and use the resulting Artoo panel. At this point, Ben will take off to
deactivate the tractor beam, Artoo and Threepio will hide in the closet, and
it'll be up to the three remaining characters to finish this mission. Head
out the now open door to the left.

Area 2: Ben will run ahead of you. Take out the troopers. You can't follow
him across the chasm, so go to the left.

Area 3: Blast them! Note the helmet dispenser here. Here's a trick I
learned. Being hit once will make you lose your helmet. To prevent this,
have a character take a helmet, then switch off to another character. Since
the one you control is generally in the lead, he'll take the most hits, so
your helmet will be a lot safer. This doesn't work 100% of the time, but it
does give you better odds. Anyway, move ahead and you'll find Ben being
attacked by troopers. Blast them all and he'll repay you by giving you a
bridge to cross. Once across, you'll find TIE pilots will be upon you by
climbing up the catwalk. If you shoot the hook they're using, they'll
stop buggin you. Take them out and blast the crates blocking your
way. Blast your way through the corridor and turn right at the end.

Area 4: In front of you is a white circle. If you still have a helmet,
quickly use it to open the door before the pilots come up and tag you. Fight
if you wish, or just pass through the door.

Area 5: At the center of this room, assemble the rotator switch, then use it
to move the bridge. Rotate it until it stops and you can climb up these
ledges. Blast the troopers and take a helmet if you need it, then pass
through the door.

Area 6: Hmm. Looks like they haven't noticed you, yet. I say go to the door
and assemble the panel so you can quickly use the helmet, then blast the
bagoogies out of the place. Continue on to the next room. Take out the
troopers here. If you still have a helmet (or want to go back and get one),
you can use it to access the near elevator and ride up to a Double Score
Zone with a bunch of Beach Troopers. Otherwise, take the far elevator down.

Area 7: Blast the bad guys. Also, take out the cameras over the elevators
(they take about four clean shots) to prevent more troopers from coming.
Assemble the levers in the middle of the room and pull them to move to the
actual cell block. You can access any of the six cells for goodies, but the
Princess is in the third one on the right. Have two characters in there to
step on the buttons to free her and finish this mission.

New Characters:
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)
Han Solo (Stormtrooper)
Beach Trooper: 20,000
Death Star Trooper: 19,000
TIE Fighter Pilot: 21,000
Imperial Officer: 28,000

5E. Death Star Escape =

"Will somebody get this walking carpet out of my way?" - Leia
"No reward is worth this." - Han

Starting Characters: Luke Skywalker (Tatooine), Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess
Added Characters: C-3PO, R2-D2
Enemies: Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer, Death Star Trooper, TIE Fighter

True Jedi at 55,000: This one is tough, particularly given the possibility of
dying so much. Stay clear of crowds of stormies, and try not to rely on
melee attacks, as you'll only get hurt.

Area 1: Assemble the pile near the door, then hop up and use the lever and
you're out of the garbage disposal. As soon as you head out, you'll be set
upon by stormies and the like, so move cautiously. Don't worry about the
helmet dispenser. You won't need it, yet. Head out the far end of the

Area 2: Use the lever at the back wall, but I suggest you NOT try to use the
grapple point just yet, unless you want to be face down amidst a gaggle of
stormies. Take them all out from a safe distance, then clean up the lower
floor. In particular, move the structure with a blue platform over onto the
red dot, which will connect it to the rotator. Rotate it to raise the blue
platform a bit, then head back up to the upper level near the entrance.
Hit the lever to move the grapple point (and get some studs), then hit the
lever one more time and you'll be able to cross over as long as the blue
platform's raised. You can't quite get to the door, so pull the lever to
drop a box. Push that along the track and off the ledge so you can access
a lower compartment. Hop in the yellow... I guess it's a floor waxer or
something. Use it to cross over the five red lights on the floor in quick
succession, which will give you a platform near the door. Now you need a
helmet, so go back to the first area and grab one (you can use the "other
guy gets a helmet" strategy that got you through the last round relatively
painlessly). Now, head back and use it on the door.

Area 3: Blast the squad to the left. Head over to the right and assemble
the lever on the right wall. Pull it. Gun down the stormies and pull the
next levers. In the next small room, push the box into the wall to activate
the next lever and move on down the corridor to the end.

Area 4: Activate the three levers at the end, here to start a platform
rotating. Hop on when you can. Once across, mind the dropping stormies.
Grapple up to the next level and pull the lever to drop some pieces. Drop
down and assemble them to get the elevator moving. Grapple back up and hop
on. Get off to the left to find more stormies and a helmet dispenser, which
you'll need to get back on the elevator and to the top. Activate the door
and head out.

Area 5: Just pass through this corridor.

Area 6: No, you didn't take a wrong turn. Assemble the pieces as quickly as
you can because there's no end to the bad guys that are going to be pouring
through the door. You can buy some time by closing both levers to close the
door, but you need to get the grapple point built. Swing across, then build
the next one, quick. Get a helmet from the dispenser inside, then swing
across and use it. Head through the door.

Area 7: Keep moving forward and shoot the door at the end. Yikes! Gun down
all these guys as quick as possible, then shut both doors to keep more from
coming in. Quickly build the door on the far wall. It'll probably take a
few tries and reshutting of doors, but keep at it. Once the door's together,
bust it down and move on.

Area 8: Almost home. You can now see Ben and Vader fighting up a level. Run
around the front of the area. Push the structure on the back right wall over
to the right and you'll get pieces for a grapple point. Grapple up and hit
the lever. This will raise the Falcon a little bit and drop a ton of
stormies, so fight your best. At the near right wall is a small pile. Put
it together and push the door to the left to release Artoo and Threepio.
You'll need to use Artoo to unlock the two switches down here (near left and
far right) and each time you do, you'll release a flock of stormies. When you
hit the near left one, you'll have to manuever another floor waxer over five
switches. For the last one, flip the lever near the entrance to release a
steam jet. Put Threepio on it and he'll be jetted up to where he can access
the last switch. You can now hop on the Falcon and get out of here.

New Characters:
Grand Moff Tarkin: 38,000

5F. Rebel Attack =

"That's impossible, even for a computer!" - Wedge
"It's not impossible, I used to bullseye womprats in my T-16. They're not
much bigger than two meters." - Luke

Vehicles: X-Wing
Enemies: TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter (Darth Vader)

True Jedi at 20,000: This is the lowest total in the game. There's not much
to say except "shoot everything".

Area 1: Shoot any stuff you can for studs, naturally. Grab a torpedo from
the purple light and shoot it with X while the target in front of the shield
gate is bracketed. Past the gate, you'll find TIEs will be upon you. In
addition to turbolaster batteries and more TIEs, you'll also find the next
shield gate ahead. Head to camera right to find four targets that you need to
blow up with torpedoes to remove the shield. Blow up all four targets and
blast down the blue barrier to move on.

Area 2: Cause general mayhem in this next area (I know you love it). There
are two "quad targets" to torp this time, one halfway up on the right, and one
near the shield gate at the back. Dust them like the Top Ace you are and
press on.

Area 3: More of the same here, really. Two more quad targets. Plenty more
turbolasers and TIEs, though. Once you bust down the shield, continue on
to the trench.

Area 4: I never get tired of the trench run. Simply press on ahead and
take out as many laser batteries as you can, avoiding fire from the TIEs
behind you. Once you reach the end, a rather famous cutscene will occur and
you'll be at the exhaust port. Simply blast to pieces all the guns guarding
the exhaust port. You'll know you're done when the shield is gone and you've
got a target lock. Let fly your torpedo. Oh, and if you miss, you'll have
to go all the way back to the beginning of the trench. Boom.

New Vehicles:
TIE Fighter: 20,000
TIE Interceptor: 30,000
TIE Fighter (Darth Vader): 50,000

5G. Hoth Battle =

"Right now, I feel like I could take on the whole Empire by myself." - Dack
"I know what you mean." - Luke

Vehicles: Snowspeeder
Enemies: Probe Droid, Speeder Bike, AT-ST, AT-AT

True Jedi at 70,000: This is a tough mission to get that much. You'll more
than likely have to drag some of the bombs into the white walls to knock
loose some extra studs, because you'll need the boost.

Area 1: Use ground emplacements for studs. Enemy vehicles won't cut it.
Don't worry about going left, there's a Imperial gate, there. Just cut
straight ahead through the area. Your objective is to reach the gate at
the end, but it's blocked by rocks. Near your launching point, you may
notice red lights and a small round object. That's a towable bomb. You
can use that bomb to take out the white walls in the area, but your main
objective is to tow it all the way to the gate at the end and let it roll
into the rocks to blow them up. If you roll it into an AT-ST or something,
it will detonate. Also, Probe Droids will try to grab the bomb away from
you, so shoot them down. Once the gate is down, proceed.

Area 2: There are two AT-ATs in this area. I shouldn't tell you what you
have to do to them, but press X near them and wrap around them with your
two cable. Just that's not enough, though. You need to grab a bomb near
the base and drag it into the fallen AT-AT to blow it up. Do this to the
one near the back rock wall to remove the rocks. Then you can roll a bomb
into the wall itself to clear the way forward. The next wall is much
further ahead, has white walls placed to block your way, and you have to
roll the bomb down a narrow causeway to get to the end. It may actually
help to take it slowly here. The Probe Droids won't harrass you too much
in this area, thankfully. Once the back wall is destroyed, press on.

Area 3: This final area is a big circle, with the camera at the center.
What you need to do here is take out the enemies specified. First, you need
to down eleven Probe Droids, then eleven AT-STs, then two AT-ATs, then a
group of four Probes, six AT-STs, and one AT-AT. Once they're all kaput,
this mission is complete.

New Vehicles:

5H. Escape From Echo Base =

"Hurry it up, Goldenrod! You're gonna be a permanent resident!" - Han

Starting Characters: Han Solo (Hoth), Princess Leia (Hoth)
Added Characters: C-3PO, Chewbacca
Enemies: Snowtrooper

True Jedi at 40,000: Shouldn't be too hard. Just explore, shoot, and make
sure you don't die.

Area 1: As you make your way to the door, rubble will fall in your way.
Assemble the rubble into a bomb, which will blow the door. Continue down
the tunnel, blasting snowtroopers. At the end, assemble the generator, then
shoot it three times to melt the ice. Continue on.

Area 2: Take out the troopers in this next room. To move ahead, push the
generator onto the red bar to melt the ice. In the next tunnel, take out
the snowtrooper, including the one manning the E-Web blaster. You can
reassemble the E-Web after you blow it to blast the gates on the back wall.
Just watch out for the troopers that show up. Hop off to get them to stop
coming. You can't access the Threepio panel, yet, so blow the containers
off to the right and move on.

Area 3: Assemble the cart to get it rolling around. You can use the cart as
a step to get to the ledges with studs and the minikit. After which, push
the rotator switch to get it rolling down the far track. Return the way you

Area 2: Cross now to the door on the left that was just cleared. Inside is
Threepio. Have him access the panel on the far door (use the E-Web to clear
it if you have done so already).

Area 4: First, take out all the troopers. Next, assemble the little car in
the middle of the room. After that, move four of the blocks to fit on their
respective holes to get fans going. Lastly, reassemble and use the E-Web to
clear the door. Okay, the objective is to get in the car. Threepio should
move himself over to one of the vents. Let him drop down on the back of
the car, then drive him over to the door and press B or X to launch him
towards it, then use him to hit the panel. Head through the tunnel. Watch
out for the grates that fall. Assemble the bomb so it blows open the far

Area 5: This area is a super fun ice slide. Head left and climb up the rock
slope, then head over to the slide and slide down. Your objective is to
hit all five buttons. You don't have to get them in one go, so don't be
worried about mid-slide manuevering. Once all five are pressed, the door

Area 6: Blow the containers to uncover the buttons, then push one of the
boxes onto a button, and have the rest of your crew stand on the other
three. Head through the door, then out the door at the far end.

Area 7: We're in the hangar, finally. Take out all troopers and guns, here.
Chewie will be in this area, as well. Pull the levers on the right wall to
access some boxes. Push them into the slots to release some tauntauns. Now,
you need to do is use the E-Webs to blast down the sides of the shield,
while avoiding enemy fire, then assemble the gate to the Falcon. Use a
tauntaun to jump up on top of the Falcon and assemble the gun on top and the
ramp will lower. Climb aboard to finish.

New Characters:
Han Solo (Hoth)
Princess Leia (Hoth)
Han Solo (Hood): 20,000
Rebel Trooper (Hoth): 16,000
Rebel Pilot: 15,000
Snowtrooper: 16,000
Luke Skywalker (Hoth): 14,000

5I. Falcon Flight =

"What are you doing? You're not actually going into an asteroid field!?" -
"They'd be crazy to follow us." - Han

Vehicles: Millenium Falcon
Enemies: TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, Imperial Star Destroyer

True Jedi at 50,000: This is quite easy when you realize that the blue
asteroids regenerate, with studs. It'll take a minute or two, but you can
have 50,000 in almost no time.

Area 1: Don't worry too much about studs here. Just concentrate on taking
out the sixteen guns, four on each Star Destroyer.

Area 2: You're in the asteroid field, now. The blue-marked ones can be
destroyed for studs and torpedoes, so take them out hard. At the end,
use four torpedoes (you'll have to go back for more) on the rock wall in
the big asteroid, then push on through.

Area 3: Plenty more asteroids and TIEs. Blast down the rubble at the end.
After a quick run along a big asteroid, you'll come upon a hole which is,
of course, the space slug. You can get torpedoes in here if you wish,
or just go back out and blast the far wall to get back out.

Area 4: Hey, more asteroids. At the end is a sizable asteroid with targets
that you need to blow up with torps. Once it's kaput, head out and you're

New Vehicles:
Millenium Falcon
TIE Bomber: 60,000
Imperial Shuttle: 25,000

5J. Dagobah =

"Mudhole? Slimy? My home, this is!" - Yoda

Starting Characters: Luke Skywalker (Pilot), R2-D2
Added Characters: Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)
Enemies: Bat, Swamp Snake, Vader Apparition

True Jedi at 50,000: Shouldn't be hard. Remember all plants are blastable,
except those which you need the Force for.

Area 1: Assemble the ramps and head up the hill. Watch out the bats. They're
small, but they'll crawl ya. Proceed through the swamp. In the first
pond area, watch out for the swamp snake. Luke can grapple across, but
Artoo will have to just go through the swamp, using his scope to see
above. Once you reach the end of the path, have Artoo hover across and use
the panel to raise a bridge so Luke can cross. Blast the plants away and
move on.

Area 2: In this next area, assemble the button, the step on it. Have Artoo
hover to and step on the remaining buttons. Once across, head up to Yoda's
hut. He'll lead you into a training area.

