Call of Duty 2: Big Red One: (xbox)FAQ/Walkthrough

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One: (xbox)FAQ/Walkthrough

= C O N T E N T S =

\ 1 / GAME /
2A – Story
2B – Characters
2C - Controls
3A – Prologue: We’ve Been Through Worse
3B – Chapter 1: Baptism By Fire
3C – Chapter 2: Tankers
3D – Chapter 3: The Desert Fox
3E – Chapter 4: Counterattack
3F – Chapter 5: Liberators
3G – Chapter 6: Operation Husky
3H – Chapter 7: Piano Lupo
3I – Chapter 8: Farewell To Friends
3J – Chapter 9: The Great Crusade
3K – Chapter 10: An Easy Detail
3L – Chapter 11: Crucifix Hill
3M – Chapter 12: The Last Train
3N – Chapter 13: The Dragon’s Teeth


= 1 = G A M E =
\ A / STORY /
Big Red One is all about a legendary American army division. A part of the
American army that got appointed the most dangerous and most important
missions during the course of the Second World War. The game will take you
along familiar and unknown locations where these soldiers, recognizable by the
big red one on their uniform, fought there battles to liberate Europe.
Victor ‘Vic’ Denley grew up in small town Texas. He wasn’t much in school, but
he made a hell of a linebacker. He enlisted when he turned eighteen with the
full intention of “tearin’ off Hitler’s mustache and shovin’ it up his...”

Despite his nickname, Alvin ‘Brooklyn’ Bloomfield was raised in the Bronx, the
youngest of a large Jewish family. A huge baseball fan, he would skip school
whenever possible to watch his idol Joe DiMaggio play ball.

Originally from Connecticut, Stephen Kelly led an affluent life as the only
child of a respected surgeon. Graduating at the top of his class, he studied
English and French literature at Yale before being drafted.

Raised in Duluth, Minnesota, Glenn ‘Hawk’ Hawkins supported his family after
his father left for work one morning and never returned. He has a stoic
demeanor with an occasional dry wit which helps him bond with his men.

John Jackson ‘Schmitty’ Smith grew up in Cleveland and was never happy unless
he was fixing a piece of machinery. Long before the war in Europe, he was
stationed as a mechanic in an Artillery Division for several years.

Miles ‘Manny’ Castillo is from Sacramento, California. He attended public
school where he sat on the bench of the JV basketball team. He didn’t mind not
playing, as he was just happy to be wearing the uniform.

Originally from Chicago, Norman Delaney was a born leader. His father, a
decorated WWI Lieutenant, encouraged him to attend West Point, where he
excelled and became obsessed with the tactics of war.
Below are all the buttons for the Xbox controller. It’s possible that
not all buttons have a function by default in the game! These are the default
settings, it’s a possibility that they can be adjusted to your own liking!
Check the manual or the menus to find out how.

Up - Switch weapon
Down - Switch weapon
Left - Lean left
Right - Lean right

Y - Higher body position/jump
A - Weapon melee
X - Toss grenade
B - Lower body position

Left - Precision aiming
Right - Fire

Press Left - NOT USED
Left Analog - Move character
Press Right - NOT USED
Right Analog - Move crosshair

Start - Pause menu
Back - Mission objectives
White - Reload
Black - Interact

= 2 = W A L K T H R O U G H =
Listen to the conversation of your colleagues, later it will be explained what
the mission will be all about. As soon as you reach the checkpoint you can
also move next to looking around, after which you follow the running soldier
along the main road. You’ll have no opposition until you reach the vehicles. A
tank will come up from the right, so stay behind cover until it gets destroyed
and then follow your team mates to the building in the outer corner to go
inside there. Follow the route through the building and let you partner kick
in the door, then you can continue. When upstairs the wall will be blown to
bits, so duck down and take cover behind the now lower wall. Defend this area
by shooting all the enemies walking around downstairs, they will be
replenished every now and then. If you walk through the building a bit and
switch positions you’ll get another goal after a while. Pick up the health if
you need it and head to the right and out of the building. Hide behind the
tank while it moves towards the enemy, but stay where you are when it heads
right because it will explode only moments later.

So keep going straight and enter the basement where your team also enters the
house. Head out on the other side, where you need to take care of the enemies
on the higher floors of the houses on the other side of the water. Follow the
route along the water until someone mentions you should stop for now. A team
mate will give a signal when it is okay to run again, so run along with the
rest when that happens. Ahead there are some more tanks which are on your side
and they will start moving when you approach them. Stat with them to take
shelter behind them and look for cover behind the debris or next to the houses
when you go around the corner to the right. Ahead is an enemy tank. It doesn’t
move but it can still shoot. Take care of the other enemies while your team
tries to blow up the tank by climbing on it. They will fail, after which it is
your task to finish their job. Move to the right to enter a building and use
the debris to get to the top floor.

On the other side of that floor is a mounted machinegun, use it to get rid of
the enemies around the Flak canon and to take out the weapon itself. After
that a door will open to the right of the machinegun, it enables you to use a
stairs to go down and to move along the water to the east. Be brave and cross
the bridge right away to get to the enemy tank. Quickly place the explosive on
the side of the tank using the black button and return to where you came from
to take cover. Run past the tank after it explodes and take shelter inside the
broken down building right in front of you where your team mates are also
hiding. Sit down next to the opening in the eastern wall and try to take cover
as well as possible while the smoke grenade is wearing off. Your objectives
will change and you’ll have to defend this area. From the east multiple
enemies will come and you have to shoot them down. Try to take care of the
enemies heading for cover behind the lower wall first before they get a chance
to do so and then take out the rest. Eventually you’ll fall to the ground
injured, don’t worry because it is supposed to happen and it means it’s the
end of the level.
Everyone is having a conversation when the guy behind the on board weapon gets
shot through the head. You’ll automatically take his place, so you’ll get
control over the heavy weaponry. First aim at the roofed shelter directly next
to the road, if every enemy there is taken down you can work your way to the
left where the enemies come from. Try to take them out quickly, because not
much later you will start to move and the enemies will come closer. Ahead you
will drive along the flat rock on your left, enemies will appear on it and you
can take them out easily. Harder are the enemies hiding between the buildings
ahead. Look where the bullets come from and shoot back in that direction. Keep
doing this along the entire route until you get to a fence guarded by two
towers. The right one will be automatically taken out, so focus your attention
on the left tower to take out the guy with the rocket launcher. As soon as you
bumped through the fence you can get out of the vehicle and pick up some
health. Regroup at the door where the rest of the team is already waiting. The
door will be kicked open and the enemies inside will attack you. Shoot a
couple of guys from the opening of the door, then move to the crates in the
middle and take out the rest that comes in later.

