Call of Duty 2: Big Red One:(ps 2) FAQ/Walkthrough

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One: (ps 2)FAQ/Walkthrough

Table o' Contents

Tips and Tricks-------------03
4.1 Prologue
4.2 Mission 1
4.3 Mission 2
4.4 Mission 3
4.5 Mission 4
4.6 Mission 5
4.7 Mission 6
4.8 Mission 7
4.9 Mission 8
4.10 Mission 9
4.11 Mission 10
4.12 Mission 11

Introduction .:int01:.

Hello. Welcome to my third FAQ/Walkthrough for the game Call of Duty 2 Big Red
One. This is a great game, and I'm sure you'll come to like it. That is, if you
weren't hooked from the first level like me. =)

Controls .:con02:.

X Button - Use/Select

O Button - Crouch/Lay Down

/\ Button - Higher Body Position

[] Button - Reload

Start - Pause

Select - Objectives

D Up - Change Weapon

D Down - Change Weapon

D Left - Lean Left

D Right - Lean Right

Left Stick - Move

Right Stick - Move Crosshair

R1 - Shoot

R2 - Melee Attack

L1 - Aim

L2 - Throw Grenade (Hold to cook)

Tips and Tricks .:tip03:.

These are things that will help you in the thick of battle.

1. Cook your grenades; the enemy will have less time to run
2. Lean; you can shoot, but you have less of a profile to get hit.
3. Use cover
4. Run if you hear a grenade
5. Reload before a firefight
6. Move a lot if there is no cover
7. Listen to your teammates; they know what to do
8. Use the right weapon for the job (ex. not a machine gun for sniping, a
sniper for close quarters)
9. For the love of all things pure and holy, crouch!
10. An enemy is not dead unless he drops his gun. If he lays there with a gun,
shoot him again.

Walkthrough .:wal04:.

Prologue: We've Been Through Worse

After the cutscene, head down the road. When you get to the end, a tank will
come out. Take cover and kill the germans until something blows up the tank.
Continue along the road a little and work your way up the pile of rubble.
Navigate through here and go up the stairs at the end. The wall in here will
explode. Walk to it and crouch. Kill a couple of the Germans and then turn left
and head down to the bridge. Kill the germans that get in your way and go to
the right of the bridge. Drop down into the hole. Navigate through here as well
and you'll come out to an area with a river in the middle. There will be german
soldiers on the other side, some with turrets kill some of them and continue
along. There will be an area that is blocked off by a short stone wall. After a
moment it will blow up and you can continue through. Keep along until you come
to a bridge. Shoot the germans and a tank will come. You cannot get to it
yet. A shell will hit the building next to you and make an opening for you to
go in. Follow your teammates. When you get to the top, hop on the turret at
the end and blow up the anti air gun. After that head through the door on the
wall that your teammates kicked open. Go down the stairs and work your way up
to the tank. Place the charge on it and head past before the charge blow up and
kills you. Head to the top of the bombed out building and kill the Geramans.
Then hop on the machine gun and kill the Germans that will charge out. After
a minute you will get shot and fall from the turret. You will see a teammate
run to you and say "hold on, you'll be alright," then your vision fades. You
don't die though, don't worry.


Mission 1: Baptism by Fire

Use the turret to kill all the troops that shoot at you. Get out of the turret
when you reach the inside of the fenced area. When Brooklyn knocks open the
door, charge in and clear the area. Head out the door and go in the next area.
Brooklyn will kick this open to. Go in and kill the soldiers. Then turn left
and go through that door. Keep along the hall and go in the freshly kicked door
and clear it. Get a nice headshot on the turret guy. =) Clear the rest. Be wary
of a guy hiding in the hallway. Go through. In the next door, take cover at the
table where Brooklyn is. (Brooklyn is Bloomfield) He will run and open a locked
locked door. He says it is like breaking in to his father's liqour cabinet. 0_0
There is some health and a Chatterault, the other SMG, and the French rifle in
here if you want them. After that, head out the door and follow your squad to
the next door that needs to be kicked. Go in and shoot the guys. You can go up
the stairs, or you can go around them. It doesn't really matter, but the bottom
has more action. If you take the bottom:

Kill the soldiers down here. Then go to the alcove of a room straight ahead and
go through the door. Kill the men in here and go through the door. Do the same
in the next hangar. If you took the stairs:

Follow Brooklyn along the catwalks. Go through the area at the end and the end
and do the same to get down to the hangar. Head into the next hangar. You will
hear a plane crash overhead. Fight your way through and to the top of the
stairs at the other end of the hangar. Go into the really smokey area. This
reminds me of my great aunt's lungs... Go through the other end. The guy who
opens the door will get the living crap blown out of him. Go through and fight
the Frenchies. Some armor will come in and help finsh off the french. Then they
will leave through a newly opened door. Don't follow either one. Wait for both
to cross and use their blown up bodies as cover. Go to the area with all the
boxes and clear it, the use the door at the end. Clear this room and head out
the back. Go up the natural staircase. In the door. Brooklyn will open another
door. Toss a grenade in and kill the guys having a meeting. Then head up the
stairs and clear the area. Pick up a sniper and head out to the balcony. Kill
these guys and snipe the people manning the big guns. Then head down following
your squad. Get in one of the big guns yourself. Take out a bunch of the planes
and you will beat the level.


Mission 2: Tankers
Follow the road until you get to a town. Blow up the halftrack and get behind
it and use iot for cover. Take out the enemy tank to the left and ahead. After
they are dead, continue along the road. Keep along the raod until you get to a
hill. Get ready to shoot smoe infantry on a hill to the right. Continue down
the road and kill the infantry amongst the buildings to the right. There is
a tanks at the end of the village; be ready. Continue and kill the four French
soldiers that come down from the left. Then blow the barbed wire up and go
through. This is the hardest part of the level. There will be two canon things
and two tanks, all hidden and waiting for you to roll by. The first canon is
on the and the rest are on the right. After they are dead, keep along the road.
Be ready for two more tanks. In the next part you will need to kill some more
foot soldiers. Use your machine gun (R2) on them. Then go along the road. Stay
behind your teammates, as two more tanks will come out and you will need cover.
These are harder to kill than the previous. Four shots will take them out. Keep
going along the road. Follow your teammates in the next area. Kill all the tank
and turrets and you will beat the level.


Mission 3: The Desert Fox

Hop in the halftrack not far from you. Kill the tanks with the turret. Head
over to Denley and kill some of the approaching Germans. After a moment Denley
will run to the left. Follow and get on a turret. Kill the Germans that are
coming. After a minute all the tanks will blow up and you will need to meet
your squad at the tanks. Follow Hawkins after the meeting. You will meet up
with the engineers. Follow Denley and them up to the area with all the bombed
out crap. Find cover here and kill the Germans. Slowly advance, killing the
Germans as you go along. When you reach the end, go through the little tunnel.
Use your rifle to snipe the guy in the turret before continuing. Keep along the
path until you get to an area with three enemy tanks. Go down and you will
find a bazooka to use against them. Stand up and shoot the bazooka at the tanks
and then get down again. A car with a machinegun will come. One rocket will do
the trick. Go through where the car just was. A sniper will come up and
get promptly shot. Pick up his sniper and take out the enemy snipers. There is
one where the sniper was shooting at, and two to the left of the sniper.
After they are dead, hop into the .50 caliber and kill the horde of Germans
that come while you are waiting for the tanks to arrive. After they get here,
Sgt. Hawkins will tell you to head up to the village. Do so. Follow your
teammates and head up the little staircase at the end. Drop down and one of
your squadmates will blow up the wall keeping you from proceeding. Head through
after it explodes. Take cover and clear out the Germans before proceeding to
the right and around the buildings. Head uo the stairs. Turn right and go
straight along this path. Head through the little canyon. Kill the Germans
by the tent and proceed. Take out the Germans by the mortar and to secure
it and keep going down. Kill these Germans to secure the artillery. Follow
your teammates to the left. Kill the germans to secure the artillery. Walk
down to where the car with the gun is. Place a charge on it. When it explodes,
go around it and the level is over.