Area 3: Okay. You've switched characters now. Dagobah Luke can double jump
and swing his saber, but he cannot use the Force alone. Find Yoda and press
Y near him and he'll hop on you. You'll be able to use the Force, then.
Destroy everything in the area with your saber, then use the Force on the
remaining stuff to create a bridge. From there, hop on the buttons to get
across the swamp. In this last area, you have to lower two mushrooms to
get Artoo to a panel. It sounds easy, except that Artoo gives you no help
in this regard. What you need to do is lower one mushroom, wait a moment,
then lower the second mushroom. Quickly switch to Artoo and get on the first
until it rises, then hover over to the second, wait until it rises, then
hover over to the panel and out.

Area 2: Believe it or not, you're back in Area 2, only further ahead. You've
also got Yoda as playable and Luke has his own Force powers, now. If you
go toward the camera, you can explore the area around Yoda's hut. Use the
Force some ways forward to find a tractor. Use the Force again to take
the back end of the tractor and make a ramp. Have Artoo go up the ramp,
then hover around the tree to find a panel he can use, which will raise a
platform for Luke and Yoda. Saber down the barrier to enter the cave.

Area 4: Proceed along the ledges, stepping on buttons to allow Artoo to
follow. Keep moving straight along the tunnel until the end, where you'll
find the Vader Apparition. Knock off two hearts and it will hide on a
ledge. There are two boxes in front of that ledge. Jump on one and Yoda
will jump on the other, and the two of you can lift each other up. Knock
two more hearts off Vader and he'll move to a higher ledge. Assemble the
step and Force them all into position. Take two more hearts and the
apparition will go back to the ground floor, so finish him off, then leave
by the far gate.

Area 5: Use the Force on all the plants here, to uncover a pile. Assemble
it into a rotator switch and push it to raise a bridge. Then, head across
to the next area and clean up the plants. In the back are two boxes that
need to be dual-raised by Luke and Yoda just as before. Push off the box
that's on top, here, and turn it into a motorcycle. Next, Force pull a
washing machine out of the swamp nearby. Force the bike into the machine,
then raise the machine to make a pile. Assemble the pile into an Artoo
panel, which will explode, and you'll find your X-Wing (how it got over
here, we'll never know). Luke can't raise it, so switch to Yoda and have
him do it to complete the level.

New Characters:
Luke Skywalker (Pilot)
Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)

5K. Cloud City Trap =

"The Force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi, yet" -
Darth Vader

Starting Characters: Luke Skywalker (Bespin), R2-D2
Enemies: Stormtrooper, Darth Vader

True Jedi at 11,000: Small total, but a short level. Watch for blues, and
try not to fall off too much.

Area 1: Force one of your wings into a platform, then have Artoo hover to the
back side of the room with the Artoo panel and activate it, which will let
Luke cross to the door, where he can assemble another Artoo panel, which
opens the door.

Area 2: Periodically, stormies will drop down to fight you. Use the Artoo
panel and bust down the nearby wall. Push the structure into the center of
the room, then use the pile from the wall to make an E-Web. Force it onto
the stand and blast down the blue bars on the door, then pass through. Go
to the end of the corridor and use the Artoo panel.

Area 3: Look at that. Already Vader shows up. Head down and duel him.
Once you take a few hearts away, he'll start playing coy, bouncing around
the room away from you. At that point, have Artoo use the panel to jet
some steam and stun him. Once you drain all his hearts, he'll run off,
leaving a pile. Assemble it into a crane, then grab Artoo and drop him off
near the door. Artoo will automatically activate a panel to let you over.
Go grab a helmet from the dispenser, then use it on the white circle to
move on.

Area 4: Use the Force on the wall to create a fan, then have Artoo use the
panel to get the lift moving. Jump Luke onto the fan to get blown up to the
ledge, then ride the lift to the other side. Hop on the left below to lower
it so Artoo can cross, then use the Force on another fan to ride it up.
Activate the panel on the lift, then ride up to the doorway.

Area 5: Time to fight again. Knock down a few hearts and he'll jump away.
Take out the stormies, then use the Force on the two things on the back
wall to make a ramp. Have Artoo go up the ramp and use the panel to steam
jet Vader. Hit him some more. Next, assemble the rotator switch and the
elevator panel. Artoo will stand on the elevator, so rotate the switch and
he'll hit the panel on top to steam Vader again. Continue on doing this
until Vader is drained again and he'll run off. Chase him.

Area 6: Now, Vader is across the way, and stormies are popping out of holes.
Have Artoo float across and use both panels to close them, then switch back
to Luke. When Vader Forces something at you, Force it as it gets close to
push it back. Then, he'll come back for more dueling. Continue this until
you Force an object into him that breaks the window. Force the glass to
create a platform, then follow him out.

Area 7: Chase Vader down this area. Use the Force to create a ramp, then
continue. Have Artoo activate a lift. It's all pretty simple. Chase Vader
to the end and drain his hearts to finish the level.

New Characters:
Luke Skywalker (Bespin)

5L. Betrayal Over Bespin =

"I love you!" - Leia
"I know." - Han

Starting Characters: Lando Calrissian, Princess Leia (Bespin), Chewbacca
Added Characters: R2-D2, C-3PO
Enemies: Stormtrooper, Beach Trooper, Imperial Officer, Boba Fett

True Jedi at 45,000: Wall structures made of bricks are breakable. The
long corridor with the third blue and white module has lots of them to
break, including ones stacked on top of them, so gun them all down.

Area 1: Go straight ahead, chasing Fett and gunning down stormies. Fett
will pull a lever to turn stairs into a ramp. Blast the nearby wall to find
another level which will reverse it. Continue up the passage, following
Fett. You'll fight him for a little bit, here. Shoot him as he jets
around to drain his hearts, then follow him back out of the room. He'll
operate a green circle, so follow him through that. Keep tailing him until
the end of the corridor. Fett will take off in his ship, Slave I, leaving
you behind, but at least you'll find Artoo. Head back the way you came,
because there are plenty of doors for Artoo to use. You'll notice there
are now steam vents open. Use the Artoo panel to shut them down. Continue
back along the corridor until you find another Artoo door. Open it to find
the garbage room. Take out the Ugnaughts and clear away the garbage.
Push the plug back into its socket and pull the lever to get all of
Threepio's pieces. Put him back together and now you've got him, and you
access the Threepio panel nearby. You'll need the helment dispenser in the
next room eventually, but for now, just run ahead and clear the place out.

Area 2: Take out all the troopers here, then assemble the grapple point
that rains down. Grapple across, then hop in the crane and use the magnet
to get the droids over to your side. Grapple up another level and assemble
the lever. Pull it to get the elevator moving to get the droids up to
your level. Now, take Artoo and have him float past the red beams which
keep the conveyor moving, then have him hold down the switch so everyone
can get across. Manuever Artoo around the little obstruction and float him
across to the panel to allow the non-droids to get across. Grapple up to
the top and blast the thing hanging to drop it on the obstruction so
Threepio can get by. Have him access the door panel to open it, then
press on through this corridor. At the end, have Artoo get rid of the

Area 3: There's the Falcon. Step on both sets of buttons to fix the levers,
then pull both to extend the bridge to the ship. Head back out.

Area 2: Follow the wall past the vents to another Artoo door. Head on out.

Area 3: Now, you just have to take out a jillion troopers guarding the
Falcon. Once the door opens, you're ready to go!

New Characters:
Lando Calrissian
Princess Leia (Bespin)
Lobot: 11,000
Ugnaught: 36,000
Bespin Guard: 15,000
Princess Leia (Prisoner): 22,000

5M. Jabba's Palace =

"If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd
probably short circuit." - C-3PO

Starting Characters: Princess Leia (Boushh), Chewbacca
Added Characters: Luke Skywalker (Jedi), C-3PO, R2-D2, Han Solo (Skiff)
Enemies: TT-8L, Gamorrean, Rancor

True Jedi at 38,000: Not much to this one. Just be sure to hit all the

Area 1: You're starting outside Jabba's Palace. There are two TT-8L's at the
gate who will open fire on you, so blast them repeatedly. Assemble the
platform in front of the gate and hop up to expose the third one. Once
all three are blown, the gate will open. As you enter, you'll be set upon
by Gamorreans. They keep popping out of the holes in the ceiling until you
pull the levers to shut them. Once both are closed, you can explore more
freely. The door at the far end will only open for bounty hunters. Happily,
you can provide such credentials, soon. Head to the left and you'll find
a helmet dispenser. Not only will this give Leia the Boushh helmet and
allow her to use green circles, it will also allow her to throw thermal
detonators by pressing X. That'll be quite useful. When something can
be blown by a thermal detonator, you'll know because it'll be a shiny gray
and your shots will rebound off it. Anyway, use the green circle and move
on up the stairs. At the top, the door will open, and hey! It's Luke!
Close the two hatches to stop the Gamorrean flow, then assemble the Bounty
Hunter Panel. Have anyone wearing a Boushh helmet use it, then move on
through the door.

Area 2: In this room, there's another Gamorrean hatch on the left that you
should close quickly. Blow up the contraption on the right, then assemble
it into a platform. Take control of Leia. Chewie will hop on automatically,
so hop on yourself and Luke will raise you up. Go into the nearby cell and
pull both levers to open the door at the far end of the room. Use a
detonator on the shiny doors at the end. Quickly go to the far end of the
room and pull the lever to close another Gamorrean hatch. Blast the
four supports on either side of the door on the right to open it and move
on. Watch out for loose grates in the floor, then move on to the droid
workshop. Take out the Gamorreans. Now, to free your droids. Use the
Force on the left wall and assemble the resulting pieces to make a box.
Now, go to the machine on the right and pull both levers. Assemble both
sets of pieces to make four buttons. These buttons will move the box.
What you need to do is place the box near the cages where Artoo and Threepio
are kept, then use Luke to jump on the box, then double jump into the cage
which will lower with your combined weight. Do so for both droids, then
have them open their respective panels. Continue up the stairs and open
the door at the top to move on.

Area 3: This large room has two Gamorrean hatches, but you can't close one
of them until you can get into position. See the three pushable objects
in the center? You need to line them up on the right in their holes in
ascending order, then use the Force on each to make a proper ramp. Once
at the top, destroy the containers and assemble a platform which you can
use to Force into part of a bridge. Use the Force on the opposite side's
structure to finish the bridge, then cross and close the hatch. Now, have
Artoo hover to the left and activate his panel to extend a bridge, then
have Threepio use his panel next to the door and leave.

Area 4: Head down the stairs and close two hatches as quickly as possible.
This will open the gate ahead of you.

Area 5: Clean up the Gamorreans and close the two hatches in this room.
Once they're all down, there's a gate on the far wall with a helmet
dispenser. Take a helmet and use it on Han in the carbonite. Once you've
done this, you can't go back, so I suggest making sure you have True Jedi,
or are at least pretty close, before moving on.

Area 6: Okay. You've lost Leia, but gained Han, and there's a big ugly
rancor in this room ready to chomp on you. He only has three hearts, but
you can't hurt him using conventional means. The trick is to bring Threepio
over to the hatch on the left and use the panel to open it, which will
drop a Gamorrean. The rancor will go right for the tasty bacon, then will
walk into a corner to start chowing down. Blow up the container nearest
him and he'll lose a heart. For the last heart, he'll go to eat the
Gamorrean under the gate. Pull both levers on each side of the gate and

New Characters:
Princess Leia (Boushh)
Luke Skywalker (Jedi)
Han Solo (Skiff)
Gamorrean Guard: 40,000
Bib Fortuna: 16,000
Palace Guard: 14,000

5N. The Great Pit of Carkoon =

"I think my eyes are getting better. Instead of a big dark blur, I'm seeing
a big bright blur" - Han
"There's nothing to see. I used to live here, y'know." - Luke
"You're gonna die here, y'know. Convenient." - Han
"Just stick close to Chewie and Lando. I've taken care of everything" - Luke
"Oh... Great..." - Han

Starting Characters: Luke Skywalker (Jedi), Lando (Palace Guard)
Added Characters: Han Solo (Skiff), Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Princess
Leia (Slave)
Enemies: Skiff Guard, Gamorrean Guard, Boba Fett

True Jedi at 50,000: Try to fall as little as possible. Lots of pieces on
the skiffs and the barge are bustable, so make sure you get everything,
because studs can be tight on this mission if you're sloppy.

Area 1: After that impressive tumbling act, take out the guards here, then
assemble the levers. You can also break the nearby containers and turn
them into guns if you wish to fend off the enemies on the barge. Pull the
two levers, which will extend a bridge to another skiff. On the second
skiff, use the Force at the front to create two levers, which, when pulled,
will extend another bridge to the third skiff, where Boba Fett is. Fight
him the same way you fought him in Bespin: one shot to ground him, another
to damage him. Once he's Sarlacc food, a fourth skiff will float over to
you. Hop onto it and take out its inhabitants. At the back, use the
Force to make a floating raft. Jump onto it then over to the barge, itself.
Take out all the guards on this part of the skiff. There's are two levers
here on ground level. One is obvious, the other is behind one of the
flaps. There's a third lever higher up. What you need to do is use the
Force on a flap near the left lever and jump up with Luke. Push the box
over the edge and assemble the resulting grapple point. Grapple up and
proceed down the little passage to the third lever, which will extend the
last of the platforms leading around the side. At the back is the entrance.
Use the Force on both sides of the door. The left one shows the code you
need, and the right one is where you have to match it. Use the Force on
the right module to rotate the middle light (it needs to be yellow) and
use the rotator switch to rotate the lower light (it needs to be blue). Once
the code's broken, the door will open up.

Area 2: Blow all the containers here to make pieces to assemble into two
E-Webs. Use them to blast the gate and the guys behind and to get the
droids back. Once this area is clean of bad guys, use the Force to assemble
a generator (which is in two parts). Assemble the Threepio panel and have
him use it. Hop on the elevator.

Area 3: Blow up all that you can here, and assemble all that you can. In
the process, you'll make a grapple point, push a box off a ledge. At the
end, you'll have made a generator, two speakers, and a disco ball. This
will open up the floor. Step on a lit panel and your computer-controlled
friend will step on the other. Do so over all the panels and the back
door will open, as well as having some Gamorreans rocking out. Leave this
spectacle and move on ahead.

Area 4: All right. You've got Leia back, and your largest party yet. Make
your way across the deck, taking out all the enemies. While on this route,
destroy all you can and you should unearth a couple of boxes, one of which
is under a blue floor panel. Push those to either side of the lower of the
two large modules and you should blow the covering off it. Next, have
Threepio access the upper module to blow its covering. At the end of the
line, you'll find a pile that you can assemble into part of a stairway.
Near here is a structure you can blow to unearth a hole. Go down that hole
and follow the tunnel to get inside the enclosure. Pull the lever to let
both yourself and the pushable box out. Push that behind the stairs and use
the Force to create a ramp. Go up the next level. Use the Force to create
a small ramp, then blow the ladder-like structures on the back wall and
Force those into the rest of the ramp. Climb up to the top.