Leave the room on the other side and enter another building immediately to the
left. Wait for your men to continue through the room, clear it and head out on
the other side. The door on the left at then end of the hallway will get
kicked in, after which you have to shoot enemies on the left in the room and
straight ahead in the hallway. A door gets opened at the end of that hallway,
head out there and watch out for enemies hiding behind the tables on the right
and further back at the windows. In the little room on the side on the left
are a lot of items, including grenades and health. When you move through this
room you’ll end up outside, where you’ll meet a colleague behind the fence on
the left and the door next to him is opened. Shoot two guys inside, head up
the stairs and walk to the opening of the door on the right to reach the
hangar itself. Shoot as many enemies as possible from the safety of the door,
which enables your team to move further step by step. As soon as it calms down
you can turn around and head up the stairs next to the shelter, so that you
can reach the other side of the hangar using the walkways.

Take care of the opponents around the office on that other side and enter it
to pick up health and grenades from the desk. Go left through the storage room
and when you get to the short walkway you’ll see your team below you, help
them to take out the enemies there and walk through the next room to another
hangar. Do the same thing as in the previous one by first taking out the
enemies you can see and the moving to the other side by the overhanging
walkway. Descend to the lowest floor from there and follow the team outside
while they run there and get shot at by a crossing plane once. The door of the
next room gets kicked open, so walk inside and take out two men near the
fences. Then follow the route to the opening of the door directly connected to
the hangar. Shoot who you can see through the window and work your way to the
other side using the obstacles in the room. First make sure that the lower
rooms are empty, then head up the stairs and through an office to a door that
gets opened for you. There is quite a lot of smoke here, but just follow the
walkways and rooms to the next door that needs kicking to open and gives you
direct access to the next hangar.

Take care of the first batch of enemies, after a short while two armored
vehicles on your side will enter the hangar. Help them with taking out the
enemies that appear on the other side, you can’t reach their positions both
upstairs and downstairs. A little later one of the soldiers will open the
hangar doors so that the armored cars can exit again. Don’t go after them
until you’re ordered to do so, otherwise you’ll die and the hangar will not
get cleared. When going outside, run along the vehicles in one straight sprint
towards the corner with the bushes. Look around the corner to shoot down the
men on the southern tower, then move through the crates to the north. You’ll
run into a couple of enemies and eventually come to a door that gets opened in
the east. Walk through the room and first take out the enemy with the fast
weapon on top of the rear car in the room with the parked armored vehicles.
Use grenades to also take out the rest of the enemies and head outside on the
other side. Turn around and head up the ramp so that the next door will be
opened for you. Shoot the enemies inside and get a team member to open a door
at the end of the hall.

Continue a little and first take out everyone on the right before heading over
to the left. Climb the stairs or throw a grenade up there to secure that
floor, after which you’ll get the objective to take out two Flak canons in the
surrounding area. Walk outside and to the side of the balcony where you have a
clear view at both canons. Use the left trigger to get a better view of where
the enemies are and shoot them off the canon or throw a grenade if you want
to. Your objectives get updated every time you kill someone, a Falk canon is
useless when all the people around it are defeated and it doesn’t fire any
more. Make sure that’s the case with both canons so that your goal is
completed. Head back down and to the left at the bottom of the stairs and
outside through the next room. Run across the square and get into the Flak
canon yourself. You’ll have to shoot down five Stuka airplanes flying around
here with this canon. There are more airplanes flying around, including
American ones. The Stukas are the ones that make dives toward you and your
canon while shooting at you, but that’s also the moment they’re the easiest to
hit. Use your compass to see from which side they’ll make their dive. As soon
as five go down some other ones will make a final attack. Take them down as
well until the coast is clear, then report to the sergeant.
You’ll start out this level in a tank, you control the driving part with the
left stick and the turret with the right. Follow the other vehicles until you
reach an area with buildings, an enemy tank will come from the left
immediately. Take it out quickly and also the other one further down the
route. Stay behind the other tanks and follow them while paying attention to
the goals on your compass. In a valley further ahead you’ll be shot at by
enemies with rocket launchers, if you seen them you have to take them out as
fast as possible. Other enemies aren’t all that dangerous, so you don’t have
to pay attention to them. When going around the corner to the right there will
be two tanks on your route, try to see just enough around the hill to be able
to hit them and drive past them when they’re destroyed. You’ll drive into a
village with a couple of men running around, but a friendly tank also gets
blown up there. On your radar the location of a tower appear, so look in that
direction and shoot it down. A new goal will appear on your radar, a canon on
the left side. Past the buildings in the middle is another enemy tank, watch
out for it. When you continue south just a little four more tanks will come
your way.

Shoot them to bits as soon as they appear, your team will help a little.
Follow the route further between the mountains and you’ll reach an enemy
outpost. Watch where the goals appear and take out the car that takes off with
a well aimed shot, then take care of the hostile tank and destroy what you
need to hit to get a new location on your compass. Continue with your team
through the small mountain pass and stay behind when you reach the and of it,
you can see the enemy tanks from the distance and fire at them. There are at
least three tanks and when they’re destroyed you also need to take out the
canon in the middle of the large pit. Drive along with your team to bend off
to the west, where more tanks will show up. There are at least four and in
between them is another canon you need to take out. Try to hide behind the
hills a little and stay behind to avoid shots coming your way. Follow the team
to the southeast, where two more tanks appear that you just need to destroy.
Ahead there’s a canon on top of the hill to the left of the barricaded route
and it’s the last one you need to destroy. Take some distance and place your
tank on a hill to get the best view on this weapon and to be able to take it
out with a good shot. After some radio contact the enemy outpost will be
bombed and you’re done here.
The ride on the back the terrain vehicle starts out calmly while the men in
the front are talking, but after noticing enemy tanks things get more rough.
As soon as you get out you need to approach the parked armored vehicle and
press the black button to take place behind the on board canon. Use this
weapon to destroy the tanks that come driving over the hill. Choose one and
completely destroy it before you start shooting at another one. After
destroying quite a lot of tanks you’ll be shot out of the vehicle and the
canon is broken down, which makes you obligated to take cover. Do that at the
indicated location, in a foxhole. Shoot down the enemies that come at you from
two sides and keep them away from you. A little later the location where you
need to be switches to another foxhole more to the right, there’s a machinegun
there that you need to mount. Ignore the tanks and look at your radar where
the enemy infantry is coming from, look in that direction and mow them down.