Mission 4: Counterattack

Follow Kelly and Brooklyn. Head upstairs when you get to the building. After a
while the guy manning the turret will die. Hop on and kill the Germans that
are attacking. After the vehicle explodes, head back to the door you came in
the building and exit. Turn right. Head through that door. Fight off the German
soldiers and then clear the house in front of the way you came in. After that,
proceed to the next house. Clear it. Hawkins will charge out and promptly get
himself shot. Run back to the way you came in. The medic there will follow you.
After about halfway, the MEDIC will get shot. What a lucky day... grab his pack
and go to Hawkins. Kill the sniper on the building left of the turret by
Hawkins. After that, press X to apply field dreesings on Hawkins. He will get
up and continue fighting. After a moment, the building the sniper was on will
suddenly explode. You will be ordered to retreat to the most recently captured
house. Do so. Head back through the entrance you came in from. Navigate through
and grab some more ammo and health at your camp. After that, follow your team
members through the door to the right of the camp. Get some cover and kill the
Germans that will come in a minute. After they are gone head through the left
door. Kill the Germans up on the balcony and then worry about the ones on the
ground. After they are dead, head around the raised area in the middle. Take
cover behind the godly barrel. Toss a grenade in the middle of all the boxes
that are in the center of this area. Then fight off the Germans that will
come from up the hill to your right. After they are dead head up the hill.
There will be plenty of cover here. Use it and take out the opposing Germans.
Head through the little valley and kill the Germans. Then plant the charges on
the artillery pieces. Head down the hill. Now we have 'em cornered. =) They
will die quickly at the hands of your men and Hawkins' men. There will most
likely still be some of the Germans left on that DANGED building in front of
where Hawkins got "lit up." Kill them. Crap. A tank. What a lucky, lucky day...
RUN. Follow your squadmates and completely ignore the Germans. Work your
way through the obstacles and kill the Germans ONLY if you are about to die,
but do it while you're running. You will get through some barbed wire toward
the first house you were in, and there will be a vehichle waiting nearby. Hop
in and we're gettin' the heck outta here.


Mission 5: Liberators

Get out of the turret. Head back through the plane and get in the ball turret.
kill the planes that you are slowly catching up on. After a while you'll get
the crap blown out of you. You will then exit the ball turret. Head under the
little...thing and get in the bombsight. Blow up the three ships and you will
exit the bombsight. After you get out, get in the chin turret and kill the
fighters. Exit when told and get in the tail turret. After a little while,
you will be allowed to use any turret. Use the one your in for a while, then
use the chin for the remainder of the mission.

Mission 6: Operation Husky

Use the turret to blow up the mines floating around so they don't blow YOU up.
Before you get to the beach, shoot the bunker with the turret and it will blow
up. Now, charge foward. Turn right, and kill all the Italians that you come
across. Eventually you will get a cutscene of the guy with a bazooka running
out and getting fragged. Grab the bazooka and shoot the barbed wire, then go
through. Kill the Italians and go into the bunker. Navigate through and exit.
When you get out, Brooklyn will toss a grenade through the window. Go in after
that and go out the other door. Go along these trenches and in the first bunker
and use its machinegun to shoot the red barrels and they will blow up and kill
the Italian soldiers in that area...(takes deep breath) Now leave and go into
the next bunker. Kill the guys in her and then leave. Go through this area and
into the next bunker. Now through THIS bunker. Into the bigger bunker. Navigate
through and plant a charge on the wall. Go through the new hole and run out to
cover. Wait for the smoke to come. Then charge through it and enter the tunnels
while killing all Italians in your way. Go up the stairs once in there and
get some cover amongst the boxes. Now go through the little path in between the
buildings to the left. Now take more cover and fight the Italians. This will
probably be the first time grenades are thrown at you, but it won't be the last
time either. Kill the Italians and continue up the road behind the area they
were. Parker will get fragged while trying to frag the barbed wire... the
fragger becomes the fragged... Go through the open path and continue along the
road. Go in the house with the open door. Go through it and navigate through
the following areas. You will meet up with Lt. Delaney. Now follow your squad.
Go down into the cellar. You will start getting hit with artillery. Run through
the cellar. Up the stairs at the end. Now find cover out here. Fight the
Italians until you are told to meet with the guy. Follow your squad to an area
with a guy you are supposed to meet. He will say that the Italians are going
to launch a counterattack soon. And right on que, they attack. Fight 'em off
until a tank come. Sneak up to it and plant a charge. It will blow up and the
Italians will retreat.


Mission 7: Piano Lupo

Hop on the turret and kill the planes while protecting the things you need to
protect. After that you will get out of the turret. Follow Denley to meet with
Sgt. Hawkins. After that, follow thema and use the stone wall as cover while
you kill the Italians. Use the same strategy until you get the binoculars. Mark
the two trucks and tanks. Now go down the hill and keep along this path. Go
down into the ruins when you get to them; keep going down until you get to
a courtyard with some trees in the middle. Charge up the rubbel/staircase and
kill the people on top. Now go down the stairs. Go along the road until you get
to a medic and a dead guy. Grab the dead guys sniper and the medic will come
with your squad. Snipe the guys in the turret and the medic will get to the
wounded guys. Now go through the fence and along this path. You will meet with
a captain (?). Now go through the "door" to the right of the captains tent.
Keep along this path and you will get to an area with a turret. Get on the
turret and start blowin' the crap out of the Italians that are attacking.
After a while you will get off the turret and continue to the right. After you
come out of the tunnels, you will need to go through a bunker that is opened
by Brooklyn. Go upstairs and Hawkins will tell you to take out the tanks. Go
back and out onto the area with the three bunkers. Use the bazookas inside to
take out the tanks. After they are all gone, go back upstairs and use the
binocularsto mark the targets. They will get shot and you get promoted to
Corporal. YAY!