Area 5: This is the "big gun". You'll need Artoo to power it up, and you'll
get eight shots to destroy those big modules. You have to hit the bullseye
on each side to blow it up. Once they're both destroyed, this mission is
complete. Oh, and I'm told you should be careful using Thermal Detonators
in the area, as you can blow up the big gun, with no way to finish.

New Characters:
Lando Calrissian (Palace Guard)
Princess Leia (Slave)
Skiff Guard: 12,000
Boba Fett: 175,000
Bossk: 75,000
Dengar: 70,000
4-LOM: 45,000

5O. Speeder Showdown =

"Over there! Two more of them!" - Leia
"I see them-- wait, Leia!" - Luke

Starting Characters: Princess Leia (Endor), Luke Skywalker (Endor)
Enemies: Stormtrooper, Speeder Bike, AT-ST, AT-AT

True Jedi at 55,000: Just focus more on studs while on the bikes than your
target bikes. Shouldn't be a problem.

Area 1: Gun down the vegetation to uncover a platform that Luke can use to
lift Leia over the tree trunk. On the other side, shoot some more plants
and assemble a grapple point. From the high point on the right, step on
the suspended platform to allow Luke to cross. Have Luke Force the
next object into a ramp, then cross over.

Area 2: As you progress into this area, two Speeder Bikes will be dropped off
here by stormies. This next part will be slightly tedious if you're going
for studs. You can move in either direction (the area's one big circle),
but you can see further ahead going north, so go north. Your objective is
to take out the two troopers on speeder bikes. If you're collecting stuff,
I suggest making at least a full loop and getting True Jedi, and the six
minikits, before taking out the bikers. Use the A button to loop if they
get behind you. Once the bikes are down, you'll pull over in an a shielded
area. Your objective while here is to blow down that big spinny module.
You'll need the AT-ST roaming around for that. Once it's boom, get back on
the bikes and you'll have to deal with three bikers. Take them down, and
you'll pull over again. In this area, head to the left and Force the block
into a step. Double jump up and Force the second block to make stairs for
Leia. Assemble the grapple point, and grapple up to the lever to drop
pieces for another AT-ST. Force it together, then use it to destroy the
big module, then get back on your bikes. Now, you have to take out four
bikes, then, once again, use the AT-ST to destroy another module. Then,
five bikes. At the last stop, head towards the camera, across the bridge,
and bust up the plants to find the pieces to a rotator switch. Free the
AT-ST and put it together, then use it to destroy the two cages hanging
just north. Force those into a bridge, then cross with the AT-ST and blow
up the last module to lower the shield gate. Finally, leave this area by
going right.

Area 3: There's lots to blow up, here, but all you need to do is activate
both levers and take the elevator up.

Area 4: Cross to the left.

Area 5: Whoa! This is scary! Okay, your objective in partial is actually
to commandeer that big ol' AT-AT back there. If you wish to cut back on
stormtrooper interruptions, take out the hooks on front wall. First, pull
the four levers that are stationed around the platform. These will
deactivate the shields on each of the modules in the distance. Once they're
all gone, go over to that green-lit platform near the AT-AT to be launched
into it. Whee! Go postal on all four of the modules to activate two more
levers. Hop out and pull the levers and you're done this mission.

New Characters:
Luke Skywalker (Endor)
Princess Leia (Endor)

5P. The Battle of Endor =

"I love you." - Han
"I know." - Leia

Starting Characters: Han Solo (Endor), Princess Leia (Endor), Chewbacca,
C-3PO, R2-D2, Wicket
Enemies: Scout Trooper, Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer, AT-ST

True Jedi at 90,000: Shouldn't be too bad. Blast all the vegetation you can
outside, and bust up whatever wall ornaments you can inside.

Area 1: Head off to the right after wreaking havoc in the area. Take Wicket,
then press X near the hatch to crawl through it. Have Wicket assemble the
two sides of the bridge to let everyone across. Continue to the right,
bust down the gate to the hut, and hit the Threepio panel, which will
release a grapple point. Put it together, grapple up, and pull the lever
to continue across. Go all the way right and down the ramp.

Area 2: Continue down the path. Watch out for Scout Troopers. Blow away
their grapple hooks to prevent them from coming up. Clear all the debris
off the "pushing area", then assemble the box and push it into the yellow
clamps. You may have to kind of adjust to get it in just right. Once it's
in, have Wicket crawl up and pull the lever, then push the box into the
slot. Have the entire crew step on the six buttons that just came up to
head down.

Area 3: Take out all the troopers, then start blowing up plants. Near the
tree with the troopers up in it, you'll find parts for a rotator switch.
Rotate it so Wicket can reach the shaft. Have him stand on the button to
keep a grapple point visible, so one of your cohorts can grapple up and
pull the lever to let everyone else up. Head along ground level until
you reach the two large gates. Blow open the module in front of the gates
to make a Threepio panel. Activating it uncovers six buttons. Have
everyone step on them to open the first gates. There are two more gates
after these, one on each side. Go to the right and assemble the ramp so
the droids can get up, then go left, have Wicket crawl up, pull the lever,
and assemble the grapple point so everyone else can go to the left gate.
Pass through and on to the next area.

Area 4: Move ahead, taking out all the bad guys. Use Y to man the catapult
and hurl about five rocks into the wall to break it down. Take out the
bad guys and the AT-ST. Commandeer the AT-ST and use it to break down
the far wall. You've now made it to the shield generator bunker. Remove
all the bad guys and empty the AT-STs. Your objective, naturally, is to get
into the bunker. Take an AT-ST and blast the structure surrounding the
tree at the north end. Hop off the AT-ST near the platform it uncovers and
step on the button to make a grapple point visible, which your buddy will
use to pull a lever, releasing another grapple point, which will allow you
to get on top of the bunker. Break the stuff up here to uncover pieces you
need to assemble a pushing surface. Push the canister off the bunker and
assemble an Artoo Panel in front of the bunker. Activate it and go on in.

Area 5: Head down the stairs and blast the lock on the door. Clean out the
room. You need to go further in, here, but you need to remove the blast
shield first. First, pull the blue lever to remove the blue node. Blast
down the door to the left. Clean out the room and much of the debris. You
need to find three floor buttons to make platforms on the left. Hop up them
and clear out a pushing area, where you can push a box into the wall, making
the platforms a ramp, so Threepio can access a panel, which will reveal a
lever that removes the purple node of the blast shield. Head back and blast
the door to the right. Use the Artoo panel to get the elevator going, then
go up, hop the gap to the right, and build a small bridge so Threepio can
reach the panel and you can shut off the green node. Now, go up the
elevator with Artoo, then float him across in front of the window to reach
the Artoo Panel, which will create a hatch for Wicket. Go through and you
can shut off the yellow node. Pull the levers in the main room, now, to
remove the blast shield. Head in and assemble the four charges to complete
the mission.

New Characters:
Han Solo (Endor)
Ewok: 34,000

5Q. Jedi Destiny =

"So be it... Jedi... If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed!"
- Emperor Palpatine

Starting Characters: Luke Skywalker (Jedi), Darth Vader
Enemies: The Emperor, Imperial Guard

True Jedi at 55,000: Well, first of all, ignore the Emperor for a bit and
run around and clean up, first. You won't get the total, but you'll get
close, so you can focus on fighting him, and when you get access to new
areas, take the opportunity to explore. Don't forget that Vader has Sith
Force powers that can access what a Jedi's powers can't. You should just
make it.

Area 1: Wow, that's a lot of hearts. Duel him. When he puts on the lightning
hurt, switch characters and smack him. Get him down by about five hearts and
he'll run off, leaving a small mess behind. Also, two Imperial Guards will
attack every time he runs off. They have four hearts and good dueling
skills, so be careful. If you can, just use Vader's Force Choke to do them
in. Go over to the spot the Emperor took off from to find piles and a fan.
Put them together, then have both characters use the Force to make the fan.
Float up to the rafters. He'll electrify the floor in front of him. Watch
for the path that darkens and follow it, stopping on the safe spots. Once
you reach him, you'll duel him a bit more. Once you get him down to seven,
he'll run off again. Chase him and knock down two more hearts. He'll fly
up above. Assemble the elevator and have both characters use the Force to
ride up. Knock off another heart, then chase him to the other side. Knock
off another and he'll drop back down to the floor. Another two will put
him near the edge. Strike him once more for the last one. That's it!

New Characters:
Darth Vader
Imperial Guard: 46,000
The Emperor: 275,000

5R. Into the Death Star =

"The shield is down! Commence attack on the Death Star's main reactor!"
- Admiral Ackbar

Vehicles: Millenium Falcon
Enemies: TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber, Imperial Star Destroyer

True Jedi at 30,000: Don't worry about focusing on the Star Destroyer guns.
Taking them down gives you credit for all the guns. Blow up every little
piece of everything you can in the tunnels. You may not have it by the
time you blow up the core, but don't worry, because you can get more on
your way out.

Area 1: It's you against four Star Destroyers. You need to pick up torps
from shooting down TIE Bombers, then shoot each of their shield generators
to destroy them. Destroy all four Star Destroyers to move on.

Area 2: You're inside, now. Press on ahead, blowing up everything you can.
Once you see the torps, you'll need them for up ahead, with four targets
flanking a shield gate. Destroy all of them and move on.

Area 3: You're heading deeper, now. Take a bunch of torps and press on
ahead. Once you reach the end, you'll find the two targets will fire
missiles at you, so blast them quickly. If you get a missile on you,
just keep flying around and it'll eventually self-detonate. Head into
the core.

Area 4: Okay, your task here is to blow up each of the nodes guarding
the core along the walls. If you get too close, you'll bounce off, so
keep a distance and wait (slowly) for the nodes to open so you can blow
them up. Once they're all gone, wait in front of the core for it to
expose its blue casing, then blast it. Once that's done, just torp it
and boom. Time to go. You'll progress back through each of the areas
you just went through. Just keep shooting to clear debris and you should
be okay. Yeeha.

New Characters:
Admiral Ackbar: 33,000
IG-88: 100,000
Ben Kenobi (Ghost): 1,100,000
Yoda (Ghost): 1,200,000
Anakin Skywalker (Ghost): 1,000,000


In Free Play, you'll enter the mission with only two characters. Adjustments
will be made so you CAN complete the mission with two characters. At the
outset, you'll be allowed to pick whichever character out of all available
you wish. Once that's done, the computer will add on other characters that
you will need to access all the stuff in the mission (if you have them
available). This allows you to go and get all the stuff without having to
worry about building the proper team.

There will be no story clips, and some missions will be slightly changed to
reflect this. All you need to do is reach the end and get all the stuff, so
go for it!

Note that some collectibles have specific requirements. Here's what I mean
when I say each:

"Imperial": You need to be some kind of Imperial character to use a white
circle. Any stormtrooper, officer, even Vader or the Emperor.

"Bounty Hunter": You need to be Princess Leia (Boussh), Greedo, Boba Fett,
Dengar, Bossk, 4-LOM, or IG-88. You'll need them for their Thermal
Detonators and their ability to access green circles.

"Jedi/Sith": You need some kind of Force user to manipulate something. I
only use this in the first mission, because you get a Jedi for use in the
second one. The only way this could trip you up is if you went to ESB after
the first mission and attempted Escape from Echo Base, because you won't
have a Jedi with you, yet, but I'll assume you don't.

"Sith": Vader and the Emperor have destructive Sith powers which can be
used on red sparklies. Of course, you get both VERY late in the game. If
you wish to have one earlier, just create a character with a red lightsaber.
Boom. Instant Sith.

"Shortie": You need a Jawa, Wicket, or an Ewok to crawl through a vent.

"Imperial Fighter": You need to purchase one of the TIEs to access special
Imperial Gates in the flight missions.

"Snowspeeder": You'll need the speeder's tow cable to tow bombs around.

Well, you'll notice I didn't bring up you needing grapplers, Artoo, or
Threepio. Since you get all these in the very first mission, and there's no
possibility of you being without them when going into Free Play, I thought it
moot to mention them.

6A. Secret Plans =

Required Characters: Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Sith

True Jedi at 70,000: Take a Jedi (at least) and this will be easy as pie.
Most of the walls have flaps which can be Forced open for more studs.

Minikit #1 (Sith): Just as you exit the first two rooms, the Rebel
Troopers will be leaving from a door, which has a red aura. Bust it down.

Minikit #2 (Bounty Hunter): In the first room with grapple points, toss a
TD onto the shiny module to blow open the floor. The small character panel
is a red herring.

Minikit #3 (Jedi/Sith): At the top of the room with grapple points, use the
Force to move two platforms into place, then hop up.

Minikit #4 (Bounty Hunter OR Imperial): Use the green circle or white circle
to access a hallway. At the end, enter the two pods to toss out pieces.
Assemble them into a door.

Minikit #5 (Bounty Hunter OR Imperial): There are three pieces with grapes
on them to be found. The first is right in front of the green circle door,
the second is in the hallway behind it, and the third is behind a Threepio
shield in that hallway. Get them all to make the minikit appear near where
#4 is.

Power Brick (Bounty Hunter OR Imperial, Jedi/Sith): In the same area as
Minikits 4 and 5, continue ahead through the door to reach a shower area.
Force the nearest one on the right to create plants, which can be destroyed
to find the brick.

Minikit #6 (Jedi/Sith): In the room with push blocks, force two containers
on top of each other and double jump up above.

Minikit #7 (Jedi/Sith): Who's dumb idea was this one? Just after the first
Threepio panel, use the Force on the first upper-left panel to open a
secret door. It's hard to distinguish this one from the others.

Minikit #8 (Bounty Hunter): In the same area as Minikits 4 and 5, blow up
the shiny module with a TD to find the parts for a car. Drive it all the
way to the crane room and onto the lift. You can also use the milk truck
you can create in the shower room (same room as Power Brick).

Minikit #9 (Imperial, Bounty Hunter): Early in the last room, behind a wall
on the left side, is a flower. Behind the white circle door is another.
In a shiny module later in the hallway is the third. Find all three to
make the minikit appear.

Minikit #10 (Sith): In the bath in one of the escape pods is a plug that a
Sith needs to drain. Do so.

Other Cool Stuff:
- There's not much in it, but the first Threepio panel has a goofy
perspective room.

6B. Through the Jundland Wastes =

Required Characters: Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 120,000: Tall order, but quite manageable. Being stingy and
plugging through all areas, I got the threshold not long before the
Landspeeder area, and there's still plenty to be had there.