Just before the enemy tanks come too close, reinforcements will arrive to take
them out. Take care of the remaining enemies, after which you have to talk to
your superiors at the indicated location. Two men will run in front of you,
follow them to meet more men a bit ahead. Soldier Denley will continue
running, so just run after him into the mountains. On the small route up the
hills you’ll encounter multiple enemies, especially between the ruins when
going to the west and continuing to a northern gate. Follow your team through
the rocky area and take out the enemies that are hiding there. Eventually
you’ll come to a tunnel through the rocks, which is guarded on the other end
of it by a machinegun. Use your M1 Garand to take out the guy that’s operating
it and also take out any replacements that might start using it. Descend down
the path and eventually you’ll come to the indicated location with a German
rocket launcher. Pick it up and use it against the tanks located below. You’ll
have to refill your ammunition every now and then, but at this spot it’s

When the three tanks are taken out a faster armored vehicle will head your
way, but it will stop eventually because a fence it blocking it. Use the
rocket launcher to take out this car as well and then switch back to your
normal weapon. Head down more and you’ll see a car from your side crash and
both men on board will die because of a sniper. Pick up the sniper rifle from
the guy who died very close to you and use it to find and shoot the sniper on
the rocks to the left of the destroyed enemy tanks through his head. On the
hill to the right of those tanks is the second sniper, located behind the
walls of the busted walls. The third one will suddenly appear more to the left
of where the first sniper was, just right when you look over the crashed car.
Stay crouched whatever you do, or he’ll take you out pretty quickly. As soon
as the snipers are down, the engineers will get to work while you need to take
place in the crashed car to be able to operate the on board canon.

Use it to mow down all the enemy troops between and to the right of the broken
down tanks. Keep it up long enough and a second terrain vehicle with sergeant
Hawkins in it will arrive. Approach him for an objective update, then follow
your team into the mountains. Shoot two men behind the rocks before going up a
stairs to get to a closed gate inside tunnel. After a short conversation the
gate gets blown open, after which you can continue to an area with buildings.
Take cover and look around to see where the fire is coming from, then take out
that shooter. It’s only safe when you ream moves further, but more enemies
will come as soon as they take cover again. Use your sniper rifle to take out
the guy on the roof behind the machinegun and also the other enemies on that
roof. Move along that building to the southwest, but watch out for more
enemies. Use your sniper rifle again to take out opponents in door openings or
at other hidden locations from afar.

Move straight ahead to walk to the left of the middle house, which enables you
to take out the man behind the machinegun from the side and use his weapon to
take out the rest between the buildings. Move towards the goal and look out
for enemies coming from the other street. When they are defeated you can
follow the route through the mountains again. Get your sniper rifle and kill
two guys behind the boxes in the outer bend as soon as they appear. At the end
of the route you’ll come to a valley that gets deeper along the way, where on
each platform there is a canon belonging originally to the Americans. Shoot
everyone around it to secure the canon and only then you move to the lower
platform. Keep to the left as much as possible near the second canon to avoid
taking damage from the plane that comes crashing down. Continue to the left
and look out for some lone enemies a bit up to the right around the last
canon. Take them out and notice the air defense armored car a little lower.
Approach it by walking around to the left and place a bomb on the front side.
Take some distance, let the car explode and end the level at the indicated
After the explanation of the mission two other soldiers will run away from
here. Run after them, through the first building, across a street and quite a
distance through a second building. In the big room on the other side the
enemy attack will commence, so grab the BAR weapon of which a couple of pieces
are standing ready and shoot a couple of enemies through one of the windows.
After a while you’ll be ordered to go upstairs, so look behind you and use the
stairs to do so. Only after you’re told can you use the mounted machinegun
there, use to try and take out the enemies that are already in position and
are therefore already shooting at you. You have to keep this up long enough
until your objectives are changed. Both here upstairs and on a table down
below is a lot of health. Return to the previous street together with two team
mates, which you have two follow along multiple checkpoints until you go
through a gate on the left. There are multiple enemies inside the house, take
care of them so that your team can advance and you can follow them. Quickly
enter the house you were shooting at, because shooting will come from the
street to the right.

Work your way through the house and take out everyone inside to secure it. On
the other side you can shoot through the windows and door to shoot the enemies
that keep appearing in the house now indicated on your map. When it calms
down, run towards the door behind the low wall and enter there. Take out
whoever is in here now and take cover at the hole in the wall. A bit later two
men will try and reach the next building with the machinegun on the roof. Take
it out and follow them for the first half. One of the men will get injured,
after which a new location will be highlighted on your map. So backtrack for
quite a bit to that spot to find a medic there, address him with the black
button. You need to escort him back to where you came from, he’ll hide behind
a wooden cart. The sniper in the tower will also shoot him, look for a
position where you have a clear view of the sniper and take him out. Where the
medic got killed you can still find his equipment, go there to pick it up and
then to the wounded soldier who is sitting against the wall to fix him up.
Grab the mounted machinegun right away and keep all the enemies that appear
away from you.

After a while the building gets blown up and after that you’re told to go back
to where the rest is taking shelter as well. A little later you’ll get the
assignment to backtrack a lot, which enables you to take a different route
through a small hallway with doors. Keep following your team mates and in the
first hallway quite a lot of enemies will appear, take them out and continue
to where they came from. Once outside you need to take care of the opponents
on the balcony from the safety of the door, then carefully work your way to
the southwest using all the obstacles. Turn around, head through the gate and
take cover behind a barrel to the left while you shoot down enemies in front
of you and on the right on the platform. As soon as this part calms down you
can continue and take cover somewhere else so that you can shoot to the west
easily. First take out the enemies hiding nearby and then take care of the
ones storming down the hill while slowly advancing in that direction. Take
cover along the buildings on that hill and look out for the machinegun while
moving through the street further and further and descend on the other side.
Run to the sandbag wall and hide behind it while shooting down the enemies to
the left and in front of you one by one.