Mission 8: Farewell to Friends

Head into town following the road. Some Italians will come out. Fight them off.
Use your M1 to snipe the guy in the turret on the building straight ahead. Turn
right at the end of the road. You will come across a turret that will blow the
crap out of you. Stay back. Hawkins will tell you to follow Kelly and flank the
turret. When Kelly leaves, follow him. You will come to a plaza type place.
Throw a grenade into the center and finish off the remaining troops. Go into
the house on the left. Turn right in the house and go up the stairs. Kill the
guy on the turret and the guys across on the balcony. Go back down the stairs.
Kelly will kick open a door. Go out of it and follow the road. You will get a
cutscene. Denley will open a door and get the living crap blown out of him.
='( After the cutscene, go in the door. Go through the house. Kill the Italians
out here and go through the door at the end. This is gonna be good. Run out and
go through the building in front of you. Now follow Hawkins. Go upstairs. You
will probably want to use either your rifle or the MG32 on the ground. (L1 to
set up) Shoot at the Italians for while and then head downstairs and through
the building door. Kill the Italians down here. Follow your squad through the
archway/. Take cover here and fight the Italians. Fight your way along this
path. You'll get to an area with tank that will explode. Go through here and
kill the Italians. Before you get past the little porch thing, take out all
the visible enemies. More will come from the left when you get past this area.
That would leave you cornered and as good as dead. Take cover amongst the boxes
here and kill the approaching Germans. Fight your way through. Keep fighting
and follow your squad. You will eventually come to the cathedral. Fight off
the enemies and plant a charge on the Flak 88. Head back to regroup with your
squad. They will have a nice "service" for... sniff... Vic... WAH!!!!

Mission 9: The Great Crusade

Oh god, D-Day. Well, I'm sure you know how intense this will be. Mark the
various targets along the beach. You're boat will get fragged. Eventually you
wake up on the beach. Fight your way along it and use the many objects as cover
from enemy fire. Cover the engineers as they plant the charges on the barracade
that are blocking your path. Keep going along here until you get to the
trenches. Go in them and use your Thompson for better trench clearing. Come out
when you reach the end. Fight your way to the right and go up the stairs. Head
into the building. Shoot the radio to disable it. Use the turret up here to
cover the engineers as they plant the charges on the door. Go in the door when
it is blown open. Follow along this path. In the first building, there is an
alcove to the right inside is the first artillery piece. Place the charge. Go
back and conitnue along the path. When you get outside again, turn right first
thing. Go up the stairs. Head into the left area in the building. Go down the
stairs and place the charge on the Flak. Head out the other way and cross the
wooden bridge. Don't go down the stairs, rather keep straight. Go in this area
and kill the Germans. Go to the area by Sergeant Mack and go in. Go out the
end and turn right. Keep that way and plant the charge on the Flak. Now head
out down to the ground and go to the end of the path.Go through the door. Go
down and go up the right side of the ladder. Go to the other side of the door
and press the thing that looks like a heater. The gate will open. Your squad
will come through and the door will blow up. Go out and find cover. Eventually
Brooklyn will toss a grenade up there and blow up the Flak. Go through the door
at the end of this path. Shoot the Germans and go through the door. Go down the
stairs in the next area and shoot the guy in the tower. Go through the trenches
and through the bunker. Up the stairs and to the Flak. Get in after it is
repaired and take out the bunkers and any troops that pose a threat (people
with bazookas, people on machingun turrets). After that...