Power Brick (Bounty Hunter): Just after the bantha area, on the right are two
shiny structures. Hover over there and use TDs to blow them away. This is
the Tusken Village. Near you on the right are three boxes. Make a tower
out of them and hop up to the rock. Hover over to the far rock and push the
mine cart down the slope so it rolls into the wall, breaks it, and uncovers
the brick. If you have trouble getting over there with the structures
intact, or have a hard time throwing TDs, you can also use the Droid Self-
Destruct, which gives the same kind of explosion.

Minikit #1 (Bounty Hunter): In the Tusken Village (see above), use the Force
to raise the mound of dirt so you can hop up. Continue over to the cliffs
and hover across.

Minikit #2 (Sith): Just past the first chasm is a wall that can be Forced
down by a Sith. Build a charge to blow open the rock wall. Go inside and
put together and use another charge on the next rock wall so you can double
jump up the ledges to the minikit.

Minikit #3 (Shortie): Put together and use the first grapple point, float
across, and crawl through the vent.

Minikit #4 (Bounty Hunter, Shortie): At the top of the sandcrawler, use a TD
on the nine caps to the left. Two of those cover buttons. Step on both to
raise a vent you can crawl through.

Minikit #5: Inside the Sandcrawler, once you're in the room with the boxes,
push one into the slot on the right to free the minikit.

Minikit #6 (Sith, Shortie): In the room of the Sandcrawler after the elevator,
you'll find a console near one of the two gates. Sith Force it to open a
hatch to crawl through. Once out, have both characters step on the buttons,
then Force the valve, then the structure above it to stop the lava flow.
You can make the jump across if you use the lava output, but it's easier to
hover across.

Minikit #7: Just after you exit the Sandcrawler, you'll spot a pile of rubble
guarding a hole. Bust it to find a minikit inside.

Minikit #8 (Sith): In the first vaporator area, you'll find supports that
need to be Sith Forced. Go up to this area. There are two buttons that
need to be held down, but one's pretty big. Finally, a use for banthas as
you can steer one onto the big one, then step on the other yourself.

Minikit #9: Further down the canyon, after the vaporators, is another pile
of debris on the left. Bust it down and enter.

Minikit #10: Put together a landspeeder and take it up to the big mud bog up
north. Go to the rocks with the minikit and put together the grapple point.
Grapple up, then hop over to the minikit.

Other Cool Stuff:
- The Threepio panel first in the Sandcrawler leads to a TV room. Put it
together to get some neat shots of "elsewhere".

6C. Mos Eisley Spaceport =

Required Characters: Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 200,000: Hardly the harrowing experience the original run was,
with all these extra areas open to you.

Power Brick: To the left of the door out of the first area are four garbage
cans. Use the Force on all four to remove their lids, then again to remove
all the parts inside. DON'T destroy any of them or you can just start over.
Once all the parts are out, assemble the door.

Minikit #1 (Imperial, Jedi/Sith): To the right of your starting point is
a white circle door. Once inside, use the Force on both faucets of both
showers to drain the pool.

Minikit #2 (Bounty Hunter): Okay, go up to the Double Score Zone, then hover
across the broken bridge to the left. Access the green circle to loose a
bunch of bricks you can put together into a fan system. Now, you need to
find three carrots that are in garbage cans. There's one by the beginning,
one further out on the left, and one further out on the right. Just bust
everything open and you should have it. Once you have all three, float up
on the fans to the minikit.

Minikit #3 (Sith): In the upper right part of the first area is an obvious
object to use Sith Force on. Blow it up and drop down.

Minikit #4: In the second area, stack two crates to climb up to this
obvious one.

Minikit #5: In the second area, either use an AT-ST, or use the white circle
near the door in the first area with an Imperial to hop up near the nearest
rubble gate. Put together the two blaster chairs, then hop in and start
bulls-eyeing womprats. Peg ten and get your prize.

Minikit #6 (Bounty Hunter): Near the crooked wrecked ship in the second
area is a shiny vaporator. TD it to reveal the parts for a rotator switch,
which will straighten the ship and drop a grapple point. Grapple up and
double jump to the minikit.

Minikit #7 (Shortie): In the cantina, crawl in the vent in one of the back

Minikit #8: The only real requirement for this one is that you do it on
Free Play, because you at least need Threepio. You need to get into a
back area by either a green circle door, a Threepio panel, or Sith gates
in the dewback area after the cantina. Back here there's a cell-type thing.
You'll need two Force users to open one of the gates to get to this one.

Minikit #9: You need to find three big radishes. One is right outside the
back door of the cantina, another is in the area mentioned in Minikit #7,
and the third is in the dewback area. Bust down the garbage cans hiding
these and a minikit will appear in the block pushing area.

Minikit #10: Use Artoo at the movie theater to let yourself in. Once you
put together the movie screen, shoot it down.

Other Cool Stuff:
- Bring your Landspeeder through the wash, then over to the lot. A Jawa
will drop off studs to buy it.

6D. Rescue the Princess =

Required Characters: Shortie

True Jedi at 80,000: Explore all the new areas. In particular, once at
the cell block, take a ride up the elevator to shoot some TIEs. You get a
ton of studs for that.

Minikit #1: Turn right just after the first area to find a crane. Use the
crane to dump stormies and troopers into the hole in the hangar. Once you
dump ten, pick up the minikit as well.

Minikit #2: In the control room, use the Threepio panel to find one in the

Minikit #3: You need to enter the "Ben Area" by crossing the large pit with a
Jedi or Artoo, then turn left to find one at a dead end.

Minikit #4 (Shortie): Still in the Ben Area, hover across to the right, then
grapple up and crawl through the vent.

Minikit #5: Continue on in the Ben Area to the tractor beam controller.
Force the bridge over to the other side, then pull all three levers and
grapple up to the minikit.

Minikit #6: Continue on to the next part of the Ben Area and Force the
door into platforms. Hop up onto them to another minikit. Be careful
because there's an invisible ceiling on the causeway itself. You need to
jump out over the pit to get some height.

Power Brick: Partway up the normal path is an Artoo panel. Enter the room,
hover over to the left side, then grapple up.

Minikit #7: In the room with the rotating bridge, just before dropping down
in front of the door to the next room, hover across to this minikit.

Minikit #8: In the room with control panels and stormtroopers (after the
rotating bridge), destroy all the control panels and the TV will start
working. A minikit will pop up, then.

Minikit #9: Just before the elevator to the cell block, Force three blocks
into a tower, then climb up and push the module into the hole to free this

Minikit #10: Use Artoo on the last cell on the left to find this.

6E. Death Star Escape =

Required Characters: Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 65,000 - Just like Story, this one's tough with all the dying
you could be doing. Be very cautious. You may want to devote an entire run
just to getting it.

Power Brick: After exiting the compactor, use the Threepio panel to access
another compactor. Put together the fridge and use the Force to open it

Minikit #1 (Bounty Hunter): Just after the first helmet dispenser, use a TD
on the brick wall to find one.

Minikit #2 (Shortie): In the first big room, go down to the enclosure with
the floor waxer and crawl through the vent.

Minikit #3: After the first big room, you'll see two stormies cleaning a
window. Hop in the crane and use it to cover all the dirty spots. Once
they're all gone, the window will break and you'll get another one.

Minikit #4 (Sith): After the window room, you'll eventually come upon a
panel for Siths. Break it open for another one.

Minikit #5: After climbing around the causeway and getting an elevator in
motion, at the top, near the white circle, is an object that can be Forced
into a platform.

Minikit #6: After the big pit with the swinging across, go towards the
camera and hop out the window to the left.

Minikit #7: After the big pit, you'll find orange tanks on the side of the
passage. Each one has a "grape piece" in it. Find all three to make this
one appear.

Minikit #8: In the room with the ton of stormtroopers, Force two boxes into
a stack, then double jump up to the catwalk above.

Minikit #9 (Bounty Hunter): In the last room, near Vader, use a Bounty
Hunter on the green circle.

Minikit #10: After opening the door with Artoo and Threepio, you'll find one
in their room.

6F. Rebel Attack =

Required Vehicles: Imperial Fighter, Snowspeeder

Whereas the old vehicle levels allowed you to pretty much blow through the
level once and get everything, LSW2 will require you to return to access areas
that only Imperial ships could get to.

True Jedi at 30,000: Shouldn't be all that hard. I had it before destroying
the third shield gate. For some reason, I found that once you get close to
the target that the studs start not popping out. Don't know if it's a
common thing.

Minikit #1: After the first shield gate, there will be a red and green
spinner to your left. Blast it to raise a cage that has the minikit.

Minikit #2: Near the first quad target, you'll see four blue strips lined up
on the right wall. Blast them all and behind them is the minikit.

Minikit #3 (Imperial Fighter): To the left of the second shield gate is an
area only accessible to Imperials. Drop a torp at the target to find the
next minikit.

Minikit #4 (Imperial Fighter): Halfway up after the second shield gate on the
left side is another Imperial gate. Within it are several green squares.
Fly over all these green squares quickly to get another minikit.

Minikit #5: Just in front of that Imperial gate is another spinner. Spin
it to reveal another minikit.

Minikit #6: Further up near the third shield gate, and to the right, is
yet another Imperial gate. Just to the right of that gate is another
series of blue bars. Blast them open to get another minikit.

Minikit #7 (Snowspeeder, Imperial Fighter) - Before the third shield gate,
there are two Imperial gates on the right side. One has a towable bomb,
and the other has an electric field. Open both gates first, then tow bombs
into either side of the electric field.

Minikit #8: Just after the third shield gate is yet another spinner to
bust open.

Minikit #9: Just after the fourth shield gate, to the left, is another
series of blue bars, behind which is another minikit.

Minikit #10: At the end of the trench, to the left of the exhaust port is
another spinner. Break it open.

Power Brick: At the end of the trench, on the back right side of the
exhaust port's enclosure, is a small tucked away corner which has the brick.

6G. Hoth Battle =

Required Vehicles: Imperial Fighter

True Jedi at 100,000: Not as hard as Story, given the Double Score
Zone and more area to work with.

Minikit #1: Use your tow cable to pull down ten AT-STs in the first area.

Minikit #2: In the first area, past the second white wall, in a little pod
on the right.

Minikit #3 (Imperial Fighter): Behind the first Imperial gate, under a snow
drift in the back of the trenched area.

Minikit #4 (Imperial Fighter): Drag a bomb behind the first Imperial
gate to the back wall. You'll find some of your fellows chased into the
cave. Blast the three AT-STs and the two Speeder Bikes to get it.

Minikit #5: Use your tow cable to pull down ten AT-STs in the second area.

Minikit #6 (Imperial Fighter): Behind the second Imperial gate (in the second
area), you'll find this down the tunnel on the left.

Minikit #7 (Imperial Fighter): Behind the second Imperial gate, and through
the tunnel. This is amongst a pile of snow outside.

Power Brick (Imperial Fighter): Behind the second Imperial gate, and through
the tunnel, this is behind a wall at the end. You need to drag a bomb from
the beginning of the tunnel all the way through, avoid the AT-AT, and hit
the wall with it.

Minikit #8: In the second area, just before the last wall on the right.

Minikit #9: In the back of the third area, near where you enter.

Minikit #10: In the back of the third area, near some snow drifts opposite
the entrance.

6H. Escape From Echo Base =

Required Characters: Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 80,000: Should be no problem. Nothing really extra you need to
hit, either.

Minikit #1: Force all four control panels in the first room.

Minikit #2: In the room with the cart on the track, leave it on the circling
track, hop up onto it, then to the ledge with the minikit. Alternatively,
you can just double jump.

Minikit #3: In the room where you find Threepio, there are four buttons.
You can come back to this room when you have four people, or use a Bounty
Hunter's TDs to blow the modules and create generators to free the skeletons
who will work for you as well.

Minikit #4 (Sith): In the large room with push blocks, by the exit door,
have two Force users lift each other up on the blocks, then Sith Force the
gate on the wall.

Minikit #5: In the large room with the push blocks, use the Artoo panel in
the front right. Use the Force on one of the fishing holes and assemble the

Minikit #6 (Bounty Hunter): In the large room with the push blocks, use a TD
on the structure in the back right to bust a hole to this one.

Minikit #7: In the large room with the push blocks is a minikit suspended in
midair. Push a box close if you can then double jump into it.

Minikit #8 (Bounty Hunter): Go to the Threepio door in the small room with
four buttons and two blocks. Use a TD on the rubble, then go through the
door and Force the control panel near the minikit to free it.

Minikit #9 (Sith, Shortie): There are four panels you can turn into steps
with Sith Force before the hangar. It's tough to scale them, but it's
doable. At the top, go left and grapple up. Crawl through the vent up here.

Minikit #10 (Sith): Go up the same platforms you went to Minikit 8, only go
right this time. Use the Artoo panel. There are levers in this room that
do a sort of slot machine thing. Pull the lever on the green and yellow
circles to open a door in the hangar, which has the minikit behind it.

Power Brick (Sith): Do the same thing as Minikit #9, only pull the lever on
the red and which slot machine to open a door with the brick.

6I. Falcon Flight =

Required Vehicles: Imperial Fighter, Snowspeeder

True Jedi at 60,000: Like the story run, not much else to this one. Just
keep shooting blue asteroids for an infinite amount.

Minikit #1: Next to the bridge tower of the near right Star Destroyer.

Power Brick: This one is precisely behind the back right Star Destroyer.
Not behind it as in far side of the camera, but directly at its aft.

Minikit #2, #3 (Imperial Fighter, Snowspeeder): Open the Imperial Gate in the
second area, then use the Snowspeeder to tow bombs onto the red buttons, each
of which will release a minikit.

Minikit #4: In Area 2 (first asteroid area), you'll find this one before
the first big barrier, to the left of the asteroid.

Minikit #5: In Area 3 on the right side. Just keep shooting and you'll
hit it.

Minikit #6: In Area 3 on the right side, but further down than #5. Again,
shoot wildly and you'll hit it.

Minikit #7: Inside the Space Slug, near the right wall.

Minikit #8 (Imperial Fighter): Take a torpedo past the Imperial Gate on the
big asteroid and blast the blue structure.

Minikit #9: In the last area on the right, you'll see a blue asteroid
blocking a hole in a bigger one. It's back there.

Minikit #10: In the last area, in one of the blue asteroids in the center.
Easy to hit with wild shooting.

6J. Dagobah =

Required Characters: Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 70,000: Shouldn't be a problem.

Minikit #1: Stack the three boxes, then climb up to the tree branch and hop
over to the one on the right.

Power Brick (Sith): In the first area, use Sith Force on the black plants,
then jump across the gap. Walk to the race track and bust the box to find
a tractor to assemble. Roll the tractor over all the red lights to make
them green.

Minikit #2: In the center of the first big pond, in the blue box. A double
jump can cross from the Artoo panel to the rock on the left side, then
up to the big rock.