Approach the two canons and blow them up one by one with enough distance in
between. After that team mates will use the machineguns to mow down enemies at
the bottom of the hill, help them by walking in that direction and clearing
out the street. This is the spot where the sniper was and you got here from
the other side. After the conversation at the indicated location enemy tanks
will show up, so start running through the wide street away from the tank
while it’s shooting at you. You’ll be slowed down at multiple points by enemy
troops, you have to take them out quickly or else the tank will get to close
to your back. Always try to stay on the inside of a bend while shooting at
enemies, this way the tank will need for time to get you in its sight. Ahead
there’s a bend to the left where another tank shows up from the outside of it.
Don’t stay here to get rid of the enemies, first continue to run ahead so that
you’re out of the new tank’s range. It gets more crowded that way, but if you
keep moving well and stay between your team it will be perfectly doable to get
through the last wave and reach the armored truck. Get in as the last one to
end the mission.
You’ll start inside the front on board canon of bomber plane, but after the
dialog you’ll be told to get out of it. Do this with the black button and walk
past the risen wheel through the hold and get inside the dome turret in the
bottom of the airplane. Later it is mentioned that an enemy transport is
flying in front of you, so look in the direction your flying in and you’ll see
quite a lot of airplanes you need to shoot at. Look carefully where your
bullets are going and adjust your aim if necessary to hit the planes right.
Keep looking around you to find targets and keep bringing them down until
eventually your own canon will be shot and breaks down. You’ll get out
automatically and your obligated to go to the bomb sight in the front of the
plane and activate it. A little later the bomb hatches will open, so that you
can see where to drop the bombs. Move the sight slowly below a ship down below
in the water, so that the sight will go over it by flying faster. Drop one
bomb just before you get to half of the ship and another bomb just after that.
Don’t drop more than two bombs per ship, it’s enough to destroy them and more
target will show up later. After a while you’ll be told to leave here, so get
away from the bomb sight.

Take place behind the on board canon where you started, just above the bomb
visor. You’ll be attacked head on by fighters. Again you must look where your
bullets end up carefully, with these targets you need to guess where they will
go to shoot in front of them and make them catch the bullets. You need to do
this for a pretty long time, but later you’ll be ordered to take out the enemy
fighters chasing you with the on board canon in the tail. So get away from
this canon and walk through the entire plane to get behind the rear canon and
continue your job of taking out enemy fighters. After taking down a lot of
enemies backup will arrive, so make sure you wont’ fire at your own friendly
aircrafts. When there aren’t any enemy planes left you need to walk through
the entire plane again and take place behind the bomb sight one last time.
You’ll be flying over land and you can see multiple round targets in groups of
three above each other. Make sure the sight is on that line before flying
overhead and drop two bombs at the right moment. Later there’s another group
of these targets, they also need to be destroyed to finish the mission.
After the introduction to the mission you’ll be put behind the on board canon.
It’s not really your goal to shoot the enemies on the far beach, but it is to
take care of the mines floating around in the water. Sometimes it might be
hard to spot them, but you do have to destroy them to avoid damage being done
to your boat. There are also mines floating in front of the other boats, you
can also destroy them as long as there aren’t any mines close to your own
boat. Once on the beach you’ll get out automatically, after which you take
cover behind the rocks to the right. Run while firing along the first target,
the machinegun to the right on the hill. When you get past it you can take out
the gunners from the back so that this goal will disappear from your radar.
Continue to what appears to be an intersection, but straight ahead is blocked
so you have to go right to kill off the crew of the second machinegun. Further
along the beach is the third machinegun. Try to take out men from a distance
and then sprint towards it to take out the last ones. Approach the machinegun
when your own team is sitting there for an explanation of what is going to
happen next. Two men will run ahead while getting covering fire, but they
still get blown up. One of the two will leave a rocket launcher, as soon as
you get the control back you need to run over there and pick it up.

Use it right away to blow up the barbwire fence in the western direction. Toss
a grenade behind it to kill off some troops and then run towards their
location, take cover from the higher gunner, get the health in the corner and
work your way to the right to reach the entrance to a bunker. As soon as it
opens you can shoot the enemy behind the table, then throw a grenade into the
red lit door opening to take out the guy with the machinegun behind the small
window. If you continue just a bit, more men will come from the left, so
retreat and take them out from the opening of the door. Then go left and up
the stairs and wait for the door on the right to be kicked open. Move ahead to
the next bunker, where one of your team mates will throw a grenade inside. You
don’t really have to shoot at the men behind the door that opens, they will be
gone after the explosion. Head into the bunker, pick up the health and let
someone else open the other door to get outside again. Shoot down the enemies
immediately on the left and continue through the trenches. There are two
bunkers on the right, one that goes up where there’s also health and one just
past it. You can already shoot enemies through the window opening, then you
need to go out of the bunker to the left and walk through the trenches to
reach the next bunker. Inside you can find stairs leading down and also more
enemies of course.

Head out of the bunker on the left and through the trenches and to the next
one. You’ll come to a room with a lot of stuff, including health. In the
hallway to the left is a man behind a machinegun in the little opening, shoot
him by peeking around the corner and hitting him before he hits you. Continue
ahead to the next bunker and the burning hallway. You can’t exit through
there, but you need to place a bomb on the wall just left of it to make a new
exit. It’s pretty crowded outside, with a lot of enemies on and around the
bridge. Stay here and wait until a smoke curtain is made, just like someone
said. As soon as you get the signal you have to run through the smoke to the
openings in the bridge. Behind it are a lot of enemies, so use grenades and
peek around the corner to empty the place out. Climb the stairs and take cover
behind obstacles to attack enemies ahead on the bridge from relative safety.
Advance over the bridge bit by bit and get some health from the building in
the northwest, then continue between the buildings left of it. Take cover
right away when you get upstairs, work your way to the right and eventually to
a building to the left in the west. There is a lot of opposition here taking
cover well and throwing grenades regularly. Stay covered well and run away if
you hear a metal bouncing noise. Once up there you need to run through a house
on the left side of the road and reach all the locations on your compass,
along the tanks and with opposition from enemies.

You’ll fight your way through streets with quite a lot of obstacles, so use
them to be able to advance and your team will help as well. Eventually you’ll
meet soldiers from your army, one of them says someone is looking for you.
You’ll find this man a bit further ahead and he’ll give your team a new
objective. Follow your team mates through the basement of a few buildings
while being fired upon with mortars. Get up the stairs at the end and take
cover when you get outside. First direct your attention to the enemies
appearing in the corner on the right, when your team advances you can follow
them to the left. Behind the arches you’ll find the men you were looking for
and after a conversation a heavy attack in your direction will follow. Stay
crouched behind the walls and shoot everyone that tries to come over to your
position. Watch out when they succeed, because they’ll hit you from the side.
Take care of fast firing enemies quickly and watch your compass, it will
indicate when to change positions. After staying on the second position for a
while you’ll be told to take out a tank. So move through the cover of the
buildings towards the location of that tank and make sure there are no enemies
around it. New opponents will appear when you get close, so quickly place the
bomb and run back for cover. Return to the indicated position and after a
while the threat will disappear, so regroup with your sergeant.
As soon as the conversation is interrupted abruptly by some Stukas you have to
move to the indicated armored vehicle and press the black button when standing
next to it to get behind the air defense turret. The vehicle will start to
move and you need to take down the Stukas. You can bring a couple of them down
while moving to the next location, but when you stop there you’ll need to do
it more actively. Carefully watch your compass to see where the attacking
planes come from and shoot them down before they can damage the material. Keep
blasting them and eventually your vehicle will start moving again, but you’ll
stop again soon between the hills where a couple of American canons are placed
and you need to protect them. It’s not really a problem when the attacking
planes let loose a bomb every now and then, but you do need to shoot them out
of the sky eventually. When you succeed in doing so you’ll be removed from the
vehicle and need to continue on foot. Climb the hill in the direction of the
indicated location and you’ll regroup with your team mates, after which you
can continue. Shoot the enemies at the wall on the other side from behind the
wall over here and wait for a plane to crash, after which a team mate will
kick open the fence and you can walk past the crash area.