Mission 10: An Easy Detail

This is one of the most intense battles in the game in my opinion. Take out the
ambushing Germans from your .50 cal. You will crash eventually. Get out and
follow your squad to cover. The Germans will attack from behind. Fight back
until they are gone. Keep going. Slide down the hill and take out the guy with
the machine gun. Then go to the hill and fight there. After that meet your
squad and keep going. Run through the woods and follow McLaughlin. After you're
through, head to the mill. Be ready for three Germans waiting to kill you on
the corner. After them, Brooklyn will kick open a door. Go in and kill the
Germans. Go through the door on the right and hop on the turret before a
teammate does. If you don't make it in time, head up the stairs and grab the
scoped rifle. Blow up the armor and troop transportation as they come. A tank
will come. After a while someone will blow it up, just avoid it. After that,
meet outside the mill. Follow your sqaud up the road. Kill all the Germans at
the road block. Run through the orchard and use the trench the plane so kindly
made for us and a rifle to take out the Germans. Continue with your squad and
turn right when you get to the intersection. Plant a charge on the Flak. After
it explodes, go straight and into the burning fields. Sound like something from
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy... Anyway, turn around the truck and take out the German
manning the gun then the rest. Coninue along this path. Plant the charge on the
Flak. Then your squad will kick open a gate; you guessed it, go through. You
will come across a barn and a Flak. You know what to do. Then go in the barn
and clear it. Your team will open the doors to the big battle. Charge out and
find cover immediately. Walk around the edge until you get to a Flak. Plant the
charge. Now, fight up the hill. Hawkins will get shot for like the 5th time.
After that, go in the gate and fight your way up the hill. After you clear it,
come back down to see Hawkins being taken to the hospital.


Mission 11: Crucifix Hill

So Kelly is the Sergeant now... Does that mean Hawkins died? Okay, head along
the road. Your in for one heck of a battle. Follow Kelly along the road. You'll
come to a cemetary. This is INTENSE. Fight through it using the gravestones as
cover. When you reach the end, snipe the turret. Now RUN as fast as you can
while the turret is inactive. Now kill the people here and run up the stairs.
Go along the trench and turn right when you reach the end. Keep along this way
and go in the building at the end. Go through and go to the Antiair gun. Plant
a charge and go back and through the door we haven't been in yet. Turn into the
trenches. Now go straight and plant the charge on the antiair gun. Turn around
and take the first left turn. Head through and take another left turn. You
will come across a bunker. Go up the ladder and plant the charge on the last
gun. Now go turn right away from the bunker then go straight. Go through this
building. Fight the Germans. When you get outside, go straight to the bunker.
Kill all the Germans around and enter the bunker. Fight your way upstairs and
leave the bunker. Now you have to destroy three nebelwefers. Keep to the right
and turn in the appropriate direction when you need to (judging by the star on
the compass) Your teammates also know where to go. If you turn around and they
stay where they are, you were on the right track. You will get to the command
bunker eventually. Go in and clear it out. After you are done, a door will open
and you need to go through. Do so, and keep through the halls. Turn right
at the very last room. Go outside and straight to find the nebelwefer. Plant
the charge and go to the right for the second nebelwefer. Plant the charge,
leave and go straight to get the last one. Now meet up with your squad.


Mission 12: The Last Train

Charge in to town and take out the guy in the turret. Then clear the houses.
Keep doing this. Follow the tank. Eventually the tank will get fragged. Go into
the building to the left of it. Fight off the advancing Germans. Now a mortar
team will start shhoting at you. They are in the center of the courtyard. Run
out of the latest opened door and use the wooden thing as cover. Keep running
from cover to cover and keep out of mortar fire. When you are close enough,
pull out a machine gun and take out the mortar team in the house. Now take out
the Flak. After it has been blown to oblivion, follow the tank through town.
It will sto pevery now and then so you can cleanse the area of enemies. You
will get to a part where there are two panzerschrek soldiers. Kill them so the
tank can move on. Then, Germans will SWARM. Kill them then clear out the barn.
Meet your squad.

Now we're in a tank. Press R2 to shoot the machinegun and R1 for rockets. Okay,
follow the road. Keep an eye out for artillery, bazookas, and other tanks.
Just keep following the road. Eventually you will come across a train. Shoot it
and it will blow up. Cross through the new gap and end the mission.


Mission 13: The Dragon's Teeth

Go along the path. Take cover when you get to the first bunker. Fight your way
to it and enter from the back. Kill the Germans in here. Now head to the next
bunker. Kill everyone in it and grab a sniper. Now go back out. Brooklyn will
get utterly d-d...destroyed...by .. a (sniff) ..mortar... WHAAAA!!!! Okay, now
go through the new opening in the barbed wire. Find cover by the car, and snipe
the people in the towers. Now proceed through the Dragons Teeth, using them
as cover. Once you're out, go through the little bunker stairs. Once inside,
navigate through the halls, killing all the Germans as you go. When you get to
the end, the wall will blow up. Hop through. Proceed along the trenchline
annihalating the Germans as you go. When you get to the end by the river,
go down the slope. Then go down a little ramp leading to the bridge's
underside. Fight through here. Now kill the guys on the turret and head for the
rockets. Plant the charges on them and go back to your squad. And BOOM!


Congrats, you beat it. Good job, soldier!

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