Minikit #3 (Sith, Bounty Hunter): To the right of Yoda's Hut is a red box
that you need to Sith Force. Build the remains into a raft, then float
across to the island. Use a TD on the back wall.

Minikit #4 (Sith): Inside Yoda's Hut, Sith Force his widescreen TV.

Minikit #5: In Yoda's trial area, bust open all three hatches to make a
minikit appear.

Minikit #6: After Yoda's trial, find a grapple point, which will pull you
up a tree to the minikit.

Minikit #7 (Sith, Bounty Hunter): Inside the cave, use Sith Force on two
parts of a bridge, then blow containers with a TD to make a grapple point.

Minikit #8: There's a Threepio panel before the ledges. You actually don't
need it, as you can just double jump over to the nearby window, then strike
the cage.

Minikit #9 (Bounty Hunter): Just before the Vader fight area, use a TD on
the rubble on the right wall. Watch out for the falling parts of the floor
and cross to the minikit.

Minikit #10 (Shortie): In the last area, crawl up the vent, then double jump
or hover to your left. You should see the minikit above. Double jump up
the ledges to reach it.

6K. Cloud City Trap =

Required Characters: Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 16,000: A trifling amount, eh?

Power Brick: Right behind your X-Wing.

Minikit #1 (Bounty Hunter): In the first area, float to the back of the
room, then use a TD on the bars to open the way to the minikit.

Minikit #2 (Bounty Hunter): Use the green circle door just after the E-Web

Minikit #3 (Sith): Not a very intuitive one. Sure, you can figure out to
use the lever in the carbon freezing chamber, but to drop a stormtrooper
in there? That takes thinking outside the nine dots.

Minikit #4: After the carbon freezing chamber, put together the fan, ride
up, and gun down the wall above the minikit to make a platform to double
jump up to.

Minikit #5: You can see one in the same room as #3 at the second fan, but it
won't blow you up high enough. Simply activate the elevator to the right
and hover over to it.

Minikit #6 (Shortie): In your second duel against Vader, there is a vent you
can crawl through.

Minikit #7: In the third duel against Vader (with stormtroopers and flying
objects), down-stab the corner that's obviously LEGO bricks.

Minikit #8: The most obvious one in the game. Right to the left in the last

Minikit #9: Second-most obvious one. Right after #7, double jump towards the
camera to find another one.

Minikit #10 (Imperial): Right before the end is a white circle door with the
minikit behind it.

6L. Betrayal Over Bespin =

Required Characters: Bounty Hunter, Sith

True Jedi at 60,000: Just remember to blow up EVERYTHING. Each wall sculpture
has three pieces.

Minikit #1: The Threepio panel at the beginning. You can bring Threepio back
here after he's reassembled.

Minikit #2: Throughout the area are three blue and white structures. They're
in obvious places. Assemble all three to make a minikit appear.

Minikit #3: In the room you fight with Boba Fett, use the Force on the
central structure to release it.

Minikit #4: Open the Artoo door just after the Fett fight. Pull the lever to
lower a platform then double jump over to it. Don't worry about the
platform you can use the Force on unless you have two players.

Power Brick: On Free Play, the Slave I actually stays. Hop on top of it to
find the brick.

Minikit #5: On the terrace diner before the twin elevators, use the Force on
all three tables.

Minikit #6 (Bounty Hunter): When you have two elevators, use the green circle
in the left-hand one to ride to the top of a tower. Destroy everything
leaving some blue cups. Use the Force to shake two of them, making a

Minikit #7: As soon as you get to the large outdoor area, run back the way
you came to find another minikit.

Minikit #8: In the large outdoor area, just before the Threepio panel at
the end, grapple up to the ledge on top, then hover to the right.

Minikit #9 (Sith): Open the Sith Force door panel at the end of the level
(second fog cloud) to find the dining room. Shoot the chandelier.

Minikit #10: At the very end, double jump onto the Falcon.

6M. Jabba's Palace =

Required Characters: Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 45,000: Piece of cake.

Minikit #1 (Bounty Hunter): Blow up the shiny rubble to the left with a
TD, then grapple up and hover across.

Minikit #2 (Sith): Use Sith Force on the pile of black rubble, then grapple
to the left a few times and drop down.

Minikit #3: To the right of the first green circle door is a passage to a
Threepio panel. Behind it is a minikit. You can also get this by getting
close enough to hop onto the spider walker behind the bars. To get out,
just jump in on a second controller, and jump out on the first controller.

Minikit #4: In the room you find Luke, use Artoo on the left door.

Power Brick: In the room you find Luke, up in the area on the right. Either
double jump off the box up there, or push the box onto the button, which
holds a grapple point visible.

Minikit #5 (Shortie): In the room with the cells, crawl through into the
back left one, then through the vent to the front left one. Blast open
the grate on the floor inside, then run through and saber the blockage
under the front right cell to get inside.

Minikit #6: In the second area, just after using your first TD on a big
gate. Put together a generator on your left and blast it to blow up the
prison wall.

Minikit #7: In the workshop room, down-stab into the obvious brick floor,
then follow the tunnel.

Minikit #8 (Sith): In the large open room where you have to build a ramp
with three pieces, there are two black torches on the back wall. Sith
Force them, then the grating behind to uncover the minikit.

Minikit #9 (Imperial): In the room with Han in carbonite, use the white
circle to open the door to this one.

Minikit #10: In the rancor pit, put together the grapple point, grapple up,
then double jump to reach the last one.

6N. The Great Pit of Carkoon =

Required Characters: Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 65,000: While you're still pretty short on studs, it's easier
this time.

Minikit #1: On each of the first two skiffs are two guns. Assemble all four.
You'll need to use boxes from using the lever on the second skiff.

Minikit #2: The second skiff has a diving board. The minikit is floating
out by it. Hover to it.

Minikit #3 (Sith): At the last skiff, use Sith Force on the barge to make
another raft, which will lead you around the front side of the barge.
Grapple up to find two levers. Put one together and pull them both. Smash
the colored wall and assemble the minikit.

Minikit #4 (Bounty Hunter, Sith): From #3, go around to the left (port) side
of the barge. Flip open all the panels to find two Artoo panels and a
Threepio panel. Use them all, then use the grapple point near here and
head through the tunnel. Use a TD on the last wall.

Minikit #5 (Sith): At the back side of the barge, use Sith Force on the
box to make a grapple point. Pull the two normal levels, then quickly
Sith Force the left one.

Minikit #6 (Shortie): In the first room inside the barge, crawl through the
vents in the back. Pull both levers.

Minikit #7: Just after the disco room, shoot up all the windows on the left,
then assemble the minikit.

Minikit #8: At the top of the barge, Blast the nearest circular covering.
Use the Force on the pieces to create steps. Double jump up to the platform
above, then across. Grapple up to reach the minikit.

Power Brick: Near the last deck on the top of the barge, bust open a box and
assemble a grapple point. Grapple up to the platforms above, then hover
over twice to the brick.

Minikit #9 (Shortie): At the back end of the barge deck, crawl into the
obvious vent to get this one.

Minikit #10: When you get the big gun under control, take out the module on
the right first. Go back to that module and take the minikit under it.

6O. Speeder Showdown =

Required Characters: Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

True Jedi at 70,000: Just like before, blow up as much as you can on the
bike run and you should have little trouble.

Minikit #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6: There are six minikits on the speeder bike
run. This is the order you'll find them if going away from the screen.
The first you need to hit a red-lit ramp to raise a bigger one. The second,
you need to run over three red-lit ramps to raise another. The third, you
need to hit two red-lit ramps. The fourth, four red-lit ramps. The fifth,
one red-lit ramp to raise a ramp, then three more to lower the cage. The
sixth (which is just before the looping point), you shouldn't need to do
anything special for. It's right there.

Minikit #7 (Sith, Shortie): At the first stopping point, use an AT-ST to
vault up to the right-side ledge. Sith Force the black plants, then crawl
up the vent, and hover over to the lever. You'll need the speeder bike to
blow through the cage.

Minikit #8 (Bounty Hunter): At the second stopping point, Force together the
step to get up, then use TDs to find three boxes. Stack them to get up to
the lever.

Minikit #9 (Bounty Hunter): At the third stopping point, assemble the step,
hop up the right side, and blow up the container with a TD to find a grapple
point. Force together a landing point for that grapple point, then grapple
up to the lever.

Minikit #10 (Imperial, Bounty Hunter): At the landing platform, go up the
elevator on the right, then pull both levers to drop the cage. You'll need
a TD to blow it open.

Power Brick (Shortie): At the landing platform, push the box into the left
support pylon, then crawl into it.

6P. The Battle of Endor =

Required Characters: Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

NOTE: Having Wicket means an automatic shortie from here on, so I won't
mention it.

True Jedi at 110,000: Just be frugal and blow up everything.

Minikit #1: At the beginning, destroy the purple containers and put together
the rotator switch. After you move it, hover Artoo over to the elevator in
the back.

Minikit #2: After the first bridge, ride the elevator up to the lever on
the right and pull it. Then jump over to the hanging rock and Force it
down. Hop onto the lowered panel, then pull the lever when it's raised.

Minikit #3: After the second bridge, use the Force to bring down one of the
tree platforms, then hop over and up to the right side, then use the Force
to bring it back up, then hop to the left.

Minikit #4: After reaching the ground, go left and destroy the purple
containers to make a grapple point. Grapple up and break down the bricks
blocking the tree entrance.

Minikit #5: After crossing the small stream, destroy the purple containers to
find parts for a tractor. Put it together, then drive it up the stream to
get another minikit behind a waterfall.

Minikit #6: Just before the third area (after the series of gates), crawl up
the vent and hover over to the minikit.

Minikit #7: Outside the bunker, find a grapple point under a bush, and a
rotator switch in some purple boxes. Rotate the switch to lower a platform,
then grapple up. Force the hanging rock, then hover over to the left.
Force the hanging rock, here, then hover to the left more to reach this one.

Minikit #8 (Bounty Hunter): Outside the bunker, to the right, blow the shiny
containers with a TD, then put together the platform. Hop on and Force the
hanging rock, then crawl through. Use the Force on the ledge to lower it,
then go left, raise it back up and get the minikit.

Power Brick (Imperial, Sith): Inside the bunker, go left to the purple lever
room. Use the Sith Force on the panel on the floor, use the white cirlce,
then bust down the blockage on the right. Push the box into the hole, go
up on the catwalk above by hovering from the other side of the room. Use
the Threepio panel, then crawl through the vent. Push the box to the back
of the room, then the brick will appear.

Minikit #9: Inside the bunker, go right to the green/yellow lever rooms.
Blast all the panels on the back wall to find four panels you can use the
Force on. Use it on all four, then assemble the minikit.

Minikit #10: Once through to the yellow lever, simply hover to the back of
the room.

6Q. Jedi Destiny =

Required Characters: Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Sith, Shortie

NOTE: Vader counts as both a Sith and Imperial, so I won't bother mentioning
needing one for particular spots, and you also still have Wicket.

True Jedi at 65,000: With all the extra areas, this shouldn't be too as hard
as the Story.

Power Brick: Sith Force the eight red lights flanking the Emperor's throne.
Do it quickly and the brick will appear above the throne.

Minikit #1: Force together the platform to the left of the throne and hop up.

Minikit #2 (Bounty Hunter): Go down the steps and to the right. Use a TD
on the containers to reveal a grapple point. Grapple up.

Minikit #3 (Bounty Hunter): In the central elevator, toss a TD onto one of
the vertical shiny strips to uncover this one.

Minikit #4 (Bounty Hunter): Use the green circle to make a Threepio panel
behind you. Use it to open a secret door.

Minikit #5: Go on the area to the right of the throne area (the elevator).
Crawl through the vent and push the box off the ledge. Blast the items to
blow open the door and enter a new area. In this area, stack three chairs
on top of each other in the back of the room, then crawl through the vent
to reach one.

Minikit #6 (Bounty Hunter): In the same area as #5, use Sith Force, then a
TD on the fan in the back left to free another minikit.

Minikit #7: In the same area as #5, uncover a grapple point near the door.
Then pull the lever at the top to drop a box. Assemble it and push it onto
the green circle. Next, bust up the nearest chair and assemble the rotator
switch to rotate the box. Now, push the box all the way around and into
the arrows to start up a lift. Hop on the lift and go right. Pull the
lever to uncover the minikit below you.

Minikit #8 (Bounty Hunter): Go to the area left of the throne room (under
the electric floor). Use Sith Force on the vent on the right, then assemble
the step, then uncover the green circle and use it to extend a platform.
Hop up the step to the platform, then hover across to the minikit.

Minikit #9: In the same area as #8, go through the door, then walk over all
twelve air vents to make a minikit appear above the pit.

Minikit #10: Up on the electric floor area, quickly use Sith Force on all
ten red lights to open the door to this minikit.

6R. Into the Death Star =

Required Vehicles: Imperial Fighter

True Jedi at 40,000: One of the few cases where Free Play is tougher,
because you just don't have many extra places to go. Having Infinite
Torps and Tractor Beam will help. Score multipliers won't hurt either.
I, personally, could not get this without X2.

Minikit #1: Just left of the first Star Destroyer's bridge tower is this

Minikit #2: Just right of the back Star Destroyer's bridge tower is this

Minikit #3: Once you're inside the Death Star, you'll eventually come
across torpedoes. Toss three into the purple vents right afterwards to
make a minikit appear.

Minikit #4 (Imperial Fighter): To the right of the gate with four targets
is an Imperial Gate. Head through it to find another one.

Minikit #5: Near the second torpedo dispenser, fly to the back right, and
there's a small tunnel leading to this hard-to-find kit.

Minikit #6 (Imperial Fighter): In the area after the first gate (cross-
shaped passage), there's an Imperial gate on your left with another
behind it.

Minikit #7: You can find this one in the core relatively easily.

Power Brick: This is in the core, on the left side. Get two torpedoes and
torp each side of the enclosure to release it.

Minikit #8, #9, #10: On your way out of the exploding Death Star, each area
has a minikit on the way. Just keep shooting ahead and you should get all
three with no problem.


To access these, you must have unlocked all the Bounty Hunters: Greedo,
Bossk, Dengar, IG-88, 4-LOM, and Boba Fett. Your objective in these
missions is to take these six hunters and scour the level and look for your
intended target, who's hiding somewhere. The target's always in the same
location. You have three minutes to find them, or else you'll have to start

As a general tip, I'd stick with Boba Fett for the majority of the missions.
He has a powerful gun and can use his jetpack to float. IG-88 and 4-LOM
have their uses too, as, being droids, they can use droid panels.

After you finish a mission, you'll get a gold brick and credit for your
remaining time.