Dive behind another wall and take care of the opposition around the hut, pay
attention to the weaponry inside the hut as well. Only after everyone is down
will the next fence be opened, so that you can pick up ammunition and health
before your team holds up at the top of a hill. Down below is an enemy convoy
and you have to mark three vehicles for bombardments with binoculars. Use the
left trigger to aim, as soon as you see the red visor appear on the vehicle
you can pull the right trigger to mark it. Do that to the vehicles you can do
it to and be patient. A bit later the whole scene will blow up and then you
can descend to the bridge. Cross over it and follow the route along the water,
where on the others side you colleagues will get bombed by Stukas. Make your
way to the ruins and work your way through them in a western direction. You’ll
reach a lowered square where you first have to kill everyone before you can
move up the bridge in the north and continue to the southwest. Walk through
the dried out river and before you reach the next bridge an enemy vehicle will
stop on top of it. Take care of the men inside and walk underneath the bridge
and continue. You’ll come to a crashed terrain vehicle where there’s a
friendly surviving medic. Get the sniper rifle from the killed soldier and
follow the route through the river.

To the right of the river you’ll be attacked by a few soldiers, mow them down
and follow the bend to the left. Ahead there’s a big hill with a couple of
enemies on it. Make sure you shoot at least the gunners behind the two
machineguns with your sniper rifle, so that you can advance bit by bit.
Eventually you’ll reach another survivor, after which you climb out of the
river on the south side and follow it to the east around a large hill.
Approach the group of men at the entrance of the tent in the outpost, after
which you’re sent into the tunnels ahead. You can see a couple of tanks when
walking across a bridge and when you reach the bunker at the end it gets blown
up. Walk outside to the left and then down the hill. Take place behind the
machinegun on the small platform and shoot all the enemies coming for you. Use
your radar to see where they’re coming from and watch out for the armored cars
that arrive now and then, filled with multiple men. As soon as the troops are
defeated and the bombings start you have to continue to the western tunnels.
Walk past the window opening of the bunker and continue through the tunnel. An
explosion will follow, after which you walk outside.

Approach the bunker door and wait for two men to open it up. Climb the stairs
to get all the way to the top, where the sergeant will give you new orders.
Descend all the way back down again and enter one of the three western bunkers
to pick up a rocket launcher. A lot of tanks will come up from the west. Shoot
at them with the rocket launcher and take some distance from the opening while
reloading, which also enables you to pick up more projectiles for the rocket
launcher. The tanks will demolish the bunker you’re in piece by piece. When it
doesn’t offer any protection anymore you have to move to another bunker, but
keep firing until all tanks are destroyed. Also move to another bunker if you
can’t hit a specific tank. As soon as the tanks are beaten you need to head
back to the main bunker, head all the way to the top and move over to the
window opening to use your binoculars again. There are three tanks located on
your compass and you need to mark them by aiming at it with your binoculars.
This will make that red visor appear again, which indicates you have to pull
the right trigger to mark the target. Do this with all three indicated tanks
and then wait patiently for how things end up.
Your ride on the tank will be roughly disturbed when you reach the gate at the
town entrance and the tank in front of you gets blown up. Join the leader
located a bit ahead and make your way to the street to the west. Use the
obstacles to take cover behind and advance bit by bit when the closest enemies
are defeated. At the end of the street is a building at the intersection where
enemies are shooting outside of the windows, first take care of them before
going around the corner to the right slowly and take out the opposition there.
A little further you’ll be warned about a machinegun, after which you and
another soldier are ordered to take it out from the side. As soon as Kelly
starts running you follow him, to the end of the street to some fellow
soldiers shooting to the left. Carefully look around the corner and shoot
everyone in front and between the obstacles. Move in that direction and shoot
the one on the balcony op on the left before going inside through the hole in
the wall to the left. Head immediately right and up the stairs. Shoot the two
man, specifically the one behind the machinegun, and then any opponents that
might stand on the balcony on the other side of the street.

Your team can proceed, you need to head back down where the door gets kicked
in (There’s a lot of health to the left of it!) so that you can join the rest
of the team. Follow the street to the follow soldiers blocking it of. When you
come close enough they will get blown up and a team mate will die when trying
to open the door to the left. Enter the building and right out of it to the
left to take out the enemies at the next building before walking through it.
Take care of the opponents on the other side of the street and also head
inside over there. To the left there are grenades and health, then continue to
the north and follow the team to a building at the edge of a market square.
Against the boxes there’s an MG34 machinegun, pick it up and go up the stairs
to the left. Place the machinegun out of the window with the left trigger, so
that you can take on everyone outside downstairs and on the balconies from
that position. When your team advances and there’s nobody for you to shoot you
can head back downstairs and also enter the square. There are enough places
where you can bring your machinegun in position again, but you can also fire
while walking.