7A. R2-D2 =

Area: Tantive IV (Secret Plans)

This one's pretty easy. Grapple up to the top and jetpack across to the
next area, then run straight ahead. Turn right and hit the green circle,
then go back to the end of the hallway. Hop in the two pods to toss out
their pieces, then assemble them to make the door. Artoo's right there.

7B. Obi-Wan Kenobi =

Area: Sandcrawler (Through the Jundland Wastes)

Proceed all the way through the Sandcrawler. Use 4-LOM or IG-88 for the
droid panels you come across, but watch out for Jawas, who'll zap you and
slow you down. At the last room in the Sandcrawler, bust up the canisters
to the right to find Ben.

7C. Chewbacca =

Area: Mos Eisely (Mos Eisley Spaceport)

Grapple up and assemble the grapple point. Grapple up and use the top exit.
Get the box from the other side and push it to the far door. In the next
area, go to the doors with blue sparklies and bust down the left ones.
Chewie's behind there.

7D. Princess Leia =

Area: Death Star (Rescue the Princess)

Leia is in the cell just opposite the one she normally occupies. Use Fett
to quickly jet through the first area, then plow straight ahead past the
control station and down the corridor to the last elevator. Put together the
levers and pull, then take the third cell on the left.

7E. Admiral Ackbar =

Area: Echo Base (Escape from Echo Base)

Quickly turn left and access the Threepio panel with one of the droids. In
the next room, use a TD on the rubble, then head on through and assemble
the console to find Ackbar inside.

7F. Yoda =

Area: Ewok Village (The Battle of Endor)

Quickly go left and hover over the gap of the bridge. Near the throne,
blow the purple boxes and assemble the rotator switch. Lower the platform,
then jet over to it carefully. Yoda's right at the top.

7G. C-3PO =

Area: Cloud City (Betrayal On Bespin)

He's on top of the secret terrace. Proceed straight through the level. Use
the green circle door, then go straight ahead and use the Threepio door.
Go all the way to the two elevators and use the left-hand one. Oddly enough,
you can assemble him in the junk area, just like before, but it won't give
you credit.

7H. Lando Calrissian =

Area: Cloud City (Betrayal On Bespin)

He's in the room that you pulled levers to bridge to the Falcon. Assemble
the grapple point, then switch to a droid and activate the panel at the
door. Go all the way to the end, through the fog, to the room with the

7I. Luke Skywalker =

Area: Mos Eisely (Mos Eisley Spaceport)

He's on top of the wrecked ship. Simply use a TD on the shiny module in
the center, assemble the rotator switch, then rotate it, assemble the grapple
point, and up you go.

7J. Han Solo =

Area: Echo Base (Escape from Echo Base)

He's in the area with the cart on the track. Go to the door out of there,
put together the bomb, then move ahead. Assemble the heater and shoot it to
melt the ice. Push the next heater into place to melt the next ice, then
turn right at the crossroads and use a TD on the boxes at the end. Assemble
the cart and ride it around to the right-hand alcove and jump up.


Bonus missions are earned by getting Gold Bricks. For the episode bonuses,
you need to earn the proper number of bricks, and beat all chapters in that
episode. For the last one, you just need the proper amount of bricks.

8A. Episode IV Bonus =

Getting this requires 8 Gold Bricks and all six chapters in Ep IV complete.


Super Story

Each episode bonus has this as their first selection. You basically go
through all six chapters as fast as possible and collect as many studs as
possible. You have to both get more than 100,000 studs and finish in under
one hour. That's an average of ten minutes for each chapter, and about
16,500 studs each chapter. If you break those, you'll get studs and a Gold
Brick for a reward. BE CAREFUL about breaking only one record, though,
because you'll have beat the NEW record as well as the other one in order
to get the Gold Brick, and it could be tough, or impossible, without
restarting your file.

For Episode IV Super Story, I suggest using Secret Plans for a lot of studs,
as they're readily available there. Get like 50k at least, and you can still
finish the mission in five minutes. Burn through the rest of the missions,
only going for easy studs.


Character Bonus (Mos Eisley)

These missions put you in characters and challenge you with getting one
million studs. You'll get a standard Free Play set of characters. Be on
the look out for purple studs, as they'll give you 10,000.

Sadly, you cannot keep the studs you gather here, but if you beat the time
limit, you get a Gold Brick.

For Mos Eisley, quickly get into a bounty hunter and start dropping TD's on
the shiny modules. That's several purples easy. Just keep moving and
tossing, collecting wherever you can.


Minikit Bonus (Death Star)

Much like Character Bonuses, these have you collecting one million studs.
The only difference is that you'll be using vehicles you make from minikits.
You cannot access these until you make at least one complete vehicle. Get
one million within the time limit and you get a Gold Brick.

Also, if you have an save from LEGO Star Wars I (without even having bought
or activated it), you'll be able to use the minikits from the first game,
as well, except for the Tantive IV.

On the Death Star, look for modules to blow up with torps, as they'll give
you some purples. In particular, look for the four-part structure on the
lower end. It gives you a LOT. After hitting that big one, simply fly
back and forth between the smaller modules, as they regenerate. Start at
the torp generator and go to the right to find one, then loop back and go
upper left to find another, then back and so on. You should be able to hit
one million.

8B. Episode V Bonus =

Getting this requires 16 Gold Bricks and all Ep V chapters complete.


Super Story

You can get quite a few of the studs towards 100k while in the Battle of
Hoth, just by blasting the snow drifts, while still hanging on to a decent
time. You'll more than likely cap the 100k during Falcon Flight, given all
the asteroids you can blow up. After that, just step on the gas.


Character Bonus

The Ep V version puts you in Bespin, upon a bunch of catwalks. Take Boba
Fett, so you can have his powerful gun, jetpack, and TDs. Hunt around for
things you can TD for the most studs, then, when you get a big crowd behind
you, toss a TD at them, for a good boost. Probably the best location is at
the south end. There are two platforms with TD-able containers next to each
other. Just keep walking back and forth between the two to harvest them.


Minikit Bonus

This arena is on Hoth, in a circular area. There are torps at one end, and
a torp target at the other, which is what you should focus on. You COULD
use towable bombs with a Snowspeeder, but it's largely useless, and takes
far too much time. Just circle the area, pick up torp, blast target,
repeat. It's even easier with infinite torps. Cirdan tells me an even
EASIER route if you used an old save. Switch between Droideka and the
nearest reasonable ship. Turn Self-Destruct on, then use it near the
barriers to blow them up for LOTS of studs.

8C. Episode VI Bonus =

Getting this requires 32 Gold Bricks and all Ep VI chapters complete.


Super Story

For lots of studs in this one, focus on the sail barge and Endor. The
rest won't give you much. Jabba's Palace, in particular, will take you a
long time with little gain. This was the only one I had problems with the
time limit, finishing with just under three minutes to spare.


Character Bonus

Ep VI Character Bonus is easier than Bespin. You have seven minutes, and
there's a good spot. Go far left over the downed bridge. Again, take Boba
Fett for his powerful gun and jetpack. There's a shiny container which you
can TD for massive studs, then head right and hide in the hut, tossing out
TDs to take out any crowds that show up.


Minikit Bonus

This area is a three-part Endor forest (which is actually pretty clear).
There's a torpedo target in each section, and the torpedoes are in the
right-hand section. Focus on taking out the torp targets for the highest
concentration of studs.

8D. LEGO City =

To get this "final" area, you need 60 Gold Bricks, and you need to complete
all three episodes. Go outside the cantina and assemble them into a question
mark, then enter.

This is a sort of special "Character Bonus" mission. There's no time limit,
but time is kept. You need to get one million studs in this "classic" LEGO

The bad news first: you can't keep the studs, and in the entire area, there
is very little more than the one million you need to finish.

The good news is that whenever you uncover studs, they will automatically go
to your total, without you having to get close to pick them up. You cannot
lose studs, either.

So, have fun in this area, and try many things. Blow up trees, poles,
fences, houses. Use the Force on anything you can. Spell LEGO at the top of
the area. Build an AT-ST and wreak havoc with it. Build smaller LEGO
vehicles and ride them around to make blue studs appear. Between the tower
and airport garage is a hole you can blow open, and you can put together a
Wookiee Flyer.

Anyway, once you get the million (just keep exploring), the mission will end.
Your best time will be recorded.

Also, several people have wondered about the house on the west edge that
floats away from you as you approach it. There is NOTHING you can do with
this house except the stuff inside that you can blow up. If you're missing
a last few studs, it's most likely not there. I can't help you find every
last piece, obviously, so there must be something you're missing.


There are a total of 126 characters to play as in this game: 29 which will
be given to you throughout the story, 49 which you can purchase from the
bar, your two Create-A-Characters, and 46 from the first LEGO Star Wars game,
if you have an old save to use.

These characters are presented in the order they appear on the Free Play
select screen, unless there are the same character with a pallette swap.

9A. Story Characters =

* Princess Leia * - Available at beginning of game
* Princess Leia (Hoth) * - After V-2
* Princess Leia (Bespin) * - After V-6
* Princess Leia (Endor) * - After VI-3

Adopted in infancy by the Royal House of Alderaan, and given the name Leia
Organa, this firebrand grew up in luxury, but became the Senator to Alderaan
and a vital member of the Rebel Alliance. When she was exposed as a member,
she became one of the most popular beacons of hope for the Alliance, with
her charm, charisma, and ferocity.

These four Leias are all the same character with a costume change. The
original being her white senatorial robe (or pantsuit), Hoth being a more
bundled up affair, Bespin involves her with longer hair and a tan costume,
and Endor in forest camo greens.

Leia is an experienced gunner.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of face-slaps)


* Captain Antilles * - Available at beginning of game
* Rebel Friend * - After IV-1

His first mission (when we saw him chronologically) was to give C-3PO a
memory wipe. Antilles is the captain of the Tantive IV (and no relation to
Wedge Antilles). He met his end about twenty years after that first mission
at the hands (literally) of Darth Vader. The Rebel Friend is just a red-
shirted (poor guy) version of Antilles.

The Rebels are basic gunners.

Blaster (main weapon)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)


* R2-D2 * - After IV-1

Everyone's favorite astromech droid began (we imagine) his programming as a
repair droid on a Naboo Star Cruiser. He's been a surprisingly large number
of places for a droid: Naboo, Tatooine, Coruscant, Geonosis, the Death Star,
Yavin IV, Hoth, Dagobah, Bespin, Endor. He's also the only droid to know
EVERYTHING that went on in the Star Wars movies. It's a shame he only speaks
in bleeps/bloops.

Artoo is an astromech. The disabilities of an astromech are a lack of
weapon. He also cannot manipulate anything. However, Artoo will not
generally be targeted by enemy fire.

Hover (hold down A, very little height, but long distance)
Zap (press B, disables most anything for a small time except for Jedi)
Astromech Access (X at an Artoo panel, opens doors, etc.)


* C-3PO * - After IV-1

The fussy protocol droid began his programming on Tatooine, in Anakin
Skywalker's house. He spent his early years helping with chores and farming,
until collected by Anakin to travel to Geonosis. He's suffered a memory
wipe following the rise of the Empire, so remembers little before his tenure
on the Tantive IV.

Threepio is a protocol droid. His disabilites are a lack of weapon and a
lack of jump. He also cannot manipulate anything. Like Artoo, though, he
will not be targeted by enemies.

It's worth noting that when Threepio takes damage, he'll continue to lose
pieces of himself. This does not affect his abilities, but it's kinda

Protocol Access (B or X at a Threepio panel, opens doors, etc.)


* Luke Skywalker (Tatooine) * - After IV-2
* Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) * - After IV-4
* Luke Skywalker (Pilot) * - After V-4

This farmboy from Tatooine grew up dreaming of flying the stars, and was
always jealous when his friend Biggs would come home with stories of
adventures. He got his wish when he lost his adopted uncle and aunt to the

These three Lukes are the same character with a costume change. The first
is his simple desert outfit from Tatooine. The second is a stolen suit of
stormtrooper armor, and the third is his Rebel pilot jumpsuit.

Luke (pre-Jedi) is an advanced gunner.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Dive Roll (press A twice to roll and avoid fire)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches)


* Ben Kenobi * - After IV-2

A hermit living a retired life from his more active former lifestyle as a Jedi
Knight. Obi-Wan Kenobi went into a self-imposed exile to watch over Luke
as he grew after the rise of the Empire. While his deadly lightsaber skills
have languished, he's still a formidable practitioner of the Force.

Ben Kenobi is a Jedi.

Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)
Force (hold down X while focused on an object with blue sparkles)
Mind Trick (press X while focused on an enemy to stun them for a few moments)
Force Push (hold down X while focused on a droid)


* Han Solo * - After IV-3
* Han Solo (Stormtrooper) * - After IV-4
* Han Solo (Hoth) * - After V-2
* Han Solo (Skiff) * - After VI-1
* Han Solo (Endor) * - After VI-4

A Corellian smuggler wise in the ways of the galaxy and the almighty Credit.
Han Solo is a cocky fellow living the life of a freelance. He'll soon find
himself swept up in the Galactic Civil War, taking sides with the Rebel

The five Hans are the same character with a costume change. The first is
his white shirt and black vest. The second is a suit of stolen stormtrooper
armor. The third is his heavy blue jacket he wears on Hoth. The fourth is
a basic white shirt. The fifth is his basic outfit with green camos.

Han Solo is a master gunner.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Dive Roll (press A twice to roll and avoid fire, at the end of the roll
press B for three quick shots)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches)


* Chewbacca * - After IV-3 or V-2 or VI-1

This young Wookiee (only 200 years old) is the companion of Han Solo, to
whom he owed a life-debt. He stands as his partner's conscience and muscle.
He's also an exceedingly skilled mechanic, and a good friend. Just don't
make him mad.

Chewbacca is an experienced gunner.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (pulls the arms of his enemy if they can beat in one hit,
otherwise punches)


* Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) * - After V-4
* Luke Skywalker (Bespin) * - After V-5
* Luke Skywalker (Jedi) * - After VI-1

Having realized his destiny as a Jedi, Luke takes up his father's lightsaber
and is ready to be the shining light of the Force to stand against the

These three Lukes are the same character with costume changes. The first
is brief training clothes with a backpack. The second is a simple light-
colored outfit. The last is black Jedi robes, and a green lightsaber.

Luke (Jedi) is... a Jedi.

Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)
Force (hold down X while focused on an object with blue sparkles)
Mind Trick (press X while focused on an enemy to stun them for a few moments)
Force Push (hold down X while focused on a droid)
Force Choke (hold down X while focused on a Gamorrean)


* Yoda * - After V-4

One of the most renowned Jedi Masters in the galaxy. Yoda's species is
still unknown. A master of lightsaber combat and use of the Force, Yoda has
seen much in his 900 years of life, but can he handle a headstrong farmboy,
son of the Chosen One?

Yoda is an Old Jedi. His normal walk is very slow. When his saber is
ignited, he gains speed. Note that he does not have the "hover seat" that
he had in LEGO Star Wars I.

Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)
Force (hold down X while focused on an object with blue sparkles)
Mind Trick (press X while focused on an enemy to stun them for a few moments)
Force Push (hold down X while focused on a droid)


* Lando Calrissian * - After V-6
* Lando (Palace Guard) * - After VI-2

This scoundrel has had many occupations in his life, from gambler, to
smuggler, to Baron-Administrator of Cloud City. He's always in the mood
for a good deal, generally regardless of the party involved. Like Solo,
he'll also end up throwing his chips in with the Alliance.

Lando's normal costume is his Bespin Baron garb. The second costume has a
helmet which obscures his roguish features.

Lando is a master gunner.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Dive Roll (press A twice to roll and avoid fire, at the end of the roll
press B for three quick shots)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of kicks and a super uppercut)


* Princess Leia (Boussh) * - After VI-1

In order to recover Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt, Leia assumed the guise of
an Ubesian bounty hunter, Boussh.

Leia (Boussh) is a bounty hunter.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Thermal Detonator (press X to throw an exploding grenade)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of face-slaps)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)


* Princess Leia (Slave) * - After VI-2

After being captured by Jabba, Leia is placed in a rather brief costume.
It's not too different from her other setups, except in one key area.

Leia (Slave) is an experienced gunner (sort of).

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Dance (hold down X, doesn't do anything, but sure looks hot, eh?)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of face-slaps)


* Wicket * - After VI-4

Wicket Wystri Warrick is an Ewok from the forest moon of Endor. Although
a simple hunter-gatherer, Wicket is plagued by an intense curiosity of
foreign objects and people.

Wicket is an Ewok.

Slingshot (main weapon, travels in an arc)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Crawl (press X near a vent)


* Darth Vader * - After VI-5

One of the most terrifying symbols of the Empire's power, Darth Vader was the
Emperor's personal envoy throughout the galaxy, and his apprentice in the
dark side of the Force. Dressed in black armor, cape, and a skull helmet,
Vader struck fear in his enemies and allies alike.

Darth Vader is a Sith.

Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)
Force (hold down X while focused on an object with blue sparkles)
Sith Force (hold down X while focused on an object with red sparkles)
Force Push (hold down X while focused on a droid)
Force Choke (hold down X while focused on an enemy)
Imperial Access (press X on a white circle)

9B. Extra Characters =

All these characters must be bought from the bar.


* Rebel Trooper * - After IV-1 (10,000)
* Rebel Trooper (Hoth) * - After V-2 (16,000)
* Rebel Pilot * - After V-2 (15,000)

See Captain Antilles. These are just different models of Rebels; one with a
blue shirt, one in white Hoth warms, and one in a pilot jumpsuit.


* Stormtrooper * - After IV-1 (10,000)
* Sandtrooper * - After IV-3 (14,000)
* Beach Trooper * - After IV-4 (20,000)
* Death Star Trooper * - After IV-4 (19,000)
* TIE Fighter Pilot * - After IV-4 (21,000)
* Snowtrooper * - After V-2 (16,000)

Once clones under the Republic Army, the rank and file Imperial soldier
opened its doors up to enlistment later on in the history of the Empire.
Dressed in bright white armor and a menacing helmet, stormtroopers are
remarkably easy to kill even with all that on.

The DS Trooper and TIE Fighter Pilot are unique in that as enemies they have
two hearts.

There are four models of the stormie. The first is the standard. The second
has a big backpack to supply for the desert. The third is a VERY DISTURBING
speedo-clad trooper (and helmet). The fourth is a streamlined model for
use in snowy areas. The Death Star Trooper is assigned to specific part of
the DS for control work, and the TIE Fighter Pilot should be obvious.

Troopers are Imperial gunners.

Blaster (main weapon)
Swan Dive (double press A to do a face plant on the floor)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Imperial Access (press X on white circles)


* Imperial Shuttle Pilot * - After IV-1 (29,000)
* Imperial Officer * - After IV-4 (28,000)

These suits are the "upper class" of the Imperial soldiers. They're assigned
to more specific tasks than just milling about and getting killed. However,
they act roughly the same. They have two hearts as enemies.

Officers are experienced Imperial gunners.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches)
Imperial Access (press X on white circles)


* Tusken Raider * - After IV-2 (23,000)

Also known as "Sandpeople", these creatures rove the deserts of Tatooine.
They're a scavenging people, but they do have a rich culture.

Tuskens are basic gunners.

Blaster (main weapon)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (rifle butt)


* Jawa * - After IV-2 (24,000)

Also a scavenging people, but they're less inclined to kill and more
inclined to just run off with stuff. They always wear their hooded robes.

Jawas are shorties.

Zapper (main weapon, disables anything but Jedi for a few seconds)
Crawl (press X next to vents)


* Greedo * - After IV-3 (60,000)

Greedo was a cocky young Rodian, blinded by his species rich history of
being successful bounty hunters. He was skilled, but not as much as Han

Greedo is a bounty hunter.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Thermal Detonator (press X to throw an exploding grenade)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)


* Imperial Spy * - After IV-3 (13,500)

His name is Garindan. He's a Kabuz spy stationed on Tatooine. Also known as
"Long-Snoot". He tips off the Imperials to "those two droids".

Imperial Spy is a non-combatant. He cannot attack.

Walkie Talkie (press X, doesn't do anything)


* Grand Moff Tarkin * - After IV-5 (38,000)

The ruler of the Empire's Outer Rim territories, Wilhuff Tarkin was a man of
vast ambition. He was the overseer of construction and acting commander of
the Death Star.

Tarkin is an experienced Imperial Gunner.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches)
Imperial Access (press X on white circles)


* Han Solo (Hood) * - After V-2 (20,000)

Han Solo in his winter wear. See Han Solo.


* Luke Skywalker (Hoth) * - After V-2 (14,000)

Luke in his Hoth uniform. See Luke Skywalker (gunner).


* Lobot * - After V-5 (11,000)

The aide and de facto administrator of Cloud City, Lobot was once a pirate
before being forced into a contract and becoming a cyborg, attached to the
city's central computer.

Lobot is a melee fighter.

Melee Attack (a series of punches, followed by a headbutt)


* Ugnaught * - After V-5 (36,000)

Small humanoids known for their tiresome work ethic, Ugnaughts are known as
excellent miners throughout the galaxy, many having found their way to Bespin.

Ugnaughts are shorties.

Zapper (main weapon, disables anyone but Jedi for a few seconds)
Crawl (press X next to vents)


* Bespin Guard * - After V-5 (15,000)

A volunteer force from the ranks of Bespin's citizenry, these guards have
been trained to defend Cloud City in the event of ruckus or invasion.

The Bespin Guard is an advanced gunner.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Dive Roll (press A twice to roll and avoid fire)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of kicks)


* Princess Leia (Prisoner) * - After V-5 (22,000)

Leia in less of her Bespin costume. See Princess Leia.


* Gamorrean Guard * - After VI-1 (40,000)

Large porcine beings from the planet Gamorr, these brutes are known for their
great strength and warrior natures. Jabba the Hutt obtained a tribe of these
folk as guards for his palace. As enemies, they have two hearts.

Gamorreans are unique melee fighters. They have a triple combo much like
lightsabers do, and they can block using the axes. Also, after jumping in
the air, they have a jump slam attack similar to the Jedi's double jump down-
stab, in that it makes an small explosion of energy.

Vibro-ax (main weapon)


* Bib Fortuna * - After VI-1 (16,000)

This ambitious Twi'lek has served as Jabba's majordomo for many years, but
he secretly yearns to usurp his master's power.

Bib Fortuna is a melee fighter.

Melee attack (a series of punches, then kicks)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)


* Palace Guard * - After VI-1 (14,000)
* Skiff Guard * - After VI-2 (12,000)

In addition to the Gamorreans, Jabba also maintains a contigent of guards
of varying species, from human to Nikto.

Jabba's Guards are basic gunners.

Blaster (main weapon)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)


* Boba Fett * - After VI-2 (175,000)

One of the galaxy's most feared bounty hunters, and the clone son of another
legend: Boba Fett wears the armor of the feared warriors of Mandalore. He
rarely speaks and is ruthlessly efficient.

Boba Fett is a Mandalorian bounty hunter.

High-powered Blaster Rifle (main weapon, does double damage)
Jetpack (press A while in the air to activate the jetpack, which allows you
to hover for a time; press A again to drop to the ground)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Thermal Detonator (press X to throw an exploding grenade)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches and kicks)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)


* Ewok * - After VI-4 (34,000)

See Wicket. This is just an Ewok with a brown hood instead of a red one.


* Imperial Guard * - After VI-5 (46,000)

A special cadre of gifted soldiers with sworn allegiance to the Emperor,
these red-robed enforcers are armed with force pikes and are dangerous
foes. As enemies, they have four hearts.

Guards are unique melee fighters. They have a triple attack combo as Jedi do.

Force Pike (main weapon)
Dive (press B while in the air, does no damage)
Imperial Access (press X on a white circle)


* The Emperor * - After VI-5 (275,000)

Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, is probably one of the most
evil and ruthless beings in galactic history. He rose from being a simple
diplomat to ruler of the galaxy, and nearly succeeded in bringing about the
complete extinction of the Jedi.

The Emperor is a Sith. His double jump has a slightly higher reach than
any other Jedi/Sith's, so it may be easier to reach higher minikits with him.

Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)
Force (hold down X while focused on an object with blue sparkles)
Sith Force (hold down X while focused on an object with red sparkles)
Force Push (hold down X while focused on a droid)
Force Lightning (hold down X while focused on an enemy)
Imperial Access (press X on a white circle)


* Admiral Ackbar * - After VI-6 (33,000)

One of the greatest tactical geniuses of the Rebel Alliance, Ackbar was once
a peace-loving Mon Calamari much like the rest of his people, until the Empire
enslaved his race. He and his people then used their starship technology to
recreate their space-going ferries into machines of war, with frightening

Ackbar is an advanced gunner.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Dive Roll (press A twice to roll and avoid fire, at the end of the roll
press B for three quick shots)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)


* Gonk Droid * - Available at the beginning (1,550)

The EG-6 Power Droid is an ungainly-looking machine. Basically a box on two
stubby legs. The Gonk is nonetheless an important part of starships, as it
can create and store incredible amounts of power.

The Gonk Droid is a non-combatant. Further, they have no abilities, cannot
jump, and walk very slowly. Their only merit is that they cannot be
destroyed. They merely collapse, then get right back up.


* Ben Kenobi (Ghost) * - After VI-6 (1,100,000)
* Anakin Skywalker (Ghost) * - After VI-6 (1,000,000)
* Yoda (Ghost) * - After VI-6 (1,200,000)

One of the greatest Force abilities ever known, developed by Qui-Gon Jinn, is
the ability to linger after one's death as a specter, able to continue to
communicate with the land of the living, even if they cannot interact
physically. Qui-Gon taught the ability to Yoda after his own death, who then
taught it to Obi-Wan. It is assumed that Anakin developed this ability on
his own.

These guys are ghost Jedi.

Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)
Force (hold down X while focused on an object with blue sparkles)
Mind Trick (press X while focused on an enemy to stun them for a few moments)
Force Push (hold down X while focused on a droid)
Invincibility (cannot be harmed and will not lose studs from a fall, can still
be shot out of vehicles, though)
Invisibility (enemies will not interact with a ghost Jedi)


* IG-88 * - After VI-6 (100,000)

An assassin droid meant to be the next generation of killing machines, IG-88's
creators made a horrible blunder by accidentally giving their masterpiece
sentience. IG-88 went on to become a fearsome and emotionless bounty hunter.

IG-88 is a droid bounty hunter.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Thermal Detonator (press X to throw an exploding grenade)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a punch, kick, then a detach-head-and-slam)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)
Protocol Access (press X at a Threepio panel)
Astromech Access (press X at an Artoo panel)


* Bossk * - After VI-2 (75,000)

A ferocious and well-known Trandoshan, Bossk has earned a nasty reputation for
himself over his life. Being a member of a species who are lifelong enemies
of the Wookiees, Bossk is far more interested in Chewbacca's pelt than Han

Bossk is a bounty hunter.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Thermal Detonator (press X to throw an exploding grenade)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)


* Dengar * - After VI-2 (70,000)

Dengar is a Corellian who partially owes his current sad state to Han Solo,
who bested him in a swoop race, leaving him horribly injured. His recovery
led to his becoming a bounty hunter with almost no emotion.

Dengar is a bounty hunter.

Blaster (main weapon)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Thermal Detonator (press X to throw an exploding grenade)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)


* 4-LOM * - After VI-2 (45,000)

4-LOM is a former protocol droid who had a mishap with his programming when
he reasoned his way into thievery, and then later into becoming a bounty
hunter. He partnered with the Gand Zuckuss, but seems to be without him in
this game.

4-LOM is a droid bounty hunter.

Blaster (main weapon, does double damage)
Dodge (press B at incoming fire)
Thermal Detonator (press X to throw an exploding grenade)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches, then a spinning arm attack)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)
Protocol Access (press X at a Threepio panel)
Astromech Access (press X at an Artoo panel)

9C. Prequel Trilogy Characters =

To access these, you must have a save from LEGO Star Wars I with the
characters unlocked, then you have to purchase the Extra "Use Old Save" from
the bar, then turn it on, then go into Free Play. You'll have access to 46
characters from the previous game.


* Obi-Wan Kenobi *
* Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode III) *
* Obi Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master) *
* Mace Windu *
* Mace Windu (Episode III) *
* Ki-Adi Mundi *
* Kit Fisto *
* Luminara *
* Shaak Ti *
* Anakin Skywalker (Jedi) *
* Anakin Skywalker (Padawan) *
* Qui-Gon Jinn *

I'd considered doing individual entries for all these characters, but then
I'm reminded that they're showcased in the LAST game and are only here for
effect. Therefore, I'll just say that all these guys are simply Jedi of the
Old Republic.

Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)
Force (hold down X while focused on an object with blue sparkles)
Mind Trick (press X while focused on an enemy to stun them for a few moments)
Force Push (hold down X while focused on a droid)


* Jango Fett *

Jango is a Mandalorian bounty hunter.

Dual Blaster Pistols (main weapon, shoots twice in one firing)
Jetpack (press A while in the air to activate the jetpack, which allows you
to hover for a time; press A again to drop to the ground)
Thermal Detonator (press X to throw an exploding grenade)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)
Melee Attack (a series of punches and kicks)
Bounty Hunter Access (press X on a green circle)


* General Grievous *

Grievous is a unique melee fighter. He can use lightsabers just like Jedi,
but has no Force ability.

Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)


* Darth Maul *
* Count Dooku *

The Sith from the original game are just like Jedi except that they have
Sith Force powers. They do not have Force Choke nor Force Lightning, sadly.

Lightsaber/Dual-bladed Lightsaber (main weapon)
Double Jump (press A twice)
Force (hold down X while focused on an object with blue sparkles)
Sith Force (hold down X while focused on an object with red sparkles)
Mind Trick (press X while focused on an enemy to stun them for a few moments)
Force Push (hold down X while focused on a droid)


* Grevious' Bodyguard *

Grevious' Magnaguards are unique melee fighters. They're similar to Imperial
Guards in that they have a three-strike melee attack, but not much else.

Electrostaff (main weapon)


* Droideka *

Also known as "destroyers", these guys are specialized droid gunners. When
not moving, their weapons deploy and their shields come up, which can absorb
several hits before they take damage.

Blaster Cannons (main weapon)
Shield (only active while halted or moving very slowly)


* R4-P17 *

This is another astromech who followed Obi-Wan in Episode II. See Artoo for
info on astromechs.


* Battle Droid *
* Battle Droid (Commander) *
* Battle Droid (Geonosis) *
* Battle Droid (Security) *
* Super Battle Droid *

Battle Droids are "reduced" gunners, in that they can't grapple like basic
gunners, or even jump.

Blaster (main weapon)
Walkie Talkie (Press X, Commander only, does nothing)


* TC-14 *

This is another protocol droid who served on the Droid Control Ship over
Naboo. See Threepio for info on protocol droids.


* Chancellor Palpatine *

As a Chancellor, Palpatine is a non-combatant and has no abilities or weapons,
but can still build and pull levers.


* Wookiee *
* Padmé *
* Padmé (Battle) *
* Padmé (Clawed) *
* Padmé (Geonosis) *
* Queen Amidala *
* Clone *
* Clone (Episode III) *
* Clone (Episode III, Pilot) *
* Commander Cody *
* Clone (Episode III, Swamp) *
* Clone (Episode III, Walker) *
* Disguised Clone *
* Captain Panaka *
* Royal Guard *

These folks are all basic gunners.

Blaster (main weapon)
Grapple (press X on grapple points)


* Anakin Skywalker (Boy) *
* Boba Fett (Boy) *

These two youngins are the shorties of the original game.

Crawl (Press X near a vent)


* Geonosian *

This bug-like species is a specialized gunner.

Beam Gun (main weapon)
Fly (Press A in the air to fly indefinitely)


* Jar Jar Binks *

Jar Jar no longer has the super-high double jump that he had in the first
game, which makes sense since you don't need it.

Double Jump (press A in midair)


* PK Droid *

This droid does absolutely nothing besides walk around.

9D. Vehicles/Minikits =

Vehicles are largely very similar. Their blasters do the same amount of


* X-Wing * - After IV-6, Minikit V-4

The Incom T-65 Space Superiority Star Fighter is still a popular piece of
machinery even so many years after its inception (both in the Star Wars
universe and in popular culture). It's a standard fighter as they go in
this game. Good speed and manuevering, the ability to perform acrobatics,
and the ability to carry three torpedoes.


* Y-Wing * - After IV-6, Minikit IV-5

The Koensayr "Longprobe" normally would have more power than the X-Wing, but
with the disadvantage of speed. Not in this game, though, as it can keep
perfect pace with an X-wing, and, being a bomber craft, has a bonus of
carrying up to FIVE torpedoes.


* Snowspeeder * - After V-1, Minikit V-2

The Incom T-47 Airspeeder wasn't meant for the combat it was used for on
Hoth, but you'll find it to fit the bill just nicely. In addition to the
usual compliment of speed, acrobatics, and three torps, the Snowspeeder also
has the added equipment of a tow cable, which can attach to AT-STs and drag
them down, can be used to tie up AT-ATs, or can pick up rolling bombs, which
can be used for heavy damage against strong targets.


* Millenium Falcon * - After V-3, Minikit IV-4

Han Solo's YT-1300 CEC Freighter actually has a couple of liabilities in
this game. One is that it's not quite as fast as the sleek fighter craft.
The other is that its bottom turret seeks enemies. Seems cool, but doesn't
work nearly often enough, and it halves your firepower that could be better
put to use on enemies ahead of you.


* TIE Fighter * - After IV-6 (20,000), Minikit V-3
* TIE Interceptor * - After IV-6 (30,000), Minikit VI-5
* TIE Advanced * - After IV-6 (50,000), Minikit IV-6

These Imperial craft are very similar to any of the Rebel Fighters, with the
exception of one thing: they can open the gates with TIE Fighter symbols on
them, which I call Imperial Gates.


* TIE Bomber * - After V-3 (60,000), Minikit VI-3

What the Y-Wing did for the Rebel fighters, the TIE Bomber does for Imperials,
as it can carry five torpedoes, in addition to being able to access Imperial


* Imperial Shuttle * - After V-3 (25,000), Minikit VI-6

The Lambda-Class Shuttle is much like any other Imperial craft, except for
the odd fact that it cannot access Imperial Gates. Guess those are only
meant for TIEs.


* Star Destroyer * - Minikit IV-1

The stately Star Destroyer carries five torpedoes, but moves rather slow
compared to the fighters. Also, re-scaling has not been kind to the ISD,
which, in a Minikit Bonus, is the size of any other fighter.


* Sandcrawler * - Minikit IV-2
* Land Speeder * - Minikit IV-3

These two desert craft are largely useless. They have no weapons and the
former moves incredibly slowly.


* AT-AT * - Minikit V-1
* AT-ST * - Minikit VI-4

The walkers have nice power, but move so slowly, they're useless for minikit


* Slave I * - Minikit V-5

I don't know, but Jango and Boba Fett's Slave I seems to be one of my
favorite craft. It's got good speed and quick firepower, and acrobatics,
of course. It can carry three torps. You can use the Slave I in Vehicle
Missions outside of Minikit Bonus by building all the minikits.


* Cloud Car * - Minikit V-6

The Bespin Cloud Car is a good vehicle. Identical to the Slave I in
abilities. Of course, I just prefer the Slave I because it's cool.


* Desert Skiff * - Minikit VI-1
* Sail Barge * - Minikit VI-2

Jabba's crafts have one liability: that they handle like, well, barges.
They also cannot perform acrobatics.


* Republic Cruiser *
* Royal Starship *
* Naboo Starfighter *
* Sith Infiltrator *
* Jedi Starfighter *
* Republic Gunship *
* Drop Ship *
* Jedi Starfighter (Episode III) *
* Wookiee Cat *
* ARC Fighter *
* V-wing *

Bring an old save from the first game (you don't even need to purchase it) and
you can use these craft in the minikit games. They're all roughly the same
with some minor alterations in speed. They all carry three torpedoes. Also,
for some weird reason, the ARC Fighter is glitched and is invisible.


* Gungan Bongo *
* Sebulba's Pod *
* Droideka *
* AT-TE *
* Solar Sailor *
* Emergency Ship *

These are the minikits from the first game that you DON'T want to use, for
one reason or another, that being that they're too slow, or they don't fire
at all. Of course, it's kinda fun to be Sebulba's Pod, as it is the fastest
minikit out there.


Here's where I put all the stuff that's not a mission. You'll find a quick
list of basic unlocks, how all the Extras work, and a collection of codes
you can enter to save yourself some studs.

10A. Main Unlocks =

For a mission:
Unlock Free Play by completing the mission.
Unlock the mission's minikit by collecting all ten minikits in it.
Get a gold brick by completing the Story.
Get a gold brick by earning True Jedi in Story.
Get a gold brick by earning True Jedi in Free Play.
Get a gold brick by completing the minikit.
Unlock that mission's purchaseable extra by finding the Power Brick.

For outside the missions:
Unlock Slave I for use in vehicle missions by completing all 18 minikits.
Unlock Episode IV Bonus by earning 8 Gold Bricks and completing all the
Unlock Episode V Bonus by earning 16 Gold Bricks and completing all the
Unlock Episode VI Bonus by earning 32 Gold Bricks and completing all the
Unlock LEGO City by earning 60 Gold Bricks.
Unlock the Stud Fountain by earning all 99 Gold Bricks.

Earn 100% in the game by purchasing everything and finding every gold brick,
minikit, and power brick.

10B. Extras =

Extras are fun (or useful) little goodies you can apply to your game. You
can purchase them at the bar, then activate them in the Extras Menu.

Extras can be used in the cantina, in Story, in Free Play, or in the Character
Bonus or Minikit Bonus missions. They cannot be used in Super Story, LEGO
City, or Bounty Hunter Challenges. Furthermore, score multipliers cannot be
used in Character Bonus or Minikit Bonus.


Normal Extras (can be purchased at any time)

Adaptive Difficulty (Available at beginning)
- Well, this is supposed to mean that the enemies get better as you get better,
and worse as you get worse, but it really doesn't seem to work in ths game.

Use Old Save (250,000)
- Activate this, and, if AND ONLY IF you have a LEGO Star Wars I save on
your memory card, you'll be allowed to select from additional characters
from LEGO Star Wars I as you enter a Free Play mission. You cannot roam
around the cantina with them, though.

Extra Toggle (30,000)
- Activate this and enter a mission on Free Play. In addition to the
character you've picked and have been given, you'll also have a few extra
characters depending on the level. You can have Rebel Engineer (basic
gunner), Imperial Engineer (Imperial gunner), Wamp Rat (useless but fast),
Mouse Droid (useless but fast), Skeleton (melee fighter), Han Solo (frozen
in Carbonite) (hilarious), and Droid Types 1-4 (useless), and Scout Trooper
(Imperial gunner).

Fertilizer (10,000)
- Activate this, then hop on a bantha, dewback, or tauntaun, then press X.
Yay, poop!

Disguise (10,000)
- Activate this and all characters will have a fake nose and glasses on.

Daisy Chains (10,000)
- Activate this to turn a grappler character's wire into a line of flowers.

Chewbacca w/ C3PO (10,000)
- Activate this and the Chewbacca character will have a mildly displaced
Threepio on his back, regardless of whether or not you're controlling him,
nor if Threepio is already there.

Tow Death Star (5,000)
- This will change all towable bombs into mini Death Stars. The change is
purely cosmetic.


Power Brick Extras (require finding the requisite Power Brick in a mission)

Super Blasters (30,000, Power Brick 1)
- This will double the damage of all blasters. This includes Fett's blaster,
which already does double damage anyway. Unfortunately, bosses will still
only take one heart of damage per hit.

Fast Force (25,000, Power Brick 2)
- This basically makes using the Force on objects go much faster. Useful if
impatient or you're surrounded by bad guys.

Super Lightsabers (26,000, Power Brick 3)
- This makes your lightsaber purple and doubles its damage. Sadly, you will
still only take one heart off bosses.

Tractor Beam (60,000, Power Brick 4)
- This is for vehicle missions. TIEs that get too close to you will get
sucked up behind you and will not be able to fire straight, giving you a
clear shot at them.

Invincibility (900,000, Power Brick 5)
- As it says, you will not be docked hearts if hit by an enemy. However,
you will still react and be interrupted if you're Forcing something or
building something.

Score X2 (2,000,000, Power Brick 6)
- Very useful, and very expensive. As implied, silver studs will be worth
20, gold studs 200, and blue studs 2000. This will allow you to get True
Jedi much more quickly in missions. The REALLY cool part about the score
multipliers is that they stack, meaning that if you bought all of them,
you'd be getting Score X 3840, which is just ridiculous.

Self Destruct (20,000, Power Brick 7)
- If you're a droid, press B with this active and you'll blow up. Simple,
and you won't lose studs. You can actually use this within a group of
enemies to take them out, and it acts as a Thermal Detonator, blowing up
shiny objects.

Fast Build (40,000, Power Brick 8)
- This seriously shortens your build time. Useful if you're impatient, or
if the bad guys keep interrupting you.

Score X4 (6,000,000, Power Brick 9)
- Score multiplies by 4. See Score X2 for more info.

Regenerate Hearts (290,000, Power Brick 10)
- Every few seconds, you'll gain a heart back if you've lost some. Good for
staying alive, and quite a bit cheaper than invincibility or a Ghost.

Minikit Detectors (500,000, Power Brick 11)
- You'll see a big flashing arrow pointing to hidden minikits. Of course,
since I tell you where to find them all in this guide, you won't find many
uses, will you?

Score X6 (12,000,000, Power Brick 12)
- Score multiplies by 6. See Score X2 for more info.

Super Zapper (19,000, Power Brick 13)
- This actually makes Jawas and Ugnaughts (somewhat) useful. With this
turned on, their zapper weapons will actually cause damage.

Bounty Hunter Rockets (75,000, Power Brick 14)
- This is fun. Press Y while either Jango Fett or Boba Fett and you'll
launch a rocket, which will home in on enemies.

Score X8 (20,000,000, Power Brick 15)
- Score multiplies by 8. See Score X2 for more info.

Super Ewok Catapult (50,000, Power Brick 16)
- I bet you think this does something to those big catapults in the forest,
right? Nope! What this does is turn an Ewok's slingshot (also known as a
"catapult" in some dialects) into a torpedo launching weapon! BOOM!

Infinite Torpeodes (90,000, Power Brick 17)
- In vehicle missions, generates torpedoes behind your craft (if they can
carry them) for quick use. Makes Minikit Bonuses a lot easier.

Score X10 (30,000,000, Power Brick 18)
- Score multiplies by 10. See Score X2 for more info.

10C. Secret Codes =

Here are some codes that have been found. Do NOT ask me if I have any more.
If I find them, I'll add them in. DO alert me if new codes have been found,

UCK868 Beach Trooper
VHY832 Bespin Guard
WTY721 Bib Fortuna
HLP221 Boba Fett
BNC332 Death Star Trooper
TTT289 Ewok
YZF999 Gamorrean Guard
NFX582 Gonk Droid
SMG219 Grand Moff Tarkin
NAH118 Greedo
YWM840 Han Solo (Hood)
NXL973 IG-88
MMM111 Imperial Guard
BBV889 Imperial Officer
VAP664 Imperial Shuttle Pilot
CVT125 Imperial Spy
JAW499 Jawa
UUB319 Lobot
SGE549 Palace Guard
CYG336 Rebel Pilot
EKU849 Rebel Trooper (Hoth)
YDV451 Sandtrooper
GBU888 Skiff Guard
NYU989 Snowtrooper
PTR345 Stormtrooper
HHY382 The Emperor
HDY739 TIE Fighter
NNZ316 TIE Fighter Pilot
QYA828 TIE Interceptor
PEJ821 Tusken Raider
UGN694 Ugnaught
YOD476 Yoda (Ghost)

Also, let me know if some of these codes don't work so I can check them.

==========================the end=================