Move into the direction of the enemies and while you’re shooting them a tank
will come up from the northwest. Move away to the south and clear the square
from any remaining enemies, after which you can continue through the street in
a southwest direction. On multiple locations you’ll be slowed down by enemies
on the street, against the buildings and on balconies. Advance slowly until
finally two American tanks come from a street to the left. The first one will
get blown up a little further, after which you can take cover behind it to
take out the enemies on the left. Make your way to the intersection and look
out for the hidden enemies with machineguns, also up high in the church. Clear
the entire crossing and then head over to the right. Fight your way from the
well to the end of the street, where you can eventually enter the church on
the left. Search for the enemies between the obstacles and also take them out
on the higher floors. When you continue into the church more enemies will come
out of a door in the back right, take them all out right away with a grenade
directly behind the wall. Go to the door they came out of, there’s a canon
there. Place an explosive on it, take some distance and return to the team
when the canon is destroyed.
You’ll be standing on the back of a boat and you’ll have some time to see the
invasion of France to get on its way. As soon as the first shots get fired the
boats next to you will be taken out. You’ll regain control and some binoculars
which you can use with the left trigger, after which you can recognize and
mark targets on the beach. Use the compass to determine the global direction
and then use the binoculars. A bunker can be marked when a red circle appears
on top of it and at that moment you need to use the right trigger. There are
multiple targets and the further you get the more will become available, but
they will disappear from your radar when they’re destroyed. If you’re able to
destroy the larger bunkers you can take out smaller ones or even machinegun
nests after that, but eventually you’ll take too many hits yourself. This is
part of what is supposed to happen and after some dragging you’ll be up on
your feet on solid ground. Take cover behind obstacles and clear the enemies
and machinegun nests on all levels before you continue.

Ahead an American tank will come up the beach, but it will be stopped quickly
after you see it. Move more to the left and you’ll be blocked by barbwire
fences. Take some distance and take care of the enemies around this blockade.
When it is safe enough two soldier will move in and blow up the first
barricade, after which you have to repeat the same strategy so that they can
also blow up the second one. Make sure there’s nobody behind the machineguns,
then take out the other remaining enemies. The third barricade will be crushed
by a second tanks, but it will be destroyed right after that. The guy that did
is the one on the left in the machinegun nest with a rocket launcher. Take him
out quickly and work your way over there. You’ll find a lot of items there,
including health, and you can use the machinegun to take out the enemies
inside and around the bunker in the southwest. Continue in that direction to
find a hole in the barbwire fence and enter the trenches there. Follow the
route to the other side and take out the soldiers along the way and in the
alcoves. Ahead you’ll reach an intersection, take the route to the right.
You’ll end up at the same location, but you’ll have a better position to shoot

Fire at the enemies between the obstacles down below and also on the balconies
up higher until they don’t appear anymore and especially pay attention to the
machine guns, then you can head over to the right towards the bunkers. Watch
out for two men standing on the corners and a third one that throws down
grenades. Once inside the bunker you first have to clear it, then demolish the
radios. Your engineers will move to blow up the large bunker gate down below,
so you have to cover them with the machinegun in the bunker window. Keep
killing enemies until the gate is destroyed, then follow the route back down
and move through the new entrance with your team. Watch out for the machinegun
while you move through the twisting route and make your way to another bunker
collection. At the two stairs you can go left for ammunition and health, but
you have to go right to be able to continue. In an alcove on the right is the
first mortar team, just throw a grenade inside to get rid of them. You do have
to go inside there to place an explosive on the mortar launcher and blow it
up. Follow the bunker further and use a stairs to get outside again.

Head immediately to the right into another bunker and clear it from enemies,
after which you look for a stairs on the side. The second mortar launcher is
there including the crew, so shoot them all and blow up the equipment. On the
other side of the bunker you can go out again and cross over using some
boards. Do that and head to the left into another bunker. Work your way to the
exit on the other side, where you need to go immediately right to see the
third target. Defeat the troops and blow up the mortar launcher. Then you need
to backtrack a little through the bunker you came out of, after which you can
continue in an eastern direction to storm the warehouse. Use the obstacles for
cover and work your way to the door, then use the opening of the door to take
out a few people inside already. When you get a little further inside the gate
will be closed. You have to use the ladder in the back left corner, walk to
the other side and get to the back room through the opening. Take out everyone
there and flip the switch on the opposite wall. Your team will join you again,
but things go wrong again when they try to open the next gate.

Take cover near the opening of the door and take out the enemies behind the
walls ahead with some well aimed shots and also the ones that come running
after that. You have to destroy the canon there, but it will likely be blown
up by a team mate. Continue north and shoot from the hill whoever you can hit,
then head into the bunker on the left and through it to end up down below.
There are two towers you’re being shot at from, make sure you take out at
least the enemy in the closest one. Fight your way to the bunker with the big
canon on top of it and clear the area of enemies. Using the bunker you can get
through and head up a stairs to get onto the roof. Grab the machinegun
immediately to the left and shoot at the endless flow of enemy troops. Keep
them outside of the fence and first take out the closest ones. A little later
a timer will appear on screen, this is how long you have to keep this up. As
soon as the timer is up you need to leave here and grab some health from
inside the bunker if necessary before you take place behind the large canon.
Four bunkers will appear on your radar, or actually two consisting of two
parts both. Aim at them and blow them up. Do it quickly and when you succeed a
fuel depot entrance will slide open a bit more to the right. Blow it up as
well and you’re done here.
After the conversation in which the mission is explained you’ll automatically
get on board of the terrain vehicle. Together with a couple of other cars
you’ll drive along a pretty long route while you don’t have to do anything,
only look around if you like. Eventually you’ll reach an area where there are
a lot of things burning with a lot of smoke, where you’ll end up being
attacked by German armored cars. As soon as you reversed and are driving
forward again you have to look behind you and use the on board canon to fire
at the armored cars. Look out though, because they’re driving between the
fellow terrain vehicles. If you hit them enough the cars will be taken out at
predetermined locations along the route, that’s how you have to get rid of
about three armored cars. It will all end when you bump into a tree, after
which you have to continue on foot. Move behind your team down the hill and
take cover between the ruins of the buildings. Turn around and hide behind the
broken walls, because a lot of enemies will come from the direction you just
came from. Take them out wave by wave, then continue by following your team.
From the hill you first need to take out the two machineguns, then the
remaining enemies.

Pick up the items between the obstacles and switch your weapon as mentioned
for an MG34. In the east is a road where trucks will stop and a couple of
opponents will get out. Place your MG34 on a rock with the left trigger and
mow everyone down, also a bit more to the left and right. Follow the sergeant
further towards the forest, you need to move through it while it’s raining
bombs. So pay close attention to your compass to keep an eye on where your
team as and be able to follow them. Eventually you need to climb over a wall
and run of to a farmhouse, more Americans will join you from the left. Stay
near the bridge and take out the gunner behind the machinegun on the higher
floor before walking across it. Go left around the building and take out two
enemies between the crates before you come to the door that gets kicked in.
There are quite a lot of enemies inside, so look and shoot carefully from the
opening of the door. Also check the floor above and the room to the right.
When everyone in the building is taken out you can find a lot of health and
ammunition in that room, which you can use to defend the building. From the
south a lot of enemy troops will come and you can mow them down with the MG34
by placing it in the window and firing it.

After a while an armored car will come up and you need to take it out with a
rocket launcher. To do so, head into the main room and up the stairs to the
attic and grab the rocket launcher in the southwestern corner. Destroy the
armored vehicle and change the rocket launcher for the sniper rifle also here
at the attic. Shoot the enemies until a tank comes up that will stop on top of
the bridge. Then take cover by going downstairs and then outside. The tank
will be destroyed not much later by the bombs of an airplane, after which you
have to rejoin your team to get an update of the mission objectives. Then
follow your team over the road to a German blockade. Take cover behind the
vehicles and take out the enemies one by one, especially paying attention to
the machinegun up on the hill to the right. When the area is clear one of your
team members will kick open a fence so that you can continue. Walk through the
orchard behind your team and change to the direction of the crashed plane.
Enemies will come from the building on the right, shoot them from afar and
when they’re defeated it seems that nobody survived the crash. So run along
and up the hill to follow the team, the blockade is kicked in so that you can
move to the first canon to the right.

Take out its crew and place the explosive to blow up the canon. Follow your
team along the route to the next canon. You’ll come to a vehicle and a
blockade, take care of the enemies there and also the crew of the next canon.
Blow it up as well and walk back a little to go through an opening in the
wall. In the field ahead is the third canon, shoot your way there and make
sure the field is clear before you blow it up. You’ll be ordered to secure the
farm, the entrance to it is on the east side. There are only like two enemies
inside and there’s health on the floor. Two men of your team will pull open
the other doors, after which you can see a large hill and the rest of the farm
to the left. A couple of enemies will come out of the basement, shoot them and
then continue to the left. Secure the pit around the canon, blow it up and
return to the fence in the wall just next to the truck. The sergeant will get
hurt pretty bad here, but you need to walk more to the left. Shoot the two
enemies that open a hatch in the house on the higher floor and then continue
past it. Storm the hill from this left side and take cover next to the tent.
Throw some grenades and shoot everyone still standing to clear out the entire
outpost. When that’s done you need to get back to the sergeant to see how he’s
As soon as you reach the shore with the boat you’ll be in control again, after
which you walk up the hill and follow the road to the left. Take cover to take
out the Germans around the truck and when they’re defeated you’ll come to an
American tank on the bridge. It will get blown up, after which you continue to
the northwest. The tanks you head over to will be demolished as well and
you’re obligated to make way to the left and walk through the forest. You’ll
approach a cemetery where there are a lot of enemies. Fight your way there and
head through the gate to take shelter behind the walls while firing at enemies
that do the same thing. Work your way to the left along the outer wall of the
cemetery until you get to an opening in the fence. Clear out all the enemies
there and kill the operators of the machineguns ahead through the bars of the
fence. To the right on the hill is another one, but first just run straight
ahead and clear out the bunker to your left. Then head up the stairs and fight
your way through the trenches. Ahead there’s an opening on the right to the
bunker you walked past earlier, shoot the enemies and check the bunker for
ammunition and health. Follow the trenches further to the north and you’ll
come to an intersection. Stay crouched and take a right. Advance bit by bit
and take out enemies behind obstacles and in the alcoves before you move.

When you’re able to see the enemies behind the machineguns on the hill in the
middle you can take them out from here already. Eventually the trenches will
get a roof and you head around the corner to the left. Shoot the men in the
room and in the next one you can head both left or right. First check the left
to make sure it’s safe there and then take the other door to get to the
indicated air defense turret. Blow it up and continue in the direction you
scouted a little earlier. Look out for the gunner of the roof of the bunker on
the hill while in the trenches and head left at the intersection. Shoot the
men from cover and blow of the canon in the small trench to the side. Return
to the intersection and now take the other direction. Fight your way to the
next intersection, where most of the enemies come from the left. Don’t go too
much to the right or you will lure more enemies your way. A bit more to the
left is a bunker entrance. Press yourself against the wall, kill whoever comes
outside and also secure the inside. Outside there’s a ladder next to the
opening of the door. First try to take everyone out on the roof and then climb
up. Place the bomb on the canon and jump back down, now you have to head into
the direction you first skipped, in the north. Defeat the enemies along the
way to the roofed section and in the second room, then continue outside and
shoot everyone appearing at the next door opening.

Inside there are more enemies located around the block in the middle. Use
grenades and get them one by one by moving in carefully. Head out on the other
side, where you approach a bigger bunker. Stay away and shoot at the heads
that appear at three different places (Two windows and a busted wall!).
Continue a little and also get the enemy behind the window next to the door.
To the left at de side branch the enemies have to be killed as well before
someone of your team kicks open de bunker door. Move from door to door and
always keep in mind that enemies might emerge from it. Eventually you’ll reach
a stairs, shoot the guy at the top and also cross the next floor while taking
care of two more men. You’ll find a door you can use to go back outside again
and after which you have to travel through trenches for quite a while. Shoot
your way to the next bunker, clear it and be on your way. First take care of
the machinegun nest to the left of the route and move carefully like you’ve
been doing lately. You’ll come to another bunker, take out the guy inside from
as far as possible and take your time to take out the enemies coming from the
left before you move past the bunker and clear it as well. Then you have to
move through more trenches to the southwest and you’ll reach a room with more
enemies after taking out a few along the route. Clear the room and move out on
the other side.

There are quite a few enemies in the alcoves, so work your way from alcove to
alcove and eventually to the bend to the right. At the end is bunker that’s
heavily guarded. First take out the gunner behind the left window and whoever
is standing outside, then toss a grenade inside and carefully approach the
opening of the door. Left, right and in the middle are enemies, use grenades
and first take out the ones you can see. Clear the whole floor before
approaching the stairs. When you go up just a little a door will open
downstairs, so help your pals to take out the enemies. The top floor isn’t all
that interesting, but you can clear it for some grenades. The descend to the
lowest floor and first check the room on the left before going to the hallway
on the right. Clear the room at the end of that hallway with a grenade and
walk up to it. First take the opening on the right, take out two men and
collect ammunition and health at the end. Then head the other way and walk
outside. Immediately take cover because many enemies will come from the west.
You have to in that direction, so fight your way there through the trenches
and you can blow up the canon after killing everyone. Return to the
intersection and now head to the right. You have to fight your way to another
canon again and blow it up, then do the same thing at the other end of the
intersection you haven’t been to yet. As soon as all three canons are
destroyed you can return to your men at the intersection.
You have to wait a bit until the American tanks have passed you and cleared
the first section for you. As soon as you get control you have to run towards
the street. An enemy is on the top floor of the house right in front of you
and he’ll open the window to fire at you with a machinegun. Hide behind the
building to the right and take him out carefully. The building to the left of
the road will be stormed by your team, but the windows on the side will also
open. Shoot whoever you see through these windows and clear the area inside.
The check the house on the other side of the street and secure it before you
continue to follow the road. After the bend to the left behind the tank you
have to take shelter in the incline to the left of the road. From the
northwest quite a lot of enemies will come up running, but usually they stay
behind the fence. Take them all out and watch around the corner to the left.
The machinegun is taken out by the tanks and the windows of the house west of
you will be opened. Take out everyone inside, which makes the tanks advance so
that you can continue as well. Both on the left and right are buildings where
enemies are inside.

Choose a building and quickly secure the bottom floor so that you can run
inside and take shelter from the shooters inside the other building. Clear the
upper floor as well to that the entire building is cleared and then do the
same to the building on the other side of the road before you follow the tanks
again. Ahead there are some stables being opened on the left, repeat your
actions by taking out everyone inside and do the same to the building on the
opposite side of the road. Further ahead one of both tanks gets blown up,
after which you have to take cover in the house left of the remaining tank.
Many hostile troops will attack you and take their position. As soon as you
shoot someone on one position a replacement will show up that will hide in the
same location. Take care of all the opponents this way until the waves stop
and a bombing follows. A team mate will knock open the door in the corner to
the left, after which you have to follow him outside. There’s a Flak canon on
the square aiming at you, so you’ll need to move quickly and you can only stop
at places where the canon can’t hit you. Work your way around the square
clockwise and take out enemies until you get the objective to take out the
canon. First make sure the coast is clear and there are not shots anymore,
then place the explosive and take some distance.

The tank will start to drive again, follow it to where it pushes the car wreck
aside. Someone will shoot from an upper window to the left of the road, take
out that guy. To the right of the road are more stables and multiple enemies
are inside, clear the stables and also the building across from it so that the
tank will start to move again. It will stop right at the next two buildings,
so you’ll need to kill all the enemies inside the buildings on both sides of
the road. Ahead is a bend to the right, the tank will move back because there
are enemies with rocket launchers. You have to take them out, so try to hit
them from afar and stay in motion when they fire at you. The machinegun
doesn’t have to be taken care of, just make sure you kill the men trying to
take position until the tank starts moving again. It will stop in the corner
next to the building where the enemies are. A lot of enemies will come out of
the house and from behind the fence, use grenades and the cover of the tank to
kill them all. When that’s done the barn to the left will open, where there
are of course more enemies. Use the window and the obstacles to see them and
take them out, after which you have to regroup with the team and you’ll
eventually get control over the confiscated tank. Drive it outside and follow
the obvious route.

You don’t have to fire at singe enemies unless they have rocket launchers, but
machinegun nests are alright. When you reach the first bridge fire at the
canon right in front of you before it can be used. As soon as you’re driving
to the west again an enemy tank will appear in front of you. Take it out
quickly and continue, then aim to the right behind you to blow up a not moving
tank along the road. Near the buildings ahead there are two more, try to
maneuver in such a way so that they can’t fire at you at the same time. Follow
the route further until you can see another canon in the distance. Shoot It
from afar and prepare for three enemy tanks between the houses ahead. Face one
tank at once and count on the help of the American tank behind you. Drive east
and down the hill, where another tank will come up to you. Blow it up and
surprise the second tank by driving around the house on the left and attacking
it from the side. There’s another tank in the distance, take it out quickly
and continue to the buildings. Another tank is standing on top of the hill and
you’ll be shot upon with a rocket launcher from the right. Take out the tank
and blow up the fuel wagon of the train to the right of that tank before you
can continue. Cross over to the other side of the track to finish the mission.
After the short introduction you start this level by following your team along
the road until you reach a bunker past a few barricades. There are enemies on
multiple positions, when you shoot them they will be replaced by new
opponents. So try to get a little closer between shots and make your way to
the back side of the bunker. The door will open when you get close, after
which you take out everyone inside to secure this bunker. The bunker is just a
little further. Run at it in a straight line and press against the wall to the
wall left of the window opening. Enemies will come from the left, so shoot
them and work your way in that direction to also get to the enemies between
the crates behind the bunker. Approach the door in the back side at the end of
the stairs and toss a grenade inside when the door opens. As soon as this
bunker is secured you need to get back to the team at the other side, the path
is free after a bombing. Follow the rest of your team down the hill and to the
left. You’ll approach some towers and obstacles you can hide behind. Run
towards the tanks and aim at guy behind the machinegun in the middle tower.

Take him out and after that the other guy in the same tower. Everyone you
shoot will be replaced, so take this chance to run immediately to the
northeast through all the fences and dragon teeth. Try not to stop and to take
out the oncoming enemies while running, shoot your way to the safe position
below the balcony of the right tower. Now the hard task of storming the hill
behind it awaits you. Enemies you shoot are still being replaced here, so at
least make sure that the machinegun left of the road isn’t being used and then
make an attempt to run up the hill. Shoot everyone down and collect health
from behind the machinegun. Descend using the stairs to get to the bunker
entrance, it will open and enemies will come out right away. Mow them down
just as quickly and do the same thing at the next door or use some grenades.
Follow the main hallway of the bunker ahead and remove all the enemies from
the branches on the side. At the second bunker window on the left you can find
a sniper rifle next to it. At the end you’ll find another bunker window which
gets blown to pieces so that you can leave the bunker here. Crouch down and
move down while staying as close to the wall as possible to get to the wide
trench going through the area.

Follow this trench and shoot all the opponents along the way. Exit on the
other side and shoot your way to the east. Use the newly acquired sniper rifle
to take out the gunners behind the machineguns on the other side of the bridge
while descending towards that bridge, meanwhile the canon across the water
will be destroyed and a plane will crash into the bridge. Shoot the last
enemies on the other side before you make a run for the part below the bridge
with a fast firing weapon. Duck down behind some crates, take out the couple
of enemies and prepare for a hellish job when going up on the other side.
Carefully look over the edge and shoot whoever you can see, then take cover
behind the sandbags on the bridge. Enemies will keep on coming from a hut
behind the V2 rockets, so you have to take action yourself to end this. When
two men jump over de barbwire, shoot them right away and run for the V2
rockets while reloading. With the rocket position horizontally you can place
the explosive on the left side of it, with the standing one it can be done on
the side that faces the road. Try to place them as quickly as possible and
only shoot the enemies that come to close. As soon as both bombs are placed
you need to return to your team behind the sandbags where you were earlier to
finish this game and the war.

=================the end=========================

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